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Wednesday, December 6th


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Let's pray that the very least try to get your morning. And ten of that big fan and that's like that's a lot too and elect bear and a lot zombies. On 995 or mountain time of the season that means to number three on the you know pop church back in 1969. I mention all this regarding zombies because. Fan voting. To determine the rock and roll hall of streams class of twenty teen ended last night's acts of midnight. Bon Jovi topped the list which is pretty from the moment they open voting to there was sort of a Bon Jovi landslide. The pulled in one point two million fan votes Moody Blues came in at number two with them just under a million. Dire straits at number three cars at number four Judas Priest number five. Zombies in number six OK so out of out of nineteen and as armies had 520000. Of votes you rid mixture girls been parish mode. On down the list but out of nineteen show there in the top third an odd. I began I'm not really of that man but I would bench. I'd I'd bet they get it they GOP I I still can not believe that they aren't. Well you look at some of these by meeting get a couple of Regis recently eligible to you look at epidemic Moody Blues like Howard they may not yeah. Yet are they know on the rock you'll feel so there's a little too cocky yes yes into talk is in The Beastie Boys are so. Me. There's some serious question marks. In any event that's how the fan voting has shaped out (%expletive) Sheikh announced the top five artists. As selects the zombies are just out of that but did the top five artist is selected by the public will comprise our fans ballots. That will be tallied along with the other ballots to choose the twenty team. Inductees which we will I mean we won't actually have the official. The ceremonies April 14. They'll probably. Released the informant in whatever it probably the beginning of the new year so we'll find out I've I'd love to see the I'd like to see. Really all of them I think have moved pretty much. The top ten I think everybody in the top ten document of particular form without taking a long time some do saying I can make arguments for all of them no hiding go to the rest of the show and we have other things to do we shoot Jerry and talk about and all that. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like us the mountain. Wednesday morning just in terms of fair warning in this was a good suggestion on your part we're gonna do a story right now that has to do with. Sansa. Santa Claus and of their particular gentleman who does not believe in Santa Claus and he's going to. Do what he considers to be some truth telling and sort if you have particularly younger kids with few that are listening this mean obvious story that the day. You want to be here. Yes and you you can. Absolutely explain that this is what this man believes yes and we are all still entitled to our own police in Santa and us and what we want to be. Correct this man's name is pastor David Grisham. And you may remember him from last year he kinda did this seem stone to last year in a mall in Texas this year he went all the way to the Santa Claus house. In the North Pole. I eat in Alaska. To share his own personal views. On this season of Christmas. And Santa Claus and and a variety of other different thinks the so this is a very short edited version that I felt like sort of hit the high points. Of what this particular. Men of the cloth at least so he says the message that he was attempting to spread. At the Santa Claus house in the North Pole in Alaska cracker. Santa Claus does not exist Santa Claus is not real. The man you're gonna meet today is a man wearing a suit like costume. In its make believe it's not real pro. Your parents have been telling you a story that is not true. He's just a petition of people's imagination. When he and it's not real maverick your parents while the gifts and they put him under the tree. And so I'd ask you parents to please not lie to your children please tell your children the truth about Jesus at Christmas. And not make Christmas a festival of gluttony and greed and tell your children about that. And then you'll be telling them something good you'll have a good day you god bless you all kill your children the true. Yes yes god bless assault pastor David Grisham from the I had the name of the organization was with her I don't have it in front of me. I am I'm I thought about this a lot this morning and I just for life of me can't figure out exactly what possesses. Somebody. To. Do something like this it admittedly I hate to give him the extra tension by even covering the story but he just. It was such an eye grabber that I thought was it like what world are we live and it. What I don't get is. I I'm not practicing in any faith but from what I understand. Christianity is about showing low people around you and caring for your neighbors like don't. Get why this man believes that. That is upsetting children is the best way to spread. I missed Tayshaun or religion based on kindness yes and don't see himself counterintuitive. To me. That's a good way to say it's I would I would go lowest step further and just say part of the and I think you're alluding to this in what you're saying. I can't wide I certainly don't agree with his methodologies and I'm maybe not even to I don't share his particular beliefs however. I can respect your truth she. Please do not fault please do not attempt to force your truth on being minorities in this in children gathered here just to celebrate. Holidays you know like you please not going into his place of worship and up and say everything they you have faith and isn't re. I never do that because it's disrespectful. And what does it accomplish. Nothing if anything people are going to be more return off to the contest he's trying to promotes rights than anything. Yeah I just feel like and again this isn't necessarily my own set of beliefs by its I would guess maybe uses his. Pastor David said at least it's there's a hell I think this is the way you get there cured immediately. That's the way get there arbitrarily upsetting in. Huge group of children is not something that's gonna get you through super happy holidays. Happy. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Wait wait. Mike Casey mornings on ninety. Five years ago a bounce on Zachary Quinn and his classmate Brian Keller. Started a hat company called love your Mellon he was part of the challenge to do you like a college class was part of accompanied. Starting company challenge basically. Since then their company love your Mellon has grown to twenty million dollars twenty million dollar company. And 25 year old Zachary has taken on the role of CEO. Obviously the success of the company's remarkable botch. It's even more special because this this company love your Mellon donates half of all their profits half. Of all their profits every year to help kids with cancer they've already given more than two point eight million dollars to research. India charity groups such as saint Jude's Children's Hospital. And the pinky swear foundation. The company love your Millon also has college student volunteers dressed up as superheroes to visit hospitals and personally delivered donated hats. To up to 151000 kids who were diagnosed. With cancer every year so yell obviously young but in this case men but young people 25 years olds they're recording and Brian Keller. Taking a calm a relatively different. Operational philosophy. Into the world of business and entrepreneurial business. Which if that's a trend that continues and if that's a trend that's driven by people at that the younger end of the entrepreneurial spectrum I think that's a great thing particularly. Around this sort of behavior so Zachary and Brian congratulations on your company's success in dove. You know who Joba Yugoslavia Millen is the name of the company. Question almost impossible with Mikey Nellie it's like trivia quiz forgery minimum. I'm 995. Men. Finley for back to Denver zoo lights you've got those free today plus she'll be answered to win 2500 dollars from the Colorado lotteries winters land wealth game that would be for chicken. Nice this time of year. What do you have for questions today. I've got an interesting questions name I think two good. Women are 50% more likely to trust demand does speaks. OK and be a lot I think yes definitely could be a lot of things. Fifty and that's a big percentage of women are fifty depression yeah women are 50% more likely to trust a man who does this. Coca 631 to none and Bob if you think you know the answer let us know. And the Denver zoo lets tickets or yours plus you did you do in between 500 dollars from the Colorado lotteries which her way and well. We might now a minority. Placing almost impossible with the Mikey now eight. Mountain it. Hard this morning's question women are 50% more likely to trust of men who does this were we talking about. Morning my government I have to say cry and long. Each yeah you're exactly right did you go to either got it figured out now what to do a lot of cry and I heard it but I would know but there. A well beautifully scenic. Ha. Yeah answer well OK there you've you've made it easy today color number one widget that. It costs that we've got this he likes tickets for you here also entered to win 2500 books from the Colorado lotteries we'd certainly am well that. Tickets are here they refuse to go where get a chance. Her arm out. But it appeared here Fareed you focus their egos so I guess is league approached him for that we've been women are more likely to trust you you trust you with that information what you will. Our question almost impossible sevenths at weekday mornings here on the bounce and hopefully tomorrow is a little lower than today's. Baseball is Mike's favorite sport because you played professional level with food in your mouth Mike GC mornings on nine. A little earlier this morning we found out officially that some time magazine. Named to the silence breakers the the women behind the hash tag me to movement. As as the policy person of the year race for the people of the year yeah I guess it's more of like a collective. Movement of the younger son thing exists time magazine made that announcement this morning. Just a little bit before that at the end of the day yesterday Twitter released its list of the ten most reach we did tweets of 2017. The current president may not be pleased he did not make that he did not show up in the top ten list perhaps adding more insult to injury is his predecessor. Rock Obama. Ended up with three a lot of gonna guess too Gloria are that gets recently I Nike gasoline a decent and other top ten. I'll take that I'll take that idea the most reach we did was not one from. President Obama or any politician from that for that matter what he what do you think Lou you know with the most retreated once we. We insisted they got to do so now I assumed day. President Obama's. Jill biting her estate Lisa. Two rooms repeat treats. No no they didn't know Alice McClellan answered a lock on and men. President Obama's response seal who was at one of the mass shootings that we had he he came out with a great response that was for a long time like dean molester re treated trees. For a long time you Mike for several months. Active yet in Sochi as you his numbered the one that was number two on the top ten list came from President Obama knowing his morning meeting another person because the color of his skin or his background or his religion that was retreated one point seven million times so that's number two US energy west number one and number one believe they're not well let's hear this couple other ones the one where LeBron James. With a hole being invited to the White House and staff economy so that that was on number seven. President Obama had it's been the honor of my life to serve you may be a better leader and a better man there were a couple with let's say three or four. Of the top ten were regarding some of the natural. And bid disasters that we had. Which fires in California hurricanes RG at hurricane Maria that there are so many it was a hell yeah there's a lot of survivors has drafty he of coffee there. Arianna ground days tweet after the this the shooting of her concerts in the UK in Manchester Manchester I'm so that was one point one million and perhaps telling us all we need to know about our world today. The most re tweet tweet of the year 2017. Belong to teenager Carter will it's will person. Who wanted to get free chicken being. All people it's not yet hinted at CW was. Help me please a man needs his mug it's a three point six million. Read Swedes topping. National or natural disasters and politicians. And celebrities. Of all different kinds. A man a teenage boy who needs should have enough. This now this is great any year when we had had so many different terror attacks mass shootings. Fights between athletes and politicians. What we all do is come together to get teenagers as. Pre nuggets for Brad and easiest of nuggets got he would not he got beat got a three point subs are one bug ya three point six million tweets. Wheldon Carter wilders. He recently that doing squats to us or simply by. Moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning in 1995. The mountain about this for the first time in weeks now that today's show. Was the nation's most watched morning news programs the sooners beat the beach ABC's Good Morning America. By more than 500000 viewers for the five days. Ending December 1 so roughly. A week ago Giricek. As I think we all know Matt Lauer was fired on November 29. Four allegations of sexual misconduct after two days nearly two decade run at the top of the ratings. Good Morning America had been has been the number 1 morning show ever since the summer between twelve when The Today Show fired. In Currie it's if you follow these kinds of things it's interesting I don't know that it's. I don't believe it's like oh Matt Lauer a fire everybody decided to tune into The Today Show all of a sudden I would guess. The expectation is that that's if that's a very big. Story the metal our story and their feeling like because. He was a part of that showed a part of that network perhaps that information. There's the information that they get from The Today Show on that story will be more value blue will be more. Insider information considered setters I would meet personally I would guess that's part of what's driving the rating shoot straight now. I don't I I wouldn't imagine middle necessarily stay that way bites. You know again for people who follow these sorts of things kind of an interesting development. Mike Casey life. Tip number 256. Always. A purse unless you're giving blood morning's quick Mike Casey and 85 the mountain. Our speed the singer's beyoncé. Made a surprise appearance last night at Sports Illustrated sports person of the year award. Awards rather she presented the Mohammad Ali's legacy award. To quarterback Colin Capra music Sports Illustrated honors an athlete who uses their platform to promote change. Lonnie Ali. The you know the daughter of Mohammad Ali told the audience. Like Mohammed pollen is a man who stands on his convictions with confidence and courage. Undaunted by the personal sacrifices he has had to make to have his message heard and quote I think we all are familiar with the the controversy the NFL controversy that Colin can predict his administrative and to the censure of a number of different players followed his lead. This year in terms of dealing for the anthem and so Sports Illustrated. A name your sports person. I'm search for person of the year awards last night the Mohammad Ali legacy award. Went to Colin cap predict the Sports Illustrated also honored to Houston athletes JJ watt and Jose L two day as sports persons of the year. For their efforts in supporting the community after hurricane Harvey flooded the city's. Just like the old saying goes if it ain't broke Mike Casey hasn't borrowed it yet Mike Casey mornings on 1995 the mountain. What is it that you always say about glitter. Glitter is the hurt piece of the craft world yes eighteen it's everywhere and it never grosso degenerated it there's nothing you can do for you. That's kind of where rat and I think you're gonna like this story because there are a number of different scientists across the globe who are banding together. To say that it's glitter should be. Band. Not because it's artistically offensive but because environmental scientists are saying. That's the risk of pollution particularly to the oceans. These two great to ignore and those tiny plastic particles that the U micro plastics the used to make later. Or dangerous because they end up in the oceans and for many animals. The small size and the glitter itself. Makes animals think its food so they need it. And and they just hit a punch taken them yes which is not. Dude from me obviously from an environmental standpoint even if Steve animals in the oceans don't eat it it's still not good to have that. Kind of micro plastic in your. In your water and then if the animals do we get that makes it even worse so I don't know that they the environmental scientists are not. Jumping on the heart we train in terms of just the fact that glitters offensive artistically. But they're moving in the same direction that you are for different reasons I. I mean everybody like something that sparkles but it. And putt costs. Honestly that's surface Italy do you sometimes I'm glad I don't say about one degree because somebody probably once gave you a card six years ago with a glitter on it and it somehow found its way to your face I don't know like Letterman he's also a note it. Once a week or commit Buick you've grown and liquid are pig litter out like how they gonna happen. Ands or heard of the press right exactly your point is valid so it may end up getting. If he's environmental sciences have their way he may get Dan's perhaps for different reasons that you wanted but the end goal will I witnessed or exact. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. Casey does it he's drone. And I still leave the hardware store mornings with Mikey see on 99 plus the mountain. Interestingly off topic some some Russian astronauts were goofing off on the International Space Station and they claim. They say. They found an alien life form to be clear this life form wasn't some extraterrestrial creature or anything like that instead. It's a it's a form of bacteria that it doesn't exist on earth. Date they scrape this according to them they scrape the stuff off the side of the International Space Station and they believe. Hopefully. That it's not dangerous to humans. And because it wasn't on the space station when the thing was blasted into space. These astronauts could actually be the first people in history to have contact with something that qualifies as extraterrestrial life again it's bacteria. But I think for all of us who have seen a certain movie that came out in the late eighties. We have a sense of where this little bacteria escapade can ago. Need I remind you. How long after we're declared overdue can we expect to rescue. Certainty that seventeen days. Amy and I don't ring on your parade we're not gonna let seventeen hours. Both face a good coach and here's what they do it before they're gonna come here and there are other similar. This little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training Bryce. What you put orange are just start dealing with that husband. Yeah Hudson and we all better start dealing with it because I'm think in the maybe this is what started the whole aliens thing was somebody's craven bacteria off the side of the International Space Station the next thing you know you got a call and Sigourney Weaver and little crazy eyed child Siva Saul. Not to be alarmist or anything but that's I don't think. Mike Casey he's a people person from a distance Mike Casey mornings on 1995. The mountain.