04-19-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Welcomes A Legend, Tom Green!

Thursday, April 19th

Emails, We welcome comedian Tom Green to the program! Plus No S sherlcok and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. They donate for a hard 9990 William Brady in line is playing for team is sober and first question coming up here. The sales and either on the I'm glad that was does not break out quite well we'll go to hell do you have an arm. I Brady era is your question which one of the two teams. That played in the first World Series are still in existence. All I can read. Or how far away isn't it time that mr. The other team by the way as the Boston Americans. The Americans they're Americans. Always featured on the first cover Rolling Stone magazine. Laurel go. Check you know. Or Jimmy. Eagle John Lennon build up. We're definitely in the classic rock format and getting a block party we can read all those fans. And people why are we could do it duper Tuesday we're not sure it could be one more song we don't know depends on the day. About the way got an update leavenworth rural remakes whistling page that the vice dean who. I'll get serious it's good whiskey. And what is called. Was a big whistled at yeah I think the bad with the pitcher who are kind of like auto soda came up with a man I never realized they act special rock every loss taught book for real coverage during a groundhog and made from the Jews of ground. Question for Brady. What is the name of the clown from. And no on both so apple. Although apparently delaying it. Yeah I don't know bode well. I know now he says. Falls short. I mean I remember that I do on track or Yale a Yale and other New York's WC jeopardy then like all I knew that lets it out loud I might converted here that I was wrong. He's an array to always think America analysts say Google is sure to go to notre. RAM and they went to 1995. Disney film wasn't governor Ratcliffe the villain. Holistic debt. It's. Are we talking before radio and others did what else would. I can't believe that all weekend again weekend. Wiped clean. I was sitting here. Woods tale adapted for a 2004 Will Smith movie could eyes as of altering the three laws of robotics. In black and. My eyes again tomorrow. Hi robots and robot. Yeah. Let's in the numbers seventh. Star Will Smith. Who robots may have taken over the earth. Globally he was there. The building it. Was the constitution and the declaration of independence signed him. I would call them Freedom Hall briefly and I. Didn't dare take this. It's normal. This sounds don't like you know nothing they've ever and doing exactly what people fall you're doing a good attitude and his last time playing her sober no worries me no excuse you know he Hercules says that all right you like a McDonald's or it's gonna be exactly what it was like today it is an area for the brains. Drivers here are good looking duty Lincoln's eyebrow dumber and held. An okay new questions. Reed Hastings started Netflix because of what theme which Tom Hanks movie was he returned. Or jump. As he starts off saying hello. So it was like whatever his video rental store was pissed them off until like you know I read lately is Italy Latvia. Look at that if I don't take over the TV viewing universe. Jude Pisa blind if you are mister Rogers always amounts when he was cleaning his what. Has done. That's funny you know mister Rogers get the bland Bure says I don't know you don't insisted on the common might cause he's a one man and for tomorrow because that's and I think mister Rogers is better men might hawk and decided to come on people. I would trust mr. Rogers hit an hour Michael. Gave his big dummy for Ford 999. All of who is our next contestant ready to play the game hello bill and welcome to the men drew. Go to your children out silver. Well look for another. You do I don't know but the left still remember a ball late night snack frozen pizza McEntee is not marketers serial. Carry off. Yeah and make everything your home. Guy and we'll got a serial. I need it did and it's such courage MI out an excellent man. You're mirrored throughout thought rob you. All right let's. Much column. Which college changed its name to Arcadia back in 2001. Because anti porn filters block the school's web site. It's a view of the reason it's cool and calm no anti porn could you couldn't pull into a home plate when does a good is it they go about our kids to think about is that. Oh wait a minute I think is it. Yeah right wrist. The record and Blake at now at. The negro college hall Beaver College OK okay to figure out on the town in technology been around for a long there. He very canny moderating effect because of anti porn filters nor can actually resource they blow the beaver via parents have been very good neighbor all my got Bieber would that beaver stadium in state and say they largely loved the beaver Pennsylvania. Our what fourth animals' eyes changed color through the seasons. That kids love this that. It. I don't ramat. Reindeer. Military near the end. Yeah. Art what breakthroughs food item was used to make explosives. In World War II. Let it booted yet. One of the state clearly. Places. And scream look we because that's when you won easily. I saw nothing moves. Of all the breakfast foods and is that we get you one of these the more public take extremely weak I hope the growth there and I was kidney Kramer we don't concrete we re they would them taking the bait him like that you all know Z I agree well understood our anger our own hero but applesauce and in what a wheat. Like a dream only its okay coming like it's okay. All right number in fired about cream week I'm with miles and oh bloated and yes I create a week where like compared like O Neil yeah. Now how we're there light he gets popped up an agreement we can leak are already believe that's all the greats and breakfasts carnation never know autism ma you know. The rules of no it was delicious I think what my parents knew that we loved it. They bought less frequently do they knew they can use of its currency to tell liquid do you get a get a get a minute. Aren't true or false Easter Island heads have bodies. Real. Terry you all across I don't know the bodies they don't just the pillars they stand out but a minute there absolutely is even though they had the real big long yeah there's still up have you seen nobody. Announced he would personally but I've seen pictures of their bodies the under the ground well out there on site. Like Greg there has been. I don't know you know I was round and up to their necks it's and I mean ninety Laura George but the bodies have been the reds are exactly it's just not really defined like the my head thing and I'm gonna wanna like ahead to see like they're there they're just you know penalties a slight shoulders. Yeah and I mean you can kind of see like look up okay all right yeah I arms army you know it's it's it's it's identified by the end of our brazenly that's. They cut a mall for the way CN make out there for a while those are there is that supposed to be some of late what. Odds celebrates Easter these are all the different pace and this is where he won in the case and ultimately that way that when down. I historically game is big dummy for 4999 almost double market does it online. Hello. Damage hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. Sorry there. Oh yeah. Thought. Big business dissolution of those clubs give a dire. He's gone above away it's obvious Russ my local cinnamon toast crunch and I've with the outpouring of support about the that's overwhelming. Odds it's really makes fireball run shot. Who thinks fireball we'll close right alcoholic liquid cinnamon toast for yet OK great I get that you have done that you have to have the cinema itself yes the cinnamon toast gunshot was an animated. I mean it depends on where you're at. You got to be somewhere where there's actually people drink rum shots perera run shot so that's the Sabbath which run chop it's a martial arts. We act and I had no problems and I think a run green yeah also we have run green with opinion that the fire ball. You're good to go out a new Baltimore in the room shower it I'm not wrong Chowdhury it is round shot right select Chrysler and their lives on the East Coast everybody drinks from China you know it's pretty easy to order this until structural Oca but like hello yeah. Aerial thank you for playing the game known as big damage to Oregon man's day four of wait wait Bob. I Sherlock palatable drag it does for the shot today and we welcome and comedian Tom Green and it's all coming up right after the break you are listening to the men's or radio network. It's my sales. It does not coming out man does there is on the way out also comedian Tom Green joining us first time for a few emails here in the men's room mad men's or my back jobs. Hole I drove my house and I've been listening to you guys are failures now today is our son's first birthday. How about a. It's a barbershop quartet they sandwiched. For the little man love you case man many thanks from Tennessee that for maybe ditch. Movie Laura Suzanne wins. G.'s daughter on the side. All of these damn reason he's still around a zero in the morning and afternoon at noon and not. Only ask how hard they shut my brother Jason with a big old bong hit and my sister Campbell the Europeans is too small I could ask for better siblings love you both bad firmer and ask. It's Thursday's downturns anatomy is like cement the luster family with a grand daughter so we just wanna tell me how proud we are the man bothered. He has become how about a what I know is that row. That's from mom and John yeah. Yeah. All eyes is my half brother and bigger ridges birthday have the dirty is of Germans I don't know how much they love servicemen. Thanks guys that from V dub. It's and she's so busy enough Boudreau but tonight a probation and I mean on the mound for a couple of review servicemen and. All afternoon but it does delay get a big birthday set out to my little brother mastered dangle for his 24 birthday. He's a big timeless or how about a week we each by we'd week bottoms up images. Love cage and chased. Hi guys gonna think about ten years of love you guys now my friends like your show however I gonna do this myself. The days when Tony good guards they have an Al hitting the window that from Dylan in Santa Rosa cal oh. Holidays probably birthday Thomas. Sing about beautiful and resilient golfer in April the redhead with a soul. Build a new Allison a great year work she had we just kept it off with a trip to Germany about the three weeks to begin wish her happy birthdays you'll love the police have Robin described archived in Germany. And in the dirty Germans translate that into English rock god that from Chris. Not a star Vince should thank you bush Cynthia comes he'll coop can influence in the system who played the game of hide and go a little sex. We are speaking of which we don't know who bred. Guys like other mass birthdays today Leo gays or Tony he loved to relax with a Ray Lewis have a picture of yourself and maybe a Montgomery in the other Paz say as very great show. That from Jake. But Richard you'll. I hope each day noted one of golf and it's I guess they're very area that's our own a number of I shot a 13032 amazing boyfriend Randy thirty years young please give med dirty Germans talking about the effects of too much tequila. Love you guys that from Jozy. And most. Two months to Cuba you have such you have child. She's half. Surrounds you once again Novak too much tuna and often leads to no sex. Any child as there is nobody Brian pure and away her today if Jesus now about you like dad please that from Sam. Guys today silver about 34 trooper on the sun I know on the only Lewis or my family sod reply to request turtles Iceland uh oh look out thanks for keep an asset from Jason. Looks more people who don't was emotional and I'm not sure but it's not like to get me aboard there's just miles of my husband Dan Alexander who's 37 you've earned a classic they sand wedge. That from Serra fish sandwich let's give a great boyfriend neighbor taught to shut up he's 38 Canadian reverend X or maybe LeRoy Jenkins been listening since the buzz days. That from neck. I know. Net column please where's my best friend Rodrigo OK until Paulo April les anniversary all he will you know I go back away from Brazil. For him gonna get a Europeans is too small that from Christiane oh. There you go home. Yeah yeah yeah. OK. Yeah yeah okay. Do you have any. I played her day could you. But today I had a German run. So available through news and world sings on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Button shy of fly. Warrior who I guises as Libya. My first you're working a little creek casino on security it was my first time dealing with a body builders. Of these guys commit months a year do their bodybuilding competitions the event sinner is muscle bound men and women are not to people to pick a fight what. Now these guys commend the day before the competition to do the weighted sets stuff and not get their fake spray tans on. As I like to collect the shaken many treatments anyway I was having a hard time keeping my composed around these guys basically because they look like. Oversized caution orange boom bow lupus. I was going around the corner and hotel area didn't realize I was humming the balloon was song from the old school Charlie and the chocolate factory movie out loud. When I passed that body Miller who just got to spray tan and gave me eight pissed off look. Good afternoon thanks guys have a lovely little. Mirrored moves moon who is not a very avenue avenue studio legendary comedian Tom Green. Having a studio but we were still able to. Handle your request your rider you always have a huge entourage yes absolutely I'd literally I'm here by myself this is definitely that we noticed that would normally hit because he's saying Iran plus I'm not exactly that I thought I even and very good I literally just got off a plane and came straight from the airport stopped here on my way to the hotel noon shows and Seattle all we can do any do they even offer a beverage service on the flight from Vancouver to Seattle or do you just go up and around flew from LA so I was all over our I went home to LA for three days and I'm Ambac to which doesn't make a lot of sense doesn't cause I could have just daily news this comes around I mean you look at an awful on tour I mean Jesus you know I've just always do and show so. So I you know I tend to fly it could have apply home between shows because you know a few days off here and arson and you have if you look in and Los Angeles for a long time that you think you might have some Canadian friends in the Vancouver area of the maybe you could see mom and I think I earned it ideally I'd do if her films and movies rarely maybe you could kill a few days of the film Freddie got fingers or Vancouver us. Filmed a movie called Bob Butler in Vancouver of motherhood Freddy got figures the race and personally my favorite movie title of all time thank you I mean that's. I don't think you'd better IR BB MPAA's. Favorite but upset and I had to sneak the title pass the Motion Picture Association of America how do you that you. So all the way they approve a title as they approve of the poster. Four vote for the movie okay before they even. Approve the movie hero for the consumer growth before the movies felt so he sent on the poster a poster which was a picture of me pointing at somebody. And does so they assume that you know when I was saying for an hour until I cops I do yeah yeah yeah I'll gladly send the wrong didn't it didn't mean not now they did everything well what's ultimately a PS when they approved the title they can't on approve it later when they actually see the movie have they tried to. Amend that and anyway I like it did keep slipping because I didn't think LO will work for a world war for you slip a few things passed out and then my girl next memos like OK yeah I don't remember employees in the back of whatever is done. Al all they amended it by not letting me make another move grow a heart problem isn't better than it. It was strange it doesn't obviously get much time as there's kind of a side either via there's a second wave of people really appreciate him movies are maybe got a by a wave and I don't know guys I feel real crazy sort of cult following now and death. There's been all sorts of online reviews of it they're kind of tell and at saint saying that it's sort of one of the craziest movies government which was supposed to be and I was and so. You know sometimes people are present you know look at the critics were wrong harsh on Freddy got fingered the senate you know was the worst movie ever made and it's called a friend you have got Zynga have I don't know I'm no offense but at some point I just feel like do you. You gotta keep your expectations and that and the certain arena it was supposed to be crazy route wasn't trying to make the jazz singer Britney right it has not. And the critics I mean I stand up and all those things obviously but it critics have have. They've never really been that liked you know well my standup actually gets great writer Norman so I talk about them I've performed at like you know it's like get good reviews some time Ali though just now let's move on particular movie. And the Tom Green show was well regard absolutely the the movie was just a little too much from there we saw that your you're in a your theory your own movie it'll be out to we believe next year. And this is iron sky the coming race yup yup and this is a movie about Sarah Palin who starts a nuclear war yeah and then goes into a bunker turns into an alien and then somehow you get involved at this is purely as a singer is likely reality is there's clearly I basically what's actually going on right now but you're a political guy so I'm sure this this does it have any political overtones all that well this this movie is is. So of another cult movie to sequel I did what I did write it I didn't I I just as I was just tired to act in the movie and I I was happy to do we shot and in Antwerp in Belgium and it was a lot of fun Macon had but. You know idea I I a mile and a little bit of a political person I'm Canadian so. You know everything that's going on right now it's do you not really my problem you've only been a good thing you can live in both countries I could idea like I could do it every one death things keep gone the way they're gone you know I can just move back to Canada or elsewhere to build an aloft but you view lit you think you can still I know the president can get out of here I know the president of the United States you probably have that the press I know him personally he fired me in the Celebrity Apprentice Jessie and how and what season how many years isn't too. Episode three. The president of the United States fired me because I went out drinking with Dennis Rodman just physically Julie let her business what you'd better company than not do you feel better about this analogy is the time it probably sucked. But now it's like god dammit you don't like kind of this happened what his love of my life. In it's weird when you know the president I mean so does give you a different perspective I mean I look up a goal of my old boss's the president of the United States have her visit to that fired for drinking with a guy that's friends with the president of North Korea yes they've handled this well has put before that he went to to meet. Kim young it's presidents do it all comes together it's all intertwined. You know maybe I'll go over to North Korea with Rodman and trump the most mobile will save the world. But there are my lawyer that damn design. I was then damn I'm hungry India L wells we'll see what happens I I again I don't dive into politics too much for my show 'cause I travel all around the country and you know understand you know it's very divided time I I do tell a joke about my experience on the apprentice in my standup but. I'm not a political comedian and I want everyone on my show like Doug Doug Doug you do the week and that's why you're here for the 420 shows you know I don't know why don't we don't we but IA I do it's more I'm more talk votes a steel society and social issues and human nature and relationships and just technology and things like that now the last time you're here and you talk to us we had just gotten our own beer for a few years back I'll have a little you guys in the and you got your beard I do drink yes and yes we do we got on mother's Tom Tom Green beer business touts itself it's a yes absolutely and and I'm I'm not actually sure of when even supposed to announced this yet but I mattered little carrying the satellite Harriett I I have very soon I have a moon shine coming out as hard. As volumes and realized so it's very exciting is that it's coming out two weeks it's no actually not been announced yet anywhere in just once can we namely can it be like coming it's called Tom green's Canadian maple bacon moonshine you know. And it does it taste like maples and it isn't bacon yes that it's really all it's really delicious and and it's a delicious strength yeah. But it's it's comes out of also about great distillery up in my hometown in Ottawa and and I'm a lot of fun with audience that they come to do do you go to them in the sense that I got kind of have some I have some friends up there the distillery and we start talking about it and I was doing the beer and I would just all kind of came together some. Actually I'm not supposed to be talking about the you know we love you I don't know because you run the Vieira to zero and as women don't move just slipped out yet. But I don't worry yeah. We're gonna drink it would make that they're out now that I could you make like a bloody and you warm maple in the mile and a local did you I drink it straight I mean that's just me yeah at least you feel now not the we know anything about this but when they originally brought you win. Under the eulogy sample all the yeah he's got a real cool distillery Oden outside on a lot and we went out there and had some fun taste and some moonshine and and its and it's it's really delicious never met I'm guessing Lucia yeah. Yes it's cool you know it's it's funny I too unto always touring. So I wanna bring my you know my beard my moon shine around with me when I can't it's really only available in Canada right now but we're gonna change that they're able to show come back again re just doing the interviews one on one and you're only access through. I'm not limited that show again I have a new TV show that I'm developing which is a sitcom so we'll see but is is a reboots. No it's it's it's a scripted show that I wrote so that we do we're working on a new two new series that should be coming out and then next couple you know loser that is likely I don't know it's a public here additional clears away from actually be in on TV you know these things take or might be shooting in the fall maybe maybe be on it was a really take them of that long time I mean they're just that much time to Seattle I think it's at it's it's gonna probably be next year it'll be out so. Yeah it you know it's where we were talking earlier and we are some we we never really thought about this until today and said. Tom green is our businesses to say it's kind of the godfather of so many different styles of comedy that we see now cable so. We say delayed as far as like the awkward in review thing about. You did this late you've really got to kind of made that I'm not acceptable is the right word of the time did people had to deal and I'll look forward to different people. The newbies accent thing until we started talking about them like. He was the first guy we saw all the release did this and inflate your Tom Green but you don't like people want Zach Gallup and act different between confirmed but. To me no matter what you do you do Barbara combat always end up thinking about you. Yeah a glow around and around on the street with just a blue guerrilla video thing was pretty knew what when when when when I was doing it. I was always. The huge David Europe pioneer I love David Letterman thought it was gonna harass I was trying to do David Letterman really OK now so I felt like I was inspired by David Letterman. You know. We kind of took the weirdness. Element not you know I mean David tournaments a little bit less weird than me I think so we would do really we history a lot of people stuff you know so but but it was it was more the going out in the street and pranks and things like that what was sort of I'd say a precursor to shows like jackass and YouTube is all of this comes into view your reference announcing when that when I see BMS and his parents like up to me think. Yeah I can easily painted his parents sells like I did that a pinch my parents helps us we know that they did a lot of similar things. But death you know I I I I always look at it like well I was trying to be like David Letterman and sort of but there was. A lot of similarities there you know and I think I think it wrong kind of looks at stuff and is inspired by things ensure. He I mean that's. I try not to cut should get to sort of upset about it because I'm friends with those guys I was on MTV though they were on MTV when I got I got sick when I was on MTV had to I got right I had testicular cancer so I had to quit my show. I think MTV was a little bit surprised that I quit my show. Because it was their number one show and I quit the show and went made some films and so I think. They made maybe you know wanted to kind of keep making shows like that afterwards I don't know you know this but you bring him to testicular cancer thing I don't look guys we work with wash my early and set him. Oh what Tom Green it's a game is coming on the show and it's an honest to god and so my body I have been rubbing my testicles in the shower just I was stronger dog up and I don't wanna get just regular campers that we're did you told that in our. Tell him I don't know how to help prevent says. But an early detection is the keys so through this day yeah you want to check yourself voted regularly if you're not already felt secure yeah absolutely I you media on the parlor always been Tom thanks governor ya in Bellevue here in Seattle great premiere June stand up and at four shows thanks for having me I had great generosity and congrats on being syndicated Andre now he does take credit Heidi Joplin Missouri all right all your favorite subsidy up. Joplin Missouri hello fury Illinois Peoria ill and I'll be back in Peoria home of Richard Pryor was birthplace of Richard Pryor enough Blacksburg had to what 10 boy five though the bear and a by united front seven in the world perhaps that's amazing got a great to be on there is that OK everybody let's say follow me on instead Graham Tom Green onions to Graham. And Twitter and FaceBook and my guess is fired and had our best young guy you're doing that lawyer on the road as well having fun with that you know Tom thanks so much guys we'll take a break come back Shaud. Is on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. John thank our 3000 Saturday in Mosul in the first our own Steve the thrill hill Colmes the global six voted for storage could have tied the score. And show. Turning down sex won't hurt your relationship if you do it really nicely. I. Not as though look according to a new study with none of the University of Toronto and Canada. You can pass on facing Cuba from turning into a problem you just have to do with the right way and they say they found what you need to do something called. Positive rejection. Which is an oxymoron but there was one where you reassure your significant other you still love them we still attracting them. Shasta ones. Pretty good zone to tie the bugs and left. And we knew he I got to move items all countries we continue. Study found people would rather public builders have teeth and exercise to treat high blood pressure. And they act. And. Could that be true of any thing and keep. Many people taking ended presence discovered they cannot quit well monkey's uncle. Sherlock. According to drew universal health coverage saves people from financial ruin. And aren't. God. We did. FaceBook said the personal data out of most of its two billion users has been collected and shared with outsiders. You well occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that notion and Sharon luck. And really view this one goes from the lovely and talented Charlize Theron Charlize Theron does her kids can be a holes are. Yeah and Sharon I give me and I wanted to live integrated. Bloody okay and easier to be ready. Men's room knows just. Data that is usually had the NATO and Afghan hill to find out who were toast yes indeed today we chose mister Dwight to my room that would be the mayor of Malibu. Alabama. Any guesses were not who Alabama is not Alabama who is an Alabama that is directed to the northwest. Arnold Alabama and as a result. The better part it's in tornado Alley I'll have that and because of this tornado Alley three people have set the keys to the local storm shelter now. One of them and actually just turned in her keys days earlier. The other person there out of town on vacation that leaves a mirror by rom as the only station shelter key holder in the city. So severe weather moved into the area last weekend obviously it was his duty to a lot to shelter and that's were I tell residents they were waiting to enter. The problem was that good mayor. Instead of watching and any of the weather alerts or weather updates. He was knee deep in the movies and he missed all of the weather warning so while the storm raged outside of his home. The residents that were waiting outside to get to the shelter simply had to endured as best they could remarkably. There were no injuries you look outside. Man I don't know how what is he checked out because I would think if you live there is looking out the window right you see certain. A movie theater room yet he's apologizing basic offered up for my bad. So important booze cemeteries as boos because we've taken yummy iron over the tone it down the little Q party in our tummies. Downed power outage guy. Particular not a lot right now we'll profile that's a 44999. Hole up. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.