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Sure FaceBook stalking your ex stirring the last true performance. Here's what you. Stick to them finally getting around to reading transcripts of the show is a Marine One from Tuesday and would like to share with you some things that stood out to me. The first one is the show's phone number. Instead of eight 844999. Olaf it took it is 844999. Obama. There are also some mentions of by Iraq Iran ads and even bush there are many many more I just thought I'd share some of the more funny ones that from blind Paul. Open though Wisconsin so that that is transcribing wrong or bitterness then you go by blind home he just picked up on when I was thing. Right mind Paul is reading check them out right are you assurance that transcriptions. K black well you keep on komen overload. Just good hoops in the dark. Side Paul you get different dry movement in the dark for weeks the other treatment that's why I'm Paul's life. You turn on the light when you move the middle of the night and yeah really you put whatever dollar YouTube in the dark out the window I shower in the dark tomorrow do you shower and Aaron broke broke I don't. Don't let our guard Jahri dark earth. I got sunburned so bad Imus worked for a week had blisters all over my body and had to get. Prescription aloe gel worst move of my life well I pay him the medal and then as far as your face is talking about two things and access to. For about three or four days in just eat I'd take 10200. Milligrams of Advil I think that's due to the redundant they'd eat. I was in serious pain thesis I'm glad there's still with us he was absent too. Abscess every fifteen. And hence the new ads that don't have very leery berries get all night on the as bad tooth the absolute nonsense. So what gave their hairless cat HS tentative. Hall no end in animal rights people are freaking out what is the judge to look as PC it is of an organized tell me it's an evil. And why the Giant Eagle eyes and tell me spring hands I don't think caddie and I. Happy to have you both very typical lake I think really our wire on the honor Harley logo. Tramp stamp. May be good tabby cat and go down we can go all out honest Jim Lycos full sleeve and those something if if it I like that man. Anyway I had dad and fifth at the available Friday it's the fifth added that yes. Pretty good to a dead or they drive pretty co worker dance with AKA Boehner. Does his last birthday here those 'cause he's right around the corner to retirement. It's been a blast working with the old fart so if you could give them turtle wax with the Montgomery the pause a Joey chestnut and guys. We'd love to hear each of you talk all over each other thanks fellows love you guys listen every day that for Mike and the guys. If. Well there's a a line that runs right up from middle one time I landed my nails around our differences and really a pleasure mostly orange tonight befriend the rich Brooks went all the way up right for the middle so I'll walk down the U did you for custody battle with the civil war was nice. All right your question and what year was the US constitution written. Small news. Yeah I'm not all of won't be me. This during a question. What do people say you're good that now learned that I can guess client. Whose home. I didn't cited. I mean I go and then he know anything pool. Thinking that didn't. I'll do my category does the U got it right they don't jelly beans in the dark stuff Paul Allen you have is a very good as this. Right sticky international here does the simplest. Eight things could be worse taste in the world anything's a pig's violent thing where to start with the number eight as I didn't food ate things they do only food but number eight it's alarming to me and rob Roy. Kids from a dogs annual thing yeah. Hello. I'm. What what do well did you think you wouldn't use though. I got a compute what we're we're a little border meth. Use available. These eight were taste. Oh yeah him and why lions why would someone's privacy chrome lines were also able hasn't rested says that relevant if I'm not sure what I like about how does that amaze me how have the dog balloon nod simply. Breath and becoming the both run the government out like the dog polyps really. The dogs starfish splattered through it if you hit. We get when it gets named Mike. I was thinking of going with kid does ever stinks because she can't stop firing fitness. Ever stand. Damn man what are you gonna name it rob until we had a different name to go slay me you know now. Funnels now I would not gonna name it and Rob Guth when BYU to get you go oh my god. Willing one of the few clumsy look up up up up. Karl close. Paulson and I I was like Jesus Mendez also Vito the name stands today is a. Republicans and Democrats both caved to big money and politics. LA well know. And in my wanna sit down for this one I did not know lose. Dancing with the dead bodies maybe be spreading the plague of Madagascar. And why you really being collected by Ted I don't know the headlines of the reasons that dancing with the dead bodies may be spreading that we amended Bernie's crew should. Miserable and their Mandy do you think these things sunburn hang over Rory dog. The meeting between these opinions sunburns but how that in December and it's like I'm one that's a look at the all these are bad Ali then. The obesity Nadine and here I think about it. Wooed and I'm just saying hi little beast pneumonia. Here's depict a good advocate. Part of what is the media your called when it reaches the Earth's surface. Maybe appalled at. Asteroid. Yeah you're right here right. Touch the ground and good luck. And so far if it doesn't have gotten I took me here is a far. When when it touches conservatives. To meet your bread you have to ask yourself and attitude and you're right it's got to. They should teach it that way I'd remember could ever want to remember another matter recruits ever to premiere practicable now order is a far that does not touch that. Hi this was very specific walrus back imaginable and Iranian President buried underground for months to permit us. That's a needed thing that the heat Alaska a good time. She brings up. Thank you mentioned that we could. He's in the worst days of the world okay by you know what you're back anal ball screens off the menu it's a little bit this week yes yeah no longer a dipping sauce. Now done men's room legacy continue. He what you're about to hear is real. So this radio program are simply. Trying to look. Offend anyone. And lord. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. You know they say shake your radio more than. Times. And I go to Tuesday we're 2007 million more. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Do Ted Smith and little ball. It in my car. Did it I'd imagine a. Hey bring on the bed Djokovic it's. The return of dead vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile this. Plus headlines and in your shot of the day if I'm Melissa emails and everyone's favorite TV time with the click clack brigadier general partner at Oklahoma man busted for having more than six feet cock fighting roosters. In his home. Well a Georgia farmer drives the move count and forever he now we'll roll. Ten year old Ohio boy leads police on 100 mile an hour high speed chase. A woman doesn't know she's pregnant until baby falls from her lady's face of the and look. And what fits. Tough holiday gift card if ever Bon Jovi duct tape that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All I've read his good day to you and yours are we talked about this a little bit the few days ago. But our minds of Scoble home because they black market force fail. Is booming yes fail the meats like product that's one step above I'll vote no regardless. So what spam was being stolen and then resold on the black market goods store owners are not keeping it under lock and key. And the cage you mistook what I said I did say spray them. More alarming is that people largely by the spam on the black market but I think there has to be a black market for everything we've heard about the exotic animal trade. Well the US Fish and Wildlife Service and recently posted sixteen people in connection. In Southern California there were tracking all kinds animals from tigers to Covert unit. Lately been renewed reading a lot about human body parts another huge drag. Early release would right now in Iraq. You know Mexico and China they believe in the world that have an hour round and drag you need a body part. You got a friend in Iraq a body parts and organs all the rich. But the black market it isn't all about products. Services. They're good business to a guy and Australia. Not he wanted to change genders. So in that case you want to get gender reassignment surgery. And so he paid to have his testicles removed. He paid it about aircraft engineer. To remove his testicles. In a motel room I looked at me know what you want me and they're technically a the repeat that he paid. An aircraft engineered to remove his testicles. In a motel room. And again you don't find that. Advertise on TV the black market but that all the bad that man. We all probably about something awful black market or you bought something second hand held even if you went goodwill you don't matter much but what are get discovered so today's question. This is what we want to know what did you bio on the black market under the table or second hand. And how that worked Big Brother Joseph go 844999. Only you can like them intra month FaceBook follow us on Letterman survived answer your emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com. You are listening to amend your radio network. Was smiles. All the Dell they'll either go look at Michelle number 2704. Early. Bad break on a bad joke female a bad. Joked to us in the men's room and men's or live dock on the bad jokes are on the way with a drug charge tick those off right before drinking and a toast also. Ten verses the FCC coming up profile that's as well and today we're gonna go back here a couple weeks for the first time we've brought the story of Deborah. Subject altogether because the Gaza on the subject of canned meat. And as we read this article about all the spam the even that was going on and busted him Stevens fan favorite people out there it's me and even spam can't bottle filling up a list one massive spring MP. It sounds like. The government saw how they finish everything we're saying spam season but you have to do so but but I sort of akin meet at that point I'm coming out of that really paid you too much attention the fact it was being sold on the black market all we knew look. The initial story was like the male version of caged heat. Jaded movie and say hey I'll be over here if you're a grown up the country. And I think adults can can he get some photos there's an on the road again I know both of Joseph right accounting of the aren't and you can't heat can heat you and I can't meet the gold of the country's third auto loan don't go to the government they had a kid and can be would be better and earn. And better be good there can be the so but. Initially with a story came out this story was it was that spam was being locked up with the you David formulas suit says the tide all the stuff that people either what I don't understand that stuff you know what I don't look well this slam that evenly split it. Look the baby stuff I did it come to all over priced right tied to super expensive people like it pursuit of fed him the drugs out. I understand. Believe spay them well they asked if it was a man so that's so that's kennel we are thinking and less. Knowing the popularity of spam in Hawaii my thought was if you're stealing the spam and spam has a hell Michelle fly get a scan me yeah. You're going to be right and out and you're not gonna be selling. You know I mean like that spam is for you you think that. Mega to five cartons of cigarettes guess who gets some nobody but me but they're saying this is the spam black market them right that's what I mean I was just I don't know if you're right and that's what shocked me was because I was like oh man the metal was unbelievable we read the article like none and that's selling this for self consumption they're there they're stealing the stuff they can sell on the black market have gone manic this little Spain how much is a camel and brought to come OK it is remarked upon literary is it like a marked I mean a week well how could you market it's available everywhere we all know the groceries are a little bit more expensive in Hawaii yes a little wee bit Shia so you know is it it is it is at five bucks I mean how much you get out of Afghanistan I mean sure a lot of amateur candles ramp in Hawaii. The united they have a lot of trust me that the price of groceries are aligned with the young black markets always going to be cheaper yeah that's nonsense like you're getting on the black Marshall reseller for like he's done an about cheaper Canas two bucks cheaper can immediately think spans 250 at the store. A facility to. I'm okay you're that close yet aren't well black arm and I hope Maggie is puzzling move itself. In such a way that owners and wire locking their can be behind bars spam. Is pretty popular in Hawaii and is now being treated like a luxury item as people keep stealing gans of the could meet. By the caseload from shops all over the island police are offering a thousand dollar reward for a man who entered a store earlier this month to grab the case of spam. The suspect in an accomplice punched a security guard to try to stop them similar thefts have been popping up everywhere all over all of the islands. The luck. I think I know who's behind. It makes perfect sense if spam is now being considered a luxury item which is the most ridiculous statement ever made history of mankind. I'm saying spam is behind the theft of their homes. Chair it would that's the only thing to me that would even make sense like look we're gonna start Stiller spam to the point that they hired this stuff that we've been several people behind bars it. At this point it becomes a news story and maybe people go well. I should reconsider Indies for him I mean it's it's that object it makes more sense of spam as general and our own spam to try to convince you that spam is worth Staley. Any. As I was a kid man the people who knock on doors and sell newspapers and all I crappy article on the college. If you like this same group would come back like six months later and now all they had van and they had stereo speakers. And I don't know if it's the same racquet you go downtown in downtown but there was always an in look they were in boxes they were all package dubbed. All right. They had like the out really left in the cone that the cone looked like it was like you know like this space material. Did you ever were you ever offered speakers on the back man yeah us are allowed bottom where they all have power that they were great. Look at you know that I mean I knew on I knew they were not on the up and I mean Allison now about whether to ban but they come to your neighborhood man they've got all kinds of stuff back there. But the main thing that he had that day was speakers sounds like well dude you know Ari how much you want firm is there are getting a pair for a hundred. We'll figure out rent on an hour and I don't when I got on a box came back and I have they these were. These things were like four feet tall and you know really they're big tall like a pro what happened to three speakers in each case on its own soul not the guy got rid of it when I got rid of the I'm in my younger Tony super stereo Aaron I don't mean which I still wish I had the receiver now but everything else that was my. Tuner with you know kind of dial tuner my brother bought speakers and hysteria from a guy his fame and he's had a parked in the parking lot of Circuit City. A Circuit City is to sell electronics that's where you go to biased area but he was on the part Emma played he was like I was like you for that one usually pick however there and the variant. And and since Laura let these people going here with a buying electronics among. My butt out my Buffett about used to deal in just get a dvd even bothered to lake. Find his own customers that ought to set up shop outside the real store I mean no offense I can give me and my buddies to steal stolen car stereos and whoever head against. All it was a great radio as a block. You wanna do blah blah blah blah they had little blue dot. Blocked or at least put commonalities and four I believe you man pageant I've never heard of that does such a jeweler in my because it was a German. Car race so what happened blah blah blah blah blah blah blah pond and up pops up and is fresh not allowed by right Robin and I are. Let's say Iran what does that mean either group from season. A dramatic what other government yeah. I'm proud spell via LA hell I don't know I'll just loaded onto whatever it wants. Allow the now how about that horrible job a little to seminary point oh blah blah yeah all that's evidently it is right there bluff on stereos yeah well pumped blood flow album it. It means blue point okay and it had little blue dot what did you call yeah. Out of the blah blah blah upon Sloan thought I was close points OK black vote anyway. So he steals this Erdogan he fires there and I want to ask you why not apparently couldn't have it picked. I get through that please don't ever meet here to witness in the door okay well so well still not inquired so far so he offers me the radio at a discount price and the reason why he thought oh yes he's the reason the offer me. The radios at a discount price. Was because whoever had put his radio and they would do great links. To attach it to the console the car yet it he was I mean it is like you had a bracket on it you could knock at all. So when I bought the stereo from the tournament. It also had the center console of the car a little bit all with the condition at a discount that I didn't get it all think it is that if you have powerful I think into the skidded off of that. If I could just get off the console that he had to pull out of the box but the middle console in Horry like lighter gobbled everything he saw me like he's home the digital copies. That part of the car related yeah I thought it out I thought Al Aqsa and the bad wouldn't it. Went when you look at your eye on the black market under the table or second hand and it worked out great and how to network 48449. I know it didn't work out and into the ground god damn radio in every time I accelerated up. You. Speaker leader through via all man yet so dragon but also he's never ground that thinker with. I wanted to buy a black market on the table or second hand and how that worked out that is part of the deal still and do you believe you as the is you don't really get to return. I don't know who want to my brother. Nor got to credit card it hello Aaron welcome to the men's room. And boy on die. And all cholera. Well we're paying up and take government has you know I gotta get some more than you talk in the mountains of alleged abuse that they don't pull up in the back of the theater at the don't do it at a passionate fans a good thing about the. Until. I'm about the same age may be miles a light. Almost 45 my third. Do you think this is definitely at it you look at the basement of the Connecticut Pittman reference receivers even. A in dog owners. Group in the Bay Area so. Would go to Berkeley OK bring it. And a telegraph avenue is open it and it didn't. That but I debt. And so. I know I gave me an update albino black. It's good if he could. I don't like that notre. And who's. You can tell me sheik pray about it cycled to the hundredth hit for a hundred and then okay have been money can. Asked him about my it dollar hit. So. Thank god you didn't take any errant. You know I never did I could tell that don't I can never that you should be on a commercial for Athens the champions they converted. It's like kids and had ample amendment when used it to three doses every week man at all fades. It told me but I know what you mean I am a little bit questioned whether this was an albino black friends there ha who. Yeah I regardless there was there was a perforated already. So I was I was a sophomore in high school so. Students that are with. Yeah. So old that it duplicate more they have been plagued given the mounting a comeback she. Then. He'd never came back. Well of course darlings arsenal finally flag as a dealer now that you can still put more words together now because he didn't commit to everything UV did it. I get and others sheet during a Q I want to do it or. Did you only buys seats from him. I would try and that's trying to save money well it was like a New Orleans last imager. And generally when you analyses and Jerel sees the troubles that they. And forty Coca aren't you haven't had psychedelic and Jordan are younger two innings. Well look this it. Yeah. After all time he is that the day and do yourself. And that the food and extent I went one note that freshman college and went to it bed conquer very big Oakland coliseum. Soccer. And found out that measures how look we do they really did you think the I hear you lucky draw. Packets that vote. Opponents. The capital unlike. In. It's not like they're okay I'm down. And it was a nice play all all the like unicorn on the people there like she actually brave. The man that they didn't have a much. Hold it. Immediately my animals differently Yemen you've lost a lot of money in the SE yeah. Yeah. This is the cheapest drug ever. Yeah and I got pour it now okay they've earned it they have a go wrote columns given that the. How many how many hits are in the sheets he saw what sudden phone call with a hug hypoxia in the public other relative perforated exit to block they don't show he's still losing to save 50%. Yeah about a known as a five bucks but what a legacy than he actually buy as she at this time is just like some kids wrapping papers on. This guy with a lot of them just might have a good time man at the deal seems too good to be true it probably is right yet even with your essence sheets and a guy man and a party one night and he had just in advising bottle he just go around but drops of people's tongues. And I mean it didn't take long term Arizona and. Some of them quoted went through when everybody's human and all that I was little and I think that's all night. All all night in the match. Continuation of drunk. If you don't realize you were drinking some of it we want that wears out our grammar. But go to Shoney's up on a road trip and how to go to big boy and your breakfast. That the upstart of my back hurts a that's what. I stomach don't for mr. Greg and I but the fact that I don't do drugs kids. What you buy the black market on the table or second hand and out of that work out a 449990. Look how close Zach welcome to the men's room. Groups pay out there's Aqua man. Hello Zach welcome to the midterm. Only on top. Of their cars that are. Pretty good game. So I buddy who Dieldrin might moderate electronics and about a lot one prominent. Audit that brought home what it did. And I found out that they were randomly turn on. In the middle and a little debate kilometer walk Bartlett and that's weird but Politico was this sort of randomly downloading game. Game and I didn't buy didn't show up on and you my bank statement you know not been just like. He lowered to just showed up I could play good out of but you showed a split. Do you think that there was some kind of secret chip in there or that he was controlling it's that. Again I have no idea and I don't know I want to know and did you care. No it and I'm getting about to pretend it's a little nearly eighty but Peter called and bootleg out of I was a label would look like like we could buy a box and it when I was younger when cable first came out and it was easy to. Open up the boxes you can modify. Good clubs you know that you moved ever on. How did you it was did you know that I know the box with modify was alleged. It just started doing it a buck or two about sovereign back when they were still pretty new and you like I don't want that anymore you can have it might deal that deal. But he didn't tell you he modified it obvious or anything like that nobody knew Hideki did not throw electronics. All manage government well there's my question also depending whatever console that is as they upgrade these things we use still be getting those and will be compatible new games and made for a future systems. I have no idea that I'm not a great techie guy on the run with the budget at that point turn it. I don't eyeball one of these month. Wait you think I knew a guy that much sending modify them so you would have like he was an ex boxer had all the games from lake Nintendo's in this and that OK but so that was the only catch though he was seldom real cheap conflict Xbox too was coming out so he was like. Like he's he's really good analyst on what for the Xbox one just the new ones will work. Welcome apartments but as long as your system's current and it's modify I assume you could still. So you all you want to let the market tone for the mention. What did you buy on the black market on the table of second hand and had that work out a 44999. Nolan. Hello George welcome to the men's room. What up guys on top. So. Maybe like two years ago or so. I should tinker around on the dark cloud. And I. Actually we're around and yeah. It can carry around just on their eyebrows as the I need to watch a lot of videos. People go on there and show like random conspiracy theories and stuff like that. And I'm just not what clearly. But what else is on the silk route often Elliott also got taken down a long time ago at the Los that's in the dark room. This article via the yeah I enjoy but. I was slick it documentary. And on the documentary actually showed little a little web sites that they actually. Like well until site. Onto the website which is the basically. Amazon out. The dark wet and I kind of I learning about acorn and Scott at the time and I figured out how you. Take declining. And upon. It off my credit card or debit card or whatever and then chance Richard another big clinic out so I got. More or not. And then you're you're low on your laundry your big corn money you wouldn't. Eat for not laundering it because it's still it's I add multiple accounts. But it is just. It is at its worst shape it's so they can't track cute. Brad says that they're doing it harder to Trace the money here that's the glory that. And and then I went onto this marketplace and after a while. Browsing around. Let me take you can imagine. A little bit and out. What did you guys know I'm buying. So I a couple that should. Who is going up and I wanted to go to the next peak again I don't. There you. Do they deliver this to your door by no means. Though the wait usually works as they deliberate and cute. Because of the post office because the post dot this tender age Nike chief national acts each yet actually looks cute packages and the post office doesn't do that. It learned on that started I was stopped at. Hand you another shipping company. Jack I am addressing star event of the show. That's not a year and if I guess you open as a couple of days and yes it is it's addressed. What's if it's. What did you buy on the black market under the table or second hand. And how that work out a four point 999 all of although I'm articles on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Cadre Saturn return of Ted verses the FCC are question. What did you buy a black market on the table or second hand and how that work out quick story here or is this is unbelievable. And aircraft engineer who remove the left testicle of a man who wanted to change genders has been sentenced to a five year good behavior. By a judge. Allen George Matthews no more cutting Jessica also punitive surgically remove the man's testicles in a ports Mac Marie hotel room after answering an online won't tell him calling for help for. Transition gender. Matthews who is 58 was sentenced in court on Friday to five years good behavior bond for recklessly causing previous bodily harm to a 53 year old local man. A police investigation began when the younger man present into hospital. The hospital few weeks after the procedure. Seeking treatments for an infected wounds. And many days did you add. An airplane engineer remove your sector gather victim. Got in contact with the doctor. But on social media about his desire to have. Transition gender any city need the help Matthews eventually make contact. And he then third starts or after hello good last night that. There's gonna happen after a few text messages it was a lesson Matthews said he is medically trained and had extensive medical get a would be happy to assist you on your path. So that to arrange to meets motel room for a procedure after the operation the two men exchanged a series of text messages regarding the wounds seeping. Okay. ET yeah GP a bad day the man and and then as sought help from somebody who he showed and they recommended hey you're a car mechanic now these are the main area I'd Jose Maria I look at them on a sound stupid but this is the man saw his GP. General practitioner okay the recommended he gets in the hospital puzzled that wasn't like you know some slang form of breast transgender thing does good like step in or whole economy. We do demeans gay people. You know feeling that it now oregano the Phillies George Parsons and three Kimura an order that I don't know to me. A shot. You know in a it's all I need to do I get texts and emails like at the gun sale. Anyway I found out these birds have enough that I wrote it but I had it to may was as general practitioners and other this. Staff they're realizing receive your had been performed by a qualified person they informed the police they seized medical both locally this yet. The basic medical electronic equipment or bottles of they suspected to be nitrates and firearms. He pleaded guilty he also pleading guilty to possession of attempting to prescribe a roast the restricted substance. In a fire so basically he also gave got payments that he was supposed to. Rated scripted piece of fake doctor I think he had about him I think it is I think you probably gave all the indications that he had the proper paperwork to this guy and whatever loves. Sure though I don't know I don't think guys still showed up at a motel rooms and even if I had my GP aren't. And he said yeah yeah absolutely common for a physical but maybe at the motel six even know these are perhaps even twenty primetime I'm not doing it I don't trust that situation. Anything you do a motel room. That is not because your dog to. Hired from driving a car is not good I've often thought that was backed like how much we'd have your had your life like the big pile of it or how much beer that you drank your life in a pool to see yet. Sometimes a lot in the hotel room it's just a little bit sketchy in my. A wanna with the most of the thing that's ever happened in this room is it like if you could have a replay of what happened this very. All that's been in here I guess I did not stated here I know I can I stay near Canal Hotel wouldn't bother me motel war are appealing if you pull the carpet in a motel. It's the cover of the blood stay until the chalk outline of the bodies dumped them from the police tape. Yeah and if it's not dead bodies late. I don't know there's almost dead body like shooting up. Drugs and stuff late you wanna try to improve to man Gavin how about the men's testicles being removed right there on the battery Slaton DeVon volunteered for that I know we still so why doesn't testicles cut off of the badgers they could he would third I have just. It depends if you replay the image are a joke ever reading that the guide for what we can witness does happen that says someone has the testicles removed not sounding a really bad idea. Because my thought would be someone in their so we kicked around sorely gonna fight so Apple's automatic cuts is is don't you wait does what it's not that. It's just that here's a guy who's so stupid. Many went to a motel. To contend Ali pebbles to go through what what I want Omar has dropped him in the sink and and come off like you know states as I don't know but I'm watching that. Like wouldn't bother her own. I'm gonna watch. Oh man it's gonna be quick. Immigration and everybody is there any other room the minutes of the video that really matter what else they are and a Mac is that it. I think in the car what did you what he's by the black markets under the table or second hand and out of that work out a 44999. Cola. Stay tuned badge of tunnel wherever for a drink Intel's with a shot of the day. Cinematic games continue.