Beer Shouldn't Sparkle Like This

Wednesday, March 7th


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Yeah I have to go back and see I am sure I have the audio somewhere but for some reason have been able to find it recently. I'm 56 of seven years ago I've got a chance to talk to any money and still it's one of my. Well I favorite interviews ever because he does well this'll sound like a B manager and I'm not. He's one of those guys and it seems like he's done so many interviews over the years. He's kind of rehearsed his one liners in to the point delight he knows how he wants. Open near you and how it was to close the interview and so there were a lot of space is we've got the aerial Michael owners of readers to one liner. And at the end I forget ariz Plame it was somewhere in town. At the end of the interviewers today we'll you know thanks offered to you Tom talked to me and look forward to seeing you. And he said you know it's about the Brooklyn accidentally sit pay you back don't forget we are got two tickets to paradise put a brigade everybody long it's gonna be great cook. Like that was a can. Fit the my job there ago I I gotta find the audio I really. It was really. Funny and fun interviewed two gigs of paradise from any money. On that 995 knots in my case DL Hardwicke on Wednesday morning today is jobs at today's march 7. It was more seventh yet to forty years ago today. That this happened for the first time on the big screens. Let me explain something to you. I am not mr. Le bouncing you mr. about ski. I am did you. So that's what you call you know. That or used lewdness or do her over you know they'll do to really know if you dug into the brevity here. I don't even remember and I meant to look this morning if it I don't think it leg dominated the box office I think it became. I know it cult hit after the fact almost instantly now because of this is twenty years ago now I feel like debate allows he has been in Spain. For my whole life laconic how's it kind of. So it didn't have to rapidly have been I think that's true very true I don't yeah I mean I know I didn't see the movie theaters and I know I didn't. I was definitely late to the the cult of the Dow ski but I got news of one of those things riches here at a weird time in my life. And CME to pick grade the stuff if he withdrew little difference in mileage than that. But is obviously civilians become there's like all the bells you've festival. Yeah and Greg was a different all lean right that's ilsley because he is not a requirement that he he can only dress up as. People that he already looks exactly like some options are limited it's basically John Snow on the dude just on reputation as a look exactly two of three is Noelle played it's close enough that if he just puts on the sand bathrobes. Birdie putts they're sick ousting him close enough. Our twenty years ago today show of good good reason to celebrate not only did the work of Jeff Bridges but also the the legend of the big LaBelle ASCII twenty years old today. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. You have kids Joan Jett isn't just being cute in the style to their you really could put a dime in a jukebox that it would do it it would play a song. It was amazing it was a great time. In American history I've loved every second of Joan Jett. On 995 the mountain on Wednesday morning it's a story that's gotten some viral attention significant viral attention I would say. Regarding of Virginia father who has this. In directly triggered a debate about proper parenting after he posted a video on FaceBook showing his ten year old son running to school in the rain. As a form of punishment for bullying his classmates the father's name is Brian Thornhill. And he said that his son is being getting in trouble for bullying and was banned from the school bus last week sort of teach a lesson. He made a run to school as he followed in his car. Mr. Thornhill says since his son has been running to school about a mile as behaviors improved and he hasn't gotten into any trouble this is Brian Thornhill the other father. I was feeling bad for the rain doesn't know what we we need to wash this attitude or way in calming down so that worked there worked brilliantly. Are brilliantly my fuel strong but he'd do it it according to him has improved behavior. I think the real. This is the turning point in this story is she posted a video. All of it on FaceBook began I think that's why people tend to have a problem yes and I would say I've you don't put myself and to discuss issues and think and what is this some time. Is this something I would do. I I don't know that I would. But I get the idea of trying to. Big tube re you know Rian discourage behavior you don't want in and encourage behavior that you do. And this is an interesting way to do it's it's I certainly believe it's better than than hitting children and things that people you know and I'm not a fan of that personally. But when even the FaceBook thing and Mikey didn't you probably didn't need to do that yes that's going to be a thing between you and your son your family or your community your whatever. OK but then when you when you do it as of FaceBook video it's sort of like hey look at me then it becomes a little bit of. That's something answer I will say I don't have children but have worked his camp counselor for so many years and dealt with with children who marble who are mean to other kids. And and very rarely do you have a parent that says I recognize this and we'll do something about it. Most the time it's my kids find my dad's not doing anything if so do you commend this this parent for recognizing that their child who has is being mean can't and working six and I think that he pitched. No I agree with you there an N as a person with kids. It's it's interesting how often you see ya what you said the opposite side of it where it's like why did they did he deserve to yeah we'll see your kids being a jerk supposed. Problem that you need to address our culture it's gonna be so hard to accept that your can editor. Tom why it's interesting I think it depends on the parent in the kid I think Q I think. I think it's gotta be hard thing I would money here that people don't know dogs feature and Mike and he's. He hit that nobody wants to hear it but there's a certain reality to that and you're right there's a lot of there can be a lot of avoidance around that particular topic these days and I I agree with you I've. At least applaud this guy in his famous for saying look we recognizes a problem and we're trying to address it and we find this behavior of our child to be unacceptable to. This will be this is not the end of this. He's still on our FaceBook aged it's not yet but it will be yeah we should share unions can tell sleep about it we'll put it up there all man horse opening on uptrend on fire danger are asking for trouble. If you lived concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. Pizza Hut has just unveiled this year's version of their special shoes. That can order pizza. At straights the sneakers which they're calling. Hi tops too. Very clever inspired by the Reebok pump choose from the 1980s just like last year's model. The up high tops two will enable the user to order pizza. Just by pressing the pump on the top of the issues tong keep it Molly of your shoe collector keep in mind. There'll be fifty players of the issues available to purchase at age BX dot com some time during the week of markets nineteenth. There are supposed to be some additional shoes reporting you know be given away on social media but. Guaranteed fifty pair that's it each BX dot com because everybody needs a parents had issues that orders pizza it's so hard to duo right you wanna. Simplify that process is much as possible. I'm 395 and the mountain. Okay Chicago tickets up for grabs again there at pikes peaks that are on March 20 you just need to answer this question correctly the question. Okay and today's his fine play in May be a little bit tricky. 60% of people in the United States do not have its. Big percentage yeah it's half of us. It's actually technically a little bit closer to 51 locals say 50%. Of people in the United States do not have plans. And we think we're talking about 6312995. That's the question in the phone number for questions almost impossible. We might now a minority. We were talking about all out there at home yeah. Ex you're exactly right. And you did it it's we've got to see Chicago for you would survive. All right Dana good work at a U I thought we thought maybe we get a little quicker today. And I really not in the game that bill is against itself and mine race on an obvious connection so full of the CB radio instead. Yeah and as an interest and I think it. All right so do you get a mark question almost impossible seventy and here on 995. Denounces. You always can be an interesting tidbit of info on something whether US four nor does something else entirely Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. I think its teeth I'd tides safe to say. Both you and I are fans of craft. Beer in the craft beer industry particularly in Colorado. Secondarily. I think it's safe to say that probably two to three to eight times a week. I come across a story that is very strongly representative of like something that I hate. I heard you say you went out for revered Chita three to eight times a week and I was needs. I don't know if that was good the good news pilot plant these days but so this is both of those is a bigger story and I think that. I really really hate and I think you're going to his well. Our buries across America. Are now cranking out something in their cause some Burmese pursuits are cranking out something that they're calling. Glitter beer Scott brewing in Durango has a version of glitter beer soda is pulled missy brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina just to name a couple. The glitter the brew masters are using these edible. Made of different sugars and starches. By the brew masters in some cases are running into problems because the glitter when they make this clear beer. Because it's a mess and it's extremely difficult removed from brewing equipment. It there are a lot of things that you can do and and maybe should do with beer and it makes it more interesting and more enjoyable for all of us. I draw the line it glitter. I'd I don't want any parts. Of glitter beer. I mean I kind of agree with you and I don't wanna drink Tea Party so pretty have you seen pictures now but you hate glitter. I do hate there are few things you hate more than glitter I know all I hate to be everywhere so basically we can take anything the U hates and just throw a beer and you're like OK go with a now pretty much except for spicy beer when people are like I've accomplished doesn't care now don't you ask. But I mean it's really pretty it's her. You wanna drink yet but it's really pretty. Solid glitter paint and they made the golden stance into appearing it would look like oh. World. Engines now you're really off. You're really off a digit so with a short version missing in this case would be anything you made if you throw in a beard. Re considerate is sockets on court currently working on casual misogyny beer. Three. Have you thought without I think that's just called B yet it just got regular hundred glitter Bir OK you're on the you're Euro on the fence leaning toward yes I'm like no we shouldn't even shouldn't even exist we love you discover going in Durango but. 86 the glitter beer you don't need. Spivey. Has emailed my minute. See in the morning and the mountain. Hey good morning from 95 amounts of look at euphoria. I'm treated. But pointed out a letter Beers. Pretty happy scene. Well however. I thought it malaria when you like later actually it it is. Calling it literate. 08. Well and they may well. Better on. It like glitter Jeanne a few blocks or so well well always. Glitter and more and you look he got out of there are a moment. Public letter it. Pretty solid alibi he. Thank god it's not a from the kids let air out of the strip clubs. I don't I I don't appreciate literally record because they're the only grown adult actually wrecked later like. I'm normal make up twenty. And as. And yeah I used to associating it with Christmas cards I don't even like to touch. Greeting cards that have glitter on them because I know and beyond my face a Wiki is hard line anti glitter. Unless you throw beer and then apparently she's great with. Her all time great would it pretty. Oh. I share your disappointment. I I Richard is why I'm also disappointed now it looks only volatile Blake hits in rural England married she's easily distracted this is part of her. Yeah. I have a glitter bomber today just a siesta lake. Eat your words in you and I'll laugh. I would rather ill what are. At least it's completely baseless. That's right all right thanks for thanks or call we appreciate. He pre planned this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind him he's my GC on 99 plus the amount you. Bad news for NFL fans arguably the NFL's most famous ref that referee Ed hockey league. As retired after 27 years of service as an NFL referee he was prod at a hockey is probably best known for two things. Somewhat long winded explanations of his calls and she's these arms his biceps strain any guns they sometimes called. And arguably will continue to serve as an independent consultant to league. And we'll also continue his work as an attorney no word on whether or not you'll continues like nine hour workouts every day but on. Guys get off wirelessly forget that is refereed. An IQ between seven years retiring after 27 years in the NFL. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shows for you Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. Ever do the did the karaoke thing like on I'm a lot of fuel Gandhi's of you know weekends there. Whatever their their fear bar has occurred karaoke nights they do I don't do it all the time but I I definitely find it entertaining apparently Robert Plant from. Led Zeppelin occasionally devil's in the world if a karaoke and you would think being Robert Plant having one of the most distinct. Voices in the history of recorded music that he would pretty much dominates. At the world karaoke right are apparently not according doing his appearance on James cordon show. On Friday he actually lost Robert planted. An Elvis Presley karaoke duel a number of years ago here here's a Broward plan from James cordon show. I want this thing I cannot have too much to drink so I thought Alba. And it was Elvis so I say OK I'll put my name down. Add them a good look from Taiwan. Put his name down fall elevates run so we were competing with song she's okay I'll get shoved it almighty bait and I was neck in neck with his drive all the time the Chinese are good for the Taiwanese guy and I was really really good. What you're saying is I got you I felt being rolled run you are still disappointed that you lost in that karaoke show that if challenged in yet in Beijing 22 years ago. I was beaten by a time when these Elvis impersonator. So this is a way to Linda little perspective leg of Robert Plant can get beat me karaoke competition like whatever indignities that you and I suffer any given day like. Okay we can get over it. A right somebody's Robert Plant. When he goes to the gym he parks in this. I'd furthest away so he won't be judged eating his course on which by people walking. By Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. You dad's exact kind of curled gets in trouble every single time ray that's the point of the story here he regularly faces them. Long gore and a black dress from the polished on nightly gunfire the mountain which is exactly why did that on street gives faces. Our according to match stuck com's new singles in America survey. Twice 5% of women. One informed right one for will 25% women say they never Wear makeup not even on the first day. 29%. 29%. Of women said they go make up free. Only after there in a committed relationship. And 9% of women say they always Wear make up around their partner even after they've moved in together. Mike question would be my main question would be this well let me start by saying that's more time then I've spent thinking about make up in my entire life. Right there but it's having daughters who were short of now coming into that needs. I too I'm a little bit confused as to what the big deal about make up days in general and I feel like. You're gonna you're gonna have something on that. I mean may be something next. So it's socially acceptable for women and more increasingly socially acceptable for men to Wear. Whenever wherever they feel like and that's kind of how it should be done if you're wearing make up because you think you need to look better for someone else. Just you can think about why if you want to Wear it as you like hell makes you look and you like golf for a deal would every want Paul what ever you want on your face it's your face it's up TO. So I find it interesting. On to see how many people feel these differently is by the end of the day it's TUX Judeo. So your saying really in a lot of ways sis aside early end to end this said he would reflect that that we. We as a society put more within that we've read more into attendant there. Then they're really and it's I mean almost all women everywhere like peanuts and I don't feel like putting on makeup so I'm not gonna. I didn't feel like it today have mascara on some days of your lipstick I think not do have free Alan I did it for anybody else you just like it. And I think yes people try in and say well this means a thing about Qiyue but it doesn't. A couple good and I'm glad you also didn't comment on my. Minsk arrow or my guy went to school I'm so sorry just a great thanks for once I conceding he do indeed have my question is that. And can he can do not necessary now does idea over the dory and somebody to walk him. Might chasing its final thoughts. So I don't give it plans to go to Sweden anytime. Shows Stockholm's specifically but if you do you should know there's a club there. It's called club naked it's in its assorted sounds like this club does so they're letting customers in the clubs for free. If they show up naked. That's right club for a club ticket in Stockholm Sweden apparently they just started this thing. Month to three weeks ago and since then they've been getting like 400 people's. Think it borrow from people is showing up at night there was a boost to their business having people deciding Cologne come to the club naked fight. I seem like pretty. What's your money were you for your right T people think kids at their folds down even for a second these days forty put all that stuff you're not wearing any clothes. You have so many questions about this whole thing in answer. You know I. I guess some people you are if you view it that makes sense Hugh Hewitt that's fine like your senior adults though that some problems here's my thing I've worked his entire life. To build up this degree of repression and then I've got us bright far too much like France around naked. Did some clubs in Stockholm Sweden if I wanna do that I'll do it the old fashioned ways. Joining hippie commune mountain Petaluma or something. That doesn't sound very appealing either but it sounds better than this well maybe it's maybe to deal club naked Stockholm Sweden. Anything goes and everything stays there including your gloves.