Allie Hartwick

Allie Hartwick

Intrepid millennial news producer Allie Hartwick was born in Morgantown, WV just after the mid-point of the 1980s. Her first words, at age 2 were, “Can we pwease move to Buffawo?” And, because millennial children always get what they want, her family obliged. After charging her way through East... Read More


G-Man keeps you rockin' 8pm to Midnight Monday thru Friday on 99.5 The Mountain! During football season you can catch G-Man Mornings and Afternoons on “ROCK-N-JOCK” on The Mountain. He’s covered every major Denver sporting event since the mid 1980’s from basketball to football and everything in-... Read More

Mike Casey

Mike Casey was born and raised in Pittsburgh and went to college at Miami University of Ohio. Much to his parents amazement, he graduated from college. Much to his own amazement, it turned out that a Political Science degree wasn't as valuable as he expected. After moving to Seattle, for no... Read More

Cathy Taylor

I spent most of my life, and got started in radio, in Florida. And I loved it! Graduated USF then went right into radio which was amazing luck and due to some amazing people. In '99, I was asked by a co-worker, who had won a trip to Colorado but was having a hard time finding a skier in Florida to... Read More

Dan Hardee

Growing up in Colorado Springs, Dan found his passion for classic rock in high school, listening to bands like Rush and Van Halen, while everyone else was listening to Britney Spears and Limp Bizkit. He’s been a huge fan of radio since the moment his dad gave him his first FM receiver when he was 7... Read More