07-18-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Is All About Tolerance

Wednesday, July 18th

Emails, Who Sucks Less is back! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. A very Intel sweat it's today profiling is also on the way our question my unique body part were you always remember 844999. All. I loved Cody welcome to the men drew. Oh wow. That's. That my issue shares well finally had a guy. In my group can't division. Camp. It didn't just let predator we never sort of add but that want to Iranian Oden can't be mentioned that he had revolved. Okay. Yeah it's no way. A liar like into paradigm the very end earlier we already gone through all of our. Oh it's a they got it and and it is plain to leave and. Okay. Yeah yeah I feel the so there. I love wouldn't op profanity is used properly and its context and bland and OPEC and Luke I'm sorry it's not a terrible good because it should be based on the is not trying to make you wanna go have sex with someone as well designed to simulate units is in the context that makes sense unfortunately. Those words are like that amazes me maybe I'm gullible I wouldn't believe any nudity told me he has three testicles of the house it's not a bragging point. That did you say yeah that David Davis I don't believe in you say your three just over one I believe you can get a break. Annual my kids Gaza Mike is it used in the proper conflicts of those most important run these W tow and drop a bomb mark again. What's so what unique body part were you always remember 844999. All. Hello John welcome to the bedroom. Yeah. Well the part of our body I would remember my skin. Mon I'm a police officer and developed a real bad rash after getting issued a nude body armor. So dead rats got so bad that it literally you could see the shape of it on my stomach and on my chest is that the attack. It latex plastic woody woody Kevlar yeah what what was. It's Kevlar Kevlar so I went to the doctor and he went boom when they bring somebody else you know most and they they were scratching their head admitted they couldn't figure out what it was. So they did one of those pats pats were a whole week. They found out I was allergic to Cuba Kevlar. What do I wanna what is there anything else with Kevlar is is it found anywhere else later on in in any kind of product did you get acts in my like. That touch it or they get up for don't anywhere else. Yeah yes but. But I chemical that they'd figured out. It's primarily used to manufacture Kevlar it's like one of those things are not exposed to a pencil and expose a Kevlar every day at work. Song and he did this really bad Iraq as your top people are crazy I mean what would you do. Need is aware and deal. Where deal do you have a choice you're just gonna get discretion matter life. Well now now they now we have other carriers and stuff like that sort of a barrier between myself and the couple are now OK but I want you don't understand it's been a couple years so it's it's been relieved by this. I have to Wear it underneath it to develop solid. How long does it take for it to start bothering you. And when has that I like water a day like inflated the end of your shifted and don't know now. What I want and are so how durable are used them right so your cap and how many pull me over a run in my mouth I don't know that your all HD. In durable like. How did people instead of just getting the warning might just get a full on take because quite frankly your goddamn I'm comfortable and you'll feel like you're not mouth. Well appeared to be giving me to do an irrational. Crap yeah you're probably gonna get a ticket to Atlanta I'll just. Walk away. What tell what often a little lower than the one situation to artist has been somewhat of a pain in the ass below what is the one situation that you're like you know I sure am glad I have this Kevlar. Well when you're dealing list. Somebody who is running out their mouths when there's not enough to do anything otherwise you just wanna say you know unable to deal with here Abbott today. Offenders so Illinois and I'm looking getaway would. Okay it then that's bad has happened that you are so annoying I'm just gonna walk away have a doubt. That's do you put the Kevlar on within a day you got a rash. Metadata have been how long is the power that's how long does the rat if you were to take the Kellogg yesterday's off how long does the rest stay around. It's Laura Ottawa she's players that's the only it's a monopoly there's nothing else you could there's no other substitutions. You know. And there I know it trailer park assistant supervisor was alert shirts. That he's. He's a powerful is I think there though it's just funny if there's a caricature of her boys and that's mr. hobby. Rainey and he never wears a shirt he's a different issues for I don't know bottleneck cops are expected to go pick up what are okay South Korea. Flood what you big body part we always remember 8449990. Odd couple comments that came in purses please stop this tough topic it's freaking me. Followed by. Do you guys ever had days that you wish you hadn't asked certain questions because of I think this might be one of those companies. Odds. That Barrett I don't really didn't ski down man and that I think it's been nose look it was the noses. Definitely elicit a reaction but before that in this one fire the guy that and chopped off as middle finger. It grew to the size of the grade he says he goes in the hospital it only scored twice slice it but when it pushed down to drain at the pulse shot across the room and that also got a very strong reaction to make intimidate people are really Hulu I was shocked when he gets real serious about like relationships stuff. Dan but I go to questions are like now all get through there opens the floodgates yen one guy called the sad story it's like Bono won a couple of trials one time. Oh yeah you don't crank what you need body part or we're not having sex you. What you need money partly you always remember 84499. Idol is Amanda hang up on some one occurrence. I values bring them I believe are you gonna get stuck together. Professionally I don't know but I think in my personal life we've all done that the oh Charlize crying out I don't know also reviewed articles ever regret it he he he he. A fellow lol it welcome to the bedroom. I don't know we're gonna deluded. Reason visiting children. Birds heads a phone often busy with his fruit hello Cody welcome to the member of his penis we're all and I. Both I would built with a chick with a hail and some. Did you know he had a tail and advance. Absolutely and indeed how we have a nice spot. Yeah. And I'll theory now how much you Taylor is as good as happy like Abu Letterman yelled I was part of our 35 celebrity deformities castor was born with a tail on the job that often she was born. So how much it. How much was there. Armed I didn't. Actually yeah I just felt it very. Stacked. Did always did our wiggle I don't know how much how much like how how many inches long would you say the tale it. Is. Probably need. Delegates do it no way he could hold onto it like grab on that damn thing. Yeah like a little kid grabbing your finger when they're walking around. If he he he now. I would like buzz he was that built me and wouldn't fill yet it was and a fairy tale. I didn't I didn't play that I've I was. My hair people wander in here saying can I kept my hands away. Did jump back limited data was in a notice shriek of the shoulders who. Earlier that as I got on Tuesday as normal what does this and then it was. They're a little Eric how in my eyes and let out. Who is currently do it did not play it was there's you know he had that they'll say you know you're just thought that was the was third tale acknowledgment made at this point I mean the little I mean do we know do we do we both understand that we both know what is happening here we knowledge doing now is the tail at this point. You never spoke. Never did Hillary Bogut says she doesn't go oh yeah I got a tail there's some you know enough or you don't go okay that detail. You just just just say at Helen key bomb going. Yeah a powered through that night and then never never doctor again after that 'cause of the sale. Yeah I was treat it and. So if you had no problem the first he is a very nice day you had a good time whether. She was attracted out as Ted said she had a nice dairy air and you like her tail game breaker. Deal broker. Aren't I. I don't know if that makes it that shallow mean Automask I hear the second and as we can surely like us that we get that. That tail cut off savings account I'd like Italy that essential guy and I'm pro tale. Look you could mean someone who is very content that you get along with a right is that the general fund faced attractive in every woman understand okay this is why not date. So in his case with a note or face a very attractive and she is kind engines and all these things. And in my case as the outer face it's the hail that kind of the earth real. I mean it sounds. Like being shallow but that lets you know while normally are you really. She just needs of trying to got a through the end of. Behind me. Really I heard over the field. And make it hits that nice the one of the estimates or not Seattle wins tails Obama I don't care little how to put that I'm a new dating profile. Well you've got a tail and got to manage and maintain a look. No issues after tales are only impacts of the unbeaten 48 again over the term chasing tail. It's I guess not on yeah. I did I thought oh good old days before our origin Asian mile grabbed rep and if it's not like that. Depends which are into tomorrow you'll Jason Taylor street Guillen. No literally cannot tell you the music you dated a girl went to had a little number utility and Taylor right hole yeah sure yeah no it was like you know I was like man I was like when you go and you realize all the trees have been chopped down like you could see with the treatment does but they're just stiff armed. My deregulate poetry was there did you ask Carol yeah NBA title and after you know after you can line causing you see the stunt you know either the entry was there one point and now he's either the tree is gone he's still see those treat those elegant doberman is a dozen a tale if you can tell you yeah yeah I look at me like one day and you hadn't yet but they just you know they think of the years ago. In humans are called aux. Funny little tails that would to cool cat. Bobcat. Yeah that's now true hope. That you did this and it goes down I got ready is all OK don't that aren't about to lose jobs I'll block ads inserted. Bobcats don't go to here because Doug showed a medal winner about a month ago. What though unique body farm we always remember just yeah. It would get validated our club it is and that's all the way you are listening to the men's or radio network is. Commentary to others down their turn up who Sox last as well first amber if you emails from the men's room mad men's or buy dot com. Our question what you're big body part we always remember guys below the my son ages seven and five heavy slight abnormality there left ear. The orders oldest was born with his left ear completely folded down. Although the doctors said the calcium would Harden and fix itself it is not. His ear looks like the top of it is kind of popped inside out we call this puppy dog here and he's Colin. The young as was born Mosul they called an ear tag in his left here basically looks like the part in the front of the hole in his ear was not fully formed anyway. Kind of funny they both have a little something different with the same ear. The good thing is that it makes it easy to talk about how nobody is perfect. You guys the best thanks Roy you do in the entertainment and your audience double me survive the rat race there that from Sean. On I five guys my body bar the dollars and are my fiancee told me he did not have a birthmark when we started to date. Turns out he was just embarrassed because it's birthmark is on the head of his penis and that's from K well not everybody has a birthmark. Go a little Harry Potter I don't give birth Barca have yet behind many. I don't think that a little teeny tiny lapping at I do it now I've probably do I think birthmarks again and fortunes when the things you'll notice when they're somewhere. Nevada. And really lowered I like it when you incorporate the birthmark into the tattoos. It like it would probably saved a priority looks like somebody in the news add to anybody that had one of his birth marks for it was they can't black hair but he had one little strip of flake. Why does that on our air ball coming out a burglar yeah ha yeah I was northern evil genius. Our guys when I was eight years old I had a bunch of intestines removed since I was born both veins going through them and they decided to rupture. Surgery happened on April fools they oddly enough anyway the incision is about eight inches long. Now right to the senator by belly button. Which was in Indy. And ever since very much so an Alley and since grade school everyone has said it looks just like a cinnamon roll. Rock on guys that from angry Andy who has a belly button that looks like a delicious cinnamon roll I'm hungry all the gentlemen wanna. Back when I was in the navy a bunch of us went out for a night of drinking. I'm at a friend of a friend nicknamed beef cake due to his stature which was that of a bodybuilder. Well we go to the bars and in the back of Condo and by the into the ninth the only people left are myself beet cakes and two girls. Well although gorgeous involved beef cake was dumber than a bag of rocks and ended up saying something that scared off one of the girls. So there the three of us are and we end up in the bedroom and it was time to go the devils' way. I was first at the posterior. And when it came time to the switch that's when I sought. As beef cake crawled around to the other end of the bed something was dragging between his legs and hitting the sheets below. It was like a slow motion scene in the movie were hot woman walks by and everyone stares whether jaws dropped but in this scene that. I was the gays are in this giant dog and Dong was the hot woman. I couldn't take my eyes off but I was in disbelief it was like a baby's arm holding an apple. I was looking around for peanut defeated. He looks at me winks and smiles only good and I'm pretty well I'm I'm glad I went first it's. Why isn't small by any means my wife always tells me is the biggest she'd ever seen or felt like a child and she's seen hundreds selling your child and a man's locker room. The high five me and an accident. And then seek a as he checked her temperature this is no joke she looked up at me went cross eyed and let out the biggest breath I've ever heard. It was if she emptied the entire capacity of furlongs. I never saw B Kagan after that night hopefully he's out there somewhere using I think the last of cattle are aware appliance back at a carnival. Back on the show that from Steve's toys in the entertaining emails. Some Brothers I had an ex girlfriend who had two different sized breasts dramatically different being missed a the first time her shirt was off I kept moving my hand back and forth and make sure I wasn't tripping call that be cured back and forth with the same coverage on the hand could believe it. Confirmed wants us our Nagle the lights on but she may have had a tail before because that booty was on points. It's ultimately there's the back and Jeremy got it and he's they have usually the ones that we don't really. Any comments today. A live view it says I look to my girlfriend in high school Jim Webb so it's not like crazy crazy but I won't for did. Let me give him the day at a Halloween skate party and he's dressed as a baseball player. With what looked like a baseball sticky outside of his legs so I told him I love the costume. But specifically because the baseball in the neck is a fantastic touch. They told me it was a genetic deformity a bill to ban ran to cry on I'll never forget the shout out to do not ride you're on to do. And be an out of body of high school board no toenail on his big toe so his big toe luckily he had appealed to scorn from split it grossly out. See if he. I'll read you a terror to actually melts the men's or women's or buy dot com yeah. If the for dirty Germans are diverted some wonderful well already girlfriend terrorist cedar has made up that your around the sun she's been asking me all year to put an request for Ted to say. Bib Leo second. I know brighter day thanks guys down from Kyle Dowd it's gonna get they've been an attack I'm very god that little bit as bad as you put them under Obama. Those are very few words of one of those. It chizik. He's a library. If I an animal for a guy that's pop a street pass. For for a hostile to our country's top always G yeah. Ahead at the ranch and hearing no idea Bradshaw and Joseph overhead rental religion and labels raid zero. Right now rancher who both Blu-ray didn't look ranch on your legs. Over the raid that you're ordering rich and give it a more rain stressing. How would you say that's nonsense police say ranch in and spent more rate currently go to but the dressing right well if they had no vision or does. It's my son's eighteen birthday I want to wish him happy birthday could you do a bong rip with a happy birthday French accent yeah we we happy birthday thanks mom. Mom next time mention you're eighteen year old son's name. A good boy. Illness is still talk to me we should. We we've. We will go our cone. Bob please where's my wonderful husband Aaron have Ebert they give us a dirty Germans discussing bodily functions such as loud pungent barge in bowel movements thank you so much. That from Angelique. And her son she sounds a gruesome and bodily functions but it would just be friction and most. Johnson township who smoked about this is not a far too distant. From the front but there's a bruise the delegate mammoth Bader Brothers Tony wanting currently serving in the united states army in Kuwait he maintains and services patriot missiles. I'd like to whomever they shut out with a what does that bro and your penis is too small thanks again fellas that from Bruce. Oh my god would go. The admiral. Guys territory third birthday David I love you can't wait to spend my fourth page in the grass be next month let's get drunk tonight love Amanda thank you guys rock on that from Amanda. Guys and getting old today on the right page 22 I'll be celebrating in the sun moments of mens room cold nights that I get a Europeans is too small the dirty Germans thanks guys that from special K. Yup and I don't want to join a slip of Muppets and including wounded June. Now special K let's send me an estimate how Vista can hold true. Predatory bird bird data my younger brother Austin he's probably working his b.s off right now hopefully listening to the men's room out and I know G faced sandwich thanks and keep on rocking guys that from Bryan and fish sandwich. Overall all of those as my brother from another mother story seven trip. Getting isn't dirty German dog from a broad Jake he is a pain or craftsman. The loves running dirt bikes and drinking beer as often as he can. Thanks guys that from the crazy little sister. Now when we are on the place some sweats hot pockets Katrina but she. And take your. Russian unit strokes. Here's a strange when master into. I think we need a translator some times and Herbert they requested emails from by united by a sudden a New Orleans this. Not all attract favorite terror upsetting and I try to do my best. Poland as the channel all my home teams Ruda from new Rawlins within a volatile and then you'll all written out and I do have mark on the draft Karlsson who has celebrate the W above day. When tells the story would meet and Travis gets the kids away from the you know it's a star that is a very not a one so gonna get a big old bomb ribs and internal sex. May be in the pause Robin saying something sexy in German thanks guys that from Dino Carlson's. Not fully Singapore. I'd give my husband sages Jana today's birthdays longtime listener you made is a day when we are bumped into you guys. At a convenience store last year before red fast and you guys to the photo. That again when you all sign the poster he'd love the dirty Germans from thrill and Ted thanks guys that from brandy. No it didn't Summers he reform and and a parking lots of different things can happen I'm going to get on the open tests. Sunny rainy season. That was the sadness with the star from. Yeah thank you have to page through I had nagging you in the coastal intimate and now with the Beckett that's all that I remember at some of the curve every. I'll put that big of a liquor stores like a hurricane come through the if this it's the it's the northwest. At the I don't blame in this country is usually. Well we have airplane many I don't really go baggage with. It's amazing. They had nothing to play golf ball down in front of brown. It was great that was really nice and good food section. All of your image my dad down Rick's birthday today and once you guys who wish him had a birthday I used to losing the show when I was in elementary school logo and then I thought it was entertaining. Now in college I being able to understand more jokes of this and now the buy gas all the time. And he's the best father I could ask for a gimme your penis is too small that from Anthony. Of that in there. A lot of viewers about their brands and husband Jason Z had the 33 birthday or get everyone talking over themselves about how big polish people's noses are. Thanks guys you're the best love piglet Bo and his wife Megan. Let's oh man I was there I don't know I was going to lose anyway is I was not only me as they hold her hand and this accomplishment worthy borrowers only redeeming and airs on the net loss of I'm New York City for my thirtieth birthday ozone and get a birthday shot I can I get a second up come gate and some dirty Germans please thanks you guys are awesome that from Robin do our. Yeah she was close I want to soak up my cup. Yeah are you a New York City attorney for the school and beef and to be enough to love and want to put my warm and a big. Extra bread. He Baylor for a five cent. Yeah I didn't go to your thoughts Carnegie deli and human bodies should eat Santa and die you would be an empire state of penis. Paula Jones I was wondering if you please give her day job to my brother James he's a great brother and friend who's been there four of us government and the through thick and then turns the big floral today. How unless I get up cupcake and I cut that bitch off next dollar thanks guys keep over the last thank you that from Mike. It. There now. Natco all guys and then at celebrating his fiftieth today for his bird they request have a turtle actually Joseph we. H yes none we lobbied ahead keep on rocking guys and Jason Jared and Lisa and Christina. Guys like military in the Big Five oh exactly two months old that I am so against colonial lady for the next two months and she hates that. I don't human level what the evidence that. Oh yeah brawl. Yeah. I'm open to us and assist on the side and put more emphasis on the big. Not something insensitive and defensiveness. All the legal. Who have you spanky the. A lot of guys today in my old man is 57 he's always been there for me so I'd say it's a good time to show my appreciation. As he loves really Dimon is beautiful longevity build his own two hands some of the dirty Germans talking about their favorite types of wood no need to hold back guys that from Josh. On my favorite to win. Yeah absolutely. Senator my own. I don't know mystique nano like phone to. Hi guys you know I mean I did okay. You have to have an armored. Yeah. I I have hey good I go. But then nothing yeah. Right by and then remove the sausage available through these world fame on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. The shoreline flat. I'm really you know need you know the plot but doesn't bode birds. Israel wants to know. Yeah John and blue. A driver who's not classy to throw hill everywhere you bring us three stories from the news and I got to us to determine which of these three stories sound the least. Now feel like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter events are live the debate already underway on who sucks less. Yes and they never do every week we have three contenders in this case we have a woman from just outside of Los Angeles a mother will. She'll be competing against a customer at a Texas restaurant. The together. The two of them will take on a woman from Toledo Ohio bullets start. And globally lost and leave California where we could preface this by saying a baby was found safe. At a home a relative but there is after report but the child had been thrown out of the vehicle and over clay. I don't know what we'll call reported the incident about 12:50 AM. Naturally multiple agencies want to search for the infant whose age and gender were not disclosed the dead sheriff deputies. The Montrose search and rescue team 75 firefighters are also all the earth is my helicopter canine units. For obvious reasons because apparently a baby has been thrown out of a car. And over clip now child's parents that were detained for questioning in connection with the matter. But according to authorities there let's say the fathers when he called authorities and said that during an argument. The mother can claim to toss the baby over the clip which led him to believe that the baby had been bag. His baby. Don't know request all the mother subsequently admitted that she did not go on the drought on the vehicle and had the baby was in fact. At a fan remember assessment of the way she met her husband believed and it and he won gold before saying my god. But we continue let's go to Texas were caused her to Texas Statehouse. Let the server with no tip. But then left the racist message but over the weekend an amendment Baird says it can't return. A guy by the name of the legal tab. He was waiter there buddy look its customers' bill on Saturday night and saw that the note that written on top and it says quote. We don't tip terrorist. Customer at sawgrass steak house that's been circled a name collegial and the left zero an attempt. For billed about a hundred children easily old thing that we don't have terrorist. Do you old salt grass is alive and we we stand by. Our particular waiter and in this case. The customers not invited back it should be noted that Khalil. He has no Middle Eastern roots knuckle like that basically he was named after one of his father's best friend. Who was killed in an accident Bob Muslim and Khalil means friend in error. Are off to a city got grandpa. Terror. Now creeping into all the armed and I we go to bubbly is Toledo Ohio where a woman with it would charges including ethnic intimidation which I've never before. This after spray painting hailed trump and bombs keep out and the swastika. On the front over black neighbor's home. Patricia federal and 47 years old. She was ordered not to have any contact with the victim who took a shot but no one is on the process so how's the incident went viral after the real estate agent. Posted the video. The season to crime does not fit the federal standard for a crime the ethnic intimidation charges filed basically. It's a bill 500 dollar fine and I want the cubs do not belong in jail. You just hooded threesome so again you have. Starting in Los Angeles give the woman in an arguable husband with a husband to believe that he had taken a baby stormed out of a moving vehicle equipped. We have because rent taxes and don't do. Terrorists fighting back the guy I was named after buddies reference father's desperate who died and all of the Toledo Ohio who spray painted that. Hailed from and bombs get out and added the swastika to a black. Neighbors and have positive out on a hate crime but I would say the customer. Sucks that we used at the stake counts only because. And the stake out to the right being stuck by their guy in tandem for the restaurant. Fired up and and fort he's kind of par for course. Now the outcome of the Toledo house to us it was spray paint and on break. Can you no Jews if you ever try to clean. But even you know I've that's that's after Somalia it. As far as sucking the lease goes. I think it's a unique time where people can just feel the need to be who they are. And Anaheim and in what's going on me and I'm gonna go with the call from the moment. It's called remote yeah are going to do the kid and I in my game adding I think the hoods off and the thing and I mean I'd rather you I'd rather know. Did not know or would you rather know someone's real true opinion the meaning whether whether you agree with it or not whether or try to wrong. Those those people now feel that they can express those opinions and they can and I think it is important that you know that can get there and I keep doing it. The debate continues to be like the men's room on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter at men's or lives a double during those Michelle today what you don't need to know the flood division. It's coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Love big chill you don't have enjoyed the men's room. We'll bring it goes to admit to a show and able person. We're full of useless information. And you have far too many brain cells not to let us killer he. So my engineer on the men's room shares would you don't need to know Canaccord seven Wall Street they rank beat. Fifty biggest product flops of all times and believe or not most of these you've probably actually know let's just go ahead and start with number one that would be. Google glass from 2013. The Google glasses and number two with Apple's lame digital notepad from 1993. Called the Newton. I don't I don't remember that. The Atari games ET the extraterrestrial man that was horrible so was Pacman. I burger kings says rise from 2013. Supposed to be healthier than normal prize no one gave a crap. Our premier smokeless cigarettes in 1988 from RJ Reynolds they sucked because they tasted like crap. They spent almost a billion dollars and them they yank them by the end of the year you remember she goes live bomb look oh. Touch of younger champ who by Claire all who people thought they could eat but the ball and there's New Coke the Windows Vista Crystal Pepsi. Beta Max is dead Harley-Davidson perfumes the arch deluxe a McDonald's the Sega Dreamcast. Heinz EZ squirt blue catch of the Microsoft Zune MP3 player and finally the TV showed terra nova from 2011. Approximate fifteen million dollars on it including twenty million on the pilot. And he got canceled after five episodes love and happily married to during a guy. Deserves to be ready. Men's room knows just. Have an advantage usually head to the very best dance even throw a little fun outdoor toaster. Yes indeed today windows 31 year old double Darrell Raymond web Jackson of New South Wales Australia. Long story short he was jailed for ten months after he was caught on video having sex with a Porsche. Daniel did not deny he has acquired interest but he insisted. That the sex was consensual which is a ridiculous statement but according to Daniel when he broke into the stable and can make this up. The horse sniffed his crotch and winked at. All right guys on defense game on turns out the authorities didn't care too much and he was pleased jail anyway. And we can hours. So reports this moon the retreat this boo boos because we think it's yet they act so over the tong and down the throat to party in our Tommy's. Now now oh wow did you. Kids echoed that line right now 844999. All of her profile lifts. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.