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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. Popular foods as some people just don't know coming out of the head chef and dead meat and potatoes in the meantime the game is big dummy we have a leash on the line he's playing two notes over. And working on question number four and also we have an update morals good news turns up. Are important why do offer camel rides all durable 18 all year long and kid you know are both the dream is really fueling camel through. The air bridge erratic gambler. Renaissance fair. All ye old Renaissance fair of you old Campbell all wanting to yield corn dog and you all large Coakley. But if they could make it that I. Just like the old days at play regular that year old ice in between it and get more you also that but it didn't have ice back Medina dimension. And even exist. So from the polar caps and what is it like riding a camel. Does the state is an exciting do they do any thing and that it is sitting on an animal walk some sort. Oil like like a horse at what else did you do with the Renaissance festival. Our log out. And Zhang all right so then what do you what do you do after that obscures that I really don't know what goes off did you get yields softer. Yeah a bit in the eating Turkey it. All but you'd only. Well it. That even look at the one at Thanksgiving and criticized after the big Burton read this bird government to tell they disabled the big Turkey legs of the Renaissance festivals privileges state Turkey let. And I did your I don't know. What time of the year is or isn't summarize assumed. Yeah yeah yeah TV where all your steel mesh stuff. Yet. There are some onus on ball. It is hitting manic as wind and Eric you not like an official way she's going to be there from the future are a good guy I don't know. All don't be so offended emits them with love all right here's a question and that it all ended how many feet or in the fathom. Told them that is a measurement I believe no water it and water. Almost. All. About. Well yes and number. It's up for the thousandth. We all buy our 1900. Not a full of fish again like atom sized solar school. How deep blue won fab welcome to all I'm one grabbed him for a Tuesday. Mr. Erdogan at at forest is over fabric are vitally should question number five. Eric vice is better known as which magical performer. You've heard of this guy. Who who all is it magician and illusionist. And I don't know how many do you mind freak. Now as a person. Who lived in. Magician. Eric vices that you know any famous magicians allegiance. In the know. Now never won and won the mind. To escape artist and you know what he had in mind these remind them why spring gala party tomorrow and I'm really not a my way Gary mightily pleased. Free. Although. There. I don't know all of let's analyze the prescription. Hormones say everybody. He actually added one Harry Houdini disappears and it told the next thing I know the created there UV. By the does a pretty typical although current enter questioned the nursery crime ring around the Rosie a good time for alternate. The merger robbery around Rosie refers to Winston disease. Let's play alternate. It was my hope is asking her desk. There were no plans to play. It was the third one. It's called play it why well it Bruntlett that it has proven better than even as they deploy. But it Laurent Kabila a good thing Obama. I want to say who ironically is the play and I called the black played based on what kind of witnessed a guy when he saw and another. Good job will issue with Ecuador has told your governor could today that I and it's it is one of the plaque. Well there are many play well the Bible otherwise okay Bavetta who's like locust the frogs yeah. You look at them too awfully piggy. Parity here is your question what is the name of the longest mountain range in North America. Why. Did it wait yeah yeah yeah. What guest. And. Honor mailed everything out of blue that good work I thought maybe appellation. Not obviously all the from Canada within UConn they called the Canadian Rockies but I figure that is is that it took the nickname yeah got to hand it could not possibly be the Rockies in Canada now let's overtures simple itself big gun 8449990. Lose our next contestant ready to play the game hello Marc welcome tournament. OK and there are no hard and I Clark is over now felt. So we're okay and their brother as would you relive it. We don't. Oh good numbers over Barack. I don't move well yeah well it's a good day care. Mark what's our which ran sermons are people gonna pay you want to thank these things on burger hangover. You know clip that did it upset you guys gotta go to this city do it okay my arm. All right Aaron good question. Which of the card that he and sisters is rumored to be the offering of OJ Simpson's. Football. All. Now they got no way they're. There was never closed today for the coveted. So it. You don't have you can look at it may feel like boy you a while ago they've never been a guy amount of growth. Our next question what is the largest island in the Caribbean sea. It shouldn't be able. Cuba Cuba. About. Couldn't book. Off. We're Americans go to gets sacked Kitna didn't. And what month. Does winter began in the Southern Hemisphere. No other. It's clear you home. You gotta match Alomar in Austria and Nevada got down right now. June journalists are good bat mobile summer starts here winters starts yet to be exact out that the exact 1011 walk upside down almost but what is it what is and what do you know Washington. You say it's OK we're now. Reasserted itself it is the exact outfit that ended action out it's like very little though you like hey Danielle housing. We grill out home on Christmas Day is some. Cook and an older we don't know the traditional Christmas dinners and Australia Bahrain dad's it. Sausages made. Sausages it's it's Disney donated four point 9990. Loser next contest in red lady gave hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. I don't know I don't know I. Are you sober not suburbs. I NN Dover but I have been a bit. After you've been up for the way you've been of a couple of good. School and work movement already under what's I want to paying their two big beast thing sunburn hang over. He's doing he's today all the other one might say wait too long ago if I agreement. What is the regulation height for basketball hoop. Density. Tournament hasn't been. He sounded offended that you know I know that but I really wanted to just gonna wanna make people really know I know that because of always try to dunk a basketball unsuccessfully for the you know because of failure yet complete failure yeah. That's my dream sometimes I have a dream about dunking a basketball one time. You just never want to I dunk a voluble. I have to question at all a softball I have donned a ladies. Basketball at a press. But I never got to the point racquet down oh dude I was lifted all the time and went about 75 so the point in time and Els Leonard and let Natalie grant I would of art and I like that gallon tanks and economic. Until I grabbed did you relate to have a buddy we could lower the rams to get done. Wouldn't. No it's over the ridge having your backyard. You can lower and lower well I mean you mean just for the purposes of C would it be like him to dunk the basketball. Courts have done that before but I'd like to really actually get up and dunk a basketball but I don't regulate on them. Yet you could you dunk a basketball there is a time when I agree I. I could mention that. I was they can jagr brought them out to get old you could not yet. Did his big dollar bet if you practice that Eagles like like if you're gonna write a book I would've dunk a basketball. And you like penetrator that's the book funeral and yet able to weather and a long guy you like had all these things that he wanted to do that you want to shoot par around the golf analyst Anthony wrote about via trials of of getting to that point you actually did it. Yeah I think you could I. No offense but like I. If girls like I go to work down on the vast like all right but here's a guy like a six foot four black dude do you okay learn how to jump correctly it was nothing like I was 36 to four likely have a short fat man bowels and out and take a year dongle baffled you're like OK let's get going here I have read that book and then vapor and they're going to hear what he probably Darden and can't. Gave his big dummy a 44999. All of forget here we can squeeze one person and I return has just marred Jason is broken government. And deadly quake here a Jason so we're not filled. Not a birthday. I feel like your pain Jason toothache feasting sunburn hang over what's the the least of the for the options a candidate that sunburned flood Byrne who. And he finished dvd you'll be bogey. In favor I'm man I hear it your question who's the first human to travel into space. Bloom. There are faithful older and. I'll run your earnings. Oh. Hey Gary Williams did we get space and let them do. Current. This comes from Mike hawk I love this question who was the really annoying guy and a Star Wars preakness. And on June. The little annoyed guards are vague term. Jason Charlie Brown outside and they won't affect I guess we'll pick right back up who were left off a war on question number three our brother. Hartford good yet ferry building gonna. Ochoa had had seven out dead meat potatoes as popular food to people don't know and the return to know I Sherlock along with your emails in the men's room. And men's or live dot com coming up next you are listening to the major radio network. Did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room I feel like I've had seven house by the food people on the. Oh lots of relatives me the details the first time for a few emails here for the men's room amends or live Dak god. Volatility is once they thanks for the men's room podcast the the podcast the greatest podcast and all the land against keep me company may be laughter every day during my trip from Detroit. To Lordstown Ohio. And back trucking auto parts please push my wife Jenna a happy twentieth birthday are twentieth anniversary of her 29 birthday. All of you can give her an old lady faced sandwich a Sarah Palin and a cut that big shelf next color whiskey and pills that from Motown Miller. I'm not each sandwich oh. It didn't know. Ned go. All everyone nobody John AKA Fuzzy one of these birthday is today gonna get German thrill and Ozzie Ted police thanks guys that from crazy Carl. I'll give it to Wichita and it's that you've done to apocalypse who. And Kenya Melvin closing was we have had related Brett today. They can usefully you by the blanket and half feet it. This is good to a Saturday drive pretty coworker Dan swift AKA Boehner. This is last birthday here those because he's right around the corner to retirement. It's been a blast organ with the old fart so if you could given turtle wax with a Montgomery the pods a Joey chestnut and guys. We'd love to hear each of you talk all over each other thanks fellas love you guys listen every day that from Mike and the guys. And I'm all right. Well there's a a line that runs right up from middle school on time management and environmental or bring different isn't really a pleasure or mostly important tonight to bring the ridge runs when all the way operate the middle so horrible now on the general ideas for custody battle is that sort of Warner's announcement. College it was my husband had a 36 birthday from his loving wife and kids had a birthday Justin could get Ozzie to add to see sausage is awesome and hey you like that. Backcourt stepped Melvin knows what then sausages also. As name drawn on the show been listening since about episode 900 in 99. Boot my lovely wife Angel turns forty today she really teacher show. So surprised the hell out of me when she asked with a dirty Germans but have German thrill and Ozzie Ted give the lady what she asked for thanks guys appreciate that from round. I'll bet you goes like this so maybe like ninety opponents outreach and like I. I keel who taught school you in my spare bedroom. And don't get data and Melvin Thomas Group just the other way around the pigs group difference. Cities and those veterans it. Call 8000. Those are those that supported the observer on the sun gonna get them really dirty German and Robin and saying I feel pretty in German thank you guys love the show listen every day that from the lovely share. Yeah I don't believe in bigfoot but the mental institution to hairy and they had. Down after watching them over for a little help from the program. I feel CNN. This is what it was my wonderful husband Mike have. The 47 birthday he's a great father couldn't ask for a better partner in life love Molly's. Getting it wedding peeled you know what the apples that's appreciate it thanks so much love your show we are big fans that from Jessica. Yeah. I think emerge as just my friend Kristy listen you guys every day and today is his 55 trip around the sun. He is technically an old geezer but he wouldn't be any fun if he acted as true age about. Three Joey chestnut had a birthday buddy that from your friend Ron and everyone else is delayed TV. It's 69 today and also being at a birthday shout out and and and groping and as far. We're driving to lovely Oceanside for a mini vacation thanks guys keep on rock and that from Chris. And broke in as our guys here you go. I mean I guess I'm OK. You have the added I heard. Yeah. I played good they could they go bad bad. Doesn't did you German Bronson but men's. Also available through he's world fame on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Need him shoreline flies. Molest him like guys are good. Friends and another show laugher as a golf every day on the job. And unbelievably illusion of the big. The and I'm finally thing here. Artery just. This is a finally getting around to reading transcripts of the show basically if you go to men's or live dot com you download the podcast what it tends to be done there is the computer. Basically takes the audio that's provided in tries to run a transcript of the show. So that you can read it as well as listen to what it doesn't actually do it is not even close it's an absolute it's just it's and it's at the botrus thing and it's actually pretty entertaining if you wanna go and read it to do this is just way off mark anyway. Does a Marine One from Tuesday and would like to share with you some things that stood out to me. The first one is the show's phone number instead of eight 844999. A lot it took it is 844999. Obama. There are also some mentions of Iraq a rads and even bush there are many many more I just thought I'd share some of the more funny ones that from blind Paul. Open though Wisconsin. Those that that is transcribing wrong or did I understand you go by blind Paul he just picked up on when I was thinking. Right behind Paul is reading the trip they don't let them right are you sure do transcriptions. K glad all you people on domino of those. Just said oops in the dark. Side while you get to try to move it in the dark for weeks the how to treat it as bland Paul's life. You turn on the light when you moved the middle of the night and really to put it in the dark YouTube in the dark compliment to a shower in the dark tomorrow do you shower and our parent brother brook I don't. Don't shower our shower radar error I know it's our department who would you drive the middle of the night right aborted bit asleep on my foot and on the bright as light. You know feels like feels like you're in the middle and I ran through the street nick. To shout out our other of the sort of freedom of up movement. You just feel for human which is to pin and the job. See him honestly I was original thought it would look at. Bruce's face and no man did you move to Jersey show released for the fifth it is always exciting. A bitch isn't one of several years back after having sex loving girlfriend this one with the crazy and up to eleven a cuddle with the latex and those kind of alarming because within use condoms. So instead of confronting the issue hit on head on and next thing I picked up some condoms the store opened one. Just like it's not mean NB sure that was the same sense that I smelled the night before. A book the empty wrapper and to an open condoms back in my backpack. Later on she and I realized we had misplaced bag of math and began frantically looking through the van. She looked through my backpack and spotted the condoms and the empty rapper I tried to explain that the reason about the condoms is actually determine whether or not she was cheating on me. It did not go over very well the argument masculine escalated quickly to fisticuffs. And he drug myself in front of her moving van I had sent since quit smoking meth thanks for the good times that from James just plug Jane where. Do you smoke method not if you're trying to even though you're telling the truth. If your explanation is a dual reason that these condoms is so that I can smell home. Items of a whole another can words to me ruinous that's a terrible terrible thing so it was true. But I think but just imagine if everybody is good that we know no object not at all. Still got a surrogate tells a judge today is on the way also the return to know as Sherlock but first time. Thanks and we're. Now there's a lot of foods out there and get trend here or whatever and most people know what they but some people don't. But though where you are depends on what the food trend is. I'll know cater to outs while sure there. Yeah taint the phone calls and anything of commentator to yes they do don't call them talk shows and put cheese and other I think governor admitted he didn't put it right I got you. I mean I think tops mineral lake no matter where you go in this country people rotated dot stated that drive right you have RTE chips and then you have not issues just like a spectator dot that you have to options such stardust only got through the nation off a moment to talk to try to. Yeah widget that good stuff to actually sent it to me. A product. So basically this new survey of British people right. Now 73% of these British people so they're very knowledgeable about foreign fruits and some of the U some of the data does not compute intent. Aren't you guys know what it's a lot it's absolutely short the Mexican dish Bob's tortillas. And amount of enchilada salt like you're green or Red Sox. The cargo literally most of it to do you do go green I do make the red sauce on everything so for whatever reason it's a lot of a little bit and the red enchilada sauce is different it's really good and I birdied spicier I don't know elect something of that order green sauce just cited save it. I do I say you know you urges reach agreement like I know but it sounds who also of these people didn't know what enchiladas where. A lot of of it they thought that your mind is that 6% of them thought it was zodiac animal found in the jungles of South America. I'm just not the way ahead of the carnivorous and has to penises inmates only once every decade right and it ABC news is riddled green depending on your loved ones noticing that slaps that. It's. They're probably figured out Chinchilla oh yeah mortal lock to chill a small animals to your rap music I'm gonna get a fugitive killer gig version to do. Yeah thirtieth obviously they don't have a lot of Mexican food and in England. They need any kind of food they they I mean to do they get it's a lot of an analyst at restaurants near him out okay well that's why. Yeah good point they need Mexican food they'd all who doesn't like Mexican food. And I don't think of a met anyone really look like a little bit of like three Mexican restaurants in London you're not going to be red team. They don't know Mexican food as these guys are gonna freak out about Mike other serving a rare animal from the Brazilian right back and. I'm stock goes with the ground meat you know to me and I Korn shell yeah or just giving up my man. Like Taco Bell and reselling your rationale is exactly what are. All right rob. You think Robbins pretty popular all across the world based on poverty again these are the British people yet 44% of them thought it was in religious festival. But Ramadan correct O'Reilly confuse it with Robin about him Ramadan noodles garrido sacrifice our students a lot of that around imposed I sacrificed new shirt suit. Up 13% of them thought Robin was the name of Egyptian pharaoh. Are OK you Rahman and then 4% of them thought it was something Natalie Kama sutra. Yeah end Tommy. Robin position. We need don't cost much money candidate memory good but it don't do the trick in a pinch and it finishes a little slow but. It is still get away with the orient or later or don't ladies oriented or it'll flavored Rahman's correct. All right do you guys know who Tom young groom this. Tonya isn't like the soup Tommy am seeing you get that. It's the size Thailand gets cut coconut milk 12% of the people over there Britain thought it was a form of martial arts. Hole you'll have another debt backed out of Tommy I'm going alana but can't attack you know I know some Colin Powell branch has plenty to better. 11% of them thought it was the name of an Asian pool player who who really wide pool hall while he's got another master look as good as the how osment and arguing boom he's got a Adibi DO vote trick shots Yuba. Don Young doing yet yet. I got this LeBron off. How about. You guys know what five. It's a Vietnamese soup must have buckled foe in shallow maybe at the Blackman. And what that filed its believe it is written though is though hang over there at that. 15% of these British people thought it was an exotic fish. The photo finish the thought fish man you don't do sound exotic it doesn't sell only blu even BookMooch. This latest. Mike you'll like this lend another 10% of them thought flaw was simply a game performance character. Winter's coming. I am for. And steamy for alarms me. Falafel I think we all joyful lawful and very much an issue for the adjustment chick peas do the number instantly. Menus why don't leave the securities and with the tournament duke fans are Kelly's single thing that I thought I designating me. Well 5% of the people thought falafel with the name of Russian Powell. As the great fallout or was it adds another 3% thought it was component of a jet engine. Before lawful. Yeah I man. Otros airboats. Maybe they use of falafel parts so there was one American who remember this is appalled British people got as there is one American food on the list that was a little exotic to net and that one was gumbo. Gumbo well that's. One spot and once bottle in the world but you really one spot once what do you think people in Britain part of both. I didn't really it's going to be races there obviously are good so now black entertainer from the 1930s jar files runner on chrome O. The most. Thank you might the most incorrect answer dump both brother he's hot go go go I have the hit it as another elephant I don't even gumbo with. I've dumbo rather. Rhode Island rant and Bob other laws allow I could double it and ideas yeah in my humble and Brendan app. He played a watchable on the run a gum probably just booms. It's like they're like oh gumbo rhymes with dump both got another. From an open enough of this India Brothers. Give it up the demo and Jumbo gumbo. Right sticky international here on is the simplest. Eight things that are the worst taste in the world eight things they pigs violent thing where to start the number eight as I didn't food ate things they do only food but number eight is alarming Meehan Rama. Talk about there. It's. The secretions. From a dog's annual subsequent. All are only happens what what we did is we do what is this now. I got a computer would win a world gold ornament. Use again with. These in the eight worst case. Oh yes you're gonna why lions why would someone's privacy chrome was living dogs eight Ohio hasn't rested says that revenue Canada if you are not actual. Like what how did the other day I'll have the dog balloon nod simply. That's correct and becoming the kind of demo run the government out like some dog polyps out of it. The dogs starfish splattered through it the EU. Put together this Orbitz if you didn't have we start with and had a tire repair it but you know whenever seven. Human poop. I mean I. The governor Leavitt just black liquor. 00 you're gonna all of our cost journalists could Blackley prisoners in Atlanta for the improvements you've. You're close to the secretions. From Donald ankle did you not know how that they that it lift. The listeners I don't think the wrong that's a total respect and why you felt the need to conclude that I have good dubbed the seven and I don't know we gotta give off. It's in diet. Well I indeed and it's a vegetable about prove really really good obviously I don't like it but it people and like vegetables apparently it's a very required to okay. Net revenue. That's okay at everything and a home that day and they end AT&T T Joseph and I know that and had to. It's a Japanese dish made but I made from fermented soybeans. Boca. Didn't mind. With the crews with dogs and went to still close to the number analysts as one hits close to have. That you might. Bet. Which again is just east but most people use these as an ingredient not as is the full on sprint yes why would you put. Brett has made abuse cut out the middleman mate to be suppressed. Brett played from Easton that you added more yeast that sort of thing it's like. Brussels sprouts. At all at all yeah we're beyond with this list include Brussels Friday to fan out that's. There was aliens intrusions this was very specific walrus back. I've got to think clearly if that's the buried underground for months to permit us. That's a native being to be in Alaska and content. She brings up if you look at the thank you that your opponent could. The worst thing is the world OK by you know earlier back able both regions off the menu slithering. This week yes yeah. No longer a dipping sauce so you don't very till Saturday is on the weather turned up no answer and I coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network before. Yeah. Call follows is on the oil during those with the shot of the day come another minutes but first our own Steve throw hill Colmes the globe hits that bush gave birth story would have tied the score. And I sat on the. Sure not yeah. Republicans and Democrats both caved to big money in politics. Play well and it. Just that it may be that wide by his link to autism has been accused of pseudoscience. And not in my wanna sit down for this one I did not know this dancing with the dead bodies maybe be spreading the plague of Madagascar. I think about the fact that no show. Why it would be intimidated by Ted I don't know the headlines of the reads the dancing with dead bodies may be spreading to Italy Amanda Bernie's cruise ship. I deserves some cultural thing you do to show respect bubble may have played lights out. Environmental pollution was deadlier than smoking or age or hunger experts fine. And sure I. Clinton Campaign DNC helped fund anti trump dolce and monkey's uncle and Sherlock their bonus. David Donald Trump never gonna releases tax returns. And it sure. New York City candidate is stunned that his old hijacking attempt is not an issue. GUL a Kurds are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl. I just say no west that he stunned. That the fact that he attempted to hijacking planes in his past. Is a non issues of the would be merry guy's name is Eric home. You try to hijack a plane and years ago he was found mentally ill. In spite of that he's running for mayor away. They just haven't really brought about quite well you know I'm I'm sure you different positions in unique take something what you did try to hijack a plane. Supposedly bringing that up I had I do they bring everything about but Q but apparently if you try to hijack plain water a deliberate. Why even if you stow lake. To the point reject the carpet TriBeCa wine but here where votes yet another campaign season. Very strange. I was love the sideline homophobic people of higher chance of being get a court. Oh. You're content. And I would always that was yeah yeah yeah okay. Women are more concerned than men about gender discrimination and detectives your life well. And agreed to that women and women are more concerned man about gender discrimination in the second of the all you ladies you worry war it's just the tech industry that's his job status to everything else like look and entertainment they get aren't they were looking for a the new tax plan helped Wall Street not main street. No they. And surely not. Method actually Equifax and now who are inevitable so it's time to resume our data will be stolen. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I. Sherlock may need to shut up and take. Based they'll take it you shut yeah shot of the things. Car infotainment systems are distracting to drivers and she. I used data were vetted during attack so funny and Sears to be ready. Men's room. It's just the way it is. Saturday then as you're throwing heads of the big desk and Steve throw vilified out nortel's yes indeed and today we tells me is I rivers stadium. A Plantation, Florida now iris like so many others in Florida Arturs was displaced by hurricane up and that's why she was staying with a friend. And a friend had two young sons now the thing is. The bedroom door of the gets better and it didn't luck and because she's a cop she has a few weapons and obviously she was worried about the kids having access to the weapons. So I resented Berry is serious talk with a both of the wheel the importance of gun safety. And oddly enough it was at that same moment that she accidentally taser at the inaugural ball. All of that man he received minor injuries in the meantime irises federal will be calling additional train. Awful pull her heart was and right placement she's a love my door to the line I'm a cop I've got some serious government. You guys can be around here and as she's talking to them she had like or stop laid out. Ranked bluntly and outer surface missiles taser. As you picked up the taser didn't realize it was charged ready whatever it is you do to fire that bad boy. To broach confusion out it accumulated just dropped is that a bag and traders reckon this this that's great aria yeah. I know against the you have India would have to think and you're gonna be mad that I think I just he's Billy you think the voltage would have to be dense. Mud by weight maybe I'm wrong on that but you do get stronger in any current for a bigger person so it's not built for a ten year. No no government help over is that their double dose. In his world right. We're gonna have to candidate guest room yeah yeah why what he taste Billy I think at that point you give her the room with the law. I would think that a cup would have better training that personally I'm shocked. Nor are we did was done. They picketed at at at at at Hayes they didn't and I'm trying not to laugh I know it's not going to be got Damon I've been talking about a moment. With all those boos imagery does move because we think it's yummy yet bag over the tong and down the throats of Barney in our tummies. Down not a whole lot of John shop. I ticket does a liner to play profiled a stellar nine right now 844999. All of that 844999. All love. The show and many pins continues on the men's room. The radio network.