02-09-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Says Goodbye

Friday, February 9th

Today's Mens Room Question: What did you have to get rid of, do you wish you still had it, or are you glad it's gone?​


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You what sort of thing here is real. Trying to offend anyone. Lord. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. This is done. They say. Radio more than three times. And your. Or you're going to lose my number 2766. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Includes heads breath and Auburn ball. And my car. Yeah I imagine a. Campaign here come the bad jokes bridges the return of dead vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines when your shot of the day fund molester emails. And everyone's favorite TV time which hit the class period and your partner and a Pennsylvania inmate hides cocaine meth and 78. Doses de LA has. We stay in the keystone state where aid terrible sketch catches a criminal which is hard to believe. Shockingly Pete upset a woman who flight to Amsterdam a little. Team who live stream DUI crash we'll have six years of absolutely nothing to do. And Syrian forces captured two members of The Beatles had a song coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All our offense is good day to you and yours all right roll familiar with. Supports animal from the current battles with airlines while a woman was trying to fly back to Florida. She had her support animal and she did not have a support dog or cat or pay go Turkey's. Terrible peacock convertible almost no she had a supports camps. And I say that she had his support answer because when she was told she could not board the plane was certainly answer. She flushed down the toilet. Yes we'll show the full story coming up now that's one way to get rid of something a guy in Oregon you want to get word of a coworker. Did he complain about the balls apply for a different job now he did what any of us would do he tried to supplemental would ship. Now thankfully he failed but but day another easier ways to get rid of the co workers just ask I don't know LeBron James. It basically have a third of the Cleveland Cavaliers traded away most are short even wanna play with him anymore if we want to keep him on the ticket itself. Accountable whiny. And if you're a fan of Lucky Charms Cereal I hope you weren't too attached to the yellow hourglass marshmallows. Because are being heard. From the lucky charms marshmallow man. And Stephens common theme here about. Getting rid of stuff because sometimes things just lead to go. And maybe you regret giving rather than maybe you don't today's question what did you have to get rid. And do you wish you still haven't. Are you glad it's gone the other shot by a 449990. You can like the midterm on FaceBook follows until Letterman survived answer those emails to the men's room at and from live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Fitch is your. However go out of this autumn of 2760. Cents. Our program we have rated and I why there come a bad joke geologist are the bad jokes and into us right now the men's room moments in my dichotomy and also what we demand just as we got. Bad jokes coming up right before old drink it tells. With a shot of the day and the return. Of Ted verses the FCC. You think it's easy to do check other Newman's or map play for yourself you vs the FCC and then you understand what is going to have to go through today as he tries to get another one in the window and always do it in the company of strangers kept you can download a manager Matt now for your phone that's absolute free listen previous episode tell. Did sausage delivered right to your door and if you're thirsty there is a men's room original red beer finder on there. As well so. I went back to be a part time well all I see okay we're back to that again not until they were to talk about things did you had to get ripped up. Now all. There's a lot of different reasons why you have to get rid of something there it depends circumstantially on May be a move. Maybe don't have enough room maybe kid Putin's led to new bands don't point washing sheets you know sometimes it always seems that. Whenever you buy the the car of your dreams of that surgery into and it's a nice two seater sports type car that's just a sure sign that whoever you're with is going to get pregnant. And that the car is gonna go about it and four or five more months they can lead to gay man. Oh and you buy that car what are you getting pregnant during Canada you're gonna get a kid you're gonna adopt again this somehow it and I have a van minivan and you're gonna have to get rid of something that you really like. It's indicated minivans are out miles. We'll my daughter math might you know actually meant a renewed a minivan last time I he talked about yesterday I was like. 'cause I got a really nice as UV gap which I thought was gonna be Greg Lemond got people and order drive around big Mac as you'd be in like. Look we're out of them if you wanna wait an hour the will be one return or you can have a toyotas in a minute. And I. So I walk up to the minivan because I'm impatient and I'm like I'm not wait an hour for cars is stupid. Think slides open look inside and like this is offs just get on the field at bat boy had drive and an animal like this is sweet this comes after day strike and I mean I enjoyed every every moment on the road. Elizabeth I look up table I wasn't bitching about the 405 on distract them and then it was awesome anyway so it's but after my kid. A second child. Turns out that she had a pretty serious allergy in two minutes my two cats. Who I'm in love you know I'm a cat person. These are my buds I had the red rat and I had does Sasha. And both of them so what. Red rats in suction red Red Sox you'll I think gathered just twins a new name the one kid like. Mobile though I really his name is William I'll tell you I named one of those cuts OK so I read rat. Because he was like a calico red cat and I did it look like a little tiger really good look Tony the Tiger might human rats is that a tiger well he was scrawny and he was gaining. Amazed even tiny didn't mind water so when he got wet he look like a rat. So I call on the red rat sounds cute my gap but he was not but so anyway seated I did this get this kid. You know and then they kid's face starts swell up in and throw everything else like uh oh we we we you know it's it's. She's deathly allergic to this this cap both of them. The cat hair and everything else all. I really did I I don't yeah I did I shipped her off and I get those two cats and I didn't really eight and in hindsight I I'm not you know I've I miss our church is doing well. As I'm done and I think she's okay but yet those cats are they died shortly after and I lost my doctor. LA I think in the African humane society. You know it's like it is is already adopted or did they do they eat well here's the thing is how old were they when you took them it's like let's go to ground truth rode one was called the red the red graph cash right golf I took him it has gone to the militia Al aryan not blame Bernie Maryland. Ride your hard put to ride out TI as right outside of Ballmer and so I go in there and arrested a man he's cancer make my my my little girl's face exploding stuff you know remember back. Yeah yeah yeah I heard about that. And I think well ideally I would like to have these cats adopted together because there bugs and they hang on all of yea yea yea yea your dad yet and she's like luck and if they want of these kids out here it's just it's good that they cast that dead. They don't take these cats but you know my red rat in Norway red Redmond I said your description. Red red dye that they can do so called Ted way to do business here that they meant I. That solution absolute dork as fed would look. Ted demo of his yesterday and you actually the perfect example where it's like look my what are your circumstance does not gonna question but your otherwise healthy pets they have to go now because of dogs need to be put that it's. They're healthy afford ever reason. The pats need to go tempted to our depth. This condition is that you don't as Ted questions about what may or may not or the possibility viewed things that happened to these animals just no. You have a pet solution yet and that's our slogan pat solutions we don't show our work through. And I think it is no accountability. And discovered a techno and I river I would decide yet these were not very Sokol had. Yeah they were and they were both Harry. Why it's non talkative kept who they knew it about the dark Internet modes is normally in there and a great and I looked down and I said red rat seeing other time here. Iraq now. No you nausea casino township round was like god dammit. Is bloody crackdown mandate. They know I'm I gonna translate would you say they don't live red round are horrible you're sending me to my death look at me threat and sauces. Prominent recede so again but ultimately our member drive now Ritchie highway with a tear my house like how it did just devastated over the southern I could do about. You know in those situation all that get up for adoption. She had a better chance of being adopted the red rat. Would you consider that I cannot agree with GAAP. Is this kid eighteen yet know. Ironic it turns eighteen you letter and the little big deal has been calling out dot actually I don't think she's not a threat I don't think she knows why the cats went away I mean she definitely knows that the cats were gone but I don't think she knows the circumstances behind to this day. I'm gonna tell her assailant your file and make tough decisions but luckily your mother said looked into the particularly cats. Yeah now I can tell a story miles resiliency months to make that decision that's been concerned so let's talk about this woman who had a hamster. And apparently 21 year old woman from Miami named bella and then. Out of colosio shore Mellon articles coming home from Baltimore back in November and wanted to fly her emotional support dwarf hamster. Don't know. And are drawing up a out support Hampshire would mean something very different dwarf. Support hamster. She says you talk to someone before hand so that's smaller hamster than a regular answer. He's got to be a good support tails and what is your condition that you need to dwarf hamster there's a little or have there's a smaller have a trip you about that wheelers tinier. I just know lake. So less salt tiny Tim. The world's smallest Tony the Texas state fair okay you know no pictures no but she's a big fizzle out as to why is that you can't take pictures of this you can't take pictures of folks is much you wanna pick him up and plus everything you don't imagine I didn't quite did you did you think after I don't want to know to get dangerous members summoned the hole without the thing I don't. Well he likes it he's signing the wise and he just the podium without a swear to god to guide us. Our act. He's a drawer. Com now. This is if you feel like you did it he confessed like a Peter deeply devoted. My goodness. He's like it's just as long as the regular course for the starting to see me. No there. Pulled my bag curtain and feud came out sideways she didn't dreamer of the so let's let's did dwarf is a blue paint it has to be kind this evening maybe just have little leagues yet I got. Well so apparently though she asked before hand I guess they will go to hands thing at all. Was head would be beyond and touching the ground it's easy and can't have been trying to get there pretty lucky bounce himself on his head looking. I'll look at this answer I think he's got tied up at my eyes on him or your round of the currency laws and inside a good read them they are metal sort of got. But very bright and clear about your item. Well as you said he talked to someone a Spirit Airlines before this whole thing and they said it would be a problem wasn't that hamster who would you got to the airport in VW I'm sure how that went down they would let her bring it on a plane. Our so called we'll do and bringing that little rap I'm with you from what I know Baltimore. And a Baltimore Washington international program it would you still higher from the pool that round in you know how this stuff for. You're breaking bad nasty ads ran almost right. I code why don't you talked to would you talk in the meat. Narrow polite guy right now becomes a woman actually I think we can talk until now what are you talking to an old Dewey talking that. You talk Italy but Google asked me why do follow your heart. Right I'm in that that is exactly on the windows. There was a woman at a chili's those woman at a chili's and it was 101030 Letterman and if she was right before they are about to open. If she standing at the hostess at the hostess you know whatever that other thing about voting the podium rank and there's a chain going across in of people in the thing get ready for the placed open whatever. And there's kind of a little bit of a lion through wanna get food and she's is a bit like just. How I'll do met. Now it's real raising a minute wait I think it because that does is gonna Olsen into ecstatic all donated by. Did you ever doubt that I couldn't beat somebody starts to student of countless times like this whole I'm right there has led to edit and he just stand back. Tournament she's not an open it up until it's 1030 on the nose but you still screaming and everybody is Dan yeah that's the that's what happened at its. And that's the most you can do Nomo play we're doing what I don't do JoAnne Karl. If you literally to drive me probably got dammit. Two women standing at the counter at the ticket counter prank for like ten minutes there there's somebody walked up with she said the line it's close you could. If you think he he he he he he he he he. Maybe try to dole some extent Ozzie said you talk to someone before and it would be a problem but when she got to the airport they would not let her bring her support emotional dwarf hamster on the. I could I don't because that's your problem is probably better if you tell me more emotional support a small wreck. Ironically you read W government to drop. Off my plane. So Osborn employee allegedly told thirty either let it go outside or option B. Flush it. And she could be barred Q plus is the military deaths down the thought that you need to get on who played so yeah. I would suggest that it's an option because the person you talked to would accept the action. All manner to that church have a determined to throw car back in the guy who ducks in the windows app. And a line is that. Yeah command. People for you rob the bank man to pull the car back to that he's he's actually going on. Under that get out of the god they're really Baghdad it also. Like five cot cars it's gumshoe Worrell and all around those guys busted a bank in Philly and by the return car back to Baltimore on. Bring in my car back up like Christ almighty what did god say brotherhood and I want a bank you called a bit and momentum for effective complement the legacy of the people from Iran to back. But hopefully I'll OK thank you Elmo. So she I guess. She was twenty when this happened to she was actually willing to rent a car. And drive it from Baltimore to Miami with are going to be about 20/20 four hours about. A lot of companies already today 125 miles freezing out and hamster never would have survived she let go outside and freeze all seem to. I don't know about what's in the battle torn Libya there may have well rats come up the sewage systems got to be some dryer is the rats aren't certain they know how to deal with a man a tiger does well the dog goes we Nadal will and that's good point. So. Basically she flushed it obviously animal rights people disagree. That she should not have done that even though she said she thought was the most humane thing to do. Pete says she should be charged available cruelty and so should spreads but he won really did tiller to do that sprint is denying that and says no one who works for them. Told her to flush your hamster. Not villains that she Mike Hsu there's also a chance she made its just. Made it up to go viral at least that's what people are hoping anyway. Our question what Debbie Reynolds and do you wish is still had it or are you glad it's gone 844999. Cola. Hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah I ought not. So are all at the time I it's live and ever written my girlfriend at the time with bella Tacoma. I dragged down their. Old. But six times a week. Yeah and all. You wanna think progressed more quickly than I was ready for. I came to a point where it was decision time and I struggled that I could you know what I Belichick go. I wanna season. Q what are happy about it but it seemed like she understood. Do you think she was would you for your dynamic conversation or was it more of your body and your good looks. Well definitely not the body Google. OK so as a dynamic personality well I have probably really upset at how would you dating her driving down Merrill fired or six times a week. The decides he's not you wanna be with. Okay it was a because you were having sex. Couples who. No relevant issues it. Right at the time I couldn't place my finger on what it would it but after we broke up. She made a point to go out to tell every last living. And in person she could find every last live in peace would dirt she had on me. Which was what was a good juicy stuff. Wasn't true Italy's was the subsidies they insurer received his say anything she can they go. No I always true hold yeah oh am I doing dirt on you gentlemen she's rap rap rap war. What does he say real attack. Well what should they don't have the queen's background. So I object okay I don't know. Are you are you happy that. You gave her away that you're used to. Well you know about the camera struggle with their doctors you went around trying to need you know all pick me everywhere she can go. Bid point him to say you know what I made a good choice. Yeah well you know if you had a problem did you have your passenger passed a minute if there was no issues with you and her she had no reason to go around and throw you under the bus for something that and beat number dad you know that's why side tags and a but the good news is an honest to god and I don't know the cleanest authorities say backside. I don't know that's not about what sorties that background why golf like guys who busts of late got to wrap it don't look man I would rather I would rather people know like. Oh my god did you hear the murder of seven people who did this time would be scary but as a book. I do does the dirty is absolutely but right I mean I would I would rather be someone who's the murder of the league out of thirty by. Maybe that's heading to Vegas spread pretty quick like look man when he's negative he's he's just it's a girl and that your users to open but I. My brother have a bad background and bad back so he's really care. If Wrigley which were missing a pipe needed to stretch them about it and applicable for the it's an error rats. It isn't in traffic through the zesty action. I don't get lazy and have problems driving anywhere for. Well of course that was one thing that I think like if I knew I have taken a bus again happy to throw it yeah. I would take a bus. And a forty million bucks I felt like profit. I was just it got a coast if you have Hillary knows we're up another man I'll get there. But I will be there I can I guarantee in time but I'm going to be that what does a song like I calamity mountain sailor crosses stormy sea level legitimacy. Most guys would. Yes this is the first few months because right now I think about love they pretend that that's a love song. He was good wave and so from the first three months of the relationship socially just. I would climb a mountain to you know why they ended up on the top my numbers because somebody says if you get up had sex with a new look would I gotta go fifteen for ten minutes I'll Wear a diaper just keep driving less because all learn aren't met. It was funny to listen he's don't have an expert Mike same stuff in the short and that make it. So it's like in that case like yeah if she begins she showed her colors so he looks he's happy about it. But it's also one of the things you can't say to somebody hey thanks for American opera like what you do that you're going to be in real. At the end but I never well and and I really appreciate them once it's over I just I just don't even talk about it more intimate targets is is done they don't want to Darren and think about the person Ottawa you will put out of work better if they do I don't want to the idea I like half and half. So max's embodies with. So I'm so sure data from them scripture but did what did you get rid of and do you wish you still have it or are you glad it's got a 44999. All the more your calls coming up you are listening to the major radio network. Smiles. Don't count another email a bad joke to the men's room mad men's or my doc gobbled the bad jokes right before we drink it tells with the shots. Of the day all right we told you about the hamster they got flushed down the toilet. As it was a emotional support to dwarf hamster goes. Pete is pretty upset about that in a completely strange case here we go to Oregon and not a good workday for Austin Crawford at. That's when the Tony two year old organ mandated up in the news after his co worker twice and hurled Scott Iverson. Try to force embargoes style a little wood chipper to they used on the job for a tree trimming company. Cropper neck and jaw or her during the attack which was only stopped because another employee rushed over to shut the damn thing golf generally speaking I tried not to get the ball and other people's things but I will say if you try to put some and and wood chipper I will try to repeat where's the worst thing about it way. They've been working together for awhile and but he's driving like sixty miles a day five to six days a week heavy traffic go right and we know it's to get laid a Wii said man that is just what guys do so a couple comments came in missiles obit just. To make you doing anything immediately I drove two and a half hours away to get waited for my now wife and I did it for a whole year every weekend just to get some before we got together that from punishment that worked out yet more dialogue you're married. And and as well says are taken a Greyhound 500 miles to get laid it's a guy thing yup I dust devils on grandma's is actually pretty decent but I out. You be not even get in late. Hobbled before to see where the closes in and out burger was and it's like an organ someplace and I thought hey through a road trip maybe will just travel and. And hours there and get a burger and then cannot turn around and come back you know in a regulatory wrongly that 22 hours and cards for murder and I've I've. Thought about like well how far the drive. We do there maybe solvency crater lake that stimulus I guess I don't know either way I take it out on a map like where is. This place and see what people say I did this a delayed we go. Heyman I did it when you say this about burger because of that as he said me no I don't think so I think as part of the boy did I am sad death sad it's you could travel is that the aid for courts look at chicks there was a story don't you covered it may have. The story a year ago about a a group of Canadians say. And there's only two spots in the United States that are McDonald's locations that still had the make pizza on the menu as to what was and what West Virginia is like Ohio and and West Virginia they drove to the one in West Virginia to get a bit hoses epic. Road trip adventure in the entire thing was just too. Taste this thing that was such an odd because they had a mcdonalds around the world but that they they heard the legend of the make pizza. But do when they found out it's still existed they had to drive and make that drive to go tasted and the reviews said it. It was worth the experience okay now two things where I understand trying to insulate your Berger situation but these guys yes there's two differences walk. They have never had. The mic Pete's right in a rat that's 12 they actually visited a foreign country. Yes I mean like three Carlson in trying to throat that's good for me to three. It was such a story that they drove for food that we all know right right. I'm saying nobody does that Al Gail how well Stuart I know I know I don't governed I don't know did you tell that may have been in and out murder in the Beijing let's go I go man I'm in the because a lot of my guess we will get into an Alberta. But on loan Beijing these guys like they do want to cross an international border go to a foreign country go. Hell yeah I miss him and we'll get to make pizza. I thought eating what what is three hours worth of. We are driving one hour and a half there are now backer. I drive I drive three hours from like it very goods. Sixty acre crabs and shrimp. OK I get. I just began crowd taking a sixty dollar overrun for chicken wings and then hailed yes I have. Are there are UN I know while until it was worth every dampening guerrilla all Eliezer was did you know how much it would be no I did not know how much you would be if I did not realize you can test me is gossamer honestly goes expensive right. Israel yet but you gotta get access in there was an available but the but he saves worth its toward cheaper. Yes oh yeah oh yeah I was in my with a big Mac daddy you've got our guys on going ahead in front of the things like act madam I'm mollen now. What is your idea rid of at what do you do lament I'm just down here to get chicken waste and that's it okay I'll think about how long was the right. Forty minutes. 35 minutes for Alan. And I learned it I started by militants Obama. I say 2530. I remember the bill was sixty bucks eagle ever was it was the most chances that's for you got the numbers that you spend on food not only fifty. Imagine your bag did you work I had arrived and did the right one way of minutes ago and were back to you at 110 dollar and should you wish his grace is pretty much at duke duke anyway salute to which. There certainly are hundreds and budget it'll go somewhere else. Or did not know enough about you spend you have got ten dollar. But he basically you had all fairness you have not had these chicken I have that you don't even worth 100 and a mild won't tell you know it's no and I do the same group of people who happens to a they're just two weeks ago they are like. Did he has he tells you talk to knock knock knock. We'll shut up about I'm not to work on hundreds of thousands. Everybody swears they're good about is that I don't I'm not considered a hotel room. Since when did they really are man we just take what it amounts to buy it at all god Jesus all my loans off. What did you what a dead yet read up. And deal which is still had it or glad it's gone 844999. All all the elaborate golf don't appear in seconds. Shenanigans continue on the men's free radio network.