Charging for Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 21st


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My case CLA heart Rick there's obviously a lot of news news may be in the in the bigger sense of the word in terms of our own backyard. I'm probably the big story last 24 hours and I kind of kick myself Jimmie and I just missed it when you know we did our. A Broncos up to yesterday ten like four minutes later the Broncos announced that if they were. Parting ways with offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. And that some quarterbacks coach bill musgrave would step into issues for the rest of the season I know people get. Particularly here in Denver but a lot of people get so passionate about football. That we can sometimes be a little callous about somebody losing their jobs yes you would be pretty upset everyone cheered for you losing your top exit poll but I fully expect that to happen now I hope the birth there right. The clarity understandably. So that is so I mean it's not like I don't think anybody really wishes any ill will Mike McCoy. Why it's G men and I had talked about it. Probably in the two or three weeks prior to this. The offense just has not been able to get going admittedly there been some quarterback challenges there'd been some offensive line challenges. There's certainly been some challenges in the running game. It's one of those things were. Something has to change. And you don't have enough. Player pieces you know you can't just fire the whole offensive line so it's what it it always feels to merely one of those somebody kinda has to fall on the sword. Yeah it dies this is always so tough when a when teams skated to places like this because the Broncos have not been plane while they're in a really vulnerable and volatile position so making changes now. Doesn't necessarily anything that happens after this doesn't necessarily mean it was because of that change already the Broncos were looking really unstable so. Next week maybe they may be the offense looks great but that doesn't really mean anything acts now and it doesn't mean literally it was Mike McCoy is faults knowing doesn't and it's so hard to put too much into these mid season changes. Simply because. Are you played half a season pass already looking a little beat up there and their injuries across the NFL yeah there's a lot of other factors and a lot of other factors involved to sell I I'd never. I try to never gets you type on anything that happens. I'm sort of with the although I am curious I'm above will probably do older poking around social media today NC with the overall. Vibe is from from Broncos country you know whether or not the right move Verizon said usually bloom or in this petitioners position likeness. People wanna see Som yes changed me yet they wanna do it it's that's a very nice way to say it it's just so yep. Big change of Rocco headquarters. Or Mike feces coming up with a deal on that he's like us the mountain and you're just marveling that I referenced the whole. Walken and I think yeah. I I. Of Sega and I love hearing your stories I feel like the there near my favorite part of them here early expecting some sort of sarcastic comment from me but I'd just like us. Oh OK fair enough that was very nice a very nice save on your part I'm gonna Kyle I'm gonna returned. That nice coming you just made by absolutely throwing you under the tower that's fine okay but I expect nothing but I'm only doing that. Because I saw the story and buzz feed this morning. At a bus seated soon website it's of doom news aggregators. And personality doesn't need X. Lane with the Internet what is don't all of us Venus is not people my age greatest time wasting website of all time OK and probably aimed more at fewer demographic than my rights OK so I saw the story of buzz feed which is why I'm gonna throw you under the tires. According to this story and buzz feed. Some view it's become a thing because food is expensive and hosting parties is expensive. It's apparently become a thing in some circles for people to charge people who were coming to their home for Thanksgiving dinner excuse me blunt. They charge people like there's like a you know ten bucks ahead kind of thing and again. I'm directing this question. Comment at you because it was on bus feats on assuming it's not people gotta be young people yes it's W my age that are doing this have you her is this thing I heard this never heard offense. This seems really tacky. Super tacky. Insanely tacky appear hosting Thanksgiving you know except all costs that come when that. After you graduate from college he no longer charge people to come to parties. They just shot and cap and. Yes I would I would agree and I'm encouraged to hear you say that because I would think. Eat yeah even you know everybody's in different financial circumstances and I get that but if you're gonna agree to host it. You agree to the cost that comes with it yes you ask people to predict great things yeah. Knew that it's acceptable and you could certainly even ask him to bring you know beer wine or liquor things that are important an expensive yes Brad can't ask them to bring ten doll notes. Yes you're hosting it in a public place then that's fine. Our C silly if you rented part of a restaurant or something okay yep you're right there throwing like a Thanksgiving party and that's just cost of admission Daschle appointment at your house it's not stoke. Are encouraged to go I was really worried about your people forbid there because of what you can't you can't you really can't if you're considering doing that don't don't don't you don't do it. If you take away the looks more each garment success then there's really no difference between Mike and George Clooney asks it image might be easy to find 99 by. The mountain. So it's dumb aired last night. On PBS. And I just cut little bits and pieces of it I wish I wished I had time to watch the whole thing I did not last night bites. David Letterman accepted this they actually did the show on October. But it was aired on PBS last night for the rest of us you know pedestrians the proletariat you couldn't give in to the show. As it happened live it was on last night Steve Martin. By Jimmy Kimmel any better Martin shorts bill Marie. A huge list of people who came out to pay tribute to David Letterman. A few little excerpts of his speech at the end David's that is David Letterman. Tell me is it wrong yeah. That I kind of wish. This could have been presented posthumously. I just wanna remind you that I'm in the wrong room take a look at the show. We've enjoyed tonight. Jimmy Walker who gave me my first job and many other people now working in comedy. Any better comes up here. And breaks my heart ladies and gentlemen that was as good as it's. Martin Short why has this man not receive this award. It's. Cool. Bill Maher for the received a car with this war. David Letterman make shipping the Mark Twain prize for American humor what I always did you sing about that. Is it sorted typical David Letterman if you washing your fan of his he's never guy who's been real comfortable with. Accolades with the words with people saying nice things about him so they're using this is speech at the end instead of talking about himself. Or anything he's accomplished talking about everybody else and what they've contributed and how touched he was to have them there. Thought that was really cool thirty he's good David led thirty. 6000 episodes. A late night television pretty impressive run by any stretch and so he did Hitler city aired last night there are some videos on the Kennedy Center. Web sites I'm hoping they'll Erin again sometime over the holidays often they do but to our congratulations. David Letterman even if you were uncomfortable with your success. I think a lot of us are big big fans of yours David. Question almost impossible and 99 file. Well like yesterday we did we know we're given away today so oh don't worry you know moving in the right there. Great direction the obvious music on tour featuring Eric Johnson we've got tickets for you provided you're the first person answered this question. Correctly. How can this may be helpful for the upcoming holiday so we're giving you tips any minds giving you tickets send your super loud well there goes yeah. In order to get the most use possible out of the citrus fruits you you might wanna be dispersed. Okay because he a lot of things yet millions and actually this is an actual hack. To get the most 90% of the citrus fruit you Melanie did this for West Africa 631 team and I thought this seems to favor the shafts amongst us perhaps sewer award disinterested busiest yes attrition through the system was that. Our question almost impossible good luck. We might know a minority. It. Order to get the most juice possible from the citrus fruit you might wanna do this first. I would your guests. A cute thing you. It heated up a little warmer aperture and all part of a hard right at the well. Carrying. A high. A. Where you know average year in high school I guess they gave you five homework questions real like I did ten just to because a loss of. It's a lot of those teaching. Knowing that somebody already guest of rolling. And we're still. What would you. Are. You. Serious of particular hobby you waited. I try out I might as well. I'm very bad actor in up there and I and brought in because I thought that that that at ERR. I. I sent my question I was like you're just talking about all things of carton. I was periods when I question dear she was. An. Organic material. I believe in in a somewhat it's and is somewhat condescending voice as she read the question. I believe you know he said some of the in the effect of so basically anything with Cardin and it's so. The rich and I like anger. All that would make a point at all rot. I agree. I you know what you know what I mean did you amid a recent in my pocket are gonna find like twenty or forty bucks nominally UN Hartley go out together and take all your his shoes. I almost impossible and how about with did you view. Rob. You are. Not going to. You'll notice I won't be an attempt. To try to caution you think. I ever. I feel like I'm going through a tunnel and I'm gonna lose you very quick. I'll pick an issue alleys and I got. I. That he can't. What's in there. Well congratulations Becky and think you've heard dismantling everything that I stand because we can't do dollar sell every OK I need help so it's nice meeting you need the great people like funky in this world and it's going to mean anything has earned an. It looked knowledge was through lake four point eight students are okay. All of us don't know between you would Becky. Hobbies forty books ago now too cute you figure whose question almost boss congratulations. Thank you for playing long. We've got a concert tickets for you will do this again tomorrow 710 out like the question it. He pre planned this funeral to include a 32 minute long video of the times he accidentally waved hello to someone waving to someone else behind him. It's my GCR 9095 the mountain. In case you missed it with all the excitement and news headlines going on lately the Eagles. Yes the Eagles announced a tour. In 2018 it will come through corps' field on June 28 he'll be it's really. I mean you'd say an opening act but Jimmy Buffett isn't really anybody's opening act so that's more of a double bill. Jimmy Buffett in Eagles are coarse field on June 28 that information is on our concert calendar. And one ounce senior year let's just just told you if you're hitting the road for Thanksgiving be warned. According to your AAA most travelers will be hitting the road this thing more travelers will be hitting the road this Thanksgiving holiday than we've seen in more than a decade. An estimated 45 point five million Americans will be traveling by car. Up from last year. The highest level since 2005. Because of this transportation fis officials believe there will be record traffic delays in some of the country's biggest cities you've been worked. If he ran for president he would probably lose and landslides. There it's Mike Casey Mike ID nine the mountain. So big news this morning answers or we may be here in Nassau and all bunch other Eagles songs live in person at Coors Field on June 28 the Eagles announces its when he teen tour. Earlier today Jimmy Buffett will be part of the Denver show he's only the first leg of the tour and and I think Buffett to. Moves out and then judge James Taylor and his being so it's you know like superstar compatriots but for the Denver data coarse field. Jimmy Buffett in the coral reef forbid this is important to keep did make note of here. Tickets for. The Denver show in all the other ones that are on the first leg of the tour as well those go on sale next Friday December 1 10 AM. Our time local time. Okay through Ticketmaster. If you are an Amex card holder in American Express card holder you can access or pre sale. Which starts November 28. Because it's 2017 inch you know capitalism this is how works. So American Express cardholders November 28 the rest of us Friday December 1. Through Ticketmaster 10 AM local time the Eagles and Jimmy Buffett of course fields. On June 28 I realized summary is a ways off at this point but that seems like. There's enough information there to get excited about on a number of different levels I would think right in that will be on our blog later today 995 the mountain dot com. And also on her FaceBook. Before you criticize and you should walk a mile in his shoes that way when you're you criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike DC I'm 99 plus the mountains. It looked like your break dancing over there. They won't it was just my excited iron ponting and things of it looks like break dancing cool excellent accidental thing. Mean look at the good you definitely are your battery remembering when it's time to do radio. But good that accidental breakdance hadn't answered congratulations. Bob white snake here I go again on 995 amounts in according to a new survey I think you're like the story. According munition new survey. Women tend to be happier than men. When their single. The survey found that the majority of women 61%. Are happy when the relationship status is single compared to less than half of men here's where I think you're gonna really limit. One psychologist. Who took part in the study suggests that this is true and these are her words. Because relationships. Are exhausting for women yes I think exhausting for limit in much the same way. Women often spend more time doing housework than men they also spend more time roam the maintaining. Romantic and interpersonal relationships than men do so having it seems like having a partner ends up costing a lot of time and energy. Which is where we arrive at the idea that 61% of women are. Happy when they're in single honest. And I feel like if every woman in heterosexual relationship just stops trying today men everywhere I feel like I happen. What's going on there and there could be devastating for them and we feel like only count this is great it's probably more my. You throw accurate let's if you don't stop let's also. Auto wash don't listen to her she doesn't know what she's talking about she randomly break dances news having to do with the Kardashians. You know on. Blood stubbornly you understand why did he do I pick a hundred. When Miley Cyrus gets naked in excess hammer it's art and music. Might face it he's drone. And has to leave the hardware store this morning with my PC phone and 99 clubs in the mountain. So here we are just what two days away from Thanksgiving mean at this point it's coming up pretty quick if you make Ewing your family. Are often inspired to give back may be too little community service work. On Thanksgiving here's some important to keep remind you may want to. Avoid doing the volunteering at a soup kitchen or food bank thing on Thanksgiving Day here's why. You'd think it'd be better not to you shouldn't do that he should put on a different day many charities especially small ones. Can be overwhelmed when a whole bunch of first time volunteer show up it takes a little bit time to train people. And on Thanksgiving there just the relief for some of these organizations there isn't a lot of time obviously that's not true across the board by its. The best way. To do this kind of thing would be to make a long term commitment to volunteering. And then instead of starting that commitment on Thanksgiving daily given the day after would probably be better. Encourages some to keep in mind it saw its its great to do our community service and give back. Maybe just think about doing in the way that makes the most sense for everybody. There's like there's a lot like dead driver who signals right and then turns left. Yeah. Mornings when Mikey AC 199 but the mountains.