04-18-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Reflects

Wednesday, April 18th

Mens Room Question: I'll never forget what happened because _____ was wearing _______


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He would sure love to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. I'm trying to offend anyone. Lord. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than seekers came. This is done. They say. Radio more than. And three times. I don't know whether I go on the news delivered 2807. Along with Steve the throw hill. Do Ted Smith and bar. My car. Okay an image of a. OK. Three out week to week we'd we'd leave me we leave me read. We. Return of crude stocks plus. Was you don't need to know gifts of skill are decorated player profile mass. Plus headlines and into job today Cuomo is very males. And everyone's favorite TV time would take a class you're getting Guerin are here goes Cincinnati authorities looking for the person who stole a butterfly from the zoo. Shares of California our town is in beta like tumble weeds and there's absolutely nothing the residents can do. But I comedy comes up well they more uncomfortable way too that more people on a plane that. An airline loses mothers prosthetic leg during flights which is somewhat insane and 3000 dollar toward the weeded out being a broccoli. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All I've spent his good day to you and yours are there the guy in Florida he was both good for drunk driving. While in his underwear and let's face it that's not really news. Mobile may be his situation a little more memorable was the fact that the underwear he was wearing red and I quote. Drunk free broke eleven tests below here. And as you'd expect for many 54 year old man and now the box from. He was arrested for dealers 54 revolt as. Look sometimes what you need is left some good mobile home like I don't know what you're wearing when you think it went by Jones. And it. For example okay. Guys imported tried to burn down his ex girlfriend's house with Rangoon pasta sauce. Or make his story a little bit more ridiculous is the fact he was dressed up like a bowl at the time that he was going. There's the guy in Georgia you rob the store was guys keep in mind is this guy as he took Kia classic grabbed. From around the case of bottled water. Wrapped around his face and then say good enough I'm done you're not gonna believe this but cops got into it didn't work but we go to Arizona. In this case that the situation where the clothes you wore actually helped you out there was a guy. He had 37. Tickets. If he kept blowing through the speed threat they had his car in the photograph each and every time that is license plate number with the court is little thing. Added the fact the picture of my card you cannot prove it was me because a new look in the driver's seat. He was wearing gorilla mask I know we can thank you and yes the judge knew it was them but they could not prove it was him and he got out of all the text. Look it's just one of those things that sometimes old reason you have a memory of the situation is. Very specifically. Because the view the what you're wearing or what someone else with a wary of the time so that's what today's question is that the men's room fill in the blank. I'll never forget what happened. Because blamed. Was wearing black brother Joseph saw a four point 999 alike you and I commend them on FaceBook follow us on tournaments are live and in those emails to the men's room and meant to remind dot com. You are listening to the men's room video network. Fitch is your. True. It's dog now I know I was delivered 2807. Went. Program we have created a as we have made it today three a week. Whose Sox last coming up the what you don't need to know addition of obscure. Rules in sports Ted I know you are a huge sports fan and Steve you know I held a lot about sports as a matter of fact your brother is an NFL refereeing so. I think it's no official and the bestseller an active season. But either way you know a lot about the rules of the sport just based on Manilow with the notable also I don't but he might go to he is Mike O'Toole on Sunday like ham ham and I'm want to lose game is and what's the situation we sweated doom and it's crazy because. Edited like one of these plays that happens once every seventeen years indoor film ranked in the you've never seen before and as you're pondering why would you even call. They've made the call so I'll run the soft violence with. Are yeah outlets Lebanon's unity government that Barbara Barbara Barbara block on here's one for I'll just give me a little idea this is only in this is only an NCAA. A hoops basketball IP okay. If if I see that you brought a gym bag theoretically aren't or maybe you have your warmup code. And I can look through there and I can see either a pack of cigarettes. Or attend of snuff. All right what's the file. Twenty minutes before game. I used within twenty minutes of it if I see it if you bring an end with that technical I get two foul shots for the game starts in a team. That's a technical foul you get two shots once the first stoppage of play begins I. So yes. If I silly if I was a bit Obama failed the newsstands right now we don't really gonna get a call I'm not bad but don't think there's any stoppage of play in the lawsuit lining up to take these shots correct are they going to explain to me the good and Andre and I think. I didn't invent your mother and I might to. So more I know there's guns they do and a lot there's all kinds of weird stuff like that regal like man. I did not know you can do Betsy Alison the other team. No questions that you can get a one point safety there's all kinds of weird stuff out there that'll blow your mind a good as far as if you here illegally gospel too like why we play four quarters he. You bet just do had crashed. In baseball though you're allowed to use tobacco or at least you weren't in my teams that won't change it probably changed it in our lifetime anyway so that's Villanova what you don't need to know and today we're gonna talk about what you are someone was wearing which is sometimes. Half of the story and our questions I'll never forget what happened because blank. Was wearing black and we start with a one and of course we go to Florida a 54 year old guy named Daryl Lee Campbell. Daryl Lee. Campbell's is sounds like he should be in trouble. He was for a doubled over in port saint Luke she. At about 3 AM on Thursday morning do you say lose she is it Lucci gloomier Lucy I thought it was a that is Lucius port saint. Port saint Lucie Canadian island to in the Caribbean I thought Robin Lucia Florida right through that port saint Lucie there's Saint Lucia would national television totally separate but I think his. Port saint Louis blues Florida Lucy yeah okay Lucia how I'd logic Lucia. I wanna say no resolution up this is Lou see why don't I mean how you can. Pollution he got like oh Asians is Susan Lucci and I think it's port saint Lucy Lucy. And whether so there's ordinarily can't really into agreement he's driving at 3 AM what do you know about drive around three of those hundred drunk or not really pulled over. A cop some soaring on the highway this pick up truck and when the gobble them over he found that Darryl was only in his underwear. Weight champ and be funny because the novelty boxers that he was wearing said drunk. Free brother lives or test blow here. Where the arrow pointing then down that is junk Newton. Had some have called the irony since it turned out that Darryl was driving drunk. Although he refused to. Take any sobriety test he didn't really haven't taken a breathalyzer test. The cops think he was probably out looking for prostitutes since they also found the penis string. A bunch of condoms and a pair of binoculars in the front seat are now he is facing a misdemeanor DUI in charge isn't that hard about a prostitute even knock a guy parties and outlook priorities aren't there. And three blocks over it I really guinier went back to make her a little more prostitute binoculars kicks. Do drugs found in Israel see your window about Abu puts that's how those work. You have a band now well. You have to be you have to be in the action I mean you couldn't read with them right you never I have at all none argues that oh yeah okay are you getting ready but they Wear a condom without. They go check there yet are more one ran into. You can never reach your brother and he's waiting for a dude who. Completely and let's see here I'll stand Florida do Florida men are accused of breaking into their ex boyfriend's home and using rank to salts. To try to burn the place down not file Derek Irving and John Silva were arrested after allegedly breaking into the home and stealing several items including. A flat screen television a window AC units and at a vacuum cleaner. The victim called 911 after being alerted by security cameras of motion being detected in the home he's had a towel had been placed over one of the cameras. Arriving deputies already SUV leaving the area they connected to stop the two men inside the vehicle later identified deserving and so those that they were just figured out some clothes from her home. The victim said that Irving was wearing a bull custom. The men initially denied the burglary Billy authorities went to the home they found a burning pot of brag use sauce in a washcloth near the stove burner. Which appeared to be in an effort to start a fire. He was trying to make it look like I left the still on but who gets up at 2 AM and fixes steady steady. That he sees stands KET. TI according to the victim the at and if he was a four years old to be pissed get a breath. Both were charged with unarmed burglary grand theft and arson Silva is being held on 25000. Bond. While Irving is being held behind bars with to without bond at all so. Because Iron Bowl is drinkable cost. Why. Would you do it does say if you don't want to call attention to itself it just seems to me in the dressing up like a bold would be the opposite event. Like if you're just walking down the street I will pay no attention to if you're walking down street dressed like a bull. I'm I'm gonna remember you for the rest of the day I walked down the street dress is a ball I 2 AM I expect. High fives my hopes drugs some for yeah I mean I'm dressed as a bull but do expect to be remembered. Yeah this guy at the senate it's like. He looks kind of like Deion Sanders is not care they've put my finger out. He does not going to answer and it's an audience and their vendors are Beecher as if you showed beyoncé also a lot of familiar visitor does that look a little bit like Dion. There's a lot of things wrong with a gamma and I mean using that he was against in his across was either. I've cracked can't robotic but the the if they maybe didn't think it was sort of really galleries like Elvis is Brothers of it's it's quite the crew there yeah. Are miserable I question I'll never forget what happened because blank goes wearing blank 844999. O'clock hello William welcome to the men's room. Cop and guy. I just don't recommend you the outside the joke about it are you gotta love it. So my story here are the most obvious goal the morning. And I would not know what happened to me except for the fact that somebody pulled over to make Charlotte okay I'm driving along and also my cargo airborne. And identity would be impractical to bar certain that much but couldn't understand then. Carl Landry did start sputtering like crazy that is below it overtook art the lighting and get a bargain. Junkie dom and I just starts don't Gatwick breeding. So I got done looking underneath and I can that you didn't do the drill field at heartland toilet didn't bargain. And he thought I'd just looked like he took charges and tried to another look at Eric Edwards is completely wrapped. And I couldn't get it out of the of course nobody went behind David all of the natural okay. And I don't know what happened and that certain god that that you work but I covered pops up into the air and how what is not happening looked at feel lucky tires red reveal much side of the national government and it suddenly bolted ahead or security whatever. So that didn't have my heart pumping it up and the better but again I don't count all the way it's designed to my car got a little lighter Garnett went airborne. Okay I content grant. I don't know if you do accept that fact a literati game at a much much sort of in my car win over the San manhole cover Turkey actually and boom. I didn't order form because there are larger and walker popped up eleven on the street not got it driving up. These are the witness kind of diverted traffic want want to pick up the metal cover and put that in place nobody would drive and a little but hold. And they ended total make it look easy is it a lot of critics say. So yeah they're pretty. It's. I go to order and they are. Interaction don't quite well she you are gonna miss immediately killed an intelligent. Thought we'd play our. Don't want. It. The coincidental timing ain't gonna the first I've never got assuring that all black player might actually and it didn't. Articulate but you're flying you know and the shirt that I do all gotten. It's. Our breath ass I'm. They're good anyone point that out daily to gather dreads you bureau today. Just like that's our from our ladies and opposition really go to church about it just the Greek situation. I didn't think about unplug go home and airlines are you got a candidate won't. In on our dollar's surge to say like I won the lottery. Pray and it'll be I fell from Philly proper ice I I cured cancer right. Mint girl blank question I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blank PayPal or god loves me 9990 future millionaire practical Philly people in drinking shirts didn't do leases they them. Most popular one but there's a good chance of at the moment you worry you're drinking shirt you plan on going drinking. Yeah you know he's got a result cellphone for. One (%expletive) like I have this Iraqi share. But I like Iraq what what was. Rust out a dollar dollars an a as far as I used to Natchez suggesting that was your stomach and tomorrow I look at him like my butt makes the same noise your stomach and I've had double bad incidents that she's the last couple days I'll realize oh I don't know man. Yet the geez I was I blew cheese snack and it's out today we do you feel. Oh yeah accidentally at the blue tees yet an apology apology I do that was found that they haven't you nudity just the bodies that would go into here. I think out there with the that's the Rochester and a I have batteries are upset that. They just see someone on the Bill Murray sure they're drug. Oh absolutely right path not work but to be like if they're out and I see them they have assured our Bill Murray I could drive sure there hammered. I never miss the money wasn't hammered it was a learning a lot changers that are sent over there OK if at the end of the thing yeah. They're my question I'll never forget what happened because blanket was wearing blank hello I have now welcome to the men's room. Oh. Okay. I'm gone good and how are you. I'm doing good to do you need thank you all think I'm very aggressive. So mine is. I'll never forget my mom sharing the admire recent and it hooker out. How old are you. Know I don't know I don't know like the fourth. And which you know grab them for a costume party or she dressed for work. How. Are right now okay I'm better than away our dealers are you gotta be with them like ten days of and I think they're doing the right. Early odd note we I don't really got called into the Ed and I. Question of the day they are totally wrong but I. I mean did did she do it on purpose to mess with you or did she do you think about Coca so how are. How suggestive wasn't. Sure I your. Tall blond wig weird talking quite dig the hole a little bit. I you know what I think they knew I like our in my noises are doing strip programs for you don't. This is stuff of these elements is no one wants to see that was command man economy we'll get all oiled. Tell you don't close so it was somebody how I get the hell out and get arrested there would be great while not mean look at the good years singing telegram you know mile drive and rescue it's Tuesday and they don't including yours singing telegram the other thing it ninth inning and did he beat all the I'm beyond the only way I heard Dianne. They lecture anyone we were like a banana Hannity on any leaders go well he's right you're gonna get arrested gun tank and oh wait can I get a wrote superb Amanda. No it don't say to an office in just stripped down to a banana business and like I lately why not mean what do M and most of what Merrill mineral came over your house and you didn't get her arrested this week he will narrowly higher energy ensured that Tony Blair mr. don't know where the banana Hanigan does Jordan and the reason why aspirin a boombox Anderson I know now look if if the company itself says Heyman. We have a dress code here you gotta go say completely understood attitude posted anywhere. Add an odd convene a banana split in theory I can deal public and a banana hammer because I can go to what it on the beach. No one's going to be happy the veteran of marring. But it's not only slow like right it's a public place would what come on dance let McCain go before. The building management says this is against dress code like in theory right. I should look at them in public. And a banana hammock it's an office of an anagram. I like when they say hey you gotta put out the pale flick no worries but it wouldn't be illegal raid. I guess Europe if I think hey even you believer put on pain at that point that I focusing the banana boat song but you know I get an ad advertise on get the hell am I fifty bucks a hard way. Measure my question I'll never forget what happened because Blanco torn blanket 44999. Cola hello sir I am welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah yeah. So. I can't believe what happened when that. Let me glad relative of mine who's. A guy that was actually the gardening and early morning to you discover that. Some beer we're eating flowers that he granted so without digging that we won't requisite data you started changing a beer but didn't. Because it was eating his flowers because flowers really pleased flowers of the marijuana variety. You know we were actual like Harshbarger. And a little. Exactly what that political yeah I can't think you really flower they don't really care about more than just marijuana I mean let's like has been a lot of time on tomato plants and. How that match as just being able my mother you well one of the houses she was sent to the same for right dear mom and it's just the idea that you have spring your time whatever help flowers and work. I don't know but like you've taken the time to do whatever television did then there come up and after an up. She would lose her Frick of mine but. The differ according to my mother and Ellison when I was doorknob I was viewed my mother's being reasonably scary but that's also because I was in trouble when. But she swears of this one house is like these deer really forum where there eating our garden into the mind when my mother tells you these stories. She's not just telling you she's reliving it Soviets very intent OK so she's going on about these deer and it's. It's uncomfortable. But she's swears she would open the door. Run outside search rerelease things. As she uses very colorful language but essentially the v.s. In simulators of mothers would just look up and Herbert not be scared of her goal. Just stand their debt sort of freaking her out Sosa now if you like I'm scared or announcing anything today there is dare look at me like bring a bit. So if you don't know what to do but it gamblers. There's a valuable flowers it's just the idea that she planted them and so when deer eat them batters were losing your mind. Men's or like once and I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing black 844999. All morning golf coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. Georgia police have identified the man who burglarized the GameStop store all wearing the world's worst disguise the plastic wrapping used to package water bottles thing about a twelve pack of water. Yeah you other cardboard underneath it think about. Clear plastic that surrounds the whole thing even think about him learning that as a hat. There's so many things I'm missing alike if you feel the need to rob a place in May when I interface like on paper bag with. If you paint your face was canceling anything is better than something that see through. Com's report that Cary Hammond junior is wanted in connection with the burglary of the video game store. And Georgia investigators alleged 22 year old Hammond. Sought to hide his identity by wearing a plastic wrapping around his head but Hammond who is also 61 and 275. Pounds. Did a poor job of securing his face as seen in the video surveillance stills so yes you see his face. After a very plastic distinct I had to go on hammonds right forearm. Can also be seen in the GameStop security video. Hammond last spotted driving a white 2006 Torres has two other active felony warrants blah blah blah he has been dubbed. But I think. Big does sunny. Is seen in the shift off I think he's just writer to the arrest. You can Elvis catch them once you stop laughing according to the authorities. Are miserable I question I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blank 844999. All out. Hello Amy welcome to the men's room. Okay. And Elaine. Look I don't remember your. Yeah millionaire got jammed. I'll never forget the way I react and when I was working to attract your restaurant in high school and an industrial wearing masks. And does nothing to. We'll see yeah the order was full house. He does it Arizona. And it he ordered and I ate the orderly and hearings. Oh okay adults help iron out just so nice gesture might cheat and was the wreck or was he does make it. I didn't hear it figures snake and I would tell horrified I was sixteen and I think I was that person. Adult if I see and I hate. That's not that's not that's. You should adhere introductions is not that's not how it should be you guys you should not see your first penis at Taco Bell you know how does that feel bad for you ma'am. Yeah. McCartney. Well I wish I had my trip to adopt the guiana didn't. What they can't tell my teeth. Yeah you guys started serve in the Chiluba yet. OK. Ma'am I'll when Didier. Zero regular customer or is it as a one time and that was a. I think it was immediately recognized a pilot just don't want a guy but yeah we get through ordered Ice-T NT. Yeah how old was this guy if you had to guess. And thirty ish osu will battle well I mean does that compare your car you're younger or older guy so yeah. I would get the viewer how fast food that window you probably see a lot of stuff and one way or another yeah. I did not that's that's very unfortunate until they were catch a guy. I don't know why I told my manager Janus like why did you call the police and I couldn't even function I was so I does that element to our laps. Well look OK I won't put the next time you saw a real penis. Well I'd probably the next day she's. The next day anyway and maybe how did you get it fully automatic you grow up. I don't know how I call her back correlate that all 1%. Than you saw your reasoning or I can't. An adult penis so. And I pick it up. You did any of the time I guess. I pushed the idea a lot of teenage PC hurt you know age wreck I'm that age bracket and I say OK yeah. Hot out and I got a lot you know I visit their Valerie departure I. The venue the views years yeah. Vidro blank question I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing what. Why do you think anyone draster drive thru naked eye I don't know rivalries this I'd get it like leg to run a team of guys show correct it's understood but on thing. When you go through this fast food place riot the resulting sexual arousal innuendo like what we got. We sell hamburgers its latest on the part of it if I don't know enough artillery analyst explain me I have rally reveals its bag guns they sure don't characters grabbing an area. In men and Alfredo last night and I'll tell you go out you're afraid though I didn't think about the only bad you don't want all that heavy rain you know we can't we can't open of this the studio doors because our our co workers have such foul miles. The because we have to. Mainly our bosses we have pulls them door everybody kitchen like people are there and then you understand this is a lot of what brings me this year amusement of doing knowledge does and Doris Day it's like locking the door for me outside in them and then transactions. That can happen. Did that. So our man Jimmy battled back and let you know men's or Blake question. I'll never forget what happened because blank was wearing blank did you go out for the Alfredo I don't know I don't know man oddities may get it home as well made it home and it was it was creamy it was collision now I don't give their thoughts and then about 11 o'clock last night and my man domain usually it's ever been I have belly as nerds I don't know I you can Dow gorilla do I kick down now I'm on a man does she live under the covers and you do what you gotta do she's not into it. But any acting head hurts she never goes my goddamn it you never 'cause is nothing bothers me daughter she wouldn't may not afraid and got hurt this for the kids you know gadgets. Attack from kids. Hello Gloria welcome to the men's room. What's going on you guys. On. Eight so that blanket belt points. I was in Sylmar California with my body met do you suppose they split three to sixty Ken Smith. We're going about six miles into the canyons the hikes and if there's the national wildlife preserves times that you know no trespassing Walt. Fake article all right more happy going eleven to unite Israelis dead real quick station ideal come back for the rest of the effect. Maybe we'll surprise and death decisions tiller on the backs of. The show and many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.