02-08-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Finds The Best!

Thursday, February 8th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about , Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Great post got a Saturday is on the way no I Sherlock is coming out as well in the meantime the game as big dummy we have Chris on the line working on question number three. Our occurs here is your question what does the only state name that can be typed a one world news. All. Hello hello oh yes. What does it what does the only state may make me tired I'm one rules keys. Our Lola one roll of keys on the keyboard. The social. Even though life. Tires start there's. Ignoring completely killing nineteen after. They identical twins. Oh OK that's good because it being a year and a half of parts. Yeah there's a probability they could all four look so little. And they write it anyway American siblings are agenda but when you're all you have when Arnold pairs of middle and I don't have it all right thank eighteen months I went. How does that make me as soon as your wife I want my kids know and you are right aren't able actress to have sex again which is what two months thirty dollar camera back I'm like but as soon as that was over that would those over you right back in there and the first time you had sex again you got a pregnant. So. I know it's I'm just doing math yeah I'm not good it left. Ortiz and figure out your scenario there are no question. What was palpable homes make me. It paid out. I just not the lone very good bat. Davis may domain for porn 999 hole who's our next contested right of way to gain hello saying welcome to them into. Food. Okay thing. The only. Are you so burned. Hum medium and that's over with. And in Lebanon and in. I don't do it bats there's no change men's room full farm wise would you rather have silent but deadly but the of the egg variety all the time for the rest of your life. Or odorless which could blow a giant smoke clearing out your arcs. Feel like they're you have the the big sort all the times blow to the smoldering from June 5. Every single thing with the ladies out there are no through. I am not. While those egg farms now normally it is sorry the nexus I don't know if maybe you should give Vernand shape time. All right I. I know I would give you three clues you it's only the one year that these things happen. The World Trade Organization or the WTO it was formed. Bill Clinton indefinitely close the part of Pennsylvania Avenue the rows in front of the White House by the way this was in response to the Oklahoma City bombings. And eBay was found. England side. Did you know that right what how what what was that I'm excited to warm I'm gonna say it's Oklahoma City bombings these totals. He now. I don't know. Did jazz. The staff that I liken instead of things you yeah that's my favorite yeah that's the only one of them that I remember him so clearly remember the year number always Angela. Schools say they. Pennsylvania Avenue has been closed off enough that it seems right the lake as a kid growing up there like we drive right by the white you drive by Ivan are you just to walk by me and everything in late. I'm used to it now about the roller crap like food and d.'s that was a massive deal with their closing definitely people did you did you try try to who has been authority in this island. I did is big dummy for 4999 alone who's our next contestant ready play the game hello Andre welcome to the men's room. I'm Sandra day every. Silver silver. So over Andre welcome to the show. I'm very would you rather I have silent but deadly it's hard to read your life her own rules one of the smoke free visibly blown out of here. I smoke drink smoke ring and Ed parts are tied on our poll. 5050 yes. Met we should really we should really get the stuff has to Vegas for me right December and LeBron good arms for both. We both Paul yacht and their rights at the odds of the place your bets on who all walked into looked many clouds and they. Maybe on going oh yes. I'm occasional woman about Vegas they get rhythm fast lives in relation to the sort of relation if any and to be fair. Man far away and they. I don't Americans say that on the travel brochure but honestly if you're sitting in the casino just far it's fine no one's gonna hearing of all LaDainian and it's Vegas. The city is known for clues and Bob puree in food and things right now used to people phased out they either way guards sleeping a lot treatment drinking a lot of part it is. All right here's your question. What was princess Di's maiden name. Oh. Princess Diana woes are maiden name. Oh. Why. Go wrong food. Tuesday emeritus Desmond Taylor didn't. I didn't tell him what I am wrong advice thanks a soulful black woman he's. Exactly as she sounded a couple good tune this epic under a huge. Andre do you enjoy delicious sparkling. Carlin mine. Eight there token and TVs that are new to say about her fiance stricker withdrew Calderon is Fargo and who are at one agent Greeks took an oath. They did not lose to hand over the heart they've placed her hand over what part of the body. Yeah who yeah. John. I play the protests demo. Canadian okay. Exactly the world's gone like generally alike that it's back and relax mostly about their sexual Jesus Christ has reward testimony come. Sunni get your testimony or the same as man. I'm soreness on my testicles. Because you trust and Amanda isn't discussed whistled for Colette right. Yeah yeah resist that easy going nor I swear on the need to go to disguise them. All right it's tough how much do you think the critics. Illustrate my thoughts were used collateral now. I knew what will be the average drugs. I think we need to over the ever drilled to test glory 400 printed out started about China from both. Intact. I could give a good 57 apart from our periodicals from a post while got like 450 Albert a thing I would do it. And reasonable look at I think is all right what is the most frequently used word in the English language. Detective resided in our words. To letters. The blue my little. I. There okay. You can. Where what is the word the most popular British it's got to be a word that is not a word in from the new most popular. Oh. I'll okay okay okay our votes and Andre reed is making this sound there's still say it's not actually at work or. A Canadian I might need. But I knew. We gonna get home mussina stone. And it's OK okay. Cool alert. All right the size of the zodiac. Is represented by cramp. They're. It. I Andrei suites. Our next contestant breaded led the biggest what you just what you don't know if it's. Think it's a close her I don't know where her arm. To need more full 9990. Obstruct the work that which latest Pittman covers it I. Map pack it in Manhattan and the dash illness. Blue attack are a match. Hello Dublin welcome to the manager. And I don't know. Phil Garner flew over. All right now look. I'm going to donate because it's worth 30000 dollars. Not bad faith that's been the left DeVon army drill hole. You always have signed an abandoned bags clear a room make cards or odorless parts would you look visible smoke great every time you do. Like the look and feel like the smoke during RA. I get to one of them. One possible green went to a book war. Please give my students that signed that into billions and what do you look Grady teacher. Neat little school. Yeah. That's another debate plays the blow smoke it is there's no better audience. Are they having a botnet can blow smoke pouring in an elevator people you don't know. That's viable platform. Thank you debate I just wanna partner elevated so they're down to strangers and there was. Can only make him uncomfortable invaded. There's just starent I don't know I wanted to alana com give hundred it's mostly a hello Ronald wanted to let a corporate and of course part of it's different. Particularly edit or get an elevator. You'll no one ever says and things of what they do. I was a little gadget I mean just me Moog and stare them down don't point the doctor. If there's only two people in the elevated for some reason they have a good tuna instead of both sitting in the back all I'll sit out. Like sit on the side wins and I like I was gonna talk people with some people are talking just feel like my sky just stared at this keeps I didn't think he beat me that if you stand and a Coca goalies I would too far and I'm reform. Are you to question. What is the reward for rolling three consecutive doubles a monopoly. You go to jail. Yeah. Revenue and other stuff that very got a guy. I should tell your middle schools and drive an avenue I hope they don't listen to the show that would be and I've begun early articles like three doubles a monopoly so they're going to jail as far as our men's room Paul today as far as your flatulence is concerned we had two possible scenarios number one always have silent but deadly clearer room and fart or odorless parts but to blow visible smoke drink every time now. As far as our contestants were concerned. There is a 51%. Advantage for the odorless but visible smoke break. OK and there's still votes left on FaceBook if you like the men's or mayor or follows on what are meant to live we'll tally all those up and bring you the results of our miserable. Coming up next week I still can't read jab and out dead meat and potatoes goes for the absolute best. And the return of no as Sherlock that's all coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio network. At half gallon outfits made of materials goes for the absolute best in some of your favorite food is the first time for a few emails here for the men's room habits or live dot com. Guys are little boy Nicholas is one today wasn't he almost daily thanks Don T doesn't walk yet but he does like the bounce around your birthday song. Sometimes greeting with joy like in terror attack don't. Can relocate faced sandwich and everyone talking all over each other's about dinosaurs. Thanks bridges that from GM and anesthesia. So well Nicholas. Other stories in the earlier hour or rather dinosaur and his neighbor and I totally turned out it won't lose and I absolutely positive that's exactly. Having a lot of little Lyndon it was very nice you know in the study's lead and doing well or the most dinosaurs out there and he's just got a ring match opinions from. This is today is my sister in law Hillary's birthday would be awesome if she gets in dirty Germans talking about her love of unicorn rock god that from William. You are through to see unicorn in my situation we opened my power to fund his whole. Up and much like its long China. Lots of red. Jill of those you guys ever day at work and it's Austin's birthday. You know we want some of that extra dirty German thanks guys that from DeVon. I didn't know who you feel about it a total William butch for a march. Now some people worry about the smell of its total for the bag this lady to. Now my nephew Alex turns to anyone get a troubled Joey just not in the bird they saw an ad from his uncle Wally rock on guys. I'm. Tuesday is my girlfriend Elaine Estonia forge your brother son did you guys grace or wasn't dirty German talk about sausages thanks guys that from Zain. Now after it was my sausage some would look like it is coupled with the baking. Now it's true sausages from a weekend rabbi at the end of the day help reduce the filibuster. A lot of today marks my fraternity brother Chris is 27 voyage around the sun police blame an Armageddon. And the Ted Smith saying it celebrity a penis cheers guys out for American courts Vancouver BC Canada. And celebrity appears to be easy. If that was classic stuff. They Illinois would like to voice their brother jab Iraq emerge they have other dirty Germans play games. Now the weather forecast for tonight calls from nine inches of skin. Now we're back to talking about oxygen then that's yeah that's allowed to stick. Our guys Jerry go. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Didn't. Thank. I have the idea that you. But today though. Those two gentlemen brought. Also available through these we'll stay on men's lives doesn't come another sign retailers. And im sure might apply to. Google is certain. It's us guys. As far as hot air balloon rides in logs or Egypt because we're looking at two. I guess just basically be statistics on hot air balloon riding and it seemed that there were a lot more accidents in a note on Euro Asia and Europe festivals open guys. I was just in logs are over the holidays. The hot air balloon thing is a daily events that's comprised of 99%. Taurus. Tor companies pick you up at 4 AM from your hotel and the goal was to be in the air for the sunrise over the Nile and the surrounding valley. That said I was able to convince my girlfriend that we should absolutely not do this in rather get more sleep that she wanted to give it a shot. I'm very sternly said no and we went to do other things instead. Not even a week after we left there was another accidents that killed a person they live it is the companies that do these things don't pay too much attention to things like safety. Enjoy your afternoon nap from Kyle an official Department of Homeland Security liaison to the men's room who's listening on the brand new men's room map. Very nice. After shares of hot air balloon ride you can do at. At Disney World rank and Kennedy just goes up and down. And it's kind of fake so the so the basket is metal. But in the summertime are so many thunderstorms you can never get on the thing. All right politely and it was a house and here we go again subject petered England George giant baby only gentlemen my mother is 47 she studied Okinawan Kimball and got her black belt. Nice I've seen her mop the floor with a few people during sparring sessions or people that called her midget or tiny it was brutal on the on baby. State zesty. That from el Rey just admit it you want to hit a kid from right castles in spin in the cover songs guys take got a wicked game by Corey Taylor. Great version there are deaf stones cover two great songs drive of the cars and they chart they saw as well. That from Chad's. You viable way of as far as these blue. Well. Since our military okay airline food who is about the way of the while living rooms can revolve we will debate Kevin Madden and act really like it shows tidbits November oh. To be of more posted may eleventh AM phone we talked. Sports guys Thursday a police department I will not named Alexis over the lights off waiting for unsuspecting cars to do something illegal however they also stop anyone they find quote suspicious. One night around 1 AM my very Caucasian eighteen year old sister was driving home from friends house what a police cruiser pulled her over. They did the usual running the plates checking the paperwork licensed on the game open sister asked why she was being stopped. And was sold because he wanted to know why a young female was on the road so late at night. She told the truth and then I'm online or wire your eyes so read if you haven't done drugs. She was annoyed at the point because she wasn't high so she's violence and why your eyes so glazed if you haven't been eating doughnuts. Obviously the officer was pleased. As a last ditch effort tried to take her for not having a trash bag but she had won and whatever went from a cat trash bag I don't know if we will design out. I think it was a typo. That's how I got seven years ago my husband and I got stranded a house part of it is counts are called in watching people drive off. And we decided to stay we're home bodies though wanted to home now we have no wallet so no cab I promise my husband I would find a way home. I ended up asking the sheriff variety says there aren't. It took our drug does is all of the back in the Scott garb as part we underdog is expected beard I have found to we'd remain at home safe that night thanks for the laughs that from the lovely Cassandra. I still gathered Giordano as Sherlock first head ships are now I. Half with a little bit. But June gold it's a researching and basically they find they wanted to find out what people go out for the most what types of restaurants with genre food and every city. So became the capital. Of the different cuisines. We're the good lesson to research. Just Dennis Santiago to go all the right because we just Google it would go OK Google stuff like Google actually has to do legwork but they have all without the knowledge every step to take the data than just. But let's go do it in Iraq does Google Talk Google should Google when you you tell us. Genres of of things are pretty simple and you'll figure out and that capital B that capital they'll go homer kind of occur are so like easy right. The capital of coffee is CM CN simple rank and this is in the United States correct all the answers in the United States took it. I act. Really any kind of American musical jargon American musical American music. I was all by the US has removed the real rural rural America for them pitch for tomorrow man just really red moon looked eagle fly for just actually just open slit their over the united air and hello America eight. All right. Here now that's freedom. The barbecue capital is cool a little Memphis I got Memphis how about the Chinese food capital. Sanford just you know new York New York City really got our guns have friends that. I mean. Stiffer and I think has thrown more Chinese people sure. Click the amount of Chinese people woman traditionally they don't Jewish people love Chinese food to go to get old to know I right around the world literature city. An early Christmas Day that was the video on facts. Yeah based on everything we've ever seen Ali do amid this being a barbecue capital Amman from split hairs it's just. We all know those to be true that each city that specializes in barbecue is different than you know. Gracie has fantastic Barbara Cubans not like this deserve everything and Houston as remarkable. Barbecue sauce Norman's has its own barbecue right you don't leave them put them up that's similar. I always wonder what the South Carolina due South Carolina right so would the moments just as he's so here's the remember about Memphis. Right where they give you should taste the meat and assaults is an accompanying correct wears you go to Memphis just kind of the Red Sox to slather Denton wrote the thing. I would say some of the most famous sauces and like barbecue places you know comfort. If this thing is for Memphis and its food I'm going to be okay and general area. Pizza capital this New York now it's Detroit but remember this is just the amount of people going out these are shots closer Detroit's defense. There they have a near Detroit style is amazing is good it's amazing the only thin crust still liked. And now we've been hate Don Detroit turned that they got some good stuff I love don't really hated all the Detroit for the pizza now I should look man I like a traditional slice of Sicilian are tired like more like a Jersey boardwalk mirror style slice of pizza but man. Detroit's copy two wins ever to hurry up man fronts crispy outside I'd just like pizza and attitude you don't yet you most happy screwed up. Intentionally from region not like your pizza yeah the last armor get bad pizza was at the swimming pool. Just people who. As a bummer dude you really want it's big it's mostly kid I thought there and I don't know adult I went to that they pool he has got his feet terrible. This seafood capital is. Norman's. It is that shocks have a that would have been Baltimore or bolts of Austin now are Paulson forced Seattle Baltimore doesn't give a lot of recognition boards and a little bit better. And I think once once the world knows game over right you. Trust me there's not a lot of reasons you want to go to Baltimore but if you do just eat just eat and even wanna go back out this one for you steakhouse capital. Chicago. Now for you. The state health capital. We joke about it all the time don't tell me it's Reno now it's famous for in the state cap all Indian now yeah. Okay real bad that I don't even make sense in the shrimp cocktail if they know most part is ruled for what is the thing. Are you understand that the near ten hours. It's Indiana the only bright but something about their cozy little guy there's no way yeah what. Who's really got going in the middle know if we ever end up in that city for any reason whatsoever we're gonna play absolutely did I know the guy and it grew from there is no. Went yeah Eddie leave his home from farms no truth front we've got a military that I think tanks and I don't know way home from farmer those rules random how bad is it plays well. And I've never been OK for the fifth. I have a the murder capital. Los Angeles. Now. Hamburger or murder capital of the country. I love the country and against someone texts the murder capital is all week make it easy enough. Okay what are your favorite burger places in DC you're from their name of jackets right in saying this I mean like I think. I I honestly it isn't like how. Especially hamburger drive they like his chili bowl they said DC was the capital Juliette Douglas killing of enjoyable right right there I mean I guess you just get a half smoke there. But still that would be why I in my mind if they were rated for Chile was I think there would be spot against a famous burgers are fine look we've also been a lot of every price Zito he's there and if I don't mostly in the murders are bad. But at no point in all of my years manage and I think we got to go to DC we editors if you were ultimately. Break with five guys you forgot what I write about the topic and blues and others are five guys there. And in the Mexican capital. San Antonio. Since he told San Antonio yeah and Lucent are now which do you think his dirt. A fast food place for a five star kitchen. Five star pitcher you know you listen to me it is that your question you'd be wrong most people assume always that fast food's going to be kind of growth strength in. But a company called restaurant where basically they swabbed a bunch of faster joints and fancy restaurants. And basically the fast food places where as they put it way way less infested with chair I item. I have no question just look if it's a fast food place. As probably corporate entity that owns it and are guaranteed rules you follow what you like him or not you do these things because they get scrutinized to from the independent owners right. So mcdonalds or measurably Donald's is clean and look. Our Hortons and five star places and forced our place is wanted to say it's. In my experience. If someone's gonna do some your food is more likely gonna happen at points he spent eighty bucks a play I just a little worried that thing is more used when I was like you need to clean the grease trap every single never I don't know or whatever the deal as when they have the you know and I mean like the structure of the handbook the model that has to people call you know what the dirty it's kind of restaurants are. I would guess a food truck that's a trick question journal always ally that's that's a listen okay with you that is. If you think about Russia let's get creative and everything like what is the last lake. I don't know how everything I hear he's pretty particular about stuff filling. But people handled well Israel and start touching stuff slide I wash my hands on the stuff and we all do not listen it's not just that there are so we do the things we're washing hands but if you have a decent Health Department and also state of Maryland. As the second toughest guy California the California mentors from tough. I am but I like we spoke to wash your hands Mo Fo you know your parents it is how you store your place and direction of facing were it is. Everything. It is every single thing man that I should I house or my glassware with the mouth on top or with a mouth down the mouse should be facing down this cannot be there any events is that so that it does dry appropriately. Not a three drug frequently I hop and also why should be facing down sizzle no dust collects and co op de Oca I all right. Now this is big news. You guys like not just write a craftsman my bank religion like my describe this new thing. As a person who would thoroughly enjoy these were. Or as you welcoming TVT I'm welcoming you to my restaurant. Well to meet Europe's okay to drum up and what kind of food is a perjured and match. It's not shows not shows an offensive mind not to music I'm not to music to my collection of monitoring these artist I'm not so I've found that not just on nearly voters and I Jerusalem. The dot Joker fault that's practiced and played in my restaurant. Gentlemen related to welcome to leverage that I'll thank you very ma'am how what we've done for you today is taking a Mexican class. Can put our own twist on your excellent okay though because you have the ability to do it. Could I interest you instead of chips. Fried lasagna and all right you all right you've talked now what if we took those needles and government not one. The two solstice a meat sauce the chunks of chicken. Meatballs sausage. And then top it off with a little bit and Alfredo sauce the way miles were not done and then we cover these matches in two types of cheese. Muscle red. And Palmer's shot sounds. I would try and react. Stop darkened take money gimme a table good news that restaurants are olive garden these are real thing always puts on it and I don't you don't know who's managed isn't Taco Bell love Fries and just like all the new things you just trial one delicious meal blue wanna eat emergency tomorrow until I actually try and get those things are fully out of the now has a limited time thing they're officially in the old guard the wonderful. Jimmy limited time anybody out there and try these things and let us know as well as November I here's how does that make lasagna and not happy go wrong with that but you're gonna lead you got to try. Oh yeah before in their Leo like evil whatever plan we had he whatever we had a period rain whenever we're we're gonna oracle. Yeah well it's funny he was every rash parents gonna keep taken little ideas like this would that not just a pretty next game. We could do Italian version that it's okay thank I'd like to go ahead is that I do too. Got another drink it doesn't show today is moments away and return to know I Sherlock is coming up next you are listening to the major radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle men's room. Does not have a job fans Mosul in the first our own Stephen Drew hill Colmes the globe fix it gave birth stories would have lied discourage. And Sherrod Lott back. June poll Wilson's joint routine that Dornan is biased and AFLAC. And now and show our luck. Maybe it just shouldn't be doing that they called me in my car were talking before you show about that have wireless that I capital. I don't believe that influences in my opinion or decision develop my kudos not that gives the agreed to and he did that. Jerry Falwell's more of the worst film because like you got busted it and I'm allowed guys won't take responsibility for organ donor can I enter. But he's usually such an a hole the entire time but man come up. Yeah I'm there and that's one of those things like for you stop red I don't think there's a nice guy to begin with what I understood. Demonstrating who's going to be married in the first book as well whatever a farm bureau and so lawfully each and what won't plug. And it rained just bias and I Clinton and we all have a bias against child molesters fit that's funny thing you have a lot of bias surprise he has to figure that out president. Borrow and I'm proud because continued its rich enough to get a cent per room oddly enough. People who drive more reckless Smart people drive more recklessly right definitely want to fast for his move. Well. And yeah. I don't know obviously Karate Kid as a kid commodities would see it pulling out of via the parking lot of the movie theater and has two kids. Standing on the corner include waiting for parents presumably this is two but he didn't and one kid is standing end. What is the final thing into the greens grainy I have is clearly immigrant is brought to send a problem Indies he dropped his body. Quickly take them right but they're basic they're cited about the movie but mimicking the movie and it didn't look like he was trying to be mean but he does but inflation dropped. In the good old Integra will last is because you just. Saw good run movies and impact people will have an effect if you would to see a jaws movie. Early on probably wanna get in the water that is correction both the movie was Glenn Close. And we'll track fatal attraction you saw that you didn't wanna have an affair anymore and bears were real big back you know the day eighty as the president of affairs you know doing cocaine December memo if you like though as the boiling rabbit and applaud her do that more. But as Don for long it's getting it out late eighties there. Meditation does not actually make you a better person. Gee well the Kurds are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. Teller on those pedestrian tunnels all the stuff I look it's good for you. But that does not make you be more appealing to us. In May like the do not Roger kind of an idiot estimated it would be and why do based on what you people who don't like you they still don't put everyone's happy that you feel. Yeah and it added that. Kind of like certain diet. Clayton you don't have the teller but it doesn't matter gone there or hinted it would do what you gotta do to make it's over after about 2000. And run reads mariner who survived sixty days at sea located below the charter. Opt out of the diversification does when you say survived. And then add anything after the implication is that they look. Gotta be terrified. Sixteen days of busy in the water all time. I don't know man I think using rap because I do it either way it doesn't matter it doesn't matter. There's some show one of those cable networks link I Cuomo's. And the first one we d.s and watch. And I got sucked in the first one wants that are going to do the sailboat from Boston to Miami or something equivalent best. Nights I think it was five people total. To the people no particular experience but they had the opportunity to do this bill for an article most are short of what goes down. The captain dies they end up from the life raft. Sergeant following a Google wanted to bleeding she finally dies on a rabbit who don't breast overboard without my hearing was charged smaller. 200 dudes drinks he walked nick I don't want to lose. Think an American I'm so what we have two of the guys are drinking BC won't do that scan taken and tornadoes are so they lose their minds and want don't want him and a C Landis is 7-Eleven. And as they swim he literally just sort of swimming. He stumps off the boat it is immediately ripped apart by shore oh and the guy that you've been very few women didn't think that was happening he jumped that I'm telling you man good to. Hello I'm alive thank you see a lot of imaginary attacks. Sears to be ready. Okay. Men's room knows just. When news. As usual we had to hit a desk and Steve throw a flat out nortel's just yes indeed today we we chose Roberts. Mile hammer for a two year old Robert real hammer of somewhere in the fine state of Maryland. All we know is that he who with a group of friends they were out hunting keeps but it does not unusual and in this. Particular area of Maryland it's kind of a hotbed for doing such things that. There was of this friends there and then managed to get a pretty good hole by one of the keys. He takes aim he fires. He hits the Jews as he's celebrating the fact that it's a time not reduce word if we deduce that. If you goes directly onto his praise. Taking him out knocking him unconscious due jazz correctly honestly the average who watched about. Twelve miles as a six foot wingspan and those things drops out of the sky. And lands on him he ended up having to be transported via helicopter out to be shock trauma unit in Baltimore city about forty miles away from the work. They're not saying all of his injuries but he is still in serious condition but he is conscious now and I guess that was a big deal management. I'd be game of life was good who's Dutch Canadians. There's times hundreds of let's break. We for a lose lose a Madrid this booze because we think it's dummy down acts over the tong and down the throat to party and our Tommy. Down hole at Arizona. Gidzenko and I know line right now for low profile this 8449990. Look. The shenanigans continues on the men's room. The radio network.