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Friday, October 6th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. It's only fitting my friend around profile but we'll take our time right now a 449990. Locally profile this coming up in minutes. And I got your headlines and only one hour from now the first quick check to my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working all right more than fifty stores have already confirmed they'll be closing on Thanksgiving so employees can spend time with their family goes the ball out it's cows go H&M Home Depot IKEA and Sam's Club nice hope that trend continues right. And I we get all of our shopping done before holiday just just leave a Black Friday it's going to be a busy day people buy the stuff they still got two more days to shop give people the day off for Vegas spent time with a fast. To many guys worked on all of us. Yeah yeah Saudia radio men charisma you name it they're there I was so little time right didn't work didn't. Holidays were always guarantee and Fred Allen George holidays you can add eight hours through every room almost shipped to. And I learned that being around family and working on holidays isn't the worst thing in the world depended fitter right depending on the scenario of us. So okay. I would also say eat some people have to work on things given a special shout out. To do the work of supermarkets. For people like me to forget butter. There's a lot of oh yeah oh yeah and how. Holidays do red white and do need a lot of blood right there's some there's some stuff you need I feel bad that I'm happy that they are there for a few hours open. You're like me and you always have fun. You said you haven't had my stuff that you know you can order an entire meal for the holidays from whole foods and go pick it up. That's the elements the stuff I've done in front of the and a bit less of your whole kitchen and making good meal that Turkey sandwich for the or Croatia much smoother than anyone can he or he'll figure them. From ABC news's web site it says Frankie Muniz says he won't let mini stroke stopped him for. Instead it headlines all out. The way that I've finally admit it we're looking met yesterday and ripple of ABC news and it's a big picture freezing and as. And literally and I know some technical glitch. But this is frank you me and as well not that many strokes for bench him for. And my name is Danny Manning and a pregnancy left. You could. Aaron LN a stroke at a completely correct you can. I have a stroke many heroes. Weird man now wouldn't that put a fast break. How strong press frank. That's right the should I still a giant giant millionaire I mean. Frank unionized you know what I want nothing in the middle Malcolm in the Middle and he made two movies right after that to the field and he just got to cash still has been Cilic. I wouldn't doubt that and his credit always been a clippers fan who may or bad that you know what Hester and and that they have a bandwagon fans. The fifty odd couple in the Netherlands got married recently and one of their wedding photos is making rounds because they both solicit the wife is giving the groom oral favors. And and it now all you have. I have not as good just did they do that on purpose yes all right now is and it's sort of his ankle was correct it's. If the photo is he's he's back all right his pants around his ankles. The brightest in front of him and on the staff at these yes they both assumed the position that you know what can be failure. Most people's wedding photos are quite more nor friends and when my original that I am well I don't know what the thing that is one to do it cool. The thing and eleven memory of the last when he gets there tall thin it out if senator I think you know you have taken a picture of the last time you knew it was the last until but remember this beautiful moment in your life it's like hey this is going to be one of the greatest days of our lives and really you're gonna take a picture that's the greatest day all of his life. I mean it's a funny for about a week but there's that photo is just I wouldn't hang that if I. In my final night after after all well and end on your wedding day and you're tired you're exhausted and you and your brand new wife are finally alone and laying in bed there's one thing that you may be what life. Do tabloid diamond doesn't get it down to meet the very valid all the fan whenever there. And marinara no safe word on one thing I know one of evidence that it happened in my house. Paula good enough to be fun wanted to I want I want I want look at me you know I want evidence that it happened. That's the thing my so I have evidence that it happened to you why you're not even Bayer believe. This is a naked picture review submit to a naked chick and I think we twenty minutes to notice you're sitting there on the the old guy that might. Although I want to get there if you eat a lot of salmon a new report claims you may be helping to fund North Korea's nuclear program no let's directed debaters. Specifically bears to make it how do they connect the dots I don't know that LeBron and a I'd like salmon it. What is a good kid my guess is that the usual aboard a lot of Santa. I don't use that money just on the nuclear program to my guess I think I apologize America. I mean I was limited way houses John be healthier to apologize yet said. Yeah you for your help before the receiver Roy Nelson thank them selfish bastard to really. McDonald's manager in New York recently got busted for selling cocaine. He was actually distributing abide tossing it in bags of people's food wouldn't do releasing the photo and it is also a large volleys stories I'm not math. Give me a large Coke. His brother I wonder what the orders got to be for him to note dropped baggy I won't take. And it may well live. And an eight ball to go OK yeah. I can't count it hit it and that's it you know might be that easy man don't you get a drink and a medium drink you can get value meal and then you know at 21 and he's a big did. Give me a big Mac would no fun. And a bag of cocaine experts also has a right simple life I'll take a large Coke. Extra ice. If it lets you want to do that rose to golf is people can't just say the code words school they always need to let people that don't know that there is on the Norma. Suited Hussein and his that's French for let us know what to say now figure board reversed relax they go ahead man I'll take a bird. Route and through and move look at the size that bank account all my guy. Yeah. Ad you saw me doesn't a lot of adults and planet. The cops named it operation. Off the menu and follow up a do they talk go to guy like I'm really not name an operation happy meal and you know I didn't know how evidently at the Barbara's name on these investigations. He's got an ironic that a food restaurant obese on the drug that makes people not exactly right. A million others that weren't that friendly music play guy's gonna get the burgers and it's good I cocoa with whoever I think it. Are you ready for the smiles yeah I'm in an Iowa had the lottery last month and won 25000 dollars a year for a life well. I promise that is 92 years old golf. Club job. Status and a hundred bucks in my area I'll students. It's a lump of a 390 Betty good kids. Global media company they're a different choice and they had to remind you want like there that they did in his Chad Seymour that's OK I have five eighths. If you hit they have been for the rest and look at these are happy the lottery than anyone mess we can't really. Yeah hole I what they wanna live events and we got lucky loser 25 he's a month yes. That is also. He. I'm sorry a year my dad pulling away anyway you know I read tabloids Ronald recently sued their neighbors for two and a half million dollars. Because they renovated their home to make it look like their house. He Eleanor against the law against good I don't know very little funny stuff. Yeah I played my house mostly you're apps got to look at that address on the door now. I think lyrics are this is there like house flippers and just saw there also like art will make this regard I ever it's. About thirteen hundred people left their passport behind and a big October fest in Munich. Officials also found 600 wallets 500 points on 325 pairs of glasses a set of dentures and crutches and one pair of leather pants mean that you leave your dentures behind as you get drunk Ted. What happens when you went to eat few leads south really remember that you won't also includes all of the Virgil Lawson ventures is the same person or another example of the military and finally three separate news stories came across my desk today of people wildly over reacting only to know what each and every one of those Muslim Arab. Now they liked my headlines are coming of one hour from now the first game of the 336. Even throw Hilton please tell everyone how profile class is played I start ten miles it's as simple game were re share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here I'm planet her. Hurled at her and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be drew people and the decisions that people make. Less good it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Alex welcome to the men's room. And saw hop RIs that Alex you understand how this here game displayed. Do fantastic this story and balls a 69 year old man from wildwood Florida. He went for a McDonald's drive through but he did it look no ransom. But as we got up to the window he handed the female cashiers money and we should turned around and hand him his change she saw him vigorously fondling himself. And when he grabbed her arm and tried to make her join in on the touching down America. That's when she snatched her arm away slam to drive through window shots and immediately called 911 as he sped off now. Police tracked him down at a gas station parking lot nearby. Not that it matters is still had put on an advancement in the seventy shirt but he pulled off of those top draped over his wife. With the telltale erection directly under. Anyway he's facing a misdemeanor battery charge my question is do you believe this happy mass debater at the McDonald's drive through. As black white mixing or June. Flow. I don't know why it in my area original get there's leaning toward life. What are you yes thank them. Are you white guy outs but I am yeah. That is exacerbated the McDonald's drive through the he's retirement age in Florida Wednesday night that you really oddly enough money. I did my evil look there he's already doesn't have pants and I mean she basically just hands and change looks at married he's already. Lawson Dalton you recent joke. Yeah I mean. Everybody masterpiece it's. I do a one time. I do think. I've got to with him now like public masturbation and you're driving around he hit. It feels kind of white. Pretty white don't go crazy here are my guess is gonna be Jewish do we know what they ordered for food now I don't know what I hope the nuggets was involved. So I feel like a fish sandwich was involved. Button ready every two. Yeah and is now let's go here. I did knows yet no pants on who's a McDonald's CC nine years old he was masturbating you keep momma she would handle the chain he actually grabbed her arm. Why isn't a good writers try to make her and I grabbed some of the bad stuff then that the weekly can already think you're all laws. I don't look good as he would the guy who drove off handsomely Stewart drive through and was actively managed to bring when he thought after that I do not know pocket. There I'd better call I don't know where his mind what is leading in the bush. Time your final answer. I'm old kind of see an eleventh. Okay Wi-Fi Olazabal find out of this man was black white makes the or Jewish next bat with a team you are listening to the men's or radio network. They joke you know have turned the men's room father. As days of Florida's 69 year old guy go to the drive through there at McDonald's from disease now where any fancy feasting care business in the little woman Kansas food whatever he grabbed her hand in Dresden. Sushi Linehan. And he wanted to know I think she freaked the hell out of course and closed the window door or call 911 police got him later on that gas station where he still was Sam Spencer says teacher Donald trying to cover situation. AM eastern nominee and he surmount over his wife and Alison we ask you did you believe that this guy was black and white makes either Jewish or right out of the bag instead whites. God. Roundup for sure okay the other woman was still on the sauces and trying to leave so maybe that they're giving a corner that's. Now road do it does not guarantee town day. Sure but. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. I've talked about often inflict oh in miles and you enjoy this channel vice land is indoor channel are really like it. Obviously from vice the magazine that newsmagazines in TV show in this and that. Save a bunch of different shows on there. Now what my favorite late night shows and TV right now is caught d.s is Tamara. Now where a couple dudes from the Bronx. I think these tags stuff for the each other demand like summer school so. I like them they come on eleven that's obviously a little different they had a podcast for years the what is it like to devote bodega boys who would ever so I very much like Jesus Romero. But they're not as well known yet so I never really I admit I referenced them battle use clips from their shell. But luckily last night they were only Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon. Obviously wanted to get their takes on a few things and dinner at the biggest fans of the topics. Oh this looks good I just got a as got a ferment in parliament start making my own pickles well. That is the what is the rulings. I implemented product. And into the holes it was sort of like people don't know well I. Yeah for an exit from melting pot yeah. Do you do that you put like I think the Bryan or vinegar and then you put like cucumbers and you make pickles humans. You do you have an on them getting into one of your take everybody you hear about precludes. It's. You can make a lot of the it like. Obama. Like anything. Hours after they saw an article also segue into a lonely job doing I didn't. OK so we didn't make it pick food of good. Did he do this in Davos tomorrow an animated. Mickelson bogeyed every islamists who love the love. To cook up if you could see the full interview. How we put an elephant and been through pixel page egos got the players by the way you'll watch their show money due Friday 11 PM on vice plan if you get priceless. So very good dudes and they have obviously a little bit different take on stuff sure you know and you know one dudes Dominican descent Monday's Puerto Rican descent you can imagine. They've been canceled fund with stuff out of yeah I will say though fair warning there. And unfortunately unabashed yankees. Elton. I know it's so weird I hope you watch him live from New York Richard couldn't. I hope it's in but there is just some of those franchises the kind of bring out that kind of feeling bad about the Yankees. And that's it. I mean like even Scott can't help him and held sports and I was like look you know he's from where we were out yet either Baltimore Orioles fan yells from the from like the Yankees can easily look. I know a lot of people just hate the Yankees did he don't take this is a fun team to watch maybe getting into it but it just. It's hard to be like all the searches for the Yankees that they have 27 championships. But multilingual bandwagon that's true what I don't like meet the Mets fan. Then you benefit. Yes that things are afraid you newness clippers fan from the jump hasn't always been easy. Hope read or seen him do an interview when he was a get well a child yet and you just think gamma clippers fans as they let me. But that's tough got to be you know they've been the first actual clippers fans who have publicly heard make the statement. Yeah I mean nobody went to the clippers were the Joseph that the bought them any joke you were gonna crack me. Yeah I mean right they've only been good for like the last few years easy Nubian falling off a little bit lately too. Oh yeah well like every postseason pitcher. How are just what happens they're sometimes. So when the weather changes right. You people get excited and maybe there's a high temperature you're not expecting. Maybe you're one of those people that likes a storm it once and Nicole Smith's and that. Serena coach the very end of broadcast this comes to us from TV now why. In Fargo the weatherman just said with the weekend's going to be pain and she's real excited about that high temperature. Senate about the wind bell. I had 69. We'll just keep saying maybe in the that you go. OK yeah I think the only who just goes about eight inclusive courtesy of everybody that's sixty not a I'm good I don't again. I think you and I do we'll be right back and say do dissidents and number one Leslie Mann okay. Yeah how we wish I was more mature sometimes I heard that and now who Iran's argue that erodes the funds yet just will more time to listen to the excitement on that last 69. That's 69. Am excited about the win but I'm okay that's sixteen I didn't want those. Am I talk about the women yeah. Yeah phone lines lineup and think that tactic to unify under oath and it's. So if you're a fan of and are not getting this kind of stuff basically. Money hall who used to host let's make a deal he passed away yes so some interest in things. Number one you remember I had the music in their the theme song let's make a deal it's good song. I don't harm her or not. Okay. Okay all right cool. We did this really it's. Only taking home about your. Well yeah you lose it's about time and music business then it's wow. I'm glad John can be used to do. And a real enough not nearly as interesting goes on all of them to get it was not one of my favorite game show. Well listening to knew that there are not so much but I think for kids it was a nearly schools was for dummies. Yeah and let's make a deal by the way how wing. Wayne Brady because the current version of that but of course it is so if you know let's make a deal they are famous for the fact that people had customs and eating. So basically he was saying when we did differ shows. People Betty you're back in the seventies showed up in suits and dresses nice looking people in the audience. But that eases the the second week or so a woman showed up with a sign. So then he just what was it. The one soda rose a red violets are blue I came here to deal with you. So he stops are reads a poem and as our. Eat your gonna play on our guy right right and then basically. Within next week somebody else shows up in a costume and got picked. And then. That's how it started but yeah making up the show that there was never planned if you let OP will be in costumes in the finale just. He's gonna happen and that's what they're most famous. And I can tell you behind the scenes of this love these things work probably six weeks in the taping the show like. What in the hell is going on everytime I look out of the audience as people in Gaza wizard allows drags on and as I do know Amanda's. You know where the. Yes I'd like to me also say to Mikey he because we hadn't played and it's like the first couple but then once everybody server and the crossings using was almost easier. You wanna just go pick out right proper camera each time. Now you know up prices right neither and they can't Wear lake real logos and stuff. I agree promote products store I get that. Yeah and I never thought about I had some friends that were in the audience and its like. Oh yeah would you never CU like official logos of people when they're and rethink their sponsored you know you want to into the game originally brought to you by brought you by brought to you by yeah I don't for the deathly see so many people and homemade shirts that give you don't want like to give away brand new Chevy truck with a guy out there who were fortunate to prove correct. Yeah exactly that's it you're somebody had something like that happened along the way. The guy had a shirt that says I hate California missions. If you go to new car. When California residents. So you can't I don't know I just always think about that I don't act is a different standard I guess it is. This guy every bit of the LA and all the small bay had and what the seventies and eighties that is the way they. Got so stringent and so strict new emissions I guess that's the topic they just don't like we can do it. Just don't want to read all those other states you don't California mother. Yes that is we are when I was a kid the small there was a big deal voice and it's just not an hour and not as marginal thing again but they tools California emissions. And and nearly as much about there's a way to turn that into a dirty term but California emissions if I've already got in mind that. And I can't even begin to describe it to my mom blonde haired person fart sound he. The picket at California vicious gather Feyerick Deborah. You wrote them. As we've talked about American I had a little bit in the new judges there Katy Perry as they freeze it is the big job. How Bay's women love being called boats. The rule and I've met like please put dog get anything else you gonna say about it is not a compliment so because you the big dog Dennis. It is I guess maybe depends on what you look like from Merck and why they're calling you that. Yeah they're there to play OSHA never informed issued and go. Right Harvard just some random person it was a big dog. Never happens they improved to Barbara I think. So she's the big dog on campus that this will be don't get big run up big man big dock at the kennel. She got 25 million dollars. I'm so she gets 45 million dollars this before they locked in the other people. Like this they sit Seacrest. He's either I get that much new to get this team that's only gets. Land he's been an all time yeah. But I guess Lou Brian Lara Richie originally rolling and get two and a half million. Which is by nearly 10% of peace are written so they went negotiated according to New York Post now they're getting seven million each. Against. Of those 54 million dollar in and that's just the salaries of the people whose names we know. Not the rest of the abduction snapped people who build all these crazy sentinel wrestling that feeds four million dollars to want to throughout four people. God dammit but also I would have to imagine just. Just the Coca-Cola cups at sit there alone and at that deals worth all massive amount million dollars. Yeah and you know it's a lot of money they spend a lot of money on TV and they did they get really do which are we're breaking down the numbers and they're talking about wag his tail so Megyn Kelly this and ratings it was would be bottle while. But to be fair she's now going to begin silently and Kelly and secret strike a lot of New Delhi and right ended their kind of their own power house so we're looking at the numbers. And I wanna say Megyn Kelly like 2.3 million viewers and a civil power house being live with has like two point eight million years. And I'm thinking about the salaries Omar is my broken down a quick and said you know based on the number of markets in primary 120 markets. Basically know watching the show and exit. Yeah when you predict how money market value or in lake so hurtful collectively. In America about two point eight million people watched the show what. Market to market nobody's working the showboat when it comes to TV the advertisers man. They show arrow so much money and it's amazing how much money they will spend for no one to see there has some small market by suitable for our purple and better right it's just like I guarantee you. Analysts that bison and I alone gaga announced upcoming drill more and bastion and would affect both rubble for off. Or bulldogs are old old I mean below I don't know crawled my Bulldog warlord bull frog into the trees. Yeah Kaka that's rough I've. Don't bison just large may have been there before like five to clean shaven and I hate that Tommy Mason Mike bison. But that's just anthrax is natural god given me this adjustment might bison would poison them. I also think due to late. I TV just everybody looks at it so much different. Do I don't know I insist complete perception of business wise it that's did you I'll take your money and white and on fire amid but because nobody is what. These are the highly rated show and when you break it down by market mikes so essentially no one's watching your show anywhere. Yeah that's that's pretty and to collect enough crumbs and fridge maybe have a meal you know itself. Don't know one someone's talking about a show you can go on Twitter south the greatest litmus test you can see the people are tweeting. About the bachelor. The bachelorette and all these other shows game of throw and you can see where the buzz is happening I haven't heard that brought up I've heard that show brought up. Other than us talking about it. Who's going to be huge usually cast member it just doesn't seem to have the same traction some of the other shows people are into bench watching and do what has a moral authority and took dead yeah you know in Europe. I think yeah. Well no 12 was just an entity depends on the Egypt the Dutch audience right shortcuts and CIS dominates right but seeing on your theory like. I don't see it kind of people like tween about theater they'll like come back I think their demographic that is older demographic is from an island that's and they they FaceBook every once in. And I imagine there's not as many clippings if it's a show that wraps up in an hour. There's not as much to tweet about. In a game with the joneses I understand it and the bachelor of understandably absent all cliff hanger security on the next week so I get the people given to these discussed what's gonna happen next did you see this but. If you wrap and everything's gone by the end of the show we've. Other than saying did you see it but not much more to say there and take a presidential cliff and yeah. After your elected not quite adventurous thing. Now they don't want to let whoever gimme eagle Arab world that the president. Yeah and then I did throw a senior class president. Army and you know you and I announce the campaign trail ideal man and I know that one year after smear campaigns. There was some. You got nasty and he didn't see that part got a miles but you know a couple of mile and a half I think I think it's speaking of popular shows against CIS. Polly correct. She's not. The girl with like the kind of a punk girl on and CIS. Whenever she's got like darker hair she wears the funky stuff yet he's out. Yemen. She's grown it and yeah I guess for fifteen years long side original stars of with our Mark Harmon. And David McCallum. But yesterday she announced this will be her last season. Basically I get it right it's been fifteen years to give a kind of looking like what happened this matches they have only been fifteen years and right do you think there's no briefly but. I've been playing this character. Abbie since 2030. The patent. And it's got to be okay as it is the producers are working basic they're trying to figure out a piece special sendoff for the character of as opposed to like put. When Avery down for you folks this is a TV works. If your character gets a fund sendoff was all good if they kill that character. I have every season as the early Amazon or somebody you know me like a soap opera character that way there's always the possibility she crime climb out of that river three years later be really a lot. Both play your own twin. Yet that is the soap opera thank you gotta love that about soap I went to North America or the person got lost in the junk it's the same character but it's a different actor. And it happens like him one day so doctor miles Montgomery you know it's played by hello I'm David Harris also makes three to two candidates like some red haired dude and still it narrowed the chi energy the national unity championship for known season. But she won some really supermodels and have a trunk like four years later like a Mac. So Netflix is raising their prices. Violate the very slightly. But a lot of people have been talking about it now popular saints received just the stranger things spreading Seth Meyers kind of nailed it on the head here. Which is raising its prices next month both. That is going to be quite a burden on whoever's password on music. It's the truth though that it thank you see how many times that's that I don't have Netflix solutions let's ask our. It's like the first thing you know what it's early please only one guy with a figure there's one married couple and every city and actually hasn't and they just and I don't wanna. I feel like Netflix password to Connolly we'd in the drug world people will not share Lerner they would not share the cocaine them. They got a George delete him or anyone has sort of come to Netflix if you say hey man what's your. I wish to routing number amount amount Tony that even if you ask him and give Internet here you we've had given a Wi-Fi about Netflix heard it's just going to have you. Did I the last to myself why I find myself this. The guys that hey this is your passwords very simple as a coup. Did not write it down all today and then when I go home lately my film to sign it just links me and this may be look under the facility which you want fine on the I'd I don't know no I don't know yet and they knew that well then I called the next morning that you know legislate or might it do deny them like I I don't know Amanda. I'm the type it and I'm right there I forgot my Wi-Fi go to start very easy front foot walk around there's some somewhere go to a library broke. They did earlier Bruce Jenner I get your headlines on the way oh my god you are listening to the men's or radio network. We are twenty miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Tiger goes ahead a New Jersey where dad both sons teenage flag football coach in a chokehold. Meanwhile Indian Supreme Court says sex with minors is okay but you cant sex them until their old. Biggest car plant in India shut down as large leopard was roaming the halls. Carolina homeowners receives thirty grand and pot for the mail from the man named smalls and we almost offline cans of chicken it is time we had lots. It's kinda hit. Mike I I'm sorry we got to discern the shot of the day in Illinois a middle school janitor with cleaning out one of the bathroom when he found something floating in the bulk. He told the authorities and learn a little Betty baby fetus had been found inside the toilets however upon further investigation it turned out to be only be attempt on the had been left floating in the. You know the beauty of this whole story though is that you don't mind the local news stations showed up and this is the guy I'm starting to sink their teeth into your right. The top statements they make gonna test that they gonna figure this out all the parent trying to work through all worried about it our live forever it's let's play the next day the conflict it's a Tampa. And how messed up was that thing where you thought it was a statement. I think we can all man and that's just nasty you. Yes might put that tampons job is not one moment where all the products indeed. It's got range of their toilet paper with I didn't know how old are your product life ends and don't want good luck to I just. Can't imagine one that is bad bad off. The two where you can't tell it's an example on the moving all around the world to call awful example number itself. It's Switzerland a matters even now from an anonymous neighbor expressing concerns about the choice of flag that he had been flying outside of the home. Due to the black flag will wave riding the concern never left him a note asking quote should we be afraid have you are you when I guess sympathizer of the Islamic states. His concerns were effectively quashed when the men mailings claim that his flag with the Jack Daniels labels. If if if that's the fact sheets come on Sudan with this. See I'm import prices I guess support whiskey I mean I I understand this whistle and I don't know if they don't speak English in this just looks weird today. By Swedish. This is a fact. I don't swiftly Switzerland. You can still look at the flag Lee you are mostly guys and prices the border would you creep over pogo okay I got fast did you write that note of fear. From looking at the flag that oh my god we have to do something about this I'm a great side note I don't I don't know things Rolle Switzerland but I would think that most people. If they were ices supporters probably would not put the flag in front of the house it's like your NFL logo because they like diseases and how are you know and right now. They'd they don't Wear masks to hide themselves or anything like that now over the final stop removing god. In Michigan the MSU president was approached by a student Barry concerns about a new is that someone had hung outside of her room. The end of the student was commended on her bravery and authorities were called shortly after their her their arrival. The police discover that it wasn't the news at all but merely shoelaces that this had been found in the hallway. And hug up in no particular location in the hall for someone to claim them. Now by. Yep it's. And number limit I don't know but it is. They ran some shoe string listened circular aways like they would do like a phone quarter whatever Philip lost her shoe strings and just I get a Condo place. Is this week. From the blue blazes who wants to boost the noses may. Hemp rope big thick Hansbrough. Who I would know how good they are now. I have never seen a news and I tell me more everything millions of old westerns where they aren't hands old how they are migrant Xavier within home movies. It's called on the yeah. Yeah and oh man that. Capacities united. We go to New Jersey where a man was so incensed by his son's flag football coach rotating no matter who the quarterback position. That he stormed the field and put the sixteen year old coach into a headlock sixty years old is the coach is sixteen years old my rotated the man's son out of the quarterback position and it put him into landlocked. Don't just put out a PSA right now people can't we calm down for half a second. So has our parents manifested his freaking out are there to. It's always the parent site. We think a brand they've always been embarrassing the kids for many many years think about the situation I'm done about all the stars and I just rattle moderates like you we'd take a second think about what's going on here and maybe you can react. Appropriately all of these stories would not be newsworthy if each person who spent an additional fifteen seconds count. After that son somebody's had a right to freak out a Suzuki manufactured near Delhi. Nice of workers were evacuated from the building after a leopard was spotted inside the factory in a big lift. Good massive. It's a 36 hours but rescuers were able to tranquilizing animal and removed from the billing you think they have like special siren flatly there's a fire alarm there are about the leopard overall effort. Actually it doesn't. Name me. I just do the screening of their lives and and and let her. If they fail. Then you got a plan for my that day when you noted fire escape where I'd you have an effort to escape plan. I'm surprised the biggest car manufacturing plant in India Suzuki I don't know we're gonna surprise. We go to Charlotte South Carolina were a couple was shocked to find 151 pound brick of marijuana had been delivered to their door slowly relation aren't happy. Right. Like oh no drugs out of you and we've had a dozen plots of pot and up on our dark big big box upon Dahlia athletes are the dragons and there was about 30000 dollars worth of marijuana along with about 400000. Dollars were the pills inside. And they're investigating where the package came from pills pills says blacks can do more than 40000 pills and confidence and chemicals that were thought that they leave my outside at every headline that my. I went Brazil's CNN exam for the return of the random question question your guess is as good as mine profile visible reviews of men's room rules doesn't need it. Is all true we are out of here for now though we sell return. Until then please do what you do best and for lead the saint. Scale.