05-22-18 Seg 1 Mens Room goes commando

Tuesday, May 22nd

Mens Room Question: Why were you in only your underwear?


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He would sure love to hear is real. So this radio program. Yeah. Trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. We invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. It is done. They say save your radio more than three times. I don't go to Minnesota for 2800. Authority alone enough. Along with Steve the throw hill. Do kids today. Good ball. In my car. There in the men's room. Campaign right now fills a drug charges into today not today tin rock songs that went to a number one. What you don't need to know has things that you don't need to know. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines events and Jenna today fumble as their emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take a class period you are here ago Colorado man being on. Passenger seat mid flight now facing charges from the feds. Meanwhile a woman goes into a rage in a day upstate New York McDonald's as French pride anger spreads. The San Antonio airport where monkey named it Dawkins things out and baggage claim that. One gets upset about health mobile boarding on the graduation Kate came. And South Carolina guy actor attacked by falling rattlesnake. And has all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All our bench is good day do you and yours are if you live in Saint Augustine, Florida and you decided at. Then the two and a hankering for a frosty and bacon later. Well maybe had to wait an additional four hours this while police way to form an angry man on the roof to stop yelling at people now the man in question. Was wearing only is under way. An England Amanda's score after he was caught how I an MD MA filling a hotel bathtub with potatoes. I do not know from about I don't political. If I am the campaign as well like angry Florida guy this guy also in just his underwear. He had one small division he was also word liberal. At Cornell university New York State if the coast specifically a professor there. Oldest senior who was about to prisoners senior thesis. Quote your shorts or too small. And just do short Scioscia watching understood at a camp where these so did you look resuming your finger things that have only your underwear. Did remind the headlines are endless woman waits to find deputy in underwear in her bed. Man shows up drug and underwear gold boss' house look you get the idea but it leads us to believe. That we all have bad story of the time that we were quote only in her underwear and that's what we're gonna talk about today we want to know. Why were you in only your underwear her brother Joseph caught a powerful. Or 999 poll you look like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Warner and Lindsey Graham a men's remind. And to those emails to the men's room have men's or my dot com your listening to the men's or radio network. Shell and gentle man's room. Our panel island ally in the summer 2831. Our program we have bread today guarantee future re peat. As the trying to charge trying to dazzle is coming in with the ten a rock songs that went to number one that's right it's you know it's crowded chart back in the day he had done. Some country music was played some pop music was played rock music was played it fills a big hit. It woods and number one it just dominated in depending on format against Iraq had Dutch animals they went to number once or write downs of the drug charge coming into Sid and which you donate you know it has things that you honestly really just don't need to know. We'll during into those who shot of the day and a profile this is also coming up so loud today we're gonna talk about being in your underwear and why. Why were you and only your underwear and as you said does Steve the man who spent four hours in his underwear. Was on the roof of a Saint Augustine. Wendy's. Saint Augustine, Florida we go to what I believe one of the older cities probably so here in the United States in the count though United States in very historic. If Byron called there are. Ford sin all kinds of juice just incredible archive grade miles and those who are making downwind these. Well I'm right on the other all others the only thing I remember her older classic city racked nobody got remembered for my became political you with the historic. Same dogs and yet how would I remember a loved one of the bacon Nader and four hours of a guy and his underwear screaming at me is beautiful as an old San Juan Puerto Rico don't know him man in the back Spanish. And Venezuela the roof of a Saint Augustine windy Saturday night where he stripped down those underwear. And started yelling and onlookers to take a look at his bacon Nader. These saint John's county sheriff's office two it is Saturday around 845 they were responding to a troubled individual in the area of US one. A deputies on the scene where they despondent individual on the roof of the Wendy's there is no threat to public safety and we are working on a way to reaching individual. And get him the necessary help that he needs according to witnesses at the scene the unidentified man had an argument to someone became irate and climb to the roof on top of the Wendy's. After the man climbs the roof. He stripped down to his underwear and he started yelling at onlookers according to witnesses. All soft and it wasn't until four hours after the original tweets that the man was held down by a rescue team. Man because you know if you just want somebody who lives are playing from Wendy's you just wanna get a frosty like why can't I go out of my brother officer. I know he's on the roof is on the roof. I meant I just delete all of the easy and jump down the roof of my car I'm getting my frosty gonna walk getting get it then if you think that's what's gonna happen and I just to get frosting what does he jumps in your head. Well that I'll be looking up we like I'll bring a golf umbrella out I'll do more right after he's he's now that he's off the roof. I just want to get frozen they can certainly make a frost you well guys on the what is he gonna do up there that's going to make a difference on whether I did the wheel of the worst thing you can do is start grilling hamburgers because I guarantee you they've got a bit out there with a fan now he's gonna get you with the delicious does that this that when he's. Comics on the grill these really hungry wanna come down. Right fire drill at some say a fired the grill no I mean if I smelled hamburgers we like man you know what I call date all right you boy does it mean when did you Obama houses situation but other on the appellate somewhat earlier this is something over in my partner yet I don't murder slide in under the door and a fair. Tireless skill hope was a hell of a story a drugged up man was god filling out of a hotel bathroom with potatoes. While wearing a brawl during an epic five day in DNA bench and it's a long how much MD MA would jabbed a dead gonna five day binge. I don't know I don't know it. Probably man I don't know I don't know anything about is that eight our drug is that a ten hour drug I don't worry. Don't inadvertently you know and ruins and diplomat ever once had a story in fact I'm sure most people do not have destroyed did anyway under fingers news channel we can all figured. Good for awhile okay all right that does not urine test so I mean you don't need eight home a bit. To have a good time for five days a guy. We just five days a long time that it it is a long time you don't need a lot of had a Digg go leave you eight hours at a time going through John's day writers gunfire were polled don't. Yeah I was feeling this guy probably was eat a lot of it. John we just Peter Henry as James Johnson while he why he was filling up about bath doubles potatoes he replied. It felt. It's filled the right thing to do with the time Johnson was gone by officers wearing a woman's bra over his shirt and carrying a bag of responds as he entered the travel launch. Officers searched his room and found at a landscape of drugs including. Ecstasy another designer drug similar to India may call the five in eight peavy and a psychedelic substance called to CB no idea. Also known as droids from Star Wars Southampton a crown court heard that Johnson and two friends that decided to go on a one night binge which ended up lasting four or five. Date does my got a pardon me James skeleton prosecuting told the court to hotel staff on the police after throwing Canada's in the room so that's what he got busted well that's yeah golf life. It might not be degree just look what I would think I can Wear woman's brought notes on my shirt carry a bag of potatoes and have a broken any laws aren't my guess I'm ordering you got it adds up that they got on the US European weird. Right man as he worded my walking down the downtown streets according to these Southampton daily echo echo echo. Doctor Dellums said they saw Johnson with a bag of potatoes and women's clothing it may be this that led officers to believe that he was intoxicated. He had brought the drugs on the dark web for about 750 pounds and a drug expert found that the value of the drugs was around 300 so I got ripped off. Isn't that sucked in any Natalie as you give us a rare look now in a drug expert having like hellish day that. And you it puzzle Baguio but oddly fits but you paid too much too much you know I usually dictates what you know I do. Right I don't know like I got power broker I don't know anybody else that dark wind grabbed what exactly he knows. Well there is out of the dark web we think are competitive price that's right that's not something you. In fact he's already illegal drugs and right. Over the Internet like you'll pay that price only did Johnson ever Rundle was remorseful and an intelligent man who said he made a mistake judge Henry said the case was on the bizarre incidents Johnson do it. Eighteenth month eighteen month community order. With a requirement to carry out a nine month drug rehabilitation. Program as well our question why were you and only your underwear 84499. Idol I just gotta say I don't know if that's an excuse we just play in the party for one night we party for five plate. We you can trust. You go to sleep could stop do would it be telling me included just woken up the best and that's not arrogant look at someone who blows drugs I mean this guy wouldn't say why people in about double potatoes and decency Mike the right thing to do a darn. That's probably true statement anyone ever say it in the court of law. Everyone goes under and I'm Tony if you've been resent white. I don't know why it was a good idea but once you decide to do to get that day there's no better idea on this earth that no moment like you're gonna do we're gonna walk to you know I mean are they were just that guy I'd white castle they had an argument about French Fries. An agency got support when guys like I'm getting a whole potatoes and we're gonna suck primarily right now we've just put on the back end and that moment tell us aberration it's weird. But it's our Edmonton. Why were you in only your underwear 844999. All out hello Paul welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah oh yeah. My authority that's like all of the stories live. One GG YN. And this Mountain View and leave. OK that's all I don't have that out and getting every Oscar winning movie is anyone's ever seen a business seeing 151 Mountain Dew and the value we had no offense sir I'm pretty sure you stole my exact quote for Merrill Streep federal my. Most recent how's your way into effect you know honestly in all these years and Hollywood and it's you know be you know this is true it's 151. Mountain Dew agreed. That is how I start for removing. So what avenue you all. I love I mean like fifteen at the parents Stan and and I'm I'm my friend entered the gold closed down school. I've been put Seattle and we did a great game and then they're they're doing like calling people pay. Look we love them and doubly nice to. Thanks. I guess I acts and watching. Unlocking this house flip MI out. And then there's when I'm thirty blacked out at. Look like a good light time. Six months ended out. And I can yet somehow convince them could be valuable that its site somehow convinced saying. It's a good idea we'll let you want Coldplay I can get home from there. I'm actually term. I am. I'm outside and inside a summary task in my no way there and the cubs are handing you might have a good rhythm back I'm. So when you say somebody's house I assume this is a complete stranger. Oh yeah yeah society. I have no idea who knew about aluminum and I would I would like. Like half a mile away from my friend's house at this point and am lucky I do have my health. Because. I their doors unlocked allegedly walking in their house and I got into bed with them. Cool. I have to ask did you graduate high school. I know that the NBA now tunnels. Other BA now needing gradually they gassed I guess it's a lot that's that's that's really broad an indoor or were they were they sleeping when you got and a better did you walk in the. Now some. I know loaded all the details that have abandonment and they didn't I didn't know what she's really cool and I didn't get shots so little. In both two good days it's. Yes did you ever seen these people again. I'm I even feeling that kind eyes out all at all wins. I'm very pleased updates. So basically all you recall is the interaction of the officers you have you were told at the U went into this house you were told that you got into bed with a scalpel you were told all these things and only thing you actually remember was the officers relay this information to US. So yeah did the cubs they give you a ride back to your home. It's. Well my Andre called my mom and my mom pick you out and ask and like until they were pretty pretty drunken display at the and all of my PSA kid goes to right. Since I can convince my love to give me a ride in my school and then I end up and then getting to the Internet and he didn't. It's my days while why did you spend the night there. Because that's because I got there and I tried big bully and take my create PS AC. I hate. Light there you didn't even want to it's. That doesn't coming out of the blacked out pretty nice to. I was your mom and I think he'd make at better decisions the new at this point. I'm not alone he would run immediately the last sentence I got a nice it's. I'm glad that I have makes that kind of time there ninety days an odd is showing up to school drunken irresponsible. But being drunk to know you still need take a pre SAT that you are responsible. You don't right I mean I'm double edged sword maybe it's you go away hell I still have the obligation if you don't realize how poorly you're gonna perform but. He made the point you differ W I think it's important that you go into the situation the same way you prepared force so. When I was in college invited safer psychology test I would get very stoned and allowed to study for you know a couple hours or Iraq thought was good enough and then wake up before had to go to class you remember everything didn't I guess don't again short and then once I got no not when I woke up bulletin Estonia as a and I see no clear remember oral and among all comes back to think this makes complete sense that walk out there like you know what I nailed a damn thing and I did. Elizabeth may is mental and say they want about weed but for me school massively academically it absolutely helped in it's for this one some reason to think about it. All of us to go back to complain about the crap we agreed high school could do was of no interest to those who are born Nevada right but. When you get stoned. At least for me certain things that were never interest thing and fascinating in the moment but retain the information would retain the information you guys and channel surf break you're gonna end up watching the guy like. The Chilo right but you'll remember every detail they gave view about the two OK I don't pay more time so yeah. I don't want a good test are we get stone and I would ace and you know never knew homered and had a. Have details tempers and I can read something if I was sobered up and ladies and if you weren't interested and I think. Oh my god my mind just wondered. IOS skim the war of words I'm pretty sure I read them to myself how did you know IE DL what in the hell that was all ballot I basically just checked out and I'm daydreaming and I'm not paying attention the words opponents don't know Mike. He did why I think it's fascinating and incredibly he peed. Why how does that you know it just the stupidest basic things and I'm like art I can retain this information now. And sort of almost like it was a reverse mechanism of like dvd medication area I can finally focus if I'm high. But the focus I just get interest and pride yeah disarming pouring out and got more then yeah you just can't Bogut the towel go but look at people so let's start until you know it's not terrible Kazuo broke just don't know. Was to cheat. Don't want intelligent original change and I'm gonna do the arms war tool are your other school I got Al this wordplay is a graduate of that it amounts to nothing but you do need to graduate. To let people know. But you can at least you're ready right high and high that when a woman and then was adding a high and high schools so it was it was really hard for me now are high school just attacked and that title goes are approved yeah but don't mean I don't know that I don't have college and I you get stoning go to class like I. I wanted to go I wanted to go to I want you wanna Lara won the dog there from Yellowstone of the water like this is great lepers classes and until 1030. Targeted you know it's higher than a guy walking and taking notes. I did fine thank you fascinating if they really work so well because so I mean ever want somebody bin Stein when you're presuming view from what it. When you're stone in spite of the fact that they sound like a bombed out battery and and Alexa or something like that. You actually retain intimate look they should actually pipe like that bite we smoke into all kinds of possibly no longer around I can go eat Taco Bell we know me know like how hell man is just haven't. Messy if it all hell this hotel dining hall while pragmatic. You can make people reasonably happy in the situation if you obligated daily going to be more cooperative right so you about a food did you feel better about Vietnam I pay more attention you get stoned if you want it or encourage everybody know got its collagen they know what's going on you show you're stoned you read and talk about it you know we don't yet know what you learned the track are you learn something so maybe. Why don't we try to hook kids I must say get installment Christ almighty give metal what. Anything and change the book sound then why are against them yeah I'm Matt on and that what I'm not both had great success getting stoned every day's are he's rising and the might say don't you bet it did coming out not all through saying do that. And right they you know put everything I wouldn't say I don't judge look if you go on long runs on until you do get high before you get on and go like 1012 miles I'm saying it sure does he thinks that if you've never done it the war. I would highly recommend getting real real baked throw some big fan pocus and just take that hill off I would I'd like you don't have to date yet ability Evan and I ride it out right my advice well let me. Just say and first six miles in there realizes that he could acquire occasions so high is that Paul. Pledged as miles in the first question miles. Did you have to drug test of late NCAA for issued at once so once or twice but you're under her parents sold did they even target in the over the goes only. HR they're gonna. So is right and every so if I showed up in reeked of weed yet they might give me a testified did something that they would think oh my goodness you know I mean you're you're you know you well know enough. No there was it to have it got Olivia you're not worry we will move that would be a kicker are upon her in in any college because. You know they are targeting you did you with the owners who get tested more anybody from the coach and I have a mine and I'm a linebacker and upon an offense like. Yet test the choir tour that's Applera does. I just say it was the coach. I'm just saying like look man leaves the plumber alone how is getting behind and help my all right you know what it if I had to run. African longer than ten miles it would be to my benefit but other than that in that arena. You don't mean like in our football Baghdad I mean come on now we're good stations don't. No but he didn't even care. Who am I that's why are you in only your underwear 844999. All of Morey calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. My knowledge trumpet and drums and rampaging calls. Several thousand dollars in property damage at his former bosses Cape Coral home though police arrested 27 year old Johnny Hanik laid on Sunday night. After he was found wandering drunk in the neighborhood wearing. Only is boxer shorts. Thanks former employer city and it showed up to us home but was told to leave and then he became aggressive he was very drunk you can smell the alcohol on them. According to the arrest report. It makes recorded blood alcohol level was point 330. Yeah. Police say any became violence pushed over the man's Harley-Davidson ripped a mailbox from a neighbor's yard. And then use that to smash his ex boss' car repeatedly. Then he broke the back driver's side window out and then put the mailbox inside the car and came back and started beating on the door. The homeowner chased after the man until police were able to arrive he is still in custody on 20000 dollars bond. Our man is our question why were you in only your underwear 844999. Cola hello Calvin welcome to the men's room. Not jealous or job. Don't. Romance. Odierno and this about two years ago I was a work trip down Q good oral. And the night before we all wrapped up. We went out and all the time. I decided it is a good idea to buy assault much does hurricane drinks. So. Appreciate to have only two of those and was still pretty good. Not what backed itself. And went to bed and their care remember I woke up a much thought process cowboy like this. First of all. Where MR. YLA in my underwear and oh my god that this is your age or lobby itself. Is the I don't know a lot of around the main floor lobbies reason not not easy 88 or around the world are they or elevator on Yates out. And I realize oh million. I mean in some mighty elevators I hope my. October doors open source Dorado took over the hotel room door and it closed course blocked. So I had a great idea insecure okay well. This is why they have tell ultimately. Hotel elevators are are black. I don't know exactly why Alexander Alexander Hamilton rebel arms got a had been on the telephone he was tired being locked out of his home it just is on the where. In need to wait to read my annoyance to you stumbled on the exact purpose of hello I wondered why they had this phone that these USA today is and these two chairs and every flawed people under in underwear yeah. Now figured out sorry I called down and blading it over the sit diet you do lock myself up about geisha got it right up. So we know my my my door. The Stanley initiated it around watched. This very large lady. And GG GOO. And I did yeah Daria. There's no orders shouldn't this acknowledged this at all. Think it's okay yeah. You cheaper diesel heavy environment. I go back to sleep and not next morning amounts. Check it out it's time source assault check out. And all the bodies are downstairs in the lobby check it out as well. Well I don't go to the counter and all the whole she's still there or just look at and I chipped had a dark yet. First words out of her mouse were our own nation wouldn't recognize you need to slow the car. Yeah right in front of all of my buddies and colleagues Easter which I still have not got. 00 yeah so what do you think down menu thing that you just fell asleep when you got out when you got the ID did you do you normally sleep walker do you do you have any idea I would never. I I had never slept block this or that personally block. And I mean I believe we're up by only had two hurricanes that I don't know what it did yeah it's absolutely. You knew her hey look look at. Yeah they call it hurricane. I thought I heard nothing good happened roundly OK so exactly did you a couple of the worst hangover ever whether any sign ups are gonna blow her down the enemy like. Mom and I I don't know why it's so weird like I said oh I woke up what you're walking around stroke and appeared. That's. How would they must do it that they had they myself. Oh god I hope my hotel room is open is yeah I had no idea. To drug your beard I think beer and play yeah yeah I'm not a euphemism I. Why we're allies were you in only your underwear 844999. A lot. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.