All Up to Fate

Monday, July 9th


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I don't really I don't know there the rest of The Beatles really followed him there in this sense that you conceal over the course of the other relatively short career you know when they were together you conceived of political evolution. Of John Lennon right you can see that becoming more and more part of his personal life and more and more part of his public life are more part of his music. And dom place that I don't know little the other Beatles necessarily fault him in that direction but clear every hear that area obviously that's John went and sought. Are great once he revolution from The Beatles on 995 the militant. On Monday morning like Casey Alley heart Wiki was another billion degree weekends yes it blew across so on the front range which I'm sure you've probably loved more than me that's how I hate it is just you know man it's too. It was really hot as really it was really hot and I will say on Saturday we spent a decent man and I aim outside and it's it it got to be a little unbearable. Yet that's when you was a thing you went to the low I would as a pro V low high bizarre and you festival when he had walked to bio last year because we are on our way to do something else. And shall we thought that was really cool so when we heard about it this year we remembered only and we want violence in which equivalents house and we went down with friends of ours and marik. Eight month old daughter who was not lining the heat's fugitive I at least she's been fairly miserable and he and I don't blame her. I'm but it is basically just a game it's like walking from shady spot dishes yeah. In his area it was yet saying which is in jewelry so I got a necklace that I love so much that has a tiny little secret on its current been named John and some. Yeah pretty cool stimulate the local economy yes that's that's when I'm here detail Wheldon. Off I saw. I didn't see the whole thing and stay for the whole thing but John cashed out which is it Johnny Cash tributes big bird's eye gesture be analysts they played its own bluebird. On none Saturday bluebird and Colfax on Saturday which was really cool in the I'm a big Johnny Cash ensuing time you get. Anybody who's faithfully recreating. He sounds in his style and disarm is just pretty cool. Fanatical enough to stay it'll blind. I'll say yes a long story guys got a little bit late but jobs. But I was very I've got a good surgery and also I didn't come away and Nicklaus are seeing which but I know you did. I did my part to simulate that you come only from almost everything was sandwiches since he's from our shall we sandwich is somehow there's Ella. It's funny that you mention that because coming up you know it in next here on the mountain actually on the song. And it's about practicing witches all I guess stable full roll that out for everybody on Monday morning. The billion degree heat wave continues 97 for a high today. 98 tomorrow 95 on Wednesday Al we concede this point is. Thank god we're not California because it's literally like a 130 degrees that are so by comparison look at pretty girl. It was a political science major chemical that's taken us Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. Dave Grohl and dom fu fighters I mean think about this the other statistical odds of being like in one super huge bands like Nirvana for example and then being in another I mean the odds have to be. Just astronomical any Lou obviously he did it. Yeah beat the odds Dave Grohl Foo Fighters ever along on our 995 announce on Monday morning so I got I got up this morning. And I was front and a little bit late which normally just makes me sort of run out the door put this morning. Before I left. I made some some breakfast sandwiches hot right which are fellow -- in this -- little chef the united and I brought on in free for you infer friend Rick Down the hall and for me. And as I was standing there kind of cooking the breakfast sandwiches I started seeing a little song to myself. One down as 1 does at 4 o'clock in morning when one is making breakfast sandwiches and I thoughts. Breakfast sandwich is gives so much and ask so little in return. They just asked to be this disaster be that's all they're really looking for that I thought perhaps I would I would share with you mind song about on breakfast was screwed in oh direct descent which it ensures she pretty shorten painless but John I think you'll recognize the where the music came from our. Pretty. I. It's very. Single and very very happy. Breakfast. Sandwich. Brands its decision to reach them yeah. That should be doomed mud Monday and made sure. My play and might seem. How do you can get a good d.s dad. This season we'd children whose student to match. Yeah hand me the man there's so did you lose a show us. Or do you really not new tree is sure. True. True. Tried to me. Yeah. And try. Two. Try and you lose the home page. This concludes June breakfast. Sandwich. Brands news saying language. I look terrible when wares shop and dame shirt. I believe and show me. But I can't even mention. My kid to wish our I can't do wish this on Hong. Maybe. I'm being you know. Home like all good or 4 o'clock in the morning it's pretty get an I'm impressed I didn't do much before for this morning Neal I mean breakfast I mean breakfast sandwiches and wrote a song about. I'm on. I always enjoy when you're at times and when you do voice I think that's an I think you really didn't show on Q when you do own song I expect it. A big producers did for Procter and include. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. Three things you need to know how hard work while president trump. Supposed to announce his choice for the Supreme Court tonight he announced last week that he'd be making his decision today does creating some sort of reality TV drama suspense is in no announcement that's what you're familiar with that's how things are gonna go out. This is replacing justice Anthony Kennedy he announced back in June that he was going to retire. Cell camp he's apparently got a list of possible nominees that includes war federal appeals court judges they kind of range from. Very socially conservative TU moderately socially conservative. In the timing of this is interesting answered with with Senator John McCain and his health issues union that never quite sure you know when he may or may not be available. There are couple of GOP votes that their not a 100% guaranteed in support in each the regionally blues one or two yes. And son in order to go to have the nomination answered he does need to be approved by the senate whoever. President trump decides to nominate. But it definitely could change the affiliations of the Supreme Court because each justice has their own personal leanings. That they act on based on what they believe is right and moral sell. Side if they could potentially change how legislation's Kyle. For a lifetime boy yeah bananas and and we'll be living the life time ramifications of that. On the cell in Thailand. They're starting to get rescues underway over the weekend for boys were rescued there are reports that or more have been rescued today they're twelve. Boys stuck in this cave in Thailand along with their soccer couched. Began we think it as many as eight could be out as of right now an ex Denver company. Has. Don 3-D map 58 cents in any irony in locating yeah aunts and perform his rescues which is really cool company is out and Matt have analogies. So that's neat the F 88 of them. Rescued and then three tell our Iraqi players are gonna be in this year's Major League all stars game Trevor story Nolan they are not Charlie Black man if you are asked to name three Rockies players those to be only three I can name so this doesn't overall surprise. Yet there's certain there's sort of the big names on the club is it's you know it's it's nice. It's difficult. So much of it is eastern by fan voting obviously and so you're a B. If you're a huge market if you're in new Yorker and LA. Also Ari sinister. Historic baseball towns then you know which is difficult suit if you're in Denver for you know you're not on TV is much not as many people know you are relatively new team relatively new team so it's it's bit a little bit of an uphill push to get. Rockies representation in the All Star Games historically so it's kind of nice to see that. But the you know I mean Nolan Hernan deserves to be their hands down like the fact that anybody else would even be close is probably debatable. But it's great it's it's good to see. It's going to be starting yet he's had a three of them he'll be starting so that's really exciting well deserved indeed. That's what you need to offer today. Just like the old saying goes if you ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed against Mike Casey morning's fine 1995. The mountain. Our according to a study by Fidelity Investments more than half of couples. Bring debts in choose their marriage 40% of those who did says that a negative impact on relationship in relates. And 49%. Said problems arose when determining who should pay off. The debts. This is such a sticky. I don't mean just the debt finger really anything involving finances and and in relationships but this in particular. And it's been a little while now but I I know. I wanna say have at least somewhere between three and five friends moon. That discovered. There was more debt than was. If there was secret jets there was on mention debt at that ruled that ended their marriages really GAAP. Bleeping give up big enough five semi humid let's say three out of three people at that happened to wither like oh I thought I was I had some financial issues oh by the way. Lakers have 50000 dollars in credit card debtor well. Which at that point I think it might be less about the death of the dishonesty. Or maybe it's equal parts of both. I do now and yeah I mean if I feel like if you knew that going into red. It wouldn't necessarily change your feelings about the person religious better prepare you for what you're getting sale. Yeah because your I mean. They do your. Tied down to that view even though was furious and you can reap any of the benefits of the fifty grand or whatever was been known half lives basically half the jurors through marriage. Well if you combine your staff not everyone does that anymore. But I still think legally though in that case how do you mentally you like if that person can exit and the other person is gonna often take over there to true. True. Yeah you're right and people don't always combined everything anymore and now it's not as common to just on medically combined banks. Yes good bill little piece of advice there though if you're at play you may want at least be upfront about that. Yeah I I imagine them like asking someone else to pay enough playing time now that we're married we guess you have to they are like. Whoever created the debt should pay off. That's a very Yeltsin and view but I can I didn't tell gives you know I don't know enough now. Now it's you're I don't know right there's all marriage that exactly. You some words oh words of wisdom there from their friends and Fidelity Investments. Question almost impossible and 995. Yes we give you a question you give us the answer we give you stuff that's the short version stuff today tickets to succulent green. At red rocks on a Wednesday July 25 no use in search engines you that he should bring here. He wanted to promised in the last thirty days to someone else to answer the question is. Doing things on a first date to one making it in the last stage for more than 70% of us. We should be really easy for me you know from whatever it is and when I came in here even I didn't eat some political. That's not a that's not an answer though no it's not been doing this on the first stage we're making a last days. For more than 70% of us okay 6312995. Good luck. We might finale like. Doing is our first date will make it a last day for more than 70% of us reaching we're talking about. How about littering. Your. I don't recorder with an American per Monday morning yeah. And we're here. At burger there. Are out or a B or are. Would be born parts says he's. If anybody if their. Yeah well I'd I'd put the group together. All right littering all eyes are right way to go you got tickets to see killer queen which again. All enjoy the show will be questionable to possible again tomorrow morning just after 710. Year old habit. Stay so global generally by not being good in most things might DC and 89 by the mountain. A new survey found that. 73%. Of respondents believe that their future. Is guided by fate or destiny. Toasting a pretty significant number of a percentage of people believe that yes fate and destiny. Are real things 22% of those people have made a big life decision based on our coin toss or a psychic greeting or message in a fortune cookie. I feel like we're gonna come from very different perspectives on this as an idea I don't think. You don't believe it ain't eating even remotely like now I don't I don't really sign. I think and basically life is just a series of other events and things that happen and it's it's all about how you react to it not about. What supposed to have been our house something was predestined. For you to live out in some sort of pre written story. You know less unpredictable and that inning and hearing control on how you react to it. Well jewelry subject I actually I all the however you view the individual and not saying that while there's nothing you can do it's been determined look at bringing in the star. I don't necessarily think I mean sure you could interpret it like that in and I would agree with you that's a little extreme because then you've just sit there in front porch and wait for something to happen. Yeah BP do you take it to that extreme you that there isn't any point or points in your life. When you look at spell you when you look back on thing they all wolf if I did done this instead of this then this would now. Yes the then something else might have because let's just a series of choices and decisions all of which react to one another and impacts the way that we move and thanked going forward. So there is no there is still fate there is no destiny nothing like that any night in my personal philosophy now. Well if you're. Are not on missile and might is all like oh yes everything happens for a reason and. I believe that tell only I mean you don't always know I don't think we always know what the reasons or anything like that open fingers I think there's more of I think there's more at work and we understand it because we can't get our. The little signed C parts of our brains around it therefore it doesn't it's not true right. I'll see now on ice CNN's like there's so much science and reason and logic here it's just hard and painful to get so we've rejecting go for pre destiny. The girl who loves musicals and he's he moved there might density a huge joke yes exactly Michael. If you re a mean to read anything else. That's cash and that is when he thought he was wrong Mike Casey in the morning on 1995 the mountain. You're always amazes me the essential role of building blocks of block of that song is is that the baseline during the and a measly 1011. Notes in that baseline I bet of buying handed you bass guitar. You could you could figure it out like you know when you don't play bass guitar and you know I don't. A weekly flu put. So you can do that. It's pretty simple in its essence put the heavy lifting is like what do you do what you do once you have the eleven no baseline while few turning into that and many have Freddie are yeah yeah yeah he's eight dad's old everything. Another invites those queen on 995. Denounce and research from career builder dot com Mikey particularly useful for you. If you have a kids are receiving grandkids may be headed off to college. In the near future a rundown of the college majors that are most in demand that companies looking to hire. Recent graduates this year I would say no big surprises here. On the top ten business engineering. Computer information sciences engineering technology communication technology. Health professions math and statistics. Science technology public administration. In mechanic and repair technologies as you might notice there's a whole lot of math and science. Yeah I didn't see analyst English now the analysts English they didn't list political science how many impression that was a very in demand major bank to if you were well age now I just thought it would be fun soaked but joking aside this is something that I think you know because it is the boys are going off to college this year in the in the in my girls will be pretty soon. I I tend to shy away from the study is because there always look in Serb people the do what X job thing because I I feel like. If you're not. Inclined toward Datsyuk and maybe you're not particularly good attitude and it's not something you care about. The even if you have a job you're gonna hate it seemed to me mr. going to be miserable ass I think that's a very important perspective to cap and it's funny is when Greg and I talk about this very hypothetically. He's like. While we have grandkids I want I'm going to like pharmacy engineering Mike did you philosophy. Be a mom may. History a feminist literary staring. It when you guys do makes their heart hockey had that discussion was it while you can while it still actor Larry Hughes Ari and Mary yeah I. A lot of I think a lot of couples a lot of people parents find themselves in that situation. I guess I was lucky that my parents always I mean I've said hey I've you might I think you might be good at this kind of thing but they always said in a figure out what you love to do and and do it didn't do it while the rest he's been on offense for such a long time I have I have fortunately was neither straight nor destiny which brought me here. Mike Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain. Our companies develop the new gadget did for this sounds pretty exciting the bruised both coffee and be year. Knowledge to separate thing but won't get note while. I suppose it could do that but I think generally people. Take one or Indiana yes but it's the same machine does them both album there's no like half and half likable guy contains no black being black coffee. Slowdown there some sort of this couple of Peco you its being advertised as the world's first universal brewing machine. Yeah Abbott came at brew the coffee with the beer at the same time Suze Hardwicke. I could supposedly crank get your first cup of coffee in the morning. And then create pints of fresh craft beer at the end of the day you just have to load of Pico packets at their called add water press a button. In either Bure is Bure Bruener coffees for a I know you're eternally disappointed. That they can't do both exams I am. I'm very disappointed because blacks and tea. That was unique east but this is exciting because to me itself is they you could either choose to have your coffee I east because of its making beer it's got to be able to do it Coles. On Horry could have hot beer which why would you want that I don't know maybe it's good to have you ever tried. I haven't but may be it's good. It seems like you wouldn't it seems to be opposite agreement but maybe ED EX. We don't know because we've never tried it like what if pot theory is that. Bitten somebody's trying to be dream. Like over the last I heard thousands to be something about hot beer maybe I'm on to the next cool hipster cocktail. Yeah I think cost millions of Susie. Thanks school exit got a huge rather hot beer and you let me know how it is on his stick with the cold beer a color are you called him predictable Carville buddy that he that sort of do it. Just trashed in the wilderness Mike's biggest concern would be how much is airport parking bill's going to be Mike Casey in the morning.