Canadian Canoe-dling

Friday, October 6th


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Big time eighties rock star Billy squire on no ballot Friday Mike final lover I think I feel like I read. Remember when it was but I and I read an interview with him like his passion now is gardening. He's release of the current figure of I think your book about birds mean yeah yeah yeah I really super into it. What is the one hobby I've never understand I mean either I that was truly lost on me but I know a lot of people are really into it. I love going to is someone's house that has beautiful well maintained gardens and so impressed by them legislators that known ever will be you may go score have a sore the degree. No valid Friday Markota lover on 995 the mountain. Friday morning Mike Casey LE Hardwicke will do a fallen to cash 784 and five got key words for you that we give you keywords you fifteen minutes attacks it to seven to 81. And you can win a thousand bucks details are on the website and at 7:10 this morning question almost impossible clearly Emily you picket because. The one I showed a second you about yesterday of his leg yeah. Clearly no brainer OK you've really. Usually try I gave I gave it my president a fun question. Just choose multi Bobby in other headlines Cam Newton we talked about yesterday his he he's verbal gaffe his. His problem with. I guess with a female reporter with a woman reporter and and of course that caught fire very very quickly. Later last night's Cam Newton issued and apology here is some of that audio right now. After careful thought I understand. That my word choice was extremely. Degraded and there's certain. Beyond his that was not my decision. So good fits. To what I see. I sincerely apologize. I'm of politics and you would daughters. Am at their age are trying to instill in them that they can do with the CD that they want to. Baghdad. During this whole process I've already lost sponsors that countless fans. Are we Jones revealed me. And I've learned a valuable lesson from this. Young people can see this I hope that you learn something from this as well. Our Cam Newton his job part of his apology and so his thoughts on the big controversy did he stirred up probably unintentionally was sort of nonetheless yesterday I thought. The the response. To his actions seem fairly swift and it seems fairly unified. From his these organization and his coach to a person there wasn't anybody who said. Oh you're just misunderstanding and everybody said he said the wrong thing to be picked some. Hit a poor choice of words and yet he probably has to account from that YouTube it's very difficult to tell. What's in someone's heart you know open but it but it felt to me like. He learned a lesson and it felt to me like he may be he has a better understanding of the factor words. You know words are important and more choices important. And whether his intention was to to do do greater demean the reporter in question clearly that was what happened yeah seems like you understand. Whether he meant to do it or not he did and I I do really gets the sense that he understands why he was from. Yet and that he's not saying mall are trying to justify any of his actions he gets complexity and he understands that he embarrass this element. And I I do really appreciate that he brought up the fact that he's a father to two daughters because anyone out there who has daughters probably tells them you can be anything you want to be. And then in this instance he served as an example. To the people out there who gonna tell you they can't it's yet yet he can but its key when you try because he Diddy and and I really appreciate this apology and feel like he totally understands why it personal and and it's. Yeah that's sort of a best case scenario premiere talk about a situation like this think. You know the response apology lesson learned should move on hopefully surge is an example for. Yes because he didn't personally offends me I'm making these comments but he did remind me of every person out there who pasture because I think every woman. Felt so much solidarity with Jordan ivory can beat reporter because we've and then we felt that we had that incidents happen eyes before. And and I do I really appreciate this apology and I hope it's just like he said the young people everywhere will take tennis as an example to. But he can't just make offhand jokes like you have to really think about the person and who's the target of jeweler. On candid remarks there are silly words or whatever illness and so lesson learned hopefully I listen yeah. Or Mike feces coming up that a deal. My Knight he's like five the mountain. Now I know I know you enjoyed it but at the same time as part of it it's a little painful Florio yeah. My sold out a little bit and K okay I'll just dance in Henderson is dying just tedious and out right because for use that your it's it's that shift between the music you grew up with. Has now become quite good by our. Funeral when nice the first thing I think is on the new song and then suddenly I realized. I classic taste and I. I'm not supposed to go to the songs yeah Leo well we've we've all gone through that transition and we're here to help you thank you of a loan to the other side Green Day when I come around. No ballot Friday on 995 amounts a couple I think it was couple weeks ago. We we talk a mean it truly is one of the more ridiculous stories you've ever come across the woman in Colorado Springs who's draining Brin and we grouping. I have had friends who live in the UK ask me right like are you close to the Colorado Springs park that's how that's right that's a big story's gotten. Apparently since the debate the Matt Cooper is there now calling her. Since then the Colorado Springs police department has been trying to identify this person unfortunately they have been able to yet the Matt Cooper's still at large. The the police the Colorado Springs police department there now refusing to talk about this case and they want people who stopped calling. And ask you about the mad Cooper she struck again. Odd not according to this particular story she does she hasn't struck again but they're getting bombarded they're getting you know it's war or not. With questions and people who wanna do interviews and they're like please there are other more important things going on in Colorado Springs. Then the Matt Cooper please stop asking us about. I feel like this city she is the new deep throat and that Blake. 1020 years from now public I was on my dad begs to be like I was the minister of freight pet. Gastrointestinal. Issue and I decided it figured out an entire city aren't siesta don't call district's police department and ask him. I love this I really hope it's a mystery de link is on unsolved mysteries and twenty who is the man group. Would be and could be your mother you know. A which would be greats if he was trying to be on my case morning's. The mountain. Many California. And I'm sure I'm gonna pronounce his name wrong Hermann fuel though. Builds from maison. Was was tired of his wife yelling at him about buying too many lottery tickets so instead of stopping you know buying lottery tickets. He continued to by the fact Bob more of them and in this case she hid in the bathroom. Could works her head secretly scratched off. You know it's against the do you buy is a good thing you did one of the ten dollar scratch off figure it's turned into a million dollar grand prize the that's when he says he ran out of the bathroom and told his wife you said I've never going to win there I won there's proof. Always these are very these are good signs of it in a strong healthy relationship by the way. Are the couple plans to put the money toward their retirement. At least that's what they say at this particular point in time. I suppose you could interpret this is saying is good riesling never to listen to but there doing your wife toaster that's probably not. Good advice in this case it paid off but as a general rule but I don't make avenue that. Question almost impossible with Mikey Nellie it's like trivia quiz up forgery minimal yeah. I'm 995. Amount. I still have now recovered from the beach downloads of yesterday I was so excited about my question. Groups so. I've been in term puts. I'll come on go unquestioned it I didn't realize again I'm sure it'll be great to Antioch isn't yet. Okay today's question brings it back to my college days nearly 10% of Canadians and mix it they have gotten busy here. But they've got busy here last Blake. Dean gives it right back here here. 10% of Canadians. Now there aren't very many Canadians did finally got a lot of people whole country could play ten. Have gotten busy in this location. And I'm guessing based on the believe crazy with the Canadian party is important and should be should be some kind of clue. Yes yeah ice should be their couple different ways you can delegate we'll see which way people go before I start giving him. Africa will sorry there English and I do this it's really Smart fun. 63 woods you know identified. The question so the Stevens I mean called bushels of mosques. We might now a minority. Still looking for the right answer her question almost impossible or question this morning is nearly 10% of Canadians admit that they have gotten busy here before. Hello at me yeah yeah yeah. That's you know that the other well below water yeah. The secret. Account a picnic but you're at a fair amount about how that. You Canadian by chants no Mo ago well do you can you lost. What I see him get around good yeah. Well imagine. That. Above what's your name. Well Larry. Layer Utica new man yeah. Larry Larry I got some game meals are dozens or isn't she Bob Dylan congratulations Larry Bob Dylan at Joseph for sprint center on October 21. Question almost impossible we do weekdays just after 7 o'clock in the morning here on the mountain wheel of a whole new set of as far as I know I don't I don't think we'll have due to its next Nicklaus sawmills. And not being clearly you've proven once again you're far superior when it comes to the whole picking up the question. I think of gun from today is I'm ready to make a whole bunch of can knew in US. Just in general are like oh let's go canoeing blank blank check that maybe he'll get your paddle but there's so that's legit yeah. When this whole can well I'd I'd encourage you just tell them to a lot of rivers for me it's very before. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you will be bored and your ride into work so Mike Casey in the morning on 995. So mountain. The company in Baltimore has created vodka infused ice cream and it it. Really packs a punch to the new line of frozen dessert from Arctic buzz six different flavors key lime pie. Cookies and cream chocolate raspberry Vanilla coconut. In and amazingly they're all all of these flavors Philly between eight NAFTA ninths and alcohol content I mean there are a mess around and elegant hints of vodka there Zune serious. Booze in these cult Arctic buzz put the link on the mound FaceBook page in on the blog you can check it out there. Sarcasm is just one of the services Mike offers others include bad puns obscure news in the old jokes I think you'll be here all week. Mike TC mornings by 1995. The mountain. You do that's reusable. Bags thing for for grocery stores and a week we trying to we've hope reflect. 800 of them are patriots are more the problem is half the time we forget to put him in the car and take with us but we do tribe right rather than using. Plastic bags you know neater paperbacks you don't need. This is exposed not good news for those of us are trying to do that a recent study found that almost all reusable bags. Contained. Large amounts of bacteria. I'm not not good bacteria either the main culprit is in this make sense. Raw meats sitting in those bags which are seldom washed or in the case of our house never ever ever ever washed. Experts say you should wrap raw meat packages in a separate plastic bag you should wash your reusable grocery bags regularly. Avoid storing the bags in your car. Your rate. Or another hot place since bacteria spreads more quickly there. And never use the bag for anything other than groceries like you were gym clothes for example those are all. Cardinal rules of this this whole idea and like we've literally break every single one list in my house we true Lego they were doing the right thing. Because we've we're not using bags that we don't need but apparently we're just really feasting on bacteria and and reusing bags in ways that we shouldn't. Again do with the information what you will buy it. If you're a fan of Rummy bacteria with your with your dinner than you may wanna consider some of those up. If he ran for president he would probably lose in a land slice then again it goes down it's like TC by 99 plus. The mountain. I think this is gonna be your least favorite story of the entire week. And so I've saved it for for Friday yet are actually take that back I'm sure attendance or should was released. Tenet had good resolution so I'm getting over how. Are there in the so I don't think you're gonna like either but for different reasons. Netflix raising the price now expect it hurts most popular US video streaming plan. By 10%. 10%. A move that could boost its profits but slow the subscriber growth the of course drives its stock price the change was announced. Yesterday he will in fact most of Netflix. 53 million US subscribers. Netflix will now charge eleven dollars a month. Instead of ten for playing and that includes HD. And allows subscribers to simultaneously watch programs on two different connected devices bottled up from there so price going up. Which I mean Europe Julie or user conflicts he's Netflix lost. The good news I think for use that they haven't they have not yet approached a paid for use on a thing like the more time I mean you would you be bankrupt. Oh yeah do you literally you meant it would be like 111000 dollars a month for ideas well entertained the idea to have no money yet so this in relative terms is not that bad with a ten to eleven dollars. Obviously still know you get a penny adds yeah when they did is they Null and in a pay I think there assuming most people are I mean they've done a very good job of creating a demand for something you didn't know you needed him and then sort of bringing us all along to the point where now we rely on that are we you know we want it's in our lives will now that's when you put up the price of Smart. I honestly when I meet people who tell me they don't have Netflix. That's pretty much a conversation Ender that he had nothing in common if nothing to talk about I really he don't trust your judgment because if you don't have Netflix. What do you use something inferior OK you've got Amazon and what about all the chaos Netflix jealous that also means you've never seen stranger things. Or black smear cell week. It's been issued a policeman judging them. Well I'm judging them it's easy to create. I'm sure other great people just did he don't have many children did talk about the bunker it was their interest in converting. And then there and you could sell more than happy to be like let me tell you maybe you. Do you know what maybe you could do it like you do with that with the gym. Where you work their seed ought to pay for membership may be if you were like the if Netflix tired you'd like spread the gospel of Netflix she wouldn't have to pay for conflicts Netflix. I'd be more than happy to be brand ambassador that idea free Netflix for life. It of this are Smart they'll take that deal him and let I don't want spread the gospel of Netflix like you. Yeah especially in the nicer things you've ever sent to me that. Give god created sleep in the devil created the alarm clock and Mike Casey. Is the love child of Casey in the morning on five the mountain. If you have Bob cure or are you savior of kids in college as you expose could also be in college yourself. A new study has shown. That heavy drinking just six times a month in college. Reduces the chances a new college graduate Belinda job by 10%. And and the odds decrease another one point 4%. With each extra day of heavy drinking so six times a month so if you were like eight times a month. Sick Friday and Saturday night for an entire month. Then you're up 2022. In aid to Europe to twelve almost 13%. Less likely. Two to grab a job out of college as I look at the study occurs to me that I should consider myself lucky to have a job at all of any kind let alone one I actually like so there is hope for everybody I think. She's like an alarm clock it's necessary part of the morning but you really wish she'd just shut up already Mike Casey in the morning on 1995.