Big Booty = Long Life

Friday, February 23rd


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Iowa you know I love that band she chaired gotta love the song surrender there's a line in thereabouts. Marlins of Roland numbers. Rock and roll listen ended kids kiss records and I Rick Nielsen and we wrote that wrote the song and I ask you about that line this number years ago now. And he said I was sure I was trying to think of a thing. That would be. Like the biggest live gross a moment for a teenager. And he said that was what I came up with was you know you Q walking her room in your parents are like their smoking joints and their make and now they're listening to your records. And and I say yeah we did yeah. I see yeah you can pretty much nailed it when that one didn't see anything Aaron candidate. Our surrendered she trek on no ballot Friday here on that 995 amounts and my case CLA heart which I I haven't really digested the full story yet. But apparently Chevy Chase was in. He was a broad range story did you hear this story is yet I think it was yesterday yesterday afternoon he Chevy Chase says he was driving over the Tappan Zee Bridge she that's in suburban New York up pick up truck caught him off this is his version of events. He at the time he thought there may have been contact between the two cars to I think cherry mr. DiMarco. Mercedes or something fairly expensive and so he flashed his high beams to get the driver to pull over and they wouldn't. Like initially they this is his versioning and they wouldn't show he'll like chase for us the bridge. And finally got them to pull over. And they got out of their vehicles. The story comes from TMZ by the way I should probably say. In Chevy Chase so there wasn't any damage to any. I gave the driver near for Mosley to know you cut me off and then you wouldn't pullover and whatever. And that according to his version of events that guidance have to out of the cars have done the truck and kicked him in the shoulder. Chevy Chase is 64 yeah I can't show that's out here you that are it was like bending over something that's a pretty high shoulder check yeah and then you kicked Chevy. Now this is no longer a vacation. It's a quest quest but. I'm gonna have fun and you're gonna have fun. I got to pick right up government. Gave no emotion now on but you're member Clark from a national improves vacation. The drivers now been charged with second degree harassment. With physical contact. And he according to his version he says Chevy Chase through the punch first. It's like seventy foursome today is meanings of he's not frail no he's up for welfare point put sees maybe didn't realize who was either could have been that but yeah if you kick a guy in the shoulder. Who's been that many great movies it's a gutsy move. It sure is and I need to know how that happens if I I board and it may be tried tested and policy biking geeky initialed. They. Yeah order yeah I don't like it came pretty high. Yeah you can being single experiment I want to work and yeah I can excellent okay well that's probably I just more information. Or Mike feces coming up an appeal by Knight he's like us the mountain. This I I've figuring. For a lot of people this'll be blocking it. Good news for everybody. Big east more so for some than for others. And I'm just throwing the story out there because they think it's general knowledge knowing you think that I've pulled the story out because it's like this is heart which story or anything else not a terrible read too much into are just so we get that on the way and at first researchers at some Oxford University. Have released the results of the study a research study of over 161000 women involved in the study that suggests that women. With bigger bucks. Had lower risks of coming down with significant. Diseases. In their lives these stories come from. Women these women he says at lower levels of cholesterol. Which in turn meant to their hormones help them burn sugar more quickly they went on to suggest that women with larger. Behind its. We're a lower risk of developing cardiac conditions diabetes and similar diseases. That are related to the unhealthy amounts of cholesterol ingested in inherent in the body the reason for this they say. Large deposits of Omega three acids that are present in women who tend to have larger behind its 161000 women in the study it turns out that's. We would queen told us was writes fat bottom girls due in fact make the rocking world go round. I think CO2 things I love about this story my chances of living forever keep lines that. Like it's looking good for me and asked second yellow. Finding indicators don't win they're everywhere so you may island about it it's just watching you attempt to sign boards you're comfortable way to describe for months. No real limited field of options. In this particular format some other word and then you know or repression and just add something really magical team yet kind of does the president 161000 women though that bottle girls that the rock club around. Stay so local generally by not being good in most things might GC 1995. Mountain. If all your planning a trip to Amsterdam. Any time in the next throughout the couple months I guess anytime after April I should set. You may be in for a bit of a surprise posted April in the Amsterdam officials there say there will be taking a tougher stance on tourists. In a bid to stop overcrowding. And reduce antisocial behavior. In no particular in the red light districts. In Amsterdam one of the biggest changes will be in laws are laws in place gaining tourists. I'm still I mean I'm reading the words globs that are still not sinking in. Bidding tourists. From staring at prostitutes. Through the windows of the city's famous brothels. Visitors will be instructed Deke to keep their backs. To the women standing in full length mirrors why are you shaking your head. Why is it's a great idea I. Have you never banned. No but if you're gonna quit naked people on display in front windows of the bodies be allowed to look so I feel that sex circus something and it can be incorporated. Into a fair and open market and on board with that as part of my whole feminist sure I am ID. When I was in Amsterdam. Going through the red light district which are hostile was and the people I was with I was appalled to it to see how they treated these woman like they were seen animals. And what this is such that's the problem it's the same as putting I guess sound like a window despite at a store. Our home and that's EU EU want it'll gusty and think maybe an interest in tennis not staring at a human being. Like they Aaron attraction. When you display them as such that's what people are gonna do it's it's more street marketing and less like I'm on display. Final product to be bought and sold. Yes in some ways but it's not it's not. Meant for people to be gawking at and taking pictures it very much turns into something that cell disrespectful peers or you're very nuanced view and mine which an eight is something that I didn't even have to think about I just felt so achy and how the people I was with retreating ms. Women that it was feeling OK thank you when you stare at me. And I construction worker doing his job as if it was some sort of not a new mariners and close to you Lerner I'll always affection I quit IRA. No idea what you're saying I just my thing is like if you've beat. It's very difficult to do something that at least for most of the world the sort of outside the typical norms like we don't walk down the streets in fact that's a a lot of the reason why people go to Amsterdam between that and the drugs I mean there's a lot of other things sure. By the red light districts are famous. The access to two drugs is famous chip it or infamous depending on you look at if you display it as such. And eighties atypical outside the norm. Then people are gonna respond to it in that way I think they're I agree we feuded. There are some people perhaps that could take a higher level approach to it and maybe not do that but that's not going to be damage done and. Perhaps they're changing how women are able to market themselves and how they're going to do. Advertising that would be my suggests this is potentially percent and that her action because there is a problem it's being identified and I am I'm sure other people felt and if you spend the red light districts there's just some things are picky about the weight it. Certain people clock. And treat people who are just doing their job. The connector. There's still much to get the miner died there in any event noted if you go to Amsterdam. You'll wanna keep this in mind after April you'll also if you're gonna go to Amsterdam this is a part of your objective. Take. If Mike can only make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. The question almost impossible and 99 file. We know how you feel there's a rumor or confuse me pretty much every day but after creating bullets at a daily how. Who me is you live be that in a good way. Colorado are you sports travel showed tickets up for grabs Dallas got a question. I think 1215 million people around the world so are doing CS today. So I mean like percentage wise it's a lot of people but it's a lot of people it's a lot of it really people as a whole lot things like percentage flies around the world not a lot of people. But fifteen million are doing this two day car reaching Wheeler started about. Let us know him please tell us where we're targeting bunkers we need to know on a daily basis. 6312995. Question almost impossible. We might now a minority. Keyboard players they ran deeper rules jaw lower to enact I don't think I ever saw him in concert but I always felt like that song. Was designed to do the keyboard solo Laurie just to DNA villages like you. Yeah. And little kids yeah exactly was designed for grace so harsh Deep Purple on Nobel Friday here on 995 the mountain. I'm question almost impossible to miss it this morning fifty million people are doing this today. Obvious were celebrating the birthdays and basically it's about fifteen million people every day to overtake right on question almost impossible 710. Monday of every weekday morning here on the mountain. Ops I saw this story this morning. Yeah actually saw yesterday afternoon and I'm still I'm still trying to human mind your own Kylie Jenner. Who was one of the yum. She's now cart that art dash and then Blair Blair when she's like on one of the younger she's right and she's the youngest one thankfully you're here because I would know. She tweed yesterday on Twitter. She tweeted the following. Show does anyone else not open snapped chat anymore or is it just me. Bug this is so sat which seems like anything that I would imagine Kylie Jenner sank. I'm shortly after that he remind Kylie Jenner has 24 point five million Twitter followers. Shortly after tweeting that's. Snapped chats. Stock price to. Started to slide it eventually dropped six per infected the valuation of the company. Dropped 6%. One point three billion dollars not an inconsequential number doll shortly after Kiley genders tweets. And in fact the year earlier tweet was blamed for a sell off. It wiped out most of the games did snap stock had made since its IPO last year. Apparently and I don't live in this role but I have heard my kids mention it's not a redesign something they did and people are bitter about awful it's so man yet people are upset about it including Kylie Jenner. Any here so here's my take away from as if I'm understanding everything correctly you tell Miro. A person Kylie Jenner and who's from what I can tell Maine. Howland too is being pretty and part of the famous family. Commented negatively. About a company that. In more or less created nothing and does nothing. And led you'll one point three billion dollar drop in the valuation. Of that company is that correct I have that moral or analyst the fact okay this the take away here is that we've now reached the point ride no longer understand the world. Not at all this is somewhere offstage George Orwell is writing this or war and an episode of the Twilight Zone and that's certainly good to go back. She's famous for being pretty kind now and she affected a 30% basically 30% I'm sorry 6% drop one point three billion dollars I under this valuable company that probably shouldn't even be just throw. By missing. I understand your outrage but. You could eat in in Mike attempt of the amount of time you spend fuming over this story could have just learned about snap Chad and understand that. Like what it is spend energy saying well I hate these things treat him like except that the way in the world to learn about them pretty used to. Do I strike you as an except that's the way of the world gifts do I seem like that kind of guy knowingly hire you build me in my back you know while stubborn person ever known and we'd make baby steps now. And one to eight dollar comes snapshot Reno mom. Aunt that housing health advocates. I realize you should because this is radio you can see you Alley right now you can just hear she's actually rubbing your. I coach is your fingers you do your eyeballs Blake. Salute everyday and through and I notice always someone nine year on blu anguish that a visual that the priceless the Molly I think it'd taken a stab of all it's huge and I need it's locked in my brain. That's ten that was when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. Seems like good choices we have new weekend revenues for some of us of double vision foreigner on no valid Friday on 995 the melting speaking of which is surprising new study has found. That marijuana use may actually protect. Your liver protect your liver and the damage researchers from the people who regularly drink alcohol and also smoked marijuana. At missing and have significantly less risk of liver disease. Then those who drink alcohol without. Smoking marijuana not necessarily at the same exact moment but in in general usage terms. It seems marijuana has some chemicals that may reduce inflammation of the liver which can end up reducing. Long term liver damage so in this case. I guess you see too bad habits are actually better than just one keep in mind that if if you look at the scope of your life. And and and we'd is that thing that you're pointing to his like you're healthy Joyce. You may either of you know there may be some other follow up questions you wanna ask yourself at that point. X five year and it is minute by minute. See in the morning on. The mountain. In what he told police was an attempt to teach them about poor decision making. You okay that's one way to do it. Levi dyke a mud tore the age of unfair burden for months is now facing three counts of reckless endangerment after police say he covered millions of his children. Ages 57 intent with him since Kaiser. And ignite it did its. Supposedly he's also accused of posting video too that's. Events of that event shoes social media he has pleaded not guilty told police she was demonstrating the flammability of sanitize your. In attempting to teaches children about poor decision making couldn't you do that without actually putting to sanitize or on them. Before before setting it on fire. Ironically mr. director mark not ironically this has been suspended from his position as a volunteer firefighter. It would seem that under these circumstances yes that would makes it. He's like an alarm clock necessary part of the morning when you really wish she'd just shut up already Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. It's a delicate story to say the least. It seemed interesting enough that it would I mean I would hate to pass it by just because of its delicate on subject matter so let me just start by saying. But there's an American company based in California called cam showdown. Jim soda and they have come up with a device that she is. It's it's it's a personal massage device OK let's say and to hit it in addition to. Personally massaging and two of you and those are things. He did. It to have it there's two there's a button there's another button on this device. That when you push it. It will. Connects you to duck. Domino's Pizza hit and allow you to order pizza from them what your device and for now it's just Domino's Pizza but the ideas that. It will it would act sort of like Amazon dash. In that you would allow you to order food from many number of different. Different zones nodes surge play way way way you do. Just exactly who it was called serial Leavitt. The new device itself from camp soda. That will order you booed after your. On using it is called. Grub grub. Yeah yeah. The. Seek yet to hear Godzilla that al-Qaeda names amazing rub rub their name and it's just he manages the thing but it's got an extra but none did urge you food I mean I did it's funny but is this something we need and I don't think I've ever. And it had a personal massage and not repeat. It either way I did that. Because you didn't know that was possible with one leg of some babies. And I don't phones usually as a kid yeah. That's why it's right where he also adds to bring controllable on I think the odds she's at that time when he accidentally ordered like twelve pizza. Edit their VW way to work around that's their thinking that there will be the vice president camps Otis Daryn Parker she predicts and other national chains will jump on this idea. If the buzz is loud enough. Suggested. Took pictures and video. In very good personal massager of Bosnian any. About the Pope. Her eyes and it's it's a thing. Mike Casey he's final thought. Final thought for Friday morning story out of the UJ. What about Saddam attractiveness in reading the attractiveness of people in this study women were faster rate the attractiveness of mending pictures. On a scale of one to ten concept I'm sure we're all familiar with when the women were told the man in the picture. Had a salary ten times larger. Two points were added to his overall attractiveness. So for example guys who earned 30000 dollars a year. And scored a six on the attractiveness scale. If the participants were told oh no the heat doesn't earn 30000 years 300000. Then his number got bumped up to an eight. From a 62 innings not to shabby. Congratulations. You've just spent a lot of time and energy and money. Telling us that at least according to this study women prefer rich guys to poor guys. Wearing those dads I feel like we are keeping that. He's into it looks money charm and success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 995. The mountain.