01-11-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets Picky

Thursday, January 11th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about Picky Eaters! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Good news good news you can Alison to our show anywhere previous episodes you can order midterm sausage right to your door find the midterm original red with a beer finer blogs rules. And for the first time ever it is you with verses the FCC when you download the men's room app of available now. I'd anytime there's big W 44999. All who is our next contestant right to play the big game. Hello Tim welcome to the men drew. Hello gem. Obama. I did this over the field. Over in film in the last widow made a clear night. Tim let's drill hole would you rather be rich and uglier floor and really really really good look at. I think every other reporter really good looking because I every here that if you're really good looking Canadian or try to work that's. Okay and you know the people you're with a really good to be attracted to you based on your physical appearance based on your pockets. Or your pocket. Do you care. In the end of happy news he had cash and you think you can tell you want a person you're with could be somewhat attractive yeah. I think they'll do even if and when you don't have attracted everybody else but here's dean keep filthy rich. But he's still my wife would drag him because whoever belief. So it's the edit their community if you really really good luck getting your pork at least you have a chance to go change that but if you really really ugly and you're rich today I'm pork. Under. Also it you don't have to do anything I mean the one guy just got arrest and I was a bomb. That's true but the really rich Garrett healing get arrested. And he's going to a coral one OK and then the oil away for good looking do state of billionaires dire. Guys dating my daughter up if I do question who directed the 1999. Movie the watchman. I have no idea from the depends. It's never. Good movie it's a little longer than it needs to be enough. Hoffman is that what you call the pick me up. And a lot of blue penis you've seen a movie know exactly little talking. Are your question. What was mrs. Adams first name on the TV show and movie that Adam Smith. Yeah I. You know mortician toward to. There's been a world but a mortician that it. That was the end. Shoot over them or after. Shreve appreciate Steve and look at which are general body temperature and some I realize it doesn't matter the through political jealousy out that I'm all it. All right questioned multiple choice wolf country hosted the first Olympic Games after World War I it was a Belgium France or Sweden. A. Felt compelled to. Every day. Nothing to filter. I don't know if you want to show Family Guy the question revolves around him. Of what distance is Peter on family. I am sorry you were a couple of all what the sense is Peter I'm failing. Here yet. Trapped. At Delray. Is correct I would dissent this year and who. Alsace German. Irish and it's. Our listeners do bear. My question five. I got a call from this neck of the woods not so long ago. The province of some stature shares a border with two US states one of them is Montana what is the other state. You know what mark I'm sorry. The problems of this statue on its shares a border with two US base one of the state does Montana. What is the of it. On the field Idaho. You go to the real life. They got a call tomorrow and hopefully build Glendale and then went to clean bill of upon fact and he says basically it was western North Dakota. Which really doesn't. Yeah Montana seems like Michael I think it's very you there on the eastern side of the net and we've you know gonna maturing let us drugs and all right Chuck Berry only had one that number one hit ever. What was the song. As a hint he was singing about opinions. And far error stated his face wanted to go play. I don't have suggested budget question that I have never heard of the torso. Back to the you have no idea. Mike Palin. And it's the friendly look the thing about being with Melamine as a very he's like yeah. That's why I called songs of my being moved to back Pelosi couldn't have been dogged about. My deal I'm doing. That there. Aren't. Multiple choice. The sold with the longest title ever on the billboard hot 100 chart. It was a Disco medley from 1981 by it doesn't matter of the vehicles in question. Was 175218. Or 350. Characters long. Once a required to AT and accretive. Lucrative and you can't get out or 88 on this particular game. That's our job where you are correct them by the way since I know that people are dying to know the name of the song and it it was. Mentally intravenous sugar sugar no reply I'll be back. Drive my car do you want to no secret we can work about I should know better nowhere man you're going to lose that girl's stars I'm 45 yeah that's the man stars on 45 you're right what are the imported or why do you know that. I just remembered the band is I thought why is this band discovering a bunch of different song that's playing well together as we've heard before in the claiming that there the artist behind and who is in church. Here's a Demi Moore parred 999 fellows are nice and doesn't write play the game hello William welcome to the men drew. Oh all right. So we're not homer. So William bug in the show. There are they your opponent say whatever good would you rather be rich and uglier Ford really really really good look at. Although people on days like this guy. You my wife. Relegate. Florida I believe because Libya or it will appreciate everything yeah. Look we pour and ugly because. You re rich and appreciate your yacht. Who hope. You can be ugly and appreciate Maria but all wars are. Oh sorry I didn't. Drive that was they've got to go to my head I'd go that low ball. Don't read more you pay more attention to the road sure. I we again recently with a big debate about what is or is not a Christmas movie. So a lot of people listen up to this this is a multiple choice question but the movie miracle on 34 street. Definitely Chris was moving Brad no one argues that came out in 1947. But was released in December April June or October. Way before my right side. We have December traditional Christmas where guitar in April or June or October. Yeah yeah. Classic Christmas do these horrible third quarter huh. Came out right in time for the holidays in the month of June the reason why is the studio believe the more people saw movies during the song. Play a miracle on thirty portion just remember that we're arguing your Christmas movies. Just don't have a Christmas doesn't make an aggressive move him a movie about Christmas is a Griffin threw it right in thinking who. Don't throw Christmas in the summer party. When you you can do better lower that to an air conditioner real low brings gifts or fuel load that. RE 80% of all the pretzels and the United States. Are made in what state. On notice when. You read it won't eat what what it. 80% of all the pretzels and America are made in what state. A poll yep. All are. On the job and bad. If you have an ease goes you know those polls show some. Original there's a maybe don't know that pollution. Well. Well. Hey Pennsylvania except they all make. Basically my bottle cap or. One of those two Brothers and as we learn from the last time we did discuss retirement the signers of Berlin and Snyder's of Hanover always give our debt and influence in my who are Brothers and Brooklyn Park. All right here to question. Barry White the former singer. He was gay members teenager after he went to jail he heard a song for what popular artist on the radio Libby decided to get into his. By late fifties early since he's always had there's always was on top of the world that this. Am like Barry White all prematurely. On the Tora. Well what you look. Yes. Very popular I mean huge. Huge icon. Miles in the future intend to let the toilet. Well that's her back. Actually January. And I think disdain somebody you know that has died on a tournament sort of man animator who about a Famer admit I was out of the thought. Yeah but I think that Gomez you keep you need somebody else that is to I don't toilet now. You doled Udall announced that. You don't hear a celebrity like it right exactly like you know if if god forbid something would happen to do one of us and here we got on the toilet you know we've we just probably passed away. Finley weighed about a year and from under the bus. All know chipped. I'm just no chance either way I would act today miles of the dear brother dynamic toilet Intel and everybody right away and anyway see Obama who needed it probably three or four months out no not at all maybe a year ago dragon might die and that's out of the bathroom. The army growth from our I thought there aren't in my marriage I was in the hallway right in front of the map. RB crawl all the privileges so that's not what you've done this a subtle little dark. But I everybody that died in a bathroom. Well what was known about the well you can he was sick and dehydrated oh he has his of the royalist I wouldn't say he died on the to a play good you know he normally you only save as a championship player died like a wanna say Matthew McConaughey Hayes mother told him that heard there is dad died having sex with a was sure. I'm gonna make her sound bad aggravates everybody's Taliban as an open today and senate you know made a peanut butter baloney say or do whatever died on the toilet and and banana Garrett was pinned right below yeah thank him you're sick duty probability we'll throw it well you don't do get it you can almost sandwich he's going to be answered no matter what's. Games they got 844999. All we get your emails on the way for the bedroom had been survived doc I'm coming up next you are listening to the major radio networks. Yeah. Jeff got on designated hotels goes to the world of picky eaters and picky eating at subway after emails in the men's room Evans or live dot com. Dom got. Hanoi area all the Jolo island to a jet diverted to our son Collin he has Ford today he's a fabulous new cracks his parents a daily and is a wonderful Big Brother. Gonna get a little kids they sandwich and Ozzie Ted telling him all about sea creatures in Australia. We obviously bear love mommy daddy and deacons. Dad did into Mellon they look on before I wanna stay up at the creatures dead yet dangerous but sure you stay out of the water. Did you see where a. I knew well a poisonous snake just washed up on the shore of California that is normally a much much warmer water. A couple of them had only a mini again just wash over us like a yellow bellied. Ask you first saw but I do some of those poisonous snakes in the water too late the only way they they're pretty deadly in the in the water right. But they still got to come up to brief Watson while great and that's that's been your fate in a plate. Seabirds because it is should take this fuss about it and Australia they gravel and then sometimes electoral votes and out is raining Julie. Raising our land and picnic table that I had a test ridges my son Logan is turning five today he would love the little kids they sandwich that from Andrew. Izod Jennifer is a love all my life I had she listens to you guys every day on the way home I would really enjoy and she definitely would enjoy as much if not more to get to the extreme that dirty German. Thanks guys that from John. You so people like to blow each up with the relationship stick. Now with the extreme did he do the right and good for a bottle of mountain group yeah. Guys there's my best friend ally just labor day's events for and all the world aisles over and he get a birthday song and I'll look out thanks guys that from Sarah. Oh look out and I never content on to Craig in a padlock key needs they would then fellows at more than enrolled penis. Thank you guys that from Lauren the bearded viking yeah. Carl and protein is his bond it's got a like to wish my Gabby Tony for his birthday getting a barber five shot faced sandwich. Whether your penis is too small thanks guys here's its. Movie borrow this and wins. She's done her own desire. Cody Stanley is he's still really is she in the morning and and you and you and I cannot. Guys go to New York into weeks does anyone know bedroom sausage freezes and travel as well as it's the only way I'm get your vote me that from Ronnie turns 29 years old today I would love some dirty German talk. Leo look them with a two run ball good from students who wrote moon. Now on the worry about freezing soccer just worry about putting. I'm pretty sure B drives that I should be just fine if you do know more than I guess eight hours for little children are out of office they manned by asymmetric sausage enjoyed it home seems weird to take. Food on vacation do you get a shipped anywhere so well yeah and others are shipping costs associated with that but just know it'll it'll ship anywhere in the United States so obviously you get there it's. Our guys writing and get at a birthday shot onto our drummer amazing friend mates to celebrate is also missed him regularly draw a jig ends. And close it out with the dirty German seducing this 31 year old drummer boy. Thanks guys love the show sincerely Stephen Baker of hillside divide and ask. The young outfield though there was a joke it's going to do so would include those important. And after we're done with one home and play and umpire. Guys say about thirty seconds or brown the sun go against the dirty German dog and possibly some parenting advice you see I'm almost nine months pregnant and really. Really for this child. Waiting to get the hell out of me thanks guys that from San. You are wanting window child who haven't come only a physical sense now. God didn't just miss the compared to their place. Makes it gives a child nutrients. But we will do this yeah. This is my 33 Jerry Brown the son unless the men's or religiously for the past seven years absolutely love you guys Robert de. Video and Andrew penis and drill B is it's a dirty Germans talking about Andrew penis. Thanks guys ever might go and broke team this. You are out too much too much on the road games but don't know about Andrew. Guy who of one of these engines he. Took the tour to replace the contingent that's also present. No my husband John is 35 today he's pretty good guy loses do you guys ever dated units in dirty Germans talking about. Beer that would be great thanks guys at for Melissa the life he and I. You feel if you were to me. I'm gonna attack UK I wish I. And I told the plug being into it yeah put together. Totally as always my loving fiance Paul having 36 out of love if you guys have played original face sandwiches and dirty Germans for this airplane loving guy. That from Salem. Fish sandwich and I do want to go to an uphill and feel free to enjoy the sea level club we get the dome before we keep the stuff through. God hopefully Jessica snow played an offense with the jets and consensus on the warm love. Guys could you please push myself my brow Rudy had a birthday we both start another rotation today dead you may have to get creator of the since I only get one shot in my 51. I'm sure you could make it happen only to cut that bid shelf next Keller followed by the for a view talking about what just happened. Thanks bridges you make my dog walks rocket that from shock. It itself. Neck ala John of the UN earlier I had an oil disaster I don't but he was certainly don't like it was kind of got a little big picture I don't know about you unless I'm there if you talk particularly under Clinton. I don't know outside of legal matters Islam. And your daughter lives forever and are looking at things a little draw mustaches suck up the salts guys today and my dad Rick's birthday he passed away my senior year high school eight years ago we please give a birthday shout out today. I'd listen to the radio station my whole life and he was always there with me as a rockaholic best guys that from Chelsea Kurds Chelsea absolutely he's got here you go. It's. Yeah I did OK okay have you had any. I cleared me to take note. Mid day is does it did you Germans brought. So available through he's world fame on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. Know him shrine inside you. The others are now known as Sherlock but first the head Jeb is and how to want to get a diver did meet at the date else I. Hi I'm not good at what you're off yet mammoth and a son in this kitchen. You know it's funny everybody knows in the summertime the kitchens are hot but sometimes you know. Then keep the customers happy the front house we got to pump heat in there that's rarely think about chest and the clocks back in college. Sweat gets in your food Steve. You know what I will say this is that the better establishment very little believable OK you're sweating I don't know it's just a different mentality. And like looked me and you I would not say what chains have been Q did you watch the maker food if Schweppes is pour off the forehead. Escorted your food in you just decide not to can get we do pretty well defense or establishments like slip. Well it's mother now I mean if there's one guy you know one of the shoot some chefs when he edit. He's just there to adapt my forehead. Pretty much at all is not good news about him is he mostly Bucs went so most of the plays or above him the most like the guy comes up was a cape on James Brown. Exactly that enemy before I own my own restaurants like when I was a line cook and I was famously known for us salty fish can't leave. He has such that you are still are just trip and a lot of from for a lot sweating and the golden Teddy broth and then I think what you're poses a room notes Debra. All right most people like prof. Plain simple thing eat right shortly Tommy's upset you have some brought right after you I decide to do that last week may have gap but always to do the call him brawl unit mainly now everybody likes brought Ralph better simple things that everybody likes but there's some boots that people don't like and those kind of people we call picky eaters or annoying in adult. They're okay frank yeah Joseph tiller while I think you're still you're still annoyed his children when they're picky eaters don't drive to god they grazing. Lets you view that anybody and he would you consider yourself sticky now I don't know you're not a well not at all times there's tunnels to sort of tunnel stuff I don't want I don't like vegetables predominantly Arabs are not a really a major part of my there's are gonna problems here's the rule that I normally live by if someone else makes it's I'm happy to meet. Whether I'm going to a restaurants someone else's house if someone just I don't really never good for you see you sing that well let you have an had to dish the ruins if someone made me a peanut butter sandwich and I made a peanut butter sandwich and theirs is gonna taste better. Things because they made it for me. I don't know why that is and I saw today Peter butter jelly I'm amber partial and I'm make a lot of people cook for. Well short it's great and I generally it does taste better but I definitely have had. Like food and other people's houses gonna lose all I know about that it's a good mushrooms and there are like this is the back. That's like certain friend George think they once were super well how Atlanta actually cream of mushroom soup. 54% of people say the F had to cook two different meals because they couldn't get there. Kids to agree on the same thing. Yen normally you're just eaten up some nuggets tater tots she's only only pro to release are the different food kids the third the kid like. You're not really cooking your meal you don't you want me to heat up this crap enormity of the script and I found when I'm cooking for the or your bolted elusive public time and effort anyway I don't care if you like. Well the funny thing is it's not just to keep paying 20% a couple city do this too Arafat yeah amateurs are they all trust me there's all. Pesky Terry n.'s vegetarians. Vijay and you got to deal with all kinds of people Balkans particularly and I still think it's okay on some level because this is this if you go to the restaurant you say while I'm an oral and so and so we'll tell you launched an order. Because god forbid anyone meet the same thing at a restaurant but there when you're home with you so well. In a school for you I'll make this for the snow line will still eat at the same time what it does not disrupt the flow better but it's still now that the the personal offense and I've never understood that not only that I hell's the difference. Yeah sometimes to let you forget offered a pretty different times that do we have to eat the same time I may have known it now we needed different things on each side of the pizza. We can compromise the one compromise you can order when a pizza and frank U as long as I like both sides of the peace. Hambrecht and sort about a quote that I knew I won't lie I have these poor say things like no I like the topic WP tonight we compromise. And delegates and their relationship and that I hate that we think not not like do it tax debt held with it. Being a pain NC. We get a pizza so our favorite foods are pizza steak and chicken sure I wholeheartedly agree with that feeling you that's all you are you really need there and life. The foods we hate the most. Liver and followed by a seafood and Brussels sprouts. Okay the thing I'll say about liberate is my argument like limber I don't believe it's food livers is something that's admirable mobile killing. It doesn't go those animal killer who does not like you could eat grass nobody says resolute you can even if they're a good security at the threat to deliver life. You like it enters a few like minded people but overall like I would invite someone over my house for dinner so what did you make a dude I may deliver. So just two with an impact tape you are never short of a different. It's but I still don't like it and some people like how much do you actually like that or do you just like the idea of your. But I know you like it I'm saying like I thought I had some friends before like he's trying to be fair to those who had Dave there's while gras and recommended gold river but someone who makes liver. Like man there's a better way to do it yes prime liver adjusted gross now and yeah. Brussels from student of the LaBroque sprouts most people agree along or broccoli like it's out in the crowd cannot smell good when your coach and here's Stephen Brussels sprouts. It's not harm you or your broccoli day with chicken menu and you'll get a Dell limited and it's a big hoopla yeah it yet it is. But they're I still eat them they're good barrel out of it. It is amazing how the brothel is now the coolest thing ever wind this happened at like six years ago and have been around freaking four over there I think elite aren't an innocent family. You had Brussels on holidays and you just put vinegar store apple cider vinegar but now we would decrease in Fryman stuff. We wanna make them palatable. The attack all right down what do you think of the top things that your asked to over eat. Over eat. In her roses to bloom like ice cream or is it just like she is now other television thank you basically the top things that your rest overheat tar. Watching TV who. Being alone. The sad oh and being stressed how. Blessed you might huge issue. You know it's funny though is like I get lakes. I obviously I I like food short like I get it but I definitely stress eat before but I also I feel like I get excited eating too. Like to me a pizza could either be like that was a horrible week. I need a pizza or be like that was a great week. I didn't think it's actually get a pizza. I read to you doesn't that tell you dear I don't think we're alcohol and I don't really bad day. Somebody drink I don't really good day and so he do you celebrate or commiserate right. And pizza is kind of like you're really golden friendly hey man you wanna have a good night I'm there with you need some consolation I'm there with masturbation and a categories. Speeds up masturbation and alcohol down. Well Pete so masturbation and showers let us not very good this semester and I'm Bill Graham would have masturbation. That's good call Brett brown a little sick the part about it made ordered pizza because if you want to donors and can't stop prescribing and also today. Pack it is it. 12% of employees they have stolen a co workers lunch before Jesus and you know as a percentage 1041212. Gasol will do not want any tomorrow well we know never all the co workers lunch now know I would never do. I did once you've got to Israel. I was the guy who you used to DJ with them oh yeah in this do or early in our radio career I mean you're just not making any money but everyone's on the same boat the differences he's a trust fund kid he's not a bad guy but he's trust fund kids. And everyone has an moaning about just what we eat how little we have. There's big gash shrimp thing that we got from the spent Diaz restaurant right. So Eagles off to put that afraid to meanest of a guy who shall remain nameless bend but don't work through that the TARP went after him mad when they're eight up this out I was. Hawks it was good in the Benelux it was so that he and co workers stuff but I definitely eaten roommates yes yes there's a big diplomat husband. Yeah because you can make it up your room you wanna be the guy steals don't luncheon at the office you don't make it onto your roommate which you could make it up. It's like taking a loan from a family event could pay you back but they're not going to Orleans justified for the fact that you know what he ate my Chile are you might do. Rationing agency notes that you've given to a barter system. Or you like you get him back like a beer or somethings don't end there the night when you woke up but just like took a sip out of my big tall beer. If I I don't know that I thought I gotten over the side and I want another beer but it was a big tall I don't took a step in and cited. A final look all the spirit and that would you go be a little bit yeah exactly that's not saying it isn't one of the first I've had tofu is conjure girlfriend. Thought teriyaki and tofu. Sounds like a little balls teriyaki you know the white FSX. As they're spongy here. Weird. Fiat still from a co workers different. This was kind of a weird stat 4% of people say they eat brunch every day. No way towards I mean they're got everything in between breakfast and lunch remained generally there's got to be alcohol multiple beverages may get a brunch 4% to reasonable. Yeah do you ever think they'll be a letter. Now none ever catch on people attract they have to about Darvish I side felt did it originally brought Loper Leonard. Kenya early breakfast dinner. What are Ursula for slippery a leopard there's there's a whole thing and somebody else's try to do I guess I'll just as yeah you're right Kerry's strategy Derek I your. Just like number I can't. And sweet death you guys yes it's my team my quick ninety I'll be over there having brunch ran. With the multiple beverages because it would be Zealand's the number one food people say to avoid a faced. On a face date. On a first date is anything with a ton of garlic and it sure that's good called number two would be a meeting with beings. As of yet and if you lay over with a lady you don't wanna be fought not in the morning do you burn more of anything else that falafel my Bieber. To peace. Yeah as far as its okay lemonade and burping or later yeah. Or lamb I forget what I am quiet I mean a year oh in any form is not it's not the best caliber player that day no lamb comes back and yet. Went back. I ran down an actor I have earned miles you mentioned it earlier but one and twenty people say they. Hate all capital letters they they get. But somebody at a restaurant conference ordered the same thing they do if they're set without she says took Clinton to chill went about the same thing it's all right I. Meanwhile like six family members are all leading Boston together are no running right now feel about split. What did you use on the guy did something like some people are very shrink to may want bear me so I'm more polite they would have to go live three or four opt out of his it was. Little moment or otherwise would yeah absolutely I'm in a gentleman's top as we call it. John regular they had gentle dragon goes I've gone about it and utilities not yeah. I think I thought I had a bad about it. Now I show I have gone Emporia next you're losing to the reds are radio network. Pages you. True I don't know those Greg has filled the shot of the day his clothes away the first ROC the Bruno Colmes the bloom makes it look Bieber stories would have lied to. Screw it. And show. Our friend bacon just sit this one Jimmie today it says sleep deprivation and the regular sleep patterns are linked to anxiety and depression. Right well. Sure and you don't feel this leaves important but never known. US government's new broadband rules no at home. And and according to science and humbled bragging makes people dislike you well monkey's uncle. Sherlock another as well and I'll be sitting down there's I had no idea that this was the case but apparently this is with the headline says. Georgia fans were incensed after Georgia Walsh the national JB engines. Back. This is still upset as the summer fountains and do you know you have a tough year. Donald Trump lawyers don't want Robert Mueller to interview. And oh aren't rock. Study fives and I believe my called rob is a given day study finds that narcissistic like fellow narcissus G oil occurs are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. Stumble bragging nurse staffing. Bernie Sanders come to our rescue anyone accord does and Bernie Sanders marijuana is not heroin. And she. Good look at out senator senator thank you. Very much ram I clear that was right though I know doesn't for a lot of people now you have but you know guilty of dirty just one. Michael Wolf still didn't you are about to throw book quote people regret what they said to me pretty well. People with a greater sense of entitlement are less likely to follow instructions the most entitled people. Well. And Sharon option the. I don't want to yeah. And a analysis of news studies including 250000. People confirms. That sugar sweetened drinks are linked to overweight in obesity in children. And should not water we still doing studies aren't bad thing he'd do it Brazil I wanted to embed the Kerry had. Bloody day in this series to be ready. Men's room knows just. And as usual heads of the great Afghan Steve throw him off my round nor. Toasted he hasn't been notorious for the shot and does one assert comment that came and I am not sure. What was your first due to simply says. Sometimes dress is stuck in the toilet and you think what would miles due. Okay all right I know there are no idea what would you do. All right today windows Norwegian cruise lines I'm not sure. Why this is happening but this comes from Norwegian cruise lines they're hosting the music festival of one of those ships this week. And they gave all the people attending a letter asking one that small favour of everyone who's attending. Please do not have sex. With their pizzas. Apparently that's been a problem during his music festival in the past they say quote to do to incidents on previous aliens that would patrons engaged and uncool behavior. We feel it is our duty to remind our guests that pizza is repeating. Not for ticket. Yeah I was gonna learn about Norwegian cruise lines put up they also pointed out of that lewd and sexual acts are illegal under maritime law also if you are caught having sex with one of the Norwegian cruise line pizzas. You could end up in legal trouble and they will pursue those charges into the very. So I'm not sure actually over toasting Norwegian cruise lines or the people that take Norwegian cruises. I've never heard of such a thing look at a pizza they make it I do not know. What they're right there yeah I heard they have like eight pizza buff Fay that's part of an all times you can just yet though are like 78 different kinds of pizza I understand that Clark Gable. So this the best thing ever loving on a cruise government but why would you stickier junkie it and we don't know work. No one person enough people that the issued a letter please stop I think the Pete's if you do the math. Parts we for the whose only drink this booze because we think it's yummy out banks over the tone it down the road to party in our tummies. Down hole nowadays don't laugh I'd get a good does online replay profiled as we'll take color 944999. Alive. The show and many games continues on the men's room radio network.