A Trashy Version of Your Turkey

Wednesday, November 22nd


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Yeah I figured why not the theme from the Partridge Family TV show which you'd ring in 1970 in 1974 somewhere in there I'm sure you've probably got news now David Cassidy. Keith partridge a known to us bill better known to assess or keep Parker passed away. Yesterday at the age of 67 the cause of death was so of org of organ failure liver failure. I think and I and you were singing along with the song so you know the song and yeah familiar with the show even though it predates you buy a lot. Unless you're probably my Ager even a little bit older it's hard to understand. What do what do massive star David Cassidy Wesley key it in a lot of way keep in mind that the cultural landscape was a lot smaller then than it is now but. I would say to David Cassidy the height of his fame in the early seventies was he was just in beaver. Channing Tatum. Ryan Reynolds he was all those guys rolled into one I mean selling records in TV shows. And just. Every every guy one of every young guy Tina whatever I wanted to beat him. I think every girl had other plans for for it really wanna beat him you wanted to him they had other plans for David hazardous less Keith partridge in. What would became interesting about that in hindsight I don't think we. Knew as much about the idea of teen I told them yes right and we didn't I don't think we understood. That in some ways that has a tendency to you. To ruin a career I mean makes a career. But the same time what's your what's your second act in what you do when everybody thinks you're Keith partridge were you know Donny Osmond or whoever the case was. And so the second part second or third part of his life became. EE you know sat in and troubling in some ways in in your realized that a lot of the position he was in was not necessarily all his faults and it was all just of people said while he where he'll just always be Keith partridge sell us. Which is tough when your 384552. You know I mean so it is you're really into me. Really interesting. Cultural icon in some ways yes and kind of set the stage for. You know will what we've learned in your sense of like T you know teen stardom you know I can be real mixed bag. I can't pan am I I find it's so fascinating that I've always known of David Cassidy. If he's our crazy for it to happen the bench show was airing at ten years before I was even born. I worry that show was off the year when I was five from Britain. I mean I didn't re runs but so let's ten years before in Boca. I can you not okay good morning to ask. But I knew of him and who he lives and there's no reason for me to know that other than he was just he's meant that if they get a star huge. Show for a lot of bomb through I guess a lot of losses I may be doesn't depend on the age maybe I'm wrong for a lot of us some of big. Cultural lost I'm David Cassidy Keith partridge pass to refute succeeds. Or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain so Thanksgiving tomorrow. And I think a lot of us. Probably feel like yeah okay well we all know the story the pilgrims in the first Thanksgiving and all that. I saw a story I think this is on Huffington Post that was up a fairly brief synopsis of how Thanksgiving got to be the dated it is. In so that struck me is cutting interest and so I've I've pulled some of the higher points. Actually I. Neither and I right now I've had bought more years to think about the you have by. So here's the short version and maybe you can talk about this tomorrow like you Thanksgiving you know it's let's talk about religion or politics or anything so subtle for trivia is over I'll have a realistic Thanksgiving trivia are so called first the first known national observance. On Thanksgiving. Was December 18 1777. And it wasn't really. The Thanksgiving it was just. Day of national Thanksgiving. OK so it's not like from here on out to this day just today correct this justice today December 18 1777. A couple web more than a handful years after that. 1789. President George Washington the time declared Thursday November 26. To be a day of things giver giving honoring our new constitution. So and that wasn't he Thanksgiving it was like first annual thanks no it was just a random one off to correct okay it's now the first time it was ever standardized. Was an internationalist issues 1863 president Lincoln. Declared the last Thursday in November to be a day of national thanks so at that point it's sort of became official this is an 1863. The last Thursday in November however in 1939. FDR. Changed it to the second to last Thursday because. He wanted to give businesses a bigger shopping window holiday shopping window as the country was coming out the Great Depression. So it got moved up a Thursday to extend the holiday shopping season. Then in nineteen this is like like yeah she writes in 1941. And still FDR Franklin over donor as well in congress. Made Thanksgiving officially. The fourth Thursday in November. Okay that's how we landed here would also struck me is interesting about that that that's their that's within my parents' lifetime. My parents and their board so until my parents were born we still weren't exactly sure what the deal when Thanksgiving was going to be. It's been the same since then. There you go wow so take all those little fun facts you're looking at me like those. You know accept reality I'll be really thankful if I don't have to share those facts with my guest because that means we're having a good time and I don't have to you know the families have friends can be yours you're right I'm just an orphan no family you I don't know I mean yeah. People are related to me coming to my Thanksgiving. No one person and don't you don't mean you'll have the Fam you don't have the full family dynamic of. Of having that certified people the leaders I bet you shows and Janelle hall of Mike caress I wasn't unforced error let's just be saddled with Emmett are there are less. Loaded topics for you and that's yeah so yeah now we live in our little bubble of like minded. People who will not be talking about things tax I can tell you that right now. Flaky see pieces tacos over a tortilla. That way when Sophie inevitably falls out why a lot he already has another taco Mike TC in the morning on 995. The mountain. Speaking at Thanksgiving which of course will be doing a lot of today what's the most important ingredient for happy Thanksgiving dinner. No not the Turkey not stuffing not to potatoes according to a report by Google. Wine and beer are the most important parts of the meal will analyze data on the most searched food and drink destinations. On the day before Thanksgiving. And in 32 out of fifty states wine and liquor stores for the most surged destinations. Grocery store came in seconds. But only as the top search in eleven states so if you. I mean I suppose depends on your family traditions and how things work for you or your friends or however you do it. But 32 out of fifty states in Colorado is one of them. The the wine beer and or liquor them the most important part of holiday bit also. Take that you know like maybe look at it is a way not to overly stressed about preparing entered because even if you were in the Turkey. The lines you may good vodka tonic somebody's going to be happy enemy. The vast and ending knowledge of useless information. There's no question almost impossible and 99 fine. Our tickets today Joost CER a via music com tour featuring Eric Johnson now he's got question if you have the answer the then we can do business we can transact business together. OK so this was the inspiration for the TV show wheel of fortune. Okay yes it was inspired by. All right item that was an order that not mean that this was the inspiration for the TV show wheel of fortune part and we think it is 6312995. Question almost impossible. Let us know. We Mikey now eight minority. Like it's. Yeah end. Yeah as the event Hagman got the he answers right. That's right. Yeah this works out really well feud turns out like Kelly said these are these cancer Missouri answered today. OK what should it but Barack okay serie made it very short question almost impossible to Davis line we're we're good with that. Congratulations. Enjoy the year Johnson show question almost impossible will be back Monday morning 710 in your own them. He considers refusal to go to the gym as resistance training technically he's right we can't believe or green. Mornings with Mike Casey fine 995. The mountain Thanksgiving tomorrow I am not really cook myself. But having dinner around Thanksgiving for this many years I know that there. Fairly standard traditional ways that people tend to prepare Turkey's most evil Rouse did you can deep Bryant's. Yeah and then there's that you know elected drive rubber what you know that like crying and Brian is life different approaches so I thought it. I saw the story this morning and if you're looking for something a little different a little off the beaten path in terms of Turkey preparation. Here's an idea for you Reynolds as in Reynolds wrap up. Has a recipe. Where you crush up hot sheet goes into food processors. And then you coat your bird with those. Of course there's a layer of butter that goes between them a lot obviously then you crush up the hot she goes in the food processor code your bird with Tom and then you have. Hi she don't Turkey thing which is now in itself not only is it sound delightful it sounded so adventurous. That I felt like we needed a song celebre. Oh really yeah so how does children Saturday again via. How many that she'd. Saddam thin lie. And mean. She him nervous dressed in Orange are you hungry. Shadows. No alone knows hello kitty it is. Oh riff big chased five and her from. Maybe we should I had used. A ring you know Lara bribe. Lowe who learn how she goes on your search keys from him and hot she goes on your Cherokee from. Trashy version now that birdie and hi she goes on your Cherokee. I hope she goes on your Turkey. And trashing version now that birdie. She goes on your Turkey. Radio shows not only good thing that I have an idea that you can use is instituting tomorrow but it's got its own themes silk. I thought she goes on your Turkey. I love that you knew better than to ask need to do any of those backing vocalist of the there are about as straight up now and honestly we're all better for you having an example I don't know about that as. That was a tree and I'm thankful for that sign and it passengers and it's right there almighty. Sarcasm was in Olympic sports Mike would totally. Not compete. Wake. Mike Casey morning's fine night. Yeah hey don't forget we're certain at some this afternoon the four course weekend you pick the songs were playing them back for you force own sets. A music chosen by you all the way through Sunday. Okay four course weakens brackets are Thanksgiving tradition. And it starts this afternoon speaking of Thanksgiving keep in mind as you I'm head over to the table to morph into whatever point to do you do that. You could arm to be very likely I suppose based on an average Thanksgiving meal you could consume. Up to 229. Grams of fat. During your Thanksgiving dinner to mark 229. Grams of fat that's about three to four times the amount of fat that you should eat in a day. Having said that I just wanna point out that if anybody's if anybody actually says that to you to moral wiley you're in the process of eating. Easy need then he's doing during an anger in bed. 34 times the amount if anybody says that's you while you really go back to table for thirds or wherever. Cut their person on your life you don't need that kind of negativity. In your life cry you already had the information you're gonna do with it which you watch crime that's assessment. That's my thought on the 229 grams fat. Sarcasm is just one of the services Mike offers others include bad puns obscure news in the old jokes I think you'll be here all week. Mike TC morning's fine 1995. The mountain. Another reason not to talk politics at the Thanksgiving table tomorrow. A your Thanksgiving get together a new study finds that politically divided families. Cut their Thanksgiving celebration short. By an average of twenty to thirty minutes which according to this story from this was in the Miami Herald which Republican voters more likely to bail on democratic families. Then vice Versa. Here here's what to pursue beyond on this are all fairly slick politically divided some extent. It doesn't every barely have liggett's Hogan Democrat or token live roller. That's a token bill republic dinner delivered terror whatever it is I mean we're all sort of divided to some extent or another. I would think. The second thing is if you don't really wanna spend that much more time with the people you're doing Thanksgiving with the media take the opposite approaching you bring this up. You get out there 2030 minutes earlier. I know the president you look at things. He recently edit doing squats to his or simply by moving the beard to the bottom shelf of the fridge. Mike Casey in the morning all in 1995. The mountain. While every one is different what they do with her through Thanksgiving meals. A lot of us will probably be consuming more calorie he's. Then we normally would on a given day. Your price you probably have to be your your good it to thinking along these lines between that the Turkey decide dishes beverages desserts. All that's. What would you guess the average person consumes in terms of calories. At Thanksgiving 3200. 3150. Yeah. Right on the number. What would you guess if you if you factored in. BO people do probably some additional snack gaining as throughout the course of the day. What would you guess that at that number would come to it in but beyond just. The Thanksgiving meal itself which 3150 repair so like for our. Close your fourth. Oh so your anger and it broke actor and snacking or drinking while you're a little short but not by much the VS to that would be about 15100 additional calories a clay which. Take this war is 600 yes you re right on its. You know your off with a 4500 Kalish that's pretty good the I think the thing they're trying to remind us to appear like is if you don't think about it at all. That your literally going to do it with an extra outs in calories givers Kate can't let you play it. Couple days worth of a couple days worth of food in just after 200 units again I've got this good judgment on him I'm sure I'll be pretty close to them myself which is that so you have a number. To keeping your minds. As you go about your business tomorrow yes diligently she well. Yes. If you take away the looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney spitting image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain. So thanks giving is illustrates a lot of work at least for the people that are doing the cooking may be you're going to somebody's house knew hey can you bring some then you know just bring some to an account has a little bit of the Thanksgiving. Feeling to it's. And now degree we'd really appreciate it if you wanna if you wanna go this route I believe this is the simplest route to go you'll people make fun of you but that might be worth it. Spot Thanksgiving flavored Pringles. That's right Pringles has. As big shifts it's easily answer UMass who ticketed stuffing and cranberry sauce among other flavors. So you know if you wanna simplify things and somebody wants to bring something. Thanksgiving themed boom you've got it's expected they'll kick you out shortly thereafter but you get a laugh in the process Thanksgiving flavored Pringles yes. Before you criticize him you should walk a mile and issues that we want you to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike DC on 99 plus the mountains.