07-19-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets Checked

Thursday, July 19th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. The radio more than three times. And your. They go look at the total for 2866. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Do threads there one box. Relied upon. Wow. Yeah in the men's rules. Are. Hillary Clinton did the other day. Dead meat and potatoes as thirteen foods invented by accident. No I Sherlock is back get right to play profile this plus headlines and into each other days fumbled as their emails everyone's favorite TV damages for crack started out our new go to France where guillotine owned by Lady Gaga outsold the man with a poker face. In Savannah Georgia man grabbed servers bugs and quickly get to put in his place. Army grade masturbation device for men can be yours for the low low price of only eighty bucks. Memphis police looking for car thief who makes his money off sixty time deluxe employees get a man who assaulted a woman because she got a finger so far up in his nose. That is DNA. And it's all coming on stays very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All I meant his good day to you and yours. Today is the day you know we've played big that make the game show that reward you for your stunning ignorance and here's how it works you call loss. We will spending category will. Week. But category we'll go as a question from Baghdad but we're big dummy separates himself from her. A reputable and show. We will continue to ask you questions and didn't get one right bless you today because as always we want you to leave here smarter than you showed up. Today our biggest army ever is he lovely and talented Josh who dug deep and found a way to answer twenty consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better of course you dance and it was a Paul. And all we go on big dummy bigot doesn't play big dummy call 844999. Although like humans are among FaceBook follow us on Twitter and his degree amendment to my answer those emails to the men's room and men's remind dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches you. Through. All the talk now I think a lot of Michelle number 2866. When. Program and path where it's there as a hedge yet his Baghdad's may have details has thirteen foods invented by. Accident going out on the limb by something that he's in the last time alluded to it's meat and potatoes. You're talking about how the chimney jungle was invented I don't know that's on the list this time or not but I thought that was a that was entertaining itself at a lady's. Struck the breed on the prior to Chile's. Feel we're going kids around particular cars and this I mean a lot sold a lot of them were even if indeed in front curse words so does bill cherry red soundly knowing that. Mean I never would have been no place like accidentally didn't drop the burrito into the deep for two reasons the product like what did they just absolutely not speak English but like its is called the mother effort. President Jimmy under the covers of like opening of a mother for Jimmy John. So you got thirteen foods that were invaded by accident coming up with a hedge Jeff no I sure log is back Aldrin tells for the shot today another how to profile those coming up and today is the day that we play the game known as big dummies needs game play we'll spend the category Wheeler from there. All you need to do is get one question right so far are they defended John. Good morning painful lessons to get one graft and every day with little bit everywhere else to do mean broom ball last week we asked you. What song and would you have play every time that you had sex for the rest of your life. So from the beginning until the end what song would be playing on a loop while you had sex your choices were. Barney I love you Jesus loves me. Sara McLaughlin Angel which is the song on the SP CE a Kumar right commercial language of sad puppy that's the song you and you don't normally you'd think a commercial last thirty seconds sixties and crew he's seen only lasts like ten minutes. The entire hour. You and I Eric Clapton tears in heaven the winner by far Eric Clapton's tears in heaven. Most people were unfamiliar with the song and thought that you know they can get through it based on that. We like OK we didn't let you know why the song and was the song if you care to do that investigating that's up to you will be back to you yes I know why he wrote that's right it's it's horrible. But anyway Clapton was far away the winner tears we have another blow would be this dumb cliche if you really wanna know if you're commenting on find out for yourself who tore. A number two is Sara McLaughlin with Angel Barney came in at third I love you. It seems though that no one absolutely no one and you understand why. Once a year Jesus loves it he's a bloody while having sex on the personals short song I've read also saying bye in the case that we had a children's choir desk next everything about it is a very much a children's Christian songs are ya know no one of that so. Men's room poll this week not get any better. Where have you pick one. Maybe some of you out there have had experience in the world of the world diseases. Some our easier than others more difficult than others and all kinds of varieties all kinds of reasons why. But we want and we want you to pick one of you have to get a venereal disease and here are your choices they are chlamydia. Gonorrhea. Crabs. And herpes. Now which it'll investigation here because if you're not familiar with what all these diseases are all about. Here's a brief overview you have best TV news. As TV music. Enola doesn't have all right area. Volume. But he got me. What impact do you value showed it's about how you get them. Signs of chlamydia. If you do have chlamydia symptoms they can take several weeks after you get the infection to show. A symptoms of chlamydia can appear in both men and women including cleaner burning while urinating. Pain during sex lower belly pain abnormal vaginal discharge may be yellowish and have a strong odor. Bleeding between periods. A watery discharge from the penis yellow wall and or tendered testicles. If chlamydia infects your eyes. Are old and you've had to get that redness itching and discharge from her eyeball. You can get committee in your throat it's rare. That's committee. The joys of chlamydia checked him out boxes gonorrhea is up next February believe are not as far as symptoms in women not so bad. In women gonorrhea symptoms are usually undetectable extremely mild or often confused for other conditions. If left untreated gonorrhea can spread and the uterus or fallopian tubes they can do some really bad damage. You via the idea which is a pelvic inflammatory disease that could lead to infertility he did you have that she'd obviously been taken care of dandy Don Maria. But you know what's that tell you just don't you might. Like you say you might confuse it for something else you're going to see me here. I don't know I don't mean you don't talk about good on the bread relevant North Africa the red road. I gonorrhea are saying that you might confuse it for you. Gonorrhea symptoms in men about the beavers and a member gonorrhea do not experience any symptoms at all but. If they do it to do's and it is a doozy and it is off in the form of a painful urination or yellow or green tinted white discharge from the that resembles that she's. Including inching her burning around the jury had sentence are often mild in the nose wheel summer just out of control thing. Untreated gonorrhea infection lead to serious complications. It's like intense testicular or stroke and there's no way it goes untreated it that would have been there's no one could you know what man. That'll path that we have herpes. We'll pimp like come on. If those those treated her meals there once you get herpes you have herpes for life you've been my most people don't experience have been for months or years after becoming infected. Are those who do have symptoms basically. During the initial period we'll knows them about four days after exposure. Most people at all. How many people at HSB have recurring herpes. What a person is first infected the returns this and have more frequently over time however the remission periods yet longer. And each occurrence tends to become less severe so as time goes on it you are it's not nearly as bad. Blisters and alteration of external genitalia. In the vagina. Discharge pain and itching. Pain when urinating high temperature cold sores around about putting on where you haven't and he did you ever be for life and having his craft. Crabs. Crabs are exactly what they say they are there little tiny animal teammate time and they had me at all time all over everything that has basically there. Everything and it's continued to get rid of it's a big cleanup man it's I've had grass. And and initially. When you came on the ball that's Olympic I think look I survived the amendments they sought. But you know there are there he said the amendment to forgiving like. All of the cleaning it's not like you do shave been shampoo and dumped on the you'll bet heavily that the person Stanley don't think zero is in your home. Metropolitan we have error. Yeah he beat and that right nearly got a lot of man I had chlamydia once they literally. Think it's Deepak. These candidates and pretend that didn't day's worth of really take a weekend have sex or we can and take take antibiotics and as god god you know my I think I'm leaning Mallory is not too far away from that he's. I was out of the band no matter what career back in the day you stories are like forward to install yet. Didn't think about the sentence with if you know let you suffer most guidance can be mild or chose most of if it does show symptoms. Yes it's been treatable but you also a yellowish green charged. That was like how did he do I don't want that in my life you may see this is ridiculous but here's the truth you get to pick one. Normally in life you don't think it's gonna the best hope that. That's in common against Carolina and Kentucky we're giving you a deal on this lake it was the thing like what is correct. You've got within guides and commands like I've been able to figure food out of the restaurant that you bring to America I don't want if you weren't even under the exact I don't want to think that. The effects that are I don't want to put myself well I want that go about it all ever ordered that you're kidding me. Game is big dollar 844999. Olin was our first contestant ready to play the big game hello Emily welcome to the men's room. And oh yeah moon. Family are you playing for teams over team not sober and not fair all right we'll from the shoulder and let. Employment reportedly picked one what governor losing would you love to have chlamydia gonorrhea crabs or herpes. Want someone that you couldn't care with the act chlamydia chlamydia. Are I think one like euthanasia it was like is he packed enough positive that's what I tough. You don't take a medical advice but you practice this year's years ago maybe the amount of time though he's very early decades it was at least a decade ago. Yeah I would definitely I don't know but what does not currently and let it stay with him forever. Yeah yeah Philip Smith and a blade instead of being gonna get go directly to new. If I'm good to go I chlamydia Emily here is a question. Hopefully that nickname doesn't see it from the. Sarah Palin and you are being out all right right little immediate family to New Jersey dad. And while our. Balance while that's nice video beach it. Have you been bitten by one of those lies that is the size of bird. You know. Manner huge are you enjoying some Taylor saying. I called home. Come on Ted had a hard grim warning that we have the tail Al. And Jersey tomato. Which are in the Little League and as soon as we warn you all the chromium in Mosul and its over the bodies of her in the primaries. Might find me. No acidity. I chlamydia Emily your question what golfer is nicknamed the golden bear. On. The bag guess. No threat that was. That's gigantic shift. At all confident at what they were the keys to enact. We golden bear. Miles not bad guy in. Anchorage Alaska sure did really nice golden brown eyed Jack Nicklaus by the film and other Goldman. Is I was an expert. Are you urgent question who's wearing suspenders. Wasn't who. Mean it was exactly what you think I'll tell you over the monitor a manual can in my house scenario. I am you know it could be out and a tech. We've heard about it and threw it where you buy that Oreo is the Pentagon and and that's about it is that the I question what company owns both hot wheels and matchbox. Do you know. What some of the. I think if you are. He's moved to implement it with what the Hasbro put that. A normally I didn't like Hasbrouck was going to tell but I can't remember is that the DC where the union sound like you don't really like it could save this has seen. Marlon I'm in your exact yet that's exactly and like if you ask for like a Mattel toys in apparent to save money in the benefit of the argument as they hit a barbaric as the right now I don't want to run as many as out of an argument. I question for him. Question number three what Disney characters love interest is named Prince Philip. I desperately hope to be prince Albert but don't know him well. Now look maybe I'm from Canada I amid the global was earlier and what muscle mass. The question I have for painful. But I don't know which his own David nave and ignore Olson's Obama what's the answer to a war. A roar wishy like we're. I'll. Be. As she's leaving the journey. Okay like you aren't a short. She sounded pretty sure to Iran funny you know when you are you drilling New England when he did and are there. During in my ear and out of luck on all you can Hogan's New Jersey that as a legal right. They are you medical patient. I am good for you me and. Many out remember all banner remember enough of chlamydia don't quarrel license yet in California death until those. I mean looking back I could smoke some weed for the committee. I know with helping out as it was it was a vehemence of the smoke we did for chlamydia at that these are waiting to happen. Aren't quite there. What word describes the enlargement of bone tissue at the joint between the big tone and the all I know so I don't know the they're going to be mad when you find among. Yeah. Yeah. I've I literally on my computer to bring home remedies the titans. Viewing me as I do against Saddam and that's why you're looking for home remedies for abundant. And what it what do they offer what is this morning as if certain stock she can get OK are you gotta go get operated by. Yes my mom did you do one for later. On about inclusion chat to who yeah. Yeah not always on the Big Ten and you likely to one of the things he took on at Taylor's fine. It's elegant under the Taylor's and I am and I swift Taylor is Monday you should just be perhaps I think another Taylor a toast of don't want that doesn't hurt like he does it. Minimal ability. At this point I can tell you couple weeks ago I thought my shoes that was wrong before my shoes and inflate. Literally like the last couple days like oh so that's what it. What just you know Ted it is the enlargement of bone or tissue and joint drew told him look like. I'm in question back. Who was assassinated at the Lorraine motel in Memphis Tennessee. And they're able. Good job enjoy your you're dom the pinot spaghetti sauce and and a Jersey tonight and humidity and chest and that I care is big dummy for 4999 all lose our next contestant redolent of a game. Hello can now welcome to the men's room. Hey guys on. Jimmie Johnson over things over to Minnesota our teams over all the way. I think here. Kim they got a flood good news a pick one I would rather have chlamydia gonorrhea crabs or herpes. You know I was in the crowds line all day long. And tonight god man is a everybody in the house who's gonna get them possibly. He could leave Dyson does that came down from Ohio I mumble. Chlamydia like latest CNN that type that was my thought process like out of all the crap or the crowd line play against I'm like there's no question about Rosie this would be to you Don and everything and I had a mullet and feel good mild reminded me like Heyman there's a lot of cleanup and I had to go DI chlamydia drain thanks to our friend Teddy bears like hey man. I've had chlamydia this of the conversation an officer of I had chlamydia that by the impact Domino's Thomas taken every time. Then feds believe we all bulls looks at me and miles and says it due to the clapping chlamydia are not the same thing here and I'm gonna. Anyway I'm right handed dogs. Scratched himself in electronic and out again I think I exactly yeah in Maryland need your verdict grams a day of its maiden in Denver lemon. All right here is your question what auto maker opened its first four implants Indian politics. Yeah. I'd be there. Nissan though aren't they I political Toyota. Then they needed to find a new place to relocate trust level Waldman. The whole thing out and others although there's other issues and that's the things got bad that was chosen not to. Created the emissions of this could be and that is as small change. All right the question. Common rail roads can be bought in the game of monopoly. Cradling. There's four. So you know Pennsylvania now greeting. Brad is a reading reading reading Rembrandt Pennsylvania Ohio and I'm yeah. What does that Pennsylvania. Ohio and. It's relevant if he had eyes could not stand monopoly it just took too long and as our rules Manhattan. You seem weird like what we're Saddam of the gaming and champion of brilliantly elevate our lives and remembering how does. Game is big dummy a 449990. Look there's no end they don't feel like today contestants give a skull and more I could doesn't give up your listings events or radio network. It's miles. Cub had seven how sensitive details as a thirteen foods that were invented by accidents he had chip on the way. Dead meat and potatoes in the meantime the game is big dummy 44999. Paula Steve goes on next contestant ready to play the big game hello Johnny welcome to the men's room. Hello Johnny. Or not. John I loved a fifth of those the US over. On team announced over today but I've been over before the day nice job draft any special reason why. I make bad if it didn't I see are you officially quitting those who don't. Oh yeah we're going all right I don't miserable pick one here's a bad decision chlamydia gonorrhea crabs or herpes which Roman today. I'm picking crab and I'll tell you why I'm. Her into the one that keeps on giving. You gotta get rid of it through and I'm sure I'm sure you guys know what the theft it's involve her venereal disease yes. Yes I had the media and the damn doctors did the death and they came back with a shot to hear it. My question was why the hell didn't you just give you the shot and gave me the pain of this blog. I think individual valuable lesson yeah yeah you may get one. My ass or if it was unnecessary but still seem picky grams of Ukraine freed revenues all the cleanup. OK okay aren't. Absolutely consider Johnny did you think at that point in time the decision that you need to be who work with whoever it was was that did it seem like a bad decision. Yeah that well I not a good time but yeah that overall that. Yeah totally I thought it of course but sure. Funny I couldn't do you can you give me give me a roadside shaken out the back some guy's truck and a Third World country and acting sick to walk into a five star place man impugn your brains out when you get home we don't judge a book by the cover short as far as Zach. I. She went current around on me that was the problem. I. Have a problem. And urgent question what is the largest island in the Caribbean. All. I've done and one of them. Davis may Downey he got me big dummy 844999. Ala who is our next contestant and glad we didn't hello names and welcome to the bedroom. Yeah. Hey it's over a silver. I didn't want me let me gonorrhea craft herpes. Well they equate autocrat. Presidents. Don't leave the group and I'll get rid of mid afternoon. All right here is your growth and this was news to me. And late 20050. What Internet dating site did Dr. Phil begin writing an advice columns. Hard. If you are pretty. All the flavor flavor. Left footer on the couch I'd like to care. Listen if if you don't listen. Seriously injured as the nor'easter got Agilent yeah. And then draft luck and don't act like you care yeah I'll what continent is the country of and Dora. Yeah and yeah. It does sound like an Angel. Don't go I don't Stanford got myself it is not an. The negative. Jack Jack. Time is not a job that Al content content content I was in South America may get them to see Europe Europe. It sounds like the last place that would be its between all hell it's between for instance but he. And door and saw that again. A friend that Ahmadinejad manage South America Asia given makes us yet. Hello oh and hang on our line area mill station identification quite. Good to be AI contestant play big dummy 844 at 999. Cola more of big icon appeared in discover seconds.