Can Someone Have a Rich Face?

Tuesday, March 6th


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And Tuesday morning Mike Casey Alex are we the I realize the Oscars for two days ago. One of the big after stories was apparently somebody it's tried to steal Frances McDormand is yeah our stats USR I pictures on Jimmy Kimmel for his show last night. Francis McDormand was dropped last night but not the usual way people arrived at the Oscars. She won for best actress for a movie three billboards outside having Missouri. Good. Speech and then at the after party should put her down on the table when someone snatched it and it. After the guys that's it he did the Smart thing he immediately made a video of himself. And posted it on FaceBook. Until then he was arrested for grand theft which is. I've done. It made me. I would rather feel when Mike Tyson the Frances McDormand should be. What's the long term plan when you steal an Oscar do you hope your friends didn't notice you didn't win. In 2018. That was you went 30 larger amazing. Search is still Oscar every especially like. From I it is arguably the biggest winner of the night sleep yeah it'll record wasn't anything. The ratings for the Oscars were also win not good it's our all time low 26 point five million viewers. That's down nearly 20% from the year prior. In the fourth straight year that readings have declines. I'm sure some people look at that dude you need to moods you Jimmy tools fall here's the thing. I have been like to be killed but. It's a very tough sell that show it's very long it is very long there are huge segments of that are incredibly awkward and boring. And the movies that are nominated are not big blockbusters they may not be movies that you even seemed so unless you're super into film you kind of don't even know what's going on gas and you're super ensure you're like yeah it's pretty long and hard to get through I'm super into it but like other people aren't I completely. Sporting events is as it basically hit a lot of people are even do that anymore you are. Fiat and this your two people didn't really give. Incredible powerful speech is it was just kind of thank you to a lot of people whose names. We don't now all yeah. And more unsure what they do in this world GAAP and you never know that going into where the media could speeches are not you know or Bowery interesting speeches. And then fairness I don't mean did just to slam the people in an artist to worry in the categories that people care less about but. There are a lot of different categories of people don't care about right now like early Caroline sound editing or whatever. I'm wondering if they're gonna have to change the format a little bit and you know kind of. I think sunny actors to step up one of the moments we remember keep getting junior doing a backs slant Adrian Brodie make an Allen Halle Berry perverted the meaning dancing on the bag that you others. Stop being so nice when you get your Oscar just days of the Linehan as at least Jennifer largest fall far has all the time. Writes. Good points yeah apparently they done the advice from mucus the ratings that not orca for the Oscar show us all Gonzales is fine. Mike feces coming up an appeal on that he's like five the mountain. According to a new study most people can tell. If you're rich just by looking at your face. Tonight your clothes not your shoes not the car you drive not just just by looking at your face researchers found that subjects were able to correctly guess. If people were rich or poor 68%. Of the time. Six hits a big number are just some pictures of their faces research concluded that people with money. Tendon while this. It goes without saying tend to live a happier less stressful lives compared to those struggling to make ends meet and so. There are subtle emotion patterns. Carved into faces especially around the eyes and mouth I guess that it. It makes sense when you think about it I just don't know that I ever thought about it in those terms before I think possibly because. We don't generally just see people's faces rate we see. And somebody rolls up and like the top of the line Mercedes and yeah 600 dollar shoes maybe you draw your own conclusions there. It makes total sense I'm just trying now licking your face and figure out my speech in Lyon around your eyes means like is that alone in you know fifty bucks in the area. That did you grad. There's a few bucks and foreign kids. Zhu which are heading to college next year that's what those alone since I'm expecting your base to rapidly T Kris yes an overall appearance yeah I'm aging with incredible speed at this point. You incurring a loss thanks you look like fifteen X thank you. If he ran for president he would probably lose Italy and slice it it's now it's like Jaycee and adding nine the mountain. Just after 7 o'clock this morning question almost impossible we've got tickets as she Chicago at pikes peak center for you. And twelve K day another code word coming up just after seven. When we give you code word you text it to seven to 81 to. And you're in the running to win a thousand bucks okay you can download via free milk now. And we'll give you reminders that we are playing in your playing in and how to do it be all right there'd be like on your your Smartphone in your hand. Our unless of course. You've made a change direction from the Smartphone. And gone to for example the light phone too which is actually real thing people have dubbed it the dumb phones. And you'll see why you're in a second it's a it's a very delightful and she was very small. It's a very minimalist phone here's what you can do it can call. Text do simple directions and set alarms. That's it that's the only things blown to know laps nothing like guys just took a called sex simple directions and settle Lawrence. According delight to the company behind the phone. The idea was to get fuel put down their phones and actually engaged with each other they want people to leave their Smartphones and home once in a while. And go lights the story was in business inside this morning. It's an interesting idea I mean it's I think we've gotten to a point now where. The concept of not being connected is just too much of us review and to get our minds around or you know feeling mean you have kids you like well. In Lima phoning home that I might need my kids might need to get ahold of me or something like that this could sort of solve that problem. If you can't really do much with it other than call text directions and alarms echo what can actually. Met to get on board with the dumb phones. When he spends way too much time on this Taylor readiness question almost impossible. Mikey now he's. Hardly got Chicago seats up for grabs the go to pikes peak center toward the end of this month. Our question this morning. Coming here where right now and it's it's your eyes. Sit anyone percent of Americans between the ages of seventeen and 24 are you eligible to do it. Okay there's some there's some details there's some finer points in between seventeen and 24 yup 71%. Of Americans. That's a lot here after percentage huge percentage ineligible ineligible to deed yes. A cut 63 once you know I'm not by that's our question of you have the answer let us know Chicago tickets are yours. We might now a minority. Did our military service. Yeah as. 71%. Are in eligible. To serve in the military do you know why that is. I read an article about it and you could go to. What did they are overweight or they have criminal. Criminal record or there because of drug use their big market. You have this this this particular article that was in men's tells this focus so on a lack of physical fitness Societe. Epic being overweight was what the number one heard it yeah. I don't know that bodes well for our nation's military to Alter it noted putter period in but that is the correct answer so good lord Eddie you we've got Chicago tickets three which are meant. Seven. 710 here on the mountain where another shot at the Chicago took its. Mike Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. I feel little Lou limped up to their field. I feel like I feel Ku gear than that noon berg guy who was on TV all afternoon even would you see him. Oh would it was hard to center. Now as the. Talk about Coke off the rails is it was a little hard to follow and just because the perspective seemed to change out every few minutes yeah. I've known people who like dropped acid for years and aren't that crazy I don't know what the government or that guy's doing but Christie seemed a little unfair gas well I'd yes it was very difficult thing to file. An additional two I don't feel that good believe it or not you entrepreneurs making big box here and they're doing their selling cans. Of Canadian air to people in China India. Mexico and even here in the United States. Yeah Canadian air twenty dollar candy it's called vitality air. It contains 1612. Shots. Of air. They are expect this company's expected to ship from 80000 cans. Of the stuff this year for 500000 dollars in sales of Canadian air. Two people in China India Mexico and even some people here in the United States what's weird about it is because it's Canadian air. It smells a little like maple syrups socialized medicine and sweaty hockey gear in a double double and a double double I don't know what that. Sam Martin's. It's I'll see Jerry you're not being okay you so mean about yeah yeah does smells like all that not doesn't I'm kidding about that supposedly it's Mosul a Christmas but. Between dollar can honor my I lived in Canada for four years there are spine nothing special trust me nothing debates when he dollars for now. Unless maybe you live in China where they are always some can't just like there's pride in being around twenty bucks just not out they'll be having have a visitor that's right save yourself the trouble of McCain in there and read it hampers and -- five year plan. It has any minute by minute plan C in the morning and the mountain. Our according to pro public of the Trump Organization wants to bring the presidential seal to its golf courses I'm literally recently. It ordered since the Trump Organization did ordered new tee markers. For its golf courses that sport the official seal of the president of the United States which sounds I mean good to have become the cool thing. There's actually one problem that the seal. Is only allowed to be used for official. Government business misusing it could be because there's all kinds of different things that can be construed as if you misuse it so I'm guessing. Although I've been wrong a lot in the last year and a half for two years since the storm what I think is gonna happen and what actually happened sir W two very different things. So one would think. That at some some days of the process here of somebody would say you Ke can't use the official seal the president of the United States. Are privates. Are private organization private golf club. Okay. Like Russia I've been surprised before it sounds like a cookie and it sounds like. Some ligaments in new berg guy maybe came up with a while he was doing the talk shows yesterday. You always give you an interesting tidbit of info on something. Whether US foreign or not is something else entirely. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. The jump pricey is tome and America is set to hit the market in Los Angeles later this year the house it has a name it's called. Though one. It's in Bel Air. And the asking price will be 500. Million. Dollars 500 million dollars it's a 105000. Square foot. Dig a mansion it may end up being the only one of its kind because Los angeles' tightened their building regulations. Since they started building in the you know developing. This house there's there I saw there's a promotional video that's been floating around which is the first thing that caught my attention about this. It's it's every cliche you can if there's a guy there's legged dude in her red Ferrari that is. Beautiful women everywhere Sega carrier. I guess that probably isn't surprising according to the guy who built in his name is Nile in the army. And he does this she'd you know builds he's really extreme houses and expensive houses he says most of the few billions of selling houses like this to. Our tech. Guys who have made millions or billions. Blake in attacker finally answer oil but in his words are just normal dudes. 8500. Million for house I don't know if you so qualify as a normal due normal dudes who he hopes. One total haul home with walls and ceilings made of aquariums full of jelly fish the cells also has an indoor outdoor nightclub a four lane bowling Alley. A forty seat movie theater full poor pools including the largest indoor pool in California. A panoramic views of Los Angeles and a moat that surrounds at all. For 500 million dollars I mean why not I'd like to think that if I ever had that kind of money which seems very unlikely at this point. I feel like I would be more like the Warren Buffett guy. Like I don't know I mean like out during his stay there you don't need do you live for pools in a 105000. Square foot house puts you know. To each their own or Cindy you opera once said. Money changes everything. He's. Way to looks money charm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 99 buying. The mountain. Oddly they're not bathing suit season is upon us there's already one. I guess of fashion swimsuit out there that's causing a stir the company AS OS ace fast pace seen on screen okay. I didn't seem who's gonna know they saw us on day rolled out a black and whites. Off the shoulder started neckline one piece bathing suit it's getting a lot of attention and not necessarily because a lot of people want it. It's because the product description it explains that the swimsuit. Cannot be worn in water. And needs to be dry clean it yes it's did you whose swimsuit. Can't be awarded water. Needs to be dry cleaned as you might imagine social media is kind of having a little bit of fun but this one. It's another one of those things it's not like that disturb Regis did. About the 500 million dollar house that's going I don't know what it's like to have that kind of money that you couldn't. You know by a 500 million dollar house or bias when Susie you can't can't handle one jail where the water get wet. But I have to wonder I just there's a part of me that's not even getting conceptually. I mean you're looking better and I'm looking right now so is it like. Fantastically unbelievable. I mean it looks great common model. But if you are not a model it would look at her own brand and it's like it cool it's not pretty. As like pearl details on that kind of see get some nice under. Area. And it also goes all the way up here but in the back so unless unless you need your modeled on that's generally an area that most of the slates. Not show off and help like. Yeah it's her randomness. And what's the point he can't Wear it and I don't know that's the part are getting like. Don't get to swimsuits that are super high fashion and have like all these attachments on it and I think if you outside your gonna get the worst camp mine's ever. Attachments and kind of tough sell offer and recently whether suit that looks amazing on vacation she looks incredible and it had like. I choker p.s that went around her neck and I just I'd say you're an animal white neck and then a strike. And then another strike but it's horrible. I had no I do such things even exist not gonna introduce you to the world of women's dating scene I guess practicality it rarely factors that tiger is clearly because Israeli siege anywhere as one of the what you have to dry cleaner it's that should be strike one and straights here. Agree in the world beings which. Might Casey's final thoughts. So this one today comes from mom the world at the end of the world the animal kingdom from loan from planet earth does have a beetle Japanese beetle public bombardier beetle. That scientists have been studying it pretty frequently over the last couple years in recent decision side and there's a study published this week. In the magazine called biology letters. And what they've discovered about this particular bombardier beetle. Is that if you if it towed tries to eat this Beatles. Which is a funeral that happens someone regularly. The Beatles. Shoots a toxic 212. Degree chemical mix from its bud. That causes that showed. A bomb had. The beetle back up in the infield just like six self often like walks away likelihood that nothing happened up to 45 minutes after being. This is what this is what happens an ad lib the beetle has produces hydrogen peroxide it compounds that damage this. Tissues you know which is why did toads regurgitate it I was so the story today it was thing it felt like it's Tuesday erasing early in the workweek. And maybe you've got some challenges today like your boss is bugging you were coal workers are in no way you're. Traffic on the way to work whatever it is my hope for you today is that you are like the bombardier beetle. When somebody bugs you you just shoots. Toxic 212 degree chemical mix from your much. And walk away completely on the scale business I mean not literally but like metaphorically. That's my hope for you. Be The Beatles today could be the deal.