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Tuesday, December 5th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Bands Named After Places Around the World!! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Got my charge and how frank gasoline since then today. We'll geography ten bands named after places around the world are on the way too little doesn't spend. Our question what's been missing you've seen happen to somebody else 844999. Cola. Say I have an old student nick hello nick welcome to the men's room. Oh. Chaos. Little. In the navy and I have received story or two but they played some authority summary. Now. The summary I did it seem like the area on top is that they. And when December income this circus the out of that Reagan wanted to bring up budget equipment up to the sale. Get it up there if that Blatter that goes about thirty feet straight up. At a lot of heavy here. And we we're working to bridge. Bring all this stuff but then. About as recorded the way through also the only area. And eight. Yelled out which is enough time to look over excellent lot this child could steal about one foot by one foot at a late about. At twelve pounds. If all that thirty feet and hit someone too quickly in the clutch. All I need cool cool cool cool. An issue at this point. And Peter white shoe. Turned from white. To red. How long it landed basically all their big totals. And it quoted at home. Yeah I guess he got all the sob I. Wouldn't they got a lot of so bend. It's so it gone so they kind of loaded up. It doubling time even unsealed this time and you know you know you have however long you have to be out there do you think to yourself man. I was shows the guy the losses big toe just like me the hell off here for a few days. The few days and actually visited San Diego. England back onboard the boat after like four days and you're pulling it anyways. You're pulling. I thought they need. Actually he had to spend four days you know. Everyone else got to go out you know you have such feeling ill at this thing so. How often do you pop up like got a mission has just been a long it is and would supplies aren't all that stuff against. I depend on the yet but does that ring. The other summary there appear Washington and they got the seat for three months later haven't circle and come back. And Terrance and friends are noted that the door and ocean donuts that's in tone yes. Or no this knowledge portal hole where you can see out or anything like that Himalayan my skills and time nothing. Oh no let's oxy Allen demand down windows a must have recommended that way when I have some extra time I can look out the window take on the basis. I don't think I'm one look then they begin living and acquired for three months on the season fish. I would not want to look at them wanna I don't know I just feel like you know it's one thing like I was in Hawaii years ago and look I'm out. Being deep water Fam and there was one of these like little towards submarines. They should now 316. Feet ten hours. OK would that I mean I was not big step did you see the fishes. Oh do grouper were there are totally bottom but that's under sixty feet aft end and the thing is you can. Sunlight still senator not a ton of it but like you could still look out about turned on the sub light. And understand. What was around any time I see footage of submarine. I'm an old what they do Bud Selig they find beat darkest black of water that is available on the planet earth and and all I can think is. I would never wanna look animal went on the sub agency would I'm seeing like these documentaries is are you saying another look gramley we are selling out there is really big lives a wave of the need to see. I think we have a difference of opinion of what it might be okay have been without a giant crab is a lack of correcting crap that's a huge ass crack could be a giant crap it could be a diagram you're the only thing I crash they could be I don't think it is why not I Bobby don't. They eat everything they are delivered the bomb on the ocean ran to survive everything that comes their way and horseshoe crabs been around is beginning to the united. So I'm just say and you can get that Jack I think there's like 400 year old crackdown is hang out in gunman opened it about six social giant just of the gold price area. Jack we're talking about. A crab leg besides if you. Just a big gas Brando. Human sides crab crab legs may be that way. Yet I can see when had been there a way grab a good look they're never gonna wash up onshore so too far down by the time they you know get to shore that deep the water that going to be. Eaton picked apart fall apart everything else seems to me I wouldn't wanna see that because you look at your sub window right and then you see let me go morals to good uses. There's a giant crab. The bad news is affordably for the giant crab plate we shouldn't be here man cleaning. I don't want to be in wherever that thing is also Brett. Yeah like I agree with miles or could be giant crap but I also agree with real I don't wanna look up the windows that I well water I don't want to be where it is if I'm in its natural habitat I. Now that's all telling a polar bear I don't wanna be were polar bears much of boulders at zoom. I'm OK with that they're coming down this way the Dallas room I would today and the thing that you've seen happen to someone else a 44999. Mullah Omar and then welcome. And yes. Yeah. Rose Garden Clinton and Edwards here how can anybody. Who's probably back in my army days. And Putin right we're in one day. And I'm very specifically those on where we had to aim our arrivals. At all times. So it's a little or no wind. Turn your radio down. I. Went bang around whenever they tell your guns yeah. It had a brush after every mile that you just smack in things are ram like tournament has gone out of the hospital is the. That matter. And so yeah we don't do the army. We're all practice and I don't like we're enjoying their new got them. Acts on seven specific rules. Those who look up at the end of our session. We're going up to impose our union locals couldn't get patted down making sure we didn't have any live ammunition on a screen back there so electric stuff. So this one you can't let me remember his name. She's. She's a bright part of the first sergeant here's something behind. The curtains around the look and see what it was and in so doing. Up aiming his rightful legged Serbs are snakes who. I'm and so ends. Probably be court gets single movement I have ever seen in my life first sergeant grab your kids right pull out of his canceling that Barack takes a blood of the rifles where Lewis case. Not all its front he's outlaw want to watch. Jesus Christ. Success. But I think that's a fair thing to do if someone is pointing gun manager and yes absolutely it. It'd knock him out. We see little doubt old certainly are was at these military career Rosie back on after just a few weeks. It was about got a luckily being in the military had told elements it's got a great colonize the. And. Well before that and now look good thank you Remington. Once again as saying the juicy heaven as the one LC 449990. Hello Jared welcome to the men's room. Yeah yeah. Oh god solo first there is that they're gonna let alone to sell as many hours minutes and my and a good listen up. I just out of this kid is now more than doubled tangles in the Alanna airport delay issues. Yes OK we'll just get sucked. I'll come on he's had a dad. The till they used to bail out. If if if you don't then you're outside about how they can lose yeah absolutely deserted look I got a great under his live from Bo jangled the now man oh man I'm really appreciated him. I directions. Went out of the theater had a let's just all basketball hoop in my driveway and my neighbor I had a light night Peter Weir got it all about your local. One time he dumped all I felt like I'm not too. The president skill you got there with a Hank attributes sputtering out but I don't understand what you're saying about that I realized this great super autumn I bet. Off. Yeah. And if you like. You gotta get me down from the net and number I'm like I doubt in my did you doubt commentary spyware I'll let you know what we did that. I guess the wire broke popped out of the bracket and like that back our word test your Moeller went the route that side of this she. Odd yet they really have to be in that thing that I am downing of the merits of this spring loaded gun. How long are you holding himself up there with the braces stuck in the and that. I'm not in an older people like them. Embedded or I would go. I would try Antioch and audio tried cheeks done for just a couple minutes and I mean like you know in his get random peers are given outside your face. I don't think I've ever heard of that before he started. Basketball at my house brought Tibet. Damn man who is on the grade about have an ad that that that adjustable rim though man you could get everyone get Darlington all you did you could you could ruin your risk isn't even on a done correctly the did you learn tall enough and can't jump to don't know how to dunk gave it takes a little time to learn how to do it correctly so you don't really you can mess yourself about seeing. Guys it's galloped on there and I'll tell you had a history of seeing my toys. Dude I mean I don't do lady's under the Rehman you can tell he's gonna get heights. And I always go bald dude man and they would just like you said Davis gets jumped on parameters like this screen the ball kind of falls Oregon and wimpy and are innate. By the time delay and both hands on top of their head and then you have to try not to laugh. Because that's one of those campaigns and makes you want to punch people who rob and our greatest some basketball on my life all right me and Steve are playing basketball to pick up game in Baltimore aren't. I've been talking crap on this guy mr. green is that government is a really good basketball player like this guy is a good that is claims and even mr. dream economists agree is there was more dream yours ordering and did it over she didn't make another young Matty hull Georgia some an eye on checks on our European just busting my bees nonstop right and he's a good group is a good basketball player. I I'm not the right got to defend them play against Samoa are so. I'm still talking trash does have an idea. He comes down the paint our eye and I and I make a mover to excel he's gonna go right or left he's not gonna go right or left. He's gonna jump right over the top and he got so I'll look up and I see basically missed two greens packet to demonstrate in my face a and as I look up to look up like his package graves of my forehead as he spreads his legs and just spoke with a thunderous dunk like don't go wrong. I mean just slams one down Mike and his like this like it feet underneath the basket looks like. God damn mad and Aminu there was relative it was just the worst face you've ever seen in your life like everybody was just hide in their shirts. You know meanwhile violently and Powell are because he always work agreed. I don't I know I only met him once idea and he was like my name's whatever I don't like the recalls mr. green yeah I know what you think you don't tell my head yeah. You like you and I thought I'd rather you'll adults then it's on purpose is Doug don't complete the parents who it is a classic I blame the checks and there are question what's beyond the damn thing you've seen evidence someone else to get your emails on the way for the men's room amends or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Are coming off drug charge and how strikeouts soils and spend ten bands named after places. Round the world that is on the way right after emails in the men's room and men's or live dot job. Paula gentlemen and lob and one day I was off work and decided to dig a mile golf clubs and go to the driving range. To my surprise I wasn't as rusty as I thought I'd be getting pretty decent. However I hit one ball so hard it shank to the rights and cleared the safety nets on the right side of the range. I panicked and yelled for. Apparently was not allow enough for the eighty year old woman I hit to hear it. Thank god it did not hit her head admitted the back of her leg and she dropped like a sack of potatoes. I felt so bad I swear it was an accident she did turn out to be okay sure or got an eighty year old world golf ball. Guys know what's a guy named John drive is Rangel on the side of the hill at the top he decided to turn left which caused the Jeep to then rollover. He turned left the rear passenger on the hillside after rolling over again the pastor then fell out. Something on the passenger side of the utility vehicle John was the only one with a seat belt in stayed in place. So few other guys got to be a great idea to help flip the Jeep on its wheels. Only problem was. The Jeep was not at the bottom of the hill if you guessed that the team continued to roll the west of the rest of the way down they know you would be correct. After all the body damage at the utes still ran fine the Rangers also look for him since he destroyed a state park natural hillside odd dance contest. Guys a guy guy and near where I live in Arkansas won a new Ford F 150 for Marlboro it was the Roush racing version of the truck. And definitely maybe wanna start smoking. It's the fact we had thanks to the jungles and I struck the road and I struck me unbelievable man he was talking to do Freel. And so a lot to get a whole truck well you know that's odds on he manages ass off. Yeah I presume that's impressive but think about all the money contributed into the economy Simon Calcutta got anything you want at seven thanks Dave for a quick Sony's well what do four packs an anchor for accidental career full width eighty cigarettes a day so formal action this man and now he's down to two. All the crazy thing I ever saw happen to someone else was when I was going to a movie with a bunch of work friends this guy was riding around the parking lot and a motorcycle. Showing opera's bodies do and we Elise and stupid crap like that. While we were locking up parole cars and watched him take a wide turn around the end of the rope and he ran straight into a light pole. How much hurt he just wasn't paying attention didn't see it or what the Wii here are really loud crack and then a screen. We run over and noticed that the buy eggs in shambles and am laying on the ground screaming. He tried to get out but the bottom half of his legs stayed on the ground crew while the top pass top about halfway up the slide lifted up. He had broken his femur into the bone was digging out refinance. His friends came over and called an ambulance thankfully this was at a mall so the ambulance got there fast and he was carted off. I wonder if you rides and more of that from Emily idea. Here's reaching into the bed of a dump truck trying to get the remaining third come out while the bed was still took up. For some reason the driver decided to shield the bed by quickly dropping the raising it which calls the tailgate slammed shut on the guy's arm. I was in fifth period of time I'm 48 now. And then he adds I know assault coworker did two fingers cut off on the table salt look like sawdust under certain but it was actually flash. Davis Love god that I'm bad Sturgis. Read our news since the news or at all. That I saw a girl in high school stab a bully their bully listen up. A song girl in high school hasta L bully on the top of dissent with a freshly sharpened number two pencil needless to say he never played down that girl again I've been not it has to happen a lot came out. I've seen many many. Yeah we have time for a few extra emails in the men's room amends in my dot com. Hello my name is crystal. My boyfriend that is turning how old today she doesn't say it anyway tell me a couple months ago he would like a birthday wish anyone steer turtles thanks wedding puke. And and oh look out I can't believe I remembered actually contact you guys I just hope the gets there in time. Thanks guys oh and I'm not sure if it was journal sex or turtle wax whatever that from crystal. So look out guys at my girlfriend lives torn it hard to make any ever faced sandwich in thrilling dead during some dirty German. And Ebert they made that from Jeremy. Stanley. Normally. Lose. Edmonton door slam late sixty's yeah. Boys to get two tickets to the moon chin or Munson house. According miles Steve Ted Mike and Bob and. I've been losing your guys this program for years and finally able to send a note about requesting the birthday shout out and shenanigans to raise my 31 and the only thing I wanna be hit was a classic. Oh look out followed by some dirty German talk from the jet Smith and Steve the scroll hill thank you guys are all that you do. Beer and sausage that yell craft and for being the best source of entertainment out there that's from Ryan go look at it. And I mean that's me in the movie itself but I will make every day your personal deep. We can drive there. All of it is not authorized miles a warhead warheads yeah. Today my brother Brad Bird dig into his in my happy birthday give a Joey chestnut a bong rip and a second up to update thanks guys appreciate it. I. Guys get please get amber deja to my husband Ryan Cummings thank you so much I guess that would be from. Mrs. governments he. Community. Events and didn't learn anything you can. Did it out of him of our guys don't Wear a Nazi labor and I did emerge as just my twin brother Danny he's celebrating his thirtieth year of being inferior. He is miles a brother and I love the guy please give a big old LeRoy. All of during games and aim Melvin tad. Thanks fellas and rock on that from bill. Yeah. Hope closest to this is great save brother Dan Wheldon it then it. And emerge they did did remember and it the United Center about the new products to a come down and then help untangle this Mexican Maloney. It is my man isn't over until I was 3030 today she would love near the birthday song along with internal sections in that they jab and thanks guys and Derek. Johnson I don't want to loosen my room under the new policy of consistent with big passenger who treats. You're trying to make my personal or food from time. Conan is gonna push my husband Adam an unhappy 34 birthday. He has the best husband and father while still being a bad ass he loves you guys as a see every day on the way home from work you guys have saved many lives from road rage. Could you play they only raw joy and gains and given them dirty German doc thanks guys from his wife big red and. Yeah. Younger I don't normally they'd shows most wanted to move Mike bishop. Yeah I absolutely can polish. Hello Bob Rotella take my girlfriend's birthday at 39 years I'm living in that take concho Michigan. And turned around the men's room and now she was due out fly to see you guys for a men's room event all right please give her your penis is too small. With Steve shooting some gets in between love you guys and thanks for keeping me connected that from the lovely Jerry. It's always my Gaza and L rec happy bird day hit a what your penis is due small then I'm Shannon Sharpe and Ozzie Ted talk about a small penis please. Yeah events mold he knew that there's no way it cited in a small plane is great. Italy Melanie and say it's remarkably small trim you down and he knew a woman confessed and small blue. Since jobs picture looks like a little while now wait. College isn't there's Avery and I'm doing my own birthday shot and I'm 45 who would love to hear a cut that big job. Next dollar and some really dirty German about chocolate cake thank you guys that from La law. Get rid itself. Net column. Young girls in the promotion got thousands momentum through. I'm not making the good stuff they could be finished with Vanilla Ice. I want to I want to live. It's completely different sentence that mobile for him to just talk but do you. I don't know if you're really Dan or Tony nice birthday for the fourth time around how about them too dirty Germans and a face and was pleased thanks guys that from shot fish sandwich. Now we'll move failed for the pro exclusive new student. None on the streets even as of June and I'm excited for this company was Kimberly end. When the two names. Hi guys you know. Happy happy everybody. Did you haven't. And I didn't have. I I have very good he's no. Miss de Leon did you Germans brought. So available through these world sings on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. And im sure might fly. Electorate well we got all guys I love my coupon amount of its. Oh my fiancee wanted to do a sunrise hike up at 4 o'clock with a cup of coffee. We had to the hike we get to the top start taking pictures and my stomach started telling me it was time ago and is. Obama only wants to keep taking pictures on donor we have to leave right now. Five steps into our rundown about now realize I don't have time for all that's. So I disappear into the bushes and come out the best I've ever felt with one sock on it if it's not from coral in the carpet. The best he's ever felt wearing once one sock and yes yes yes. Subject is apples for the Ted Smith guys are cosmic Chris is the new apple that will replace honey crisp. He'll be available in 2019. It was made at was two after years and years of testing a dead be on the look out that from Ivan. All right let's brown will be except the guys what apple comedy went. Counselor Chris cosmic Chris cows McChrystal regularly now honey crisp. With the story and I'm a bitch about the the guy that went to Waffle House I believe those outside of Atlanta. Where everyone is or maybe the South Carolina he goes in there and it's late night even when he's in Colombia it's South Carolina death and die in it while while so little time in the employee was in a Booth and was that was asleep. So the guy went behind the counter any made his own food and always the pictures document it all on FaceBook and he cleaned up he left the money he did everything that he was you know I mean not supposed to back there and cook food but are the chemicals we know we kind of speculated in a weird way that it would be interesting to be able to go back into a restaurant. And make your own food when I really do. And that's when says guys is a former employee of Waffle House I guarantee you there's a limited amount of items we could eat before everything got to taste the same. Yet he is super creative after one week of working there also before you ask they took three dollars every day out of the check so we can eat there and what you are now the big old good old fashioned postcard. And it comes from Germany dorktones I'm writing you from is it means Germany Iran and Martin's mind. How much time your receivables guard I'll be back in the combat zone I was into the men's room in Syria Iraq cutter. Germany and now Kuwait. Thank you miles thrill the Ted Smith Mike and Robin for coming to work every day. Your show truly makes a difference to your soldiers overseas can't wait till march 2018. To have a men's room original read that from your soldier Brian king. Who says police and shout out to a oh boy Teresa. In the post market messed up the other word Circuit City itself. Well Teresa they like yeah sorry about that it's a very exactly so go on the program maternal blood you don't need to know has why questions from every state but first they drug charges in the house and once it's time to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's I want to get a ball games six and spend the Mets gather around the old radio and listen to some as well rested and. They've got a contract that. You couldn't spin it's like vacation today we're taking a trip around the world around the world isn't like earth are now we Lola or do you wanna go to most of these places and our location. For a lot of them I guess I mean I can't I guess there's a couple on the list I'm I wanna skip from getting on September I did is that it's at you know what one in particular I've actually been there so I know for sure I want is it safe to say you did the Stephen I will know most of these man's face and effective ER yes I boosted so I have a bad things can stop naming themselves after police eventually Ryan eventually not only its third or others Florida Georgia line there and I were bad low riders happened. Okay. Don't have their act together Nashville it. Had a Israel. Is a placed around the world so exactly radio city or country music and it could be my primary it's completely via direct agreed to not for these states countries and icon Jack and I stayed away from bands and after planet so these are ten bands named after places around all. Under ten. I didn't didn't play. Chicago. Now damage this band is called America. America aren't gonna do that all right I'll that we all live there that's one for one maybe that was that the best guess okay it was still. Defense. They're now. All right. I noticed a lot of them. There's not much you can lay out new. More homeowners. Some pin it. None none of them don't come out. Louisiana. And Alabama. Now a man named after places around. Under patent. You've been online. Okay well. North. Thought hey I. It's a favorite bands you can of course it's. Just freaked out I don't know my Fam ten bands name gender plays around the world today on. I bought it. This isn't god yeah. We call them a little park your boss we've all been no America although Alabama Alabama yeah. Ashley I don't know I've been a fan. There have been events I don't it sure is that you would run college football's Dallas in my golf. And I'm really shocked you have not been silly now I'm a little again. These are ten bands named after places around the oil. I'm herself. I've been here. Yes my. What Eddie. Well acted out badly and you know I don't know if you're not a lawyer you're even called into the big question either did wildness. Ten bands named after places around the world are. Gone at the. Don't you well. Okay well known for some football program our basketball world and I always say other city their name after the states and oh. All right we broadcasts that are down that's right we are on the radio there right now right at the very moment pol. And one of the leaders that did you mean in the state matter fact out this community AM things to stay in mainland city after the state got our tickets are. They're did attend as a member of places. Wonderful. College. The mine Thelma CFO. Another group we can't just doesn't work. My outlook when preset rhythms gonna get killed. They catch you that's that's I guess let them get. They've bartender and named after places around the world I'm sitting fifth. Google on this. Biblical you have it's. They knew they were proven vaguest idea we will break this time there. All right though they had not called Bethlehem know which are close now companies and general recap gone are in the air it was not Bethlehem it's. Jesus of Nazareth. Named after places around the. I'm good chance. God downtrend I am a fifth six from his favorite movie called the dirty Germans. Now for next. After all afternoon. Germany and they would have you'll fix fix day. It took on the wall. How we're live. Places around the world we. I got the ten bands named after places around the world still to come very close to being Daon they've always they'll put up and return a budget don't need to know has why questions from each. And every state that's coming up next. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Just don't have a drink and tells the shot of the day is moments away the first. We're full of useless information. And do you have are too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So Lyndon here on the men's room shares what you don't need to know when it comes atop Google searches starting what why do the united. Stage show some strange curiosities. In a blog post AT&T compiled the top why do questions searched on Google for each and every state. For the record this all started last September when this very memorable cod to a Mets fan giving Todd Frazier a thumbs down when Frazier. Hit a three run homer at Citi Field during the yankees' brains get erased and I'm Frazier soon adopted the gesture as a way to celebrate a base hits. And it's spread throughout the team so people were asking what is the thumbs down me what is the thumbs up mean so here. Are the top why do Google searches. For most states each and everyone. Selected view port and Alabama the biggest why do question why do dogs lick their you know what. Because they went to jail because they can't they actually asked that question gets flooded California they wanna know why do flies like Luke. Why do flies like why do angles well why do girls Wear make up why do I feel so alone oak trees where I sat. A California and still no doubt why do jumping beans jump and why did people snore all those in the city California. And Colorado they wanna know why do my boobs hurt. Why do my boobs why do my boots that they make Colorado specifically as there look it's cold one of my boobs are evident though. While the gold plates while the Colorado more achy moves than any of the others they just astounding and it's the whole. This he asks why don't Weis went so much. As these he probably didn't do this. And Florida another sad story why do I feel so alone that is the top why do Google search in the state of Florida why do I feel so alone. In whole life. This makes perfect sense have you been. Why do roosters crow. That are especially if your uncle lives and abuse they uncle yeah. Well you around the entire week and I did you gonna argue walk anywhere there's going to be roads bridges and Gigot thought there where you go to dancing rivers and in I know there why do question. Why do men have nibbles. Just listen to David in Illinois they ask why don't my teeth start and wide zebras have stripes. Totally out of camouflage Bertans Kentucky asks why do cats need. All the polls look for enough for Isiah got a railways is looking for yet another but they say. So I assume it's only through this thing about it. If you're lying to be hard to get someone to adopt that three white dude they're constant and lift them up and showed you Massachusetts hello under phase. Like here's an animal that does nothing but look. For your your your personal pepperoni I Mora curiosity for the gap for Massachusetts why did cats hate water. We'll be able Massachusetts. They're why do surged the most. Do you have one can't say what. Who we go to Michigan or why did people cheat and my favorites why do I have diarrhea and we. It could have something to do with the water and I'm just. The state of Mississippi their biggest why do question why do living things need water and loses and either not sure why living things need want. Expand its Mississippi so. Nebraska as why do fireflies glow. And that's a pretty intelligent question Ryan in New York why if he'd smell in North Carolina why do hurricanes score Ohio asks why do I hate myself. Pennsylvania has this why do fart smell. South Dakota why do dogs eat food you don't why don't we on the pitcher in Utah. Washington as wide expanse like boxes and Wyoming asks how you kiss. Well it's yes there you go since it's why do Google searches and each and every stand on their auto maid during attack. Bloody L they're considered to be ready. Men's room knows just. It is. Data manager Joey had to the very best chance to even try to find out nortel's yes indeed and today we chose well into the entire town known. Ring just giddy Ireland miles shared the story with me onto agrees the storage view as it is. It's our life for neighbors of Ireland's Viagra factory residents of the village of winning the skinny end county court. Claim that the fumes from the local fuzz or factory which is long produce direct out dysfunction drug. Arousing the men folk. It says one whip in your step through a lot of ball back after a half after a local bartender told the newspaper. The stimulating labor agreement affecting mail is best friend they say they say even dogs have been known to walk round and the state. Of sexual excitement. I'm gonna go this place I think the Viagra must've gotten into the water supply add someone else who used to work in the fiber factory listen quote. I'm convinced that's what's happened at the very beginning before they were closely regulated. While those rollers chuckled at the news of Viagra will soon be made available over the town and UK. Noting they've never had to pay a cent. Says quote we are having getting beloved team's three years now if he is amazing the number of people who come to the village perhaps out of curiosity. And then never leave they settled down here as they say there's something in the air not that we needed of course but for some polls have problems in that department. He can be a blessing from Timberlake even the dogs walking round red rocket paying about my little. To the Fuzzy we assume you don't want to now we want us you won't it's always a bad day a man after adjusting the little people the luck of the Irish twelve that's the thing might everywhere there's happy about it. This is one of the few top names. Where there's a leak from a factor in a white dude it's also. The best she. We for a lose lose and we drink this booze because we Pickens Yemeni national over the tong and down the throat you've already in our tummies. Not a whole there's no. Ticket doesn't live profile though we'll take collar not right now 844999. Alone. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.