07-16-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Gets Bit

Monday, July 16th

It's time once again for the Random Question Question!


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You what sort of. Here is real. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. They say shake your radio more than. Three times. I don't go to another 2863. Year. Along with Steve the thrill hill. Age heads of the Auburn ball. By com. Want to. Soon I imagine a. Had Palin question question is back. Your guess is as good as mine categories athletes and light beer. The return of as the men's room did write a play profile list. What's headlines events and shot of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite. TV time but to that fact targeted her and are you go not good news as a multiple Costco and Sam's clubs in Virginia. Switch the regular gas. For the diesel kind. Is seat. Meanwhile crocodile in Indonesia ET very important man and the villagers then lose their months. Jaguars game from New Orleans do it goes all knew each night out that. Team going line has very Florida reason to scream and shouts and Georgia cubs decide woman stage for the coin flip. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All that bad his good days to you and you'll. All right let's face it major. Seemingly all about new and inventive ways to kill. And a magnolia than just scared the living the Jesus sat before is that. They brought this up before over the as a woman in Australia she's on the boat she's bitten by a film. Dead insult to injury shark and pulled woman have a vote in into the crocodile infested water. The good news is the shark left her alone after. There's another get a warning you bitten by snake while he was more in the long. Instead of worrying about bad snake bite that you've just gotten what he really worried about what others think by the got by the government to make a bit. And now nature has snakes teaming up on my guess that reaches out to get to. Scientists and Amazon they've discovered a new species of wants that's already great news. And of course is stinger is both longer and wider than otherwise. We have more details about the swap and frankly I'm beyond. It only gets scarier for men and a woman left little trick on me to sleep. There's a brushfire tis the season. Good to brush fire me two tornados become defined and Tuesday while that's scary have been thankfully the tornado moves into a rip and then it becomes Walker's. And you call the whole thing on video just saying they presented it. These are some of the stories that we thought it led to many many questions questions we'd like to ask you. In the form about random question question in this is how it works you call us. We have to question a complete random and after shirt and circles they're reputed news story that inspired so a question. For probation on random question question call 844999. Polo like humans are among FaceBook follow us on Twitter and instruments are live. Fans and those emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Just ally ally in December 2860. Yeah I guarantee future repeat I believe right now actually this is a repeat this is a read item you'll have Dennis is as good as minor categories will be athletes and the light to beer we are in that bush won by athletes alike beer both on it was who's the Labor Day episode that we did all all your right a live from Madison Square Garden 122. But an under the same ones we will be dead all right well you're gonna hear that against. That's her categories coming up when your guess is good as mine the return of pessimism coming double drink it tells of the show the day another round profile this. And today is today we do our random question question 844. 999 old Brenda Brenda Brenda Lawrence and garner welcome to the Ventura. Oh wow I don't today Gunner. And I yeah. Beautiful scene yeah well funny thing about summer you're nuts losing honor Greenland affiliate in our. You know not a mullet and you're not done our and larnaca Billy Adams of I know I like that. And you're not done listening in this Iberia. I think beautiful there I guess it's pretty warm and 55 to they don't do that they do other metrics for us whenever that is plus good newsroom Goddard. Let's. What group did you join or think about joining the group have you been a part of it is. Convinced. Government clamp down whatever you like I'm on. Army won't attend the matter what their porno is gonna dedicate it to him. Some people like to go to AA meetings just for fun. Just for fun I have others that clearly smoke a cigarette what the jeopardy it's really needs it's the wrong salad elderly smokers anonymous should be did you like to smoke come here talk about Jesus through we'll throw a splash alcohol. But that number is a once twice three to the dynamic enjoy ago when a group Levy joined. Blood about being completely expert that I have Jain I'm actually a member of the the musician and yet. Podcast that's a that's like Brett go why wouldn't you say that that's. So what happens really enjoyed it disarm a musician I'm not part of musicians union. What advantages do you get being a part of it. Well that they the biggest advantage that you get from being part of you have to. Pretty large or patient. Backing you are away and people are trying to be city and they don't want a essentially it's like like the labor unions. But just that ebitda I mean I don't Muncie not I've I've had people. You know I had to come after people or hurt for payment. But ahead of part of being a man like every call that like. I assumed that any quarter quote paid gig that we had a good time let Obama get paid and whatnot tonight and not without getting back up those multi finishes his coat and I had not his room at 3 AM you're not getting pay yes those guys. So if you don't use it so but wait a part of band with you. When they read the whole Bender doesn't still distribute. And it impacted depend on the use Diana on that like I'm bite out of myself. I. And I actually don't know how to word this. If they do you represented. To be completely out of it probably could. What I'm asking is this the most people that I know are not part of that better better musicians so. Would you be a pain in the ass to have in my band in other words. Yes if I were not the union you are do you make things more difficult doesn't help us. And idiotic but probably helped it. You know I mean I'm glad somebody just being. Did that all around a pole. He got you are you how many bands doing better. Or at the moment I've played from the earth Briere all our art it. Do you write their own bath and that. Now gone. The Smart money it makes sense for you do that that. Instead at and I in my. I got to that makes that appearance session player makes a lot more silenced them aren't Ariza has won grand you do notice did you join aura thing about joining. Everyone notice like to live and above here's your chance this nightmare as what are live in the ball oh involvement in the buff. The cypress cove nudist resorts in lovely Kissimmee Florida is holding. An open house O'Connor the resort will offer guests a free tool or a pool party Annie writes this complimentary food. The open house is a cypress golf tradition Gascon visit resort and no cost and get up first hand experience. With Miller and pressured to be nude. The resort's website said it stay close and relax by the lake or bring Intel shed your clothes. And beat the heat beat the heat. On the feet I heat the heat beat a dead heat on the BS the resort said Ann Arbor Larry our reserve cut the threads that. The resorts that it offers onsite dining I hear a nail salon so if you only grew mob you could care and male hair and nail. On the side senator all Al's going to a boutique bicycle and golf cart Reynolds all now that would be how well I read the fight. All I would definitely nudist colony is due to see I'm just saying that to make an ass on did you imagine out of mind imagine the freedom of the unit golf cart fully naked. That I would do it yeah that's awesome that would be great how does that appeal to those I don't know a fully equipped junior golf carts are fun. And today here at the wheel our freedom means you can have a beer there you Jake and and it's when you hear that united states military the ultimate freedom is naked in a golf cart fully equipped gym yells spot Korea could you imagine spot someone on. Yeah its press there. It's just basic dangled Oprah like. Do you live bro I got to know all finally in the pool he's still got to where patent suit included huge approval something over the job. I don't know if you get what I'm a big suited that I Olympic backwards unsure that's when the only rules and knew this and that's I'd like rebels and constantly got to cover up. Apparently an app I think maybe I've heard this before but they they just revealed that. If you go diving pool and when I ran it its about chlorine it's not quarry dude I'd just because of our sense it's he can believe it or not. Who is more dangerous than peace in the water boarding mixes of chlorine that's image right now it's not too much chlorine and walk until Monday. Honest to god that this this resort again onsite dining and hair and nail salons or massage center a boutique. Bicycle a golf cart Reynolds a fully equipped gym and fitness room. A private beach with fire pits a son Zach docs could news. Kayaks pedal boards and paddle boats but it sounds great and it really does I mean honest to god it's it's a lot of stuff right. Do you got to look you can hang about the pool you can go to the beach you can play tennis you can go to the jam are now playing tennis and you get a massage. They have their bubble boy it's a garden and grabbed this and. I don't have evidently you don't want her moment and it's just different and that's gonna stay announced in Canada's it's a random friend and I put. Among the other ducks aren't they got a sucker and my parents who remain. In the never liked the movements. The average person you see that's the person meal and golf kiss me for nothing you don't you don't think you get me. Hello Justin welcome to the men's room. Hello Justin. Hello all and allowed it to us and they're Justin lets see here would have again. I just didn't feel as you can count. We don't just look number time what number child or you in the let in the lineup there. I'm number one you're the number one he's the only I don't know how many. Out of 40. What's the age difference. On the IO. A young as did eighteen years old Vinny curry can the younger than me. So as far as growing up. You're the oldest all the siblings how much responsibility. Did you end up taking for all of your siblings parents are you're old enough now we're gonna not do this that the other. I'll lot I mean Michael my parents worked a lot so. I got home from school I had to make him get hairy you know took me to bed every night back you know. So what are they what do they give you know they look back and say you know when he was always cool did you ever present them intimately. What about now as an adult that did that end up making you more responsible human being now. I would like a big sell black. And you know I got even be that the responsible. Let go very young thing about it is everybody you probably don't have a pride month and up meal for two or three people. You and just general things that you don't think all of our laundry to drift through the laundry done. I know my mom would geriatric about laundry she when I did it she didn't like how I did it so. She did. Mean I don't know other yachts and other light thirteen. And I used to want to break right I don't care how you do and what I discovered quickly or don't want to read more to get. Ager youngest brother sister still school I guess. I just graduated my youngest sister also results also all the kids are grown up than enough and done. Yeah yes and they all were your clothes I'm guessing. And it like dump a patent can. That's it's a pretty good number reason we ask what number child Mario. Here's another thing baby boomers used to do before they rooms deciding according to the story a little children believe are not going extinct. According to new data and it's because no one wants to have three or more kids in more to his fine art bunkers are hunting them basically after you have to you're just like that is enough. Yeah I speak the truth on that went. Back in the late 1970s. 59% of mothers had three or more kids today that's down to 32% and dropping a steadily as still all the time. Also the majority of people said three or four kids was ideal back in the seventies today the answer is no way top answer to children a lot of edges basically has to do with financial. Other anti U snowstorm and president and you have as many two sets of working parents all that most parents don't look the cost of living has gone up much slower than to call some flesh tour. And I'll have it if you want your kids go to college gonna begin a higher education whatever that dealers it's unrealistic Irish you can do it for any more than I. I was even thinking is to a need to realize is that crack is cheap. Right stuff you don't need as much cheaper you can get awesome TV you can get great cars in the era but like actual food and how things got out of. Cut back on I don't like look at you know. That the comforts of home direct. Great TV all of this of comfort of home we will definitely reduce the price help you industry movie directly to your bedroom that you don't even need remote. To say somebody's name of the duke for a blood because of kids' education and clothing and everything else yet so ten times more of an. And a study found that there's a direct connection now between having more money and having more kids in other words the main thing standing in the way people having big families is that they feel they just can't afford. When that's all that's yeah ads that come in July it had go red day and your favorite a pretty good friends Brandon Manumaleuna everybody. And another rebound but look at this thing even if you irresponsible and do you still would want to. Get kids take away your your responsibility my dad. That's the problems. Hello Vaughn's welcomed the men's room. So they can lay it all ma. Sorry about. How good you guys doing good dramas go the what were you exposed to. What do you believe that you were exposed to. Good to know what particular parts credible. To have government take tomorrow to get have been born. Yeah I got chicken pox and other kids but I wanna say those exposed to maybe a little radiation from. I'm entered. Oh wise were you working where did you live in the area. Movie. You know it was just. Where that my family said because you look down on the call here ever so there are so that we might be swimming any radiation and it was just such a joke basically family. It might be a Joseph Bel Air that might be there might be a joke the place by my house I heard they might be they reckon it's a park where people go to in the and they recommend. A gas where's don't sit down. Don't put a blanket down like eight the Reid gray did they put new topsoil down at any. With a win a caller and he worked in exactly that type of field and and I asked point blank. If if if you went down there would you sit down and he said absolutely. Not I. I would it would not go there I would take a family there aren't enough ever to live for about 200000 people go to displace Hamas fireworks. Usually does not have an open. You know I don't as more of an Arnold those figures are markets to wait the way I like once people know that you knew they get mad and so we can say the solar orbit it was Hogan ago it just doesn't matter. Honestly the guy that still a car in San Antonio that was federal car was major incident they got a they base is still plutonium and like uranium or something out tobacco card I have no idea what he did understands our. These federal agents were dispatched to San Antonio Texas specifically. To recover these art and there. Specifically goat so. In these are dangerous weather from the Department of Energy different. I don't hold national laboratory in battle by the go to San Antonio to get this very dangerous stuff what do they Pluto a plastic covered Disco plutonium. Since deal in which is highly radio all this stuff. They get the stuff they put in whatever containers you're supposed to put him in the before the drive back to Idaho. But for the rental car in the parking lot of a motel they're gonna spend the night. When they get up the next morning so what is broken into the car and stole the cases that have the plutonium and sassy. You don't accidentally and down for how does this they didn't. Right off and the thing is that nobody by comparison with a look at neighborhood they ran Nichols suspects' rights into bad neighborhood there. At Bridgestone has broken solve cases field's value which there is installed. Here's another one on the Lori this kind of weird. Noting black spots in her eyebrows he Ashley McCurry diagnosed with ocular melanoma. Melanoma is a well. I know two people who had this cancer which is strange. Because it doesn't happen very often it's basically cancer of the honorable. And to say that's an unlikely and understand it between five out of six one million people are diagnosed with a rare eye cancer yet. Ashley McCrary. Had two friends that also. Had I cancer. What did they haven't gone. Wood with an elated by senator. Aaron I don't know it. They attended Auburn university in Alabama again. Was also diagnosed so the women they started FaceBook page and look for other problems dealing with the same cancer. 36. People. 36 war Eagles tigers whatever today it depends on the day yet have been diagnosed. With cancer of the Bible and nor relief five or six people out of one million correct your media right and now you've got 36 in that one area alone keys and they don't know it's not accounting it's not the town of Auburn it is specifically Auburn University. Just don't think they don't want that say they don't know it's got to be something that links all those people poor. Maybe I mean our rover science programs like when communities that I have no idea man that's. But it's in my did all the right now that I got accepted did not go. You know random question question a 4499 final although I'm articles coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Hey Joseph you know have did some men's room. Your guess is as good as Mike the categories today will be athletes from around the world and your favorite light Beers your guess is as good as my coming up right after the random question question 844999. Old line. Friend Carlos I am welcome to remember. And I thought I. So I had no good news shows you again here Gloria. I don't go this look what's what did you. And worded it bites you giant. It's easiest. We can. Well I haven't. A spider bite me me. While I was sleeping by Niemi. Cash and prizes if you will. Cat getting me and write down in the entertainment and dining area. Yes yes. OK send me an orgasm is set to wed well I can't yeah. How why did you wind up with a bit fewer did you wake up like the following morning and say there's something wrong. Well the only warning that kind of woke up to eat. Oh yeah and everything went right back coward who might. Well that would not last night. However did just like a bump. Or do Europe and a bit all the cash and prizes well. Politics isn't a huge huge. Okay and did you think you are just hear what did you did you think hey man at the spider bite entanglement data map and herpes outbreak and what do you honestly thing. Well honestly write a every time we we're we're like we've been having spiders and outside and I hadn't done anything you know what I mean global. He'll know what what what kind of spiders did you have what would do you what do you think that he does Biden tied miles there worst. I need I don't know why did that easy to growers. What right did your average house fighter critical. I'm is it a brown the recluse spider or is it recluse do we know I don't know in my amateur ever really I go to light in nature documentaries are not say things that I swear they say it both ways that I can say maps they say you know sometimes as a bite you and you do get a little swelling. Aaron and a bump. Other times your whole our most all of the times you need to go hospital. So I don't know the difference is an overpass might just be you might want Obama to win no space lady yeah black widows bad. I mean we know that's a bad state but it is they have brown of recruits or whatever. Is the worst I mean worse as far as North America. Yeah I can't think of anything and that's the one of kind of what bit by camel spider. I don't want anything to do with a camera splattered of that today I certainly etheridge who does that date it doesn't matter of his standard debate entire became big chunk out of evil ones through what I drizzle again. I don't know if bite you do you think this is not bad mistakes that are venomous or not right like I did by pogo and I'm not meant I still want the non venomous snake bite Lou. Brazen list what did you and nowhere did I buy you some good bid to have a lot of council's next to guess either I did but it's weird he says that the Spiderman has some wasn't like but to spiders. The way it was based Abbott's three bombs next each guy he was out like they did all right you three separate times doesn't have three BST yeah truly weird. A teenager was recently mowing a lawn when he was attacked by. Snakes Connor Stoll has wounds on the back of his right leg from where he was bitten by eight whose snakes. While he was doing yard work just outside. Of Jacksonville Florida and you know apparently made him do it the seventeen year old was using a push lawn mower would Sox this is a kid goes beyond what it. Parents too cheap to buy your riding lawnmower they're not get a bygones odds because they know you're doing it. If they were cutting your guess running a lot more definitely by writing on more than gay you move out. Just go ask you do Aaron is sitting here right now in any to now just about Iraq no right. Statewide the pylon is not being well. And don't let me get your lawn is massive yet you're riding on but we know portables launch event in between visual you could ever writing law more Republican ridiculous if your kid whose door they got the bush. Any raking it in a do all that stuff but there's a couple of reasons as as a father I know the reason I would tell my children as a man wanna teach her responsibility and on some level luster. The other reason is the longer take you do a blogger on my hair frankly I'm telling you right now comments and as you move out running laughter. Works every day it's just like cash and a nice vacation exact sorted out man I moved out of my parents house and it was. Three days later filed a calls recent failed to do boys and regulatory matters and has won which you know man are they need you to come by the house periodically meet a mother going to result for two among. Like I just Libby got one presumably goes in so womb. Why why didn't you why did you book the strip like when I lived there loved to do that anymore he said. I took three weeks of the grocery bills that we spent on your past and it turns out we could afford to go to Brazil so we're going to reserve. These are making it your way I was like are you kidding you've like Luke and good well. Seventeen year old using the push mower when the snakes struck him on his calf and knocked him down according to the new Marist forward Jacksonville. I felt the ground and I went over and moved to our truck and just sat there and tried to stop the bleeding from my leg. According to O'Connor. Be the first to know but that's still the content. But still went to an area hospital where he was treated for seven hours the doctors told the teenager he could have been worse since the venom from the snakes never entered his body. The seventeen year old did not capture the snakes to Baghdad and with a little bit but he said his doctors thought the stakes might have been some sort of rattlesnake because of how high it bit him up on his leg. Stroll by the way it is a young on Purdue or he owns his own lawn service since he was. Ten years old and like mr. The television station will continue to mow lawns in Canada give him some caution and be offered advice for those who come in contact with snakes. Watch out for snags and don't mess with them guys here who doesn't hurt so time thank you gone to. An icon of the defense isn't great setting it. There's stuff. Ran a blessing question. 844 at 9990. Morey goes and up here and second. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.