Robb Hart

Robb Hart

Saturdays 6p-Midnight and Sundays 3p-8p

Born and raised in northern Colorado, Robb proudly calls Colorado home.

From the young age of 10, Robb used to imitate local DJ’s and commercials. . .  Years later he discovered his calling as a DJ. . . at a local roller skating rink. Several years after that Robb started his radio career at KALC-Denver (Alice 105.9)

After a long radio hiatus Robb landed on 99.5 The Mountain part time and he's spend time with you now every Saturday and Sunday evening.

When he’s not in the studio, you’ll find Robb at the gym, playing indoor soccer, or performing at a local improv show. 

When he’s not in Colorado he’s on a road trip with his wife and and best friend Toby (The French Bulldog). Or, he's visiting his son, wherever he happens to be stationed.

One, small, possible, downfall is that he’s a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan . . . but we still love him