Mike Casey & G-man Breakdown the Draft - 4/29/16

Friday, April 29th

Mike Casey & G-Man Breakdown the Draft on April 29, 2016.


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Rocking Jack we might get that gene and all right she's so let's come under you have to wait a little while we are doing a little while to get the news about the Broncos pick they did move up to number 26 they picked Paxson lynch quarterback from a Memphis what do we know about him. The big guys who almost like a clone of blocked out squalor he. Well offense. In which we introduced over the why open receiver don't have to go to a lot of Reid and things like that but. I think what's gonna happen is simply your world promote they have chosen and you know he's the future of the Denver Broncos it looks like. In terms it now if this'll sound like an ignorant question gee it probably is I I can't say that I've ever watched Memphis. College football before they they ran a spread offense in terms of competition like you know who who who are they playing against when he when he was in college. Well it. Not high up level competition back I was looking at some of the in Olympic play like other method and Alvin look Birmingham and it's not quite as good. But it's still division one football so this guy like a lot of big games and and he's. You know been really really good in those games of last year to operate doubt note how would you like to be a touchdown so you're going on right. Is he as you shotgun arm Connick guy like delay at me you know in the in the L waved sort of Mowlds. Big arm he's also you don't really want to talk about it that are. Like pot call the public blocked out while it was all a lot of guys in the when he got outside wing and it was kind of look like you've been slow motion. The guy you're gonna let you know like the read option. All school out so he used equipment. Or bring initially were the guys he's cool we got up that breakaway. 99 times out of a hundred. It's horrible mistake. To see you kid right out of college. And not give them at least a year. Who sits or old or more if you can. On you look at some of the quarterbacks who have had that opportunity Aaron Rodgers immediately comes to mind. Even with Brockovich Brock had a chance to have to sit and learn and you know not be in that pressure cooker right away and when he got his chance he did you know he did well I would think that's a better way to go if you can afford to do it. Well nobody can say that the giveaway just about chipping I'm one of the greatest quarterbacks of all I'm going to look at much they're just our resolve them to be about. Given the guy a year to belong. Are you a letter. Think here and let him in a pre season games ought to do some mop up duty I'm usually in the back go to Cleveland district as beater and the double and two years. I mean that's what happens when you go to these loud speaking and expected to immediately. Aren't going well. You know that look on in in Los Angeles what you're Bob let them happen. The popular personal ones that you guys example but last night spectrum immediately turn things around or just doesn't happen. One of the best articles I read about the draft and probably in the last couple weeks. And they talked about Bill Belichick and the patriots approach to the draft and they said you have to look at the draft. Is basically like playing the lottery in the more tickets you can get. The better chance you have so they've they've pointed to bill Belichick's drafting record in always being willing to trade. Eight pick in exchange for multiple picks because it's because again it's a lottery tickets a total crapshoot every year. And that's what thank boggle the sort of set up a little round draft or to get the guy they want but without they wanted but yeah. They're still have a lot of rapids well would you fight bella Jack I'm a breeder and stick out. It helped send the it index. And he's always bottoming guys and they OSHA product it would a lot of then one ought championship. The world was going on with. There meets Tom's league if you went to Miami and that is Tweeter account got packed with all of that. I thought there might that would maybe the latest Ballmer I've ever seen in the NFL draft and then all the blood that network you guys. Talking up our. Mess when dogs and their. A little bit of a level. And awful. And they can hope that there would let me picture. The you know. But we'll show you illicit advantage do you. Any. Gonna end up to come back and bite you in the blood outlook dug a remote stretch of all. And they bought it. That's right hello Louis weren't big kid if you just dropped seven positions at the draft. Well that's probably what two and I look at them to go to Miami good luck Colorado. They've been you know what we're gonna grow up before the war world. The judge. Wow what an interesting sidebar. Or block so there is more draft the com again it's all speculative but do we have any sense of what kind holds the Broncos might be looking to fill as the draft progresses. What went the opposite wind the big question last year why of course are they hate these knowing that or does it hurt last year and you lost. Are you got food free agency I don't think it's gonna be like wow. Rocco did. Over the weekend but it's going to be. A business as usual orient Kubiak. You know I would prove what you can do a great job pick and does especially well you know what self and soul. I think the bottom line debacle are gonna get people and then. Depending watcher so they. You also spoke not a lot. Our rights are in NFL draft with G men thanks again for your time bodies they dry out there. It.