02-08-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Squeaks One Out

Thursday, February 8th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He would sure love to hear is real. This radio program are simply. Trying to. Invited to join the party. This news. All gathered in secrecy. This is now. They say. Or radio more than three times. And you're. I don't know why they go on and it's another 2765. Along with Steve the throw him. To Ted Smith and laden ball. My car. Oh. And imagine a. Okay what's really play big debt today did meat and potatoes go through the absolute best. No I Sherlock is back get right to play profile list plus headlines avenger shot of the day fund bullets or emails and everyone's favorite. TV time with tic like that drew into dry I don't know man finds still box of Captain Crunch cereal because it wasn't sealed correctly salaries so that he goes and beats his roommates at us. The Florida where beach boy claw machine also has a toddler inside staring at you behind the collapse. Mega man on flights rally enough for pilot to turn the plane around the cops they suspect has refused to blue for three weeks of the drugs and I think this will be found that. An eagle scouts have to cash in on their legal weed and it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. Oh up. It is good day to you and yours died today is the day that we play big dummy that's the game so the rewards do. For your stunning ignorance and here's how it works. You call us. We. You know I think my. He's swimming category will not only in the background and a look at your question from the attempt. Whatever big dummy separates itself from your average more reputable game show. We will continue to ask you questions and to get just one question right because as always. We want you to leave here smarter than showed. Now today our biggest army ever to two way tie between the lovely Kimberly can be equally lovely Eric. Both of whom defied the odds and found a way to answer nineteen consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better of the origin dance and go to call and off we go on big dummy figured. As a play big dummy call 844999. Alone like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on Letterman from live and to those emails from the men's room at midterm live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you know. You know has turned the man's room. Now I have a program whether you all for show number 2765. And a large and in charge program we have for you today headset has announced its meat and potatoes. Goals for the absolute best and whether that be. Pete's or hamburgers or chicken wings or whatever you're looking for in the food world. Let's face it aren't clintons on the list there are certain things out there than navy's no jet lands on one thing we know where to go we were looking for good chaplains were would you go for good shields. Hope god I don't know someplace in the south Tennessee Kentucky Mississippi shore so I don't that would be the region I would guess. You know. I don't brag about that we have the world's best children's penalty now now I'm gonna feel like I'm you know we got calls momentarily by mama used to measure is that gonna get him anywhere else. You don't so you gotta go there if you wanna you know they come with a side note the track and if that is it and a little folks out. I know I Sherlock is coming leveled the profile this again and today has the day we do the game called big dummy it's easiest game he could possibly play all we ask is it you get one question right. Federal spending category we'll our biggest enemy so far that would be a two way tie between lovely can really an air fates of nineteen questions to get one right. And every time we play big dummy we do a men's room poll. And last week in this stirred quite the debate we got emails on this for days comments everything else. Would you rather do I going. Six year old with the size of Andre the Giant keep remind seven foot four or 520 pounds or an enemy fighters the size of petered language which we figured how much former some thin and 120 may be hundreds and found some more and there are hundreds and 1004 foot sign overwhelmingly. You would rather fight the six year old the size of Andre the Giant. Although we did have an actual enemy fighters and in a pretty compelling story on why you would not wanna do that in everybody has different angle on that but as far as your voting is concerned you down people who wanted she wanted that's when I took what six year old under the Jack. And don't forget to watch that documentary when it comes out and HBO if you're that are very everything like that that's gonna curse you might wanna change your mind after you see that I don't know. So okay. This is is kind of a different men's room poll and it's gonna deal with flatulence today and so it's for the rest of your life red the phones and wouldn't you love. When you fart is going to be one of two things it could possibly happen on this is every. Single. Time with the exception for the rest of your life now. You can choose from always having a silent but deadly. Clearer room egg fart look at one of those that is the worst that you could possibly have people are angry you know I mean he can be just via. And I mean a whole room the young players out and it doesn't take a lot it's it's super concentrated. It's like that up that debt pepper oil that they haven't a dropper you know smelling salt chart a little bit goes a long way. So god forbid you had to fart on a plane. I mean you could even go to the bathroom Garrett that's right it's going to be bad. You're gonna have to hold that you have to figure out a way to far to not around people at every time for the rest of your life. Okay war. War. You can fart odorless so you'll never have a stinky fart and for the rest of your life. But every time you fart you blowout of visible smoker you know okay so thing about the ring that comes out like when you shoot I can't like yes. This thing's gonna shoot out your like 560. And it's gonna be a perfect smoke ring the pillars. Before I need discipline your sin and a seat an airplane you get a part you know I'm gonna small airplane however a huge. Rain is ever what Jose did premier seats in up above your face huge ass far. I mean I'll still go and far right there real farm taken far right every day of the week OK so everyone could see every time you fart. Evidence now it does not Smart he doesn't smell that every time you far we know it. Just by being able to see I know that most people don't like farms because they stake because if they just make a funny noise and they don't sting people will however. And multiply if you're having sex and mineral snuck one out every once in while the united front advertise on depart during sex with. But sometimes you just have to and we did just catalytic moment. But and I don't know which is worse man and I don't have it nearly as frequently as I did as far as having really bad gas but when I have bad gas at mean it's it's sunny and pleasant for me to be around own courts and now the sulfur smelling. Egg just absolute nastiness that you know exist you know the rumbling in your gut you and you don't get you to you know you're not feeling early that Sunday morning are right we gotta get up a group. Kind of wait you look kinda thing I gather you don't feel like there's talk there's tears rolling dummy inside your stomach and you know it's just weird feeling router and I'll know Robin do women far too they have this they do this. We we don't I don't think so I'm not gonna we're gonna tell you smoke breaks exactly so yeah. All all the smoke rings all day would you go smoke brings a would you go legs I would go smoke rings because what's the turnoff on afar it's the smell and is the sound right because those of the two embarrassing things right but it's only embarrassing if people know you look. I departed on many important make no mistake about. And I am blown that thing up the thing was my hedge my bets. No one can identify who's guilty. Some good until that bad in the in the truth lives and save us all the time with the old people fat people are paddy around you people always assume that a Serbia and I want particular flight we're really really bad flying back from Houston. But there is really old guys sitting directly from it. So part of the whole plane ride and and its staunch and you can see like looks on being the that mild irritation you know just can't hate him but they kept looking at him before. I'll fill back. You know you always often it is really look like smoke ring if everyone goes on foreign I I always die in like you know they say that the first person to speak of is normally the one adult. And I I don't really care about that fit that the theory like it always heard river tonight's planet OK so my thing is like as soon as I fart in a realized smell like from a plane went around like oh. Oh. You do that you don't throw oh. That's good Lebanese several council opens argued and I never achieve certain level is absolutely true but I'm the first person is there isn't another dealer man ought to move I went for somebody to you my luck. It was a little look you right to delete any you know because they necessarily did you did they wanna know but not alone smells and then you look at Damon to give Matt knowing nods like. Desolate nasty as the I can't believe Ronald claims on May hold them to do that everyone has not looked you know while the plane is the worst place mamet does the plane is like the far generator. There's no I mean I can't imagine being locked. In a cockpit will like colonel Robert whoever the hell are placed you know who this guy is you went out to dinner with him last night and you know it's an early flight yea yea yea you cut off the breaks it and I just about to Bob Bob. You never you the last time you got locked in that room with him it was the worst scenarios how long it's like you've ever enemy like you know when you get paired up with people that that that the you don't wanna get paired up with a germ locked in a small error in their notorious for its gonna be fire authority captain. And every one of at that Erin guy knows dude you're captain rob look it's funny to him. But if you haven't transatlantic flight American players and I and our allies is going to blow to cut you might fly to Kansas City the colonel Roddy love Barbeque man he was good to you every time lineup. What he does. To a I got 3500 people are costing Canada. You'll that you think is just carve our their job done it's a far off the entire time is my job would you sit in a room with a grown man that far when you constantly but listen part of your job at a closed environment that's good stuff so you ridiculous we know this gap that he. It breaks better aggregate I am about to apprehend the very rare I would not put cameras as they did okay. Does he does that really but you know I played Little League every hour while I didn't live there is not what you really do commercial I don't think you don't can do I know you hit really take a commercial break twice and our so we only have twice in our to a schedule you know the only current Vick Wright would get open the door ma'am we can open the door in his office because people don't have clean mountain. I'll go dude up front plane didn't crack the windows and that's unseemly. You can do is walk out. I'm getting I know it if you lie you've never seen a pilot walked back down the aisle like. All measures that get out information. Wow like I'm never gonna die now you know to do with I do go you know when they go to the bathroom evenings like. Are the bathroom to your door yeah but sometimes seemed the pilot or pilot or co pilot stepped out of the cockpit. They closed that'll go to the bathroom and may have been talking to the flight attendants but you can just tell by the body language. It's not airline business it's not enough in those moments somewhere that somebody fared in some doubt on the topic if he just wanted to get out of the cut but he's not do we need. Anything he just doesn't want to be an attack it and to me. Somebody just dropped that. Yes I'd won those experiences Reiman line might have a couple Beers I got a finally an altitude another sport that people I'm in the back and that's that's. Some waiting and I'm waiting and finally. I can look there's like three or four people from me and in this in the pilot. He gets out of the back Baffert the bank the back bathroom he opens door he steps saudis get the hat on the team Buddha did. Well I don't mean give miners three or four people out into a different bathroom him. But he walked right back into the back and I'm like god damn of the pilot just have to dump it aback when I walked in the back of the itself by the time I get to the front in economy and economic Pete around like. Always in the jump seat he's just riding our homeland. I go man okay summons lies a pledge. It's gonna worried there for a minute it is guys I don't look at my eagerness that Kayla. Our game is big dummy for 4999 all of who's our first contested race played to date by the way someone hears says cockpits are well ventilated. The smell would be gone quickly. So they've already confidence. OK so the pilots more comfortable than pass it to a 100% hello Eric welcome to the men's room. And hey. OK fair enough. Well enough. Welcome to the program. Eric Green there. Guess fairly aren't are you labor teams over peanuts over. Governor Evan are brother we'll see here Eric Carmen Alonso were harmed. Advance. Would you rather always have silent but deadly parts that are clear room smell like eggs. Or would you rather have odorless ones but a big visible smoke ring walls that are done. Definitely don't drink smoke bring it it didn't think if if if you're getting. Smoke greener but so are there here's the question. How many miles is the diameter of planet for food. That's the day eight. It means doubts. I don't know if your question the earth. He has left. The army miles you've got to make that we know him better yet 8000 miles if that was true yet. Grunow the world's flat obviously trick question. What country would you find the city of fraud. Russia. Character questions. Named the director of Lord of the Rings trilogy. Librarian they are all I ask Nancy authors wrote the director of the movies and you know I can picture him. Did you Star Wars. No. Edit and another big hit it that he's dead let's even the King Kong remake would Jack blanked. We came on how many years ago that makes sense that kind of looks like scruffy Jack Black does translate. This is style and Seth Rogen is Peter Jackson. Brother of you know a month. To just go around. Steelers get on the field didn't have a job. I got a good but yet. What is Tito Jackson there there was no open I don't know who is an audience that she grasslands and it was perhaps a let's live in Vegas. Would send speeds can only move diagonally. Peter loyal. I sound like a sentence doesn't have the royal royal mission. Well what about. It can only move died so the queen to move Dalai such an Olsen aren't got. There's really done a good morning go do what she won't do and I and I had all those are next contest that I played again he would tell me out there removed commission Rubin today and directions he won't then you tied them. Hello Jeremy welcome to the men's room. You're doing good news show you sober now for over. Par until they're okay today Aaron. During the revolt but rather always kept silent but deadly clear roommate parks or odorless fart but you always blow visible smoke drink. All I. I don't did all it yeah it's not create art. Senate budget did it far thank elites. They are today that bigger yeah I think local. You enjoy the end for. Iowa I know the guys that work and want them. OK but they were I think is version of love was in court case drivers really different yeah. All right here's the question multiple choice how many leaders are in the Dallas two point 783 point 78 or four point seven. 82. Point seven. I heard that there's three point seven. If somebody leaders. I assume. Little more history. The Nuremberg trials were held after which war. We Nuremberg trials were held after which war. I know I did their own edit a magnet on the World War I. There won't work to Brodeur. That is correct but they own the south and left only one birdie. We're. Publicity in the Norbert turn November into Europe which sounds about a German residence. Card which is the first country. Alphabetically. Cool thing on us as bigger and. And hands it starts with the letter hey yeah thank you. All of them. Did a bit harder. I'll need this gated community. I'm glad that they're really get it at all. Our resilience and miles eyes and I won't always the same. I didn't. Yes. How things look funny if I failed in the film I was not a great fans I don't know do you agree are exceptionally. Involved in familiar with a particular afternoon champions. Okay. When you boomer. What do you get when you add fresh fruit to red wine. Fresh fruit fresh fruit and fresh fruits red line move ball. Summertime got to her place. I could tell me just let it dizzy my drinking one right now with a boyfriends since this. I'm gonna leave it means blood. Now. Cook and early tomorrow morning so I share is that the. Drink you're drinking leads in the morning and you have not is it simple fact that it has booze and brilliant and yes angry Saturday. The center. OK and related news futures sank 3 in the morning Jason drink whatever lecture you on television mix and of course. So I guess you can't just do straight shots break here. As long as I uprooted as a perfectly acceptable morning alcoholic beverage. All I sorrento a member authority on hold real quick we'll get back here and he'll decide ball goes a question number five you like bigot doesn't play big dummy 44999. All the more big done it coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. And I'm at Jeff and now stands meat and potatoes goes for the absolute best in food you on this copy won the best hamburger the best pizza the debris around it where you gotta go at city gonna go to we've got that coming up with a head chef. And Ted's meat and potatoes also return I'll know I Sherlock on the way red for a drink it tells. With a shot of the day and read and the game is big dummy 8449990. Look. We just senator phones lines explode every goddamn month though so I had heard Jeremy Jeremy had Jeremy got called back well if we get you back down will pick up where we left off on to question number five so worked this game is big dummy for 49990. Lose our next contestant rated by name hello Bryce welcome to the men's room. All hats crises over not sober. Thought stuff over and start over totally over it to him are you sure didn't. Particularly. Right. Drunk people Samsung over and it's. Generally when you're sober. You don't stumble and you don't open with I'm not sober you would not be very good and traffic stop. Even Reagan tonight absolutely way no no no not a drunk bridesmaids are bowl would you rather always have silent but deadly clear room eggs parts or oral as far as what you blow visible smoke ring every time. Our I'd much rather have that smoke drink smoke and I can't look. Regularly you know I just blown out of my that being Jarret. Depth interest or any of the word yes. Aren't here is your questions so we're not sober sober. According to occur Iran. Which prophet spoke as a baby and turn to clay bird into real. Old question according to the drawn with prophets spoke to the baby and and equally bird into real. Are. It makes profits. Are. That is my only guess Jesus. Phil profit for the fifth I don't know that you. They're good kids left. New film may turn to meet Jesus was Muslim. And so do you do not hear out. All right John Demi Jesus was a group. Williams Ricky you know he's just a little we'll love to go reckon maximum news broke that they recognize that we know he was brought. How many months of the year have 31 days. Easy money this year car. January Newton Tatis are to have its own. It will all. Go out. Let me tell you I don't know the whole thing. There are seven months in one year that adds 31 days April is not one of them know outlaw it still bothers me that it got to write anyway I may Islam and a death. I was generated large July made July August October and two civilians okay I. I'm trying to remember the month it's never that there's two missing data. February. Did not based on the fire and search. That's pretty impressive right there rice. Opens delayed that I nobody either way and I went really well leading up the over all number right your right. You can be wrong we'll be right he's got you know you get the answer to the question right grown man that's fine you know Hewitt don't show your work here you know incidentally that's very true I don't I hate that teaches kids did you can't you all out action and we actually got the answer not fan man is what's allowed Amazon says that lineup that's coming on Eros has been that they asked him. It as enjoy his work. That's where I got as and I would of those games bigamy for four at 9990. It's airs at your online there and a drop you call back we'll play more of big dummy. Coming up. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.