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Monday, April 23rd

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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. It's those dating back are not right now a 44999. Hello my profile this in. And we got your headlines on the way one hour from now first we're checking my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out. All right Disneyland is now selling at Pete so with pickles as a top name does delighted to go F himself he asked now how did. Well after yourself or did a pizza over tables. Get a nickel pizza okay tonight I've Martha by good I would who would usually Chicago like it's always burger pizza or they just throw pickles on stuff. And other matters discussed in this unless it's Disney lanes food is just OK I remember being much better. Like they should go more toward the Major League Baseball philosophy of food I want you can't know they've got you you know I noses even meet the property mood you don't have to look I know I knew I know I got screwed up some terrible for Rourke already bold move a whole lot of worse it was just it was okay. Just I'm guessing you are price point I'm the wrong that passion I got a it was funny affable off a shrimp po boy. If you order form and the music land and I hit quality net around the island and be ready Odeo and then the first. A quarter area a man ran the London marathon yesterday in two hours and 36 minutes while dressed as Forrest Gump two hours and 36 minutes right. And easily won't record for fastest marathon time while dressed as a movie character. But that's got to be there he is rob if dressed as in the character of selfless Iraq right wearing short in general Jerry notebook and that's very marathon someone else dropped dead. Just as crazy as the Boston one. Recently was freezing and granderson is a car won the super hot wheels and and you know then they'll play half a Major League Baseball games because it's no wonder what's going up. I don't know because I was around the world crazy. A Tony year old woman a Texas was quote unquote fooling around and play fighting with a boyfriend when she apparently got carried away and busier off. Okay. No I mean she said she got carried away you get carried away or maybe even a gunman goes well what are you choke someone off camera but can bite right here off. It just seems to me even with plenty of time for you to say maybe I'm by New York is you left her. Well now believe it is an elbow but is like he's sick of them agree with you she's saying that she got a little out of hand. You did demand zero offense you don't just softly lighted Lanier and it comes off. What he had Wagner that's the Tyson it's useless. They even buy gold pulling off this topics top. A high school teacher in California is on administrative leave after bringing aid bazooka to school earlier this month she's for a dish off to students in his district last. I'd wanna be administered left and I assume would not load it misses with a MP two with great but come out. Yeah I don't like dude it's an empty suit at that point it's not. Come on film had a set enough honest. The CDC issued a warning the other day telling people to avoid all Romaine lettuce. I was saying that per share because it could be contaminated with. I did not give that a reason obviously the tastes like ass may be the way it adds up the same but initially they said they knew that outbreak goes from an Al teams like that they're not sure. Really the first they said don't need the Arizona list. There now like I don't know how we're odd man maybe you don't heated Arizona that don't need it period was just the last. A friend needed a place to crash how long would you let them stay. I was saying about places somewhere else I guess is yours. That the situation. Me and you weaker teams and may be in no mood to move may be a week yet two weeks in ads in many ads mainly because that you're in the East Coast visitor. Tony you percent of people in a recent survey sent out to a week. That was the most popular as often but he knows he can say is I'd preferred if you didn't. A week is your limit one net present have to be some very he tough circumstances for next. He's very very very very tough 1% sent out two year. And 9% said stay as long as you want. Those you know what you don't want us there were people who say now both drivel so lonely and spare another eighteen cats like gods aren't set a time folks senate side. Religious matters we've reviewed list. There was no one better apartment obesity in America right I mean I guess I had a house and an extra room in a year ago I had yeah but I don't know what he shook my kitchen. Yeah big in my bathroom it's not for me it's like what I don't care for sleeping muscle formed up and a better run and see about. That's not hard for the co existence of little room. Bathroom kitchen all that stuff on this. That's not okay you cannot stay in my place long enough where he wanted to buy you groceries. And I invoke my fridge and put all that's my beer like no it does not your beard is my beer. A new survey bounces 56% of first time hookups involve awkward sex. Yeah out of you for a time it's like. And pay less if they only better every time you say to me it's awkward beauty you never get used to it might you can drive but if we put two and many Dan's going to be able to different. Car you're driving right now is going to you while getting just dressed gonna handle different and I got to get comfortable about it and it doesn't see the whole nine yards. If the radio tuned up Brett the Amir's all right sure fun stuff definitely had sex with somebody like the first time. It was mind doing this she was a fashion almost. Yeah. They generally the first I was going to be a little awkward or fast. But I. But the average person will tolerate fortune five bad sexual encounters and someone before they decide it's just not meant to be okay. Oh yeah Ford they threw him my wife Hillary is now fighting through it but that's just I mean I get through this thing. Such as we have grown up. Yes that's a few times we've got throngs. That Utica act after a new survey on the most attractive jobs a man can have retirement. In. Negative. Doctor Ruth in order to. Accountant the hottest job to make can have the Ted Smith. Hey Jeff tension at all nice car what does that does not through engineered onto the New York something in marketing and something artistic stuff. Something artistic well good thing. I'm unleashing my heart tests and no bread soon. In your head chef the hottest jobs for women any guesses nervosa or. There's Sam does number two mile I'm scrub middle school teacher teacher number of floor and a surprisingly hot I don't know if they also have gotten. They middle school not high school they also have under for newer and lawyer. Number one hottest jobs for women a hairdresser. You know I think based on experience. Dental hide shifts. You're all about the penalty and a high chance. I mean look I don't like you guys go hairdresser and there's only active when you guide you pray you guys you'll be crazy to the cycle when their tools and amount announced on July just hot. A city a tenant. Yes right yes they are as idiots and is waiting for a few things for minor traffic violations but only if the person confesses on social media. Doesn't the people not to do it and gets more than Tony likes. Thank you for me like I like that there and we did friendly. If I need old my friend's birthday yeah off. I don't know somebody might if you if you say hey I was being today I'm sorry. I don't know that I need to give that a life. No I'd stroke doesn't say don't mess. It's just debug does about new and healthier likes our bonds can't get like what did Mike really do I think addressing this petty crime exactly place. And upload limit is free to passengers minister cops so woman 500 dollars from let's say out that have a one hour now. You might not headlines are loyal one hour now afford it and love it. Is true resists. Yes this drug to please don't tell profiled Louis who have played a short ten miles of the symbol game Barbara here do you real life news story something that happened right here on planet are. Are and did you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true of people. And the decisions that people make we'll ask you what it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Justin welcome to the men's room. Oh wow. I just could never stand on this here game was played. It Jack fan test the last but here's the story we go to New York City where police are looking for a man. Maureen eight make America great again hats and shirts. He shouted racial comments that another man. And pushed onto the subway tracks. Now the host vodka so spent gone to a brutal fight for the 44 year old man on the northbound fourth train approaching Union Station. The suspect made derogatory statement about the Latino victim's ethnicity. In the course of the fight specifically. He thought who have accused Mexicans who come into the country to bring drugs. And take Jon Daniels and his mind the job bro give. Number two man they got off the threat of fourteenth street the suspect then punched the man repeatedly before shoving them onto the subway tracks. In the employee. Out of victim's friend and not a bystander. They held them off the Franklin straightened and hospital for a head laceration but the NYPD described the suspect that they heavyset man in blue overalls. With the Red Hat and shirt displaying the slogan. Make America great again they have mapped found him yet the question is do you believe that the suspect remained closed the other guys. Content attracts is black white Asian or do you. Com. You know I'd love to ask you guys but I might have to just make this one short and sweet guy anyway. We're where it was an against nearly every city. The New York City Subway in Manhattan and they could be anybody win a match. Lot of nice to have tiger why delusion or Jew. That's correct I'm meg C was going after the just evil medalist Elena got that right guillotine you do car and bring a drug and he's had taken under I don't know what jobs in this undertaking but whenever segment that is people over. Counsel about it. Now with you mean it sounds so white that fifth joining the makes me think it's not like. New York city's got a lot of different people it if you exist on this earth your New York City Subway. That's a crazy until we have had Asian meanwhile. These digits in minutes and at this columnist who thought that out there to. Being in bloom. And the physical part about it it seems to take the Jewish part out all the Sinclair broadcasting religion believe in my believe that. I mean look I'm with you overall. Is the Manhattan sugar from it sounds pretty white but he's he's got a piece of straw and out of his mouth but. It's ten pounds so white that I think got through here right currents off the path. Let's go black I mean David did the trip to imagine what they're lukewarm and I have ma'am blue overalls make America great again had. And shirts job and those are not guess white let's make it anything other than one. He's trying to tell us why you talk Ralph Lauren I'm giving you the descriptive as nearby TV because there has ended the lights. This is not why and what they Amanda says once it was a black Asian or do addition to. An army and I. Go agents finally and I bet that the Mets. Up. And thank him. And Justin Edwards who issued a while you're Jewish. Yeah not final answer. Yet final and out. If he was black white Asian or Jewish next. That was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Get a New York City and a guy wants to make America great again it gets and he's got to certain he's got coveralls. And that he gets into a fight with a guy on a train station and basically pulls him on the railroad pushes him on the railroad tracks yeah. Before some onlookers actually got him off the track sees okay over the guy ran off to another as they description of the man I'm not sure the economy had enough of yeah Kevin Thompson is a look at the basic description to heavyset guy he's worn blue overalls. Make America great begin had to make America great again shirt anyway he Randolph but not any and we had to do believe this guy was black. Whites Asian or Jew I don't think easy and we'll Jewish joke just when Jewish. And now I'm afraid. Today. Bring overalls Jamaica where they had ads are. Black. No way that I thought but don't forget Saturday and jobs and yeah the damn that's what I mean down to the overall. Yeah and that's okay. Rubber man oh man you're never. It just felt to wiped everything about that screams and again at the original surveillance footage and you threw this out to the FBI guaranteed to be what were we were white guy he went on we might if you believe it. My rhetoric and a rabbit is why we play of the game folks. Now brought TV news all time time for TV time. Dale I know. Countless hours in front of the talking. Presents. I feel like every Danica mania and spring and bad news sent couple. More bad news though it's easy enough film world if you will. Four Vern Troy Eric. Everybody remembers him yet you probably member probably his biggest role and everybody remembered all around choice of words. How. All the women. In the role that guy in the most recognition. It was probably the role of mini me. Doctor evil while you were frozen. We began a program. To colonial cooler. Our hope he is exactly like you in every way. Except 18 yourself us. Breathtaking. Pressure causing him. Mean. Key it's a little bit more about his life and death in memoir that video the man who faced a page. Vern Troy air from early I've read to everybody really like the I guess sort eyes and see McCain as it is huge. Celebrity if you will those circles is always as huge a leopard the right. Come on to that I didn't just being mean that I usually do one thing today where he was like back in the day was caught up Paul Pierce. Remember of all let's it'll work out well that's right that's gonna work out real well don't call me mini me like he used by name but with driving with Clinton it's not primary in with I am number. With my main pol. And he was like. Is that it's burned Vern Troy there. We all know that you you know you're not gonna get in a fight. Don't know they would every wants to anybody he wants at any time while one of it's another little port. Did you might get into a fight and a citizen for. Ted and I years ago hosted some arbiter on America arrests out there this guy was only two foot left it was a small this wrestler and I mean he blows. They also look like Glenn Danzig remember that. Again if Glenn Danzig worries he still photo albums right exactly but I mean this guy and look I mean you can bring this guy broke the window if you wanted to take a little kid he just he was just not being a very nice guy that nobody was kept targeting Ted I would have walked onto meanwhile points to look man. Ridiculous that. I didn't have this big jump of the necessities as exact as he walked with and I'm glad you can't hit the damage Lagardere I don't know but there's a limit if that's stock and he was getting close that limit. You get you get the idea from the stainless. That was so mad at a dude. If you did and then he was going too far I look I got here at Helio but no matter what. Once it hits the public the people who work there all bases that you just beeped the luminous I'm Scott okay I'm announcement there. I don't know why target to do but I would they be targeted me I problem continues I intend to keep your army man goes on to beat. Beat this guys that using a jerk in the ring to it the whole thing. He was not Alaska received yeah it better and not rude who is 510. You got a guy by the end more than anybody in uniform because you can hit that he was playing the heel role in a wrestling environment in the war yet but this was come I know that per hour I a patent threat Iraq he'll keep that stick the whole night now he did less well get hurt you know adds Arab League as a stick. Yeah eleven other residents and that I met plenty of wrestlers who are the bad guys who are really nice guy. Yet because I don't like to stop you've got a couple questions so first of all we we understand this we understand that he had some problems that alcohol alcohol problem purgatory and genocide problems on studying that and oppression and the and the statement from his family pretty well confirms that that he had a short battling depression I was I was odd man if you don't okay. So they explain how I basically passed away and enough so many words but they also said that he was you know he'd been hospitalized. Either a few days are few weeks before that based on alcohol poised for a recently. So here's my question I don't know. Howled I knew it was shorts and how much she weighed. But as someone who they only ways whatever he played you know I do a shot you do was shot Ted you do Asia now if he does a shot. Based on how big you body weight Noel long I mean. If he's now a hole at what does that mean that Verne can have a beer. I mean you out of your own sandwich has watched the documentary and Andre the Giant that is exactly grow it and don't have Nazi and it's accurate fascinating thing but one of the things about him and he was notorious. For his operations alcohol appetite and understand. He wasn't drinking drugs into an alcohol but because of his sheer size the amount of Boone that he had to drink this guy put away without necessarily getting drunk. Is much different legendary T have to think right. Downside to pervert my lawyer like aren't what alcohol does this guy telling the night it could have been hard for what eight or something could have been hard from the B alcoholic is what I'm saying is if he has two Beers and these. If you Izzy and they're bankers and not a method reverend it's it's harder to be an alcohol if you're an alcoholic you are an alcoholic yet its just easier for him to get drunk okay but that's part of that though like you donate if you enjoy it and it's great. I would have to think that like he can't do two Beers a dinner getting. Could he maybe he can't I don't think I'd probably know did which was part of the problem but professor quotable. Cross and out of six pack right at dinner alone and write a mean look. If you're right in theory he shouldn't you know he should have been able to drink that much because. He's that small but I've seen some tiny women put away a lot of booze it. I have to believe he was extremely supportive and endorphins so yeah I like are we talking sick when I don't tell right would have. I don't know I mean I don't know that he would have made no more than like forty or 51 guy. How do you listen to a foot eight. Really mean that there's cause there's certain not you know little people is just a polite way. Or the correct way of things it's a polite but it's also as a result of the race there were a little visit their homes between being migrate a dwarf or independent shortsighted. Yeah. So you're right I'm sure he could have. You know what I want and I earlier because I had a little glasses and stuff I bet that would have been like always added lots of wind it. I mean I watched it's a real life for them together see that show I did not so that's a real life was on VH one basically put a bunch of lake. Like. Flavorful aid that's where he met the tall a Bridget brio that Nielsen right and they don't want to solve our relationship with this show was kind of like. Like let's just put a bunch of being able celebrities in this house than that let him have blues and do whatever they want but Vern Troy here he is pretty famous for kind of every night ended up on his little cart. Pretty pretty messed up. Yeah yeah. Gas and bodies with 49 years old that's that's pretty. Yet I did nobody wants to see that stuff that's always that is sad and telling us that everything everything's its output yet he had a serious issue with the blues but. I think everybody like dumb it was cool hanging out of them. I'm not trying to be journalism legitimate question because I don't know but if you die in in his case to put eleven and an estate that government casket. Traditional Leopold errors were six people on the casket. This from someone in standard size can Emmy for Arnold got do you. Is indeed the long enough for people ramadi would try to be nobody down at two foot eleven. Rightly put him in a casket and in the things got going to be more than three and a half four feet long and there's nothing there's nothing worse than visibly seeing that I've seen a one time in my life and tiny gulf and and it was yeah absolutely. One of the most just sold crushing moments I'll never forget it I'll never you don't face some moment gore now I think you know drag it right yeah as you all god it's just it's our god it's war. Good news out there you brought it up Michael J. Fox fifty coverage for his spinal surgery. So that's good it's better news is goodness strata get out of this one her. You are from is parkinson's and Rahal president. It's not a man yeah okay that's it it's not that got back park and it's. They say he's recovered great feeling great look afford to get back on the golf courts that decide our dad aren't but that everybody could as. And he plays golf still yeah that's impressive yeah yeah. Ha sort of it's. You have you noticed any time he's on to remember the show when I keep seeing the commercials like. And Michael J. Fox for the rest of the season whenever the show isn't. Turkey comes an army episode the weapon I realize as are talking about this. If Michael J. Fox appears on anything that's fictional knowledge he's been an element vehement more or at lake Spin City and right debt but anyway. They treated like it is the biggest freaking deal in the war and I realize that some here are mostly right any time he does anything on TV than like. Michael J. Fox. It's such a privilege and pleasure to see it played. It is a TV actor receivable time you know sitting in terms of their really taking this too far out right there and I'm just I'm trying to iron man on actor. James still here if you watch box and it all you've probably heard this man's name exactly on talking about. So this boxer's name is Adrian brown and Ager and brought honor roll number I nicknamed himself the problem. Basically. They give Floyd Mayweather smell. Without the big time victories to really battle it out lightly well I had editorials where he's a very good boxer Hillary gets to a certain level doesn't it make you win. He was fighting. Jesse Vargas. And it was a draw and you'll see why he's the problem. The. The close my. Possibly. Let's go to Jim Gray. All right thank you very much and and I'll let. I mean yeah. And put on hold on a lot you know look at his face good like beating a dead heat no more Luke mainly and well really that's what I let get away with it and yeah. And good pizza and we did and tell us some upbeat and you got his militants movie you. The man and we go get Smart one and you'll you'll leave you. The moment. Do you need lots and you can rock out how you can then he blocked out how. Would look like oh yeah I know you'll know. That is that Chris Tucker I now. So is there like it's we got in Thelma homophobic slurs kind of what act on that date now why did he confuse rod Martin Luther king and Rodney King. I'm good beat your ass like Martin Luther King what other king would divert has been in a fire I can't think of any other what other king to the policy right volume or give an injury you're giving this guy we touched okay all right and I. Might not be as document your Doctor King to if you. He did that but yeah right defensive guy but pro marriage is going on he's and I can't always says. I don't know what the homophobic stuff is he blasts and he gets you in boxing than it has yet he's a and he was he sane it's diseases like ideology is a problem. And then later our rates are about Vargas is they did yeah we could play again. But overall fight again running back but it's got to be in my hometown position too many Mexicans here then sort of ripple amazed surprised. By cutting the guys just. He's just as it is you bargain re going to be of that yet. Exactly. He's also been beaten with pat cash 69 everybody knows that both the blood comment that yeah. Yeah owning involved in that too is exactly do you wanna (%expletive) off. Well when you can't be any bad as they shouldn't call and everybody needs a little guy like that's a let me tell you say with Broder he had a big win these fights but you wouldn't be that next level lake. But Elise is Mayweather he as the belts in the record to back it up. He annoys you but he keeps winning right I think Mayweather like. You'll have to listen don't run his mouth because no one can beat Marlins like man every time a senior moment title fight. Opportunity you won't hear is you're. It's like opens the vikings fans most of your old enough to know this but if you go to in lose the Super Bowl every time you go people just want you to stop go. Or the bills you can get these firefighters and the New York because the best there is a clear difference between the best in this field where he has. And I hope he's very both really good battery and another fight anyway I get paid more I mean so it's gonna fight guy again itself. He might I don't I don't you know that was that there was a good fight for them. Ended basic versions one of those guys he doesn't do anything the first six rounds. And then he dominates the last six rounds but as we lost the first it's a twelve round fight thus you get a draw. Well let's back to make her well and some has borne we'll get Mayweather that he can land but it sure is born. Yeah you know so they have they both have that's the problem for him and the thing is it my medal Mayweather doesn't don't thing he won't lose more than two rounds of the first. I'm glad I'm doing good today is not up on the watch could be so defensive be slippery sort hit but they he doesn't look in spite of not doing anything he still doesn't lose. Rounds. Hit exactly. Money in this is a pretty strange run Allison Mack. She was on us who remain and TV show called Smallville okay. August Smallville was about the problems they Superman Superman maybe when he was child or some some some stuff. Obviously got arrested Friday in part of an alleged sex cult. You know. I saw I didn't know who she was now salt like whoa. Man this guy. Error apparently has its own brand. I wanna say Brandon me like cattle prod brand. That he would brand the genitalia. Of the ladies that are in has to Jesus Christ so if you were to happen to be in that area you would see his initials there. The guy's name right was teeth. Ring Lauren. And he branded his initials on the woman's pelvic area before forcing them in the sex slavery as they stated she helped. Recruit people into this. Self help network Cognex in. Tracing a pyramid scheme that cost out of course cost them thousands of dollars there's a shocker. But give isn't there like man they favored sex slaves they should've. That treatment even included being sleep deprived it's starved to the death star to the point that their menstrual cycle stopped. I doubt it was arrested this guy looks imprisoned they arrested this guy in Mexico or some weird place further finally caught up to him with they've they've been look at form for awhile. She ran out she was better in she chased the god damn police car all the way through town. To the police station. You she ran after the police caught the entire way this is not raised the situation. Yeah that's insane. Yeah somebody comes against them and your fans in the real physically run behind a police car all the way there and know where the girls were not crazy exactly like business is. Absolutely bat as nuts. Yeah I'm not I was not there that takes the cake. Well they're put stuff in days into it again and Ohio into a sex cult that is now wouldn't get much worse than math. And generally that's the way these things kind of work here meaning the kind of weird and twisted like. People involved are going to be pretty twisting with their own. Or you've twisted their thoughts either way membrane I thought I'd bet that that level of loyalty you can stick there and that's the thing. Smallville actress. A recipe for apart in alleged sex call them just not which you would have hit just a headline is very normal. Person like you look at a picture like. This is not look like the person messy and as that I don't expect to see if I entered a sex cult. Now like I guess is that would you look better picture is another one like cells pottery or something you know. So as you Campbell's eye exam like of the Yankee candle governor she's in very. Thank you very rigid or go to any time a demagogic headlines and led Mike you're just few minutes you are listening to the men's or radio networks it's timely and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real well I know for a man arrested after striking boyfriend was singing a big mouth Billy backs. Meanwhile delta against passenger now believed TSA slaps a 500 dollar ticket on their acts. What does that 62000 ticking time bombs are still on the road with a man has so many encounters with scary animals your head will explode in a drunk driver crashes into another in Indiana. This time period headline. It's Sunday it's. Yes the bears might cost. I had a flight back to Colorado from Paris a woman except that it complimentary apple from attendance during the flight and decided to save it for later and put it in her carry on bag. When she hit the ground in Colorado customs agent rather the customs agent asked her if her trip to Paris was expensive. When she asked why he replied that it was about to get a lot more spends about three tacked on a 500 dollar charge for the apple and her bag. What what is the reasoning behind them most are asking to be punched in the face isn't one of those quarantines things we can't bring foreign fruits and vegetables. I mean I I'm sure that's what it is and I found that tonight she would are on the play any. Mike there're two very important questions when you come back and from customs had even on a farm in pentagon. Do you have any. Do you have any fruit or vegetables and other than that they don't give an athlete you have on to write yes I think if you were on the ground if you if you got. Mud on your she knew from a farm and is obviously good reason for the show. But that that's those are dead you can do that you're honest about the don't think oh dude I'm dead serious like if you like touch that chickens had human embryo to get back in the country we'll put it. Can rode a horse there's all kinds of oh my goodness we're. As well as she does the long plans defied the finding courts for exactly what you're saying ten. Really book burnout and I am planning an attack on a 500 dollar charge like I didn't know that what what that so. I understand the purpose of warranties or do serve very good purpose in his blood Albert is the apple already made here where's my 500 dollars due to the reality that they are fighting. I'm not an earth is fighting invasive diseases only goes five remarks like get to 500 bucks man shuttle Sarah yeah. Sometimes that calls a lot of time and I got I understand that the idea behind it. Sometimes feel gorgeous out to get your money sometimes you just did something innocent and they take your money anyway moving up. In other news we go to Florida where a man made an interest in web enjoys during an altercation with a boyfriend. The couple had an altercation that ended with a one going into the den and playing with his big mouth Billy bass with the other set was done to quote just aggravated and after throwing an official way what does Carter left the room the man retrieve it from the garbage and hurled that is boyfriend scolding a laceration on his head. Yet you wanna be able one of those tomorrow I hope to play. Oh that's a collector's item is that yes whose collective people who appreciate fine art. Port of the big Mac I think I read my feelings anymore. He was arrested for us domestic matters the fish that's a great story. But it's still saying this is in a matter of him probably net total of asylum those are my why would you go that way why is that would you take your Rajon. Not because every guy complaining right now. Think you he went in there and yet he just kept on playing it over and over and over again he left to go I don't go to the bathroom or some like demagogue the dreaded bird like Aaron Brown or. In Indiana we talked about this through the shot of the major drug drivers managed to meet each other on the roads. Control getting under the freeway on ramp and lost yourself into the car of the other. Fortunately only a couple people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries yes there's a lot to the story there's a lot of players there is there's always try my. As something I love you fought a looking for though is the EDD damage that was done during these accidents because you always hear about it whoever was drunk in the accident their. For the most part completely fine if you guys. Two cars full of drug people. Well legally and are both in the same boat for VW lives and got a DW bought as far as insurance goes I would still think. It's gonna be on her the one thing that they do admit about the guy whose car got hit he was drunk. When you is actually slowing down to come to a stop that to stops aren't so I was gonna say something and now their alma and it just didn't seem politically correct. Like you should not be doing that. We shouldn't cause an accident isn't Sarkozy you know the fact of the matter I mean he was out doing something that he shouldn't have been doing obviously any included he could have caused a real problem but he did as usual and it didn't his insurance is gonna go up but her insurance gonna pay for the whole gig of oh absolutely that's that's irrelevant when he got a paper do you live I mean just because an idea slammed in the eggs exit and you were drunk you know you're like I like it yet since. It's so multi layer. As an headlines that might iron out and I sure don't they examine the drug charge right Catholic to sit in another round profile list and we will drink it tells with a shot of the day yes indeed it is alternative to meet downwind you all about those rich so until tomorrow. Police do what you do best and morally for the sake. It's day. Do.