Is Sting Tantric or Frantic?

Wednesday, October 11th


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Itself Wednesday morning today is October 11 I happen to to see this morning that it was forty. For doing the math for forty it's you who years ago today. That's on this'll show made its television debut. I'm champion. Yeah it's changed just to insurance true. It has it has evolved over the years there's on this day. 1935 October 11 42 years ago George Carlin was the it was the comedian he will be hosted the show. Senator Lott made its debut with its original casts. John Belushi Dan after they Chevy Chase. Jane Curtin Gilda Radner Lori Neuman. And geared more Irish. We the the original not ready for plot primetime players a little fact I did not know or if I did I'd forgotten when it made its debut 42 years ago today. The show wasn't actually called Saturday Night Live was called NBC's Saturday nights because. ABC actually had a program. Running at the time called Saturday night live with Howard Cosell. Really yes which I have no memory of that. And yet again I was pretty young min drive no memory of that show even existing so I'm again I'm guessing national went off the air fairly soon thereafter. And Lorne Michaels and Al grabbed the Saturday Night Live name but originally that there wasn't called that. I did not forget that you know Lorne Michael's mind seeing the same university that I did. And he started up a sketch comedy troop called DC follies which is the University College file its. It then turned in she you aid musical theater group of which I was apart is Eric in tennis Selig to degrees of separation drum set I live always think that is learn Michaels and I ever meet we made has stuff to talk about. I would think so I would hopes a when he do you know you may not know this but if you do when he started that was Gil was he a player or was he more of directors and I'll leave what whatever was the he became job you know. You pass you know I don't know that he act did. In any of the stuff that he did with easy for the brainchild than he did organize and it caught yeah we'll look at soon. Was broad one fun facts and won two degrees of separation from senator alive it's crazy so picture is. Mike Casey is coming up an appeal by 1995. The mountain. This story I remember reading is that zone sting woke up in the middle of the night he's in his Melanie sort of found. And around in his head and he went downstairs rancher has a fantastic music from because he's staying and he just plunk down a few notes on the piano. Recorded a renewal and they'll tape recorder. Went back to bed didn't think about it again until the next morning when he woke up he basically had the building blocks for that song so we kind of came up with a when he was asleep which. It must be nice there must be so many things about being sting that are really nice. Yeah that would probably be one of them I think it's the practices that he intrigued engage and if you miss that media and nicest thing about eating saying although no that's true. None of that's true they've made it up they made up his joke. Yeah over I don't believe over dinner party one night he said a surety we've we've made up. Bunch of I think George Harrison was there too they were all talking about out of celebrity tabloids would just pick up anything and run with that name. Made up this whole taint her gloves and select the whole thing. As he does he said another interview he in fact he acts remember him saying I would probably be better known for frantic love them for to interest was his quote. Now two shatters my whole I don't know what I think of of entry to love I think a stay injury hits and that's it I'm pretty sure that's the reason we can say go to external sources jacket he sees no ruins everything right. 6:30 Wednesday morning researchers at the University of Zurich have made an amazing discovery probably one that will will not surprise anybody. Women are kinder and more generous than men are all know what hey yeah hard to believe naturally according to their findings it's biological. Researchers found the men's and women's brains react differently to selfless and selfish behaviors. Apparently the brain's reward system. Strike Needham I think as I pronounced that that release is dope would mean when it's triggered and it makes us wanna do things that will make us feel happier than makes sense right. I'm researchers found that women experienced a higher level of dual from being released when they did something self selfless. Then men did in other words because doing something nice for others makes women feel better than it makes then feel. Women tend to pursue that feeling more often than men do. So my take away is that as a gender are selfish behavior cannot be blamed on anything other than filed oh era zones of all guild's. Let's move along to news' Janelle. Now you take in coming Mary rob from that it's not that many don't feel good when they do something nice for someone else because they deal. It's just not as dead as women yeah but that's epic that's big difference there. They want he'll ever know the difference it's not like if you do something differently you'll feel the same deal would mean release that women feel. It now I know cause I read the story straight here raider bush is doing more damage mind like why. Because this is the an uneven and a mother because I don't mean really Sony can be as good as yours is right now they're science to that dumb arguments. All signs decided so you're thinking of you very much here look. Someone asked him for a donation for the neighborhood pools of glass of water Smart it's like Casey on 1995 the mountain. Story out of Florida. Christopher. Zaire Atkins was just spotted earlier this week sneaking into a target store after hours this is a Monday morning after hours. When cops arrived to mr. Atkins was still in the parking lot. Officers searched his. Yet duffel bag on them. And officers searched it and they found ten books ten dvds dvd player Bluetooth headphones money and o'clock. Oddly none of those items had been stolen from the target in fact. Mr. actions according to police didn't steal a single item he told police he broke into the store because quotes. He was reading the book new route though volume five which was teaching him quote how to be in ninja. And how to enter secured areas although he didn't take anything. He was still charged with first degree burglary breaking and entering further you know breaking into the target after hours. First degree burglary and the eleventh degrees dumb mastery was and then secondary church there as you would think under this circumstance. You get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own Mike Casey I 99 plus the mounties. If you have. Vomit old grill well you're you're you're kind of in my faith during my wheel house insiders is looking for my age. Grill cover the other day and I can't find it a one I was looking for before started to snow. In fact I couldn't I don't know where actually end up leaving itself at this point I have an old girl that's gonna look older. Really really soon because I haven't been able to find the cover if you're in that situation near thing in your grill needs an upgrade. Boy you have we got a deal for you. The master build digital electric smoker were given one away you have about a week now a little over a week now actually week from today. To submit a picture of year old's rough and out of shape grill. And if you're the winning pictures and the UN you know and of women grill for mister bildt's price could submit your pictures through. Next Wednesday and 995 the mountain dot com. It makes sense he funneled information on the web site. Go ahead take Mike's advice skis that using this morning's quick Mike Casey and 995. Wednesday morning October 11 811 right now on the mountain with blue oyster cult's Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook you may have noticed during damage control mode once again this is Saddam after the fallout from the selling ads to Russian groups trying to manipulate the election that whole thing. Mark Zuckerberg is now apologized for a fairly disastrous virtual reality tour of storm ravaged Puerto Rico. Mark Zuckerberg was trying to use disaster relief as a platform. For a live stream to promote the new FaceBook space is apt. Flights this why you know as this was happening the stream used terms like magical. And sue Mark Zuckerberg to avatar was seen giving a high five to another avatar from the flooded neighborhood you can see where people. Maybe were a little uncomfortable with a what was going on with that. Mark Zuckerberg has since issued a statement saying quote my goal here. Was to show how virtual reality can raise awareness and help us see what's happening in different parts of the world. I also wanted to share the news of our partnership with the Red Cross to help with the recovery. Reading some of the comments I realized this wasn't clear. And I'm sorry to anyone this offended and quote Facebook's bases allows you to create an avatar. Using your own photo photos and then you can insert your photos your avatar anywhere in the world given the situation in Puerto Rico right now. It may have seemed a little a little glib you know a little hey great look at us while this disasters happening. A he did apologize. It's one of those you just wonder how this makes it through quality control militants comedy doesn't say. Maybe we don't wanna do this there right now but you know I'm perhaps I'm just stating the obvious and and I'm the one who doesn't get it which it wouldn't do for sub will be the last time. She's great at making people which would be greats if he was trying to be funny Mike Casey morning's hot 1995. The mound and 8:30 injury Wednesday morning according to a new study from the University of Maryland rich guys. With extreme politics. Are most like extreme political views and positions that are most likely to be happy in their marriages. The odd study authors say suggest this is true because in general. Having money means there's less anxiety endless conflict in the relationship. I've heard that also people who are extreme in this is on drug both sides of the political spectrum people who are extremely liberal. Or extremely conservative are more likely to have a spouse who. Agrees with them on the study also found that since 1970 Mary people who claim to be very happy in their marriage. Dropped from 68% to 60% so it seems that this secret here. Is to have I don't know which order you do it in whether you get the extreme political views first or the money. It's in the money second or you reverse its it is interesting that it they make no mention of whether or not the the wife is as happy. Which I guess maybe you're rich guy with a extreme political views it doesn't matter. No don't count I mean whatever. We all know people who are very wealthy and Hanson Siri asleep polarizing V news and or just last for her right. Those are only going to fuel. You mean polarizing between the two of them not necessarily all you just I got too many people I know or know of then our very wealthy with some serious use common haven't been married at least twice. Rate should he get you right you will narrow it will I would probably narrow it. Happy for a lot elk and then the whole thing fell apart. We're gonna I gonna judge other people's marriages I'm just gonna I'm gonna say that I really the stereotype you think if when you see of people in you know really happy relationships like pollyannish super action super extreme political yeah I was very politically active well this was a. Bloomberg so I'm gone I'm gone without but I can I can't I don't know I'm trying to figure people who wanna know who might fall into this category and I'm not. I'm not putting both of them together. At the yen yen or not they probably don't hang around with people like me so now. I mean. We're neither rich nor political also huddle when I might not have a lot to talk about it you go. We. We can't guarantee you'll be any smarter but at least you will be bored and your ride into work. So Mike Casey in the morning on I 95 the mountain. If you have thought about or if you have plans this after military some friends after work can have a couple drinks. Of this is actually do a good news to consider economists have crunched the numbers through the decades and discovered that beer. Has never been cheaper than it is now than you might hear that thing it's crazy. But knew it and what awaits you stay with me back in 1952. Adjusted for inflation. People paid an average of five dollars and 93 cents for a pint of beer at a bar the actual price back then was like 65 cents but. You know again a bit of inflation and what people may be back in 1952. But thanks to increased competition. Supply. In improve manufacturing systems a pint of beer at the at a bar these days on average. Cost 399 so it's like two bucks cheaper that it was. More than sixty years ago so if your goal now with your friends this afternoon I mean take that information with Kia. In TV get some way to buy you some drinks because it's way cheaper than he used to do. If he ran for president he would probably lose and away and slice them again it goes down it's. It's like Jaycee by 99 plus the mountain.