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Thursday, April 19th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. The results are standing by I'll take color 98449990. Lead you'll play profile as Iannetta. Order your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right and new report has found a stage where people are the worst about texting and dry next. California off. And it has this I'm against Florida jerseys. Maryland they've learned their car pretty got to commute Brazilian share. Yeah I mean that would make sense new York New Jersey. Maryland and by the blow all your minds Mississippi Louisiana and Alabama there were wrong. I guess just because there is nothing new look Gallagher drive using your board and detect maybe half a. Police are Vermont organ in Hawaii. Targeted sending her back. Target is adding curbside pick up at stores in Florida and Texas so you can order stuff online and pick it up without even going inside I ran by an Amazon store the other day it was crazy it was you just pull off the cars were there and then the guys were just blown up the cars loaded groceries. Clear there was where I was like wow that's weird. I will say though I would do grocery store. It and saw people lined up in a huge line you know he's taken awhile for like pick up their pre ordered her trees. Again might be quicker to go from store dam good less I like to grocery stores on the defend this stuff man. Love thermal bath. I don't know what you think how lazy are we can't. All voters memories there are earlier periods gorgeous and I look at I get on my scooter. The burglar in Georgia who tried to hide his identity by putting a piece of clear plastic over his face has been arrest I did no work. They probably positively ID him despite his masters changed its name Joseph Fiji. It's hit and joining three year old man and UK claims the pain care. The painkiller lyrics that turned him gay it's. Oh I why don't anywhere group makes the pain go away he's a opiates or powerful he says he's totally code until my guess is this. You know that's you know that I think. Played a minute and and are afraid of the satellite was he wants to come out as a noise we will have all blame it on the draw right that was available float if you're privileged I will be cool you've gone and now there's also a very good sends them home when you believe it over they are a tsunami hit I had was a little if he had to take the net value beside me you know what I mean. Right now he's funny he's on the funny sad this scared to death on the doctor prescribed painkiller now I can back mass sons are dead now he's Baghdad now yes that's. So vocal. A man a New York literally and graduate certificate that. A man in New York was arrested after trying to rob a store wall armed with a blue and how well Lego form. I have no idea in our day you know we can guess though that in his rallies sticky situation there dammit. Until now it would sting for a minute stuff gap has to get stuck in the store. He's sold flooded out zero horsepower got lewd jokes and didn't go to Canada and I'll work. An eighteen year old kid and sexist is that his mother to prom because she had a when she was seventeen and missed carries that's going to weird and you. Another can Pennsylvania and a desire you mr. brown ma'am by the way a lot of things mammography you know I around if you're having sex. When news spread through he'll be doing for. Yeah like your film work and if this thing yeah hi hey you know if she was having sex drive have been a problem we've all. 5050 chance to win given that his mom to promenade are not nice but it's like those. Did your mother from that I had a nice I didn't think about these stories of Lumia aways liked. But I was like I'm a mom for Alabama I love you know I love my family to me for when you're that aids and teenager like. Still wanna hang out with your mom or dad dad can imagine going of this problem with my daughter who is Felix and I want my daughter she's a great person but now. I just think you need to click my early twenties to Dick oh wait like I can hang out with my mom and dad again. Some cities the N a whole kit and teenage if you want to have a problem with no. A girl in Georgia who wants to be a funeral director drove to her prom on Saturday in a hearse and showed up lying in a casket sweet. She's a barrel Wi-Fi yet quite the entrance. I wanna know who that person this she has got to be just the darkest person out there she's she is and high school and she wants to be funeral director. Yeah Joseph made a lot of attention how many ghosts to SEC throughout her childhood. I mean may none but few with these two bit. Right half to death that's gotta we keyboard she was the one that moved the ouija board. They're letting go oh my god is spelled out Tony. And murdered her favorite director. And he's so busy Edward scissor hands and on our own time her hair is black and it's not rooted. The new China news at festivals this year is to go topless with just flowers covering municipal style do you have for you won't do that amend the talk go to our I meant. At I don't know if that one's really that new I'll do that writes not there now from a coma they're called pasty so it's a trend says it's making headlines. Trent somebody just noticed not through yet exactly but not least apathy about these festivals yeah. The American Lung Association just put out its annual state of the air report. And eight of the ten smoggy cities it in the US are in which states caddied for me John if Loyola. Got. But you know. Hi there everybody drives him and yet the driving culture smoggy and this witness's conduct really since earthquakes before they happened. I would think so according to a new study now front and good still I think I would think most animals have come some got a super super power. Programming and here redolent of color in the attendance I think they just feel them before we didn't. Boy yeah I mean I've put on site run their senses are better correct don't they don't predicts them to go out there sites. A website told how much dot net posted a map that shows the richest first of all time from all fifty states boy. Is it is an old I guess there's a combination of new school little school money them like the rockefellers will be there the Bill Gates will be there. You know there on the energy Ferran thank you guys are mostly energy bone Pickens or whatever of the world. A new study found the average American start swearing by 10:54 each morning. That I guess you get a sympathy to and we experienced 12105 stressful events a year. The unease the number one thing mistresses out of the top it would still stress is by listening to music. To lower short out of my mouth every morning generally is an apple has channel I was wondering can I mean does and look out of the kids wake you up but. Play this morning a woke up a look at the clock it was a time where I had to get out about it's I was gonna mumbled back. Under my breath. Authorities in Pennsylvania found a ton of explosives missing from a work site. If you follow through that down. I don't know and stop working on a later on home might have a different story for okay kind of wonder what kind of works idealized life they have all these explosions outside nobody is now. They've got to get I don't know I want our Bernal birds that gave. True three cents. Extra help in general now profile this is playing a storage and mild that the simple game where we share what you will live news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Are Anna do listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. Let's do what it is you think makes the story a story. Alone Tiffany welcome to the men's room. I'm spoon yeah. Hi. Tiffany you understand how this here game play. Fantastic here is your story and there's not a lot of clues I admit this but the story's weird. It's one year old man and Santa Ana California he breaks in the White House peace deals with the use cell phones and PlayStation. And all levels of really tired this poor guy out. Because when he went upstairs to the master bedroom he decided to jump into the bed. With a couple who owns the house. So we have to demand Kuroda didn't feel like an old. Went to sleep at about 8 o'clock that morning the man woke up on something taunting his leg you'd look down and saw this guy's face amount of the house. Because Gupta tracked him down. With the stuff but he soul men arrested. Do you believe this out guys embrace and thousand. Couple's two bedrooms uses this this is something or can we it's just it's army is this is a black and white makes theories that this is disturbing. I think why why. But he broke into east peace told Kristobal little PlayStation downstairs for it's okay now batters. I don't know I don't know if he were to play upstairs master bedroom of the trouble sleeping the federal running on behalf of him on third and sweet. He's gotten way but instead he climbs a bad with a look at the girls and he goes to. Off to the neck. Yet at the foot of and then when they wake up the duke Jason in my house. Article homeowner wakes up bruised up brushing them it's this guy. And Jose you freaks out and I present chases and allows coal to compliment they find him a little while later. Pretty impressive to most and decent sized bed and deep sleep from daylight embeds we've comb through when man. And then it's super freak. Who's gonna guess next. It's it's yeah yeah I'm sorry you're right there's absolutely nothing going on there which would lead me to believe it's not like math or are crap he's just tired. There's really high cuts. Don't water coming down what if you're coming down from your math hi good useful cell phones and PlayStation sums easy defense right. Did you get the money to reach I mean I don't know. I'm assuming these guys on meth or crack or something where you're awake for a long time but he's at the tail end of a fascinating she's so good week. These tires and steel and phones and placed on these what are you flavor would your stuff. Myself mostly I'm unlimited video games that you messed around cell phone with good reason doesn't lead people who still don't like the stuff he was stealing is to get money I think this guy and not be any worse all day and he has you know use facilities more money so it's up all night but both Levy's tired real self consciously thought my god this sleepy and nobody your mind across the battle that's why I think he is on something. If you're looking at the people who all the home would you robbed instead warning what is gonna we're both. You climb into bed with the Canadian wake up now they now when you wake up until a normal up the next morning Brian knows he was the foot of their bed sleeping there. The entire time I'm sorry. That is amazing. I wish I could sleep that well I think it says stone quite catch tied to revenue anything. I think quite final answer I don't we'll find out he was black white Mexican or Asian next Batman fatigue you are listening to the men's are right on our. Did you know you don't have a gentle men's room. Flawed Yahoo! profile list and they burglar in Santa Ana breaks in oil down. Gets us in cellphones its PlayStation it is loot but last minute his old time. So he decides to go up into the bedroom. With a couple is sleeping crawl into bed at the foot of the bed. And sleep there successfully for the rest of the night. As parental NEM a homeowner wake up chases the guy out of my house to come find them a little while later but. Did they we add huge did you believe that the intruder was black whites make series and a new start over Dwight you stoked when Marty. Yeah. Makes the boom. Shanahan. Be proud miles sound sleep and sub with a few Mexican men in my that is sort a couple of Tanya. You don't get a leg up on an overall do you love downtown didn't know a damn. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. You know all the time Saturday Night Live on mount some of the yet future guests Phil hat and Amy Schumer it's one of those people. Should be ghosts in here in a couple weeks or whatever. So she's been doing some round she's got another movie coming out so she was on now with Allen and Allen had a plane a gamer she had to tell some secrets about herself. It's kind of funny because Amy's mom was in the audience is this. I feel for any way and I'm news. Craziest place you've had sex and numb my spouse gives the best and I just have to tell everybody to her mom is in the audience was hot days. Your mom says. And I think this stuff about the body and everything back there now now now I think she's heard worse. So the joke. About the but Cox. That comes from an old. A hold mistakes and he played on that on the really blew it again it was down Newlywed Game innocent was the cost of was what's the craziest place you've made whoopee. No it was what owed on your right your idea of the video I put up to quell the video that got put up today I'll mention FaceBook page. Is your original what. So you'll see the original host. The newly game and you'll see the lady when she inserts it in your right they re that was a question like the you know and Americans will whatever where is the strangest and then he has to say. I met location. But what location on. Now where the now we have I that was already stay with the Newlywed Game so you'd ask a question and it would be double entendre but whoever Internet question we're kind of set the seed right so our remember they asked. What does your husband not like I'm as Wiener. The crowd gave all threat but the first one says like monsters so it has been established today as a onions and excellence catch it they go to the fourth woman she's and he's dead serious and being gay. Yeah who's a dear god man. Their guy and of course that's always the guy that is compounded when to bring about what did you wife say most people as of that. The guys who do all right and I came. Now. All right do you BBD what he did beat each other. I think it was about me and him we could do it and everybody Daria dollars thousand snow. That we've been very seriously if I do I think what am I mean this series which in wartime it. I think don't steal anyway he also would mean. I think for a lot of people with dogs probably it's the real question if this is based on down here that don't have given all of our I would now want money already an army you have had to drop the battle and everything. These strategies is to go to cooler remote whose noses fingers you know to me like they see at all. That's on normal. Obviously what is normal not I'm Cindy apparently still be still spend more time waking hours of whoever you work with than you do your dog when you take your dog to work. Took nor can Amazon you spend more time entered a lot of money there and you'll do in front of a spouse or dog you can never do in front of a co worker. Whoa I'll show are gonna matter and vice Versa lowered. I would argue that you master broker or store I go in the privacy room are considering whether I would go and never leave the door open OK you. Can say what you look at them. The privacy of the tip generated as a privacy. I hate to be the bearer of bad news oh no but it got more bad news OK this for our wrestling fans out there. Wrestling Lance. Wrestling legend Bruno San Martino yeah he has passed away yep and I know that he was still alive. Yes he died the age of 82 I guess he'd been in the hospital for a couple months he'd been a little under the weather there. And interest in data Bruno is Stanley immigrated from Italy to Pittsburg. In 1950 where no one noticed right at well after spending more work to on the run from Nazis in a remote dove mountain top area. So basically he becomes a huge wrestling star in the sixties right it is a retired to 1981 but. I had no. Breast clean let somebody told the title for this long. But he held the title first from 1963. In 1971. Dude he was the now remember him as you assume that it agreed in 1977. Million yet they sit. He sold out Madison Square Garden MSG. Almost 200 points down. He was that he was the guy. And when he wrestled. It was not that there's a not a lots of preparation and a lot of talent that goes into what's going on now outlawed. There was more real wrestling involved. In the original footprint of wrestling now that the acrobatics on that. The brutality and your body wasn't the same but there was more were right you are taking some shots now that you don't now but. Those different style. Think it's an impairment avoid NFL football it was a ball like you know I mean I hear it you volunteered to do you were doing was heard the noise and activity and wow. Not so much we'll tell but it puts the bottom of the suing the split euphoria of the splitter for a that's just what they don't necessarily share everything that you have a special chair but I mean but you got why students a guy we. We have to stop going to have got to be able to broad overall jazzy kind of self. They were totally overblown faith he's bleed all over the place it was like a judicially be nobody else will raise personal listened. It was epic in it was awesome and I thought it was great as a kid but like anything listen you know. Maybe he's still we need to. This I don't I think they just don't do it at all it's not due out every fire was Tony what George the animal Steele would come and he would take a bite out of turn buckle before he would fight Burgos and Martino. He would spit chew on foment. Those guys would get pissed because like you're randomly Wheeling, West Virginia migrant as the ring these for boxing it's a sanctioned event like. They don't have like extra turn buckles run around these guys can't you guys commit Erica they ate the regular ring like. Did it truck that thing in from Columbus or whatever now this guy he's eating it yeah that's. You. Know what you're getting into the and I mean it amazed. And grits are setting up the title I get Amish she sold out Madison Square Garden almost 200 time as predicted he did color commentary for the I don't need to be after which now he goes WWE. He gets a one off against like macho man Randy savage right right hyper. Well I kind of summoned. You Arnold Schwarzenegger city was a hero and every stage of his life I believe that. Yeah I mean at Pittsburgh Steelers released a statement when he passed like man this sucks. Is it the he'd been part of that kind of like. He just was mayor who's a bigger legend in my Pittsburgh like him or like whose late seventies dominate a Pittsburgh Steelers rally. I gotta yeah probably I would say Bradshaw. Got any rash of these if we don't mean Joseph green movement they've he's alive but he's alive so scenario LeMieux on that one. Brad Shaw. And I guess. God and there's there's no baseball there's no baseball representation I don't care there was a lot of bodies found him yeah. Yeah it's very that's probably more than the most famous thing is still going to be that day in San much debt problem and it around it and I go to the meaning Brothers. What's the I GA west first of all I don't know about you guys is everybody else relief he's back on Twitter. I just your just giving a little vice I don't know why I felt better with more one knows what as a philosopher so low all out blow right now. On Twitter get out of here Yemen and the deep. Most evil evil and our own way are philosophers. And even booties that would cut a TV show game should do you think mr. Westwood enjoyed. This would. And games show some kind of away overnight if they go would be. Named Maktoum and the villain he likes family feud. I can believe that yeah apparently he's a big fan of a show that's isn't one of those things you can think if I knew west right. So like your public figure and you make music. But what I can tell most musicians record stuff in the evening time owe it to you that he played a feud. He played if you get Darby was off we often it is Honda. With. What to say with Allen recently and he talked about it and he talks about what a big fan Kanye west was of celebrity family feud. Con game. Was the best fairly few celebrity that. Panelists we've ever had really show due mostly show yes she is people say it's the this is the most con game has ever smiled and. I'm very Smart. When I don't think he's my hat when I talk to an abrupt cut to opponent and you'll see Conde smiled yeah. He's happy was very happy to leave that he does not smile a lot no yeah Kim didn't know not now. And they still a good answer good answer yeah. Well they're fairly good little bit different up when you don't give a good intensity go when did you send. Gordon OK you supposed to say good anonymous card destined. It's the best and it's like an about a month or so right yeah but we're gonna get the highest ratings we've got out of hand. Well. This isn't Steve Harvey through that our real quick Allen and even ask about it aren't actually you know I'd easily if she's down. Tune in to see on dumb gimmicks. Yes well Eagle Lake. I do you need him on the Kanye is side or the other card Agence playing though the west family now it's funny you bring that up. They basically I think it was a release was to be like just some of the Kardashians or whatever but I knew when it it then he took like him. And then I guess he's got like some family members from his actual family on his side are right now I think the other one is like the directly Jenner cart session. Yeah good call the a couple of agendas are on the basically dig a bit like Kanye a vs the could shallow crap out. OK you don't tell me I do not want OC that at some. Yeah it's like DMZ. Yeah the present well you know it's funny I have a buddy who didn't know anything about the card ashy and until around Christmas and I broke it down form. All the different picked people and characters in the cement. And he's like man because it's amazing how much late. I hate to say this but I'm sorry I don't know I don't know what I describe exactly what it is they do but they're good act like he still they eat. Relevance Romanians a world whatever is going on right lately this whole thing with Khloe Kardashian interest in Thomson cheap honor I am not. Darkly that I would not be shocked if the mom Chris Jenner they knew all this and just for the show. I would doubt she's a horrible person in my system could be yeah I mean mom oh Kim tied it again. I used assume that if you're a young guy who's a millionaire you play NBA basketball and go to towns every night and I'm married to probably haven't sexes many people as you can. It's a subway card as him and not worry your wherever yeah well that's going to go for a guy like Tristan Thompson right he's a good NBA player but it's not like he's. The Bryant James or Victor relatively out of the cart engines are they don't go to NBA players. Borrowed his William Williams these expansion and when I woke up with a comment when you go with a car. Nash yeah I mean it takes you cross you over that next level stuff that's why a lot of the wrestling fans are being. We don't like Mickey bella. And John scene like was that done by the WB eat. Because she was already on toda towed to attend the total ballot or total yeah it was total balance total defense with the show they've grown and those. Simple well I think the ballots ended up having their own Chia. I got candidates on. You know that I know the the new organism with the last name card actually and it's good to have its own shadow. So many some of these elections is hardly at all clear living organism they still it was a pop culture women into the vacant kind of crossover. You know business people don't watch the film got to climb up. Well there's two on now to know Tristan Thompson's David don't know the end yeah I had no idea who the hell he was I think you know she was pregnant that I rinse all the videos like this guy gee don't call it like. Who's this Sonoma aren't I've follow the NBA and I was even stride news that guy was like I'm sure her little black I think averages like five points a game which means you know I don't watch all the games that I didn't really recognizing this and I want to know when he's there and get dire he owes her I think you. Went so we get a thank you I was like to think you know why I'll clue anyway. Let's acceptance letters. Mean the nice way to ask someone estimated to be in debt for twenty years. A person in front of me in the airport security line. Pretend they never having been through an airport in your life. Other people do you off. Turbotax and let me take money to receive the money taken out of my money. Thank you Red Sox and yankees. For getting a giants inside this week. I know you have baseball man trip. Ten Marines. Given the least talented person in the bed and allow this thing to play. Thank you it's sunglasses and pizza. Yeah the only two things still sold and cuts. Thank you. Every super positive attitude and being filled with trash. When you think of Colombia. The country what do you think got go to adding cocaine I was gonna say beautiful women follow that two of OK afternoon though they give you an appearance similarly aggressive. Through Colombia the Kodak OK let's go to a pin with a look at the so I'll go would suit OK are you are for the cocaine that are different you know mate all right. A guides them for the lives of Bogota to Ireland got a thing like that I don't know why. Bogota Bogota. But greats of the about Ghana. Easy is Colombian she's beautiful right yes she is now look kind of underwear do you think she wears song of course she wears a far right because it's just. Those guys are doing them as they are you really light a match regardless of arugula I'm cool legal way. I'm Google only visibly slowed way owners I don't know couple months we'll start shooting club off of Nabokov. We've covered pennies to cover cocaine and beautiful women with census all Columbia NASA love affair with. They should put that on the tour's board. I. Okay outta golf so hyped. He. She has her own she has her own line of underwear and does Sophia Bulgaria yes well. So Julie Brown bro Lynn. Now brown Crowley thank you. Julie Bowen who's also on how modern family with her apparently lake. Is that doesn't dresses sexy is one of our guard does. So I issue we showed off a pair her granny panties. On the set right in severe of a guard kind of got upset like you know late. Record quote here please dress like a woman why do you dress like a boy disgusting. The well yes I. Well remember she's from Colombian Catalina then we'll need to do to it but I think. Why do you throw Leo boy hey hey I can you imagine that. Police Jessica long good point you just like oh boy well discussed need to look at her I mean you know she did just roll out and anything and silica. Julie ponies that unattractive I don't know that is correct so with Sophia did right now her line of underwear spot each day. EBY Ali and Eddie editors and made I think you get that it intends to use this important we didn't. It's trying to hunt each pair regular myself. My mom overall it is a she basically started a sneaky new songs individually stressing. A mr. raw fish is the right name for anything that should be involved with underwear no you know yeah. I say and so she says it's taken these dogs him right Julie thinks that the wardrobe department urges we know thongs and he has do you Wear a skirt. High officials who verify with that she did not realize it's a fee is underline where a line under wire under what went on line just bring an eventful. And that's what you want to say yeah. And Sophia and days of fear of a Garland who for some reason can't not somehow insult Julian retired she brings that out. Think that she needed someone with a really tiny but Stuyvesant also I think there are apple. Apparently it worked to his Ali's equal to earth forgotten now under her skirts what is is like a Biden thing I compared I doubt it. Aaron got to skinny ass. Yeah I'm insult you like looking over free stuff. Yes thanks I needed someone with no last time I had to wait a big debate. They show impresario of the ITV talent that I headlines and let it might hear in a few minutes you're listening to the men's or read your network. And Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real pioneer in a league with dean and produces food individually made for your personal DNA. Meanwhile Pennsylvania authorities say the more explosives were stolen than they originally thought. So go about and enjoy your day. Officials looking for Florida man's brain turtles would red paint. If you're on a roundabout in Norway your nether regions cannot acquaintance and I naked burglar is found in a bathtub beating she knows it is time for your headline. It's Sunday. Yes there's might call. I'm Dorian Pennsylvania authorities were forced to conduct a full inventory check of explosives that restored and he works site and found any time you were stolen you're out 704. Pounds of explosives were reported stolen from the site. And offered a reward for information leading to the Stan. That's not gonna and not a pipeline work site as well those supplies come from us. The kid. Keith on the lookout for that hope pleases you guys you know like you're likely is Washington when Aaron pool their own personal property you hope yeah I hope exactly councilman from last chance 400 blasting caps. Probably none of that Seles for construction believe or not when a blasting mounds of doing highway weren't good note I did that ambivalence dole opponent my Yahoo! distilled in this like you know like we have a fund fourth of July here in the capital of the right well we're going fishing yes. Around the world South Korea. Yeah South Korea is now offering to put Phillips or corn dog and now. To celebrate the film festival in the country to making corn dogs even more festive. By printing little to live in the branding of the corn no doubt we are stranded no corn dog stress does studies here borders of the United States of America. Yet you know what I'm with ya now all over the do you live on the court no I've been guilty I'll go on learner just in general corn. Had no idea what country any other than ours having corn really. Pair of any other country that's like big unicorn. Not as far as I know my side it really is our thing in the cavity in the baby corn and Asia but right that he had a good. No other culture seems to do anything with core I mean today that they here ran around the big thing mace. Failures of you don't noted is the might be kind of strange. Threw up and always will affect him. I'm still confused which countries do and South Korean minutes after a fan of corn dog exiting know that. Any other country club salary as a huge American influence of good. Does Maarty Leunen and I think if it. In Norway public roads administration has put out a statement as we approach from season to help bring down the amount of vehicular fatalities during this period. Does David played with students do not have sexual intercourse on round abouts. I'd rural vote case of the round about built on those who strayed straight areas are safe. Threats to the drivers will not get distracted and I'll be above all over. I got a good. Aaron but what I gonna fugitive thing about things education we know getting delayed under Brohm but at least they're the life. We know you're going to have sex can you not do it in this place for guys we already understand would have. I'm from my the way the way I read that is that these guys are just giving it on my right in the middle of the round about old and so drivers come and bide their seeing that there's to be able. Engaging over there yeah and then they get into a car accident that's what I did because of that was distracting Michael relax a little bit. That's what they're saying let's not OK also no run Nagin over bridges and stuff like that. Come off there's rules for (%expletive) let their roles. In other news it. Around about about a pound the best hole yeah the offensive isn't that fantastic. Wounded when I'm sad it's ending right ground they've got out of Baghdad. In other news in Lake County Florida wildlife officials are on the look out for those responsible frayed gopher tortoise found spray painted red with concrete on its plan. I think there's a few of those they found it was sort of thing one and now it's here it's another finding a bunch of its sad to see. It looks like they they put the clay over over the top of those over the top of the tortoise let it Harden and then spray painted red and in this thing is apps leave. Fully read acting races they got in the premises. What is written what do throngs of people I don't know what is wrong you know men are Mosul boiler I think spray painting revamped. That yeah I guess I can't think like that stuff should be locked up Blake Diablo Cody life. Are you look all the Darman a billion per hour are none of these guys look you can do good via the live blog of spoons those people free basic right. Comments like come up. Feel locked up light bulbs now what is this fan and I've done my house every day he's good this'll mom and pop business and he's out there at least four times a week for the roller just. Taking golf the graffiti office plays there every single week. It's not the tool it's the target of the moment crime I know I five Fred Fred I photography were not another onside it doesn't do any thing in just a short time for me to buy crap. That I wanna buys exempt and kind of beating someone's ass US freight made certainly good to me if you make my life inconvenient we have an. Issue don't punish everyone for somebody else's bad decisions on track but I go through that it's true it was say no rehab center about the two that founded in police are looking for leads we go to Louisiana. What role model I can be half half acre of well woman came home to find an interesting side in her bathroom shielded sort of finding woman naked eating she goes in the bathtub. I was pretty exciting though she's taken back gallons of water and that doesn't mean I thought would be a naked I mean it's it's one thing to be in a given period. I'm assuming you're saying about he should be naked but the reading she doesn't think he'll bath. I hope so. I hope those sounds like you're really also done bathtub was full water and a plate of food along with happy she knows how long I am on the toilet it you know it sounds very relaxed and all things considered I mean you can't get that does turn off your fingers. An estimated man and really has up. Thank you lord. Event there. A flood. I thank you sir we appreciate all the guys down for the return of dead birds as the FCC bad jokes and we will drink Intel's with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true but in the meantime we'd be all about blue route. So until next time please know what to do bass and for a leave the safe. Diane. You.