09-21-17 Seg 4 Mens Room Boils Over

Thursday, September 21st

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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That. And can instantly. This is still. Through it's. You're listening to the men's room. Miles and spread. It's solitary time for another out of profile star 98449990. Level play profile this coming up in minutes. I program lives on only one hour from now the first quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines is not working out all right the Texas state fair we'll have some crazy food on the menu including deep fried fruit loops. Come on Texas. That are not have the craziest thing I've heard though it's not the craziest but it doesn't mean it's okay dude I'm going to hear you do know yeah. EL drive. Phillip stake is that going north Texas Oklahoma game and I at this stage there aren't out there yes if we got to picks up and I'll report the only other thing they say is deep fried chicken noodle soup on a stick. I would rather. So also wait a minute deep reds look through lose you're out but deep fried chicken noodle soup on a stick it then you're all over that that is correct life. That makes no sense to me like it's chicken noodle soup may believe fried chicken affiliates already halfway home right there my flu is not that I'm never cook my fruit loop but. Look man put it this way you'll put pineapple pizza put measles was Canadian make sure people you. Pineapple on hand it's the same thing to me is are you kicking and in particular instance how soon take the walk out of it and this is going to be deep fried noodles which are bad as. I don't know company man on top of somebody had been a little itty bitty thing in the community proud of the united pictures like some. Can shield almost gravy like substantive spending defrag we you can keep your gonna rule cited deep fried until they have played deep fried beer. Didn't how don't do that. Giants fans who had I had I think I'll try both up. And don't try as a descent a more sense for the proves on a beautiful little sound good but thrills steering itself at the very exotic audience. Fried noodles are real social fried chicken you're putting together and that a try. 500. Crime blotter on trying to drive letter why don't you just want to soften the Harden toes I'm I'm aware of the heart attack in a wholly private that is put. Did evidence until they get. But Krispy Paula being pushed up their overrides the head of the tribal foot long corn oh what a typical I. But the truth is like. All corn dogs and yes it is immoral habit I and we'll save your I put any foot long since you miles on foot loft off of oh good. Yeah okay. It's. My. And a variety. It and I don't think they can get hit it and hit it. Hard to find what we made it happens we found them. A hotel in Taiwan as operating rooms that have to pull gaming rigs in them they can go on vacation and just play video games the entire time. Might be good at the F kids but I other right I get him out of the room and well if you're gay you're getting ever produce gonna do me this was the thing I went to Hawaii with my cousin for his for his. Senior trip to graduation. Right. I was totally fine sitting in his beautiful hotel room with a nice view outside watching TV. Why because I couldn't just sit at home and watch TV because somebody wanted me to go do something north we had to go back. And now for something this is the time that I can sit back. And just relax that would indicate any Lauren relaxing Lamotte I know you haven't seen all the family Nielsen on the review are officially Archie Bunker and I I. I don't know I don't Hamas and Ellen wanted to duel. When I wanna do what we believe me alone here actually think it's exactly like my to have surveillance tape of him on the political wish we do with the kids when you gonna do any young math facts. I don't know I thought I. Let me give him ten box than an often and I nodded and dolphins guard they are okay at. I'm not sit at a didn't go out and do some stuff as well but it was nice to just. He does the do you come if you meet. It's fresh in Hawaii now Moscow mayor that's a home trees beaches and it was beautiful. Looking at the guy that ended David. And I enjoy the view and then I could easily look back to sponge Bob it was good. Wow I'm on the eleventh of it is you know we're the C is right outside windows. The best known probably write their man players summoned together man they're they're isolated out there. To create the travel no doubt department's good and I've got a brand called death wish I. That has a ton of caffeine in it. Is being recalled over botulism considered Britain's. So I don't think I call a public enemy fighters call I loved the comments came into I'm unfamiliar with the death wishes on ice road truckers. Death which coffee delicious bad very very strong. Jack a bullet the people that seem to know death wish they liked. Yeah I don't get a small double brought to lose some fears a man with botulism again. And I knew when it came out that they did dad can I think that anywhere else it won't like I don't know if that would have been but I know god damn are you don't want yeah you do not need kill you right okay. Definitely I got rich off narrow and added Buffett was targeted going to start releasing maps of its stores so it's easier to find stuff. I tell that to the Swedes or IKEA. I don't follow Eros love this over Peralta walked to a target Sinai in Los IKEA photos and other things and if you're you're border north and Barack armor for the viewers and viewers he's good ruler in north it's. Sweet if you have an edit pretend like they don't know you're talking about the so you don't like early morning escorted Newt you named then allowed me into it. My growth historically used to have that they had a map that you know it didn't actually see you know the exact spice was going to be over here but it did kind of lay out what aisles. Had one but don't birdie and even the target don't they RTS like they just brought life. Action on the court TV equivalent women's clothes that they get this to grocery store took him down literally upper may be to George not. I don't signs that say that's this bracket what I know I mean there was directory there's like horrified directories hanging on the thing like hey you need to find no group or the dairy section. It's over on aisle nine you need to find vegetables it's over. On aisle six. They had a full directory and then they took it down. That's marketing look man I'm sorry to select any grow or go into the perimeter is gonna have like your relative dairy meats in the summer and middle plugs for your right hand rough we speak. But the very welcome mat rolled Bremer but you know generally nightly news producer George to be off to the right Norman thank you completely it's just a pile of refrigerated garbage. So I go to the Arabs decided to the back corner and nine times out of ten and presto there is some real. Right we'll that you see the old adage about if you wanted to be healthy to shop around the perimeter around Gruner and it's fresh stuff for real meat that's true. A baggage handler and Singapore's facing up to a year in jail for intentionally switching the tags on almost 300 pieces of luggage hit it there at. Wow I thought wow. Because so they want that the Iran does the nation and had to be just for fun and I had hill hilarious. Not if you're one of those people are right then that things are funny when they don't have to be. Mean Pittsburgh where's my bag Tokyo can you imagine every night he got up working when get a drink this kind of laughed at them all I really like that evil that Cleveland is the new. I wonder how long this is a story around around that area before some. You know they actually caught doing it so it's on the news like you said you sit in the barges watching his face. Again more people are complaining that their bags everything wrong destination and he just sit in his being it's not going to be a couple of times good. The last time it happened I was in the rural New York right and again and he's been a long flight whatever and clenched eagle Heyman television show off an excellent they can track where laws. And pissed right already is not his fault the guy goes. 00 in here it is the failure log on his way to Phoenix this thread before Thanksgiving and the stupid their family in Phoenix how the apathy is the golden it was Gloria three days later the three days later the stuff on the show are you ready miles down to Amanda Missouri recently by a twenty dollar lottery ticket just to break a hundred dollar bell. Ended up winning a hundred grand. Yeah. If it can't edit VI editor I can never gonna waste bags and everyone had a hundred dollar bills. Could never win another what they're literally every 100 dollars Iraqis resent that and finally a teenage golfer pulled off something that hasn't won in 67 million ups and I'll tell about a half now they are not paralyzed on a one hour from now first and goes off. The precepts. The prohibitive lead to everyone how profile this. The play my short ten miles that's a simple game where reach their review on real life news story. Something good happened right here on planet earth. And that you listen to this story may sound stereo type you believed to be true. But people and the decision to let people make well as Woodard as you think makes the story any story. Hello all read welcome to the men's room. And you. Need. Are read to understand the game is played. Are fantastic now we have to go back to July were thirty year old man you went into a Starbucks in Fresno California. Mori an optimist crime mass from transformers. And any driver rob the place through the night. But it did behavioral customer named Craig Jerry's big red hair and slam it into the duke and they do Nebraska and around the world. Now they both wound up with stab wounds after the fight but apparently. Wants Gregg got old and I he landed all whole Lotta stuff comes suspect. Well the suspect is now in jail facing charges of second degree robbery and full of deadly weapon but according to his mom yes is mom. He is really the victim in the end and now he's planning on suing Craig for stabbing him seventeen times during the brawl. This is the moments quote. The guy in my opinion would from a good samaritans who vigilantes that would nobody ever did times it was a big government is that moves to gives them what it is to come to you. And usually after a quick team of political credit related to keeping the Fresno police says that the idea of the balls back doing Greg is quote ludicrous. Now you believe that this guy who well. We'll go after the crime I imagine without the described as black white mixed or Asian. It is. It'd sure a lot of sense Fresno California. You compromise and now an optimist I'm mass in the get an ass kicked out of him and stabbed seventeen times were strong. Apparently wanted depth we're talking to pull pulls him up I really wider Maxi on this. There. What do you think. They can either act well or Asian or all night that. Jenny down their but it let it let our. For us now. For this guy was acting alone. And his mom made a statement forums I'm assuming he's not and again. That's probably how your mom is speaking on your behalf and he wore the Optimus Prime mask. Who wrote up my prime mask went in with the night ended up that didn't it was a chair at the point was on the old guy. I think the days. The suspect was Hillary's. Mr. DeRogatis we took him out stands empty gun. I'm not I'm kind of with miles of Agassi at thirty year old and Optimus Prime that would just assume it's a white guy in there and tie with a final answer. I know why why why Thailand's you'll find out whose black glide back to your Asia next. That was a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have taken the men's room. I think California Fresno zigzag thing I wanted to rob Starbucks and they win with a knife and an Optimus Prime mask on and later. Alison vero guys and the table said that this is not going down to decide to pick a chair at Starbucks and take over the back of the sky and although he did get stabbed in the sky police somehow managed to wrestle a knife away from the guy stabbed him seventeen times now you've got a guy and his family are suing basically think that guy went too far. Yeah. We're trying to stop them from robbing star but don't worry no one agreed with a mom but rich we ask you do you believe this enterprising young man as black and white next year age didn't. You win points. And Aaron Boone I. It's. I now I need air for. Unbelievable. Unbelievable crowd and giving given America an a plus nonfat milk the exact thing. Now produce enough time to our TV talent today. Because you're pathetic life. Inclined to countless hours in front of the talking again in the men's room prison. I. I think you whoever you are whatever is going on your life whatever the job is. It's a done deal stressed no yeah yeah everybody. And some people. Snack. They snap party and if it. I don't know what happened to this day two imports O'Donnell here. He works gopher or the MSNBC. Imus that a lot of women say it'd been a very long day there is there's some construction near his studio because earpieces are working. I give a listen because he loses it what's. Going on why am I losing us. Why don't I have some. Are it's back someone's pressing buttons and turning my sound off. Who is who's asking for a Labor Day rundown in my ear for someone of that control rumors out of control. There's insanity in the control room tonight. You have insanity in my ear piece. Every time we go to was thought as a woman talking in my ear about something that has nothing to do with what we're doing here. Flop by hammering she got the hammering out there who's got a hammer whereas that. Wears a hammer and did that I'm they got Gordon and other floor somebody go up there and start clamoring. Stop the hammer. I'll go down to the and for myself and stop and keep a commercial break going to call Phil Griffin hunter who the you have to call stopped the hammering. And the other and control him and find out where this is going on at seated there are there or out there somewhere. The woman talking in my ear was talking about. The Labor Day special. Repeatedly. And out of control. Yeah and he's not on our sound coming in my years it's stupid hammering it just. And shocked she did the Sox to be out here with this out of control. I believe you're gonna commercial push herself a wider release that it. You know the grade I know the evidence that I just rate it just got released yesterday I don't positive we released because obviously this is you can Garros Labor Day so I don't. Maybe the woman threatens out of control control room. I probably 81 of fifteen people would release and go clearly. The guys have been reduced to work but I got an. I don't is it more TV people the radio read another youth TV people but it seems that when you hear melt down. Like Casey gave him at his famous one yes thank god damn dog and a happy with. But I simply TV people really. Really do not like a wrinkle in that damn planet when there is one man they just let loose which to media find funny awaited. I don't know I guess it depends what you do board and the things go wrong all the time it just does you just can't let it get to you just keep going on man. Well. Our own newsman. Mike Cox has been working on a fear that if support his theory let me play you one of the most famous breakdowns ever on TV bill O'Brien. I don't know what that needs to play us out what does that mean to end the show yet right gulp gulp and well three. That's tomorrow and that is that. Top floor a pretty good. That's tomorrow and that is if for us today and we will leave you with AE. I can't do it. We'll do a lot. Now the good luck and your eyes I can go right and doing a lot. And things Sox. He thought I had Iraq if it is definitely think it'll. So I never get tired of the little Riley wasn't so we're just just a little bit ago our radio newsman Mike welcome figures hey did you notice something about these two clips. I said. It's the knows that he is yeah maybe the irishman can't can't. Yeah. Thinkers owed down low rather alone might doesn't like the Irish guys that picked Obama to definite clearly. Well escalating quickly in both instances. It it and that's nothing like. I hit it's rare that I think I would defend Bill O'Reilly I'm right there with him but that's what you might do we don't know what happened Matt Daley he left to right. So seemingly this this the words of Donald I like I want to hope that he's not like this all the time in. I don't know maybe your wife is being means home it was a rough day at work that he kind of blew up. But it just to stop the hammer just thought I am Iraq. Like O'Reilly I give credit for the whimpering I really Senator Obama unity have bought the one thing I'll give him that justice is leak he was told what to do his show. He had this been like god I'll write it like in the aliens and up integrity rest of the dead reflect what act. I will take care of this is kind of amazing when Riley that pits and how he snaps radiate back into inflate and that does it for us tonight I think I started to. And we've reviewed with that we're not in a world where we can rewind and start over so everything that we do his wives who do you like the general concept of not being able to do some in the live is absolutely retarded. You know it's like you're in the broadcasting field. You're doing if you go you should be able to do it started out my caucus held up assigned to me this and I am Irish invented in what. Well so be rather insulting my camera my head and I pray that their pacing of my head and finished April Medea I believe it's revenue this and admirers he had. That's going to be my new catch phrase by the way was that stop Cameron. Adopt our marriages but don't just say it when he does it matter obviously like you're in a bar there's no hammer and a sexed right well now. But there do that makes sense okay comes in here. I would say this would have been fired on pro am the Obama throw but have been what he said stop hammering I would have definitely part habitat. Cochran both well a lot of fools. Oh if you if you did video of alarm third Lawrence O'Donnell they're breaking down to benefit the mention FaceBook page and also such a regal named have a breakdown like that smaller Donald Paul Lawrence Lawrence just I mean I was just they'd Laurence Olivier. Eat right I never knew who the guy was more like all heart of Arabia. Loren to break even already got a nice simple words a little bit yeah. Think that came out like it's nice and India that it is wrong. Have you guys ever heard this guy. No not I never heard of those guys to the smelled announcement is the missing is that first career I had need their bit to be truthful I rarely watch him compete I don't watch it is by the listed actually he could have tilted down do you say yeah I think no matter how does a great man battle her and I found out her and I wanna see a her and maybe Tucker Carlson over on fox. Yeah are two of the top people. Aren't exactly polar opposites that was probably do well. They don't actually here's wanted to be a 100% when the only Obama and both of you are really hard to watch chemist I mean yeah there's both of them are not are not fun a lot of people are still was battery Tamara how about like that don't happen at all. I got these tax returns. In just yeah they'll all tracks we think we would like recent ones. Yet and we're gonna open King Tut tomb merited that yet you can only tribal solo so many times. And apple. Device they South Park when you oh what are your favorite scenes ever miles what word comes to mind. Now tiger's yes they did it right people who Michael Goodman I'm known it is you really and I hit it. Okay. That's an affair partnered cameraman the cameraman he looks out of well basically Michael felt tired of the event. I'm bored now you know. Guess what this is the same exact thing we were just talking about as far as promising something in the delivering something else like Rachel McDowell Breton town east of eight. He started in nags because he didn't rate to real shark in Michael Phelps vs great white judge oh god damn fault man these are you ready for the tax returns I. I think he resident people daily who whine about it but everybody should hope. That we were gonna race right next to each and a eats those. If is is quote if you really have common sense to understand that I'm not gonna get in the water and swim next to a great white shark no one should ever do that now Michael. You are right to make that statement. But also you don't publicity torque say what you never set a moderate but you do it all you could legally to make it seem like you're going to be in the water near that chart so are there is a great white shark. Yeah you gotta know the when you make a stable way that people assume borrowers get rates are great white shark you'll also have to assume that the reason anybody wanted to want to we knew your were to be in Macon water with that we thought made it out. Change at all how are you war look right we understood you're not going to beat you directly editor of the but when you say. I would rates shark knowing that by making that statement people are intrigued by the idea there intrigued by because they think. You want to do what you just said today so what I would do is and it's just a small thing but a lot of times. When you use words correctly people don't get confused. My guess if you have something to say and the point that you relate to convey if you choose the words that convey that point you eliminate a lot of this but you said I'm going to raise a great pleasure. You understood that people were intrigued by the idea. So we were thinking boy that lacks common sense but you won't do it right at the news don't. Say that it actually do they need walking to a bar and it's been like I'm gonna have sex that woman Netanyahu had good luck. Would you read your week of course she's out of my league right and then write the next village are you thousand out of my league I just thought about it while I was seven tablet myself with. That's not the right thing I was Adrian horror I was watching the preview over amalgamated. The volume session of the well he's tired of a man he also says quote. I said I'd like to swim out of a cage with a great light. But since I have a family I don't think that's in the equation how big my wife very happy about it. Yet or now we're the bad a hole that it will own you know badly and made a promise bus limited they have shark. Yes let them and then usual real sharp period it was all TGI. I write what they don't really our average with the sharks average speed wasn't that can you get faster than the speed and got a better than average are calculated that there would like of anything they could put him at least in the water with a sharking and attached it. The detergent here's the thing that you are cage protection shark right they're gonna use salt one family used to salt water pool and and dropped half a callow one and an adult. Red with a you know with a with a with a fence in between but you know also may have been the animal the animal dies or whatever Kim in captivity are done Muslim of the pool that I. But I kind of assumed it was something along those lines I think judge all that I generate the shark I've seen John story you know pool at a place its finest on the sharks. I never thought I available LeMieux will park Christina I didn't know that feminism march I guess where my adult and surely you can gauge of a great way we can do this. Possibly is that Australia that has that when the crocodile things get a big glass box you get this thing lowers UN and wanna say it's like an albino crocodile and an crocodiles Ottawa 1416 people it's huge student visa pressures that you cannot tell me either people do that but it's an Australia for an absolute no role I don't. I might want or need the box around me. Yet another dive with a shark thing where you go and they put Jim Micah not exactly scuba gear but they they offer a breathing tube goes up yet. I so love one of the sharks just came up and grab the guy's face mask and ripped it off and just started shaking and and they were now that door for a few months. DR put labels couldn't swim with the docile sharks this chart described this guy by the face and shook his head it didn't I I believe and why not correct myself that I know a lot of things but you don't know everything you don't know what kind of day that shark is at threat ministers that he's just like the O'Donnell. That topped I have very don't have hammerhead shark that's exactly right why are they around here and that sharks in was Lawrence. Means I'm Lawrence I can reaffirming McChrystal the system yeah she had the opportunity to meet Laurence Fishburne and the one thing about offering graduate she's just. She just goes to her own path man in a level whatever beat her drummer play and that's how she wrote but you're very kind person and as you can get a little and acting but she's like. As an authority and Laurence Fishburne there and I can just picture you like I was the bottom of delay. Hey Larry is first. It's more it's cute like in the fun was over. I peruse the original smile he knew it was funny inflate you call him lords. I love Lawrence Fisher was my favorite actors like a lot of effort and oranges from provocative but he's great and excited from the deep cover which is very odd reference movie. But. He does seem like a theory dispute. Yeah when do we interviewed the study's. Kind of know not what he callebs ML Jackson I think that he's probably our errors today more times than not the struggle and irritated that I hear you say they'll call him Sam Jackson that I would become Sam Jackson marchers were remembered about Samuel Dash a virtual golf Samuel Jackson Samuel days. If he does not know you. It does not want to speak to you and if you choose to speak to them my understanding in regular seam he's very clear about a position on. He did he just what that you don't November oh dirt so that's tomorrow but I happened may mean. No words no I'm like oh hey yeah I'm gonna get a picture I have no I don't do that SO. Yes there's some people you just kind of get that feeling from and Michael Douglas. Others say Michael Douglas took that dancing debut did not yet. I just say no no offense to the man he's obviously one of the greatest coaches ever. But like Bill Belichick and if I ran into him on the street I don't think I believe they built we get a healthy now I think I have. It's a start he's Aaron I'm Aaron on the Internet I want to duck when some gang signs of really he's probably an okay damned if you do the one thing anytime you get him come out senate back undersea cable Pro Bowl on electronic crap right. And it and all the other coaches are talking he's always smile he never smiles during an actual game. Pro Bowl does not comes an actual game but. I don't know O'Malley at the dude who just wants to go fishing and he pitches he hangs over the threw bodies but he's always smiling when he's not actually coaching and it seems like give a lot of respect from the other coaches here think like. Ensemble I would probably got him funny memory I'm sure before the night I'm sure but I don't seem to get decent human eating right behind at all he got. He seems friendly in the knicks' fate. I'm gonna stay I think I'm. Looking at the world coach you kind of scary thing about kids who were not getting paid to play ball. And there's these guys who are just basically just screaming hurry nonstop and that doesn't happen in the NFL because you have. Professional athletes who get paid who have earned some respect in their life and and it's not the same relationship between coach and player there's some coaches try to do that in the pro level. I don't know what works and upload organ grown men are not there and LS spot yet never been the locker room just gonna assume that there's more of a level. Of of the economy but I don't I don't think that stuff plays anymore. There was a time when back coaching style worked great the Bill Parcells on Yazoo City Bill Purcell unlike Mac that Schottenheimer I guess but I Alan probably the last one of those guys like that that's that's funny that Coughlin is kind of like that because when he finally won that super all the the federal outlays like everybody told me I had to chill out a little bit but he had a grand give or something happened in the modern day like right after you know like the Pete Carroll's the world older aren't players coached players coach Wright positive guy I'll. You don't you go. I don't how long do you think Pete Carroll ago between pieces of gum and I don't measly but if he is awake I I just good feeling magnanimous in his mouth and chew when it man. Beginning to end of the day. I feel like whenever he's got to think about something irregular like numbers and they estimate I think. I bet she does hands on the east right there's no copy eighty incidents they hit every time writer died when he giver me like I don't know if he hawks late. They what do you call it like an outline of him yet although ever write like so what NBA logo right ball you know being terrorized and Overton a total agreement that guy Amanda's he still has a gun. You watch them practice a little crawling again I give an academic I. I think it's easy to say Pete Carroll somewhere along the way maybe it SC they have a legit fountain of youth and he he he drank from America and I went around the meadow are 480 our great old radio I'm pretty sure you think the same age as my parents 173 or something and I don't know a million or sixty I don't know either way I'm here and there I'm amazed on what you good guy army which you don't man of the worst part is to I I don't know what his. Marital status is did you get the feeling to the Pete Carroll's. Forty years and years older than you and probably much better with ladies that you are well how old do you think it is I thought all the family palisades a Sunday 6266. I'll. I I just spring chicken and paid a lot of that you're now to get a Social Security. Yes and this all out is your own AARP. Coach Carroll digs and other yeah why that after fifteen man is probably what got a discount going through really easy thing to do that Smart with his money. I get the feeling in gasoline go. From there but I don't have a relief that Britain we should. I hate when Theres no man I had a violent past who with the Navy SEALs past weeks and near as good today so we're lucky enough to be some of the market. That's when you Brendan in the name out there in south ninth had a drink for the area negative we really leadership project and I don't know I went up my cock you are listening to the men's or radio network. Timely and Swiss smiles. Now let's see what's happening in the real world are here outside they're shocked when they finally they dig into a 75 million year old piece of dinosaur poop born. Most why do senator Chuck Grassley for giving us the healthcare bill real scoop. Thanks to a standstill had no Verizon advertisements election probe of France considers watching the Olympics and Coleman Roman to assure Aaron Hernandez brain severed from. CT. I'll be damned if I'm your headlines. It's time it. Here's my car. In Pennsylvania teenager pulled a six pulled off a 67 million to one seat during a round of golf. During a nine hole practice round the man pulled off the impossible task of getting to Poland ones within a single round of golf to amateur and it's nine holes. Right employ the full lazy day and a half round of golf I begin play in if they think that's a seriously I do my best round here at me. Mean would you need an official scoreless you get a teens about the game play and you play the front nine twice that Soledad right. Clearly they do more practice round and if you only eat if you've only been on hold until what 41 and he did you expect that the that the the throngs like putt putt the I guess I hate to hold on denials right yeah I mean what I could shoot low score maybe if you think this. For otherworldly Utah's scientists were stunned at the contents found within a recently discovered that no paired. Sadly the sample comes from an from a her memorize dinosaur that they found traces of each and shellfish for maintenance pooch and one lone McDonald's french fries. Yeah that I have. Yeah they're speculating that the sample came from me duck billed dinosaur that role in the area at the time. And also found traces of wood within the samples would think that the animal accidentally ingested some of the crustacean what was chewing on the lot or a parmesan cheese. The record it and maybe grilled shrimp over what fire. But strong in all I mean. In Australia a couple made an emergency cal to a snake catcher after they found an eastern brown snake coiled up in their bed at 10 in the morning. I need no more Luther. Or you don't but it fit it fit. If you would go there together was able to it was able to secure the snake and released into the area that had better suited its habitat. Think that the reason that it broke into the home with the lack of food source in the neighborhood have you ever seen notably noon eastern browns make yourself. Then he would absolutely if you just from the knowing that if it's going to be venomous or constricting steak or whatever. This snake doesn't exactly do that it does fight and but it's not poisonous but the size of a brown snake. I mean it will make you jump back it'll reveal the scariest things I've ever seen in the in the lockdown now miles you might be right but it's not poisonous. However it is the second most lethal venomous snake. Browns against yes ought to know that got us neck down she's I feel like you're all wrong I don't know I don't know what is necessary and maybe on Brown's leg is not what I thought of Brown's leg was a difference between what this anonymous people yes. We got to Texas where. I'll say about an opt out after instead of the headlines coming out of my doctor about a couple of minor exhibited within hours after the return of dead birds as the FCC bad jokes profiled as well bring adults with a shot of the day he doesn't need is all true we'd be all about his bed just until next time. What did you do best and poorly this thing. It's okay. Beautiful.