It's Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, November 28th


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So big new honor was bestowed upon the members of Russia yes I was yesterday actually university British Columbia. Has named three new species of microbe. Found in the guts of termites after getting he he Alex thanks in. And Neil periods members of rush the three were chosen for this unique recognition because apparently the microbes have long hair and day. Oh regal rhythmically under the microscope so they reminded whoever was of Russian. One and cried out so you cut microbe gut for microbe in the guts of termites named after you as if they didn't have enough already being rock stars. I'm subdivisions rush on 995 the mountain Tuesday morning. Mikey ACLU Harwood yesterday was Cyber Monday. So a data by I think like eleven to Julia in dollars or so was so spent in the in the cyber world yet. The company that today November 28 is a day to give today's show of giving Tuesday. A day to celebrate generosity and give to others I don't know if you knew this but we're kind of reap the day's lineup this where we had Black Friday. Right last week Cyber Monday cities giving Tuesday. Tomorrow is gimme gimme gimme Wednesday. Thursdays I hate you Thursday and then Friday is please make it stop Friday. All those are no idea the yeah I don't get special day they don't get as much attention as some of the other ones so what do you expect for tomorrow just like he had. For gimme gimme gimme Wednesday yeah you can expect me saying give me a lot of stuff I think that's it's typical and then he AG Thursday does that sound. Different. Is very consistently think it's Friday. It all feels right at some company get a coupon board you can CI named the days but notes it really is giving to really isn't there's I was just on and giving Tuesday dot org they're a lot of resources there on places you can volunteer ideas for volunteering. People are encouraged to you volunteer within their communities as well so lots places here in Denver will be happy to teacher's time aimed donation in anything right. VIP Thursday website is not us it's not nearly as good it wears Dietz and they need a whole website forest yes should have had no idea if they don't aren't. Or Mike feces coming up an appeal by Knight he's like five the mountain. Thanksgiving is behind us. Christmas one of the holidays coming up very shortly Santa Claus may be coming to town but at least in Macy's flagship store. On 34 street in New York City. You need your reservation to see Santa clause if you wanna be you know get togethers or to take a picture inducing and sometimes people do with kids. Starting on. Starting yesterday. It was your families were able to go online and sign up for time slot with Santa from thirty minutes in advance to five days in advance. No auctions are allowed. Admission is free to Santa land Herald Square. And don't waste of certain last week and goes through Christmas Eve I mean she says the new arrangement is intended to cut down on wait times it's Federer etc. People and I realize it's very difficult to tell in the Internet social media age when we say. People are upsets it's very difficult to know whether that's label are sent out everything somebody's tweeting about it every range is it a people or is it 8000 people in any event. There's must be some part of this I'm missing. People are upset about this. Why would you be upset about this like is your time not valuable particularly during a holiday season would you rather spend four hours in line. With your kids being line literally ego or would you rather have an appointment and be there for. You know twenty minutes and be done. Seeing how I'm so surprised Bennett to feel especially with children why some sort of organization and planned. Because traveling children and asking them to stand in line for a long time that's why Disney World changed the way did they. And it takes away from the fun if there's a way to get around that's yeah and this is pretty straightforward just make a reservation which. I think most of us do it just about every other opportunity weekend. Yeah I mean I could say time is valuable to show a valuable not only has may shouldn't be elves are on schedule making all the toys. He's he's got a lot of requests that he needs to consider and document sell I happy to accommodate Santa yeah he's got to figure out who's been naughty and who's been nice that's a full time job in and of itself yeah mall Santa and I need to have a long discussion that has them worried that our definitions of the two or not to have five figured it was a pretty good view. Featured and now I just need to check him. Maybe I'll make DeRozan yeah your reservation there you go you can go to me she's in and make reservation you'll even if there was that much sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Wait wait. Mike Casey mornings on nine. If farm bureau and outdoors person you may already know this. I didn't I did not I don't think I've ever heard this before but it kinda makes sense outside right Outside Magazine writer Susan Casey as you might imagine. Definitely an outdoors person she was putting together a piece on enough a first aid kits that she takes pretty much on all of her different adventures. And she said one of her must must have must include items is a flask of vodka. Not just for the reason that you think by X. And again if you're now Jewish person you Mary noticed your few things that you can do while out in the wilds. With a flask of vodka you can use treat poison ivy. You'd be treated jellyfish sting Ari obviously that's going to be is essential here in Colorado but sterilizing needles treat an ear infection use as hands sanitized are still heard of fire with its. Gar rule for a sore throats. Put it on your forehead to lower fever he'll blisters on your feet and this is we haven't even gotten to making a moan martini camp side yet. It gonna mean so that's. It's pretty. I I didn't I didn't realize it's pretty cool of Susan Casey writer for Outside Magazine calls the flask of vodka. The must have and the quote best addition. I've made to my ready for anything list they're actually more Ed there's actually more things you can do. With a flask of buck I'll put that zone on the mound peaceful page in it'll be on our blog a little bit later today 995 the mountain dot com. Question almost impossible with Mike in LA it's like Chevy is up for drink minimum. I'm 995. Amount. Okay we'll give me better then. And I stress relieving massage this time we hear from our friends and elements massage that's what's up for grabs got to do is here answer this question correctly. High rates so the first one of these in the United States plays in new claims. I can be a whole lot of things. Like we're just looking for one. One specific thing one specific thing that the very first one in the United States. Was located in New York. Okay has always. You know Google it okay getting use to get use your brain on this if you want anything from those who was thirty days. You know take a breather let somebody else have a shots. She wouldn't be fair and equitable this much is it. Yeah 6312995. Questioned almost impossible Lewis notes thanks. We Mikey now he's fine. Don't have a ready answer for question almost impossible this morning here's the question again the first one of these in the United States. Was located in New Orleans what are we talking about. How about drug. Okay but like cars around that time zone right. Predates the drive in theater open theater out there I'll take half of its theater. And we theater. Movie theater theater there you go. It's a bullet today. Yeah you're right how did you know that. I actually guessed. Probably got a massage gift card from elements massage for you what's your name under our congratulations. Guys he yes the first permanent movie theater in the United States. Was in New Orleans I I double checked this morning. 1896. It opened. Hence the before the drive through or drive in drive and now 1896 he was called vita scope hall. And it opened at 623. Canal street in New Orleans it cost ten cents to get in new movie. And if you wanted to pay an extra ten cents you can go into the projection Booth and you look at the marvel of the film being projected. You know with him now keep in mind films were a little different than what we were known there are mostly just short little. None of morally few little. Things yes I think they've yet exactly that's a good way to say I was surprised. That it was in New Orleans you would've thought what lake New York City your exam are standard kind of some like that. And now and films are moving pictures had been around for awhile but they often time tour win yes services or Farris to sell their word not permanent permanent theaters right to watch it. I'm thankful to think about. 1896 device go pol in New Orleans congratulations guy he knew that he's got TO massage gift card will do question almost impossible again. Tomorrow morning at 710. If you take away the looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney's ex image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain. Now or soon I should say there will be an easy way to edits. Or even do leads a text message that you send that perhaps you wish you hadn't and I mentioned with bald though and that's. A timer to starting next month the messaging apple lying in a will let users delete messages that they've already sense within 24 hours that's kind of a big carving out their because I think most of I mean 24 hours since a long time. That's how long you'll have by that point time and I suppose somebody probably would authority read the text you sent. That you wish you and so the key would be to act quickly but a new medio messaging app line will allow you to have. Editor even delete text messages starting next month the story was in no money bush this morning. He print plans this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone. Waving to someone else behind him it's my GCR 9095 to mountain. Probably. Not a surprise when you think about the year that we've we've had here 12017. By Has recently announced. Their word of the year and in this case it is the word complicit COM PL I CIT complicit. Says it's an attitude that means choosing to be involved and in illegal or questionable acts especially. With others the that is the word of the year for 2017. Seems searches for that or complicit increased by nearly 300%. Over the last year I'm fine with their choice I just one point now its That it's not even December 1 yes. And I really felt like sometime the last four weeks I was gonna come up with a really great word there was going to be. The board of years so you stole this right out from under me humble little bitter about it. Okay complicit good choice I guess. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you'll be bored on your ride in the works itself. Mike Casey in the morning on 99 but the mountain and. Until it was it's giving Tuesday giving teeth to grant Cyber Monday yesterday Black Friday last Friday into on the shopping season in the holiday and giving c.s and guesses. Officially upon us. And a lot of people at this time being on a Thanksgiving his past. A lot of people start thinking about each. Christmas shopping holiday shopping gift giving are supposed. Out probably wants Fries any of us who know the men and women tend to have different ideas about Christmas shopping including. Which of their family members should get the most expensive gift. One survey found that men are most likely to give their most expensive gift to their significant other. I would say based on my experience that seems like a very good choice. Women on the other hands according to the survey are more likely to spend far more on their kids the fans there are significant other. I. See that's but if you're looking within a relationship. Then isn't it kind of like the trickle down effects flake. Being the mother is spending a lot of money on her children and need be their father is not as much so he spent any money on her and kids are selfish so that they don't. They'll spend money and Obama's credit that he could be the other way I would say and I've mentioned this before I tell in this I'm every year I am happy. Two participates. In. Whatever sordid you know gift giving for the kids you need my help with but keep in mind any attention of mind that you shift away from what I'm gonna get you. That's a calculated risk right now if you're asking me I'm. Holding her Christmas present hos to speak gully yes in Dominican her speaking. Yes it sounds so books. That. I suspect it sells a lot less delicate when you say it but yes that is. Sort of the you know it may be distracted you're reviewed focused. Specifically. Iowa and yep trio. And it's mostly it mostly works doesn't pretty good yeah out good for you yeah you're crushing this whole holiday spirit thing yes and look for my new blue Karl Christmas is all about emotional manipulation at the holidays in my case. He's at his desk when no one's paying attention. And it's 5050 semi opens in my. Mornings when Mike Casey on 995. The mountains. Are a study from of sol university in Sweden found that having a dog reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. And other health problems and even helps you live longer especially those. People who live alone and in have a dog the study found that single dog owners are 33% less likely die than people who don't loan docs. Together as a whole bunch of side here are speaking as a person who doesn't actually have a dark. As part two due to allergic to this point type provides mine is that piece it seems like a lot of this makes sense so maybe that is the maybe that is the gift to consider and you are friends of the dumb friends league. Would be happy to help you out with the view adoption process just thrown it out there you do with it which you. He recently edit doing lust was or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning while in 1995 the mountain.