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Tuesday, December 5th

Mens Room Question: What is the damnest thing you've seen happen to someone else?


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You what you're about to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. There's I'm. Invited to join the party. This news. Other than secrecy. It is now. They say shake your radio more than three times. And Jordan. I don't know I go to this November 2728. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Do Ted Smith. Lot broom ball. I have my car. Do it our enemy is a. Campaign dry dry dry cast those into chickens may not today ten bands named after places around the world. When you don't need to know has why questions for each and every state can write a play profiled this plus headlines amend your shot of the day fumble listener emails. And everyone's favorite TV time would take effect factory and then drag our new go to Germany where 400 stupid war still bore curb stomped disaster. In Arizona lawmakers pushing bills you can't Wear your mask to dinner or to class. Six year old right females and a detail in his life sucks and is indeed invisible box challenge is the latest online thing not to try and tempting. And rockets hit my car in Canada actually rock kids three different cars in one weekend. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All that bad then good day to you and yours are rights. We talked about this a little on yesterday's show was a woman and eight when she recently saw homeless couple. Sleeping in her driveway she decided to be nice to them bottled. But she regretted that decision the next morning when she found the same couple not sleeping but having sex in the driveway. And add insult to injury they were surrounded by empty beer cans that time she called the cops now little quotes Oklahoma Florida 911 was called. Basically to rescue Santa Claus you C a skydiving salmon along with his open itself. They crashed into a tree then question to a light pole the LA poll. Before crashing through volleyball that's slamming into the beach and breaking his left. And the worst part is you supposed to be surprising a nine year old girl. But in the end that I think it's safe to say he probably did in fact surprised and I'm your girl and then and Africa. There's a guy who's climbing up and electrical tower we don't know why. But he stopped climbing when you took 30000 volts to that everything. Twice. And then fell 100 feet and smashes into the ground and believe in and out not only did he survive he got up walked away. Now become a threat here is that in each case but witnesses and the western stores a dog about who's actually video also view. Want to see the video guy giving it a 30000 Bolton falling a hundred feet so there's video if you wanna watch a video and trust me you do. Of Santa Claus skydiving crashing into a tree light pole while momentum to beat that one personally hilarious go ahead check at. But there were witnesses and each of these cases we've all been witnesses. Other people's misfortune or. Unexpected moments over might shake out but today's question is pretty simple. What is the day on this thing you've seen happen to someone else. Early show call 844999. Only you can like commands are among FaceBook follow us on Twitter men's or fly to answer those emails to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio networks. I don't now I go out and Michelle number 2728. Well large and in charge show. As the drug charge right castles in the since then. And today we get a bit of a geography lesson around the world as Ryan brings us ten bands named. After places around the world welcome our coming up with a sense Spencer there would get you have to know him today on since then with ten bands named after places around the world also got another return of what you don't need to know. And we have the why questions for each and every state basically if you do a Google search people ask. Why does the news moves sky blue or whatever oil admittedly this is random weird questions of people last public they did was. They narrowed down some of the more odd questions that seemed to pop up more often. In certain states woke up I know there's all I mean it's it's it's unbelievable it's it it it it crosses the Specter most. Of what you would think that people would ask so. That's coming up right before we drink a toast when you don't need to know and our question today was an end this thing you've seen happen to someone else we have a bunch of stories here and of course. As a holiday season is approaching a sky diving Santa look to me grand entrance while taking an elf on the shelf. To a nine year old girl. While he crashed into a tree and light pole before hitting a Florida beach and then breaking his leg. So that's good euros outstanding I don't know this George Kroger says they say he was dressed as Santa Claus and obviously this is Santa Claus. Santa Claus during the Saturday skydive is over toys in the Tampa Bay beach bums operation. Other sandy charity it's and a charity volleyball tornado was there I was a big extravaganza he yells at you don't come down man and he's is gonna skydive on the beach and he's gonna give this little nine year old girl and Al frankly sometimes you should do is more. Man until of course he crashed into a tree and little light pole before hitting the beach and breaking his leg. As he neared the Gulfport landing spotty to the sudden turn and crashed right into the tree. And then a light pole then fell down among a bunch of volleyball net evaluated our children then pretty mundane into net is it brought about because you don't have written in the sand in my. Now late the late Norbert mad at Madison spires she is nine years old she was there to see Sam Madison's assaulting a porn name PSAs she's all the crashes and I felt bad because you can that was the first time I saw someone skydive and it didn't turn out that well he's if he ruined a little nine year old life she told that to bay news nine. She also received a surprise after the crash a letter from the elf named Christophe who usually visits her house during the holidays and as said. He went skydiving with growth this and then as we were about to land the Big Three jumped right out in front of us up. Well that's according to mats as we told the nine year old. It's not clear how he made his. I had today kids are huge pleas did crashed into the jury gas assault on my own eyes and the event organizers. Say the Kroger suffered a broken leg but is otherwise in good spirits. And there is now a go fund meet its goal so to help them pay for his medical bills or the pages are all about 15100 dollars toward a 121500. Dollar goal. Which means hopefully he did not taken into a ride to the hospital he. That in adding that I hold those drug sold out. Is it. Not sure where the where this video service from but it's it's pretty disturbing and it they believe it is somewhere in Africa and it shows a man. Dropping from a 100 foot electricity pole after being electrocuted twice when they sell. He's up on WZ Nvidia doesn't oh my god now amidst it. I get in the Andersen disclosed the whitening and you see a body fall here is the story is is from this is from London so it's been like this. A terrifying video shows a man dropping like a stone from an electricity pylon NAFTA being electrocuted twice. I guess and you know horrifying footage taken on a mobile phone Joe's the man perched on the second branch of the huge pile on his way up there. But the second into the clip too dull electric floods are heard in huge flash is emanate from viola Eaton. Shows the man can be seen dropping about 100 feet from the structure as people watching him screaming in terror. He's been through the air as the person with a phone continues to fill you voted their demand that may have miraculously survive. So I guess after the violent footage in the badly burned man his film stumbling around apparently still in shock. A strips of clothing or possibly skin hanging from Hamilton as he wonders around as onlookers seemed to insist that he needs to rest. It is not known whether the two sections of the clip are of the same incident or where they were film although it appears to be in Africa. Man's condition is also a mystery although he appears to have survived the government walk away and asked if you see Intel you want to. I'm trying to watch and how that offering. Now he's he's up there he is and got a doll who's who think any guy let's hear it's. And today. How did he survive I don't know I don't know. There hasn't torn up there he was climate is being crazy person and then it's a giant structure yeah. A drug most pivotal climb those things. He's the example of why you don't do that again now that mean you know you look at that thing every day anything act. As a latter out there. They actually everybody. Thinks that but most of Mosul was just don't do it sometimes I look at cop cars and their running and I think the refund is still that driver out the lights on and you don't do now we can't unfortunately and I really want to now be a lot of fun though. What is the idea and this thing that you've seen happen to someone else 844999. Cola. Hello Justin welcome to the men's room. Oh god I. Yeah. Going way the wherever our youth group. Outing we're all going hiking up the not a banana one orange now and a so my and my body is there's obviously had not killed at least are sliding backwards basically you know on both to speak and not unintentionally of course. And if he goes. You wonder actually goes off equip it goes up up the other direction it's a bunch of rocks. We saw. You bastard jumps on his beat the start skiing down on his feet after him my body and built slide right into the rocks and turned around to see which direction he's going to what are you gonna hit. The second he turned around. It's a rock it's about me I. It takes legs out from on Germany actually did a one ED backlit when one landed it out and just in shock. And this is the wood and honesty took a couple steps in the turnaround threw his arms up like I'm OK and his. Blew himself and you you cannot attend signs like perfect and they are not very much split but then at that point youth pastor couldn't stop himself and tackled him while honest back onto the well over the cliff. Now you guys and have any ice ax. Are not about when I do now okay yeah it's alcohol that's literary material prepared teenagers under the supervision system really. You're responsible adult. Okay now good times always a winning combination the gullet youth group. Well I mean to be honest really I'm in and I ever. Look at Maine where or adults now so we're not dumb we are literally change the dynamic of things I'm not an expert on anything so Dora dolls now and absolutely we should not. Really shouldn't be allowed incorporated a group of kids out any amount undermines our vision of the terrible horrible ID. What kind of game. I don't know like a pro sport and I wanted to alimony did Tony kids can you take under own plan to give you some how all right. I'm a little marketing so five to seven house no no team's dealings man fives at teens or be easy because they're mostly. They're close enough to talk to win the first how would you literally they're gonna run what are your kids five and seven I want to think about our ability prior five of them aren't so now the five of them is warning you you've taken casual game. This is what happened to get him and receipts and are pretty good when you get to the C not ladies bathroom. One yeah no one of them and one of them what we all got to oilman charged I know does Ramadan for Brett but as soon as you get trust me as soon as you get back to the seat moments ago and it doesn't matter if you say hey Danielle is not let them go hungry. Dude jumped on me you need to be interviewed with you got to the bottom Congo's mother how old are you first Emmy had a beer mistake. First. Boy. I was really eighteen or nineteen a got into a moderate but I went on a trip. With a teacher does Spanish teacher and he was they do not true we were seniors in high schools were like 1718. Music do not drink at this tournament there are of course not. And the beard I walk by but nobody if you do okay and then you had no but I know we're not at but for the Philadelphia but I feel like. I think I developed through a good teenagers to be easier because you just gotta yell at you know what he has teenagers I guess I see is teenagers all the time and restrict. And get away from. It's a different kind of thing like with little kids you just don't wanna lose. Right yes he made good gonna disappear for a while maybe they smoked a giant may have is that a drink in but eventually they come back to you. In army like so for me a Michael if you tell them where you're sitting at came into configure the hell out I give her state. Little kid you can say way right here you go to AT and come back against it. It's over I well yeah I think I lost about as watch me five teenagers and I lost one I don't get home I'm Carl also a five year old. Intensity picks always get they would be if he is yes there will be an accounting but what happened and I also want to marry someone sent me here. Was it then the thing that you've seen happen to someone else a 44999. Cola hello Christie now welcome to the men's room. All I am. Okay. Towards the damn thing you've seen that in his own. And let me just put it was mechanical in your own isolation from me. I moved here a couple years of and actually expand them and thank and then. Check it all consuming decorum and I'm a little blue monster out here at eight and. In particular event and it. Yeah difficult thing didn't it didn't I. It'll get over her I had to get overheard you won't historic and cheer on. The catch and right arms so she obviously. Interconnection computational. Error happened. It's a totally Martin it's sort of she knocked or called. Christina you told that story what you are whispering a state secret to yeah well in America like underwear and room of the White House what would you order telling us. If so much light we can't you do real Maine look I had to say Mickey Mouse were threatened usually in the dragon believe that it deserves commendation. Is out there talking to the war is more. Armed in the helped all of them. Sorry I don't know I don't know your good disagreement. Certainly got mired down colds with two liter bottles soda. Let me ask you a little boy did you laugh. Isn't bad the laugh that's funny. Let laughed all cheap media you won't see it in the letter. Our notion catching her right arm song it's broke if someone. Yeah Pentagon's one person quiet everybody walk over her writing nobody like hell broth. It. I don't know if they just own internal hormones in the local hospital but what happens in an attempt to get into. She's small restaurant he thanks to. Your you know how it is Betty got knocked Nebraska that is open polo all right since that Boehner. That's about all of the torso and a I couldn't understand what you said in the beginning and each of time she was a in a store as a vote in the summertime or the lady in front of her was behind and how true leader of so platoon leader of pop. Look at our two leaders of popped yet one of those and then I guess she went to stand one or something in the one bottle exploded and hit the woman. Okay cool you know I oh wow way. But several stepped over for the Newman stepped over her as it sounds like she might be blamed her for vacation broken arm she's obviously accident prone I say so woman with a broken arm. And knocked out cold on the floor. And everyone stuff over. I don't know where Christiane the live but I'm not a frilly place now. Now I like the line newspaper he will collect well. This and that's a path that would at forget about them I think guys would surely get it available in my mind for a party should never have to Anderson's there. Since the new flag adequately city when I was a kid always depend on the offering we want to golly flat land faster and nice guys have a love hate relationship when it because like two leader. The first couple pores are great young and regulate almost got to drink at all right within 24 hours or just sucks. Yeah so it's a little while for a party alligator on people over whatever who has making dramatic strings whenever you're gonna do it. And man let illiteracy and just makes me anger do they sell one later Labonte who go to Lafayette are. Standard. I don't know what I've ever seen a moment what Lieberman even Melissa walker wants a bottle like there's like the twenty ounce soda while we're all used to it and then there's the two leader but there is that one in between it's kinda. It's a leader aren't and one liter bottle on why can't they make Coke the comes in like a box like boxed wine. And it's always like carbonated and it seals off what it only going to be my right lung box winds are carbonate. Right but if you carbonate before you put in the bladder the idea is is the bladder shrinks and there's no air that gets in thus making so flat so the would you trust I don't know why they have pumps and stop on the screw tops to make the pressure they're so that the so it doesn't base of the bubble up and fill the gap where there is where there's air in the top of the bottles of eat drink have a two liter bottle. Then the other half of it that's what the carbonation comes up and just kind of a wouldn't fly below the quarterback Garrett Graham. I don't know I've just never seen anything carbonated in a bladder you should be able to get like a fountain soda at home somehow or something close and I realize that this is all the losses all regular fountains and don't want you know the deluxe both so resilient now and I want my bubbles on any like they negative I don't need all that blunder along rarely blood bubble zone and what does that they would bet you tweet about on break is there I think Gary Israeli company soda and I found without the hard way if you treat anything about and Minnesota stream. Somebody reply with like blood Bobble head and you you let you know I'll hate Jewish people that are duty unit Palestinians idiot I donated blood and with a blood levels who is it technically know who's angry about but who called a sodas more visible on euthanized really companies and he's on Palestinians were upset ice and abuse in the so extreme. Did you enjoy all blood but all of them. That area itself obviously you're like a mom I made anybody values I'm I know this is all I knew was sort of strange seeing what I how I got Nero has become political with the benefit of the red vote Goodell right I am so already sewed up and watch PBS and I'll look lovely. What's the agenda saying that you've seen happen to someone else 844999. A little. Hello Peter welcome to amend drew. And the and they did. I'm so much stories of other guys could it actually happened to me although we're during one of your guys' event project I believe blue duck. Holiday hangover ball. In the years and I liked. So much so and oh yeah I think I can reflect back. I forgot the fury of a bad. The dead man that's some good stuff you know pathetic this guy no plans. I'm Irish so somebody that had a cup in the bathroom and everybody who's seen it and trying to you know look play like a game like make it in the cup again and the water does he got put to into ultimate college the back section of the bathroom. And you when I look through my body lay knew the guy in there this. Women in the stock futures closed drunk and you would come medal had Syria like Hutu O'Hara and knew this so the key. And it's clothing and everything. And then how dramatically their security guards grabbed me and my body was to bring you into an election touches me I'm cool like help sell music don't. Do the worst they've got their wish he would still talk about a spot that their lunch sought to Tuesday. So Mozy like life as these girls and more. You and I don't drive they couldn't stand up and you click here fell onto the peaks and he's a humble home Rollins you know at the time. Are tired are good so I I mean it was so big capital they're almost certainly you guys were there and let you swimming and all bark he. I'm glad though that our events that is that it says that the it. I don't know who simply got to put them and it was great you know this large EE there. Well look out my heart thank god not man yes and Jack snapped. I don't know if you on the PP if if if if we're proud of that. And. How does suck how does that game more get our department cup and the public bath and do you think it just becomes unspoken that every dude that says that the take a leak no I'm gonna grant a resident of oh I have. Really Wrigley Field okay 2004. You see the couple more like you're there before the renovation. But it's troughs right okay so there's a cut somebody left a couple more in the trough a little bit down and my brother and over goes into the cop who. Five due to determine an Internet hit the Internet it's just a complete strangers picked up but that was what the thinking of late I don't know there was a company every got a important. Yeah I don't know so I mean look what won him universal bug guys ladies I don't know if it knows. One of the things about pain when you stand up because women I was I was tech appeal and a stamp Iowa understand one thing that happens you easily distracted. So any little hoops stadium on the bag in the toilet. When you're paying you and at that animate an image in general personal time. Appeal over a little RAZR snake in Florida brought you you bring you try to blast off the junk food thing you you'll even complex different to make your stream harder you don't intranet. And it's this weird he got tiny little pressure washer but this is where little victory you feel renewed a blast to stave off the toil and you can give us all the looks you walk. But if you can p.'s standing out you would that's what you're going to do any time it's speckled. Any little stain anything that's in the toilet if you peace then I love you aim of that multiple and you try to blow out thing you know people to get excited about different kind of your most new. Now. And my dad gets like pot but I don't know. Yeah or else we'll look at the alone hole in the world who think why so excited about that you're analyzing him miss I know it's I guess they Pina outside could still. Losing your role is ridiculous it happens I know I miss sometimes though I'm entered drunk and swung publicly for the golf ball to a laundry basket in a mean way. Come on man you did you check Twitter why you're from a golf ball well. Okay well this button and you know they'll retirement today what's the agenda saying that you've seen evidence somebody else say 449990. Margaret calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room. So don't try to charge drive decimated since spends a ten bands and and named after places around the world bands named after places little geography come and appear on this it has been the drug charge. Ryan cast our question today what is the dentist thing that you've seen happen to someone else 8449990. Coming came in says greatest thing ever solve my buddy you were sort of bank he stole one of those died pacts will be put to bags from the Demi dropped. Anyway long story sure drank gays are Evan around with that and ended up going off in the living room I never lab so goddamn hard in my life my hand painted everything in my house. Lot of brush your dad knows things about so I had never seen it but my but. Not the bright as the ball but anyway she she got a job at a bank and she had been their policy or maybe three days. And it'll three days and a rose a guy who I guess came M. Every Friday older guys retired came in cash whenever shaky gathright and everyone knows them by name he hangs in there for awhile because everyone knows old guy and you wanna make sure is okay anyway most enjoyable block in the back Walton and really enjoy your trip to the bat well. It's it's the people would talk to the people that know them and and as I understand the story. He was that got in people that work of the bank are genuinely happy the city of so that will also remain sushi is there that's like a third day and and as is told to me the guy. It's really nice to reach I think common effort twenty years you're gonna make a fine addition justice we domain anyway. As he's leaving he gets his cast he's leaving I guess she gave him the cash for the diet had a hole it's inside the money. So does do stuff how much money did this guy withdrawal I was not bad it's that she gave him the wrong she drew them. I guess different banks doing a different way like you're gonna count from the bomber count on the Topper but they don't with a dye packets but she got it backwards okay so this dude apparently gets to the door. They don't it just is no advance warning Kuwait he opens doors stuff in the threshold ma'am. And it's just it's. What color color that was purple they I mean. Did it to burn your dollar based on the bag like I don't know it's Wells Fargo gonna have them like that burnt orange or whatever their color yellow or red and I mean I don't matter of America's Frazier red and blue I did a good idea case sprays like a sky blue did you would know would bang they're right exactly be like look we're looking for the guy gets chased by name and exact covered in powder blue pay yeah Booth with its depth but sheet that they can blow my muscle guy. Outsold the next day she saw double the bank. She would no longer teller she now said the front desk when he walked and might say you're an open checking account I think epic like Barbie think. Yeah or something like that and they usually on me like oh no labels bully bill addressed blue and what got blown QB green. Minority should try to steal money. Well thank you green. What about jet black now continue would be people can see. And even I did the dye pack exploded that's I'm saying like Barbie pink blue and no one wants to Wear pink and intentionally. Well no dude right it's sort of say hello to my bank robbers are guys I wanna Wear pink but if I was all pink than be different than it would remain. But I wouldn't Wear off and just the pink shirt wishing you would Wear polo shirt and pink pants though. No but if I was painted pink caviar with Coca. What's the damned thing. 44999. All look think about it makes sense to you won't Wear pink clothes but if we pay did you think you like are adamant. Example commit OK go baby go home but hello Shane welcome to the men's room. No big chill all laugh LO changed. I lower my I have to put you on hold here for a second we got a lot of power stations identify themselves on the manager armory on them. Not okay would you change. He's on hold close friend awful awful football game I've ever thought about getting your sweetheart probably tennis bracelet and necklace here. Whenever oldest holidays. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.