Almost Oscar Time!

Friday, March 2nd


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Mike Casey Alley Hardwicke I've I understand before I even see this. Did this is roughly the equivalent of me taking a a softball and lobbing up in front of you just begging you do it it's. I have terrible hand eye coordination and I'm attacked I'm counting on that because this is going to be any decision probably it's. To make fun of while I mean Yuri haven't invitation to make economy but this is of something very specific that when I say this this is good sound like. Perhaps the door curious thing I've ever done or at least in the discussion log out there you ready yup so so yesterday. Even afternoon evening. Eyes there's of fly shop on sixth avenue. Sixth avenue in Marion congress particle try outs by shop trust what fishing rather. And I go I go there from time to time for a variety of different things I found out the email that they were holding like clinic. On how to tie knots. Certain different knots that are involved in the world the fishing. Show I spent three hours or record Ernie yesterday afternoon and evening with days. And a couple of guys a couple of other people who were there a couple of guys in the shop learning how to tie different knots and practicing not tie and go ahead. You can't carve out an hour to go grab a beer do you find time to make three. For not tying. A club I know are your primary not tying is a very not to appear alleys and weighed down here but. Timing is a very complex. And it very complex art especially if you don't have a history with it's and it's you can't. Effectively fish you can effectively fly fish without knowing about. I was just isn't even the second time I've been prioritized seconds to not like. I guess denying that knot tying books and broke on the spike as ninety seeking practice not to seek those just. I just overall in the world I'm not as good as knots and the late. Really there on me for my hopes. You you said in a different direction that I that I expect your story about knotts was about me righteously and I don't understand I didn't it was I didn't think there was some other invitational in table yesterday. Not only ever in general. Appeared to no time. If the. Three hours to die not screen it was. How ordinary was closer to two in change. More than your outlook project what I will show you some fabulous not going work that I learned over try. Getting market makes it turned down nonstop put knots. Not so young that's important your important not serve toward their a lot of important yes but some knots are more important than hits. I am obviously not her by they're not ask him. Complexes York. Or Mike Casey is coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. So Sunday is the it's is it the ninetieth of his then 99 Academy Awards the Oscars. It's exciting it is we've talked about the and a couple of movies that we've both seen if you had to pick break now. Who'd use what do you think wins best picture cool that's a tough qwest also one that you think should win the what do you think of how will win. The one that's getting the most bun is which I have a lot of feelings about is the shape of water. You hated it was hard brand new day except for a few clues I terrible movie. And I don't understand. How anyone has watched and thought all my cash great it just feels Berry emperor's new clothes to make me and like I'm the only one saying he's now I can't we see it was so bad but people are are thinking meant. The one could be the one. I think we could get a surprise with get I think we could get a surprise win three they'll ports or hooker. Okay I'm sort of with you I didn't he shaved the water I feel leg. I did see three billboards. I feel like that's gonna win Errol I felt I guess it's done really well on the Dalai other asked see yes although all the ones there's the lead up to this I personally of defy the only thing missing three of the the nominees. I Timmy Lieber was better than. Then he I love dead I thought I was Corey I got it was fantastic and especially given the road to. Do you thin the newcomer angle in that whole thing of of I'm Gregor with them the writer and director. I I felt like that deserve I feel like it was something I did their best original screenplay or best director I do believe lady bird flu don't get something yes I would be surprised if search around and wine best actress. Oca all right and they assume that convicted to we would be of like mind on that one I I've everything you said about the shape of water I will go out of my way not to see. Honestly I would recommend Nolan C I do not gaps what people liked about that movie everything about it was that they loaded leg I know it's very beautiful. And I guess. If you watched it on meet you would say oh would you mean from the cinematographer. Oh yes and I think it deserves to land cinematography. It's well truly compelling visually stunning the script to could have been written by a four year old character development was nonexistent and say if it even there's a lot of think you're expected to just kind of except that I'm not okay. I'm gonna so that was an acute your vote now we will too will do our little Oscar ballot thing a little bit later today yeah. And we also what you all a bad thing I need you do lassie death one of many things you may review Lester yelled do that and we also how I have a little. The two of us together put together a video things. Ideas that you could things you can do if you don't wanna watch the Oscar award Sarah optimum there are a lot of people are my ideas straight we'll have that up later today to. If he's into it looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might CC 995. The mountain. US news and world report is out with their rankings of the US states in terms of quality of life. There a ton of different factors that went Indo American reader mark as a that would that would get a little tedious but you can imagine you're looking at. You know economics in school system and viewed in calm all that sort of thing. The five states with the worst quality of life. According to US news and world report actually the one that tops the tops the list not the list you wanna top California. According to this are California New Jersey Indiana Illinois and Texas those of the five states with the worst quality of life. The five with the best quality of life South Dakota New Hampshire. Wisconsin Minnesota. And North Dakota North Dakota tops the list. According to US news and world report and did their take away from this was that you see a lot of states with smaller populations. Fewer big cities in more rural communities. And their take away from this this serving in the study was that in those places people tend to be more socially connected. Then then maybe in New York City your LA or something like that. And part of the part of what leads to that quality of life factor is feeling like you're connected to your community. OK and so north who knew. Our South Dakota north South Dakota New Hampshire Wisconsin Minnesota Ohio State's in the upper midwest in North Dakota best quality of life in the country. If Mike can only make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible and 99 for. All right we'll see if we recover from rallies someone mediocre room questioned yesterday because we've got tickets to Loveland ski areas so that's a mean. A street value those late. These seven million dollars anymore and it's so expensive to ski in the news it's so easy designs and good skier or. Personal war on us. It be nice we are. Super nice okay Selanne to start I sing this question has a lot of possible answers there's one we're looking for. Just because you got to granted it's technically right doesn't mean you're getting the ski passes you have to have the one might think yes to get inside our heads. Didn't get out scary you're gonna cry I'll ask this animal has more chromosomal payers then he needs to. Yes I could see where there would be a lot of possible answer I want constantly answers there is most animals they're they're not to different comes on here Stephen got 23. This animal has more chromosomal paerson humans to cut 6312995. Question almost impossible this morning. Good luck. We might finale like. We think the answer is I wrote an animal. I think isn't anthem blue it's you know it's it's not it's not picked you Bob. You are basically right I'm will be used to be a little more specific than just fish. Record. Well that's kind of what your evening for I'd probably give T either way but that's how how did you come up. Would that answer Robert. We'll kind of fishing you do. In fact this is our cylinders. One prior to myself this year. Estimating your I'm a clean air into dishes man small just didn't send him. I think it has I don't know the analysts look is there's an argument from an animal. Yes yeah. Yeah there are different types of things they're they're bacteria is now honest and animals so fish definitely an animal what do you ever. I've just driving you do this you do your efficient river stream. I Oca it would usually fish for when your and rivers streams are. Yeah. Heads though brown Trout to be most specifically has favored plants at Drake has between 38 and 42. Pairs of chromosomes as opposed to humans and up 23. You've finished your way to the answer. Her a great with Syria out of our our corporate belt and there. Thumb somebody is right fire radio you got a branch router Trout or fish we were we're kind of flexible on that part of the answer Bob Brown Trout was the specific games we were looking for. Question almost impossible comeback Monday morning at 710 thanks for playoff. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office. In between low pressure bringing on my case. Mike TC on that he's. The mountain. And so I try to figure out leg of a David fish weren't available would you like I don't understand what people think do you no the other options are do we know it's not a plants we know it's not human and we you know lake so. Really so yeah looking and it. There are five kingdom's there are you carry a pro carry out its which are single celled organisms. And then you've got fund which is motion and many complaints bleach were familiar with girls and so go through that fish obviously falling to one can number I think a lot of people think. Mammals are animals but there's so many other option. So race. Oca announcer. A guy just never knew it never occurred to me that they could be. But an animal yeah and all the sudden I felt like me I was the one who can do different and you and I think that it gets any less brand new and yet I animals are very broad it is it's basically anything named Dan has mobility yes and it's also very good song by Pearl Jam. And a very good song by Def Leppard Eastern Conference own rival stuff. No ballot Friday here on the mountain it turns out that. Standing is the news sitting in. We yes standing as the new sitting acetate quick as you may remember your in the last year to I would say. The result is a hype about standing desks walls his sitting with the new smoking yes exactly Brad that's right city was in new smoking standings in his city. You know you should always stand up to your desk you not see Elvis up a new Australian study found its attending eager to ask. For long periods of time can also cause physical discomfort swelling in the legs and feet can affect your ability to concentrate. Bottom line being both sitting and standing for extended periods of time. Our our bat there and you know not nearly good for you researchers say you got to Europe you're standing desk but you should alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. I remember when those studies sort of coming out. And I'd I. I haven't done this kind of worked for a long time but I. Imagine that people who were in the service industry yeah bartenders waiters with people who spend the 810 hours I don't big yeah like. Yeah. It could look it up standing desk all. Yeah let me know how that goes. It turns out the yes common sense prevails once again too much of any one thing. Generally not good for you don't stands he wants don't sit too much a really takeaways don't go to work. You're not work that seems to be the problem I think you boiled down to the most. Interesting part of this entire solar were working is just that force. Don't bring it it's why I've planned to be independently wealthy in my next life has a plank on not split on this one or been out in the back. If you've ever wondered why there's so much blood in your alcohol systems. Shoe is for you might PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. If you need motivation to get moving maybe you should visit your local. Animal shelter dog shelter and adoptive a puppy your dark a new study found that the average dog owner walks their dog. More than a thousand miles a year. And so you know obviously physicals and physical activity in there that's a good thing. Will also help your social life to the same study found that while out walking their dogs owners will have more than 1000 conversations. With other dog lovers in a year they go on this this story doesn't pointed out. But you'll surprise pick up at least 1000 piles of dog pru. In the course of the year but that's not a bad tradeoff for physical activity in little social interaction. Baseball is Mike's favorite sports can play professional level with food in your mouth Mike Casey mornings on that. Doctors in Nam Quebec or Quebec if you prefer who were recently awarded that's in Canada by the way. Our recently awarded a pay raise thanks to a newly approved medical budget passed by the provincial government instead of celebrating the raises. The the doctors in Quebec turned it down to turn the rays down a group of 250 physician's signed a letter to the government. Asking that their reason is being given instead to overworked nurses. And other support staff the letter reads we could beg doctors who believe in the strong public system. Oppose the recent salary increases negotiated by our medical federations. We are asking that the salary increases grain and do decisions be canceled and that the resources of the system be better distributed. For the good of the health care workers and to provide health services worthy to the people. Of go back to the doctors are on average there earn about 400000 dollars a year the health ministry says he will redistribute the money. That the doctors aren't leaving on the table of voluntary redistribution of wealth that is the least. American idea I've ever heard of course there. About American or Canadian it's totally different thing. His conscience is clear which is probably due to his bad memory and too many. Tequila shots. Mike Casey morning's point 995. The mountain. Really thought of file John much as the brawl you know like it's Saturday night kind of punch up kind of guys never struck me as proceeded right to their experience up there so. On Saturday night's alright for fighting no ballot Friday here on 995 the militant with Elton John on nom Sunday no it's probably somewhere around. 50% of people are really looking forward to it and probably somewhere around 50% of people at the Academy Awards could care less. Ninetieth. The ninetieth one coming up so they Jimmy Kimmel so Jimmy can eat most things. A year RL people are really hoping that the whole envelope fiasco doesn't happen again despite stated it was really his fault and he handled bailout. Yes and it's just shoot that ended some holes you knew exactly what I was gonna say their warned he can feed dunaway are being given another chance no doubt. That's been involved. And another chance did you like this is that train wreck we're watching it happen in slow sluggish and you kinda does apparently an apparently there doing the best picture it's not like some repeating gore leg they're gonna have a shot out of the big Kahuna. Home he soon I'll you know I can't. And I wasn't really their fault either. Wasn't their fault and I I will not throw a stone walling in my glass house because I'm mess things up every day in everyday I get another chance to do it and sell should extend this is. She obvious Earl Warren and failed Sunday I'm sure Mike Mike my thinking on that is they're gonna trying reference it with some really sort of him in didn't. Joke union so it they have probably become Pro Bowl whatever as long as they don't mess up to him look the other thing I saw that that struck me is interesting it's not weird you know the big. So lagged bags you know. So I don't know is it anti come out all the stars get there they've pepper sprayed in the series really yes they the company on the company's called pepper face. That's alive and that's a little weird two types of pepper spray to personal body alarms and a kit to test whether a drink is doing drugs. I think those are all. Buried well. Yeah those are all very valuable and important they are so far but to meet you will make ten exactly I'm not sure it's really it's wag bag thing though is it like a fruit basket to. CI pepper sprayed fruit basket wow there's gone out yeah the van again again the company's Culpepper phase I guess the the whole deal is you know you're hoping that. Some high profile celebrity will ship that tactic because I don't know I don't know but embraces your product in becomes a I mean all the stuff that in the in this wag bag that's why it's there. How does celebrity didn't like every time my soccer tries to me I used pepper face are your stupid. Sure kind of put some kind of steer I don't know maybe it becoming investors something I don't know. This is your thing anyway it'll Academy Awards I don't know about it I don't know why I'm. Just try to seem like I'm open to the idea. Of the Academy Awards when really cute and careless that's what try to reach. Seemed settled and I did until you should just stomped on unions my fault. Might Casey's final thought. And so one of the bomb Florida today he residence at Eden RV resort. I love the name defense. Like the garden of Eden eve know Harvey resorts and city retreat. That is a clothing optional community in Florida as you might imagine most people that are choose. Not to Wear clothing that's why they lived there there is a mail carrier postal carrier. Who's a substitute filling in for the regular postal carrier refuses to deliver mail to the new artists. Bob the post office has inform the residents of the mail carrier doesn't is not legally obligated to make the deliveries. It's nudity offends her which apparently he does. I'll regular mail deposited into boxes of the front gated community. But packages. Have to be dropped off at front doors afraid the carrier to this point has been marking the packages on deliverable. Duty nudity. And bringing them back to the post office. First off is this this is originally come from Florida right. Wouldn't it that it's it's value picks are fla this sort of thing be eaten RV resort and city retrieve. Clothing optional hook but first my second thought is. New slogan. For the US Postal Service. We don't deliver your package. Until you cover up your. No charge that he's at his desk when no one's paying attention to and it's 5050 semi opens in my. Mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountain.