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Monday, January 22nd

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. Listening to. So let's say I'll take color 99844999. Only you'll play profile this coming up in miss. At your headlines on the label an hour from now first we check in in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on our and it says are five high odds the next big fashion trend I hope the answers to a designer at Paris Fashion Week. Think so. Have you seen him I have my little eye on this still the boot or they like they like and I want or something. No that's it's we're really poorly the original with the one thing about Pamela Anderson where did. So it's kind of like that but it goes up to the side beneath its basket is about a month I don't know how to stay off. Is there now like skin tight it's still like a boot. Animals horrible and I know hugs and makes other shoes and they make good shooting death that is all look like Google glorified leg warmer room. But she's right so. When I think about what most people I think of those who I don't know what it is I've paid to them from day one I equate like if you're wearing them and it's very unfair but it is just. If you Wear them I'd just assume your eightieth. If a militant horrible but it might be because of the people that were. We saw almost what kind of hard for same carnage in Paris only get onto a lot to win meet face that into the intellectuals happy but. Most replied no we're not even near as stupid as them but like if you're wearing them I I can't not think that you're an idiot so the idea define how one of you're an idiot the puts out. Well and they they look like how shoes if you will yeah how slippers like during the wintertime. Come all of hot cocoa and PJ's not knowing you you meant to be seen him do you know you only Wear with a skirt so anyway template fans over like yeah right. Detectives flexible. A film group got a recipe of the wonders are like but I also wonder to put those foods have to be content whose Red Sox. Following you couldn't get that in Iceland and there. Luke my you know how to splice of governors and I know that as a mile and a side through that little fuzz on the inside which in a way it's smells a little bit like dude a little bit I believe it. Some leverage we must my headphones I am I can't I can't place this now but I guess it's not good. I don't know what party about a you've thrown but I don't wanna see. Yeah I can tell us from the inside. Until we got arrested at Newark Airport for putting a fake bomb into one of their carry ons they give them TSA is reactions. Did they film and all the way to jail now actually I had no idea how we're they are now the NBC show called Staten Island hustle but it's not clear if they did it for the show or not. Well I hope they got permission before they tried anything like they followed around the Homeland Security is they're trying to run their security does. That's one thing but then again you don't want to show what the protocol is for how they find with a fine. Know these guys they know that they want them honest reaction and they got one. Mental when he first security is false alarms them please put a fake bomb understated. Yeah yeah it hit a real but I doubt this thing is if I'm at the airport quite solidly therefore moved along quickly can only and not a lot of rhyme or reason to and so. When you do that like Randall I gotta wait longer mortal plane did you want a defining moment here's a funny moment I'm gonna PI and filmed back. A huge giver in the UK recently try to get a hotel in Dublin to give her a free rural. Now the hotel says all social media influencers are banned from staying there today which to be honest I don't disagree wit. You might be a celebrity you might be the new age of of TV star if you will because you can practically DV now. He's still got to pay for things. As this now won't we do around here is we pay for goods and services isolate it seems like shocked by two. Was she really thinks they're never had treat them like this it's unbelievable. And only hope we'll ask for a free room. Is she one of the ones that makes like millions of dollars doing the Sith. Trial that's the funny thing and the Chile has played a 100000 followers for. For those people which isn't that crazy. So does not I think she's overextended here to guarantee anyway dad. When I don't know do good things like loan treats them like dirt a lot of times the way they respond to me is not a way and Richard drew them. A 39 year old and you it's our rob the bank alleges car keys in the bank. But he try to run away instead of driving but his bag full of money got snagged on something and reps. Gas started falling out on the street and he was arrested. He heroes to the that is probably about as worse is that could go over any not a good day now not how you plan now and I'll tell you had the best thing not a bad day at work I guess. Not me. That is good day in my is letting them know how they're allowed to use the money to find them the images follow the trail money you'd think that the surge slip a little little villages. Delegates that if you dropped 1000 dollars in official police reportedly lost 8000 miles that's right. A sadistic Joseph woman with a history of sneaking on the plane glad to take it was cut doing it again last week after she flew from Chicago to London she's been in the news several times before. Yeah I'm managing pulled off tonight. I don't know what she does he has nothing about her in the go to what looks suspicious. That help clean cut them and they lose I don't know if she becomes a way armed enemy would have from a doubted Obama boarded by having fake tears smaller crowd and I have no idea but I'm in mice produced in the third time I've read about her same moment. Don't Hough and I it's like I was like man the club the maniac like she just can't stop herself and like eighty year old jewelry the right when you're a you don't want it totally dependent on the Packers aren't really bad into the Pentagon if you'll definitely get arrested in the new might get the job. You can think of her like why don't you try to do something productive than for airport security do you figured out whatever there what are those shortcomings are you understand what it is right. Old people. And yeah hopefully we'll do I thought people had traveled from Iran and children direct she probably looks old even for 66. So she probably does like you said pulled out oh lord what an idealist I still living as you guys that don't think. Or she puts on her magnifying glasses. You might want out of our. Hey you might be able to get on a little computer puddle jumper for a you know an hour hour and a half flight two hours but when you're when you're traveling. In to a different country you're definitely gonna get caught and everything like if she's done this before she's traveling to different countries then I don't think either country I really can't you limit including get through customs get a passport you just gotta go there because you didn't have a password. If you brought her passport was a very good that you check your board as we get beat Sergio broader pats were Jeb Wilson customs. They went forward we are making our country Belfast. Aluminum Australia recently got fake eyebrow tattoos and have some sort of allergic reaction that made her forehead swell up. It's a thought the photo online of spokespeople. Not to go to the same clinic now they're suing her for constant and 150000. Dollars worth investing. I mean is that there are forward to she does have a reaction friendliness. They may be used to stick with the eyebrows a god gave you is that attach to a new ones on that you're gonna hate two years from now wait longer for growth and you end. When you go to professional tattoo artists. I don't know if you didn't go well together they're on base and that's they do they I guess I was curious a lot of time to read appears here at intent to place. But you trust that a person's visitors viewed what they do. But what expression she decide to get forever. Forever if this is going to shock the threat ever left. I'm happy. Tar balls Davos near New Orleans at a Colin. Had to call in the bomb squad about a suspicious package return of the bus was filled with seventy pounds of human waste. That's as much as all of a flat out demand new mail that was taken for mental evaluation yet he had to save seventy found the crash. Proud to bring a great point where did you get seventy Palestinians say anything about all the work although Wheldon all the meals all the throw everything token I don't know how much of who usually wasted in the in the bowl we'll didn't get real man like like your average number thing too is what. Like half of how do you say it's completely over a 10000 dukes to just you put that package is there one apparel and I have file may have played fifty proof. I picked it if it literally like that that's the ridiculously. Attractive this guy really did not like this course yet so let's go hornets sit around him like. I got the time seven didn't you all your friends and no I don't watch it if you dive I will order another big box yeah I don't cannot. If somebody pizza box outside an old. A bit did three year old and it's ever says gonna start a fire inside of a public bathroom and he got a lot to sudden couldn't get away and he's okay buddy was arrested. Thumbs these activities that is double Rondo rice sort of baffled by the fact that a woman inside Africa controlled her husband from beyond the grave. Those kind of she knew then I'll tell tale about a one hour from now. You might not headlines runaway one hour from now first the day goes on. Street sense. See the drug to police tell everyone how profile this is playing at Georgia and miles it's that simple game are we share with you real life new story something that happened right here. I'm Glenda and her current. And you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people and the decisions that people make less good it is you think makes the story a story. Hello I don't welcome to the men's room. 000. I. Anatomy and stand on this you're James Blake. He said he looked fantastic but your story. Begins with a blue easy night in west Harlem and ended up resulting in drunken man and Palin as his groin in the animal friends. And in the belly growing at a level faith belief Bernard also sparked a fight between two other partners. The 47 year old ma'am he's over the painful injury and last week actually ended and spring blow the to the top of the borrowers and down into the sidewalk below you didn't screen but the thing probably because he was so drawn. Another painful predicament prompted to party and that was still drinking. They were arguing about whether or not have been done help the guy how would you think about. There are standing on a balcony. Over top of this guy this guy's hanging off of defense bleeding profusely for withdrawing busy as small little window there. And are having an argument about whether or not they've done enough. To help the guy out that while we guys sitting there on offense hanging by three embarrassed now a witness. Had a friend that says they started drinking on the second floor apartment but everyone else became irritated because this guy have been killed himself apparently was little drunk little disorderly getting too loud. When they're gonna farm out he decided just don't awful low balcony thought he did the street below. I do end about the street Mary's. On the threats and why the cops they managed to get a multiple offenses went to a hospital he will be arrested but do you believe the genius that black white mixing or you. Move. When sailors and west Harlem New York. Unloading your candidate got a bit everything no thank. Yeah yeah that's the good thing west Harlem like its own severe like Harlem like we know Harlem in Manhattan. Man it's Harlem in Manhattan but they soon west home and it's hard for me no fly. I don't I did everything you think the other than Harlem it's probably a better for the he's in Guadalajara Tillotson educational problems which was well Harlem all right the Bronx is where you don't wanna be right. The Bronx apparently still remember Harlem felt a Clinton's whomever crisis. Anytime you guys. Hawaii is he jumped so just drink and he was very even as the leave the party above. Because he was getting a little Drucker and rowdy than everyone else's and they were. They weren't being mean he could have just walked downstairs but he decided to in his drunken stupor to jump off the hook the balcony. And ended up winning going first on to the metal fence both. Lull. Match entered the gun and not do it authority that would do that and stupid yes. Probably why. And I don't refine my rethink. None meet up with it sounded crazy white guy can also be turned black do the freaked out Saddam get out of here. Only. It's senator Tom and the Jewish. Yet. But they don't little white finally answered I'm gonna find now feels black white makes your Jewish snacks that as a tease you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Six is you. True a lot of things is the Harlem got particles too hard and his buddies and as the main menu if you need to get the hell out of here and instead of walk up front darling most clearly jumped off a balcony and onto the railing belonged. And what's actually in pale all the I'm assuming on the east do. Bar that goes down to the wrought iron fence and ran for a house in the brownstone and everybody away went straight through the quote do brownstone that give blood system. And now but we asked you Adams did you believe that this geniuses. Like why it makes you or drew and an end to what white. Wow now. Makes me makes this week. He'll tell us anything. Now produce volatile driver tee time today. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the newsroom presents. You know miles the time to talk while watching old shows so this weekend. I started while I was watching. An episode a coach. Is I talked about how coach's dad Dieter I was that is not his there's very little to. Who was played by. Jerry bans on how great ideas are right then they jump it's a it's all or it. So I much rather it's a yeah it was one of the banking and damn Brothers. And I got a bright eyed it's that simple. Afterwards an episode of Johnny Carson. OK and I children Carson came on right the first Leo man. But I was child about Johnny Carson right. It's kind of weird because the episode was there any let's before I was born. And it's normally the air those the actual day of so if you're wondering are dissimilar to urging his march 13 1970 so. So it they try to Goodling in these close some ups well I was trying to tell Mike earlier the amazing thing to me watching an episode of Carson. Just some of the stuff he says it's. It's a little more sexist. Or just destroyed and a body that's important it's moonlight and nobody seems to mind and also. It seemed like he was doing more kinda but obviously he had jokes written yet but it seemed a lot more. And Libby. Add living in boost the might tenacious especially when he's in character. Doing like Islami or whatever it against guys they just lose it most like to Carol Burnett show and most of McCain keep it together. There's a lot of reactionary comedy from Johnny justice facial expressions. But just look at the camera and stereo. But he was more of a performer and a lot of guys I was not knocking guys announces the depth views of reform as happened to host the show. Right right. And it just that's like Bruce the most disliked guys nowadays you talked your band leader whatever. I mean you know she's ripping into the drummer. And the like Ed McMahon started jumping into goes up a flight data Danielle could keep the shows are hopeful or before consumption more her roast. Will you welcome to access the I. And the right which are right a lot of those shows to me and he was just everybody tighten up in the half of that so sometimes we know this we do we do the show every day. Sometimes you start laughing about something Mike knows more about this than it is to perform upscale. But Sarah laughing about some stingy as far as I did all right and it's been great on our ports are open. John Kennedy's killer heroes a lot of the so why. And it's. I don't wanna that yes I would rather. It's amazing the smells exactly the same but we don't ruin the other leg you don't mind Nomo when you smoke them on the backside delight glad to meet the man if you ruined doubled thanks for me I'll be so pissed that you posted her mouth moved. Ali you wrote for his two tasty. The that this is a mile road and everything you can and if if it. There aren't given a double days after the holidays have become over I can help. So who this news reporters talking about bison hump day. Bison and hump day. I mean I don't blame her for lapin is that it Denver except me and eighty feet. Something special the national western stock show today in bison hump day. Her answers we'll meet ahead of the show to talk about ways to improve things it says yeah Kenya and is different the bison population. That's uncle becomes a big step yeah fixed. Some talking technology is at hand it's a hurts and all part of the roaming to success campaign facing these bison population. From. 400000. To more than a million examples I'm done. This morning. A little bit of me right you watch a video the man who takes a page less so than to what efforts all the cells like oh it's a good joke. I hang out of bison on Wednesday that like net and out. Diligent encouraging them by you yeah you're right be anymore by the go talk to Leavitt said to garner I don't know Levi's Elizabeth. Sort of 1000 and it did and our own. I now that's a problem for humans is to me stats out there period but I try to run that game went time in a bar with him. And you'll allow him a week. But well have a lot of humans and how do you gotta do it we gotta do this right not not for me that it that it had been a gratification this is a human race. We're keeping gallant. You Sosa over journals and the world OK but the fact that it. And according to the survey we had earlier it's W with a gonna procreate they're less inclined to want to the other night at the feeling of Ted saying it since we know he's lying. He'll be just fine if you just days until Thursday or gunnery produced there that's why I'm so horny now I just work out of our protection. If it happens for you more than me if it. I think that time year reduce the playoffs and stuff and we talked about Tony Romo as an announcer. Not so much all right people are back and forth. He does makes an odd noises so let's just tear a couple of his weird noises. Once again gets your season and it does we'll spend there. Hello that's loose that is definitely. Own. But then again I think is Beverly invaded miles that's a thousand thing I know you do. Yes of evil or can bottom without Sadie gets everything back. I'm with you he he's legit excited he has a look at the worst thing people gonna do is make fun of you because of your level of excitement makes you sound a little silly. I think that the best in the gonna happen if you're the color guy and sports market. Your job to try to explain people what is taking place on the field. This guy just stepped off the field so if you get really nerdy into the game and what's going on in the game. You can appreciate what Tony Romo is saying because anytime someone does something he's reading to check. He conceded from up above it's much easier to see here from up above and this is only what you do you're yielded the detergent that's Arce got this call any standard plan I'll be Tony does that the because you're right he is watching everything on film is what happened let's see here. And honeymoon. Jaguars of the ball on their own 35 alert the Puerto eating. You have to realize I like the heat but he's out loud he's already he's already tell you that well the quarterback is is about to make him than we wouldn't look left. All but they would Jim Nance is dancing up and down effectively then had to deal with Phil Simms okay. Well I don't that was I think that there are numerous size since the same person either on and I don't care which one you put in the same African person. And and broke low I mean look I never like Tony Romo as a player shoulder as he played for the cowboys skins fan writes thanks as Tony Romo as a commentator he's very likable. Right but he seems they have a one time when I. I liked it's I think makes a weird noises out. And like bell tower until he retired from coaching. Right in our respected guy out of your Steelers coach ran out I have a hard time with you. But now and do whatever dozens pregame why is Fred. I think as part broadcasters going out doing something that I never would have thought I think there might shock moment was was the later game with the coverage with Terry Bradshaw. If the trophy presentation he goes up there and knows the words to the Eagles fights with. Now what he screwed that up he's put up filly given away a trophy and he starts the song but then he tried to cut it off. But we hear anything at all the only right thing with the first two lied to everybody guys and then he goes all right well let's any he's in the even. Jeffrey Lurie look glory glory yeah there you say you know great he's he's about being the trophy mean he's like singing it like that you started the Eagles people that saw you can't say I don't know. It is tricky right to start singing whatever their fight song has. They're going to sing until that fight song is done right. April what fret if you have a fight song and geragos who think it goes with a gonna do they're going to sleep and they just buy another bonus Super Bowl. They're going to single African salt. Yeah and it's a fight some name you don't spell something out the end of this fist pumps but so has to happen Edward Norton spills of into the fight so. Yeah what time I was sitting in a bar a shedding a sit in a bar with miles and his wife. And we are watching it didn't seem so I think the fight song she's a you spell that really well and yeah quality. As a trial and after the end of that flight now my entire life that they pretty easy stone Mary land. Finance sailor's belt. Yeah Mary land and Paul Weiss and that kind of stuff whole life yet there's only one element I Mahan told lies come by pole ice works for police. Not really because it's POL I CE. Yeah Pope likes like a poll poll lights are all right flag lice they can afford to rent a regular use tea ABC poll POL. LR PO LE but he said Pope. I'm remotely from my brain bro and I asked my whole ball polio battle with the okay. Did smell of old guys about polarized that the appropriate. If you are correct term but from my brain works for a couple weeks. Peter ticklish everybody does it couldn't do it with prevalence finally did you know these American. You know I was shocked by that is the last named England just I was I was a little known as usual people I just assume their all. European side. At England's tinkling sounds like a very English name his name is glitch tidy up I think I should get more minority and I don't multi. In any of Malcolm. Appeared different to. And he got out my American folks. When I bought my. 2000. Well that's hopefuls American model only goes online I personally you know is obviously that bit of an actress for the first and we talked guerrillas or British like cock. I'll go will be able just yet but we'll see you just you for a it is album age is Alba you design but we always say. It affect it or McNulty well anytime you see your brother with him was I don't care who you are you are surprised right. Now he's moving a little about the wonders of life in view Alda oh like trumpets and I'm looking forward to the we don't coat I don't know I don't want to movements are the boy didn't start or. Did she have everybody hours amazingly easy painless way I'd like I don't know I think Spears' brother right this is though. I was quite happy donated 200 vehicles won't have removed the should do tomorrow okay the British colonized the universe. According to Star Wars the bad the good all their all all everybody says if you have any with ice and in the stored chances are your usual you are able. And oh yeah. And it but the favorite target at this. They're in big glitch right. I think that basically asked about the show. It's surprising they brought it to an end it. Basically he says did you think you'd say he says it's bittersweet. Those kind of sad part of our business he you know you've had this great run but its kind move on. Basically sounded a few of them are generated you some and also the game with a that you noticed that right even kit Harrington. Who of course is of course Johnson up. He's he says he's grown tired of quote the incessant beaver like fame. I couldn't do is look I'm glad experience it but it's the eye and he can't go on for much longer. There's another girl she sits usually excited she's been working hard hit basically since she spent a third of her life doing that chip east. I can sell for seven years at least 21 who he says thirty of what it. I think for lending it kind of had the same thing like we we've we've done well known we've done as much as we gonna do here at system closed chatroom. Now there can't be redone we can command while Dell's programmers like what are you talking Soledad I'm one role and Jewish forever. Yeah and cartoons for some reason Tony Danza. Because I don't have Donnie and I just because they don't H. Kevin Everett aide says they don't vote you got the voice and a man it doesn't matter all but you're right I regular TV sheer joie golf. Demanding. Or something the look on his face that you know what you're enjoying it though I'll miss you that's what worries me. These are double aid far dram don't have a whole different creature. They're army guys the ticket from. I like him any real level. Satan they call them double legs for reasons. To say intimate. Mean Ricci creamy it's not I'm not really good and I have seen in my attitude that it. Employees and I'll work as girls like us they look at smells like a dried turn on a hot day and designed it hit a you have to stop cracked limb sin El Paso mom drove a good drive well 105 degree day in just one load deterred bacon in this. They don't like when your power goes up 82000 opened usage. It's like Manhattan. The more drive and then you likely grand happen it's like a place of what has held or want guide the way east battle. I would go to air jerky you know when you go in after Graham drag you bathroom and you know nothing Soledad and it hit at that you can see the letters floating it. Beach piece of lettuce in the side of the ball. Approve an hour ago doesn't matter to the historic figure thirty sit here. You know how positive he threw me off those parts let's go to the thank you notes from mr. Barak. A guy who accidentally triggered a missile warning in Hawaii. For basically sending me most extreme you up text ever. Not a drill now my goodness. Crackling note brand. For giving humans a chance to eat cat food. I was sent him. Thank you. A computer updates for reminding me tomorrow for ten years straight. Thank you winter coat pockets for meantime Cassel filled with tissues from last spring. Thank you flu season has forcing me to figure out how to get through an entire day just using my elbows. Thank you sour cream. For not being called tackle yogurt place. Soccer younger I had council are. If the I don't know that anything outside of yogurt sounds that you put any word in French yogurt may lose a main yogurt in order. Internally yogurt. Immelman yogurt yogurt try to make something cute. Puppy yogurt the younger railroad like good right. Beta yogurt. But this is cute and fluffy salty yogurt what is Canadian yogurt is probably cottage cheese lady this guy comes a time. Right routine greater and he didn't I now I feel like I guess that you know they're just put up routine should act like a precarious for a great unit which I think. It tells the Germans the best. German yogurt moon. He's finished no real great a or wait to see younger without starting my yogurt breaded it's not a flea season probably you don't it's bribery and know every measure gives a might get whoever Greek yogurt but it feeds go a little bit over the about Turkish yogurt like nobody wants. Yeah it. The difference yeah I agree you're broke with Turkish immigrants number three torture it's about it sounds like kind of what you typically hot stocks with. In this New Zealand south everytime you open there's Arum top. With that admission to a fruit you mentioned an actual hair. Does listener since you mean you're right I guess this disease sauce and Turkey shoot the manifests and stare at. It's just outspend I would not want to have a Lebanese younger to same thing I would trust Lebanese I don't know what Turkish German and you think it should be from Lebanon. Right it's down police opened amid the streak is the area you know agreed to give it a little bit like that whole bit to Mediterranean to get away would be honored you are about Peruvian yogurt. ID. All. Maybe just he did. Proving you think they'll do that the crew is make improving the thank you Tim he's very creative. We have your headlines going oh my god gave minutes you are listening to amend your radio network. And Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real well. You know who's Smart does that record coast to coast except in Maine where they threw a T Rex far. Philadelphia plays very slight pulls through and climbers but that didn't stop one guy named Marty for three or four. Russian police urging mad dog in the basement by a crocodile living there. Delta changes rules you'll be flying with a monkey spider or hair and a big volcano on the Philippines is about to blow it is time for your headlines. It's Sunday it's. Here's Mike costs at our top story legal. South Africa were woman had one final request of her husband as she was on her death bed ready to pass on into the next world. She asked her husband after she passes to remember to water the plants and being a devoted husband he did for five years after passing. Five years after her passing until he ultimately moved from the home. As when he discovered that the plans she has to know what we're actually met out of plastic. Gone well regularly wanna lay out home those that. That was it although that was the final yeah how okay is there an executive at this guy damn man that's funny. It just is one of those stories that I wish that. You know you hear the story Reagor ghostly voices and what not when you found that out I just want him to hear her tackle in the back to. All who goes about act act after Alexander the got a death. That's good news. I don't know why I'd I think I would love that you know most of what well leveled with the thought of of a loved one gone the Dow does make me laugh it's hilarious slam of great great. Around the world in Russia police were searching the home of the man involved in staging reconstruction of historic military battles. Looking for on nuclear weapons and they came across a shocking discovery. On their way into the basement they noticed a crocodile resting in a pool of water. Governor Palin's shocking discovery I think you're very splendid he had only animal for years. Jets shocking as well which yet exactly why in the hell would you just have a crocodile downstairs preview a saltwater crocodile in your basement a live feed did care for it in on him like how does that happen. Definitely asking the wrong person well I'd go beyond Howland say why you know I. I don't lose he in my apartment I keeper in their because I like to better at night she tells when I'm at home all by myself that you can't do that with a crocodile and you can't explain why people do what they do but in the than many might have. Python that grows up to be I don't know fifteen feet long before you have to get rivers of me understand you keep that engagement a saltwater crocodile living in your basement right you don't emulate. Who can pull you have download. Exercises are trying to climb the stairs he's even get a big bathtub and us not at this is a crowded houses in the team and this is an alligator rally too easy to picture of this thing you had a for a few years. It is a big ass saltwater crocodile. Look at that. In his basement. Some insane and it's like okay evidence that's impressive but she's it was the end goal right. Do I think here's the one thing I would say not knowing much about the crocodile species. I truly believe though if you put that thing back into the wild he could probably make. There's some I think there if there be OK you don't mean in my have a fighter and around the young about a stealth right. If this is the one that survived everything you and also excited I brag that the cockroach we go to Portland Maine were far latest edition L weird news and monuments squared dozens of people dressed in T Rex costumes swarmed the square and began to dance brow and Miller around. He would that your axis. Diaz got tons of T Rex staff talk and I used to dance 65 millimeters and and the Braves normally they may weird noises contraction stuff. But the food table there though than any you just only. Hundreds of people Lauren there there were dozens of tear exit you know those cool little inflatable ones just going nuts and I don't get it. I look I don't consider it if those new team axis has seen one or pribor firepower both. Mean I've seen one get married those those two Rex is our direction America yeah I think when conducting an orchestra. It's thicker everywhere there was a versatile they really start I think that we need to bring it back so that he can Seles is a ways. I'm an anybody tonight at times you're sort of give that. Delta Airlines putting their foot down on a new regulation on people flying what animals advantages lately with people bringing quote emotional support animals on the flight. As the number of animals misbehaving running around the cabin deprecating and biting other passengers who is increasingly. Good sense. Are all animals emotional support animals convince your pet correct rights yeah. I got a big event that I hated tennis Canada as I dived it up like as zed a violent home all by myself. Feel a thing to keep him diving into depression is a cap on my left is purring away you know might some of us on the even sadder that this I'm hey I'm like that's it the cat the cat this don't want to look for mobile all the why do you know in spiraling into the present as you sit at home alone sometimes and I'm sitting there in the dark things get a little bit lonely man. Why else I'd get. Mosley missed. Hello guys but you can only laugh praised that. Yeah I think between me and dark dark depression and cat food it's. Mr. Lee out at me when she's scratching the living hell out of me. Maybe have her thigh Amare he's scared about the day something happens to thank Africa. Africa do for your crappy effort I have a awful. There were from work to do good abduct you go that thank you all but I think characters. Left I'll feel bad here's what the bike as I think apparel under the ticker at area go adds great. It's true. If you're zone meaning of life and zombie to take care of others I can come really wants to attack you that's right if I can come early Sheba. And apparently once just be in the room when your masturbating on a night fans that come on in Iraq at. And heads every Allied Nevada where about my gosh. It's there we'll see you next time dragons are drag gals announced it's been I think that we're gonna have songs. Did people think Paramount assets you have someone that I guess and other return investments are Mets all on tap next half hour Intel based on dudes in new modes and for leaflets say. Some day.