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Monday, May 21st

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This is the men's room. Was thrilled. So those are standing by Konami 44999. Solo play profiled as in. Geiger headlines on the way one hour from now firstly check in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is. Not sorting guide there's a tool on Merriam Webster the website where you've what junior volunteer and it shows you what words were used for the first time it's pretty cool sexy you've used it then you're I was born word sexy. Get through Paris on there maybe an all out drive me so what was your words and miles. All just based on the time those Agent Orange. You engaged she needs stronger all of got a weird stuff like that I just think that Jimmie Johnson he jumped I do have an Agent Orange and stuff so much from maybe the strain of weed then Jimmie Johnson a licensed gun martial arts. Backed up but I am I know Jimmy Jam and you take every don't know and you throw the deep Fryer you have just made me happy is now the American standard here that's very you I had quite exactly I think goals you name it he briar where eleven where did you do that might. Miriam much of parents a teenager and user recently saw a woman in a wheelchair sitting in the sun while she waited for a bus with a wheelchair lift. So he grabbed an umbrella from his car initiator would have for almost two hours until Airbus got that you don't live where was it again this was in Houston that's because there are things he does it's so hot that it all men you can not imagined. I'll address that right now right there and it's only been quote unquote summer yet. It is I had an answer over Easter. She came to visit and I want to say roof. It was nice to meet you play 5560 degrees and sunny outside in my mind it worked out. Just like tall maybe I'm cold implausible or how high can it possibly be right now is April 1 through these. Take a baby was ninety degrees when I flew out and like an 80% humidity feel right now that you know normally let cool 92 played yet great. Amanda Virginia was reported missing last month by his wife and eventually they cops found him after a massive manhunt. But it continued the story of what happened and it turned out that he had faith that kidnapping. Study could run away with his mistress are right I sued to do then he's now facing charges of lying to federal authorities. Did you are. Are you keep faith in nine minutes and had a Gallagher kidnapped by biker gang yeah I didn't you know I sales as it appears total of investors' club. I mean. Just run away with the crime that anybody did a great run and no one being the Lieberman noted you want to let yet to take off. Healy I mean I noticed dried I didn't voice is terrible thing like it's probably better than what needs to go learn and had to go home all dads in Florida. Streak to Florida eleven ads on a farm. That we don't we'll call. If a woman in Florida wanted to cut older boyfriend last week but it was eighty degrees that she's she said it was too hot. Rather he said it was few odds are you attack Democrats or house uterus of a domestic matter all the battling misty Christie Motorola and you can do is mr. Christie whether you think Christy Lopez in this business I also miss hearing that story again Mike. It sounds like she did use McConnell. Our hug yes I live Strauss but it is 88 man and how well until the few minus eighty degree that aired them if you add the humidity you don't feel a hundred grim amid secrecy get a Florida sticking. I'm mad sorry guys did you miss the greens these. Hasbro just announced that it has successfully trademark the smell of Toledo. Described as well as quote sweet slightly musty minnow like fragrance with a slight overtones of cherry and the natural smell and insulted if we based. Dover and may have officially crossed my dream that everything a smaller place. Who held fairly tremendous to threaten someone's gonna mimic our stink. Philip Plano has unique smell but I never heard anybody trying to mimic it like Jeremiah Wright heard there's a lot of smiles that you need to it and people go I could recreate that I would still has never come up this is played a coming back to relevance. Dude don't listen as it left let me explain something that I learned a lesson and no it has carried out. The moment you have kids all of these things that you think they just don't make me do anymore. Do all about it. Played O. Don't believe me when I tell you Legos Legos and my my my son's bed I'm not make an associate birth they recently everyone's bought him different Lego sets each one of these Lego sets has on average three in the fifth before a decent. That's why don't say hey don't open all of bowl bid amount will be the one out of Durham this was not hurt I bedroom door Leo the morning. Look at all the pieces including by the minute it looked like Syria got bombed helped me in it blows. It was a disaster he got a quick talking to I don't amounted to nothing but. Negligible believe me I have played stuck in my carpet in different places around the home might. As he left little buddy to play an open yet and had and I'll drive you kill me I don't do all they do that at if you play no Jews know the way to you Marlins have the backup according to a new survey almost to every mom city threaten the band their kids from playing Ford denied as a punishment. Yeah right I still don't know much about it of them into it and his latest Yahoo! it's basically. Companies are yet it's a Hunger Games style games I'll get really the problem is there's like you can take it with you wherever you go yeah short. The site is playing at home is against great you played on your phone to satisfy any you know version but I wouldn't be so I wouldn't be as I was 101000 teenagers in a dead following Israel and the other Beirut bureau and ask for just a lot of money on. The volume until oh yeah they're standing at a community that is so I don't know yet they have a community then just this weekend. And did you join I might have been driving by the area and just kind of went in I had a bulbs you know who lives. That's where you could play color I don't know I leave Lilly I was there. There really is that people it may need to get a whole minutes Hughes there is life there had to have been sixty people just wandering up and down my street. Hold off within three hours tough. And he I didn't think they've done to their own words as you weren't there is seven feet you. Yeah. If you're locking up the death of what else C Everett last ICN's downtown sometimes it doesn't seem nearly as prevalent as it once was put on when it first launched. Every woman is doing so would this weird. I don't know people looked aimless is kind of wanted to salute. Starbucks has announced a new policy to try to avoid any more embarrassing situations and bad press. Anyone is allowed to sit in a Starbucks or use the bathroom even if they don't Biden and yet you guys have not figured it was just fix the problem. I mean that's it that is now the problem I have a problem with them. The other day got coffee and they put Teddy with a man I I'll go back in the day they did the deed while my betting. If I'm pain mantra I think. Donna I'm percent of Americans at a news survey said they spend 21 to 24 hours a stay indoors but that's actually true for way more than 25% of us when you sleep so you figured you don't look at Santa. Automatically you know many hours in your house this morning 120 formulate. Inmates get more time outside of right for most people rightly. You're gonna get up and home now get ready power of that car drought or maybe Lee for half an hour for lunch or an hour get right back door and as if you go somewhere and you come home and you. Start all over you didn't pick up smoking you're outside all the time a first grader Florida accidentally started a fire in a bathroom at a school last Friday. Well trying to change the color of his mood ring. Oh boy come Helena I'm gets them going today but are they temperatures bonus to all December and so. In North Carolina as semi truck was stopped by police and found to be caring and alarming amount of math and gas tank. It was what I home grown and I turned and went on the truck's gas thanks you admin as the doors and I was literally personal dad was liquid math. In this in east side guest thinks so they cannot tell L about a one hour from now that's. You're my god headlines arc. And a one hour from now I got a red dot. Is room for recess. Yes central nugget of police journal and helpful profile business playing at Georgia a mile the possible game where we share with you real life news story. Something good happened right here on planet earth. Her. And as you listen to the store and based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Bless you what it is you think makes the story a story so yeah. Hello Tony welcome to the men's room. Hey guys I thought wow I Tony you understand on this here game played. Ari. Is that yes and I do know while yeah yeah yeah I'm glad that the press iron out on top when others got to tap at this hour I. I hear you're here to start now we go do our stock in California where police say. Employees managed to stop commander tried to rob the CVS form Robert CVS pharmacy. Our early Sunday morning a match suspect's arm of the night held up employees at the CVS. As a suspect began to walk out the round 2500. Dollars from the register. Employees tackled him and restrain them so I know no method CBS. Almost all the third derive much like the Scooby Doo kids they took off the sauce makes him as. And revealed his identity a 44 year old man who once worked at the store. As they loss prevention officer let that sink to loses they former loss prevention officer just try to rob CBS. 4500 dollars now his car was found in the parking lot of the fake license plate and vehicle identification number was it looked duct tape. Well he was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery. Do you believe that those enterprising genius is why quite messy or anything. My ability key. Maxi. In my dad what do you guys think. We're as fast as I don't know Lauren. Good. I'm now. It's gonna clues to go long haired girl and I mean this just the story here allows I don't know sir you know the ins and outs of the plays knowing that easy to the only thing internally he did not know about those operations on the employees are a pain in the that's what do you think he would know he went back to Stewart he worked at that. All I have to listen I don't Google employees is not gonna employment and pick out 1 eastern Oregon track star wrestler aura linebacker maybe I don't take that data going there around. Is about they all basically made his jumped as. Personally think drugs easily CBS and Syria since it drugstores are different they mixed bag of people. I haven't image of late what I fast food restaurants on like Charles drugstores ma'am you wouldn't know that game owns only a night. The way you don't want to turn back implied that you have to understand. You just threaten some of the month of good returner back polygamy and they had a ski mask on that. Ski mask that's weird. And I could Maxi so. And he knew I know about Stockton is that the Diaz Brothers are from there. I don't know a lot about yeah I posit yes he didn't mean it seems like a tough neighborhood again based on. Mickey Nate Diaz is the people. That I have met or I found out or from Stockton yeah engine look under the same conclusion and was meant to our choices yes Santiago was Tony doesn't tell you it's danger and zeros to that final answer. Yeah how much they go a bit I now we're gonna find have you as black white Mexican Eurasian Max. That was a tease you are listening to the men's are ready you know network. I'm good run plays that. I'm profile list advantage from my own and Mantilla trying to rob the CVS pharmacy employees stagnant as he mascot turns out he was a former loss prevention officer Dennis CDS. And we ask you did you believe he was black white commensurate agent you start what makes the historical Maxine that the number wavered. We are Lauren. Our proudest hour TV time in jail. Countless hours in front of a talking. It presents. Oftentimes in here we'll talk about inside the NBA bad I wouldn't say. I don't know I don't know that I think any of us are like massive NBA fans my own but we all agree inside the NBA's pretty funny or they they do good job there and stuff the best. Great as far as network like studio shows that. So Charles Barkley a couple weeks ago. Don't stay warriors honestly here in the playoffs doing pretty well. Now reigning champs didn't just dominate because they have all the players know. So trim on green is one of those players streamlined green has gotten in kind of stuff is he he's a very annoying player on the court to other T trite but he. There's appear there if you use kicking people miss and only Jimmy using Jimmy cater for years right so Charles Barkley here is my image and wild again on measures Laffer he said he wanted to punch stream hungry and thank my dream on green. Kinda like called him out mostly that's a really cool driven greens. Mom. Even down the social media and the solution to our punching my son that's in that some barker had to go and apologize this match. Now the warriors are still in there Kevin Durant. With the PG county can derail one of his teammates. He's on the set Charles Barkley asked the question Kevin Durant cuts to the quick and it's kind of awkward is strip. I was green there's a knowing him personally resist what is is don't condone television Detroit home he should hotel told us there's another thousand years our business to a busy and unlimited amount par you're going around and every day is drawing on television what good are you about a drink alcohol problems I don't I'm seeing now says you glad that I saw him as well. I think it twice he is he's downstairs the last of them well how are you upset clipping didn't give me the whole saga. Of Barkley injury in my green although he Barkley is not in fighting shape doesn't say part of the major FaceBook page Barkley right it was a tough dude back in the day. But exactly what it was Charles Barkley. Is he sixty. Well I'm 55. Frye was sixty years by the bid for these these 200 pounds overweight either way he's not doing inflight reminder. Now no chicken Jim Kramer angry he's a big dude you. He's like one of the big guys. Yeah you don't think the biggest guarantee we. Like all right I'm Natalie for twenty years on going to be business oriented thing that ZoneAlarm punch and look there's a lot of my elect I want to punch you. Yes you beat my ass and three seconds I didn't think it take you I said I want to punch you I guess you would normally look there's no question about how this would go I'd punch you my wife wouldn't. I do like the direct immediately that it took they obviously have talked about it in the locker shore so and the DMZ the lawyers are so freaking good. They have to just kind of laugh about stuff like this absolute best quotes her over the weekend in the rockets were just getting throttled by the warriors right. And after getting out there was and he is like the bottom line is this. They have staff Currie in might Kevin Durant and the rockets don't don't it's Andy's. If there James. Which is kind of ironic that that's a green plays green plays the way Barkley used to Latin. It's physical and my wife and all you got the biggest guy in there but you make your presence known in and you played very physical and not everyone's gonna like you based America's Calumet. It's kind of strange where you'd say like you know I like this guy because he reminds me what I had to do when I played studies like I hate him. Clinton annoyed about it I did you like the guy but the same time it's kind of ironic that he'd be plays the same way you do it. Yeah but I think they'll I think fur. The majority of people you would look at that see the younger guys go I'll many plays a guy play. But but I only get sparkly I think it's more of late he's exactly who I was so I don't like non photo. Brightly well what's still Joseph sometimes people at the person they dislike the most is most like them or what our salute right I was in my years ago I was. Hanging out with some people this one girl you're going on and on about the co workers she hated. And on the co worker showed up on me was the spitting image of Atlanta announced late. All you bull (%expletive) oh no Google and apple loudly from either or both hot thousand out of gas spike. This could be that she got you bitch Jack Bennett. But a fine and Atlantis. Kind of crazy. All right now we're gonna go to Texas go to Texas we're gonna go to Texas the home today and tastes. This is kind of insane story. Basically there's a couple the neighbor thinks that judgment days that he believes the couple believes judgment day is coming okay. So they've been handing out money they've been doing this and that and they burned down their house and left out the house naked there was. Definitely a breaking point for them very very good people very. Warm people very helpful people. They went and sold every wanna personal belongings. When do apart and literally within an hour our dollar bills to people they see fit needed it and I think they're ready for a new start and I admit I think they really believe that. Today was judgment there. I mean nothing more. And turn my head because it was very it was shocking as well look I've seen a lot of wild and crazy things and now I've remarked on it. It's a tough for you it's really like to push for everyone to pray form and there was good honest people and. There's neutral news twelve antenna is still around right there's four now on the gonna post up player they no longer around. Yeah they make the house vote fire they run out naked there's still around here's my question. What is this may end seems. Right his neighbors keep warm embrace the go crazy for you stop dreaming and burn their own home and ran out and I think it ias. I can assure you that's who the top three of things that city. Some are. Yeah audience says. I you know what and I tend to believe this guy. That's the grind like I believe you. This is glad to be miserably this is tough fat Freddie. If you adopt an immediate thought of two other things and released it a little crazy and sorted all I had the data stick with the number three. And I hit number one in something like ridiculous like. And probably wanted to taxes and they gave me a small I thought why not earlier everybody be said like kudos and Afghanistan a couple times that op OK this sounds at all that. Now what it's Texas gotta think something like I saw wild bore. He did an envelope as if I want it. Then maybe via. Called Honolulu. Then using limousines and how we are thought Marty stays in I'm scared the whole neighborhood. Think this you have a man he's doing here if you take and it's Texas it's not every student leaders go to sleep the shirt. Yet you get mad dogs and that's why I liked at all being bowl kind of looking dude down now do you justify and I am no house you've given away are your money you burn your house to the ground. We have a blue dog now we get announced Tuesday what do you do you know mentioned oh. Yet my like they did mention their fourteen that the drug test does not come back oh PCP. I feel pretty confident right same thing like naked PCP. Well yeah it's got to be at least messages using a messier getting hot. Yeah open. The whole thing is kind of amazing. Let's seat did you would. Did anybody wants to roll right night now all right. Miles I made fun of you a lot about you being excited for it yes even though I really wasn't but I do you really where I wanted to see if I could just bill makes. The I thought it needed a little hype. You know I mean it has got to be getting any coverage so I figured I could barely heard about it I jump on this man maybe other people are watched duke. So hopefully you did well for bankunited to thank you I likelier to about Charles Barkley sometimes you see things right so maybe maybe I was projecting does that mean I was drumming up some interest to myself forward. The answer is yes and I loved it and I don't even like weddings. Regular what it. But the reason there was a pregame show I got fired up welcome Muslims don't have pregame shows maybe I would album weddings. Really wouldn't you know you got three people have booths. There's does television cameras like I told running man. I don't know how to really pulled us off put that he better not have this he elegant just do it out mormons don't play a lot of play like. Are bringing and I gathered our priorities he took a crap what time it is you know they get meg always thrown on the out there in the in the American and you just missing with a pregame coverage and the one nice people Disco might. They've looked. I let's keep out of how my morning when it was like holy cow does he just out pot but I holy Kelberg Oprah felt like a little kid and they did walk it together for anybody solid. But Gayle King caught a lot of heat she works for CBS news she's also very close friends with Oprah. She was beyond annoying on their late pregame coverage to appoint people were like wondering. If the other guy was OK was he gonna be allowed to talk so here's just a little of scale and she's just it's too much. CBS this morning I'm just having one big goose bumps all over my body I'm gonna chase cats every hour on the hour and just like James what's going. They are beautiful. Now I feel like crying. Oh my guys this is actually very good and very moist. I like if I got a lot of it. Was reading about her bottom and I. I don't think. Right so Ken Frazier. Barely speaks like I mean literally to the point you keep in mind I'm proud. There in the morning and I was like I cannot take this moment I'm gonna turn this off there's plenty of channels. The one thing. Hearing that come up with is isn't she the one that was always with Oprah. Down prayers their us friends as right as if she was sleeping nervously she Odyssey editions kind of tissue and get to go. The weather holds and I mean I used to the math in my head you know Reggie showed a total loans she made a big point of saying I don't know who that man is of Oprah hoosiers subdued and usher and Oprah in. We had talked about. Will Ferrell doing some of the coverage yes that's stuff was very funny in snippets. That's a long two hours they had to kind of fill just improbably in which was. And and old as aren't they program late night shows I did not watch Unionists. But just listen to these two women Ari does is Natalie Morales in kit Hoover they're from Access Hollywood and I like their style. His listen to the amounts of likely mean a glass driven they got waste it. Embargo well wedding in this town of Windsor has never missed and yeah that is they not only if nothing more of the yeah. Yeah. The weekend and we have been all over and Oliver Wilson there has been very magical we're joined now viral wedding guest correspondent Steve Robinson C. That's the great bridge the day of the and oh lead it's more of my favorite part Harry's pop. Hey and a nanny. I don't think. The BI and the melody it's not yeah yeah. Here in 20 great more we go back to where it started that prince Harry's love honor and the yeah. What. That's a daily use of I would go to dinner New York Chrysler shut up. Then maybe Sammy knew at some point like I have to say something. And there was a little guy I like to go on and volume Jeremy and I want to have a good time I want to know farm but I also don't wanna be arrested for homicide and so it could affect brag about world war undercover mama are gonna kill you so. Let's just figured I'd see this is part of the Brahms some things I do not care about the row finally I do not care about the wedding that says. I was from the bows to wish them luck all of Stalinist. I don't care right. Part of the drama I think with all the coverage of a white people that enjoy it I got a bright you want to want to whenever. I just can't imagine. But to me sitting doorway resorting boring but I would rather sit through some long as winning Wickham surely had and again I know nothing about it and Zuma as long. Then listen to that kind of stuff in enemy and but I would rather have gotten one hour sleep and drink three bottles Jack Daniels had to sit in front roan do that straw poll. Keep your head open your eyes open that's for a little involvement and then. I would rather do that and a boring as winning I don't wanna be yet and have to listen. To that kind of just weird garbled covered cracked. I really did need to do it could well mean Croatia you know usually does when anybody better to do that. I got daylight. I didn't watch any actual physical wedding I watched the one priest from the states misty was called the list of yen I would or bishop thank you but I want to bet I think they. While graded as kind of a play tonight I thought it was cool the amount of people you see there and there was just some very Justine. Like combinations of people like giant rugby stars you know Beckham's there it's weird to see a picture of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham at least the massively famous people. I think James Blunt. Who will always got to think obviously an afterthought kind of a joke but he just he's got counselor. It's it's just weird seek to me it was funny to see these combinations of people just kind of well they're all at this giant as a. This is the Hollywood of England you know and mean and and that's with the royal family in a weird way represented rivers and that two inability you'll never have. Terry Jones just like a fairy tale world made all the little girls of one reprints is usual all fits in all this stuff. Oh yeah it's for real and it's real like you really can't just be a regular old you know Joe Schmo the next thing you know they're looking for your glass slipper in the new noise of your raw. All the princess and a liquid that just dull things well and when the president and it's crazy. Any you know she'll be the first American princess like anybody that I feel like Iron Man. I'd be cool given the choice then and I'm in royal throughout blow up on fly and huge stuff out my hand. It's a cool things that you write departments of I don't articles and other gossip yeah. Well you know if you're rich enough you can do almost anything right what do they have this fancy camps are based phones for entry attitude that is totally out of you got it right this thing about reloaded could you get paid to go down there and play them aren't melee at camp which you camp played may have I may have nearly Gambia campaign had to do series with the patriots. And this is really for real like they will go live to New Castle. Yeah oh yeah like they have a drag and remote and you know alligators the guard program the don't lose but the ozone down. She's just a successful actress Megan bank. Then I'll seems odd seats toward getting much right away. I've never seen episode suits me neither. But you watch were over coverage they're little unlike I don't know who these people are going to costars are all they are invited oh yeah I'll go to sleep it was a funny. Mix match. Oh like American game and by eight. I don't know I'm Tanya I got caught up. I suits his pocket well it was popular show she was on there. So basically they asked much of millennium goals with their favorite TV show us trying. It the kind of funny thing here is they went back and ask some and that they error that the running years from 1990 to 1996. And he guesses. As of it is the land deals like. That's even my millennial just under me you'll talk to like might say I ensign told friends where we in the zone and I don't know where we are. Right so this is the favorite team should rate so fresh prince of bill there was number one. Welcome I would Wear it again let's show ran from 1996. So none of them would remember the actual running the show you what you remember until it for a little shows fraud because we show what was controversy around the idea that. It's fairly timeless crap. Yeah we don't know might want to look at. It did aided legitimately Eva what you're saying well the problem is issues that rose and and the jokes themselves on the probably staff we watched a lot of shows were twenty years old at that point in time when we don't know we're grown up for Michael and answered I don't think I've already has whenever responsibilities or whatever they were all old shows and we were just. Because they still want to go there weren't in prime time Uga I don't from Warner parent knew you were watching who isn't horrible fear of the Wheeling island there whatever. Yes and you're right when I first read this with Leslie why they picked the fresh prince. I'm number two on the list with the Simpsons but the bodily that the I misspoke a fresh prince ran for 996 they had a choice of any shows. Jeopardy America's Funniest Home Videos kids in my jeopardy showed up. Yeah but I think the period of life trial watch the most jeopardy is probably twenty to twenty if not sure. Still my retainer and no form schooled in appearance and think you know some stuff for real about the world. AMG's. Your even and it's generally like that time and even was free. So those are my general hospital yours very grateful no tiebreak a moment general hospitals on was a more relates wants all the time epithets and on the council to get high. Facing now I'm into general hospital. It was a very weird thing I was having. Yeah you know GH catalog and a strange addiction. I think that's the cover band of Jane did you think strings or did you did you play yellow. Friends real fortune made a comment and a order or for that. Basically gave shifts prices right SNL house and family. When out of reach for a while Family Guy maybe a reveals I'm surprised. And you just I don't know you would still like if I watched a lot of old shows growing up if you asked me back then. My favorite TV show I thought I was still would have picked one. That was on. I'm Rick Sanford and Son has just called big dummy. Like you know like I likes I don't know the stuff that's like I was still on its original yeah original raw and when I you know most editing was in my junior high school or something went off the air. But you know a lot of it too late for our age demo manly but Brady Bunch received the British budge at about the most do in my life as zero. Bright absolutely nothing no more affordable like everybody why it was real old had been on for a lot better than I. It is an already had its heyday and we just had Billick I don't watch it. Sometimes you know in this day and age is a lot of news covered Tom it's good some of it's bad so we can be downright depressing. So Seth Myers has some good news for. This CDC is an ounce or Romaine lettuce is safe to eat again south I guess that's what passes for good as these. Day is the real names back. That's kind of drew I. Good news that I'll ever get it either salads they did let us varying yeah minds yeah. Appreciated there you are my schedule and I'd go to bed now minutes you're listening to the men's are ready on network it's timely and Swiss miles. No see what's happening in the real world are doing a team's. Feels a blind man's wallet pretending to be account and then he gets turned in body his mom. Meanwhile Florida man is either by cops after walking with the erection under upon. Men minding his own business some marginal lie loses like from flying a lover rock. Eighteen Wheeler has enough drugs to make even authorities got an automatic golf gods after a pig won't stop following him home it is time you're headline. It's time they hit. It's OK is Mike. I hardly hit North Carolina stuff the semi truck carrying an alarming amount of methamphetamine and gas tank. The tank was filled with a 120. Gallons of mad that liquid form that could be converted to make roughly 454. Kilos of crystal meth. The terms operator pazner were arrested and charged with trafficking kind. Coach is now worth two cents. They did sending emissaries man to bring them under the new net that's a risky thing to do I gotta think that it isn't about ninety million dollars worth of liquid met them and you know if you don't like get a gun and now my ability to fill my gas. That's that's your back. I'm just man that truck gets in when accidents. Everybody is that we know why it's. Barack went to Minnesota worth thousands of people gathered to break a Guinness world record. That was a ton of people they showed yes there was a pretty much a literal. Yeah I mean you really glad that I I didn't know what they were doing a look at the picture like that isn't impressive showing of people and how that went if they did I guess a bit of Ireland little any led by the inventor of my pillow tens of thousands of people filled the stadium to break the Guinness world record of the biggest pillow fight ever. Delegates broken off and now it does hurt right. Because any idiot can do it. When you sign a waiver that says beginning in there with a pillow and act out against his venue you've got to clean I mean there's got to be. The other thing if you're talking about a an idea of getting together earlier assaulting. We don't know if you throw out of up a pickle slices someone they can sue you for assault frightened so how do you smacked someone in the head you know I mean he had to. I had the wavered up would you want to blow it adds I don't know that you put some of the weary if you if you except to join in here than your urine even all that and I don't know greatness and left a sign anything by. So you've purchased a major threat then you have read and those are you running of the bulls as a designer and MS street minutes on regularly ignore it. Still questions in video of that though pretty neat. On in Ohio police received a call from the man they thought was drunk because he was complaining that a pig wouldn't stop following him. After getting his location which arrived on the scene of an Amtrak station and indeed found Amanda Maine followed by a big music cued this. Dude you just for the money hang out like he was he moved WV ever think German police guards. And he's like dude. He had no interest yeah halo. The dividend nobody vis a weird to be good fall around it every little weird after a quick Larry let me out yeah this is following you around. And they're quick left the afterglow of the big inside their car to return it back to a daughter they also fully appreciate the irony of the situation and they picked being in a police start. There's a wanna be through the front that's exactly what they sad story Greg you Joseph ready yet we got to fairest guy not known that. Back in Florida local school has issued an apology after some found their programs for other their problems slogan to be offensive. The problem is being held at the National Constitution Center and the school released advertisement for the prom saying authority like at seven. In 76 vermilion success. They have since it was an apology I did they do sentiment amid broad tools like gee look hey man I root root. I just thought you know do live in this country 77 say something it's something you can all the importance 0201. Out of time and anyone know it's that the Constitution Center. You know this moment. Data ruin everything is ruined present a song about party and everybody nine maybe now Messina or apologize I was actually what they're raising an opt out there. How bad about it I don't think they look to see here I'm like how deep can we take this week right. Prestige you can find something wrong with anything it doesn't mean it was a month and just got to look at your colonial stuff. Here's Hamilton now fifth wheel right we don't north of the Mason Dixon line. How protect these at some length like Atlanta gonna party like it was seventeen Saturday thinking like this. Yeah I think whoever you are either. We got a New York where teenagers facing some serious charges after a pretty tacky that's. The team poses a police officer to get a wallet from me legally blind man on the subway under our offense that he was helping him. He was a restless rested shortly afterward after he was turned in to police by his mother who apparently wasn't buried. Not she wasn't a litmus test of of of the law. It's this old Aaliyah because they earnings they've they've. They both stole together OK but he crossed the line that I argument that she did mark crawls again I cannot believe you did that was the flying in the Phillies feel like Mike. Her mom above that's a very headlines and ask my darkest path and they annexed after the dark HR drive gasoline has since been returned the word profile this we'll bring it tells with a shot of the day today and it is all through but it means I'll leave the all the above whose days so until tomorrow police doing to do next. And for a lead the sick. Stan and beautiful.