01-23-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Sets It Ablaze

Tuesday, January 23rd

Mens Room Question: In the house, what's the craziest thing that's happened to you or someone you know?


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. Hello to our friends at Portland Portland's classic route 93 KG. Ol and also our friends up in Alaska listening every morning united for seven Khazei Indy pure rack up there and notes Philly big dog 97 not a job and there are the run in the program big showing got for a drug charge right councilman housed since we have to enzymes turning. Twenty today as the men's or ms. back profile this all coming up in our question. Based on it being and holding and house. What is the craziest thing that's happened to you or someone you know. And where we leave off there in summerall area in Turkey we had him who moved to as a buys arm with what your mother and her brother I believe. OK and you guys that note one you don't know the language see your mom gets you guys attacked. Yeah and that Khaled and indoor cat. And long story short after a couple months he starts doing Q key. Well I. I wanted to let her out and I'll take you know let what's the danger here tonight she's Smart she'll come back my mom said no matter what. Don't letter outside if you letter out. We're not in net we're not a political backing him. Associates gave out my window one day news. Once you're lucky he got so backed cute age can handle. Did you say oh me out so horny old Mia so important. Al and she came back just a tad a letter backing and then my mom's like no cheap. Police had backed up bad I am not having the litter of kittens and here she's not coming back. So I secretly live Peter rare from the window to she can't act like every night and I'd like Lieber a little bit of food. Well after my mind I doubt we'll do it catches like don't Peter anymore he's gonna keep coming back. And we inherited this completely forget about this time out to leave. It in there. And another month go by and am admiring playing video games. And Allred of dynamite to get into here like this crazy screaming going on outside. So I look governor Rendell and we lived we lived on the third floor of the building the building next to us two floors. So from my bed your miked look on to their route. I do my chat there and she's having sex with another cat knocked it sounds wrote hearing the. But it's a weird third like. Jack. And though they're. Yeah very chats were a case and a circle around my cap watching my back and taking turns had gone done. Attorneys can't dance is this is how it just can't can't exactly. And that they were nice to not even like spring include turner I liked each child would be like sitting there and like on the floor next to their pod they have like something you get my cat like a good reason that pattern electing attributes do whatever I. And it's really proud I think I never thought that I would be might applicants with rob. Do excellent yes and food following for you soon. December this Fuzzy has come June hey yeah. This and as you guys are locked down the street knowing that an inter you can regularly burger king and as a by the bodyguard and Turkey dollar all right. You don't want to hurt if you order a guy want as your video do you Wendy's and in. Somebody who actually heard it got bad showed yesterday about tricky job it's actually pretty good up. I best. Starts are just a yogurt mom I don't know man the mainland. Really you end Nikola a lot of weird stuff and at like largely in Elantra and a bunch of other crap loads. It was a close thing the western civilization when you were there was there anything at all KFC guess anything like a. Yet and it got notebooks and it being over there is like McDonald's is considered light. A restaurant and you go out to use of people literally dressed up to go to McDonald's I'm guys. Now physical hard. President or go to McDonald's and yes I think people decidedly dressed apparently going to McDonald's is like going to the airport. It elementary joined in chairman Nancy Norman what it is doesn't matter how but the fact it just even going in and eating there. Yeah that's weird I mean look well as a new eight and normally normally when I'm. On the road our road trip I had to go someplace and I need to just stop for minute use the bathroom but even half the time then I'll just grab the value in the car children are. So we had takes a very special occasion ice against it by so I did it was an Arby's which is great because they have so many wonderful condiments. Cut its losses get some sauces you can go opening get as many as you want you be sloppy with your roast beef you know I mean like you can just give in easy. With a curly Fries might go through Baghdad and he got them because in the press author are you. Are you I get a lot of salts is I don't use a ton of it or you get just get like 3 news all I am I love their thoughts as ideal horse he saw us with a Arby's barbecue sauce just went over on the sandwich and after they've been put it on there. All right it's not her she's my curly Fries I'm all about the I don't claim that insist on getting every continent bigger news. It's yet to wait and O'Connell does he open given the use of a couple fronts now and then and that's correct it's see that's that's telling you that's led that that's why they're gonna cut that stuff off you started your packets people like him. I know house what the craziest thing an avenue or someone you know wait for 49990. Hello Casey welcome to the men's room. All of our our own not. So why can't Obama or put off. First phone call or bullet went well Oreo the reports that argument. But well Balkans well I wouldn't doubt if I was in the wouldn't know why or that it would. Yet know do what are objecting. I just finished cleaning my fire are. They're reassemble everything and at all the bowl wideout. And how to well load edit edit it the way. My thought we dealt out but that opened and I looked over at night at 88. So I ordered out of and took off running toward but short changed about our yard go get down on the well. Put a lot of bad old and they're well all the police. You little little bit only phone call. All of a sudden all the I guess we are all she hears oh my god what it out so well. And apparently this I got so scared when I. While I got a state that he had crept. Oh I didn't see it reported on the bag of a man who's dedicated. It. What is smell like I was a more raw than your typical you know number twos relic adrenaline I mean that's on sale like is he didn't have any control over this or write some NB a far you have control over and it's spells bad some wondering like if I don't have control over this in my heart valves just indeed themselves. Does that smell worse. It would seem like you all. I I would almost say that it would have been beaten up a guy construction work very well. I backed by all this although I think that. It would gag them. Am maybe that's my song hey you have a bad days you just are playing rented and have a bad day it's. So when I got this guy. I guess there was he wanted William Warren or anything like that the previously done it was a your neighbor. No knowledge look at a neighbor are you don't watch break or are they think the tension by it. I just him believing Kagan the front window somebody's home and think that's the easy way to get in and a duplex there of those homes like you know and remitted on tobacco are trying to believed in particular window and then peek through the opening. Yeah you've made it clear that you have sneaking up on anybody at pebble but the irony of having the gun out why you're assembling an end but one in the chamber you know coming out of those great timing may remember hoop and feel like I would do that now. What I Booth in a window and look how good looking and and go but I know underwritten here Hollywood's embrace a view cornyn who Gordon and our man you know. And how's what's crazy thing is avenue your someone you know 844999. I'm also pour criminal. You've been struck back. You've been hit back up all criminal. Didn't contribute to prove my point is in the public but the fact it's not up on it hello glory welcome to the men's room to neglect that. It's no I. Much like go back about ten years ago living down in the junior pulls its. Brutal. Honolulu and the cauldron during my buddy's house that nobody mother's house session initiative big count and she sort of sort of search and not not rendered out. So who what does that you know at night after you know a couple Beers but nothing crazy I'd gone to bed and Myron happened to your next to kitchen. Them out falsely. Well listen I your wit or come from the kitchen Corey Corey. And aside and sort of grunt we wake up and rescue going on in my buddy on the remaining in there. He says hey Corey could you wish beer and talk the lawyer and hell's going on. He has the speed. We are able to analyze loses its got a spirit we got to go eleven. Did it in the city involved in the story Tim Price. So anyways. I'm. So let me go to the doors you're going on and I look at look at the kitchen and ended giant wreck could only kitchen table. I got fat ass raccoon like an urban rack sooner or like go wild crazy on the would drag him. Erden that big fat yeah I want Lynn living in the dumpster and racquet again I'm not scary and I knew exactly like Al does is EC now I'm probably rabid only well no I got Israelis. When I usually do yes. Don't go grab the other beer and requested might grab machete to nuke site and disputed Jack. And you sort of get hit delete it liked it and hit just a day record like it's like the baseball that. Not not the tables underneath the table. Into the neither does the pointy end in sort of spears and under the table and pinned it against the below sitting area and actually a table. So much in this happened in Jack's you know my roommate. You big guy that construction. And he's got his whole weight bear against this the year under the table. And Greco and pushing him back like I can see him moving to the record they're fighting. So. Who I don't know dude good bridge to. It's all about. Two and people think ten but it not dying or not densities in Canada and and that's and so like well I'd stub machete my hand. So I open the element at doors to the gathered to another room and given given a spot to think it has an escape and are you ready machete with a machete. And I tell my relates to just letting go. So we let it go and serve up that thing come here and now all angry and head straight to the door and I students. He's down he's taking machete up underneath it like up underneath it had nickles. And got a pretty good and we'll sit over in the village to another and between agents. He cries. That's good you are you cold winter may have killed around him this and here I almost hit a machete to raccoon. This is not at all what I thought motherhood and took the call will be able to get it wrong with her very own car. And wow man who adds that. Has never edit where did you live at Virginia that good raccoon named her house and performance. Does he actually sold so Great Britain a little den dumb and I do mean you're and that's a decent to help them. To comment like you've dealt with sticks you. We got a Menard dumpster manages a visit I haven't heard it when I look like they're little like they're going to the casino to the buff I have kind of like founded in Waller. I odd ball. Ball. I'm. Make an even outing of the main country I think they've all lived on the ground now very likely you're gonna see him I think yeah defense I saw one of the years he for your good luck. Is there. See Iraq it opens at Belmont with it now that the crazy things at your facility in LA for Ford 9990. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. You don't have joined the man's room. It's hard drive gas coming out we'll since then it was ten songs turning twenty years old and our question today talking about weird stuff that comes from the home. Amen Missouri mistake his neighbor's house for his old the went into that hole thinking it was his when his neighbor approached him he strangled and thinking that someone. Had broken that was home called 911 sinner somebody in my house killed the guy. Mean here's the wrong house that is that's roughly you know Miami where a couple is arguing next thing you know they've got a ninja and there are. And chuck assailant came in and basically started beating the boyfriend over the head. With some non jokes we have the story out of California. A skydiver landed on the roof someone's house while they were home and no I am I'm a roof you know he's relaxed through the roof and let's not forget the fine family there and that a California which I'm sure you've read about. And the bizarre nature of the damage that god the new wife basically. Worshipped Jon and Kate plus eight. And then she was also a big fan of good theaters is that the other Gerald. They moved to California and try to be in some type of reality show. The next thing you know we find out these kids were change shackled star that was her deal all that was why they were there yeah that was or knew that was the reason while they were there. Our average Americans I know I know bit right to control. TV issue that is correct duties as yet. Over under house and around about the set out to need the over under on insanity is eight. I've known for animals and it's yet okay but he did you get to double digit kids slate is wrong zemeckis OK it depends on the how the numbers get there so another words if you have. Three children who and then you have twins and now you have five children dude you have five John like I know our own quiet way Angela. OK but I think any more than five and it's like wow man this is. You Guinea visited table anywhere like by putting Ernie his family did it kind of liken it different way like there's five of them that are much old are winners and a whole different set of late. The three of them over the younger smoker or accents yeah I think it depends on what just basically. How you were raised with situationally. Give it normally kid if you're if you're in the middle of more than four to me isn't so you know relate if you regulate twins take him out of the equation from say like if you consciously. You think that decision. Or agree I think it's a great idea in my mind that is insane it's geographically like. There's not a lot of people in New York City you have eight kids who are some that you just can't afford to live their he had that many kids. I hear Zoellick if you're Manhattan probably don't have any kids. Now if you live on a farm in Wyoming you could have a kids you might he be able to afford eight kids they might even all have their own bedroom. Over the world right right exactly as they gadfly you have a blog know what ever upgrading my eyes salesforce I grope on foreign veterans say we had nothing to do. On as I would probably took me to his job well if you're born and raised on farm life I remember you ma'am you're put their furry is right I mean it's thrills quote but I just think greatly with the Dodgers and stuff like. If they had that many dogs you to think they were here right yes right exactly if it. You're great I didn't give heavily tattooed that believe that they have that many kids. Great hands yeah and now some of the craziest thing that avenue or someone you know 844999. Hello hello Jared welcome to the men's room. Well not. All of our. I got our our error. There were. A little here a lot lot dumb college at the reception. So I had my buddy that you entered kindergarten roommate. And it would be allowed in almost every camera or your triple McCarron. I marked up area. So I come home at all of a step that every golf. Yeah. And get quote quote. I got a camera kit tomorrow she's. Took a harder sell her friend what I can party. Etiquette like. He's next door cute they're pretty happy obesity the only he has struck. All kind of got me and I totally abstract objects yet they keep they keep a lot of extra. And how much would you do that it can come back to meet you I'm not known that did happen well. About. Eight months later I went and had this little all away get penetrated her degree. And now. Twice now and you drive cars that you traded for we'd. Got a carton of all I am party chair military or are you okay and it's different for you out you don't get a guy who did you is gone good you know so we think that dealer exact. A malignant condition I'm in my opinion in the garage or. Horry stole it from one of the two well you didn't enter into and 100. A car owner only has. You hear elegant. Thought this coming in there man recently due I don't know. Is this allows the your phone broke them here less than decode it homer a couple of I think he's having a lot out of the news is the and a whole experience notably different guy Friday right knows every damage caused anybody's program. Dodgers does it may seem to stay need to still talks the many that I got it can't be in his remarks out right. Yeah it's good point about I've had this scenario before I beds or in carriers that could happen today yeah they you know doesn't penetrate these walls from. All okay we have a laptop I did get moved like five feet to right and I notice of and that leaves late models like five miles from the corporate headquarters of monetary just. I think the air ticket or tickets or was there oh and let's get the tower aren't really probably close it and I grew up put it shoots. You're that close to it if you can't give services media kits might possess the McEvoy military but why are you call I'm in the garage to. And out of the craziest thing that avenue or someone you know a 44999. Hole. Hello. There hello Brett welcome to the men's room. It's. But I know. Our you know our. Debt okay every did. I doubt on the ballot after eleventh and in my body like yeah like that our army OK out in that but we did everything out by the light. You don't like barricade made them look like oh it's in my bedroom window he thought. It got target outside. We got a little speedy guy and well like we got the DB got back out and got artillery. The gun out fired violet and and a little note and gave him a little edit arguing. I Iraq. And Barry got bored because we're and in and I'd like Oprah luck. And quote for a lot came around the block and there is clear about. Governor hey I Republican did look at people Linda. And because it's in your own like putting guns and shooting stuff Ottawa out. Amid the little daylight we did no one would hope. And well I haven't gone on like you guys can't be held like. Let's go and I got owed. Some old lady like that that somebody got shot like just. Now. If we don't hold all of right there are no like okay just don't come out like an alcoholic. OK. And Edwards absolutely terrified. Now that you are now entertainers will manually until parents. William turned toward the top one. Who should know that and out of the crazy thing is avenue your Sony you know a 449990. I think honestly I think a firework and that they would raise more alarm than even a firework at night. The night he deceived yourself someone else fireworks are set them I think that is the rain 88 to set them off to a right during the daylight the holy firms far from the day out every ten under a hundred Judy don't fireworks eventually you're number's gonna come up. Mamie till I don't know US scratch out stressing one of these days imminent. Last place other animals we came into early moon suited looks like aren't supposed to we'll live down the street from me like half a block. It's like they're challenging the cows come arrest them like we know it's legal these people sent all. More goddamn farmer like wherever you go would your city to watch the fireworks display like they have that many fireworks in May blow to assess all. Every July 4 all right but the beauty is again there are legal in the city but when I'm trash day and put them out. There make it very clear that all of these empty shell and these huge his monster par or is this just. Boxes halfway down the block and it's all this one also the way they really don't care now they don't know killed. Off slightly everyone has a few things they can hide in the trash and put him blasted greatly straight up just. Put it out there's a martyr. Yeah fireworks people to think that drug. And I think it's a million a day was like I got the hook up bottom athlete outgrew the left jacket this and that from the southern state and I think. A trust me when I was on the right who like it think really the middle of downtown. Anything. Not sure why the granite and my neighbor bill similar manner he had a uncles and like uncle Larry you're some Gretna green in jungle area like lives I don't know. Twenty miles away from where we but old uncle Larry wood drive take like the South Carolina north Carol call it orange as it was like. By the human feel like he would Phillip who's drunken make the run every year he wouldn't even go and I think he spent the night. And he drove like 89 hours straight aria packed up its. African trunk full of you know artillery and then came back with his huge you know just as he grandmothers they blow up in an enemy that. That was what he was known for. Yeah third go green why new government is every year like it there and run their daughters had died a short term and that was his thing and he gets fired. Up man and like you like. Talk about almost got pulled over. Jay get pulled over and is a different and have a Mike you know five bricks of well big difference but it either way it's illegal sure yet he can't move that stuff from state state so he would have been busted and everything else. Would you say no I mean they no matter because you probably think about it if you're a state of fireworks are legal. One thing to do with the neighboring states have the legal they've literally said to stand rights under the settlement and what. Welcome do whatever state in the South Carolina right south of the order right. They're still leave no doubt they're well I won't drive Democrat backing him but this guy was also the guy like you know like I another B and eight months an eight month old baby at the party giver like a Roman Catholic Church I held out okay. I don't know how much are old Arnold ball. Hearing that there's no level of it and just anything you know you make it the filter has just come off this individual's brain like it doesn't exist in daylight. No artist and editor in the car off that way you pick it fired on direct and all of this. I mouth of the craziest thing that's avenue you're someone you know a 44999. Hello hello bad not welcome to the men's room. So it all okay yeah. Our. A minute drive at bowling not to worry Bigby got there wouldn't have been and we are relate to these little guys and our. Julia please don't exactly. For the and I know brazen and I think last time. Man it's all them it's all that in very crossing the top. So a buddy of mine and from Bragg right yeah yet it up peace yet being you Washington DC. Well he that Washington DC gets good night all right this low light. You know grill there a number like everything's real vertical breach stories only table data meant for. Anyway he goes he goes on leave and then right after leave you goose. He goes on an assignment or light you know. Doral the month speed gun like a little over a month. We come back you opened up the garage door to find Blake is people plaster within your refrigerator sitting in it. And a water ball trickling down from the kitchen that's right above the ground. So he gets out. Don't there is no new light on the person or work to get desired burnout beauty flashlight what do you finally get in buying a very dead. Very bloated raccoon that had gotten stuck behind his grades and the electrical wire electrocuted sell and cut the water. The water that's run my career for a week and collapse of entire did indeed your. She's gotten. A lot from Lauren wrongly guys that. And the homeowners insurance covered that. Yeah they did they do it click what are those things really call that the insurance company they're like court band like the companies that kind of stuff we put commercial gotta set an adjuster. It just tickled another adjuster to come out here is that because there. Yeah he's been but I unbelievable. At three and other farmers and you know what and here's the thing probably more than likely. That home that whole deal stood there for Mike. 1850. On until that racketeering got in that kitchen and decided to eat that court over applied for whatever mean. That those are new buildings yeah for the most fortunate that they've been there for awhile we are former grad who drew the local corn closed garage weaves through. And households crazy thing is avenue or someone you know a 44999. Lola. Hello Joseph welcome to the bedroom. Hey what happened guys are. Eight so. This but forty years ago we had the there's the sweetest Rottweiler he could have been really nice big guns back cured. And we've gone through the air to. We come back. Doors doors are we opened. With commanders dirt all over the place and it knocked over a planner. In his dog later Coutts. And like I'll get out of turn skewered. And how badly in your house we have no clue but it seems like he's got to be kidding me you know it's hard because top dog you know. Some of the dog no you know I do yeah I've grown to be bad for laden I would have an estimate inner. It's. At all yeah it may pretty good last. Aspect. Down edited and I'm relaxed I'm about Ella rose's name is Ted Ted noses get to date Chuck James Derrick does so he dropped his daughter saw that assistance that's okay as sisters and have an asthma. All the stories are so Yemen and so this is there a warrior has a tune town with a big old dog mimic a Bloodhound coonhound with a tolerance bloodlines are small group accountable and this was like our big I. He only regular up huge gas Beagle on stilts aren't this thing is just them. Beast right. I thought there was no longer than a dog is he over the as to go there a box mom boxers there I contestants false and Terry OK and you got a brown won which never seek OK so he's got these two dog and Eric know every Syria are much the dialogue is needed just weird would you take out the one dollar because it's brown and people just kind of if they know bought the tires they don't get a proud father very very sweet dogs very nice dogs mean like anything else conducted hyped up in the pack and everything else up. Takes his dogs off. Drop some off of the sisters I think his sister goes out her husband for the evening here the day and go do something whatever. Everybody's in the backyard together including the goats that goat welcome tango which is Al oftentimes hides under the RV but for the most part it's notes that. It's never any problem with the Bloodhound where they'll let the dog isn't but not does that he and she comes home there's blood all over the facts. There is blood all over the inside of her house because you have door opens the dogs get. There are trails that somebody's been murdered right and lo and behold these three dollars and all worked up inside of the day was the day that there and murders that go on sale and they slaughtered at gunmen they drug it everywhere the third I mean he's quitting when she got home they interview was blood all over all their faces like that the pledge Chang and our mouth just you know our idea and my experience just the dog that live there when the two other dogs showed up it was like all right they won't tomorrow I'm gonna pick a coup for her as do I might as we take at least a series let me think you chased him out I would it take his ass down. And they drag the go through the house. Yeah yeah I think that might be my friend told me inject all the there's blood all of this it's the clicks and they would not really been murdered and and happiness they leave home to we have another friend that has some chicken hawks will probably get home. How long blood on every other big ticket could open golf and fitness that it. Yeah if I lose them go in you have. If your mother in south of the craziest thing a seventy or so when you know 8449990. Lamar because coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Through its. Target John John away vigil as I cancel and since then today I. It's been twenty years and he's due for popular coming up with sit and spin are causing today in this towels I'll what's the craziest thing that haven't viewers. Money you know 844999. All. Hello can go now welcome to the men's room. Odd gentleman and a top. I back in my act teen years back but we're all eleven what are support hang out with the lights went out that cruel Mike's. Elephant in the bedroom while Little League. Have been real good stuff we're all excited and it never awhile and my idiot beyond the whole outlook Erica out. Get their foot in a glider behind the curtain for some reason and also and I would definitely this tiny little brown dot. Kind of growing and I'd like did not. They get curtains umpire. And the minute you touch that thing and it just burst and flags. So he grabbed that thing he tried to JEL yank it down off that curtain rod and of course plays you know sparks are flying and making you know address or Don Meyer. Does it on fire chairs on fire it like my local fire department no no no we can get an outlook he get it out. Like might lead all the fire department. What are you doing what he's doing I mean you're watching over the use redden got inflated you've got to sit there being stone going I'll marry your rooms on firemen. Oh they get better so yeah basically they'll be one might tip off we need to pop out yourself so I finally got my wits about me and I ran outside you know Mike it opened up one of their windows of course which is nothing more without oxygen to explain. And so I run outside court gave up on the second or unfortunately like grab the water both announced they edited the window but. Where the fire data in the corner where in the water basically you'd have to to the other side of the blue but at least outside get wet keep the flames from spreading that way. Doug said you're stranded in the window and next thing until he finally get when I ran out to get the whole he did pick up on the call fire department thank god. Why can't run outside Mexico I know he's back in the bedroom least bike and sell to the window he counted the smoke in the water and Graham thirty partly government knew that you know. So in my own state of course not think it dried ice you know try to handed them hand over hand this thing get back to speed above my head entered into a lot of wiggle lump thanks a lot of those spree and everywhere. Start laughing and I'm like okay this this is kind of laughed yeah I think about the. Not that I know I have. I'm glad some part of you told him. Oh my god well part of Al swine layman out the window kind of broadened my scent and kind of the buzz kill. And so I called up the look that close diet soft docked on thankfully caught on the first talked. And he did get most of I hear Al. But it scored the fire department Dutch shell out they do more damage than what we had data we got a pretty good about it damage but of course but they're drag imposed on water. I mean they're making them after their big that we are big I'm Gerry Adams director and the thing about all the red embers up underneath the bank so they're they're below and that that. That's what. The funniest thing is the first thing that we did the likes. They don't we don't need no he ran a bit and that. He. But across all of a parent better leg cramp up under their bed you know thinking OK stay over there. Blah blah. So we can talk this story right up to get into the unifier parliament and we know about itself. We came up with a great story. Of course they come and I looked in the sore lack welcomed what he did look like electrical. Fire we spent what a story we're not we're not change any facts so they are now. We're quite awhile and take our statement and whatnot and they're in that room on their hands and knees and militant break and they can I. Finally after a couple hours they take off. First thing we do illegal lock in that bedroom you know get beat out of the parents around get that hidden we walk into that bedroom and and a nipping at. Wrenched at that point but look down on the garbage can and there was this big old fat budget. Office I had. A five minute yeah although I've got about how dabble we stay. And yeah I would not get ahead they'll be about. And then adapt to the fire are reluctant dad can walk in the front door and I left and let's just stay. I never saw Mike again. Well we did elected they would support a black guy. Always daddy as. Dad hated Saddam. Man why our man. But so what the one thing that came out of that we ended up he ended up with a new betterment abatement and we have much more brought it down there's the all that we get hurt anything new. We're. There's Luther Overland and that's how kids moved to the basement if it. He passed I have silver lining. Yeah filled. Bullet in the house and home it's crazy things haven't you or someone you know 8449990. So look on the return amass a men's room and the drug charge right castles in this Infiniti today shockingly ten songs that are turning twenty years old. And is on the way. The show and many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.