10-06-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Doesn't Hide it Well

Friday, October 6th

Mens Room Question: Who busted who, and what were they busted doing?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's drilled. That's just on the latter part of Ted vs the FCC our question today who busted who and what would they busted doing let's go to the story right here in golden valley Arizona. Earlier this month the 58 year old woman and golden Valerie called the cops and basically reported a possible Craig's list scam. The woman and her husband had bought a house at a great price of a guy on Craigslist. But after she gave him a 3000 dollar cashier checks a down payment and he gave the keys. She's another keys didn't work. The police investigated and figured out what happened they tracked down the seller a 34 year old a man named John David C relaying and found that's. He did know in the house he was just running it and decided to make extra money by selling it. Cashing the cashier's check. And then bolting the cops got to put them in the driveway just as he was. Packing up his U haul let's get down pass he was arrested on felony theft and fraud charges are question who busted whom and what would they busted doing. Hello how we welcome to the men's room. Well nobody is a guy. I had so Khalili got organist sandwich shop and it was almost great champion crew and I got busted making pipes out of the old fruit and vegetables. Are you Barth then. Yeah I thought that was almost accepted what are we only in restaurants that I die amendment saying they get a break right before you open whenever there's a weird one guy in particular. If you gave him a paring knife and a matter brings a pear and apple care usually dude he can dig the greatest bull and it was stupid goes our idea was in this one particular place is that when the security guard made rounds in this parking area. When he went around and will look like we're smoking a pipe lessened but it does look like we're smoking cared which to me makes it all the more suspicious but who busted you. I was my daily viciously about point eight not my boss. Hey troll for making a pie paper get in trouble for smoking the week. I didn't smoke the lead I just I was yeah I was back in there like ten minutes making pirates had a cucumbers and Apple's ultra and it's. And got a goal of this break this begs the question you've continued to do this in life correct. Aren't what would have you found to be the best of the best. Vessel carrots that you can use to smoke I think cucumbers Alou was mangled her so wed in solar pairs pairs of rallies are very moist. I I disagree I found they cucumbers are really good I got to do is put a little tin foil and wood all inched. Well on any yeah fruit or vegetable we don't know that you comer that's the one you go look at I thought that was the least successful marketing. You can just didn't and you can just make the actual air the actual hole so big. So the risk serious. Right I guess is coach Brad Gilbert of the seeds and got a bigger chain big like maybe a really green banana would work but I never bought a really how did you dance man okay. I've only redundant apple Apple's new thinking around that apple is small those sometimes it makes everything a little too was guard like that die familiar to pension another round of peace fruit. The odds I'm ever grabbed fruit we are living in that hotel was his third car audible if they don't all through it and lobbying those always readily available these are reliable. You know exactly what the hell's happened. I who busted new and Mo they busted doing a 44999. Hello hello hawks welcome to the men's room. Alone it's. Hey salad so I would say over in Afghanistan circa 2010. And we had this squad leader who would like Captain America to do is Jack to handle larger than life was smoke up to high heaven and will help. And just. Would whip wholesale Taliban asks east well. One platoon was out of a different base the other platoon out of another based. Our platoon was just wanted to skeleton crew at the base we were out. So there was only one squad leader left behind to manage all the do you guard tower guard well that happen to be this dude. So. He's going around checking on everybody and he gets off of his shift. And here's replace may couldn't find like the battery chargers or something that the batteries and radios and so he goes well conform everywhere camp I get. Goes into eventually find these now keep in mind there is nobody here it's just completely skeleton crew. Do you do in the tower or dew sweeping from being in the tower so. It goes into that you find him he's he's he's got like a bunk bed being set up that we built and he has the Pittsburgh Steelers blankets. That is like god. I guess like a curtain but a shower curtain and and so. Goes in there are moved and done Pittsburgh Steelers blanket and he has got one Afghan National Army soldier in front of them one behind him they are all three naked and he is just getting that. OK at the Americans go in the town why it's all too yeah he had to sell is gonna tell on him. And nobody saw this comment because this student was like yeah. Okay well he's a dog on a nominal Spiderman and Captain America both roles as Smart it's. Okay macro shot about an adult and look that how did change the movies you think. So you can't copyright and what is it sounds I got her life while now. When you're that good looking you hear what everyone probably you know get is there anybody rip this guy about it after the fact there was this round. That's Captain America does. Yeah I mean they're any time from now on you sort of get like hard nosed with people we were just got caught an eyebrow at him like really do disease. If if if if it's the flour all okay. Into what branch. On the hope aren't you didn't handy mean steeler fell a man. You know my I want that you had to throw in the fact it was still expect it at the ivory pickup. I will just say that now my I'm just picturing capped an American a much different way. Bill well yeah I mean now we get all of us collectively can never get that image out of our mind and then he. Countered where I would argue on tougher than you. Think yeah 'cause of the event and we're like yeah actually he's probably right. Tell us down the idea you made you maintain contact with any of your old bodies or you're over there with. Oh yeah it all on the same page spoke OK at debt and America's captain there. Yeah he's on their article is he out. Yeah he's out now you know how a guy I guess I would like to see seventeen pilot in the air force but you don't know Q. So they're like together and happy and all that stuff. Nice nice. To Captain America the pilots and it is just like captain American fan just like up got. Busted a move and she doesn't like apple barrel oil up on women's Larry about it at all it's in slow motion to of those quiet apartments where they fly. The danger zone to. Geeks who wants to do and well they busted doing it for 4999 Nolo. Believe I welcome to the Madrid. Over. Top. Hey guys that let it show anyways. I'm not live it is that Captain America. But I was deployed Q I Iraq. And it's the most boring job ever order like shutting down getting ready to go all. And we had a bunch of came to turn them. And kind of book thrill. That is drawing so I've made us dental and I had a bunch pink spray paint. And we canceled a punch at penises. On these tapes that we're turning it. And I went over my review internal to tank in where does the government. The tank still low amateur I would like another unit coming yen and there are tiny form basically OK I got to what do you is that how many months ME miles he got on it. So wait who else did you spray painting the penises. By LT and how many tang said you already hit. Probably about only oratory. All the same place the yeah we're it was a very good as it was invisible and yet until you were in there. Also he had hi nice to see the thing penis well yes and what kind of what got in trouble you get them for putting us in the pink penis on the inside the tank. 0:8 o'clock OK good good good good encouraged that they did and other CNET you don't mean like when you tell the story if you go all ga ga yeah Jack I remember the thing penis. You know I have a friend and anyone but I'm sure they're out there I took one and that's and that's parakeet that supports say. One of them gone down range with a big bright pink penis. I think is the date. I didn't know was he scarier. But again I thank the big branches in giant war machine with a huge Greenpeace so they're firing ball I might. Yeah somehow makes everything work yet so mostly it's so intimidate like these guys don't care. William about Japanese youth who busted hill and low they busted doing it for Ford 9990 look. What don't you think that applies to everything right so there's a pit bull in neighborhoods lose. Everyone's here at the pebble the same pit bulls Solis pretended PP in the some side and that somehow hold that dog is scares me. As enemy fighter that comes down or he's gonna get McCain Drake is just like a slow whatever song you like what went wrong with the student when he's not getting amp doppler now and I'm about to cry. Yes we need she is jail like he's about it ever done that. Oh yeah like my heart will go on personally I think about a ridiculous songs what I'm telling the weirdest rumor you thought you've got to be getting now that you went to tell them and I don't know the news. And the only rule would have given them. White's name 00 little gin Omar well that's what you are color but equally it's gonna market are doing when it. I don't remember if the feminist I didn't I see did you come out to some really slow songs you just scares me every time tour like something is wrong with that day we'll just not my job that saves love. Now around lag until I can run a corner yeah boxing gym like it's got to be loud and amp up the got to get you going in with guys like. Taking EZ go will some of us who busted knew he had and all they must've doing things with that with. And look water hello Trevor welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. I heard that your goal and it just hung out of the but he felt a little bit and we got waved to date. And I was brought home an accurate and eat well sleep you know told by Egypt and 1130. I walked in every single light on how old Eric felt hey outdoor. And I. Guess I mean I was drugged and install on the ice doubled in the weight room and tried to go right to bet. What is their responsiveness. All I got up at the next day tour there is all old 888 hope after it lightly and watched it. How much we did you have. And just underneath. I'm assuming your parents don't smoke we know that you're not as innocent as soon as I get there with a plus a week. I always hope the boss might give the readers are you save the money. I do to. A certain point I used it silver whom I barely even looked at alcohol. See that's the difference man it's one thing it's not relate it's one thing if your parents are really conservative they get mad about it. On the either parent to come launches we'll talk to you put a good someone who has been lush and is now being clean and sober for certain amount of time. It is done quiet man. Still yeah it'll flush we double toil and I don't care how long you've been playing. I think generally you don't want to run down the toilet. And smoke yeah who must do and what were they busted doing a 44999. Cola. Although I'm Mario calls on the way you are listening to amend or radio network. Yeah. Let it play exciting return of dead vs the FCC and it's coming up after our emails here for the men's or amendments or live dot com or question today who busted who and what would they busted doing a 44999. Aloha hello truth then welcome to the men's room. All a bit below a guy. They got out on the matter are you. I'm doing pretty good Carol. Ordered it and making right out there graduate high school that's the best time to make reported citizens. Right about the right I'm. Blow up my strategist and a symbolic of the dumber and you decided that we're gonna have a great time like graduate at school and it. Though become overly probably believe blunt the week. And that is my first time the bailout of me. As a lot for anybody. Well right so we go out and part actual age. So. And public are not a good idea season. Oh. We look at all all. Ever let it. All. How I don't worry you. It. All. And you never been had before this point right. Or not content. Have you ever been yeah I cents. Never got Daniel won't be able that the dragon you're never danced did you get busted out beings don't run rampant. And yet the idea. It was terrible. The window doled out in passing out and out but whoever holds around it or not on the way to go. But we're gonna look at KM what do you do it. And he looked up and it lights. I look back at a couple of all no not right now okay. Rolled all the little guys you do it. All. At that point I don't know how to I don't want a month. Okay. It's. And my friend like. What you ought to lie do you go from. Well it yet all of it mighty not no no no okay shall I did OK though. Real ID you can do although marijuana. And all we shouldn't do in public but because you got to audit a touchy deal. Yet it Clark bought a car every at a locked up go home. We're not about argue they are. Don't doubt luck up get out that the court how it about odd ball the way. We did during street light between here and that. I love these big present pregnant positive thing you just done. It was a very long walks and then we wait yeah how well privately what had two hours. It does it we are probably two hours how long like it. How long did it take for the hide to go away I mean some point you go to sleep but when you woke up I'm guessing you're still kind of stoned. Yes absolutely open up and would still completely lock the world and where your parents a waiting for you when you got home. You know okay well you got about jet moto please concert group oriented do you still smoke wheat. I do not good for you was that you wanted done away. Not by boat or. Well we almost got it. But they've upped its under total same part of that you guys again. Imagine the same place and I am. Auto where did he played about our military. Odds aren't good no they they know all the spots apparently had to do recognize human rolled the windows down. Oh absolutely they immediately. Dan gents do about it yet. Not boy it. We're like Brad bit about what we're about moving. Five grams and you. Think if you're at all. That is what our eyes and a and it won't god damn man you think your probable he might be the amount you smoke like. You know you can go to the bar have three Beers and be okay you don't go to the bar bottle director I don't dream it's our and it's a much different experience for the much different story and much like you will involve police you can have one hamburger or McDonald's or have fifteen and then you'll be sick Ernie and it's it's is everything in moderation as they get. One lone blue note though the end apply. Mike your vacation there outlook and no back. There wasn't an experimentation I was like learning how to ride a bike without training wheels one day in and going off a rampant evil can evil would jump off you're an area like you got I think you ledger sights a little too high but with we eat it is different ranked. Is it we go out and you're not experienced drinker like the alcohol hits you play. You gotta sit there for a while right drink the Beers and you can kind of feel it. Like camera the first sometimes I smoked legislate. Late. Again hit a blog is that how it's fine it's fine and then like ten minutes later just a bit oracle filed her. Yeah I mean medicine thing like hey man and do is get those people on the only thing. And everyone tells a man. Don't smoke more loser don't eat more that armored Israel consume it and they insisted refined and then everything gets them once. And then every governor buzz kill like man but towards not these that oh god damn everyone else had a quarter right willing to wait because we understand there's a bit of a waiting game. And then it happens when you do you couldn't wait. You have been there with a new looked like an adult who smoking for the first time oh yeah I was with a guy right. And he's nice dude start do so I explain how mobile home works and then he starts it's like pulled I think nipple. Yeah now it. He takes more of the biggest fears of a receipt my wife. And then. Doubt it got ahead I was there for that is minor for you know you weren't losing your house okay yeah replied I do remember that this is OK okay apologize yeah I was I was I was present them know you worked I was and I'm pretty sure yeah I was. Who was that. A breakdown mention. If it. Were you I was there are I guess you weren't there where there was absolutely there. But but he sort of freaking out and then there's also a doctor and he brought ice cream I think hey did you bring erase premiums yet. Let's go eats up to be less like scooter who was the guy he he I guess he went back surgeries basically won three keys for reed army and why and why it's so. This is the deal would goes down and and this I don't know if he had never smoked before. Or because the three of us were there and that he was he just didn't have and his head is remote to kind of stuff that we were getting at that time that a lot it's so pretty like I dread or two. And as I recall that we were engaged in conversation as we always are and we look around one point realize. He is close to us is we are to each other but he was just standing in the kitchen like staring at the wall. 445. Minute apparently went so he told us the next day that he you know was little light went through three cycles before he moved the car. Playing because I didn't smoke back then see you guys were just chitchat like normal or I'll I think I think it is seen as an opinion or you'll can't even not got any and then you know. Yeah I really do you'll get to drive home I think I think the world's moment for you real high. Got real comfortable as I didn't wanna be around people would which is pretty normal for people who don't smoke a lot but. And I intend to drive home yeah and sad at the same way what is his own finally hung panel mark Heyman. You know majority the worst the worst mistake that he will make all the time as they've always wanted to try we then you know. There inhibitions Goodell obviously when they drink show if there's ever going to be direct our I'd imagine that trying to worst kind ever tried if you never try to before because you're RD intoxicated and now this is gonna just clump right on top of its a united be hotel. There's gonna be different feeling. You might get notch issue might get sick and we got tense but either way it's not gonna be it's it's not going to define what that experience is like if it's just it you by itself could relate. Getting drunk by itself is is a lot different when you put the spends on top of that you come home refresh smoke weed and you make it just living hell for yourself. Who busted new and whoa they busted doing 8449990. Look no Brittany welcome to the men's room. All of a bit hit all yeah. I thought I dug up you tell us the most I didn't do you could do we call you. Now okay you called me you call us at minute call did you go round and no I called my okay article tell him. I. So both the new music. I did. Ari. I came home early from work on time and I'd enterprise back and I found him having a very bit by the. You're I'm surprised him coming home early one day. When he surprise you instead and that was or I don't won't lose her current husband at the time. And there was two other women did you know wasn't to the women. And did you recognize either of them. He now. It was this the only first time that he had attempted this or did you work it. I know I don't know like them. Probably not but I am I don't quite see it really I pictures are meant that there wasn't into that. I I figured something was not but in diet is trying to upload options and. So let me you walked into. Was he in the better series and the better and have a section drove objects. And did you have any suspicion when you first walked and house and anything team out of character reserve pair of shoes you know recognize in the living room. I'm now are now all but my daughter or that meeting at the door so I figured out oh maybe there. Not by going to the bathroom or something like bat. And then I played a. Hey you know baby I'm home and then I might hurt and they did the got a better at any age. And they must not hurt me and I just kind of locked in an. OK so if if you don't one of these two women knew you then and knew you personally from one. They see you they know exactly what's going on so I'm assuming that there reaction. What was the reaction Michael elect all your the next song come on manner like you're UB them that he tell him that he was did tell me was married her I mean he had to something. I really know what he told them and good luck I was there they did they look like a deer in headlights and then my ex husband was a trial like hey. It's OK yeah. Yeah I knew I hit me and. Hey baby. How do you respond and act. So I I look out but I have to edit guidelines. Well that's probably you know that's not a good good call either looked so so so they as you're not with your husband anymore let's assume rank. Or in the process of getting everything finalized how long ago did you walk in on the threesome. Add much. Let me I separated it from him think about it they've done a little bit of Arctic Patrick that made me. But I don't mind them. You don't and how old are how old is how how were you guys. I'm Tony say heat when he thought OK is is he a very good looking manners he just going in soliciting this and finding it you don't mean and and paying pro. And I do it attractive but after we got married eight got back. So this. I mean I. I hope I am attracted to it. I married my resume I'm proud of the really I don't. As. People think it attractive I think he does an able now. So there's no way you can find him attractive now. Did you how did he apologized to the offer anything up roses is like this is now our role. This is how when a man hey look I think maybe they do is make your life you like I ought to mind your own merlot makes a better. And I don't remember ever do it well. I think he GE. You know after I did look like that they have thirty seconds to get out of our house but all right shoot them and then he you know he would like. Hey. You know. I'm really sorry. I was doing I was like okay. There was no I don't know if I go I'm doing. All they say one thing led to a note that you had said. You don't accidentally had fans I'm an artist but I'm pretty sure that I would note I would how to what are we don't know I don't know let me answer. Think that the audience and played in the you know and indeed I at from what I I gather you try to Saddam some some photographs of you provocative photographs delegate doesn't. My friend and as a part of her and she kept simple art pictures of me because he's in the military so I was like OK well I'm gonna take the photos. And you know he can have them. Our when he doesn't play they can stand in the share them with his friends. Enough. Yeah yeah reality yes so trust me yes I mean I looked gorgeous and heat. Not a sit and then he wasn't needed and instead I showed them so many of like oh look and I and I agree or you were you trickled in during the marriage as well. Absolutely and today the CI and many opera I know I'm area I have many opportunities is. You know do stuff like that but being a military like I was like you know I don't wanna eat. Outlook area how many how many how many opportunities do you have being a military like I mean was it is a constant Agassi's away from. A lot of time I mean how often visit. More often than people think and who is normally do I doubt. What is Susie find out that he's gone for six months and a game on. Well you know I they weren't there like hey I know you know your husband Don I know you know a lot of blood god. I don't want anything particularly looking I know I'm. The guys don't care anyway you know a little bit into direct link I am married he's sitting right there and alleged well here's my digital you can tell me like I had some guys are the reason why guys are called dog truckers don't forget not only like c'mon man yeah. And Jeff I think you know I caught him in a group sex thing which is terrible. We usually get even with Ahmanson the three of us those who walk picture should try targeted I don't. Tens on the slot and I think you don't wanna learn Twitter interface look the last. Or cat like I ever tactic. Weekly I'm not completely divorced yet but I have a new no ad he is just crazy. Now the as he's seen the pictures. Yes thing you receivable recycle them what was his response to the pictures. Our lack. Of valuable good for him good for you. I don't think Corey hang out I guess so. Okay life is planned at lucky that we love you too bye and good luck in your new relationship. And thank you for making my commute from the out of our. ET in the right well it's hard drive on water. This will be obese they found there you know. Pay 449 and I Nolan who busted new and low they busted doing. A lol god dammit. Hello Eric welcome to the measurements. Are old enough products. And so I was seventeen years old I'm prepared to actually auto business there's. There's gonna shatter quickly. With my ex girlfriend I'm. And yeah and one thing led to another and some are other I can insert a new. Have a little bit of fun on the shortlist. Is not. So high grade reports out about 85 to sixty. I'm out doing a little ladies target put out about it I just have to board on the top. And we're going at it. And all the sudden I hear beat backdoor to the warehouse opened. And it was actually coworker of mine who. What I mean I don't exist out like ten years old. I'm I'm basically walking on the tour bus. Pioneer. Have insects on some formula. I mean you knew or do because you were there as well. They have a problem that there was Stewart and I get it. Well he ran out the door I didn't actually execute we're chasing the other way our own. I just heard it oh and then the doors slam. Issue freaked out. Rolled over I don't tossed. And I at least I didn't think we'll track there was nothing holed it on so she actually. Pallet that was on the air so the guys. All know lewd and overall. It's horrible. Yet everybody does what horrible for you yeah yeah young men. I will say that if I owned a business and my kid would say you were seventeen years old. If I send them over there to do anything during non office hours and Rivera the girlfriend I assume they're going to have side. Yeah I don't like her in no way you are honest to god think that your kid in their significant other are not going to have sakes if you send them somewhere alone right. He's exactly. Obviously parties she actually never told what Paris Tuesday is so I've no idea but he did tell the entire office and anyone who's new that goes there a caddie told it like dispersed it. Now what would what do you think your parents reaction will be of the found not only the jets ice on a forklift with a girl I tilted backwards out of playing Boston ahead. I think a moment freak out if she's a little bit I certainly. My dad parties are aren't. Honestly doubt there and I have a bureau did you take care averted you make sure she was OK got attention and all that stuff. Odd no we actually were not Jerry are. Since he was able function. Yeah yeah obviously just. Everyday issues it was a little loopy and I'm gonna loves them probably had taken had problems a bright like this ever go to the hospital after the and I'll. Okay then we can to be on. While caused an open and well they busted doing. The red sex on reports on juggles work and you know what I guess you just climb up once you when you said the height. Dejected you have to bring up the hype if you're sitting in the chair yeah. Our leaders face Verona what do you think loader think things have been no you know I mean if you got an area where now depends here obsession with my god man. Yeah productivity over and just to Hussein myself like why does need to be six who don't pay them. Give away this site because it's a force you know half yarn Brennaman I'll let it upsets a reporter with the lack complete man. They've got to go for aren't they yeah I lips that I thought I did my strategy would be like two and a half to three feet off the ground thought could I because okay. And when I always had access to the bus and go and all they busted doing a 44999. Alone mobilize Morey calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. True another tiger turn at ten vs the FCC also profile lists and our question who busted who and mobile they busted doing a 44999. Alone. Hello sorry welcome to the men's room. I was a gallon wow. So. This is about 22 got. Our neighbor guy. Yet two girlfriends you about it shout down and her friend is about a night. No we're hanging out at a party not our friend and my brother and I. And my brother went around how can be part employees. And he calls me over. And me so I think I went up. And I go to the wind out we've looked game and he staying in his girl friend's. Friend. Now I'm like what helps go up and down. When we got reprimanded you know she'd like Buhner thing or whatever. Yeah we understand why are you hung there for life. I put in my reasons randomly looking into your neighbor's windows against the demographers are there to know you're you can hit you can hear her I need politely and putt. You know like I mean you just listen well. You know. All I seen so we want to render the final act the part of our else. And his girl friend holds up. Already she goes into the house. Guys outside it in waits this year it's gonna happen. All hell broke loose and yet it was at about Spain by. Boy you guys hear good you know what he's doing in the bat you see the golf envelope from how long did it take from the time the door closes behind her until you hear the commotion. It. I would say about. 45 seconds. I've Tamara. Or things we are thrown in broken and screaming or all as the predominant cause. A lot of swearing. And he. You know it was not too bad actually it. I saw it they even started pumping all result Wentz was the girl friend's friend and you know it was like. They they must of broke opera then and that. And continue out there I don't know sounds that way it should. The final letter yeah yeah. I usually don't slam and you let him play that he was crushed and loses I'll matter processor and it is go to the drive pulled over their film the whole thing that. We were we were late you graduate high school right dropping to a single beach is right that they sleep budget eighteen year old just graduated high school so a friend of a friend. I use their family's beach house you can obviously the parents of this girl or little bit smarter. So the whole day we had been beer bought component pierce and if you bond to be here he got a piece of tape on your fingers mean to other friends got really excited. We have tape all over our fingers and our moving up or form if the whole place is empty except our one friend in his girlfriend in the back bedroom. Well her mom. Shows up Yahoo! and she comes in and first she's like what do you guys do in Genesis we drink can in here and then she's like where's plop plop plop right. So everybody kind of goes we don't know we don't know and you know how bad I am a line and understanding man Joost Ted. Are they in the back room and I just shook my head and cheap boom gosh yeah. It. The feet. Busted by mom does she drive alive. I tried way I obviously I knew I was Smart and affected utter words written and if you didn't you. You don't know I'll do I don't know where. I think as soon as she came back with my buddies are when she won I don't know what's coming out of there and we must do and low they busted doing it for 4999 Lola. Hello Max welcome to the men's room. What Paula I had. So. Often that a lot of the work area so I'm. The owns. So now one day and I is ultimately. He. Might have more to my neighbors how to proceed in the come over. And so naturally I'm thinking. OK. If you jump into this can be fund. And the go over. He doesn't mind the next time you have someone stay at your house lawyer guns yes yeah yes well oh yes I'm. And so he'd he'd take the sin gives us that you were in them. He's you know he's got a big bad weed and such and that's you know kind of what we did back then. And so he literally taken us around to every room in this house. Wouldn't wage that you room in the closet we're joking about my top boxing the closet. Among my friends are getting pretty serious about it. Yeah. This so that it's. Wouldn't let you also wanted to. Asked everybody all need to act normally do and a little Hawaiian hot box. And I. Was able to take a hit the wall I was taking a group. Class. So yeah well it was you know it's one of those bucket list things and is great you know so this yeah we don't withdrawals. We are good you know younger. But. And there's so in my embodiment you know you can even change that time by an ounce or something like this. Gathering change sushi literally like going to their drawers. Even in the master bedroom he like pulled out a drawer all the way where sellout and everything came out the door. And yes so it was pretty. Noose it was whatever but do you Muslim. Well hold on so we try to help later and you know his mom. Shot down ancient due to my appeared. The name wasn't actually maintenance center stage in but it's just eat solid work rules and reasons. I have this old. When we when we hear is mom calmed down I mean in my other body we look at each other you know about that kinda believe so. We left and let him deal without but it turned out that they found out. That he would use their Xbox. And so he had to go over there and apologize to them for using their X. I'm using the X mark you're how boxing any kids why. Aren't what they think they discovered is that why why would they have a price I would assume that a fight owned an Xbox at least and I are halfway. They could play more storm won't you direct target to god damned Xbox and you add you have to watch your house would when you look I don't weirdos are these people. Well I don't think he was supposed to be. Like staying there you were out he was just a minute beating Madonna something I see okay aren't that makes amends and yeah I mean like look at the. How much of my kid's closet kind of funny but please don't do that at any moment if you're feeding my dogs and I have an Xbox. I fully expect my Xbox will be I just think getting more just expect that somebody's gonna have some surveillance cameras or some thing or some way to track with a you know one way or the other night. Yeah but it's hard you're in the mail from south on the muscles and who doesn't know and well they busted doing 844999. All of bad jokes on the way and the return of Ted vs the FCC. I should Manning is continue on the mend her radio network.