What to Spend on Gifts

Thursday, November 30th


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Mikey CL a heart wicket it was zone. I thought it was yesterday I've gotten totally confused giving Tuesday was two days ago two days ago yesterday was not Mallon our tank that's right yes shall tunnels as Wednesday yes Miller Wednesday. Giving Tuesday the day after Cyber Monday. I think we talked about that quite a bit on the show at that point in time which apparently was two days ago. I saw a list this morning of these top five most charitable states in the bottom five not only. Not just. Financially but also in terms of time. So they measured out of poll how many people volunteers correct okay so tops top five from five to one Wisconsin Wyoming. Minnesota Maryland to Utah is actually the most charitable states dozens prize now not at all of by this minute but he's measuring sticks there's the best the bottom. The bottom five the least charitable states in the nation Hawaii. Rhode Island I'd rather than only for people who live in Rhode Island so I mean add to the challenge Nevada at number eight's nine. Louisiana. Ten the least charitable state in the nation. Arizona. Yeah according to this studies is done by Wallace hub. Colorado our little home states are red basically right middle packet number 26. Hank. Makes sense to me. I guess we're pretty middle of the row O'Donnell lot of things yeah. Dockets yeah that's when he six for us I've me personally I give mainly through charity known as Casey's kids. Which supports for apparently needy children in southeast Denver who never have gas money or lunch money. Or funny to get into movies or anything like that and that's where most of my charitable giving ago. I give to charity called grumpy Casey where every day I I made lift this theory it's. A very grouchy Mike Casey keep working volatile it's tough I eighty I won't line EUQ for Camilla thank you thank you you know on doing doing important work here. Mike feces coming up an appeal by Knight he's like five the mountain. Regardless of what you do for a living that I think we've all had situations where. You have somebody you work for press you go about supervisor did need new you'll see I'd die with for whatever number of different reasons. It turns out if you are. The the the manager of the boss let's say. There's a pretty easy way for you to have more creative and fulfilled employees. And the best thing you can do. Show humility is be humble boss who is in Ohio State University study found that workers you have bosses who empowered them to speak up about decision making. In aren't afraid to acknowledge their own limitations. Off are more creative themselves. And Foster a more creative and healthy work environment for the people that work for them that absolutely. Makes sense to me. Absolutely doesn't it kind of go hand in hand with the same we talked about a few weeks ago. Where most people just want to feel appreciated it worked yes more than they want anything else. Yes that it's very difficult to have that kind of environment if you have the kind of Abbas to it doesn't have any humility takes credit for things that other people's I mean those tees though you say go hand in hand you can't. You can't appreciate the people you work for in take credit for what they do without humility there's no appreciation yes exactly and it makes me wonder exactly what's going to the White House these days blood. Doesn't keep thankful for years freer work environments its island of Mallorca Marvin idea I've mentioned it before stats because ninety well that sheer. That's a little humility funny above them to get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. My GC in 99 plus the mountains. Bob Colorado big dog big pet stayed in general and assistant I should say in particular big. Doggie Penn State is I think a lot of us know. If you have canine friend or friends at your house and you like to kick back and have a beer this is comical is now your dark into the you know men's dress from the company is called Apollo peak and they have created. Doggie beer yeah of course it's non alcoholic so the different versions include twisted tale ale. And oatmeal so now looked well done oatmeal snout they're actually nutritious with ingredients to keep your dog healthy. And then the whole idea is like you wanna kick back and have a beer you keep backing get a dog beer for your dog. From Apollo peek a story was actually westward. This morning so you can that'll be our blog a little bit later today if you want more information on Apollo Pete also put it on the mound FaceBook page. If Mike you know we make you feel confused on a daily basis then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot worse. Question almost impossible and 995. OK Thursday November 30 it's been at least 24 hours in some major media personalities the we got gift cards elements massage to give you this is the question. I'm penny before the 16100. X these are sometimes made out of high. We will lay back out went back after the sixteen hundreds they are pretty much man just one thing and they still locked but before the sixteen hundreds. He's for sometimes need to keep animal hide. Okay you think you know the answer 631 shoot 995 let us know. Question almost impossible the other elements besides just covered these yours. If my finale like. Are you still do for the right answer your question almost impossible this morning before the sixteen hundreds these were sometimes made out of animal hides we got. I'm gonna guess that they didn't or any class during that period said the use animals in for windows. Yeah. Acts Errol well. Wouldn't wouldn't Alley less than subtle hint under the limit you to the right answer. I know it was every other hints of floor and I am actually in the window covering industry. Loan is. Any inside information. Well. I just went back to they all history I learned when I was in school about one glass was first made in the early 16100. Man you are just firing on all cylinders and you didn't even need alleys give me give me included some bullet through. Well it's trying to get through it but. Sure I understands what also about how I understand we've got you know usually one operators standing behind congratulations mayor we got elements massage gift card for you what's your name. Hard Paul congratulations I for one I'm happy that you figured out former. Al east clue which was near me but I think you can it's you can see out of them. And it Grimes wish window I saw a little short answer that not much the clintons bats. But it did says it's time to wrap a friend for a club we're making it easy for our question also Boston weekday mornings just after seven right here on the militant. Congratulations Paul thank you for playing law. He ran for president he would probably lose Italy and slice. Is now it's like Jaycee and 99. The mountain. And prices. Get everything on your list for less than you'd think JC Penney. Apple records seem like a really good idea when they started it but after a certain point time George Harrison says he's been became too much like work he was meeting with attorneys and you know trademark he believes that this is this boring I don't wanna do this and so one day he was supposed to be an apple records he just blew it off anyone over here Clapton's house. Picked up one of the guitars and started wandering around his garden on a kind of damp but nice spring day. In England and lo and behold a song came to him. Chaos really well but he skipper George Harrison beatles' here comes son and then notify them. If you lived concrete mixer. Then you'd have a pretty good idea of what it's like inside Mike's head mornings with Mike Casey by 1995. The mountain. Thursday morning I guess the upside and there's plenty of upside to the good weather stretch we've had not so much for. On our ski resort in your for people who wanna give up to our country ski boot minus that's not too shabby when your temperatures in the mid fifties and mid sixties you know I'm. Well today last day of November in fact I guess one of the upsides which is where I started this is if you like to golf if you get an extra long golf season. This year keep in mind you'll only have. Just a little over two more weeks to play. Fitzsimmons golf course in a roar before it before it closes for the last time December 15 is scheduled to close Fitzsimmons is I think a lot of people know. Opened long time in 1918. Open for military personnel only. He was not for another eighty years 1998 did it open to the public. They're now going to breather to close the golf course Fitzsimmons golf course and they're gonna break ground on expanding on expanding. President former president Roy Dyson wife and Dwight Eisenhower. When my problems with a sore right. Dwight Eisenhower played there quite a lot at Fitzsimmons golf course. When he was recovering from heart attack there's a tree if you played it you remember there's six hole. There is 60 there's a tree in the middle of fairway. In one of those. I mean on six told that you have to hit your way around apparently the president had a little difficulty. With them on more than one occasion to be renamed it Ike's tree. In his honor so just about two more weeks die before they closed December 15 your last couple chances to play Fitzsimmons golf course and roar. Before it's gone forever. His life philosophy honesty is the best policy when insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings on 1995. The mountain. I'm 835 here on the the other militant right now holiday season on coming up I guess we're in the throes of an already. A new survey says that women will spend on average. 170 dollars for holiday gifts for their significant other. But expect gifts worth 250 dollars. Men on the other hand say they'll spend ninety dollars on gifts for their going to be this of course like your idea surely. Already let's look at expecting he's a yes it's pretty well you guys are all we're already in trouble by Willis global spent ninety dollars on gifts for our partners. But expect to get something. Worth 200 dollars. So clearly the math isn't working here when you get right down to it instead of calling it the season of giving. We should probably just renamed it the season disappointments. And get rates and breaks in the points. Can't normally it would be just like you know guys are selfish or we messed this up but this is a two way street here this one. Yeah I mean we mess it up more than your people did but we both both men in investments. They expect to get more than they give Fiat it everyone's got it wrong yet. So Cecile and disappointment because no one's just. Lower your expectations seal of the Berry Mary Helen exactly as Homer Simpson once had cant win don't track. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. Might Casey does it he's drone. And has to leave the hardware store this morning with Mike DC four and 99 plus the mountain. She viral video that I've seen to it broke probably this week I was gonna say today but probably this whole week comes out of from Toronto woman there was in a local mall. And some apparently decided that she had an issue with the Santa Claus who was there at the door for an mall. And it's started shouting obscenities at him in the mall in crushing his exists and she says this is all captured on film which I'm sure you can find on FaceBook she should you be do you have a sleigh do you even have a sleigh. And then she committed the biggest Christmas. DOC in a mall and said you're not magic you're not even real I heard about you when I was young kid you're not real man and a and then she walked away San ignored the woman's Thompson security guards eventually arrived to escort her from the area but I think it's safe to say. That she. Will probably end up at the very top of the naughty list this year so you don't want to replicate her behavior kids. It was a political science major chemical that's taken them. My GC mornings on 1995. The mountain.