Rock N Jock - 10/13

Friday, October 13th


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Our team in Broncos coming off the bye week last week giants coming into town for game Sunday nights I know it's it's hard to say whether the giants' third team it's that skating or underperforming. Or or maybe just not elected to begin. Looked almost like Dubai will be similar amount perturbed about it. I hit are really. All I mean at thirteen. It was projected that win ten or eleven games Irish Campbell let walk. All ports up wide receivers I mean imagine map Markel and their Emanuel Sanders mirrors on the very tolerant glad about. Couldn't this week and you feel like our. You know we're stroke earlier gonna do that the same thing. The giants are battling Eli Manning is not looking forward to this and a matter of fact if he missed the flight to Denver I wouldn't be surprised. The drug be happy about it. Understandable under the circumstances truthfully though even before though the wide receiving corps for the giants got hurt the offensive line wasn't doing a whole lot to protect Eli Manning to begin. You know I heard a joke could predict that the pay and everywhere and Eli Manning as that your. It took effect about what you'd like Manning is going to be under tremendous pressure from the and the top guys O'Dell back from junior who was his prime target. Maybe one of the best in the league went out with a fractured ankle last week. What do you do if you're the New York Giants coaching staff got a whole spectrum along the all the little bit yup I mean they haven't always protecting Eli Manning against the opera he urged. Them to widely mentioned wasn't particularly good the star where. And when you go up against the number one rush defense and guys like Bob Miller come in from the outside I guess being away that doesn't look and losers football game. Unless they turn the football over a wide and the giants are a capitalize on. Talking Broncos with G men on 995 the mountain Brian is hard enough to run against the Broncos says it is giants wide receiving corps is hurts everybody knows they're gonna try and run the ball it's only gonna make it harder for the giants. Think all of the blockbuster and the poor working very Cold War cold bowl running back. Well to a total of 98 yeah I mean if anyone problem individually. Happen to get 98 yards against the Broncos. You would think that's a good game for the block those offensive line and the linebacker. Oakland collectively have like five questions. And 98 yards that's why they're number war against the rush in the NFL you gotta give a big shout out to go to our blog Cote spoke OR. Done an amazing job with a lot of young guys this year. There were supposed to play for the Broncos and when he had it all up I mean debacle are double digit favorite and it could win by a birdie on Sunday and I honestly I would go. Ariza looks like a should win on Sunday against the giants for the Broncos but if you the Broncos you're coming into this game. What kinds of things do you expect they will be working on to improve upon where they were before the bye week. We're quicker court Martin and walk out there to block. Book where and there are 26 and the and a dollar 27 went on offense. Remember we talked about what happened against later. Are they got the ball what I'm inside the red zone inside the one they couldn't score well I'm in their management that chip shot field goal that didn't help but. They've got a beer or score touchdowns giving and the result and if you look at the schedule. This week against the giants they go on the Oprah weaker rapid charger who have been in every game. Barack can't distribute leading the division at five now. Billy which if you look at that game as it appears in your heart couple up there's not going to be very good all all of the goals are much improved so. Toll road games that that all the handgun used to make a statement they need to put a lot of points up. They need to hold Eli Manning down. Up bottom all I can get a big lead on turn the football over give it up like that evidence several teams this year look at the giant seeing. Loading up their backs against the wall an opportunity. To hang out in the fourth quarter and and a lot of milk when you just can't do that the whole game it's a prime time game got a step on their merit and put them away early. And just so we're clear up I believe you're using the step on the next big metaphorically not literally helping out the door. It's definitely gives step on Eli mic and eggs net. There are a movement on the that happened. Yeah look at an early read a couple. Actor. You're you're you're good support everywhere you would seem now it's helped portable Larry endeavor has shown a propensity. This thing done. Org getting a lead and then allowing. And a lot of sacks and Yelp or not. And can't do that you're you're you're operations go to win the division but also a little while coaching him. You gotta make a statement this week against a team that's pretty much doubt out. Statement coming. No intentional next step. And I'm sure yet exactly that's our plan for a Sunday night are a different. It would limit who could let the other every Monday through Friday eight to that by your. I'm back in our by the mob and then you can count would actually met rocked them and talked about like.