An Alright Night of Awards

Monday, March 5th


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Alley Harwood Mike Casey the big guns ninetieth Oscar award show last night. Who did. I know we still have to look at our balance here to see you. Well you probably already know that I don't think it is so hot there a couple ones that I was like OK I'm pretty sure ipads that. Not feel strong about it enough you know I can never remember what I what I wrote I mean other than a couple of obvious ones like I don't remember when paired so elbow and then we'll all find out together yeah of the UTV toll like you've really feuding get any of them right now Buick Boca while I was totally believe that. I did anything's. Before I before I do my naysayers think did anything about the do you the award show or the films and and people that actually want news or anything it shocked you or really should try you're like wow I didn't see that comment. I mean so first of all I won is ready to throw somebody in my television during the Oscars because my cable provider is terrible. Aunts that tennis freeze saying. During the speeches and then is completely cutting out say yep well it happened frequently. Get missed all of the best actor speech. Missed most of the best actress speech. Missed a huge part of the ceremony in between income is. That's the once channel said my cable provider decided I was not allowed to watch so I just kept cutting HB. Is it just went to the next channel Boca on the west I'll get could lead us to kind of dragged for you started box like three times the one. Television event I really care about. And it lets you know really let me down siege so really that was the biggest surprise for use as you can actually couldn't actually this morning I had to figure out a lot of things that happens at end it was great okay well. If you show for you because you had TV or cable issues and for anybody was that goes way too I don't know watch it here is it to basically had two minute summary. Of the Oscar. Oh words show last night this is a really long show. So here's what we're gonna do not saying we shouldn't be a long speech but whoever gives the shortest speech tonight. We'll go home when Johnny tell what the went. Activity only get says dejudder whatever there was. When I was eight years old I was called into the principal's office and my father is looking very solemn and he said we gotta go as grandma. We got in the car and I said what's wrong with Graham money said nothing. The movies. Thank you to the academy of my fellow nominees you represent everything that is good and rights and human about his profession you are all extraordinary. 92 should. Thanks to. The academy and its members for this. This is this good the glorious. Trip prize. I wanna do this delivery and beyond Truman to the youth studies showing us. How things are gone. Really they are and have. If I may be so honored. To have all the female nominees never categories stand with me in this room tonight. They actor. We have stories to tell. Project sweetie finance invited into your office and a couple of days or you can go on cars whichever suits you best and we'll tell you all about them. I have two words to leave with you tonight ladies and gentlemen inclusion. Ryder. Very good rejuvenate job summary host Jimmy Kimmel Sam Rockwell who's best supporting actor Allison Jeannie best supporting actors. Gary Oldman best actor. Any better part of that was a Tom Petty song room to room at the top. Paying tribute to Tom Petty this you know his passing this past year best director and best picture Guillermo del Toro. And then Frances McDormand the big showstopper. Best best actress. Yes that's best yet best actress in a leading role yes OK which. I it's. I don't know ice I saw three billboards I thought it was really good I didn't I didn't know that it was. It did you know there was bigger picture kind of material although I thought she was great in San Rocco was great too so I think they're at those two rights. That's guy you know I sized ship the blotter which ended up winning and now that's funny thing materiel. I still cannot get over of people liking this. And it yeah I won best picture but you've you've predicted that on Friday at snags seemed like it was going to absolutely beautiful visually just watch with the sound off because that is gone and how ignorant and a if you reject you show I think you're still bitter over the whole cable and I'm bitterly that lady bird won not saying glass. I show this on then yeah I really good movie where it was an excellent movie. No Laurie Metcalf knows Shuster Ronan no no longer anyway. He had gala dinner just yeah. Let's be better to I had Oscars boo. Mike feces coming up an appeal by 1995. The mountain. So yeah we were we talk about the Oscar little bit earlier. This morning obviously a big show last night's end zone Frances McDormand is acceptance speech which was sort of the big speech moment I would say of the broadcast. And then at the very end. She she finished her speech with these words I have two words to leave with you tonight ladies and gentlemen inclusion. Right there. And I think a lot of people in the audience. That the television audience went with who she tar and no I don't know what that is and you said you didn't know. I you know why I felt really Don when she said that it is supposed to have this impact I was like I don't know it. If you put those words mean I was thinking the same thing so I checked this morning I looked into inclusion writer. Sometimes called an equity writer it's something that actors can put into their contracts obviously actors of certain. Success level not every actor but I know you're struggling actress who works at a coffee each correct my friends McDormand insurer Daniel Day-Lewis whoever. By its inclusion rider is something that actors can put into their contracts to ensure. Gender and racial. Equality in hiring on movie sets not only in front of the camera but behind the scenes to that's what that and again. Not all actors are gonna kill the leg play that card and if you're big enough factor. Yeah us successful enough then indeed the implication there would be you have a certain amount of control over that so let's Charles. You're a dairy in this Peter. What have the ability to do because aren't these are stars yes although keep in mind Frances McDormand said that she just learned in las couple weeks. Did an inclusion writer has always been available to everybody who does negotiation on film. So she didn't she wasn't like you know yeah I wouldn't say completely aware of either show but an interesting way to approach that. Ongoing issue like cave people start people in the audience you have a certain amount cowardice you know and responsibility and responsibility to change that. Bob jumping slightly a little bit we look at our ballots merely filled out on Friday and can you heard Italian public. Lord Jesus Christ you thought you know why not it's only four and now I got seven out of joining Florida I watched the show press your plus I got a point now it's. I got more of the bigger ones than you did it. I know this I believe with my heart and I was playing always an acidic water the Boris mommy had ever been created labored has to win because it's fantastic I thought that you know the academy would get over the height of shape of water involved for the truly best movie. And no knots I'm neither of us neither of us got that I'm the only one of the big ones that you got was actor in a supporting role I actually got actors who Parnell and actress in a leading role. And then we get down to the lesser of like the ones that no one cares about yeah you kind of cleaned up. I know how to play the tricks there exactly dumbest or not than that I can generally guess which ones are gonna win pretty although I would say fifty. I would say 924. Is not really it's not a homebody how would this lady bird was asleep at nose like I now it's gonna happen and it's going to be great and it didn't I think we were both in double digits last year when we went eleven owners I only missed like three or four last year I did really well and and it you know this is all NATO horribly this year. As a related side note I did serum over the weekend on view on demands of college by your name. I I I'm not I feel the same way about that they you said you feel about the shape of water I don't get with the hype this real I think that there's the young kids to miss the issue ominous challenge you to death he did he turned in amazing performance. I didn't think there was much from the movies there like ours are in a knife in fact and I Lilly were watching it. Forty minutes in low it was like this is stupid I'm I'm not watching anymore in this and both Dan and I felt the same way about an hour in Gloria. Well this point we gotta give it give it a shot I mean neither one of a sub there was anything. Really yeah. I think sit still gonna cnet's because I want to play now I want expects so much well. And maybe that'll make you more reasonable maybe. The seat now I didn't I didn't get anything out of that one but consume between the two of us we got six and then it would only movie honestly you and I ball flight was -- yes see only on we can stand behind yes and like everything about it properly should have won everything like gadget just when anything. Well so we don't wanna thank the academy no we tell all not even a bit. His life philosophy Odyssey is the best policy. What insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. You ever wondered I think we talk about this calm within the context of our own country the differing American accents. That we you know that we all have regionally and how people feel about them within. The country you know how up other Americans feel about American different American accents have you ever wondered how American accents. One American actions Europeans find. The most interest thing or perhaps the sexiest. Well your cell on the actions spared in a recent arms survey. The mid western. The Cam Neely midwestern accents only 10% of Europeans. Found that's sexy Texan accent came in a Texas number five Southern California. 16%. But I don't think I'm having a heart timely pick I mean I know would like surfer dude sound like. But I don't at Southern California accent and here are a number three the Boston accents. Number choose the New York accent and your and according to this survey. The accent the American accent the Europeans find sexiest. The deep saw the south southern drawl. Which I think here in the states sometimes we feel differently about you know within the confines of the United States but apparently. Europeans love it's the the deep southern drawl so there you go you can mimic any of those feel free to use them around your European friends they'll be impressed. And the vast and ending knowledge of useless information. There. Question almost impossible in 1995. OK we got tickets to see while you wolf you know assuming you get the answer you'll get tickets to see Chicago at pikes peak censure. On March 20 yet in Chicago from town and your question to that. So this cost about money 1000 dollars and it was supposed to stay in place for eighteen months. Oca. Mostly 1000 dollars a lot. I mean it sounds like fly right now. Okay. I'm sorry to keep duking it gave me an eighth toilet that's not he's not so much today. And Jay Dow was only supposed to stay in place for eighteen months that's the important part yeah that's the key of the question why he's figured between 1000 might help was time frame with a little bit of whatever news to me horses broke the question. There goes on 63 point 2995. Question goes Abbas will there is today could look. If my finale mind. Question almost impossible this morning it cost 41000 dollars and it was only supposed to stay in place for about eighteen months. What are we talking about. I think it Hollywood or. Yeah. It's. Based on our clues or did you know that. All I believe you're clued. I have been. Yeah. You know small. Really figured out our pattern have a Asia. To get an island. Pretty excited. I'm all right we're hearing that I don't pre. Oh we got tickets are you guys received the bid Chicago which your mom may be more excited about the new warriors Isner. But still got a cool what's that our. Congratulations Kennedy you're right the Hollywood sign which year you're also right did connect to our. Earlier discussion this morning about on the Oscars the Hollywood sign went up in 1923 it was a real estate agent. That banning Harry Chandler who was advertising property for sale in the signed originally as a lot of people know said Hollywood land. In 1923 costly 1000 dollars is only supposed to stay there for eighteen months. How much information can you pack into one that's yes it's like begs the question yeah I don't know a lot of extra and muttered out it was a little bit more but John Kennedy got it. Question almost impossible we'll do another version of this tomorrow at 710. And is it that morning citing an off which I think it is our wheels of big culture announcement we've been talking about this morning. Pretty big clue there since I just played one of her songs off Sheryl Crow will be a part of the Hudson summer Hudson garden summer concert series. We were not announcing the full lineup yet because we're going to be sort of save that until. Bigger revealed but Sheryl Crow. Coming on Sunday July 15 there is a pre sale for mountain insiders. That starts. March 16 OK if you like the regular. Riff Raff flee if you're not an insider you can't get tickets to the nineteenth but you mound insider you can get Sheryl Crow tickets on March 16. Seed mound concert calendar for password and information. There you go exciting stuff buried the reeling Monday morning and it's so much going for his conscience is clear which is probably due to his memory and. She many tequila shots Mike Casey morning's point Nike ID five. A new survey area of a 150. HR executives found that sell 48%. So nearly half 40% of companies said they are reviewing their pay policies. To make sure men and women were paid equally. For you know equal pay for equal work in light of the B two and on the times of movements so another indicator that's. Yeah I'm just maybe never really know exactly where changes are gonna come from and when it's gonna come but it seems like maybe there are different. Different snow ball's rolling down different hills at this point in time and probably for a it's here for the breast. Just like the old saying goes if it ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed it yet. Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. Yeah I did that thing the you know the wind was she was whipped around so much last night woke me up and I did that thing you should never ever do when your awakened suddenly in the middle of nights. And that is having like an instantaneous. Why the thought that I had was. Boy I hope that 85 foot tall pine tree outside our house doesn't fall was this season and a lake cents and pretty much an incident I thought I was like offseason. I'll never go back to sleep. It's like twelve feet from the side of our smoke Coca spoke to agree so don't do that if you possibly avoid don't do that continues to be you know windy again today. If you add some extra money your pockets or maybe tax refund or something. And you only had two choices. I'm pretty sure I know your answer sorry would you book a vacation or would you invest the money. I don't actually asked that question. Where LA and how it's good got to have figured review according to a survey by invest the investment at acorns. 37% of respondents. Said Dave we're investing. Sewer in 6363%. Said they would do they would go to vacation option. On average the the average American spends about 11100 dollars a year. On vacation. I kind of thought the same thing. My answer would be the same as yours I mean. The thing that it may change a transaction a little bit you know just because just you and Greg just to you 11100 dollar. If I wouldn't take my whole family to have. To a Broncos game you'd probably Gosling and dollars easily yeah there is there no leg vacation for nearly sixty years do you have for that kind of money so. Probably like drug and Colorado's for the weekend. Phrase stay at a state T yeah situations stereo at a Holiday Inn or something so that changes the the transaction a little bit. But I can remember what do you waited a thousand bucks in your party like. You know I shopping spree on vacation and yes which is that since probably makes a little more sense than any on. You know a thousand dollar stock and so healing you know as stand. May be Daniel seal when you're also would never get roles he gonna have these experiences William Young many can't and doesn't cost you 20000 dollar. She's already been great to take everybody anywhere I think that's very good point cart radio yes I. Darrow see exactly did about that credit rating you know needed anyway and I don't itself that's dead. Might Casey's final thoughts. Joseph I don't know if you're headed off to Taiwan anytime soon maybe bring you large but in the event that you are keep in mind you may want to bring some toilet paper which you suppliers. Towards liver suppliers in Taiwan warned last week. But the price. But TP was set to rise ten to 30%. Thanks to increase in the price of the pulp used to make it consumers inserted panic game. And and shoppers should you know rain around basically buying toilet paper announced. Does not left of the supermarket shelves there's a guy you sponge pictures some should be you can find one TV supplier also blamed the price increase on a rise. The in the cost of transportation and packaging. The government there and so I was announced he will investigate whether suppliers are colluding to raise prices. They even released a statement the end of last week we asked the public not to panic. And not to rush to survive. The supply is sufficient. And everybody will have two other favors survived. That according to a premiere William life everybody will have toilet papers to bond. It's kind of scary idea assuming they'll make it through this unscathed. You'll be able to look back to this referred to reduce the great who panic comes to any team that they got that go for which is nice. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office time in between low pressure bringing on Mike Casey. Mike TC on that either. Five at the mountain.