02-09-18 Seg 2 Mens Room IS Glad It's Gone

Friday, February 9th

Today's Mens Room Question: What did you have to get rid of, do you wish you still had it, or are you glad it's gone?​


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Good morning the last not a hard sell in KC in the Alaska's rock alternative thanks jazz for a check it out the show also 965 WC MF Rochester classic rock our very first affiliate ever. Thanks to those guys who were joined the program now and by united five point seven are down even do all these big show or a bad jokes on the way the return of Ted verses the FCC. And our question today dealing with things that you had to get rid of throughout your life. One at whatever the situation was whatever the circumstances were what did you have to get rid of and you which is still had it or are you glad it's gone 8449990. Le hello Jess welcome to the men's room. Our top. So that's how quick Elena say that I. Out that not just idol travel alert getting late I mean. How far have you traveled to do drew little. And I'll. I was Lauren then you say they gave Irish. Hello that you are. The sex is good enough to travel for. Ali okay well that's part of the sooner you know if I'm good at Nomura I don't know I'm glad I can not wait I mean he had trouble you know we don't do. Tell you never have mega. Hanging at California Ozzie alluded to is how far back good yeah you know he's like California did you want my triple a anomalous to did you families and I'm 81 analyst Eric. Did you ask you one last you know a fiesta. I don't know I mean they're trying to heat it got transferred to another job at the kind of chart noted so it really. Didn't cordoning. So how does I would need light I decided to let men are going to be bouncy and if your my girlfriend I have and I had just moved to California also and I I moved out to California do my job my transfer of National Guard emulate. I will fly you down for the week he everything that's we. You have your. I mean it was my day. You know trend. Nine but still I patsy I would browns will travel distances to have sex yeah that's that's the French I want to fly down there again I want to invite miles now but I invite you down and was way out of my miles I'm glad they were going to set. Hours ago account for the big difference that's exactly big difference so what did you have to get rid of. OK so I really love milk mean I think I was really and I would want in Lyon and back when and I married I actually got my very first alchemy you know and I any me a little bit of work but I would just so happy out of it I love it if he visited my dream car I'd be. They got freaking tired I mean it is it strictly an appearance at the U. You know I wish I wouldn't how. So hopefully that'll communal feeling what do there's doesn't added a back right. Little against the so loudly they disorder called mobile is going to be okay I'll have such an Iraq Gerald. I'm just I'm an Anthony alchemy about Elizabeth thank you can any period I don't know if you guys know like I casino. The editor Alan as the year of the el camino. I'll certainly carry awesome cool cool when I asked what was actually close it they seized the body style Nolan there was. Another less than a 1898. I have one and have one of them and you know I think that I thought I would pretty cool you know it's a little bit. Part of a pioneer hi how did a fine artwork ilk translates in blue on them. People like accidentally broke out the driver's side window and a and a troubled lot of fire farther than ever air travel to get played a finer place that went out played. So the first time you traveled a great distance was replaced the for a window of your 73 alchemy. Leon I'm the first time I go that far enough car. Yeah I'm anyway later down the line appeared later I'm excited that I am obviously we didn't getting into my aunt. It was kind of a messy divorce and I didn't really alcohol at a time tag and it. Figure out you know get out blacked out because we had and I couldn't keep the plea coming out and now I didn't meekly to keep a clean out. And with only very short period of time that it couldn't find any wrangling let me targeted are out there you go to whatever the circumstance would I need a decision. Skipping out on. I'm Craigslist and I had a few people come under it Rangers did that they'd apply headset putted out or you know. Hey good young catcher whenever I really aren't that he would stand around and I I kind of held out and I met this guy he came over and let out of line and we kept talking for a couple of weeks saying okay we agreed on price and he came back and he came oddly enough from getting harder all the way to kind of get that kayaks so I'm. He goes out with a girlfriend and only clip I'm really sorry but now we have talked a cash and I like you know I'm Harry I gotta get this thing out here like this week and and so I think OK we get a contract and and basically he Yang imminent moneyweek communicated rookie league soccer but then he did it figured out the face cleared the. You're Craig's list added. Can do. I can't remember and I that I don't really have many options without a point cited both like OK I if you knew about it heard a lot of time in the. What would tell us what that car goes completely cherry download what would be the value of it right now. Now gosh you know I think they're pretty nice when that does relate to. Morning I 30800. Moderate not all part. I don't know communal now can you said that what was your first. Yet though the plot kind of Dickens out of this lady here that I didn't like seven years ago that I don't limit the guy that appeared. Well not quite the time and apparently he traded at that somebody out and then I didn't die I get to look at drug overdose that something had it. And I'm pregnant the couple months ago. Looking at other beautiful out mean like public can't couldn't afford you know and a very lonely girl is mildly ill with my collector's plates. I love the title or the street and I'm still illegal on there. I get back like. I know he's got about an hour. You don't want a lesson. Enough against me for all the time I love when that story and I think it's fantastic you got your original car back your assessment though Camilo is struggling. When I mean. Am Ali okay. As interesting as his dressing hobby do you work on the car. I'm my dad and I worked on it together and eat a lot like mechanically I and I am happy we were trying to get you know really they've got together and then he ended up late July. So I'm the right now it into storage unit. And I am I mean I did the auctioneer I did the rear Larry hearted. I really don't know the allies and that's I don't know. You know a lot more layers until you all star Darren may god never let's you don't find had a headset so the back of me yet. No idea I just got it back I'm really relaxing and make that happen for you feel I don't fit your pewter and well I think it. You save. Yeah a good thing I was gonna have to sell it that'll have to pay to sort in my building but down my body let me put it in his where you're good ago OK does a lot of other going to be scooter so that's a sturdy Saudi let me put it in his warehouse near a couple of into the act that is you can find a friend of our program note tomorrow to write back if Bagger. I'm by the way just back to the how far would you travel for some new news service to some guys who do well the laser tag and to let us know. We're not alone I travel for Albuquerque new Mets go to place embers over for a while while we get a crazy monkey was asked 5603 can the Moline. Says I live it's now my boyfriend is in Texas more of them were the travel. I would chicken out or over five hours today in Washington regulation. And all I've been there. As small as its same or else they reason. Well actually it was good oh good the body and extend it out that's on the going on and on those plays where you go there and you're going there for one reason moment. Absent south of restaurant scene. I'm so there's a gas station pretty good burgers okay that's exactly what I may have a lot of but I think she went pretty good burgers. Let's get the tour during Times Square. He if you think if if if if if it's our gas station murders. Now at the sales pitch hello frank welcome to the majority. All of that Joseph. Yeah. You're still in good frank are you first I'm using a phone. I'll honest there's a decade you do and held a job. Thank you sir and yes there was at the arena. So when I was sixteen years old Luke this is about. Five years ago I got aids when he Levin excess Camaro. And I love the hell out of an empty Johnson. Don't know how lucky optional could just 420 horsepower. Yeah every series you your believes down for tomorrow yeah. Toward good Brooke was at the nicest car and high school parking lot. Oh it was absolutely the national car on the high school are always that guy do there's always that guy school the guy with a nicest car in the parking lot somebody hasn't you know again they have to release it that's enough to be duly noted did it help your social game. All I held the law is the only thing interesting about me to see this problem still lives with don't have under the car. Well I candidate Jeanne went out of my own end it could really afford the 500 is. The month it's not all that. God would I it was an insurance also because of Eurasian power of the car or was that just arms and financing on the car yet my guest Leo. That's just the financing that without insurance. I'm impressed you pay for that is essentially your parents bought it for you at school but what your parents American invited 420 horsepower that's just my guess I don't anybody but I had a buddy his parents did and he crashed once you know get like four Paula that's like dark secret. Crash to tell us how much insurance Gaza and on a sports car for a sixteen year old. Whose finance. Well local coverage that I gave up three Q do you now just might see blue route. We don't know you are acts. Now not just an outback. Toy guy so this sounds to me like you're horrible driver or you have a horrible driving record. No I just have really good insurance that I'm tired of paying for. A guy that's really expensive I don't know the eight summit as a winner Tony five years old and I gotta you gotta you Myers in the know than Obama over the and George W always let you spend and exactly as much money you would like. You can always pay more than you need to. I really thought my homeowner's insurance I have everything covered because I just don't trust these terms company it's O. You have visitors advantage if you led to a brave insurance and that my house got when insurance you know there was some whatever you adapt. And put that as far less enthusiasm a scrum and out of I don't care what happens in my house. I wanna be governments of god damn dinosaur comes back from the past and they stuck in my house I want to keep register. Pushed Harry it was a breast cancer are sweet we can't cover that too at the matrix. Yeah how lake if you have a lot of accidents and stuff there's. Basically nobody hole we'll give you insurance regulate the state insurance. So I had a buddy that was terrible driver well. He just drove really fast a lot of accidents and in his claim was that isn't state insurance bill was so high when he came in he says he claims that a guy would just stand up start smiling and mr. grant so we're glad to see. It's visual artist you know because when I am. What does Debian Ren Oliver and do you wish you still have it or are you glad it's gone that's our question 844999. Cola. Silicon they thought they return of Denver's as the FCC also bad jokes on the way Iraq before we drink a toast with a shot of the day Morey calls coming up to you are listening to the men's or radio network. I. Better than Paul NBA trade deadline for the cavaliers of Cleveland would be to say at least LeBron James Dean straightaway over half its roster. Within the span of an hour. On Thursday. Dead spin runs down the deals Isiah Thomas and Channing Frye to the lakers. Jae Crowder Derrick Rose to do you talk jets I'm in shoe shepherd to the kings and Dwyane Wade goes back to the Miami Heat. You would have to think that LeBron James sensibly do do with bringing all those folks and right there in getting rid of them and then getting rid of them when it didn't work out most GMs do I believe I did you what you blog about all this craziness in the air in the basketball world as a correct I would yeah this blog about the drama. Okay children from a four to a moment. Well would you say your mail like the NBA has great drama they do yeah but I think they. They excel at a I don't think you're commissioner become a lot of that's brings what happy attention to them pretty Smart about Alaron Trading Isiah Thomas the night before LeBron get to game winner. I T is a pretty just like high five them in the Brohm would be the Mike talked to knows he knew is going to be gone the next day he was involved in the daily the day they're ready you know they're gonna team in there and and obviously the bronze finds the faulted the other players that are involved so he's bringing into a Gambino well I think you might there are third in the east. Not play level not not good enough but also you know JR Smith just like. Well at the hell's going on yeah and even groups. What does not rip about Obama blew smoke out of the team with the Honda guys. Like what what happened a little dude could what does have you read off and the US is still have it or are you glad it's gone 844999. Cola. Hello Jay welcome to the syndrome. Do you see a bit just going. I'm. Right there on concern RU. I am great. So Latin drill can relate bet by the ocean access red. I got a little legs that. It'll did all the leverage you can relate but anyway our crowd was it was as a fellow divorcee impressed if you do this whole all hooked up and I'm glad you admitted you to murder as a man is preliminary diseases such as this man who went past the man known to have ads that sort of multi presumed knows what I'd say he kidnapped to do with guys like guns yeah. Visit I'm very glad that the reserves IRA. Right now we are right now we get rid and acquired them. You know our various reasons. There we go broken up the palm something in the real we make enough money to buy back. That. That's what happened and I had a custom. Two custom guitars. But I don't myself. They were out of a match that they've looked exactly like they were almost bill satellite that ballot defender Doug got to the other oil. In the outlets drag character and they were they weren't bad bad bad. Outplay them to death they were great. When you say you had a mayor did you do did you physically make these guitars or did you have them contract had to be made. I hadn't physically made MI port number and company that is old or are coming in old Archie or. Out her up offender you know so like it. Don't let me ask you this romanticized before you get to the point to restore because obviously you have the power with these two beauties but if you. Art what I have because the base and had someone make informed me I don't have the ability. And one thing I do ago. Is out of my house catches on fire my kid's got a 5050 chance to make an out that base is made it 100% that based on an. So I'm also a base it would devastate because I don't have the ability to do but. If you of the ability to actually build yourself a functional. Electric guitar. Is it a little easier than that the par these things. Yeah so you know I mean it it is not cheap. You have that trust me I discovered that just out of curiosity what is the value of your guitar that you make personally worth that when you go on and off. Like what did you get out to just give you an idea well what did your guitar harming something and it's worth what he's an entirely exact science double or triple whatever they did you know what was the value of. Well the value. Well whatever is the real independent orbit out of my thumping of equivalent value of the story beat thousands of dollars yeah I'm I'm. But yeah I'd I'd part of it so I don't have that Celek out I would never get rid. Of that but I you know our money get rid of the track season or. Seven it. I looked him in the upon world that's a lot of money by efforts several thousand retail outlets you don't really tonight. And on it just went to great but the old site. It might open the button. When anywhere what do you learn if you like walked in I don't know Jeter's on Thursday night near 38 special tribute band and the dude up there is playing your guitar or worse you want to lead to Grammy goes on the Afghan and I background back out banned from the downside is there's I people who wore a better naturally not you. Exactly yeah I got ahead you and you're better the hot what have you villagers are exactly what happened with the one underweight. C'mon Ted you did you build another guitar cents. Other than the only cute they've built it ought. Before right before I left there are all one of the prototypes that they had a map my son don't have that. Critical what do you make now what do you do with your hands. Ian out okay and did you still make things I mean like a basic. Summoned around the house is that I would assume pretty easy for you bracing electric guitar don't ever tell you don't like it and build a shelter down Boca figure how to make your guitar and I would just think mentally from the point of vitamin your tar like I can fix this I think that if I can make guitars and make a base as a work for me quite. I would be doing at all of them I'm. You know just because but even a friend got mine me and I love this thing but like anything like Ku. I could added in army but if I could make it then that's exactly what I liked I enjoy it's our plants on the on the Eastern Shore of Maryland Smith down my body is has a guitar shop open balls one of his buddies and he's the biggest distributor of those guitars in the world to more of a global market as far as. Shipping him out but scheduled Japanese musicians love those jazz musicians love Jeff a lot Rockwell's crazy. At 82 with the same name the parties have. He wasn't read his initials are basically the CRS right and make their kids that liked. Yaris could talk yeah I mean they just they never let him in Italy they they basically put a quick so here's his trick on tone what he does is. They go and Drudge huge old trees and out of the Chesapeake Bay. They take these things off the bottom and then they basically spin them into one that cuts been cut them into. One in the long piece of what it right so it's like you're on rolling a tree in its one sheet of paper that makes a case it's okay. The legal wood is great and after it's been honored glory water and it looks like. A tiger or looks like it's it's insane just he just. They got it commands are resurrect the guitar process yeah was was was cool to see how that works but just the hanging. Would get a driver while big trees were sitting there elect all man this is at least they were dredge them out of the day but there's some trees that. He got a call poaching trees. But yeah we'll blogging you can write in until I notched his whole special on my house illegal logging might directly affect people. And it's like there's a lot of musicians playing like a legal books thought. If we may have but I don't know much about all of us and I want I got my base made a few years ago but the guy that built it for me they put you through every. Every. Part of the process resolute even display anywhere who would come from so he has the look and so my point is this you said they dredged from the bottom of the bay. But must be something about his heavy moisture to freeze dried out there's this guy predominantly all of his trees came from whatever swamp outside a Nashville yet and a lot of them to retreat to close that I grew right next to rivers did seem like I don't know of varieties and a Weis world would look a hell of a deployed I'm like I've got him. It's a very good swap goods so while good news very guerra a quick Abbott didn't. They shower and I want to Doug dynasty and goes wild blue. At least every stuff called Brazilian blow up or resist military predators don't right that's basically just tell you this grams can ripped out of the Amazon rainforest don't care what sport do the nets right in the name and they charge for yes they did adjustments rather have Brazilian waters off would. I think like a ball to a dance public but I think you start with Brazilian world and after sexual swamp. And it's probably accurately. But what did you have to get rid of Andy which is still had a are you glad it's Ghani 44999. Omaha hello Craig welcome to the men's room. Good afternoon gentlemen all the so I think I'm the first car that have a story about a car that isn't a cool car this was the story of my first car that. So the 1990. Honda Accord you're right I'm not Google can't hand me downs from my dad's total piece of crap load it to death. I think you odometer some working you know years before we even had a so we estimate it was close to 300000 miles. Only 799. That is what I did. Technically not really a piece of crap. Well it's got 300000 miles on an obviously it's pretty mechanically solid car. And sold to date of the story that I give ya. So I was drive around doing some shopping to some human side. And about 1 PM in the afternoon like it's pretty good result else human Stiles was just just regular human things. Okay I'm. As a both of them like things are squirrel would do. OK we would just assume anything that you do is going are you human thing yet. Well any anyways so I'm I'm driving around and suddenly the cabins until the smoke. Rolled around windshield or we'll have a window of my windshield. And I need desperately trying get this to diminish our shoppers this thing it's it's now soda and a cut out on me it stops that every light and managed to restart every time. I'm on its last dying breath that rolled into the last parking spots at this at this auto shop. I go inside and I am just shaken to give I just had to fight my car to get that safety. They got me there so traps there. And I just let the guy know like bet they knew smoking. I'd never call my camp by much and what to come get me so. They can get me take me home whenever I get a call that day after. This guy says I'm and I did this brother but there's all on the radio to the size of a quarter. In and I learn a bit of a shock you know like. We met Sally died so that that car was really really special to me com source car. And so literally like the worst any saying I feel like there's a lot of freedom and that you know I didn't really have to take super good care of it. Obviously when you're around three and 2000 miles like it that don't you rob do well did you get this car backer was at the end of the story. Valid the end of the story I'm going it would have been more expensive to replace the radiator and shakes all the heat damaged and it would have been just a minute Karzai did buy new car would you cut. The nice side of the story is that I would able to donate it to Alex actually humanity. They just rolled up with a tow truck took who are signed off and I got a letter in the mail a few weeks later saying I paid for deciding if someone else. All right you have Eric Goldman in Canada that's good idea what agenda get rid of and you wish is still had an aura glad it's gone a 44999. Cola 300000 miles essentially like car drove to move that was a really nice car when it came out it was us goes the dashboard was ahead of its time it was a very very reliable car of that that would be the card that you won't buy in 1990 but he had a 300 per hour and miles and that is impressive. Hello Carl welcome to the men's room. And it has on Iraq well I heard our team our caller Obama took as one caller are kind of settlement. So when I got another caller stories so. Body that's been. Deeply appreciated and markers vehicle. I'm just. I pulled it couldn't get a buyer of a wedding ring and I'm really happy so there nestled in Denmark. Or weaponry and adapts. First. A movie producers and not anyone better vantage on those kind of sketchy and why did I already sold it. Churn out here and ended up in a movie called the green room. Green Marla wood on the green room who was in the green room. On which has an old guy from around X brand that you're here. Patrick still. Well you know what man I vaguely remembers seeing the preview for our on demand but I have now watch and listen you're very intense movie and of our memorized them so while the white supremacist. Yes I'm running I don't know I'm not expecting it pretty gory and how would you expect let it. It's actually pretty cool movie. Remember what it's like abandons him play club to club badges and belonged like he's got two guys and some bad ass goes down more or less getting have to battle of murderous white supremacist. At a remote organ broker a busy day god sends a tech remembers is all the top allies has not even I am leaving this did you did you if it's the green room green mile of altering the man is the band's van I'm guessing though they travel and. Correct it and it still hasn't raised probably the movie a lot. And yes I think yeah I heard Kent say he that's what I regret I would surrender our and then I can't let diabolical to draw more. He probably could have but at least you know one thing if you ever wanna see that bad again are gonna do is get a positive and move it the thing is it's a movie actually want to see all the reviews are good the problem is every time off I'm screwed around on demand a pretty stoned in it looks a lot more intense. Limited please you wanna be ousting got so I'd watch that are you still married to the girl. I am not on the list and I now that lands and was it worth the trade. Iran don't want you did wrong. But I don't really know I love my wife but I I've never called your show before and I love my wife but man oh man. I'm talking about does I am that I sold the bide my lovely wife her wedding right leg not on call and so you know it's still unresolved you probably still would be with her it's the fact that you had to buy the rich. It is exactly and honestly that's unique and I do let her know that hey you never know that your man has become a movie star while you meanwhile had to come off the money to buy that winning or. Well you know if I'm the coach and never look that it doesn't selling making a families could keep that stuff. No it's not you had to reverse has no overhead tonight he lost his friend and this is not true today I now have more cramp in my house and I ever bitten with righteous that you ever all of our got all possible. Our climactic I am amazed. When agenda here and I'll Mandy was still had a or are you glad it's gone a 449990. Look I got a guitar soon Lou I got a hello Anthony welcome to the men's room. Ole yeah. Are actually had to get rid of my wife and I do not mr. all one half to get recover and what was your method okay. Hearted look at it yeah why does cease and guys are all out you have an extra output they're 55 year old aunt okay did you find this out. And founder regret he's letting. My mistake I decided to just try and open relationship as secret that an entirely different even when most of led. Let me tell you. Woolsey just getting paid for errors she might actually pick. Some financial savvy come. Muslim and I barely pitch you can get it a bird at her life you know she well letting it didn't really try. She got that you judge but she didn't really try and you figured you know hey do you tell my body my it'll go ahead and do that. It is the legislative bodies so was there any indication as you look back Imus. Are you were you completely shocked by this or in the long run to go you know what that the economy excellence. In the beginning out of got a shock and then as time went on. While the relationship started you know spilling out and dying on the she tried all these different are the justification that led. They regulated kind of realized and I mean we got married like eight months after he met. And you know just like looking at all. Kerry did hook laden. But he was all over he was honestly she she told you what she was still on and said look I'm didn't only get paid for this. Not quite that burst honestly. And I are I don't know why what would ever saw may got to just desperation. Maybe thinking that you've done it worked out sometime but it's an heroin started a mad at me why were you question how did you run the hospital take like an HIV test. You know but I'd I did actually end up getting. The clock from her one time and my. We put too much I think it was just clear your mind dominion on Amanda's just go get doesn't burn like just like they're going to Jimmie Lou does that do everything the goal car. I'm getting a little earlier this man yeah all that if you slap me you wanted to checked. I don't know what I ever buy yet you know one of what am I go to this happened. How long ago did this happen. Not dialogue actually I stopped Arturo about two months ago and try to stretch it. Arrow it's women stated in outburst of we decided just called quick but stayed spread the benefits. And then we get it at all and that could still in the end extradited site they spread it and then a dope and a call backlit not to markets are usually divorced. Now because Washington around this lovely thing where they go pretty much the waiting period. So that's double the neighborhood side and everything to you gotta weigh in on every month until the final stand out against a lot of money. Did you say the reason judge that I am I getting a divorce is Kazaa lite is a hooker now. You know. I don't think there's at stake in the paperwork that I don't like I just. I have displayed by the writers until and so they are aren't you throwing your your significant under under the bus got illegally and would do if it's just you're asking why you're giving to brush like well I mean. In all I'm not the most jealous guy but would she sort of sex for money David O'Reilly does an open relationship. And near multi decisive when he made money granted that heroin that's causing damage you probably just put. Apple look at what would you do if you had sexism and committees in his 300 dollars. As I do an assessment for half as much. And if you look well I don't know I don't know the expression via my face like. Realism that that are forward did you give me an example no let's do that I heard but I don't know Arab threat I would leave very confused like I had all these thoughts I. That you give me 300 to pay for your purposes it intricately with the re home with the real reason. I'll what does that do get rid of Andy always is still had and are you glad it's gone a 44999. All of our calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. You don't have turned men's room. This time has gone to say goodbye dear little friend one of the classic lucky charm martian mile Lowe's is a marsh it's as marsh mall are relevant it's spelled mark Milo now Lara Lara and aloe cups since a 2008 to the yellow hourglass martian Marleau has been included in every box but come this spring. It will officially be retired as is not the first time lucky charms as worst of the variety of shapes and colors. The original lineup which debuted in 1963 including agreeing overs in cards or in straws and yelled boom since then only that pay cart. Has remained in the mix but either way yes that was always the fun part of beating that cereals did. And say you know more about replacing it with only thing or do they need to do to get rid of. The following save disabled and since the lucky charms graveyard blue diamond purple horseshoe. Swirled whale swirled what were they how does that figure into that red balloon. Rainbow in it it it it it pot of gold and shooting star. All can be used as a euphemism that that we have the verbal Marcia act this world whale with. Imagine what that would be Harding did the red balloon. The rainbow the pot of gold. And shooting star. All of one when it. And it. But you get at and never mind dude have you ever had a swirl well all all all all all courtesy of the shooting stars and expect it will straighten you out and boom. What dollar jedi are now manually she still had a very glad it's gone a 44999. Cola hello Andrew welcome to the men's room. I had another car story title though so look I think the last agreement welcomed the Clark talked you know one of his his stick. Think we're still on here though. As normal and that all added that for years is to run repeats of what appear odd day at three love you gov again and I. I. I'd say if I lived in Anchorage daily double my mom's side has had extra money to spend I had 2015. Chevy Silverado. A TV with a six point two liter V8 that's that's that's true that in the except where a guy. And needless to say attraction not be able to move that. They had a personal I played on it and in case one thing you look solid on the caller ID me and I listen as I can see Russia. And that it's an eye can see Russia. Note opt. How little the platelet peak eight 81. Just say it all one word. Patty one wow that's Star Wars reference man anyone had a lot panel want to hear. I am you've got that big has struck in Alaska and then I'm Linda Bennett played like big neighbor some delays that it's a Star Wars reference ma'am. I'm Lee de capsules. He blasted out of them streak. Parasite called me I mean look I understood it was Detroit meant so I can't say too much but still man. Cohen of Bernie bungalows and Atlanta. It's drugs. Well. Young that are getting ready to quit my job to go to a trade school. So I would have been able to afford insane payment for this thing also back in 2016. And site transfer over to my mom as she took over the payment and now she has. They also lets you know still defend the way did you have the same license slandered as you change it Russia. But aren't suited me there. She didn't leave the gold emblazoned yet I order. Decals on the site doors are you couldn't get them off. She changed so let them play lots of like. I am but I. I do not care for the new movies I'm I like the Old Republic what used to be called expanded universe. That would be one of the only things out of my childhood that I wish I still had was when the original Star Wars figures came out lightly so that's another OS let's I wanna I did you ever had in the moment I don't want it is a collector thing I don't wanna like it's John and I do anyway I want to play the damn thing led to those with I mean I'm Tony what those toys a Protestant more time play and whatever Star Wars those things and probably any other toy I had other than something and had to do with sports answer because they never stop producing toys on the same way with my GI Joe's you or do you judge him by now and I wish I could find them off. It used to do you still think there is your mom someplace like a box of some of the notion dozens are now you know war they put a big attack and we know that big box the match from 1984. Commissioner bill that is that there eating here if you eat now and lived there thirteen years and I think if I'm a but they're a crown royal bank is I was still an adult when I played OK the only thing you can do drugs and there. Let's have let's just review for the drugs it we got a good kick down your door I was evasive crown royal bank they're gonna grab a good Iraq after Iraqi threw itself a little commercials these are GI Joseph dolls don't yet. Edit I drug religion. Exactly like this isn't what I needed I think to be nice to. Think the bigger ones of the smaller as well over here are you literally were they were tall they were like 890 I just thought I played football went up. We GI Joe's. Look at what governor of a pattern. Put would again be rid of and viewers is still had it or are you glad it's gone 844999. All of Morey calls coming up in seconds. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.