Dan Hardee Interviews Sammy Hagar

Monday, November 27th


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And Sammy and I hear. Sammy my man sorry buddy. That they have is that here. By the convince everybody that the rich Gillette that is the greatest party movie ever made. I know man I'm so excited for this for giving away tickets all next week to I don't know listeners are really set of forward soup. That great and it just I just played in Denver you know this last year. You know the billions endeavor for some reason like I don't think that's well no you know I mean at but the band did intricate and you know vanished and you know they liked what they do we have. Yeah man I gotta tell you I was at the fiddler is green show and you absolutely destroyed. It I was. At this local electric they get that bad but this athletic dude I didn't matter what and a member plan. The Fillmore chicken but fair play good red rock is the the circle last year and up. Just I'm not defend it could have been about Monica and interest stations here I sincerely. Dick Gilbert and ethical thought it got so bad it especially great restaurants the little cheeks and little again. Because I think that started to this little micro. City you know that that is a critical look at. Resist up to have a without their knowledge of the time play and so they're gonna luckily there via. That's that's that's great to hear a lovable and I was gonna say I've been tell people about your show and how you are now seventy. And you were jumping off things wave it around scream and you would guess you were 35 years old out there it was awesome. Yes that happened on I am pretty activists pretty healthy diet but let you know what I. Seen here that feel of what I do sometimes it'll look at the airport is David you get talk to myself like Baghdad with. My uncle would result. Not that whole thing. Is that negated these people. It's what I've done my whole life so it just actually happens you know every every year. I think of breaking it really got to organize they this year have a good run around so much as concentrated as it does it better singer. Just stand there it's such an entertainer you know thirteen people with bite. With my leading goal at my jokes but this that was a great music if I get out there to Belgrade and have a lot of publicized that Syria back from a simple that was there that. Was trying to you know change that they can't. I mean do we do well my friend of the best entertainers I have seen by far along time will tell you that. It'd been moving the red that so you know that's as I stated the Kabul lob where there are certain to happen. She is more like it in my living room you know it and I think that's why it's those side after that we had a 100000 over a 100000. Fans line up for the lottery to do. Take it into the birthday bash usually don't sub 2000 tickets I mean that's helped create is that it actually it was over forty some thousand. And it's almost double haven't looked at double it doubles. There's an interest they just because they wanna see this thing that happens. In my goals are right let you know it's like being in my house with my friend. Illegal updated bearish special Ed to capture it. On film was not easy we we have let them Levin cameras stuck all every every nook and cranny of the can't have a couple of India. At a camera from some angles that I read the route and help. To get everything that happened in the try to edit it in the one thing that make them look like something we will watch NASCAR brought here. If it is quite a bit of rough cut out sub and it captured it and you feel just like you're there and it it was ballot is great. Now let me ask you this do you think anybody there acted a little differently because there were cameras there or do you think everybody was basically just having a party and are happening he cameras. Yeah apart and happy campers go by exact inept and not even that myself not to musicians. You see it so raw as natural. As what happened you'd get out of 500 pound you know to Kabul all the special place in the end here in Mexico. So you know you're drinking a little more than and let the and that. The clear that it ever was on the same losers like. You know look straight in the same thing subsite one guy's vehicle was in this country it weirdest guys spoke with both respect and that's the thing is it's it's our work that. Everyone's got the same boat it is there for the same reason. And it's been the cameras just melt into the wall instantly I don't think anyone knew anything a matter of fact that it kept. Half the people that when they see themselves you know that was there when they see themselves are gonna go all. That's our. And I think that's me. This can't say that's why I'm doing all the promotion for a that I want everyone to see that you got to see it felt like I'm gonna make gazillion dollars at the very nobody involved in this. This is just really a labor of level of those 100000 people that tried to get. Tickets and couldn't get up I want this idiot is you'll. We. We we did it and enjoy what we did it just all the big party that is something like Iraqi Porsche will. Start. They're gonna show up again is it a little basically talk shows that you aren't really hopefully some of the theaters will serve. You know my spirit there ultimately break but not all of them do that covenant of both parties went well you better. The movie theater managers are typical black belt they're. Yeah absolutely well let's go on your EC elected kind of guided if you could you would throw a birthday party invite like a million people up at the. Try to do it this year almost seven that. It's as big piece of land in the middle of the desert not there others like us this notion. But it's you know they. Lot of desert and we we will get a census as they've got to be in control it benefit. Probably it was like that that are a thousand dollars to build without a well known as. I'm not a pleasant here in Mexico expected but every what approach that is accepted it well. It was seven it's going to be a little more. That's like tar baby you know what should start doing the build out more that this got so I passed that that blowout I'm not gonna try to build out some like that have a other age of MySpace and epic disaster but the band I just keep doing it Levitt built that the banking and is that the big party. Well yeah I mean in your great businessman to mean you can kind of tell when something's gonna go well something may go south. And I mean you've built an incredible brand with a big diversified portfolios let me ask you this. What is more important your music or your brand. Well let it let Brett. Love that. No yeah everything I've ever as the result about music you know what. But I felt that the couple of Kabul wobble as our first business that I felt you know real business I mean I have adult. Jive businesses and of paper route I. But the other Colorado as the real deal and there it was felt like it have a place. Think using. When I was in Mexico I thought Al Sadr first. It. Paralympic Kabul I felt I was I got out of place so I've found a Condo that was only like. Forty continuity for the unit Condo building down and it's only placing the buys are about one it was and it doesn't yet and that and I think they have got electric. We have format that it I wanted to play Roosevelt. Kabul while I swear I just adopt this little place that would have to keep the and little stage of my friends on the play acoustic you know have missiles like. They're saying it is that it. Morphed into a big real giant venue. And it has very little bit of sexuality my own tequila built in under the tequila came out and and it just like what they have the other. So it was all based stop music though it's still this elect. It is I don't know that you don't talk like that what I can do when I go to the Hawaii and we is that by Roma's Asia brush now. They're huge problems native Puerto Rico now because politely try to all the same boat over there. I would go over there and I would go to the route back in I would you know best of all the runs about the really hit it through it you know and and that you know my whole life salad at the that quietly is different. With Iran that it was in Mexico with particular and it's built that way I. I it is just an all built Obama might let site pick up. I play ukulele. Like a goal out of going to bars is that the nobody is those who the hell I am it's like you know there technically ukulele and it is in now in nickel plate. Picket Hawaiian music with these Hawaiian musicians as the last. The next furcal played with Barry got you this industry you know it's all about the music for me I don't know the lifestyle makes me happy. A lot of men and the music gives you your brand of the bring easier music you know ago handed him a thing. You actually spend some days in the mountain biking business to. Yeah out of the elevator that I don't you guys in Colorado at the start of this fire right now is somebody. Everybody expects the crowd around the first well actually guys did not have an early county where I had my respect. Saw little factories date they pay it down biking listing possible guys very issue was started in in. Read here all I've ever read so I can't believe it or not that I don't know any of those guys who Colorado as well as started out like a but the precedent separate facility it and it is that it and it's. Outlet that the data around biking I can't do that so let it work that is still my neck and shoulder blades of my wrist in my hands. You know Colin downhill you know it looked all they've blown effect on the downhill like it myself all beat up. Too old to to ensure that. Side of the and I don't like ala you know I have is that that it could get our I don't like all the shocks and all the different. Little by she got all these tricky vision make a villager right in the role towards that a lot of you know heart failure okay. Right you know I guess how we don't need this extra solar powered lights are GPS sooner than it is now. They had just done a like a roll lately. So I ask you with the recent passing of Malcolm young Jimmy fond memories of him. I've is about horse shows in my life with a CPC. Back at us dollar has been ever since Bryant Johnson Brian job is that it feels like shows. He was probably my closest person that that. You know they're they're pretty private and you know. Welcome at any effect I never really hot with the type that you know adequate compensation will relish those together. That was back in the old days is the response factory it. You know at the whiskey bottle. And talked about is seeing his invention out back in his seventies. But now that really got your friends and those guys very much of audacious that is sad. Noticed that day at rock in well. What are the British riven with our version of everyone talks about the guitar players in the Schroeder's about that. That Malcolm was one of the greatest. Rhythm guitar players on the planet is effectively. You know we're forty minute she'll just get that group right in the pocket and that's. It's hard to restrict anything. As whales a lava. On and I'll tell you what Manson and he said it's about to me when you're here you said you wanna be the oldest living rock star ever. Read. Sever that closely with that certain they'll always stood up there you know that a yet a lot of the a lot to me as without my hundred because. I do want to be the oldest but we roster is on the planet today. And all of these banks that is not a political trip is that it's it's it's because I want to be healthy. I wanna keep doing this for a lot of they can't and I think that is. Look for thirty more years I would do. I think I've got to going to be sitting on tour at a hundred. But on the hundredth birthday I'll beat you at a concert somewhere at some alive because I think that it be that big and that it won't cost seventy debate that I looked good out here that. We just you know hundred. That shows up. Though I love that minutes so possible Sammy I wanna say. They so much rain out today I've been a Fanny years furlough like I was kind of fan boy today when I was gonna be interviewing you so is like my god self. Thank you for all all the awesome stuff you've done over the years and no real excited to see this a new movie coming out we don't like ten theaters in Denver showed it to. As a band status if there isn't. This is a must see instead of Iraq so well party down to a bag of it just uptight that it goes it is that the December 5 as evidence that these let.