10-19-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Cracks The Seal

Thursday, October 19th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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This is dumb men's room. You're listening to drill. It's Madonna is far far 9990. We have Eastwood online he is playing pretty sober and working on question number one. And it appears joke I just I feel compelled that what you pianist Joseph d.'s we'll let go until put too long in all I. Guys yeah yeah it's. Imus implosion and play aggressive lines forward so my feature in first grade until old formatting hurt folks. You know explain a joke any funny. Danielle you only do definitely and I was wrong. I use a question each each book which the city has the largest population. On quote both our. Vote at. All around the world her son in China American community Chinese cities. Eugene. Yeah. I think when it is fair to say this isn't just the great. You were safe to say that the countries are either India or Jeff. Then you'd know OK let them well because you're saying that Tokyo are old all right you know there aren't. The global ordinance and (%expletive) Who cheesy yeah. I'm. So long call now and you two apparently Germany's Angelique Hughes did call my commander and say that's when they had a mother wizard that your mouth man that's the whole boatload just below or on her every addition there are. I love got to do graduate on your mom's death by by making derogatory comment on the monitor my were good I'm glad I'm not playing and that's an hour Moammar I GA don't like to be able yeah I don't want to know your. Lunch money Saigon the lawsuit they're leather. Mixed it and you know I saw a minute I had Maria does her grandmother bit the back of my god man. I might turn out differently in general got to get old love I'll don't even go there is no I don't think this it's. Amazing how many good yeah these would you do get a higher though due out well are those kids got to gentler. Here's the question next time it's a guide so that we before you can thank you can get your total goals goals instead that. US president signs Father's Day into law. And it hits his wife's nickname was lady bird. Are you throw more than my we'll why don't artillery you know. Well I'd probably be Lyndon Baines Johnson. OK so somebody's wood was 73 when Angela starts with a penis joke ends with a Johnson was down eight far far 999 all logos are next contestant ready to play again hello why Lee welcome to the men's room. All over my. Finally is sober now for over today. Over but no I've run well in the show. And finally. Candy product demand to pick between starting Vienna sausages hole canned chicken or hands spread regardless. I don't know what can spread and and spread out of nowhere. I'm not become an irregularly and I don't know if it was may have but I feel like this right so I knew I was gonna go start means that I actually do enjoy sort. But I'm really a lot of people but the that hamstring and it's Connelly I don't know more pliable stray arm finally finally we ever had him spread. Yellow which you know that'd be timed out that's about that's probably par for the course for everybody if you try you do you're 67 years ago. Art you know the question the song all shook off it's a song the top the billboard hot 100 back in 1957 who was the singer. Include German that is correct. Move they. Owe me an adrenaline. I can hear the song in my N arms to them. It did. Sure you can call. And Bob Dole knows. Movie the big whopper all the fresh. Its current lows to. Definitely and yeah it could literally learned. What is the name of the scale that used to measure the spicy heat with peppers cool. This fire a few spike TV. Despite the heat of effort might be even met with some of those guys doing that goes pepper challenge now on videos agreeing somewhat famous and give you the hottest pop I bring you every. Yeah I would not I know that and it's. Over the golden. Cool okay. They know that's a new super power they don't want just one of them like to put it like unfortunately Jamaican me like six or whatever the villas in conflict at some point and I. But there's no flavors just pay you know got a little taste of it for your name on a plaque in the teachers mean I just gotta say I'm always fine with the pain. Going down oh yeah the next morning pain that's worse REM issued me right out your blood. I dare to question what was the NBA player Kobe Bryant named. Bullet being down dirt that is correct one to be. Colby. I had copd. Now. I know they had better. So movies and brother anything close to being a telephone number ended march 5. That was long career. I had a college player yeah anger thought could stop me about it. And fluid dynamics what does the tone for the highest attainable speed and objects can reach physical. I think there's even a movie I was I think the name of the movie area and who the little blow it. The role of ourselves let's actually a term. Are for real solid and you learn drop out of a plane if you like at diving position going to be there is a maximum speed that you reached no matter what no matter what object you look. Yet whenever that is all you can be in and build is going to be the same as a human that I don't know let's say my argument resilient it that fast but ultimately once and August of the subsidy what are our speed is veteran Toronto lost. This does make a may fourth are 9990 lose the next contestant read play the game but don't quote him hello Matthew welcome to the men's room. Matthew. Low rub off. You turn your radio downplayed the team sober enough over. Santa. Yeah and Matthew. I'm Interpol itself can be product today sorties since I was just told him to get her hands spread was when he if they could. Figure they'll roll authority Golden Globe ran our own. All right here is your question in the movie the Lion King what was symbolism mother's name. All the. I'm going to say yes it was tough question. Fossett left. I'm not an hour with his girl. So Robby. Study was found among no apparent when they're young Q Robbie I do mama Mary Roger. All right you know as question. Html. And CSX. Or computer languages used to create what. Force. The oh. I. I'm enough my talk this question came up with us separate from Europe. Your specialist questions. But I would Star Wars film did he walks first appear at all. Michael we've quite bluntly perilous correct what was that. Yeah he's got to say it all equally. Old. This stores. Negotiation. God. Over her head and everything and you don't Stonewall yeah he's still alive you know. Do you live in eight mean. I don't know does when it that you are clearly got Damon moved as you feel better I guess since I guess guest return of the younger Qaeda. I don't want to say one down in the room and out and I unquestionable format here. Oh that's right I wanna eat you walk sorely used to a new world. Three and with that although. He didn't do it so that's the test and a couple of well Lola liked to beat him. Fair enough I think that's a fair statement. I would type a blood do you need to be universal donor. AD. 0500. They go and. On you know I'm just. I was able anytime hey we need you type in the Motorola guys if they think I'm in Baltimore I'm gonna type a blood and we'll die right now. Just like any type man who he needs some book I don't know. A awful problems. Yeah. I don't know where there's only 32 teams and we went to 31 or something wrong sides then steadily through. It is reversal only. Does the name for a male beat that comes from an unfertilized. Let me read you. What is the name for male beat that call from an unfertilized. Do it such old. Or grow here. My question utility of these computer fertilized egg in a big flats. I'm here when that happens solely. To. I have a longtime area outside of those all the rage Franco headed. A drone. Oh the drumbeat and it'll be it is a little oil into parliament. Blue is the author of the Hobbits in Lord of the Rings true. Oh yeah are totaled. Now are both we will start emailing and all that I know assets and exchange are dead JR Hawkins he's armchairs. Are very very if if if I don't remember Paul here's how. Stand so far looks like Sar Deans are in the lead our canned meat products followed by. And spread a vote for a hole canned chicken move are no one is interested in Vienna sausages. You don't in the hole canned chicken as a vote even if released would it doesn't matter what over on Twitter okay that I'm manager live. Vienna sausages as winning you're kidding me not owner loves Venus Ozzie is well yeah it's a percentage on that 40% for Vienna sausages it's. Haas are dean's enhance spread tied at 23% in F 14% OK and just to connect will tell him all up at the end they're giving the results term interval and more big dummy coming out of you like to be a contestant. 844999. Cola you are listening to the men's or radio network. Fitch is you. True. Had just come out since may sandals. As each State's favorite Halloween candy had Jeff on the way right after emails in the men's room Edmonds or my back down in the meantime the game is big dummy Steve who is our next contestant rated play the game Ted knows who it is Chang James welcome good measure. I James you're sober now for over. Over and over James on the show. And our men's room Paul today James is all about canned meat products up. Maybe had to pick anyone Eagles already in Vienna sausages hole canned chicken and ham spread. I guess I'll go. Which can spread because they feel like it would keep the most like famine yet. It would not but it has roughly the same consistency. I think it would take an assault to eat tuna. It's definitely salty or you gotta make this all happened is I am gold you might actually taste with a face like all right here is your question. What do the letters PT stand for and the name of Chrysler's where we car the PT cruiser. Penis or. Because that's where. Clean and regardless of Tonya. I wish you could attack Barack. You guys are driving around yellow convertible. Well the first ever series to air on Disney Channel and was told good morning who. All. A chance. At good morning. The Pinocchio who. Good morning missing. All the things that would make it. We'll return and left more of your fifth. Before all the Britain's African. According Darth million legend what was the name of the sword in the stone. All. Oliver. We all correct in God's word to apparently the other named Greg Chalmers caliber. I'm hurt that my wife to all math physics and you take move. Who are gonna value America now and learn words you go gobbled. It's hard to prepare is so big dummy for far 999 ala who's our next doesn't read or play the game and bellowed you and welcome to the men's room. All I. I'd get some and I felt. That's overdue and welcome to the show and the poll today candy product you know starting in Vienna sausages sold pinching and hamstring. They aren't you. Why don't. I think about it about it and I can't thank out of there before it. I think. The criminal you look at it. I mean and I think you don't have to like CNN over and over the weekend. Reorganize. And I understand the whole entire premise of having this poll was the fact that all of these are so vile that you would have to make a choice. That was the Oprah premise that it's like the movie castaway bit of a loose and got volleyball eighteen cases of what meat shall ensure that. Seeing it that's my goal line for monkeys are my keys. Our energy question and what sport does the bowler deliver the ball to the bats men huh. Kind of famous sports you really enjoy it and try to get into Africa. For days and and what sports. Does go bowler who deliver the ball to the batsmen. And I had I had. Yeah. Okay he's gone more retain some guys mostly popular one in Australia. India Australia. England and Australia Pakistan and collection Lanka and India who came massive. The huge tree jacket huge match. Our shows you just Sri Lanka armed they were regular Gergen. You know the biggest Sri Lankan stronghold of audience members ever. He's still a lot of regional sports someone I have some cricket now excitement bureau recommended cricket like cool I'm very little knowledge yeah. I Jen what animal has the largest boring. No word. Yet. And I loved and idolized the clues to a little deducted nine the northern brain size and look I love my pet dog I don't know anything about her birdie all right then let's do this what is what is the biggest land and I. I didn't quite bring like we could see your size and the physical size of the solar. You know a firmware. Grow the knowledge comes from. I joked. In the sport of hockey what is known as the hat trick. Oh yeah. Three goals. Let's Horford. Goal. You are there isn't thrown in your hand on the hunt for some of it not negative never been alive content. Thought yeah although I RS. Georgia one of the better sports to watch I don't I don't he's also like I was my black as a knock in you have to do now doesn't carry it right capital cities were expensive back in the day and try to see the mine I didn't know there are okay. And Baltimore bandits who nobody does but still looms you can go instill good doctor well goodness. All right what was the name of the Eminem single that set the world record back into when he thirteen for the most words used in the soil. Yeah. And he oh. Cool oh yeah you'll make you wanted to have gone through. Yeah most words used in soft. We didn't wreck the noise in my and I also correct guy. Yeah and then it. Correct that question six. Yeah questioner in that little beaten. The name of the book was titled and to think I saw it on mulberry street that was the first book published by which children's. Oh. So finally broke through out of number moment. I couldn't tell an element to it. And I think doctors who provide loads fraud if you made up words or something goofy it or at least as Iraq my fair it is still mr. brown canoe canoe. Yeah exotic tape far far not it's short it's short dude it's short when you wanna push kids to bed out of all the Dr. Seuss books it is the shortest what can I had to be the work that does though the book about me most was goodnight moon import ever read as a short book. Good night clocks that night saw what they can be O clock speed could be. You have no wonder people are really so when are the top but it can be shorter because you realize some point personal rented in a renewed my kit only eight months Goldman white. I think the woman in this book is god damn crazy she just wants a good night she says gonna get nights actually noted does that. No this book can be a lot of storms is like good night yet. Right they do that went down the bug she thought that every in am an object in her home motels a good night this bitch is a lunatic and there's very domain for 4999 all those are nice contestant ready play the game. Hello Lucas welcome to the men's room. Oh I don't. It's over now for over. So over and check. And look this Bordeaux and canned meat products today are miserable your choices sarbanes Vienna sausages pulled canned chicken or hamstring. Starting although it. Guardians and can spread at least in and they connect I don't know what's going on Twitter and number we do we both of those Democrats and the same time no. Coming out draft I think he salty enough that it wouldn't do you usually look. They Vienna sausages to work on foot from that is unbelievable. Populate garments became a member of the Vienna sausage student and they're not very happy that we're talking down about. There are supposedly delicious being an assault on. Your question speaking of food celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay he opened his first restaurant in what city. Why. I'll have to go it 01 bit. I done for Lucas yes the culinary capital of the world. Man oh man gave his big dummy for 49990 look that we haven't lateral play game. Hello Ryan welcome to the men's room. A lot of on our back. Brian Sell itself. Number I love themselves and you know the whole we've taken. Yeah I thought yeah okay every you know we got one goal finally from us contestants for Vienna sausages now tiger Woods Hole canned chicken. We are scared they know how it eligibility goes. Probably about as good as your nominee last yeah that is good. Fears and my scooter apathetic if you could get a call remedial. Yeah. That's really funny thanks to from a talent he's independent support. Tiger question. What dish made from crushed Durham wheat is a staple in west North Africa. It's a bit trendy at the moment. You leave dead. It from crushed during the bush. Clinton did it certainly Dora and you or you him. I'd I don't know ideas is a close group and. I'm excited about the rain much it's grainy and I don't mind acoustic. And I made a lot of now what I meant every tournament outright but people absolutely it has coups complete. Perceive as white rice so why aren't. Garrett it's filler that way they can fill your belly instead of giving you the really good stuff I could meet you order yet could. Quite the actual when you wanted big goose could decide this year they can give you us what do presentation. I'd question who play the female lead in the movie V for vendetta. No golden. Sure Harry go out and care and gave his big dummy for 4999. All of do we have another contestant red blood game. Hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. And I okay. I guess he's sober now for over. Quote leftover Jeff welcome to the show. It's candy products already he has up his home canned chicken ham spread where US. They're where they're at they'll try it we have. I'm trying to demand a clear view that evil than the last ten years. Brilliant yes but I think we did it on the show we did yes we don't like replay that's why don't we we we cover up the labels doing OK so just so. Because Dominican campus. Do they could have been dog food. It could have been a lot of different and meet they all had been in the they're all canned meat product somewhere for human consumption somewhere for animal than some but oddly enough the same grade of meat yes. And strangely enough cat food enough so that we think it's but it's just uranium. Florida your question bronzes and alloy consisting primarily of what to elements. Auburn aren't we wouldn't. For ten conference's. But sadly you know when I'm in my personal. For the dynasty bronze we have to. This came out of their way. Tied the Mexican city of Tijuana. Borders what US city. All income to train ride there. Any. Our content types you know I somewhere in San Diego we do look good team. Would you add to pass I did not Democrat Dan Whitman released justice toilet or one announcement and let the tray and it just runs on the highway coming next to the hotel were like. It just seems like we he had a source for. Lol yes that don't reach young black. Man as well as mean mighty Rodham like our jobs. These things really haven't I take one more note if you want you are in luck they'll feel all right I don't know I just say you're not coming back. I don't know if it's the cops the cartel's concluded that I could sell the iPhone than usual low cartel an ideologue. We'll find our yeah. I don't know I mean look it's it's one Eamon Ryan and I do it. Well how broad tree and we go to Tijuana everyone suddenly you get in trouble why cool we can do bad you know what Lucy and all the week that I bought in port of my artist and Juarez on it. Is immoral war as well I know Juarez Cartel villains that are I don't we are not Matsui as were my name. Let me play I want it now and I don't think led the fuel cell more Greg is rigorous cigarettes is a lot out I would like some some more blue red. Where numbers but Marlboro red. Sort of knew I would like he Warren is the amazing illuminating in May be hit by brain and could be bad. But you could cut you rug pulled place and they don't want that stuff we would love that's a good ladylike in LA right where they have bloods and crips yeah like in the blood section the kind of the macro queen who could play. If congress and let you know when we live up in jail that we need you. There is may dominate for a hard 999 LO is our next contestant Wright played against you that's go to Mexico just not Tijuana now did you come with a back hello Eric welcome to the men's room. Oh oh Iraq. I dare you sobered up silver. Hi there. There's probably been easier question for you to answer them sarbanes Vienna sausages hole canned chicken or hamstring woody. Let those birdie. There's already injured hamstring. You can feel it on our train ride do you want your joining us now the drug your last meal she's so enjoy it I your questions. And 186282. Miles per second. That's the speed of what's in a vacuum. Feeling down. Speed of light for my friend. How well you know live off my. I have Obama had wanted out of life right there and and Zach Tubbs your choices who you know I can hear anything my line I vacuum and that's the point and just prepare a vacuum and this notion. One look bombers you know. Oh well that's just saying hello in a vacuum well you merry little brother. Are your question. And what year did Houston Texans join me in Rafa. I totally after the whistle I was very competent at my aunt was in Tennessee that your Tennessee's what does and doesn't move Tennessee injectable joined in 94. In Tennessee had moved forward and I just didn't need NL also was a Carolina and who's got game in the Carolinas Carolina and Jacksonville or Carolina dice will and 94. The titans these really Houston Oilers they left Houston moved to Nashville. And then eventually used the gun and he had a wreck so they came in by themselves yet so orchestra. Oh. Oh well. Well notes after nine before this yes it is definitely after nine and I before. I could actually go. Yeah it is. That there are no work out of nowhere arm and absorbed through this morning in my married Jean and the eight some reason I else too long we've about it and I know that I know that the Tennessee took the colors with them. Which but what was wrong with still calling the team the Oilers at that point in time like the browns when they went back they they they were the browns and he came back well I just wonder at the southern and only the Texans now I gotta like the logo on their colors I want to. As if you live in the city. This is my opinion and by if you live in the city but it's a relocated franchise as opposed giving a fresh expansion won't I think. To cut a rallying from. Potential fans around team if it has a new name then it's a new identity and its own city can buy into select. Plugged in on the move the rams LA Grande river and started knowledge and memory boot sale of those not a back in LA maybe people care maybe people don't the chargers people for sure war. Do not care the raiders it's going to be different Vegas for the raiders are just kind of cool mystique. Or something like that but otherwise may not be one of the Baltimore browns look. Arizona Cardinals didn't want 25 years and even if there wasn't really in my mind it's in those gets to the going to be the cardinals again because of the new baseball thing. I don't remember a minority cardinals. Yeah but it's on sale I get that ever. Could be ours they have you will know exactly how bad you're out it's miserable all right now our d.s and hand spread neck in neck and it's a two way tie for second place between Vienna sausage isn't hole canned chicken how we doing there on another men's or poll on our Twitter site manager month number one still Vienna sausages can't. This regularly if you'd like to be a contest and 844999. Hello we've got more of big Denny coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Had Jeff Pomeroy it just me details as each State's favorite Halloween candy we'll do that right after emails in the men's room Edmonds or my dot com few comments rolling in as well I DNA regards still wanna Ted just so you know all right excuse number comment one says he'll wanna is actually a good place to go out and around and Els followed by god so those based in San Diego spent a lot of time in Tijuana. If you go. Joseph also make sure you Wear old shoes in gold jewelry I had the police. I have the police arrest three twice once from a large one for my new jordans all know. Right so look. I don't Wear watches on good to go I don't have Jordan's. I like my air max's I'm not going okay it has now but yeah I don't live far far 999 all lose our next contestant rated play the game. Hello Mays then welcome to the men's room. And I. I imagine it's over now it's over. And our men's room Paul Mason is standing product your choices. Sar Deans Vienna sausages all canned chicken or hamstring. I kind of dog is quite good I'd bet good. Hamstring list. Good to him threads are rewards gateway. Like I'm one any of this but if I have to have one of them outbreak ahead of duty you go to their website they have a lot of great ideas and recipes just look at the roared away immediately and like a pig in a blanket acceptance him spread and cheese inside Microsoft. So all managed pig in a void moon. Payments less responsive sounds delicious what about eight buffalo chicken table. Okay. Am I assume you. I'm gonna tell you anybody. They're not even run. I mean come on expensive they're just say himself led the Dow not looking good idea at all. Arafat. All right it's in the game of scrabble what is the point value of the letter Kennedy is at 34 or five. Day or. I sat. IEA IE. I would ask this question before but I enjoyed it. What do the letters in Akron and scuba stands war. The black thing well guess what nobody alert somebody else who has actually enacted. Underwater breathing apparatus Tiago loves to scuba. Self yeah change you data. Self contained underwater breathing apparatus are attacked at the red shag brat look. At a solid agreement and the thing I've read that answer. Your question what does the name of the Disney cartoon character that is the girlfriend. Of Donald Duck. There. People can read a book. The recent death. And he teamed up. I hate age was it big and bad days. Okay who's done more to look around away. There's no there's no fake wars. Every case that I thought did just that I engaged. And now come on we all are feeling a page. You know everybody is a dirty or bought by the time you meet her yet she is accused on roads and she's very kind. I don't a mile hole always I've ever know like straight eight kids yeah all of you know the third sweet. And then I don't have like this two years like a personal rooms bring you do in the leg got booty is out there okay turn to hey you've been paid no I just feel like the name says you used to be you know who. Look at Cole. And I apologize to be named paley. I think I may again I would bottles every page I know it's like the sweetest nice braves were you sleeping they're very thin and work out we named after somebody in a book you should be Smart others and I and again they are known to the escrow. All right in that question. Space X was found about what south African born inventor. That. I he's got mad Tesla. Moon right here has lost his hands back and then went shahak the company Tesla model I had not bad my bad. They have no idea. It. Line. Well there's no way out no way now. You article called yeah must. So now look to south African man muscle money if they knew I can't afford it. You there's no question about her body no questions. Are what American writer wrote the poem of the ravens. Arafat can our. Well. Yards as the Baltimore Edgar Allan Pena and your family tree. Gave his big dummy for far 999 Alou is our next contestant right to play the game today and you know who it is today is Japan. Now James is over nuts over. Felt after overdue look at this show. I James are miserable today candy products style sorties via south just hole canned chicken ham spread to the daddy one more to go. I'm let it go in half of whom I usually enjoy the BM sausage. Do occasionally. Whit how long has it been since you've had one of those ourself evolving at a lot always knew about. Probably about holy month or so really you want to eliminate them all out of the game. The amount found love love my wife likes them have you read hail Brad. Because if you're and that's when I was younger fans corned beef and can any anything that comes in the can that fits into this meat product wise is it one. Two by two areas are they don't spread that out though they don't and they never really I don't want peace and it can in my ever seen you do you shop this actually that's what I'm saying the I outdoors and have it checked. Still account had Jeb is on the way says meat and potatoes we have for you today's each State's. Favorite Halloween candy with a head chef coming up amoral big dummy 8449990. Look you would like to be a contestant that's 844. 999 Obama. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.