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Thursday, October 12th


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Eight to a fourth Thursday morning on the mountain we are joined by a comedian Tom pop up thank you for coming by good morning it's good to see you guys been mobile why. I'll so yeah it does indeed we Selig once a year twice mayor once a year depends on outcomes shakes out what was steals other live once a year. But you and IA's. Frequently. Rent cocktail hour if you will head out hate each other on a sweater that there. And I promise you Don Rickles martini but we in the what I accidentally gotten nervous that you would have looked up I gotta tell you it's at 2 o'clock in the morning you can't hit me with a duck and Rickles right TV I'm the only 1 drinks in the morning here. How you might keep it. I ask numbered so then waterways. I don't tonne in the morning because this is I think we're here when your closer to our agent becomes a whole lost date kinda thing whereas you can do that and they nearly that I went to the Jim McDougal like I. Revealed today is lost at home today the whole week to be shot the holy sites I literally got nervous you were holding up the martini. I think and I looked at it was like oh yeah I hope it's nice though we don't water the path and classy organization we got you down. Water needed because we know we have big show tonight in that a bunch more this week you've got tonight. Two Friday to Saturday company works out the way and yes when a favorite clubs in the whole entire country which is why we get to see once a year yeah roughly speaking yes exactly and also you timed it's in new. Maybe you didn't you didn't put the your you're giants are in town this weekend my New York Giants are here to give you a gift of victory have. Because where are all of us here yeah. How slow. The have yet I was so mad I was figuring you would have an explanation for that but maybe you don't I am still focusing on baseball thank you very much. I don't know if you saw that the Yankees are right hamstring and it's a car. We beat the Indians we are rolling. We came back from 20 deficits in best of five series its big deal so exciting actually flew in early last night just because I was. Originally can be on the plate during the game. And and it's I'm really love baseball more than anyway so I came in early what's the game it was a victory I was totally psyched so who cares about the giants. Mean it makes me feel great because the Yankees never he never hit CBS winning anything there's they started five years. So for you I'm sure remind Iraqis got in at this year that's the first time in nine years ahead policies and that was my advice is not one single blow. You know when it's okay six I cut part part of that last night I don't know if this occurred to you Tom I don't think you Sony video from our member of the game the baseball game last night. Last night yet to hook it and thinks that they include anger you pot yeah it's so you may pilots my dad about. You do yeah you might get a mart's not get a martini but you might coupons that I think I can endorse is this practice for the holidays. Today is good for you indeed Smart if they have practicing his and I field what kind of apple thanks. I think I used Apple's rumored to tart. On you know inside my head. Brought it and and I was like OK great so we'll have some pie in that a civil Tom's gonna come by and we can maybe you can try to punch is a don't know I don't think it's good enough for him that you can absolutely. My thought well that's you Eliot A list comedy guy and now let's still I mean I you know I baked sourdough bread and and yet with the band and ands. You know sometimes or sometimes it doesn't insult constant tweaking its constant manipulation so you know bring it comets look at and it. Look on looked beautiful that's kind of ended little cutouts on the little leafy leave from a I can't but I don't know that's your time island cookie cutters if I decided to be snowflakes final at Exxon significant. Well this way do it now seeking to Latin yes at Thanksgiving by a leaf out with my pocket he had and you can correct that. Tony Snow went on here have pulled by the best and that's what. As well I saw out of the bread bum bread baking thing was on yeah podcast recently eaten when did you have you been doing that since I've know you are resistant yet couple years ago I. I did notice a little real causes major thing around racing yet around Sears. I've been to limit and I learned that. This just this process there was an writer's room I worked on the show called red oak summit Amazon. And now one of the writers had gotten into sourdough baking and that it's like the starter you know the opening of a sourdough starter yeah it's like there's no commercial east. All natural stuff it takes the east that's floating around us in the air. And goes into flour and water and that's what creates the bread that's is that what we use for thousands the years before we have any commercial yeast. And it's just like these the are tis goal and organic nice clean way of making bread. Like whole wheat bread at the vine historic good stuff that I thought it was fine my kids has like 32 ingredients and it should be flower water salt in the east that's all that Brad is. That's it and for centuries nobody had was an elite Brad but all of a sudden. Now people are sick and McKinney bread mixture of the puzzled why it's not really bread so I started playing within. And it's so bizarre that you had a sack artists are that it's a living organism you defeat and keep alive in the fridge and and then he makes a radar relief and so the process of it was pretty exciting but the best thing is that. You've got its bread smells in the house. My family was going crazy and I started getting better attic and better at it and for the first time with him it was like when you coming home. Only go in the name this means that it was beginning older in this bill are we going on the road as less focused we're out of bread effect. So I love it and now I started baking more of it and started learning about it when I'm on the road to go to visit bakers and and you know trying to learn. More and more you're going and all of that on this yet completely and now I have started. Making more than we can meet. So I asserted giving it some neighbors then people from my podcast. Started asking for its and they you know we really blew up on my podcasts are people were starting to show me like their brands and asking for help and most recipes and Oscar. Sir this whole thing. And Allah at this time my podcast where we have subscribers and if you subscribe you get a loaf of sourdough bread. So I actually put a bred in me. FedEx box you know wrapped up on and she did fairly fresh I mean yeah that's yet you know he's got to do it one or two days and but that was like a moment of our how deep into this in my. Can begin this is a business now now jumping ship being you know this is Brett may have a so I don't know it could who knows it could become a thing could not become a thing I don't know but it's. Damper on how does want even have time for comedy when one is consumed by bread as you are well the cool thing about it it's like a three day process and even when your. Past the point of right. Fermenting in getting it to the point where can make the duo. That today you have to do it it's about a fifth is eight hour thing announce that it I Tammy making admin approves and his. It fits perfectly with writing. If it's perfectly easier to their rating and then you can go commit and then an hour's up and you gotta go turn the bread NC go walk in there and do it break take a little break come back again. And then it fits perfectly when your home writing. Now like when I'm on the road and I go from here in general weekend and then I got to go to New York him a couple of the places. I would tell him like a lot to be able to make Bradford. We believe in my house to make me brown all right I'll take you get a divot soured a starter now. I'm sorry I have friends who bait. Oh yeah give me their staff that's good friends who they are better than friends that it's completely can only use so much of the best friends you can at all and that's a DMZ. A 100% and I really there he is this thing where. You know when I'm on the road you meet other people who Bacon's it is there are no idiots. In baking. There are no bad people in baking there are no I believe when I don't visit some within a bakery. In the not going to be NA hall they're gonna be a nice person it appreciates good things so at a slower pace and it just nice. It's Wrigley this great little. Oh world it's kind of opened up you watch the ball off. Yet the Britain the British baker I'm trying to get my to watch. My I haven't I haven't I just haven't. I haven't fallen into that world but nine other so much we have to digest you have a whole assignment shows I'm sure your friends are telling you have to check yet you can't get any of correct. The big office probably the one that you should do. You get their martini. Aegis kickback and you just turn in time it's you know there is no it's very similar to and vibe. Bob Ross remember about us the pacer. Yeah I didn't want to trade Steven lot of pain even care about painting sort of Chilo justices hang out with Bob and just watch him for a little bit. It's the same thing get the martini what these people talk about the kicking stones. And they make a lot of innuendo. Like there's a ton of you and he'd be surprised though there are raising your fingers into Dell can just yeah. It's you know sue does to announces on it aren't. Comedians they are which I didn't have to listen up now and now it's no they're not saying it's all fielding and I don't buildings doing yeah snow fielding steering. Kings becoming bad ass I didn't sit for your telling yourself that because now you're into. It is all off. Is like a you know he's kind of an edgy. I tried to come already punished you know I had so. It's it's apple what do you do with here's a here's my barometer just because you endorse it doesn't mean I'm in if Tom says it's cool that it's cool. You know and Tom I have a list of things I need you to tell might is really cool. That let me show time our guest during a Tom pop is here music comedy works out that win mark for a bunch of shows this weekend. Take a quick break and they're a follow up with Tom and talk about what he's been due in on the road after the or Mike feces coming up to reveal my Knight he's like five the mountain. RD 40 Thursday morning here on melts our guests in the studios comedian Tom pop up Guzman yeah. This year for a bunch shows or comedy works out at the landmark this weekend we always soon enjoy when you come to town. And when combined CI us I'm actually I should mention. I'm coming to see you Saturday night's not science. If you here since I did early show only channel early show. Our officials here's somebody like heckling you relate. These days. You it's a funny thing about it is when you know someone is there who your friends with. That changes the whole show you like our rights and EU will be in my head the entire show is having a better or worse and makes it better usually ramped up really stood in just a BA just you know he. You're always trying to do your best but there's always. I don't know who really changed that but you just conscious of them being there yes for sure Greg it's not a thing it's not a nameless faceless rat out there somebody you know yeah like I know some and that's going to be at the show tonight. And that the whole time it'll be like oh she's she's I don't know where she is the season here somewhere I guess there's a you know his. Plays that's called oh you'll know Orion bill would raise the front. NCAA dot Buick. You all the C. And I think here in the front right it if you've ruined everything. I'll tell human mules the this is your third hourlong comedy special spin outs. On ethics for almost a year now yeah almost a year you've basically been touring in support of that. Yet aid eight came out on ethics and now it's on Hulu and Amazon. And yen and I've been. Could you it's kind of like the offices like when a band puts out an album and do they go in the play the songs from that album. When a comedian puts out an album you kind of start moving into the next two days on the LC AA's starting out yeah exactly. Which you know I don't feel like you got it completely dumped everything because store and do great shown people haven't seen a live picture so it's kind of a mix of stuff. But yes it was pretty good this I don't know so it's almost a year to be year in December. So I guess me in another year on to the next morning yes. When you were talking some about Tom whoa yeah we're actually talk about peaking but you were talking about how well it's fixed it's into the world of writing yeah which obviously you do bunch of when you were poor when your putting together. Whether you're going out on the road or put together special or whatever it is you know an hour's worth of material how am I don't think people realize maybe how long it takes to. But how does it take for you to write that rehearse it to rewrite it. You well it's interesting there's a there's a trend now for people to put out specials as fast as they can and the ideas like Hillary just get an hour than I put my special but. There's a lot of blame specials now. Skews me that are out there because people are just it's not enough just to get the hour via standup. It matures it lake there if you were joking your act for five years that joke is going to be so much better than when it was for two years. But that being said everybody wants materials so frequently now you can't wait five years of people think you've disappeared so you've got to work really hard. And trying to shore name for myself I think like two and a half years is probably. Where I would puts on him that I'd be proud of you know I have a new hour material technically but it's not something I wanna record and have lasts you know out there Earl from the end time. So then people are putting the mallet once a year once a year and a half in the east they're back on premise plot pilots. Yeah premise special day like they're good premises like wow that's a great idea of this joke about. Apple pie oh if only you worked on that a little harder for another year that really would have been great as you would have great punched. But the idea is okay. So they have I don't know I mean he also depends what you have going on. If you were working on other stuff if you're breaking bread for exhibiting Brandon I have a new thing that just happened where on the new head writer for prairie home companion. And I hear that once a week it's on your web sort of casually drop that it could. It just it just happens literally just happened. Yeah it's pretty gray. So. You know I've I've loved that show since I was a kid like before it was a comedian I loved that show love garrison Keeler I always have this thing in my head like. I bet I can make it funny here like I've really does cut as a comedian I was like it's funny and does he create this mood in the space and I was like all the that. Sketch to beef. He'd make that funny. And through this crazies. Turn of events I now on the had his share of it and appear once a week doing this monologue. And so now. That is taking up a lot of my time especially as we're starting to feel it out and I would learn like what's gonna happen we had our first. One for the season came out last week and so now I'm Mike it'll start to mellow outlook for the for the last month of important super hard on match. You know so whenever things can only take you away from your stand up it's like soccer grow as quickly. The measurements yet Nia that's a big deal I mean not that yes you've done is in but that I mean that's a really big deal if Diaz thank you you know it's up items it's occurring to me now like to talk to radio people about it it's like. You the first people that are reacting the way I want people to react with respect felt like my grandma like Iman who had read a prepared Ilunga-Mbenga like let's give free do. And I don't know what that is is that at. But there's this new host Chris Healy who is as great musician is playing like Jack White on the show and the show ends and all these great bands inept he's making it is making more contemporary now. So they want to bringing cool comedians and so holdings becoming more. More modern and and my comedy for the first the first one knock wood and was funny people relate. The whole thing was funny yeah I yeah. We were that's our that's aired. That's our goal. Do you at this point I mean I know that Saddam and we've talked about before this this is standup is is the main thing it's the focus of what you've done it's kind of what drew you to suited the industry in the first place via but. Along the way you clearly branched out into any number of different things as well are these things that. You have sought out that as you've I mean you've been doing stand up for like twenty years and yet have you sought these things outer they've just sort of come do you and a very organic. It's kind of a mix it's a mix you have to do. You have to seek them now because you need some things and make you more famous so more people come to your shows. Right when you're starting out in sight just as a comic it's not really enough to get your mean. Out there. So you need some. Pop of television or film or something so people know you and people you know. Our RNC in them a lot of times that the people that sell out comedy shows aren't great comedians but they've been on a great show. And you deserve to be in the room with this famous person. So. There's which is kind of a weird thing is you I work really hard at the craft like I just wanna be great at bat and I really wish if I could just be great at that and have the people. Come that would be cool but you do need this kind of other other stuff. And then it's just a matter of trying to match up like. The stuff that kind of fits with you you know it that fits with your act and you know my act is. You know it's observational what it's pretty clean and it's so it's like you don't wanna Tryon might end up in some kind of you know. Decadent movies in the president's gonna bring people here that aren't your people it's all but but then that being said. Sometimes offers just pop up and if the money's good and it's gonna keep you. At home for awhile feel like I'll do that you know if it does if it's still matches up with the. Yes so bring up a good point in terms of being. Fairly consistent with who you are as soon. Yeah performer as an artist as a stand up if you get too far away from that it's I love doing that when I watch interviews on TV with actors and and showbiz people in Munich and they always Essex how did you decide to take this role effect methane and and sometimes it's either really establish active like well I really thought about it and and really most of the time it's. Well they said yes because I thought. Big media they offered it to me and I was abuzz except I really like I have worked in a year now I have health insurance when you. Whether it's at home when your not out on the road or. When you. When you follow what's happening in the comedy world in terms of new comedians do you. I wonder sometimes musicians say like I don't wanna hear. Other musicians because I don't wanna be unduly influenced or you don't I don't wanna pick up a Trace of something that I may have heard. Is it the same thing with you like in terms of comedy do you think no I wanna see and hear everything that's out there. And yeah I go back and forth so I like there's some times when I just go into my own bubble and it's like I don't care I'm I do what I do. But then there's this of that just recently it was like. I you should be kind of we shouldn't be ignorant sue. The new crop of people that are coming up in what their what their audiences are into what the younger audience likes and you know who's the if you're gonna stay relevant. You can't really just say now I'm good Ametek my fans and I've built over twenty years and Disco. Is this cool new stuff that you know new artists are coming up with a you've got to kind of stay a had to stay in the mix and I actually started and when I'm in LA is. I'll go to the comedy store and Ian promise up and I always do it which my shows and it. But if you go to the later shows of you go on at like eleven or midnight that's when all the young people there have a good time and I should be able to make them laugh just as much as the people at 8 o'clock Huard you know have families and doing that kind of thing. So so I think it's important I think he should be. Out there and then he gets a commitment you go back to your cocoon bet that they don't like these guys aren't so good and that high of just sitting there all baloney. You know this is Tzipi increasing just choice so Alley. Last night not only she didn't only make pie Schmidt a whole bunch of different so I really can't had nothing to do yesterday the pie was the big things looks good. And joining us like stereo and like give me feedback validate me this crisis to settle this crest looks great hope you know and turning him into the first cut across and ever made. Well that's ever first ever. First Evers add her purse I've never made a pine crest before. Madame did turn out of me out a bank it's very hard at the apples are really re. Is there are nervous about that she didn't think that was going to be an exceptionally high standards of what he's from Jersey to skew the pies. Full height to good baker too good baker. I got it sound like they have all of the debate. Is ludicrous and it's really not a very quickly. Its own good texture of Apple's little tart that's not that's it's not a big deal that does that they do it is as well in this. The list of the polls show and could make the epithet that's a I'm impressed having never even seen the show and impressed and I'm also pressed the condenser to give you the partisan light shows popular. Is this is Lou what happened to put food them around me. Overt. No and you at home reluctant. Visited these. Expect them to go all Simon Cowell and be like this is most disgusting thing ever and it could be it could be a pile of mice and they would find something nice to say about. And they yes it's very British if they AME really screwed up the sick and time well. Metal and let's next time they act episodes nice for its like. It's like no it's like midwest nice and easily carry on companion version of it it's totally is when my Bateman my bread show comes out it's gonna have the same vibes. You know a lot though fast cuts just nice and mellow it's 00 and up next bread. Good crest. No you really kicked ass the Yankee unit so much all. Yeah yeah I mean the Apple's change but that's just. That's Tibet's you know mother nature's ingredient you know how to make a crest. Did yeah. And a membership I don't know Thanksgiving host. On animal yeah you sure she's very personal recipes from at least a month rate you and apple leaks and she's pretty she's pretty fired up and now that you have. I'm in the thumbs up to reply. Yeah I mean I'm just eating right out of it is a time left I hope you're okay. I'm healthy outside honey it's the pot up this crest is really good guess they did so minus oh my god it's good baker and bang. Vanessa up up up up. Well it means a lot there's nothing worse. I like when I made I made bread the other day I made a cinnamon reason for the first time. Is crazy bingaman it. It's long boring but. Live at the ad in maple syrup to which made it to moist yeah so I was struggling like houses even the reform and and night pulled that off having and I am the big kids awake. They're up at 7 in the morning there were just sitting there eat breakfast they don't can't easily get out of the house and if through this horrible part of their life. Can come quick look at the well we've had. And make yet death schedules out yet great best ever has set up a I get mad killing Anderson. That were all looking for some sort of validation god that. Can't really put your heart and soul into it no I've. Now it's an extension MB Illinois. Sure can we sought to work with anyway. Could make or get a Quebec so I'll probably he's though he is at a comedy works out at landmark one show tonight to tomorrow too on Saturday. We always enjoy having you come by always great next time as we set off there Brinks of Brett -- bring some bread and and will stay. Yeah for the whole damn morning sure. I don't know why I'm going home right now what you you know he got you your important guy you this my favorite place to come you have other pies to taste perhaps I'll bring you brass saying. About everybody's blessed she swarm back here. It is over could make it could get on his radio show we've got a that's very tickets to see Tom this weekend if you would like that give us a call now 6312995. Here on the mountain thank you gonzo thank you copy and high gas. The mountain.