06-12-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Always Remembers

Tuesday, June 12th

Mens Room Question: Good or Bad, when I hear the name or word ____ I think of _____


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You what you're about here is real the members of this radio program are super. Trying to. There's our. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. It is now. They say shake your radio more than three times. Okay. I don't I go on the result of our 2716. Now. Along with Steve the throw hills. C Ted Smith. You always ball. The by car. And amends a. Definitely going to judge frank Cassell and this and spend today. BT in best bands named after food of all times a multiple times. The board has secret word the airlines don't want you to understand who. You're ready to play profile that's plus headlines read their job today fumbles three males everyone's favorite TV tablet to the cracker Jack arterial Netflix a death admits that 7% of people watching are also dropping a hoops tonight. Delivery arrives at space station with delicious ice cream and pizza I've taken to. British doctor go serving for the very first time in Australia as immediately attacked by great white shark. Hey man busted for DY runs home jumps under the covers and acts like he's sleeping like a large. And a horse takes a car in Brazil police didn't throw the horse in jail that is all coming on today's very special episode of men drove. Here's a question. All that good kids good day to you and yours all right names. Named people's names of places names of things it doesn't matter names like smells. Some are good some bad but almost all of them all the bring back a memory or an opinion of something. Actually do you say the name can be to any of us. We all imagine the same type of person will scurry did he tells dollars. If you say the name in golf well most of those kind of Brussels we imagine the same person but to shout out to the drugs that are screaming course. Maine mean a lot so in fact US PCA in North Carolina then started removing read labels from are bankable ball from the smoltz at the shelters. In my line. They say the people form prejudices against dogs because of the British insurer you probably think something different when you picture Chihuahua. Personal bulldogs vs the pit bull vs the golden west but do yourself a favor final went through those bald white people who weeks. Frequent and there's a high school mascot brand new high school. An avenue mascot and a mascot is the theme I've contract with him. So earlier this year when the school season began in the high school football teams play in high school basketball team all the kids go out they supported team. And now the parents have a name of a mascot named the Phoenix. Because they took the time to find out that the proper pronunciation. For the plural of Phoenix and he guesses the thing in Phoenix's. It's not the proper pronunciation. As is true. Is he misses. Which rhymes with penises and it's the parents better become concerned that sound to much like penises or lobbing scored. It's just about names. Maybe at the name will friend and enemy a place you went in inside joke and doesn't match. Today what we want to know it's amend it. A member of double filled the void question good or bad. When I hear the name or word blank I think a blank though they juggle a 44. Or 9990 like humans are on FaceBook follow us on tournaments or money in the stimulus and it's remains in my back on your listeners of radio network. Yeah. Hotels LA go to the cinema 2007 Saturday sixteenth green card charge we have breaks they try to charge governor and rank castle. As we will sit and spin today. The ten best bands named after food at all times of your thing and yourself man oh man there's so many bands out there named after food how they narrow down this list. Ryan has done the the dirty work. We have ten of the best bands named after food multi signal how I select which banned the going to listen to my slowly through your first go from a if you're hungry join us coming up today. Force didn't spend on the word has a secret words the airlines don't want you to understand that most of these words we're under an hour are used enough all the carriers in some former fashion some of these words you'll hear in airports those are universal. Some have a slightly different twist depending on the airline that you're on the we've always talked about the dealings that you might hear you plane with a visit to is that full or is it wound was a look at the body language of the flags with the with the ping represents what the words represented that's gonna break before we drink a toast. With a shot of the day when GOP or derision being in pain. I'm not sure I'm paying a dating and resulting sound I don't know why they didn't think man is an appealing there Indy until summer regal paintings of your underwater it's paying you to your well water today that's dang are we got knowledge of the got you would if you're on a boat but you're under the bottom. When you don't want to blow your technically below the water even earlier in the war I don't think you have the pig yet the thing yet time and well certainly this this high school parents in Farmington are petitioning to change the name of a a new high school mascot out of concern that. When their children cheer from the sidelines it was sound like they're shouting about male anatomy. After Farmington high school's choice of a mascot the Phoenix was named. Kyle fraught and hey parents of future Farmington students joined as neighbors to practice cheering for the new team. The result they say raised eyebrows the group tried cheering for Phoenix's you. But I've already plural form didn't sound right fraud and said quick on online search revealed an alternative plural as nation is. Venus sees. Or it's davis' penises and they'd tried that here if it. Hey I work in instead horrified to hear the fanatics of the word penises are we feel that Venus says penises. The mascot of course a mythical firebird says yeah indestructible and on the map flex back. It is regenerates itself by rising from the ashes yeah that's how does a man much like getting that much like bent. It was popularly chosen by students from a neighboring Davison view about high school you viewed in Amanda you're you can call this is ever a really. That high school spectacular as it probably otherwise you could imagine it going guys going at my high school quite a prison and basically what might look like a mental institution and it probably was in I was old enough where probably could have been embezzled apparent to break tonight about the themes. Why when you just say Phoenix's. I did that or Phoenix or just in the Phoenix or Farmington Phoenix like this but they have to do a chance he can easily go Phoenix. And I guess. Why they're making this so hard how he just don't say fetuses if you can help you think he doesn't look there's a yard the school. I'm not sure what status is Farmington would continue tall it is you don't it is Erica I hey look I has got a real loud and we could use. It's a huge all right anything but it's still you know the Phoenix. You don't have the sleeping mrs. You don't it can all be able to say Peta says the don't say theme since the nineteen weeks I'm not sure what what if I was and you talk I mean look the basketball team as the jazz and obviously Dick we know that name came from again from new considered not. Don't know they MacKey had not come from the widest place honor TA. You could hit the arteries gold category I've been through this right now to an all guys. Private school there that's nicknamed the stat books with the Grimes is a very homophobic. Words you don't miss say that what will you do against us all and rice will you play this right you survive. It's no big deal this is the just don't say penises when I was in junior high we were the chief lake skippers. That's assisted living in those and anchor and all that stuff that I keep in mind that we we it was a small lake more like a pond but of course barely mighty ships that sailed on a and they are named as discovers it but in high school. In high school weight by the way the reason skippers even worse for you is because the guy who played Jillian was of Bob Denver to go to Libya. It's from West Virginia yet I'm still a little too close the those us there's say there's a town in west Virginia's got some of the most messed up names of towns or as a town called man. They just hey more and more coming up a west Virginia's got some really dumb basic names but there's a town called Coca. Polka polka. And pocus high school now you know they did that they're the dots come on yeah I guess the polka dots. And so like anytime anywhere. Anytime I see polka dots I was thing about that high school book is polka dots are one of those weird things that you don't see very often there's a reason to back up what they had their moment in like that he's lemon they came back as ebony is monstrous amount. Yeah but I know that this team I'm not sure they still they used to have a uniform. That had spots on. And it kind of bold failures oh yeah oh yeah. Learn how fun it showed it but it was it was it was they were won a school record who took you and I think immediately images and yet that's I didn't simulates polka dots I am a good issue. Vision of because the last or Lysol input about some really hot. I think give you see a woman talk about there's a good chance she's yet or she's declined. Yeah if you pull up pull it out you probably and I stress you know doing. I always it's not a bad memory you're talking earlier message you know. Star Wars movies coming out so most who would you say Joba the hut we all picture the big fat slimy guy. If you're like me appear here later in the slave one of the of the slave dress laying. If you say jumbled up the miles it just takes an entirely different that what you can't say the name Java because instantly. You tell us they're I think that's the pogo dot. The mascots and not touch. But strong I'm totally unbelievable polka dots here. So I don't have the story and this is out of North Carolina. Our dog breed labels discriminatory holy hell the SP ROA says yes they're gonna get rid of and here's the deal. It the name of the breed of people of the matter opinion but it has nothing to do with the dog that was good people who don't don't we we go to rally boy oh boy. Good times and morality. Connie has BCA elbow Lake County has joined a national movement by removing breed labels for adopt the bulldogs both of the animal shelter and online. So Lola. They basically said the goal is for families to view the dogs as individuals rather than the basis of breed an associate traits however that's not that makes no idea what they're saying but like I said it's like going and a dating web site. And you've learned everything about Japan but we don't want to share your gender look that the name of the doll. Is going to have the equal association. As the breed of the dog there's already a name on the dollar if you're gonna have an association based on the name and M we've we've talked about this before. And if you're. If you're in that that world of oh god listing of a good name to name a child to name a pet whatever the deal is that when your way obviously when you're thinking about naming it a kid is gonna stick with them. For a long long time you wanna ruin their life in there are lines and you rephrase it. If you are not super rich and I don't rule and life otherwise you name your kid something like peaches or app and oil little wacko or. Blanket no one who has less than 300 million dollars in their bank accounts. Would name their child blanket. Michael Jackson was a very rich man. So he can name his child blanket well it depends on your name what people don't do that right I mean think about celebrities get their kids really stupid names. And we know that the only reason. That they give their kids to be stupid horrible don't master ridiculous. Mock worthy names is because those kids and every and apple want for anything did you don't mainly did pizzas if your last name's Matt Gelb off. But Bob gala ball for the multi millionaire or she can do it but you don't Naimi did peaches Lester from Alabama or some potato maybe get beached at the kid's gonna suffer ten I don't would you say one name if get a sum owes it to it wasn't do Jerome Smith. Jamal Jamal Al thrown Jamaal Smith a guy who. Your neighbor to be a short little white kid at a Santa doing in a broad apply for a job online he has to show up in person as well Anderson. No he can apply to Howard University. I would say that's OK not when it's common in Ireland at. I was your last name ashore detail yet so like when your name your kid. If you have a short last name or a long last name like in my case I didn't have a shorter names. From my cared yet but keep one syllable because Montgomery so damn long right. But would tell you could be like Sebastien. Thank you could I remember non never really long has named because your last name is shorter. Miles I wanna be very clear about something I'm black market avenue and I am I want I can just. Many I'll pull worm that. That almost sounds like something you've heard of but it's spelled a little different yeah like I can't lose but I do I do remember a few names were brought about eating yeah like it's the most Stephen why is that Lola because bits that's why I do Miranda not argue and. But just disagreements. On names. Based on associations that I had when those people from past. So it wasn't that my wife of the time wasn't bringing up a name that wasn't it wasn't a bad name. But my association from dealing that person was like I'll know I can't stand her yeah I know exactly who that person is we are not naming their kid after that. Terror that I went to school with were you don't mean. We have a name that that we light on the YouTube are beautiful Maine but the person the worst person I've met. But I tend to get annoyed with intent and to be around them Brett so they have this reputation in the market I cannot name my kid this although. Oddly as I go back commercially as my hand it might as well as I reflect on that I couldn't they might dollar of that name because in about ten minutes he kind of gets on and that she actually actually. Okay my fair and I actually wins well I'm feel like what if your wife slightly demeanor of a good girl used to date or something you'll get nothing else about it yeah you don't really know why am I lost my virginity to a Helga who remembered it was like look we can't do it. And this is why a bit but that conversation you'll you'll learn a lot about each other and that moment. I had because in the love thought this is storage you forgotten it's also a few hidden. But don't 8000 names come up where you go through one of those named book's rights Jose genetic reconsidering but they come up and like. Oh Jesus no death will not no and here's why although I do remember this is a girl's name this is a girl's name I don't know where you have to be from for this to be pretty. The labels or birch for bird or birds so when my mother is hassling me before the kids born Yemeni names in mind. And I do man is one of relief strongly leaning and so I'm like I wanna tell you you know it's bad luck I don't know what's radler don't find them like. It's for bird. It's hard to explain these Russian in my mother's face like. She was I guess trying to be kind of please you know wanna say. And she just had a weird look on her for it. Legends are trying to hide that she was discussed in but I kept a straight face in tuzla around. Paul Byrd as I'm kidding about the way to slow but I guess I've gotta my day you'll do a good job hiding it. Yeah he's Thorpe bird it's got to be that was the name on the likes to run into 56 point middle linebacker Brit oracle Alberto takes over for Layla Ali as the female boxing champ yeah exactly yep well you know blurted bill okay Ted you've Ari you you've had a theory Larry and Adam's apples is called loads your. Jerry is a there's a difference between the human being there it is a Serra with an eight at the end in a Sarah with the H at the end. Correct and you contender can do that there's basically. This I have someone as brilliant and and your daughter Ted. No problem. The rate so Sarah is with each is generally I think are a little bit nicer. And then shares with eight east tend to be attractive for a little more harder to deal OK I've heard about this so agents aren't attractive isolate their nicer. He's gotten that the police officer with a date for years we have always said that look if if you have a female name that starts with a T. Chances are you going to be a little bit crazy crazy in a good way in a lot of ways craze in a bad way in a lot of ways but. And then there was I'm gonna be censored temper then that was confirmed by the movie Tammy or whatever the character's name was came out there was a big movie tell Melissa McCarthy I don't think it got you know a lot of people watch the movie but it kind of just. The reinforce what we believe pretty much and they use that name because seem believable nothing of all the team names we get together female we've got Tammy. We've got Tina terra terra Tonya you kind of stories Jim I don't care Tesla. You know accesses Teresa's Teresa you have drizzle be giraffe Tracy will be dressed to death but the name of the T. It just seems like there's going to be a little bit more firepower and then. It's up to the sex isn't gonna be great because it probably is going to be great. Which are gonna deal with kind of like a Ferrell kept unit like the talent and I got like yeah so I get a pass to look at the sister Teresa. An alien or to resign there was like a responsible person. Deadly here's the difference and please no offense to Teresa's putting tennis on offensive as as an adult you choose to go by Teresa appeal late. Billy your ugly. But if you go by Terry as a delay that elect I bet that's the fun of it's like to do it goes a mammoth my friends call me about how that's different and Robert you know they have the same thing but if you choose to go by Robert like my father. You're fairly stoic individual. In advance and make you with a lanchin underpaid and John F. In your basic dying. You wanna be treated with respect you treat people well which remains to be younger DiLeo from stone to round. And he was that way in Baghdad Bob on the American doubt Robert delivery room. They know Robert assailant Robert De Niro when you had a better bottom Alicia knew Daniel some friends the call about news or news about his friend. Kid Rock is Bob yeah he's my guy tells you every you know Bob Newhart we know I was not Robert he's Bob. Mean one of the college job Bob I get it if you are Robert sack yet. He wouldn't be marrying a thirty year old he wouldn't believe they let it out there for forty years to the same woman president you hope I Teresa I have like maybe your drop dead gorgeous. I don't believe. But Matsui could your your stating kind of how you want to be addressed animate but I like Bob is at a buddy whose son's name is Robert and when he was little kid we called bop because you thought it was funny yeah. But to me I associate Bob they got it puts his hand on his genitals and offers you potato chip. You're right Bob that's a good kid would do that Bob nobody wants July. All her dirty dictated tournament at bright little party ran and got the ship that I'm okay this is Bob Bob this is. You might not go and that the chip mole after a C he was laid to when you think he's just discovered he's junk yeah so his hand was there the whole time we're playing by apple. Many walk around the bag a lengthy thank you want to champs that nobody I do want ships not for you Bob moon. They're salty man from writing good or bad when I hear the name or word blank I think a blank gave 449990. Hello John welcome to the men's room. Oh. We don't got it doesn't matter are you. Get a cure itself I'm gonna tell you the story first and now let you know what the word is I don't wanna give it away and I shot shot value at all. I'm glad we guess along the way will you tell us if we win a prize. Are yet those twenty dollars and once you doubt. Tornados are each each yes that's correct. OK so my mother aunt works or great school district doubts about content and she gets a lot of different kids. Yeah I'm coming through. There at the doors to cheat on me audacious bet you would not believe. The couple kids they came in today the mom to get registered. And the most of it yeah I've got acute care. The one name is Barack Angelo and the other kid name is you'll want you love. To give any guesses so far orange jello. Yet I only heard this story that's what it's like this is almost like an urban legend that either needs to be. Confirmed for true orbited the I don't know well around forever. I think the problem is that us there so there's more than one of these kids felonious and misdemeanor I've heard like you know I mean like doesn't think closed. Somebody heard delayed and decided to block. It's the black community aren't you're guarding him and you blank he knows to be true we have found a way. There's names and then there's like African names but you know one African name because it's really hard read when you first read did you immediately know but then. And in Black America. We just a mobile sub my mother and same thing not a school district but they've admissions counselor at a college loan she would visit our schools and in trying to sell the school to home and told the story before but she said it was Baltimore city as is and I'm talking these kids and maybe maybe 5% of these idiots have any interest what you're talking about and then after the assembly. The loans are interest income approach your ass questions. So so very sweet young girls sitting across from her shoot you there junior or senior. And she said it's weird because she was asking all of the right questions like someone who seems series which like I keep looking down the sheet she handed me. And I don't know how to save money a civil war. She's on her name was Ashe holding. Her name is this as surely as well let's not that bad Bernanke said it was spelled a SS and then. You can fill in the rest. Of my mom and made it it was life. A whole Jones and across from a Michael my guy good or bad when I hear the name award blank I immediately think of blank 449990. LaMarr your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Pitches your. Today sort of amazed. And name associations sometimes it's a silly day in the chill you'll never forget we have won enough on the word we had a few weeks back. We had a list of some of the UK's most interesting names of businesses and everything else based on the play on words so to speak in a pretty creative about that and all that. Survey said the most of those businesses. Doom much better based on memory retention of course and all those different things are you was it's as pretty well proven to be true self. I'm good or bad when I hear the name or word blank I think a black 8449990. La double comments here one of the stories inspired today's question there's a high school and you talk big incidents and and our school live in new mascot is the Phoenix the pair started chanting go Phoenix is but it turns out the proper plural browns the Asian for Phoenix. It's penises that's too close to penises. So the freak about anyways so let's comic comes and and says I want to middle school in federal way Washington we were the sequoia Phoenix middle school. We just chanted go Felix go go Felix so it was a simple and then as far as names no names of people if you came and whatever I hear parent I think the most filthy old pop and why and she knew or loved the show. Not weaken terror and how that. You Aaron to me always is associated with they really really nice person. On the female side and three and outside. Do it got more athletic on the gas and exactly most parents I know we're always decent got a solid and our buddy Aaron spells of like a check. Oh the EE RI and had his guy who. Commented here it's worth and he isotoner rhetoric. IOC a comment on the main subject my last name is bush I almost name my daughter wrote was but I and in monarchies. So I went with maybe I won't ever full may but rose is her middle. Also rose bush is still there and well done my for an. As far as that named Tammy we so love will we hear the name Tammy and this is based on our personal experiences. What does Fisher crazy JPEG Beecher and spur broad cooking Helen Laguna and great in bed. So my wife's name is Tammy her sister's name is Tina the bulls short fat mad as hell it's. Back I don't. Our car under reading the comments are coming your offshore. Madison man so he allowed two more for a you're talking about the difference between the spelling of celera's on the Cerro with an eight Sarah I will no age your spinal. They grew up that down and finally had a polite way of means there are saying she's hot basically if you say it's out of control like crap and I'm hot. Odd because my ex wife's name is windy to this day I still referred to the weather's either gusty or breezy I never ever say it's windy and discuss his wife's name was Wendy. And Jack. And he's always cool the windy and she had unbelievably large breasts so anytime I hear that word I just think of a blond haired woman with an unbelievably large press like so much so that I. It looked. It looked uncomfortable you know hurry me. Yet acknowledge not how her little bit unilateralism beyond it was beyond being OK I think for like you know. It is just too much like I felt that it sounded. It was just too much aghast too much like how old was. It's a point somewhere in high school and that's what I mean no guarantee was way too much in and I he Gallic cheap. He could just he could have just walked around those alt amateur back would have to hurt your children after her lawyer I'm assuming. She I think she went on to be a gym teacher that you probably you kidding that you probably you have some type of reduction if you're gonna do Jim anything athletic yeah without a few more magic was very athletic it was just you know I mean it was it was it was too much mark meant when you meet athletic women and a big moves that is. That is the number one complaint was anything like an enemy agents complained about I lose get in my way am I I don't know how to answer those we always were we always hung out together I don't know who did an hour and a friend groups so to speak I never went out Wendy but I mean she always say like like you don't. Yeah it just like you good to get it sucks. But she was seed stocks like it's too much we look at it and understand both ways we understand that a source review and understand that yes we do think it's been that it would have been carried camera looking at them. Dressed in a definite. Is that we are just think about a frosty. Wendy's. There it was I announce those as well anyone and I just think a flu you don't think of an old fashioned hamburger chilly go already crossed frosty late to Tony Parker heard actually good moment you know what I never got to win if you make him plural yes I think you grocery company in the name Wendy. It's just a woman I know right now. Kept gonna mad when I hear the name or word blank I think a blanket 449990. Hello it's any shot welcome to the men's room. And third Tunisia. And below. Yeah. I don't think I'll get pain. Point now. I'm going because I am OK. I light. That there is no sir no more excited about your name as Tunisia and no you have to explain. Another thing but. How often are you asked that later on the phone or at her in person probably people give you kind of a second look when you give your first name. What the deal if it is. Believed to me the Tijuana and I. And an act my husband's parents how is he black yeah. Our then that's that anyway. I actually got out and I'd get an ad. Air and indeed all of I can ask if you're right in front of them and our national front under way I did not see that Norman OK all right but one of the alleged the restaurant right and they in Jimmy problem gardens and a twenty minute wait whenever. You say like hey the names to Misha. The first table for right you're sitting there and maybe it's you MMI for other black families and they say Tunisia and you give up. Have you ever found people give you look like a black woman might god and your names to the shouldn't. No I NG here I know I didn't pan. Out Turkey came and you. And I wouldn't need to though and I'm Ellen I don't like the only black gold a lot. Obviously not a healthy and keep DiFelice if you feel like that I get parents and those are here. Because they think. Police let's. Why Tunisia. There's not a lot may help. There are bad when I hear the name or word blank I think a blank more your calls on the way in seconds 844999. Cola. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.