07-17-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets Back Stage

Tuesday, July 17th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with What It Costs to Get Backstage with 10 Bands! plus The Word and the Shot of the Day!


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This is done men's room. I'm listening to. Right now we have my love life. Michael so that you even deploy it and even shot at everything else but another security like when you went to Disney World. Oh please upgrade your eyes are. You were not being streaky let's say it anyway. that they down there and of course my both my kids you know they wanted course whatever so they're around they're plants. And that other and then like a good father so I'm holding my youngest sued just turned four on his hand. However it would be in my hand if it comes to hold my hand but we're in big bag of beans and that I'm holding the epic packet. So at that they get hot items display. I mean literally still healing can do they wrote every beat. And I didn't notice that he had. Let go of my hand written note. I'd open. And with all these people around him on the bag and dropping. So. I'm. Let my wife and my other oldest son and hop on the model and help and go back to our hotel. Arnold. Exactly what I did better at the hotel and I like noted. Where the heck is Noah our young hit it. So wait you not notice how I have noticed that he was not figured you already got on the monitor around it and gone back it's now Nokia. Life literally to debate how this story might be it. Turned the wider than at these computer paper. It's dark I start out and I would like. On public hitting a. And again you know I guess I got an aerial back. Oh. Yeah. It is not an apparent reason and I hope and bill's gonna I'm I'm not on the line. My uncle lives in Florida. Legacy my uncle and Evans and into. We're driving along you it's flatter than you never seen a place of rights flat it's flat surely cell towers and worked him I have Verizon. Verizon has some of the best coverage they say in the world now and I've heard about it I don't know I thought I. I couldn't get crap like houses and Ronald Reagan on his is breaking down the gallery is gonna Cedric I'm gonna build a pretty metropolitan area. You know donated so I always wanted to put that held up with a cell phones or whatever it says it would have been flown into it's it takes applicable it babies or thundershower you have Donald hell's going on that I now. It's weird I get you know chemicals used judge ruling he uses Bluetooth obviously does he drive and advertisers like are here. All right now I got to act acting like Jesus man does anyone have a Foleo works. It's Florida it's my new places in the basement like to have ground floor apartment yeah. So it's it's very finicky. I can be in the kitchen but if I mean sometimes I call people are making dinner and I are gonna ignore able right but if I try. They've I lean over to like flipped the chicken. I lose. Top it's pretty weird click now I don't look at this Oregon yeah I gotta put about the speaker and Emily yeah. There's only overdrive this. So as you brought a 544999. Old Soviet terrifying it was acute Disney I mean you have these plays owners but Disney World is impressive man. Is Sunni shoot tellem. Think they've locked down exits the secret the secret little Mickey police come out of the lights. There's probably only be if police to just come out of the ground. The brilliant team has guys daily. There's titles and having to run underneath all of the magic kingdom all the parks so you don't know absolutely tear down in there's entrants the is in some of the shops and some of restaurants. So of an alert goes out like hey we've lost the kid they don't shut down the gates in those guys were pop men and women won't pop at least secret doors that unify an acute. But he's abandoned us and how do you honestly think anywhere related you know again it cameras and everything easier it's a people who were not look and help out there still a billion people who was a scary but if he didn't have a park hopper passed you know and he's just confined to the magic kingdom and then leave and go to Philly got back to the hotel right. Who's looking abroad and why if foreign born 999 all wouldn't have been the time for that joke that would have been one time he could young Kevin real lab and he would have been on point that home would you. Hello I'm Tina welcome to the men's room. All I. Yeah. First time caller we appreciate it thank you. So my experience about what I was born imminent however foreign. RA it was delivered at home on the couch. I intentionally homers. We don't even potentially. I was the youngest of them and get our arms stood up. And shoot at that time right now. There is. I expect this is so. My dad goes to call compact and you call the police and the police came and then they escorted the ambulance. To the hospital. Deplete the please come back in 69. The police come in there to about. 100 so freaked out that he and just say I gotta go on to go out to the curb and wait for the cops. Only to be ambulatory. So the other one the dark to do everything and he ends up delivering AA. Well for the ambulance gets there. And so how that was growing up my parents that told me. You know my dad's side of the story my mom's side of the story. My sister was twelve she would peak at around the corner you know I doubt on how you that the era Lou it. Mister macho man. I ask mom for the cops did she couldn't remember it at that you're clear that the ige is. She downed a could be for the eye candy Altec had. A picture that cop with all the cards or a picture. And I had a team and I went to merchant or. And you know call the police department ask him although as usual question debate outdoor records she can't you can't have bundled people. So. I went to the phone book that would not happen Toledo walk. And I called a couple of the same people and I get a book that's why I keep it no I'm not want it or. But try and hurt and if I think it's the right guy you look at. They get all kinds of wrong call my driving or to move there. Well he told you bet there was the threat after the guy that cop but there was somebody chart track to kill Obama unlike. And and and it felt like he pitched totally different storage. I can't opponent that it is she back at issue like how did you get that number has racked up quite. Actually it kind of made a few phone call options and I told the story and she doesn't structure husband you'd like yeah that's exactly what happened. And they gave me their act as I went and Adam and. Long story short here they hit man went there and tell them if you don't exactly. She so I might do about how. People did you deliver it he let you look at me do you think they are very hurt every union that you aren't the only kid I've ever delivered. Most people would say that you are not Madonna entered not a doctor there is a good they go you don't want half hour and then into place. It populated that it delivered at a time and with a nice to. And I GAAP and indictments very cool answers after they realized she wasn't trying to kill ya but isn't it. That's actually true once you realize you don't that iceberg that's been story. They were just they were activated that I found out. Same hometown boy in the same area. I don't already know Elmira and let it all up seeing if I have just a little bit maybe maybe I'm wrong on this maybe this is not a prototypical. If someone wants to kill me or multiple people wanna kill me. I'm sort of the and I live in an area. I don't think I'm going to stay in that area much longer and I might find new area that I'm willing to live then it doesn't seem so obvious however. That would seem obvious so maybe. The smartest thing to do is not move at all. I don't think it's harder to vote I would hope so what I play different it's different to have your. Assistant or your police are short yeah I don't know and I mean really I gotta think that would team reaches. The years is torn ligament schools like to protect me down but also how easy then. Isn't for anyone to drag me down if they want to kill me. Yeah I don't relate she is not. She doesn't wanna tell Amish don't angry Richie contract read that. I'm Laura biological finally did was deliver so but there's also the guy that wants to kill me. Maybe I think we should move I think at that point lead jail we should move if this chicken finest what's wrong. Who was looking for what a Y 844999. Cola hello Jason welcome to the men's room. Dale on. I appreciate guys that might. That I don't. I would in North Carolina got to look. And have to broke out about it. But I doubt these. Europe and I am able you know all the chemicals that oil it. And so one day. Bob they act I table. Don't scrape that away at it with I tried everything up at the top. And apparently accidentally. Nick and chemical that (%expletive) man. And I did it make it. What they later all of a big league extra court for. And I basically agree it is. Expect that though I'm an obstacle. And it you know these weird question Mike I should be doing it docked here in their bodies but administrative it wrapped in a weird question. Finally it let's start Wheeling it will pay. Now operate them will be your of that. And the net until. But I can't believe I can't beat. It out but I got up to that because I thought that. Or we didn't quite do it at every chemical you know yesterday bubble Bobble off. Locked the sort that it would but I would sit there at that they wrote that book because that's the kind of airline at the Democratic. Convention. It. Did after I looked a lot like that guy that would. It was. It out of the car out at the thank you very similar to what I would make it a little while they realized that I look at Eric there's a moron. There are no terrorists there are an idiot your attorneys and had injuries. I got asked a question meant as some of that pain that you are using is that. I've learned a little bit about them lately is that that paint it takes like two to three weeks to drive. Yeah. OK I'd tell us okay here's aren't aren't so I deserve a little about this is a race. We oil and yes I have a mega quake. My brother right thank you one of his one of his relatives through his wife is big in the oil paint like an uncle ogre. So he comes to their house. And wants to teach youngsters there how to do a little bit of oil painting her owner. How you don't there like 56 years and that they're they're very in Italy they create whatever they create. And the thing of the oil paint you have to leave that flat. That's led a drive or publics to his roots. They got to tell me go to the beach. They come back they walk in the door. In the entire house is covered. And oil based paw prints from their two cats. Who walked all over all the things they may follow track all the oil based paint. Through the house their entire. Carpet floors you can't get that helmet pops if we. Who is now looking for a lot and why would get your emails coming up next you're losing to the men's or radio network. Pitches you'll. True. I'd ask a question who was looking for a lot of wind here come those emails in the men's Roman men's or buy dot com. Only guys after many years of surging to no avail I finally found a 76 station. This sells men's room gold not a reason. Revels the first beer ever taste in many moons ago that I but I had a chance to sample the wonders why does well the goal was always out of our reach until this day may be dear god bless you all. They're from JB thanks for the heads up brother. Our guys after my grandpa died grandma always shore he had stashed money because he never trust the banks so we went through every George bedroom aggressor. Everywhere the gram balls clothing was checked the toes for every shoe with a containers or wherever else money to be stashed. And we started to find roles of 100 bills that the dollar bills Tony's. Bags and bags of coins and after everything was counted we announced around 80000 dollars that he did stowed away or corn holed. A grandma got so mad that she Cust is is that day as news words a never use. Thanks guys at from the violate cowboy. Guys on the youngest of seven my mother had five kids were their first husband who had passed away some eight years later my mother married my dad and had me. Now three years before I was born my mom was a victim of date rape and got pregnant and had a little girl who she gave up for adoption. Three years ago that little girl now 48 got a hold of us and we met the sister that we never knew that we had. Still trying to figure out how much older siblings who were 913 and fourteen never realized our mom was pregnant. That's from Randy. Only guys my sister and her friend were looking for me. We don't goggle water park in Albuquerque she and her friend were about thirteen I think I was nine. They were both tall and fast and I was not at that age so at one point we all had up to an inner tube side. They're taking the stairs three at a time the well I was a little fat kid in this tube was bigger than me some of the time I get up there and they had already gone down slide it once I slid down the there are gone. They're version of the story is that I took a long time on nervous because I was mad at them my version as they ran off left me for the launch her let me in the lurch. So loads and I'll tell the slide I decided to strike. Out of my own. I had a blast doing all the slides I wanted to my leisure. They were livid as they had to spend the next two hours looking for me. When they finally found me allows that to my grandma she asked by I didn't come though where she said she'd be all day as that I was doing everything now on the duo. The blast. She left the my sister is still sore about it rock on guys that from Joan we have any comments today. My girlfriend drug for birdies but the sunglasses on the toilets and the RV. She was adamant about giving the magic salaam Alter the RB Donald than we did a slower drained the blue tank. Until we're recovered a very dirty pair of sunglasses they should boil them for about our reports from Monaghan. And then doctor at a hospital ER raw worked. On his knees on the table as up docked with the head lamp peering through would be. Spec you might believe it is looking into the guy's ass for a vibrator that the guy. Did stuff too far up there some guy looks around says docked if you take into doubt pleased were involved truce so true story. I am not a lot better because I'm also apartment guide those viable reverend Johnson had a birthday with a little give fish sandwich in a big old bong hit he will blast at a public. That it's his birthday thanks guys appreciate it crashed average. As well as my friend and also go order Carolina happy birthday she's a loyal men's room fan please give her an original face sand wedge and a European has is too small. I I feel that from Christina. As my lovely wife Anna's birthday she's reaching the old age of 26. And she is on his lunch lady in the world and huge rocker can she get some dirty Germans talking about awesome lunch ladies thanks guys that from Justin. Within North America but eventually this will be the students and how to make great. Bluntly disagreed so ready for action to remove gloves. The apron of its fifteen. Only children to get a birthday shout out to Curtis pronounced the walrus did his 31 birthday thanks absolutely have a birthday they're Curtis. Guys my amazing wife Catherine's thirty seconds your grandson is today she is the most amazing moment I have ever known and I still alive she is married to me. Can I get some mud turtle wax may be in the dirty Germans talking about her favorite book series Harry Potter. Thanks guys that from nick and Olympic. Does fund. Not familiar let's just hope hostility into the future Henry. Yeah I'm through report to the use of magic wand. And it's on to say the word critics. So let's get a birthday songs about thrills dirty German and Ozzie did for my Big Brother Steve C he's the coolest and I'm glad he's around that from Jess. And I appeal both to come with features like my need and the dog and you'll McCarthy to. Active men haven't yet and it's your birthday of like salty stuff to. Unregulated is blaze was my mom Debbie arouse and partially no relation above or Diana had a birthday. She is in a North Little Rock, Arkansas. And until you guys get indicated there I'll make sure she hears a request from podcast were in Fayetteville on the 93 K I know that reaches there. In Arkansas because he's had a quite this year so far recovering a strong from pelvis and hip surgeries. So in honor of that and gyrating hips. Can she get a second up cupcake and some dirty Germans thanks guys you're the best long time a podcast listener that from Josh in DuPont. Oh. And I'm hoping this might be dead that you can read lips. Young and the Tacoma. Just not a need to go back to. A tip about. Our whole Lotta bid Tuesday is my friend and crazy book guy I'll lay Neal are pronounced sushi cat's birthday can get fish sandwich in the dirty Germans talking about the favorite sushi. And Medgar Robin saying something in German about sushi as well thanks guys that for Manuel. Sandwich. My food sushi is the nod because deals with. Young since a funny but I really like chemical. Beyond that looking good sense of influencing. As a regular set out to my page from Bolivia because his birthday he's one beautiful bastard dumb I said how they he hates that. Heaven and hell and they get an Al hitting the window you guys rock that from Justin spoke look on. There's a 41 your brother satellites and dirty Germans. Then for another lovely Christina and your Christian field both the government to touch all civilians and independence. Yeah he'd come over here and play with Bernhard compete. So this my good friend John's birthday at his 45 trip around the sun I don't know G faced sandwich and we were. All I did against things bridges that crazy night fish yeah. News. Our guys really know. Happy I didn't give it. The idea of America okay. Do you have any. I OK okay good I don't. It's not a did you yeah. Also available through these we'll stay on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. The shrine inside. We moved. Guys moving with the patients is the subject here. So I think is Malia added threat of a better job for me because I've done it several times I really enjoyed it leaves me feeling so fresh and clean and relieve the same time. I was there several friends and had to go real bad and I knew there was no way Al's gonna make it back to the bathrooms I jumped in the river pulled up fans down in letting go. Wanted to win but it had no fifths so a drug itself up to the back in my back and it's reached the top of the water in a follow me for a little while. Did it took off slowly down the river. At about five friends in the store just holding a plastic meet Barrett's time. Another time housing Cabo San Lucas Mexico drug gazelle I just finished two bottles of tequila bartenders and cokes and restaurant closed the closed the shop. Walking on the beach back to my hotel with about 100 tacos and two gallons of chips and salsa rumbling around. I had to go. No bathrooms around so I stripped down but naked and jump to the ocean to relieve myself all the while the water splashing all against me. Currents pulled me all over the place I don't know how I didn't drowned. Makes it a stab them Rotella told the story said they did know how and he gets stung by jelly fish. Needless to say how will gobble one of the restaurants feature it's on and I had lost my shoes. That from life. Still a military tells what it's out today the first Droid charge in the half once again it's time to sit and spin now. Yes Fred there's I want to get it off. Six and spending. Just gather around real radio and listened to Arizona sweat. Sort of new phenomenon in the world of music I would say it's come on probably like in the last. Five to ten years where you can pay for a special VIP package that will give you backstage that's good that's it was all right. Didn't you and Mike should hang out. As a bipartisan attitude now photo Mike the troops in the ocean. Yes took off. Mike good who votes and and I think much like throws parts are a byproduct of milk shakes I think this is sort of a byproduct of the fact a lot of these bands are trying to find. Additional. Revenue streams because let's face it you don't make a lot of money selling records and no doubt know your team knowing so what happens is that you've got the cash. You can do a fans can get special seating and really it it's like anything else in this world everything is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for what you wanna do and Hollywood that experience help Symbian dollars and went up I'm so that will one mile outer box and it it's 2500 bucks it's it's worth it to you to get a high five from Kurt Campbell what else do you think probably they have to do they say like what you did seniors yeah they do absolutely okay they're pretty specific and we'll get into some of that on today's listened and some of these things are very elaborate and some of are row or might not assemble and some really expensive. And some of them you pay less and get more time you pay a whole bunch and you don't get a whole lot but again it's whatever you're willing to pay for. It's we do of those with we will of those with rush wasn't that. We did you and I we still in the line into the end I don't know if they were pissed off rated as I was the only person in the arena not wearing a rush teacher knows wrangling careless sure but they were just not very happy well I mean what it is is Getty Lisa. He does not strike me at least did not and that moment as a guy who enjoys doing that it was just gone through motion as well he's spent his entire life been named daddy gather it's important. So these are the guys of faith because I mean I tend artifacts. We're now. And by the way since that came out of he felt a Rolling Stone the article was I believe and Rolling Stone anyway. That was the basis for this list so weird out 280 bucks that's all we're always weird Al is loaded. Yeah weird out doesn't need my money is so weird Al's just doing this to meet his fans absolutely I mean told. Just to give them an opportunity attitude and you look at their closeup and they call this beyond this was the best value as well you get to see the first fifteen rows off frame set list from that night. It'd take part in the weird Al jeopardy trivia game with other super fans and yes you get to meet weird Al and it's only 280 bucks I think it'll end. I think only 280 bucks an hour and a lot of U2 thirty dollars is not a read it is not a small amount of mine who would you hear what some people on this list of charges of 280 dollars sounds like one hell of a deal. You are one of the highest grossing tour for the last couple years awful. 14100 bucks. You get golden circle taken action to VIP riser. Onstage photo lawful but and some other souvenirs familiar to knock it to beat the press. Apparently you don't you don't you know I deliver Neitzel is wild card writing a good candidate on the roads do it the thing. Number eight. I feel bored you can get to be god did you by the expensive package. Yes you do you do photo I thought you Ozzie is the sweetest man on the plane earlier when you get some of those Zach Wells when I guess you're a book we still don't know what that was wax model you'll hear her horse owners think I don't know that it had idol this day in the last ten years and I did exactly what was in that wild beard of okay. And I think it was I think it was beer other towards 2250. Bucks 2200. That he's he's going to fit how it always goes to share cost them a leading to an artist backstage outfits. The could be in Vegas resident figure out. To get to see the first five rows of guys backstage tour viper is consistent yes you do get to meet Brittany and take a picture. I want Fannie and that can be brief was exciting but very fast. Don't you know you don't like long count or I would have within spears and exciting but very. About 2000. Others because. And I will tell you Metallica and while this is not inexpensive it's when he 500 bucks Metallica does the best meet and greets. Of any big band or because they actually. Hang out with people right they walk down the line of all have a conversation with every single person. And take pictures and sign whatever and the like super nice guys whereas some of the other once it's just like. Okay your Max Fisher took a picture bulatovic remove. There. How much is done material here. 2000 dollars for freaking green with debris that's lady Hillary have you not like. Look at what I heard the she got good stuff front row seats with the queen bee. Chaos photo and the some 17100 dollars and that's a good amount relative to everyone else he'd been visiting gives your beyoncé put your work and everyone just wants a full. The other side of the Jennifer Lopez. VIP package. You can meet and greet with. 16100 expert did you get to meet. I'll I'll I'll pop up. Good good good good. I'm 110. I'm not a lady dot com music fan I mean Lady Gaga fan I think she's 2000. She's very town tonight for a while I would love to meet hang out there. What's 15100 bucks for doing in the Cobb Eddie and yeah and you can sit on the side of the states owes you a little while Burnett or they just another look at this little section. I would rather do orange hue and I don't know if the sister show me what a pleasure to be fascinating of wordplay have a Coors Light or something brand and I don't go to the show is the consummate journalist Dave John. Well. Why. How did the best to balk at the top of the left. Easy miles an eyewitness saw Sebastian Bach played a clone of a small club in his neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. Youth youth itself above the merged it. Which has professionals nitro assures commercial able to get a little of what I like people to play a little post it note. That said meets reads a message on his door about hundred bucks cash. They rounded up problem that he's very I don't boyfriend post it note posted it on the bus then they'd they'd look at look at that stress on the body primate Hollywood Obama is doing I don't actually tell me he turned that into the address as you can get recognized them as I don't think that it hit my manager did not get their cut and very sure of slowly for a good five guys page. You today EA EAU thanks guys they are highly appreciate or don't know about more American phrases and other countries don't understand don't drink it tells would be shot of the day you're listening to major radio network. A room with smiles and slipped out of a very adult movies out of all prior. I'm I'm not as nice are good job. Birdie it's gonna travel the world. They're over fifty countries around the world to speak English making it relatively simple way to travel and even if English is one of the most spoken languages. The ways that American use of language well that differs depending on where you are even in this great country of ours. And there's certain things that we say that even though you know the words you know the language none of the stuff makes sense. Only to Americans again if you. Jones it. If you're tells a month from England Richard Jones thing for a beer right they no idea what that means. So if you're Jones in for a Coca-Cola. Foreigners may think of the more internationally common phrase keeping up with the joneses. And assuming that made you wanna drink Coke. Because everyone right okay that's what they believe they understand what a John Hancock yes offshore makes sense based on the declaration and been there right. I jumped the shark. ER I mean come on I know that meant Friday to reference. And they don't go to happy days thanks in 77 were funds he literally jumped over sharks. And basically what that means is what used to be good absolutely just went too far and is now not even a fraction of what it used to be. Here's another turn that other people who are now from American donors then. The Monday Morning Quarterback of course no other country loves football like the US so. Being a Monday Morning Quarterback is essentially someone who makes criticisms based on hindsight and knowledge. That they don't really have because they've never done a gullible are the nose bleed seats GAAP. They don't know what that is piece of cake if something is a piece cake and on American may think it's rich or indulgent or super charred body. And really in reality in America it is something that is very easy and finally the term. Plead the fifth. He Miller had a lawn are you get on day one means of plead the fifth. And his means that you proud gonna keep your big mouth shut there you go on the word all right Bob and it would be headed straight attack. Deserves to be ready. Men's room. It's just the way it is. Your dad as good as usual way ahead today during death dance fever throwing up on outdoor toasted yesterday and today with those two people from Redlands California. Redlands just outside about east LA that the storage crash Rio appears. A 28 year old man he's hanging out in apart and decide sort flashing people. One of the people he slashed with a 51 year old woman named Cynthia. It would cease don't do it she flew into what would this called vigilante rate compared all right she chased them how far do you think she chases as. Some people loves being busy flashing that she does not bush or I am. Cynthia 51 year old Cynthia I say she went a mile I'll say half mile she jays some nearly a mile down the street. The would you probably got a dome they exchanged words. Then she stabbed him multiple times all right wow for flashing that is correct he does arrive and now he's facing charges for indecent exposure. She's facing charges for assault with a deadly weapon Ted it's a good if they. So important monument during those boos because we think it's numbing guy. Over the opponent down the throat do party in our atomic. And I hope I've had time. You don't not a lot right now we'll profile this state for Ford 9990. They should many things continue on the men's room radio network.