Casey Interviews Sebastian Maniscalco

Friday, November 3rd


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6 or 7 Friday morning here on the mountain no ballot Friday it should be noted joined right now by one of far rom favored funny people in the world's comedian Sebastien minister Al cohesion tell the Paramount theatre two shows tonight Sebastien I know I'm guessing is trying to embarrass you gonna do a little bit anyway you we're Torre sixteen comedian in the year at the just for laughs comedy festival. Selected for people magazine's annual ones to watch you had your third. He had special why would you do that declared Showtime's most successful comedy variety special premiere in 2016 you've been you've been busy how about saving some for the rest of us men you've been out there Killen it. And when you put it down lamb Michael listen step. Yeah that's the anger that must look through users are murdered doing that sure nineteen years it's been kind of saying that so close certain. It's a fun ride with normal these great shows and all these beautiful theaters across the country and become the standard now for I don't know 67 years clinically comedy club called look comedy works and no formal event to have that fear of their show. Yeah can't complain and it's been great to have common doom and so. Everything kind of followed them in place. Sarah she's right area that's served in we. First Halloween. So we were dressed up and look at which fetched at all and it's been great man I'm 44 years old and I waited you know probably a little bit longer than maybe most men that have. A trauma it's just you know doing comedy it took me awhile to find the right woman traveled around the country and and and kind of not being stable for a while and not so attractive for. What would look at it. Is that there right I think that. That the but that's on the right line and then I would settle down more have actually come and what you've done person on the front. Can we assume that serves easily sleeping a little bit are fairly regularly clean at this point. You can only it's on his this kid sleeps twelve dollars Soledad nice ending with you know little whimper here and there but. We got there on the schedule right from the get go and even though he's been bounce and go across the country doesn't surfer Triplett because she did that. At the tip the playing quite well actually been and you know of these scripts and he's a total homes so we decided. You know went win when she can't she's gonna travel with a. Is they got to show biz kid she's grown up exactly like you grew public show biz kid right. Well I grew up another little as a hundred litre car oil the first I think the first look at a plane was closed their. A my guest is comedian Sebastien minutes calico he's at the Paramount theaters this weekend not talk to you before soy and I've seen your show bunch times so I know you're I know you're kidding I know eating girl look anything like that. I'd like to instill some of those values that my father. Instilled in me but man I mean there's there's times throws like the thing that comes as well outrageous grown up than. But it did make for good comedy and canola based rebel act around much of no involvement you can have a mother and sister and never talk about the in my act. They were like oh we can start making excellent because people think. When he nanny and I'll now be in a new standard and be at a parent like on Turiaf chipped birthday parties and and so so rich with. And some material that I can't wait to investigation and trial. They you know they don't tell you about what you birthday parties look like and they'll tell you about played gates or any of that stuff. Actually want Angela you know I look good if and Chicago and the circuit parties back there were like in the pill on the donkey get a couple of water balloons out and you know that was it but in a mosque sensible man you look at these parties that. Up petting zoo on the front third. It's quite. So different in Los Angeles and we look at the pumpkin patch it's currently working at the pump compaction essentially home. And return it but again it. Isn't there are absolutely put all of that is good fodder for this stage. Yeah I'm I imagine that's true or not I imagine traveling it gives you a lot of fodder to. Because again they're playing now seem to be there's an altercation on the airplane. It's sad to have been an Asian doctor they were both so they're playing like I held that marriage class and hang it up he's the lead men don't want shot gun on them like. If you just. Listen to the people. You know they try to get off the plane there won't be any problems well this is social Cooper got on the airplane that told you to get off the plane. Coughing my laptop. And there's personally. I'm not getting into a fight whether anybody nowadays especially with this. Mixed martial arts so there and the duty to go he just got this fight now that again you're back in control Q what are wounded no way to conduct. If someone told the Tucson open a door that goes I. Nobody it. Too Smart Jules. Or corporate world had a talk with comedian Sebastien minister Alco on 995 denouncing these Paramount theaters this weekend edition all the other Santiago on you also the book common doubts about us and stay hungry you know February right. Yeah it's it's about my career over the last twenty years and chronicles and well. I came up to the company ranks of the jobs so I was Dolan also foresees and so pole I was working. So on satellite dishes and their longer. On stories where I can't really tell him on stage so. I thought or both will be appropriate to kind of explain to not only the plant to people who might not tell me group struggles that you go from trying to be a stand up comedian and I think he'll make you laugh make you cry Anderson nice touching moments in how about white and major side control. But that's on low comedy show tour. Opening up Frederick briskly for a couple of years and Australia it's incredible what he taught me as a as a young comedian Telecom monopoly could be ordered on Amazon right now and it comes out sever server 27. Look congratulations Sebastian miniscule outgrow a lot of success and well deserved success I think you've taken time to talk we look forward to seeing news weekend at two impairment appeared are at a quicker.