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Thursday, December 7th


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Thursday morning Mike Casey Alley Hardwicke we're talking known domestic things with Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell you had it not that they're domestic domestic but their home related. You're in some other in Melbourne given them the test kitchen is download and test kitchen is down. I don't know how long. I know well your belts are happy is he breaking ratings record in my futures and late yesterday yeah yeah I was nom I was making me a lot of stuff yesterday made some jam and meets and cuts he is I moved onto making stuffed peppers and as I was doing mask. The Cooley L or the element in the bottom of the of an. I I aid. Was standing in the kitchen and I saw this giant flash. Almost always a good feeling he had now I I figured something had fallen off of one of the racks and started burning area as that happens. But he wasn't that is look it's it looks like the sun it was just so bright end out of a good way not in a daylight. As I Alfonse further inspection I realized that feed the coil are the elements in the bottom of the Evan had cracked like almost explode it grow. Yeah a doesn't seem it doesn't seem that at all and here's the thing I was trying to make dinner quickly. Because his aides said that I would do it in I tried to make dinner when I Sam well. But I also had somewhere else to be like ahead to meet people for drinks it was very important so I'm staring at my broken on in thinking dinners not Don and now on not an eagle. To have drinks all things fell part I was like 45 minutes late for drinks well Ali is par for the course with me and never on time. I guess I was just this whole panic situation like oh what if I can't get to the barn just haven't expired. As for priorities. So what I mean not the U I don't know the you know the answer yet I've never that I've never had that happen to any of an event I ever before have a nightmare can you just take their heating element out at a new U I Google bit this morning because I had priorities last yet. Configure I was wrong Atlanta and I needed to figure out which string catcher. So again apparently can just unplug it and put anyone in so it's gonna be an easy thanks. But I couldn't yeah it was very strange and the test kitchen is down especially is on the unique on for the next few days slight crack down on tactics and totally understand it. And and and there are some that as far as you know there's no like. Toxic kind of there's nothing in the heating element paying a high ankle tonight as he ate food that isn't. Fit well I just think it more it starts spreading India its should go home me I don't believe cell click on challenged project and now. I think it's fine I think if everybody's fine and it's finding these new new heating element we need to get that test kitchen back up and running when I Google as you know Levin. Yes probably so don't Google that part Hulu board or defeating illness and put it back in the tennis in Monte fine I'm that's a good policy. Or Mike Casey is coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. If you haven't gotten a flu shot yet this year. You may want to worry you may what are you doing illegal on at the end of the season a sickness is already upon us according to the CDC there weekly flu tracker. Notes a wider geographic spread of the illness across the US compared to this time. In years past popular science also reports that flu season kicked off during the Thanksgiving week which is a little bit ahead of schedule. Four states have already reported widespread influenza activity. At this point last year no states at reported widespread influenza activity and perhaps most telling of all news from Australia. Which is hit with its flu season months before ours. Isn't promising a record number of cases hospitalizations. And deaths in Australia and keep in mind in Australia. There there are those people are tough they're ideal vacation. Is. Walking around the outback for two weeks in drinking their own year end that's what they'd show of your if their. Susceptible to this year's flu strain. This could be back keep in mind it also takes takes a little while for the shots flu shots out shortly two weeks again you get one this year did you. I haven't yet now and I usually deal usually you do we usually have the folks commend yeah they do we do it on the. Any Colorado would like the flu season started here really early in their already than a record number of mobile. Hospitalized with the flu yes for this time period. Is normally doesn't start until about now. And back in balancing act over visitors are hospitalized. Why is you have I mean I never get one why would she got from I guess just. Apathy and now she's. Here she was I yeah. The studio final winner I'm await. Will this ruins are too usually read your testers every year you get a do you get a shot I don't that we see who I'm holding your immunities rip off economy. That that's impossible I don't know that seems unlikely. I think we'll find out will find out is a big banner hiding the double lines and you know what that means legislate. She's like an alarm clocks. Does this morning what you really wish she'd just shut up already Mike Casey in the morning. 95. According to a new study almost everyone who owns the Smartphone uses it during the face to face social interactions like meals in and parties in this study also says the using that phone. In those situations. Makes the social interactions less fun. For every one. Researchers found that 90% of cellphone owners. Pulled out their phones during their most recent social activity and that the use of the that foam led to feelings of distraction board of Anna and the worse overall mood. I would believe that to be true it's one of those things that I think it's a bit. Big big can is already open and I don't know that we're Ebert put the lid back on it or the jar whatever the analogy is. I will tell you don't if you have kids particularly teenagers. And you you want to see them lose their minds over the holidays. When they're all your house at some point just gather up just say ever has got to put the phone in this Basque hitters boxer whatever. It it's just watching them lose their minds and freak out these totally worth it and then I would just tell you based on on our experience in our house. Usually. They end up having more fun than if they have been on their phones the hope they don't want to admit it but they usually do so it's really it's kind of a win win because you get to see them. Totally panic and then you get to be righted the hint self you know I think some valuable information there. Question almost impossible it's where the questions are. Impossible. Yes so two and 99 but the man. It's hard to gets to Denver zoo lights plus you'll be entered to win too late 500 dollars from the Colorado lotteries when you land wealth all you have to do is it's here. Balance questions only to top one Saint Paul I'm sorry I eat some cookies and they are not song and I put it. And some coffee and lumped in a second I've got to get to question jurors aren't. Company in the late ninety's. This toy was cleaned from NSA headquarters. And is really the national security minister acts and a people were ringing toys to work apparently. Yes apparently de adults for bringing toys to Eric and had to hand this to light. Menacing headquarters. Coca and misses it's clean right this is not a I Oca is. Wanna make sure this jacket guys adults are bringing the joint enmity it's not an adults totally ready to Datsyuk I was each other. I'm trying to do OK to have were on the same page 6312995. Let us know if you have the answer. We might now a minority. What are we talking about birdie. Well apparently this is not a hard question I. Will be really hard first b.'s how did you know that Arab emirates. And you really did you have a thirty. Now did you work at the national security administration headquarters. RO. Would you be allowed Telus even if you didn't know. And. He's answered every question going to be now. So you see here remember this you actually never that they banned birdies. At the very. I have not I don't remember for bees was their what was it because they could widen the bins for news you remember that they repeated. People had. Corridor light can write direct and. Me. Well great congratulations we got Denver's you lights tickets for you what's your name. Okay well congratulations you knew that for bees were banned from the national security administration headquarters in the early ninety's I had no idea now he should now and that really two days erode our first caller god it I think I'm gonna step up the question. Are organized. Zero never have to make it like I don't want anyone's guess and now it's the blue this'll be like a week it's gonna take a week. Figured out on. But that's a little mean not that hard it. Did you have to get sued Denver's you lights at Denver's you obviously and you're entered to win toy 500 dollars from the Colorado lotteries went through land wealth. Question almost impossible tomorrow morning. Seven generate here on the mound we can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your ride into work itself. Mike Casey in the morning on 995. The mountain. It's. According to this story it looks like women are better natural athletes than men. This is. You're gonna you're gonna to me for this I visited it it's a little bit of a stretch I don't mean the headline is a stretch. I mean what Vick that connection that they're making is a little bit of distraction let me let me explain before you. Absolutely crazy and you know and maybe justifiably so here's what they're saying when when exercising when in the process of exercising. Women process oxygen. 30% more efficiently than men. It's a huge number 30% more efficiently than men faster oxygen uptake indicates a greater level of fitness. And also results in less muscle fatigue study author professor Richard Hewson said quote we found that women's muscles extract oxygen from the blood faster. Which scientifically speaking indicates a superior robe X system. No debating the science. Having a superior robe which system doesn't necessarily make you a better athlete if if if we look at athletics in the broad sense of things. You don't mean. You look at him me like you're gonna stab you with a pen I guess. I I'm looking at athletics in the broad sense of things performing. A sport or an activity more efficiently. Isn't that being better. Oh yeah Abbott were completely eliminating hand eye coordination where I mean we're just looking completely eliminating the idea of an endless boys are playing and no one's interest. Now on to step up Monday on a couple of bad that's not at all what I am today. At all I think it's as much of his stretches your making it out to me. What do you think I know clearly from a from a fitness standpoint that you you can argue. That that the facts are at their 30% more efficient in terms of oxygen exchange that's a huge deal. If we look at athletics in terms of basketball baseball soccer football. Field hockey tennis whatever that those things all require much more than just an ability to efficiently extract oxygen. Yeah yeah okay. So what I'm so I'm not saying that's not even not true of women bathed in fact be better athletes naturally than meant I'm just saying that's not what the study troops. Eight and now all I guess not I think he'll are. You're working real hard because you look I think there Harriet I've not. Daddy I'm just gonna let me tell you know you're gonna stab me to receive an activist not well I'll just point counties that didn't athletics yes or measured by lots of things in your ability to perform the sport physically and our fitness level. We generally indicate the year better. Can duke it. That's steady from the University of Waterloo in Ontario with few Denham familiar heart week here in Decker yeah. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview each caddie before Mike Casey in the morning on 1995. The mountain. If you're a fast car kind of person and if you're a whole lot of money in your pocket kind of person you might be excited about this labor he has developed the world's fastest. SUV. Yeah suvs the Lamborghini Euro us you are US. Has a top speed of nearly 200 miles an hour. And goes from zero to sixty in three point six actions which is that's faster than a Corvette but keep in mind is that these suvs. So you feel like drag race off the line but still have room in the back for groceries in the soccer carpool. And you go like 200 miles an hours of man are you get a lot of things done quickly. On the labor he years woolly set you back 230 grand if you wanna put red bow on putting your driveway Christmas morning. It for you criticize you should walk a mile in his shoes. That way when you're do you criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike GC 199 plus the mountain. He neagle feel good story. This time Riviera I think this one would qualify as an Indian family in the titans and it's pronounced cautioned I'm not 100% sure but GO asked. Each year and gosh in Indiana. And Linda cells varying her family are hoping that no one in their part of the world will have to be cold this winter. They have set up with being called a blessing fenced in their front yard where people are invited to donate all types of winter clothing for a their neighbors in need. So the that you have to picture at defense. Is consistently covered in. Coats and hats in and scarves in boots and anyone. Who needs something warm is invited to take. Whatever whatever they want Linda said she saw the idea on FaceBook. And she thought it would work in her neighborhood which she says is a very economically diverse part of town. And she said it's also its its anonymous giving an anonymous receiving nobody asked him you know putting. I need this or nothing like that you just if you want to contribute contribute if you need to take something from the blessing fence. You do a crowd which and this seems like you're great idea congratulations Linda Salisbury and your family in them cautions or promotions. Indiana we could all learn a little something from that. His life as a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns left. Mornings when Mike Casey in 95. The mountains. The last story is ranked 100 best large companies. And fifty best small and medium companies to work for in two when he teen using employee feedback. Collected between November of last year and October of this year. Top ten in each category will too small and medium companies first car shields CB insights. Life church and that is gleaned. Op loans to zoom video communications acceleration partners. Next century new home star in silverlight so reliant number one small and medium companies large companies. From ten to one ultimate software. Saint Jude children's research hospital worldwide technology hot spots. Lulu lemon. It's an athletic athletic Wear Greg thank you you know giving back that race. Google can Arco figure in N out burger Boston Consulting company number two Bain and company which didn't Mitt Romney Napa. He was connected to being incompetent somehow odd number two and V best large company award for in the forthcoming year and probably years to come. FaceBook. Top the list so that I realized that was a lot to run through it occurred to me as I looked through both of these lists. There are 40% of the companies on the east to us that I've never heard of and I couldn't tell you what they do. And there are 58%. Of these companies that I am not in any way shape or form qualified to work for so that leaves me with in and out burger. Yeah that's via. Coming to Colorado so my future and even have to relocate my future is ruled out in front of me like a red carpet covered in melted cheese and how that teacher is for residents. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training it's technically he's right. Mornings with Mike Casey in the the mountain. You may have noticed if you pay attention to Twitter the Taco Bell Twitter feed made mention of maybe possibly. Putting French Fries on their their menu. And now it seems that they've started sort of some Taco Bell restaurants. But only in Charleston, West Virginia. That that major metropolitan. City Charleston, West Virginia are now testing burritos. Stuffed with French Fries let that set in for a moment will you. Burritos stuffed with French Fries loaded Fries and burritos apparently is what they're calling them features ground beef nacho cheese sour cream salsa guacamole. Of course French Fries and are priced at one dollar and 99 cents my question is this don't they already have enough going for them in Charleston, West Virginia. That those of us out here in Denver can't get a little bit of the loaded Fries burritos love I mean Charleston, West Virginia. Already has at all come on Taco Bell spread it around maybe. I was a political science major and look where that's taken them. Mike GC mornings on 1995. The mountain.