All Hail Queen Matilda

Friday, September 8th

Mike and Allie weigh in on a girl's royal discovery.


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Alley Hardwicke Mike Casey you it sounds like you're not blow truly rough rough but it sounds like your commute was a little. Like the little. Little flustered when you came in and until I ate very rarely let things that I am not in control of route in 98. Because they just don't bother me aren't you agree with Brian this is one of those mornings married by no means is ruining my day it's just kind of like is this to join need to prepare for the next. Because when I was driving here every over a really big piece of man on clay and it was on the Bellevue. And I did notice it and sell the last second and mine and I kind there was nothing I don't. Fairly fast if you just aren't really dread this moment in the morning and is there for hours. So I'll delete by now it's clear the way up at the time that I. That's how I ran over it. EU at that point where the only thing he can do is try and strong and hope for the past. And as I heard it sunk under my car is like and it's jeez that's a pile locked out of today. Nothing rattled snapping in the car sounded unique on an excuse or anything like that now like it's going to be OK I just really wishing and ran over that time peace and and a and as I watched and I treatments out copy this morning which is great sounding I might seem it's acts. Dwayne are two hours work and the wave of we Indian air gets like a weird wind tunnel he does every Allen and it'll sound a hurricane outside of our studio because the wind pressures. Haven't in the lobby sometimes and our doors are a lot to you need key card again and sometimes when you slightly cart. The doors just. Burst open because they've been containing this wing pressure for cell migration is that the wind and app and as I'm carrying like lunch I'll cry and I cost me and so I quickly like ran inside was trying to pull the doors close as they're staying out an animal that's coming out. As I am trying to slam historically coffee tumbling off. And everywhere I thought I cottage in time almost non Skelton picked up that the come off just to salute the content you out of your way to get a unity notably teachers I had a bomber I mean I'm more concerned right now that there's a lot to all of the answers and nobody here this early in the morning. So I've that'll yelled at the personal costs subjective and it's gonna stain and I don't I don't want people yet mad about that science can't find on the upside you're not you're not wearing the cough I know who he described it sounded like you could have been elected so coveted off pretty fortunate sure an overt cement album my car seems in the drug copy batons and widgets you look at the bright and two days ago. Or Mike feces coming up an appeal by Knight he's like five the mountain. Just. Was earlier this week I'm sorry dinner last week. While on holy day in our core wall. A young girl named Matilda Jones I'll let you nickname is degraded aster data she could go for a swim apparently is very hot in England so recently. And there are a lot of that doesn't make sense what being really hot in Cornwall well. Perpetrator of the clips from the far I thought so too but apparently it's been hot she had this little girl last ago for the last like 65 it's probably going to be seven she asked to go first swim. And she did she ended up swimming in it in a natural body of water your water called those Marie pool and before she went in her death city pages show you know. The lead from the legend standpoint this is where king Arthur shored Excalibur supposedly. Was laid to rest so maybe like tournaments later this little girl Matilda weeds in the delay can comes back through vents as if I found a sword. It and we can find a sorority filming a piece of fencing or something to know actually I think I've found his sword and she did. Says she's the king of England I believe she's now the king of England liberal sport I think so yes as and as we know historically in from the world the Monty Python breeds this is exactly how the rules work. Right. I'm back in the pew Internet human beings say much held aloft Excalibur from the public the wartime. Signifying by divine Providence that I. Want to carry ecstatic about. That's he's lovely old king. This and strange when did I didn't potent distributed sort of the budget system the government to keep executive top in broad smile man it is not a job. Obstacle requested Sharon. Yeah CD's so that's exactly. Well apparently the the other characters disagreed with that applied gel like people are good about downton Matilda McCain I wish they why I was there would soon apparently the sort itself for her dad said it's it's clearly was approximately twenty or thirty years old you tell me do. Movie senators. Let's ever forget it. Could have been from game to throw that in any event I think we should at least Sega today in honor of queen Matilda. Now that being Englander. Its oldest she's the supreme ruler think yes because that. As pointed out that's how. Well power to you because before she actually comes is as you now. Arthur pulled the sword from the stone is a Childs yes it was a long time and tail he had to rule England or Britain at the time and know that she's. Exactly like this is this is the art. Erie in legend happening. For its cell in many she's going to lead a group of and women say now I take it can hot anger. You just you take every opportunity to region through a hole. Christian knights of the roundtable will be exclusively team now can. While Google is glory days you know Albright Agence congratulations. Until Jones. Just trashed in the wilderness Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's gonna be Mike Casey in the morning on ninety. I'm starting today. The bands he's topic has dedicated to proceeds from the iTunes sales of their song LaGrange. A is the live version from Greece it's around the world. The proceeds from sales of that will go to the Salvation Army to help area residents rebuild their lives. In and around Houston they will also is easy toppled perform in. Sugar Land which is a suburb of Houston. On Sunday inducing fundraising there so they've. It is it's it's nice to see it's a bit devastating event and I think obviously as were. We're all kind of looking to see what happens with with thermal with the next events. That said. He is it has been gratifying to see so many different people from so many different walks of life when you talk about musicians there athletes like JJ watt. Or just you know the rocky fame we here in no Colorado and if it is nice to see the outpouring of support from many different. Many different places and from many different people it does not remove the devastation in the the tragedy. Of the event but there's I guess of the silver lining in the cloud is what I'm trying to set in and not very elegant fashion. And I've stressed that a film where I lost my trip but there but I assured it. He print plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone waving to someone else behind him. It's my GC. And Eddie guy finds a mountain fear. Well it first off I gotta say this is a lot he is is a lot more manageable when you hear. That when your no. And I think it's a fascinating this week also shows. I think we've had some questions that were on the use your side and some that were once more difficult sudden there's a lot more variability. Like last week when you weren't here just abuses like papers followed this thread has your neighbors tell underestimated I took part he'd probably show. Is it easier questions. I didn't think so I didn't intentionally putting down black ice figure anyone wanna ideal that so much. You're out yeah you resisted pretty religious subconscious can. It any delegates seated tickets sounds do you Texas State. Tomorrow at Folsom. Only 6%. Of Americans say that they have deaths. Pretty dry but only Israel is yet only 6% of Americans say that they happiness. In them. Gatherings something they would want to have. I yeah yeah I believe it instantly to something everyone would want to have been only 6% of Americans actually occurred 6312995. Good looks. If my finale like. Our question this morning we're still looking for an answer only 6% of Americans say that they have this what are we talking about are appropriate credit card debt I think like. 94. I. Yeah I used 10. Wait you're saying do you urge you not have record right that they did not have a credit. I'm guessing that would be closer to sugar steal not the answer we're looking for the okay are you had a YouTube warning which against request you almost impossible. It could pay and retirement. How people don't think Americans are very responsible fiscally well jetBlue and there's probably a lot of evidence to support to that I would think. All that's not the answer are looking for I'd bet it's actually more than 6% of Americans still are retirement fund up. Yeah. I would think it the other way. Yeah only 6% half happened I gotcha I. Okay well it's a great guest is now we're looking for but I hope viewing your retirement fund have agreed today that or is it. Hialeah a little clue you've probably eighty don't have this already you've probably never gonna get next Andy could make the argument that Mike and I both happiness. Only 6% of people they don't what do you think. Give us the golf six and 9995. He stays so global generally by not being good in most things Mike DC in 1995. Mountain are we talking about. It. I bet I guess that's not the answer we're looking for I'm betting it's that's probably still higher than 6%. But not alive. That's not a good guess where we applaud your guests. Department have argued that morning which asked for questionable to possible Eric Green job. And get it based on alleys clue or truth gets all images as long as we're talking about that you and I I actually. Ones would be Bruce Springsteen but also with a good enough arm to play quarterback for the Steelers at the same time. Really. The dream dream job but this is okay you. Have when you're sleep. A what sticks. Pretty well done what's your name. Ronald L congratulations kill you to end your clue was huge who was very good. In house people. Yes someone over what may be other people to deal just got through person she wants its SEC you against Texas State tomorrow. We will do question almost impossible again on Monday we do weekdays just after seven. Here on the mountain you're saying then that I axis of there was no chance of me. Being Bruce Springsteen and perhaps. Yeah I think that's like hearing your fantasy and dream job is something that you think how I usually like to do best yes. And yet there I mean I hope you're still Matt. Planning on doing that's note on the ship may have sent yeah I think that should fairly well since someone's already Bruce Springsteen. Why Mitt yeah elect the next coming of OK your it was ridiculous on many different to how old is he still adorable what can you do. It's like the old saying because if you ain't broke. Mike Casey hasn't borrowed it yet. Mike Casey morning's fine 1995. The mountain it was. Fifty from the mouth through 51 years ago today September 8 1966. That this. Happen for the very first. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Is find your nation and explore strange. And you civilization. They go away no. As long before. You know 1966. September 8 Star Trek made its debut on NBC as soon trick he's known to show him. Last very long its original run the last episode aired. June 3 1969. So just a million little under three years but obviously. In need 51 years since it's become. It's it's started more than a cult following. Became fans then so congratulations to love Star Trek folks for their they're auspicious debut 51 years ago today. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth Mike Casey mornings on nagging and. Friends at Coca-Cola. Have announced the sweetener challenge competition for researchers and scientists. To come up with a natural. No or low calorie substitute for sugar. Or its beverages the the winner of the competition will be announced in October. Not this coming up next year October 2018. And will receive one million dollar cash the companies also conducting. A 100000. Sweet story challenge. To learn from contestants. The quote tried and true methods of naturally sweetened foods or beverages in their cultures communities. Were families. OK major room Altria I guess you'd call an outreach from Coca-Cola. An interesting take to the ongoing challenge of sugar particularly as it applies to added sugar in soda and what that means for. Health and teeth and everything else. Probably not a bad approach from we will see if they get the answer there looking for one million dollars. For that don't know we're low calorie substitute and 100000 dollars for the sweet storage. It's like there's a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns left. Mornings when Michael JC 1995. The mountains. The one of the big. Media happenings for the weekend at least I gather is the the movie it sees hits theaters tonight ran today yeah. This was did they are is this a remake the Verity due a. Eyes in 1990 that's the ads that most people now with Tim Curry as penny lines coconut Tim Curry is just genius for everything he does is match. And I accidentally saw a few minutes of that movie when I was a child and it stuck with me. From that moment time and has has strong ties to me. And so when I found out they are re dealing yet I immediately thought no no way. And then some of the trailers that I've seen it kind of looks like stranger things which I love you love that chip yeah but we just question trailer. And hygiene. I you know what so I I never saw the originals in the theaters early Hollywood TV isn't made for TV movie okay. I don't ever remember seeing the original one. I did I very very sporadic we read a couple things from Stephen King I'm not only slows obsessive Steven king readers. The trailer that we just watched. Looks to me like. Kinda like my memory of every Stephen King movie I've ever seen which is leg his small town in New England didn't yeah. Some children start doing scary things and it's and I don't I don't watch stranger things so I don't know what do we do you do. But it seemed like oh this is a thing that's been done a hundred million times like there wasn't anything about it that was particularly compelling to me. I'm not a big horror movie fan either so it didn't it honestly didn't even hit my radar until just kept popping applicant's social media physical Carol that's a big deal you're gonna see his movie. Kind of everywhere and I hate hate or mail films I really don't like being scared. Like thrillers like suspenseful things but when you get into it just. Attacking an horror and go staff I couldn't do anything for the only the few things that are pushing me towards may be honest and is. That'd Steven king because he does rights such a good story yet. I am horror or not some of the well loved stories that we would most most of us with side is something that we think is really great Stephen King are you just is incredible story Shawshank redemption degree agree I'll stand by embodying yeah. Just amazing things come from him and so. If they stick close to his original story too because I don't think I wanted to be like anything in the ninety's because it scared me so my if you were four of them. Yeah because I know little I don't remember it from when I was a four year old I remember from my mid teens Bogut I am still pretty yeah I was still not made teens I had the easier nine. When I had this memory of seeing it was awful it was traumatize and I am so maybe I should see it just to get over that ninety you'll like this stranger things kind of vibe that I was getting from especially considering that the person who played Mike in stranger things is also in English units right. But I also feel like it's gonna be. What if we made stranger things scary and the great thing about stranger things is that it was this group of kids the U related CO eight. It just had so much heart to and I don't know that. They'll pull that off the glass in the same I honestly I don't know what that would my takeaways from what you just said I don't know if that means you're gonna see it or not see it. I don't know what it means I I you're you're going along my decision making process with. It's confusing I don't wanna give him his job back and forth a lot. Of bright and can you guess scared troubling I don't wanna do just as scary as trust me he cared. Look for that futures sometimes and our league's decision making process. And if I can make money can tell if that nobody looked scared it well or find. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office time in between low pressure bringing on Mike. Casey Mike PC on an idea. The mountain people all of us that it's in broad strokes I generally think that narrow human faces. Or more attractive than why human faces you know that's something we've we've probably known and talked about before. But scientists want to figure out if his preference extended. Two things in products as opposed to just faces and what they discovered is that people actually. Flip flop here in a lot of different ways while they don't while we don't necessarily. Like wider faces or find them more attractive we'd do like. Wider stuff like like exotic probably think about a Lamborghini. You know or some of some of the sports cars that are out there that looks so cool to us and so sexy and so fast there they're actually deal wider than. Your average car in wider base in the handling and all that stuff so they're takeaways studies that Kansas university they're take away news. Niro faces. And wider things that's kind if you boiled down all of humankind in all the years and years and years and years of evolution. That's kind of what drives us narrower faces and wider things. If you lived inside concrete mixer then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head. Mornings with Mike TC by 1995. The mountain.