12-01-17 Seg 1 Men's Room Has An Accident

Friday, December 1st

Mens Room Question: I know it was bad, but I swear _____ was an accident.​


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You would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program. Are simply. Trying to offend anyone. There's our. Invited to join the party. This is the. Other than secrecy. It is now. They say. Or radio more than three times. Enjoy. I don't really elegant it's November 2726. Along with Steve the pro mail. To Gerri it's meant. Love him. And in my car. It's parliament well. They hear from the bad jokes speeches the return of ten vs the FCC. Can read my profile list plus headlines read your shot of the day fumbled as her emails and everyone's favorite TV time to take a class period either I hear the mirror man attending to make his own sword accidentally. Burns half the town down. Well I menace caught painting new lines on the road to make it easier for him to get around. We had Iowa where hunting dog shoots an early twelve gauge in the match he worker who turned in the serial killer in Tampa won't get more reward money or a black. Symantec and hospital what they do not resuscitate tattoo dies. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All bed soon. Good day to you and yours all right I'm a previous show we pondered mr. Gary Howard as our shot of the day I Gary. They don't remember in an effort to intimidate the lawyer he said you guys pick up truck on fire. So the guys for a one on fire let the flaming bag of dog poop on the scene. Tore down a break support pillar and for good measure left the dead woodpecker on the front porch. The problem we'll think Gary targeted the wrong house it was an accident accidents happen they happen all the time and I want a President Obama. Not a thousand clunker or white peasant bunkers on the left as a punter he was accidentally shot in the back. When a dog stepped on the trigger guard of another hunter shot him. I'm calling it an accident of course when asked about the accident the dogs and only wolf. But I couldn't do that we go to Florida. A guy drew his gun and ruled rage incidents and then he accidentally shot himself in the leg oddly enough he says that he pulled his gun because he felt threatened. And it turns out he was. By himself because like we keep saying accidents happen miles your thoughts on this and is set up our guy and upstate New York. He wants on TV John History Channel I think it was anyway to show Bob blade Smith's he's trying to recreate what they did. The forge his own weapon long story short he sets the downtown of the city on fire in the mirror even made the comments. Calling it one of the worst disasters the city has ever endorse. It would be Blake Smith. He calls an accident did you see while we get back here man sometimes really bad things happen may be responsible maybe someone you know but the truth list. Regardless of the reaction to. It was an accident that. It was a match that so that's what today's question is it's a men's room fill in the void questions. I know it wasn't bad but I swear to god blank was an accident yeah. They should call 8449990. You can like the men's or month FaceBook followers on Twitter amends or wife answered those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have joined the men's room itself they'll I don't know if Michelle and over 2726. All right Lola. Now we got down lots of good bad jokes coming up right before we drink it tells with a shot of the day the exciting retired once again. Of Ted vs the FCC yes another go round there low profile list that is all coming up on the big show. I don't wanna talk about accidents and accidents as you know have an accident is this something that normally is not to intentional it's like Colin accidents. If you intend to do something. And you do it that is not an accident accidents happen when you least expect it to an yeah actually when you're gonna Salazar had affairs shark music and I can even do it on purpose you you're even arguing that's not something as an adult you know well trillion do. Maybe no purpose so often happens it must be an action we are our work on planning this the show finally why we always say that accidents that happen when you least expect them. Well because it's it's always a you're going someplace as you really wanna be a moment that they respect and accidents. This accident rack. That's doing a plan out the poop your pay while you are are well I'm rob we're attracted to people all think it's only the last place I looked like. Right right you should stop looking after you thought they czar then this is we've silly idea big this Harris has happened now grown to we're gonna work our way halfway through the show. And they want to go we're gonna put some adults undergarments on yet there was charter commenced original read from lesion brewing company Henri some milk and were doing that because up portion of the proceeds benefit the Fisher houses in the area and we wanna do and we wanna give back one do you write wanna give this back right so the idea is is is that we wanna start drinking beer. And in seat if we can use the bathroom in our pants while we're on the air because from what we understand. And we talked about this many times psychologically. As adults you are trained not to do that has run a natural thing to do. And we got some advice from some guys who try to one night and Barney said look it's. It is what it is but psychologically. It's very difficult to be standing in an in and just the difference who I'm herself to build it and it actually be able to let go. So the icons and I can't but jurors say and you're gonna try to work both sides of the. I'm drum I won't full coverage wrong but the problem is that's really that's gonna stay page thank you good folks coming back and really really gonna stay or how much is gonna stone and part of me like. I don't see if they can be done Brent Dubai and since like argued how long you have to stay in lieu. Stuff although I knew usually you're in hell out of it and get your political pull myself man out I'm like we're gonna do the show and and out of the sale hey guys listen. Just you know it is a puma so I'm gonna get out of this a Robin you know what I call me back as a Protestant I think we need really is like to some plastic bags. And and that we were good time up you know like kill the dog Bagger oil it's not a bad with her more and she's a William need though. A wise to clean up and I'm like why would why would we need those chizik is just peed yourself and like good point. Yeah I could get. Yeah I thought I didn't like I'll guarantee. And indict anyone never the right never thought final Jane I'm done I don't know why I wasn't through though of being myself like I didn't think the whole thing redundant can't repeat themselves a long time there hasn't been as you'd think through peeing yourself work. Not too much but I but but you know what Rick Williams how I don't think it's fair yeah. It hit a little little ideas through different outlook now freer shaved needs sense in my job description yeah is ridiculous smaller wanna significantly dark. That no one else look like we said this is not one of those things you can see in the morning news show making he beat the jets but the Americans that they are good they can dedicate themselves they knew that our road to very pro business does and what it all those usually are doomed operative I don't think I don't think in the history of radio. That anyone has done that intentionally on the air now there might have been by accident in my once again we hear a lot of situations where people have done I was a veritable arm and on the air yeah us and we're on the air with them I was running the board for Hamels early in my career regular on one. I'm Montero assure the three guys did he tell you the truth in what well the three got to talk and it just shows on the late model at 1 AM foreign income. Two of the three dudes are talking about whenever there are debating and you. One that's gonna drop some conversation and he has that telltale look. On his face and who knows you guys is gonna start laughing we go to break in guy doesn't he Carlos oneself to it. These were guys I guess prove herself you'll point you just she looked awkward there. Emotionalism that she was the thing is losing guess she was in for like a cancer charity walker self and and and like you know those remote things are a lot of data series it is it's usually save the companies that save the young kids with cancer at. And I mean it was like all of that wrapped up and alana Kara what happened. Will she came in and talk about their fun run and I think we're talking I think we're part of the well I think we're part of the sun around her and I she'd that is the best that the accuracy was just very very nervous about being on the year. She was so Norris uses those numbers when you came in Lancaster started talking and I guess just a record stuff he's his fist out the murder and then. And then the whole thing went down and some brief look at what's I don't know and I don't think I mean there I know which she did fewer bad nervous to do anything just don't do it totally into the third apply right there develop our OK okay but don't get on the plane and improve yourself you act like you're interviewing me and I'm her all right and I wanted to get ahead in this this is out of the woodwork. So we're definitely heard parents are okay are you still don't know what kind of issues here best. Because our candidate just just Wear it where I was it's they were like two minutes in the conversation I and they just asking a question disasters so he'll look we expected to fund run mr. And this cheers Conrad and we're gonna draft. Do you people who quote I'll call on it it it it it it it it at its. Some of those sergeant Gibbs even comprehend cardinals ran out of breath I'm custom report. Utility group of them I didn't know what happened in front of the mirror I thought her nerves are gone into work so what do you don't know any. Oh Jana panic attack well I thought I had I didn't know what I'd I didn't I didn't know what happened so basically we went to commercial grade. And it she was in the bathroom for awhile but had to finish he had a friend with her and her friend came back into the so sorry. There was an accident she had to go to the bathroom he he he he he CPC and the shelf. Style if Silva vendors are already said Billy hey man well fortunately California early mr. Boutros fortunately for this woman she was one of those women who went to the gym. And that was a gym bag. Out of her car yes so her friend went to her car and was able to get her some shorts to put on the workers you know making an Angel food no no no no barrel no mountain Arafat and now she's in mind. I still have to show up ads and fund run. OK but so the Saturday rolls around that this happens you know. And and I'm there and I mean no indoor never got to do I go erosion loan opened to a group. Yeah I know they do I conclude nude people losing their cool and runs as soon doctors in Europe improved. They ended in the next year and she looks at me and I look at her and I wanted to say hi like. And then she just. Turns her head if you taste good call the other direction managers like. If you think it's hard to this thing or did you lose and you tell us a little to do you know any language you don't like talking total different and Elvis the durability of the dog anyway yeah I'm. The. Thoughts about what does he has served as munitions on her daughter about regiment and our government nervous that it doesn't have a number well we've been known as a result we don't we don't know what I thought until after ruling that and we'll get nervous timeout right group of like I don't know it and started brightly just seemed like a fascinating idea and I did that but I know for a fact. That situation were I won't put much like Iraq so. So why wouldn't do that. You wouldn't you should not exactly a more bullets on to say that you were that merges. Two on air where you if you even think you might prove yourself to do and don't know it could result of people rounded I'm well I'm gonna put our members. The national poop yourself you know we're looking right in my high school late if what if I was playing a football game I had to come before the game. No because I'm more nervous now the browns and assault charge I don't know as the dust is let's go to Atlanta said this agreed to get in them you get an like his tunnel clues as we gear yet the same thing of the tunnel goes through. And you could swim in that charts and church right I could just get down in there and and you know ages. There's a guy and you can hang with the sharks impediments ago vinyl stuff and how they kept the ball and MA and a that a sign up sheet for it and you know it was it was 678 times today did you get in there and at separate times and all the stuff and the place where you go to do any of these excursions within the dolphin thing to do whatever get to go sign up. And and that in that attraction mysteriously disappeared won their lack closed for the week and the bracket Paul ohm I don't know all I am close to the way you can wondered and what happened there. Probably next to open in a wet suit would be groups. I'll parting and what to do is apparently pretty bad to the targets don't go to war in Iraq stays there disputes in a hot air rises so it just gives us that they're just sitting in a man's idea. I know is bad guys wearing the blank was an accident 844999. Hole off the suit smells nothing he bellows saying the welcome to the men's room. So yeah yeah. OK so. One of our residents and I both worked or lived. Spirit let empty apartment in one of our residents actually until he. Broke in Cuba may not as knocked tree lights up the wall eight have approval of the electorate traders and broke to a lot. It was an accident believes rowdy accidentally do. All the next stage or maybe it was two days after he gets it gets released and what little tiny cup Kershaw put a guy and that. You can't let us lead like well you guys hold the rules we didn't need equal you're broken beyond these like lol I would just coming world. The golden compass were being held against their will will ultimately go in the opposite so. We narrowed it down to the station anyway. Yeah who wait why did these kids go to people being held against their will. Yeah I have all but the guy it was all right catch some kind of speech you know match whatever and that. Don't you like world you don't care they were holding all the girls hostage and dramatically now and I'm not a nobody here here here are important other. Well we're never gonna have another mailbox key. So. Long story short we're gonna run into what you shrieks little Austria whatever but. That's shutting people are excellent development and the wouldn't even know Marmol almost understanding. It's like no there's no way you want your. Not need to go to mark. Yeah well. Everton and do you believe that he believed what he was sent there fees that that that messed up front. 00 absolutely believe. Of course he did because he did his feet and probably even called doing it yeah I guess that's an accident where exactly I mean I've. An amount yeah I mean I can't write if he's that whacked out he doesn't remember cherry. He'd probably the accuracy he fully believe some teams and they're being held hostage there. I believe he believes that. Now this guy was not you've it was up to the best intentions but what he did was basically. He accidentally burned down the wrong place and in and torch this place. Fifty year old guy named Gary Howard in northern California wanted to get revenge on a criminal defense lawyer earlier this month some like meg not really clear why Gary had a problem the lawyer. Because of has never crossed apparently but he did find the lawyers address in the phone book. And many put a dead bird in a flaming box of dog poop on the porch. And set the lawyers pick up truck on fire deadwood pec about the way it did what tiger being those one problem he was the wrong house Gary accidentally targeted someone who had the same name as the lawyer. Anyway he was rested for felony arson vandalism and animal cruelty but yes he accidentally torch down the other wrong placed only know Iowa on this one. This was that clearly and accidents. As a dog and blasted a pheasant hunter with a shotgun in an accident in Iowa earlier this week according to officials. A New Hampshire man named William Rand court was in a public hunting area and right counting. Win the pop unwillingly or unwittingly stepped on the trigger guard of another hundred shotgun. Compared to discharge as a laid on the ground and hit rancor in the back with a bird shot. According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Are rancor was about twenty yards away and so the dog get a pretty good shot. He was taken to a hospital with injuries that are considered nonlife threatening. In this case they say that was a good distance between the Muslim wound but of the victim had been closer. His injuries probably would have been a lot more severe rancor was there with three other people do dogs both German shorthaired pointers. Yeah I hiding area I was stumped I know a lot of government won a ring chords fellow runners at blazed out of the ground crew installed the system. But that's how we know once I. He says I don't know if we can blame the dog in this case of real blame anyone I would say the owners were its fault there. Well wait a minute though there was a study became of this week it's had dogs in fact are smarter than cats yeah. Maybe this dog you shock to do targets of the dogs ligament dog can't talk. The barber whether I the way bloom because you know we have a comment became an earlier when you do get to this story. And and says look I used to live in right counting will Hummer was shot. But story's been used before me area accident my ass well says this look there here's the quote from the share. It's only happened twice and I've seen in my 31 years as a conservation officer or a dog actually was responsible for the accidental discharge of a gun but it does happen. Little did he say he said he's seen it twice he's seen it's wise words being confirmed the times has he heard the story. All right he's heard the story sixty times and probably here's my question dog show my wife yelling what do you do to these poor dogs try to shoot everybody you send them big mentally tired my grandma but now I'm Barack I I know. Fabulous work out blanket was an accident a 44999. Nolan I'm not switch back. Kelly right pat Maake pat. Though Chris welcome to the bedroom. Oh yeah. Top. So I need to hold people. Tweet site you're California. An eight used to be like you don't go oh now you're quite good at all of the toilet aren't like I level. Re all of their display. So let's not that easy pieces thereupon I shells. Yeah yeah they're a bit like there are about me before I peed off the ground. And he can't like really get our check mark to quote these twelve. Don't read into it they used to people on the ground not. And at least twice cynical remember what are the court's ability to be drop each month oh. Of course you'll pay payable as a whole other credit to the parents for Bobby gray and a half hour. Police still a little credit. No credit to the parent sit there watch it he knew it I cannot do not any kind. Yeah there you go like oh they are Gary did you meet. But what do you say to me it and invoke at the parents are staying there watching their kid poop in your display tour. Oh. Okay. Take my earlier statement back what a mad I didn't know like do I still out is let him finish you say something to the parent at that point I mean I cannot see rather content Israel relations under new purchases do you have you just bought that toilet whom would seem to prove that it. You know back then made they had this they they took the customer's always right like two days. Create your degree I had a manicure only that a guy I didn't hire a great year. And anybody story you were on that back up like a global EU LA don't you outlook. But you tell you 25 years ago so I Romo did announce me I've grown as a man out topless 100 toilet must say Heyman. These toilets are awesome would really go on sale. You're telling me I he commenced the manager not to call the cops of phenomenon testing and I don't really consider it now you've greeted me rude I'm going to leave the store. Thank you Linda California. Yeah. You know I imagine that kinda kept it separate and I was even though I. I'm trying to think I don't think that I have ever been the first one to to present at Rwanda then I don't think have ever had like a friend who. Talkers but even if you move into a brand new home contractors state to do and there are your not the first illustrations take an adult and there you know somebody had to use the bathroom in there at all ma'am when I like three and a half for your house hunting right and walking is out to be his fourth is beautiful out so. I could use the bathroom man just on this in order bill six months okay all right and whoever dropped the last deuce don't know Waterloo toilet. They've been flush it and it was just is impacted. Are harder to follow the law clock you lose unbelievable you know I did there meant she was lives you don't work all my dad. All I did that include it was. There are my words similar not orphans and you write me and when you ever did you use the neutral never the most excited I got as far as I goes that was outdoor concert. And that they had just finished cleaning the honey buckets and this is before a bunch of people pulled onto the campsite so I knew I was the first person to use that. I'm doing well I'd rather than ever what you experience you have and did I was at a festival where number one I got use a clean port a potty this is an afternoon. And then I went from the clean port a potty over the shower stall. That's livid Arafat is with us hours GMT yourself. The shower stall yeah. Now there's like eight other dudes in there too. So we think a lot golf medicine has that's out there or are they announced Letterman's take a fresh due to the sound like guys and I was I'll tell you. Were you didn't its own zone Romo we would sit around partied for three days shower feels awesome rid of it is that he atheist but if you get my back you know apparently there's you'll get a Euro there's a little walls if something a little aluminum balls you just go nears the hall of Obama. How much coverage you give them do what the Ural coverages in the Tommy don't need the time but you know. Coverage there. Is just weird can thank you violate million miles to be this close to play closer and I can just like when he used to lake wash his legs back if he given you to see you do you do Jamie after I. I feel like reach under the table if you if every if you didn't do reverend Susan tickled that if everybody was that Cindy and I knew he was there but he didn't go out and walk to nick for ordinary. They have found oh yeah. Click on the other thing yet the author a chronic finger when he comes to death and now this is don't getter in the community simply don't. If you haven't you down you can have some. I do I know was not Apple's online file these tunnels then that's where. The blanks so rove was an accident FaceBook point 9990. All the allowing a lawyer calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Television I return all. Dead vs the FCC and that they were talking about accidents I as a Florida man accidentally shot himself during a road rage incident. Florida man drove his gun during the incident and then accidentally knack he shot himself. Deputies said to drivers stopped an intersection in Orlando got out of their cars and began to argue. One of the men pull out a gun because he felt threatened the man then accidentally fired the weapon and shot himself in the leg according to authorities. Our men's or my question I know is bad but I swear to god Blanco was an accident 844999. Oh look we have a bunch of comments coming in and I'll say that the vast majority of them are accidents of the bowel moving cap. Well they've does that blowouts but then also to address of the call I mean just chock full of hey man I put myself storage but I also you're talking about. Mean the first person ever used toilet knowing you're the first I'm just saying I'm I don't believe that if I ever I will never have I've done it those things every plumber and electrician that listens to the show. They have commented that you're 100% correct. Either one or both of them had used it before you jerk and I lasagna lightly with a kid and Home Depot he's gonna use that toll he really is doing something that he'll never do again in his life to. You know ultimatum I mean obviously I've got a second general mentality. Of doing now but also just the idea of being the first person to ever used to throw you don't technically make it didn't even notice the time to could check that all four of those markets and new things are unlikely to do humorous person used toilet back kid did it if you don't mind legacy on is leaving your bed one night before you got your mattress judge did you let it and I Wear a blunt okay man down. Infrared you know Ramones used to what we gave me a bad iron out of hand me down and I don't care though I know I mean would you agree the bad guys that I go to the match from the Iowa by Brady imagine there and Larry you know get a sales guy go my way straight goes on for a week of our lives it's an I assume people of late on mattresses. Does come out any show rue right yeah yeah go body but not like when it comes in a box here at random plastic I mean that's yeah. Let's get right hey man you know Pedro and how many Islam doesn't match his buddy rapid backed up obscenity that you'd be pissed. The somehow you know someone planted them and is anathema to our ability to try to put them enjoying that battle Aaron. It's weird to where we have lines where will use use use stuff right but I throw like that hey. Are you need assured his shirt no problem but he said here you borrow my underwear with the threat that I don't know dude. What I what I want did you think rested in my Finland the ugly place Sox but I feel weird almost where incidentally was not until the Sox socks Mir okay let's find few if I if I need a parasites that bad argument ever like Sweden thanks yea your right but underwear now. I did you know what I died tomorrow parent my Brothers and where low point in time when we are and thanks get at Thanksgiving why I can't remember situation you have to poop yourself I think I've forgotten them and basically what the deal were forgot to put and we still know I forgot to pack them. All OK okay I liked but I bet but I still had to get to a place like Wal-Mart and buy some for the rest of my time you don't come on how old Rory. This is like few years back is crazy man I know command so fishy how did you forget to pack I don't know if you I don't know why I choose to Wear her brother Tony Blair and I got a nice of her underwear if you want to do it in my time Arnold anything and I'm like are right now put a lot of my golf is it odd. Like there's a good job. That law I think this is not a clue about why it is it is good that felt that we would about a patent suit. Somehow and I yeah yeah yeah oh and I do that but you're right it's weird we're cereals is under an I want you to understand some people borrow bathing suits me I peed in my bathing suit that people do you know and ocean well these little guys almost sounds we don't I don't feel around the way. Right people still borrow my link your federal borrowing my underwear usually feel better in those even if I pulled the mall right now handed them to your body temperature there of those heat sensitive close used to have like an eighty terrible idea they should do that was one tribal leaders here ridiculously. I do is mabus Oregon blank was an accident a 449990. Hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. Hey Lola car. So what happened. All right so. Some context here on there and they adult facility near me strip club. I've grown up and I started going to displaced almost sixty songs you know the door amenities of the fake ID. No arms you don't words bunker. And end. I'm good you know boot. He's got a new idea they don't recognize me after awhile I played on that to be able to continue when a guy but I became friends and one of the dancers and and she would come over to my counsel bunch of friends we thought we'd hang out by the pool one not me relay it still won't keep our. Re getting laid back kind of friend. Eventually they do have parents re living by yourself out of that out of Molinari I had parents. They were worked a lot of got. But what we had this all the back and you know few weeks prior to the Susan Lucci pushed me into one not and so. When average game by issued on the Sunday. And one day as she walked to the edge of the old putter Oden and I'm like to see my opportunity get payback so shut underwriting and cheat slammed armed against deadly form broke it. Okay we can't really. Rock and rock and tell everybody around us knew about tension between us that I would eat pretty do. And so everybody thought I did on purpose I don't know but I didn't contends he danced with a Cadillac and it. Did you dance with a cast afterward like this thing around her neck and mean just. No and on it yet big shoes were a martyr Burke on the months. OK I did and that was the last time you have contact appeared with your friend here. Just a few months after that event did they let you back in the club after you'd arm breaker yeah. Yeah. Once or twice been left one down to Florida I was in New Jersey at the battle and I'm a Florida College. Armed man on man how you Howard you'll lives in an era miracle. Usually there's got to Florida wow. What is meant the migration from New Jersey goalie strip clubs when I was Julie does he does just gave me the belief that the actual bouncer was the lead guitarist from mark tournament. Matthews band that never really went anywhere it's definitely I never heard the good old days. Apparently gets. Go to strip men's in my question I know was bad but I swear to god blank was an accident eight far far 999 cola. The show and many games continues on the men's room. On the radio network.