Peeing for Physics

Tuesday, October 10th


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I remember right he grew up on terror group in New Jersey he actually started his career. He views on Broadway there was a child actor on Broadway he was in. Florence Henderson was it was it Fannie that sound right. Never necessary way before your time and a bit before mine too but. Yet he was a pretty sure he was in Fannie with Florence Henderson who later went on Libyan Brady Bunch amongst other things that through his career started. While health. If if if the you know usually your fact tides are awesome and I'm really into this started out so much hey I was dead you know I don't know maybe pop up and trivia some time could be I'm giving you a lot of information that you may have later find value for. Perhaps not this time but in other can of yes Malia are Dreamweaver his name's Kerry writes. From that the album of the same name came up mid seventies here on 995 the mountain is job Tuesday morning Mike Casey LE Hartwig. You'd decided edge. Yesterday it was it is it. Nine years since you've been doing a dentist he sent a little lower exercise is 2008. Obama had not yet become president. Erica and he's decided to wait two full terms and a little bit more out to venture back to discussing the dentists get how's that. Some of Blackwell. It it's how you would expect that dentist well after he had been senator for Zion united seniors it's I will say it's not as though I'm just super irresponsible. I have health insurance for a huge part of my twenties. And I definitely didn't have dental insurance that I have proposed and add titles to choose but it's very expensive and you can most the time just brush your teeth to get by. Because. Yeah why is your costs a lot of money and then. By the time I had dental insurance and could tell I was like I lost so much is going to be I think he I don't flooded June I don't know if I want it now. Kenya and I guess I'm glad I known now I have my first he cavities ever in my whole life. That's I mean that's still that's a really good yeah. And they're really small because I had to do X rays and everything to make sure that they weren't huge yeah certainly there have been there for decades have apparently they're very small mills being able to screen them out or something actually I had to ask what happens. We had a cavity yet hasn't never had one before. Yeah I didn't it was probably your age before traveling to and I think I only have one so that's it news this is one of those weird things that I I was like you I didn't go for like ten years either Yao was pleasantly surprised that I you are yet that I that I only have one cavity after having gone going to put its apparently might come serenely. It's recess. Do you went to the dentist last week you were so concerned about your columns I was like please they're fun little idea might Arnott. What I've doling out your gums or find it I expect it but every play at a final leg to stand and. Well again I just one of at the risk receive the obvious when you don't go for almost a decade now there's really when you think about it having not gone for that long to have a little bit of gun mission to cavities street. Miss pretty good. But I'm sitting here I'm I'm convinced I can feel my caddie is getting bigger and I can feel my gums just falling away from my teeth. Similar chaired likely need to bring you take short ribs out of the oven and they just fall. Contrary I things we have hazard to my guns yeah are you may wanna scaled back I don't they do that bad. Nut not to worry should work today you know and I'll I'll keep evil until he did my dental health Philly do once every decade you do it just makes fun of you for telling me a boring to acted I'm like I tell you about my columns to be particularly interesting points or after a start that's fun. Mike feces coming up in the field by Knight he's like five the mountain. If you endure most significant other. Have been looking for activities to do together creel bonding time between two U. This could be activity WMR. Root for this year congratulations to Jake party. And his wife Kristen the or from Virginia. The two of them together one. The North American wife carrying championships in new remain over the weekend the competition featured twelve husbands. Carrying their wives on their backs and shoulders through. A 278. Yard obstacle course consisting of log hurdles water and mud. Jake and Christa were runners up last year they came back this year determined to win and they did they broke last year's winning time by two seconds. And they now qualify for the world's. Wife carrying championships in Finland next year the winning prize. Twelve cases of beer. And 630 dollars which is five times person's weight that's what you win is five times the weight of the person that you're carrying in the event. And I saw little video with this morning. There is a welcome a mud and water Pitt thing that you that you run through. And I have to admit it's awfully funny. There's like 40% of people they both end up subvert completely submerged. In muddy water you know because they're not enough. Not exactly knowing what the the depth news or whatever and perhaps haven't done the event before. So you could see where would be quite a challenge and Jake and Kristen on their way to Finland. Yeah. Exciting stuff yes I don't wanna do that. I don't imminent train tennis although you'll have to literally have to do anything you have to hang on yeah I just have to show Greg has to train. Can see it now none of that. I'm not in new thanks for the suggestion on suffer great and I. And specifically just for you just heard in general it does seem a little and I I will tell you I did see pictures of of women being to carry her rather than carry. The you have to do it that way. It just seems like a lot of cases it would make more sense to do with that way when a lighter person whoever the lighter person yes exactly but it I think it's equal opportunity from the standpoint if you so chose to carry your husband or significant other I think you can do. Today yeah you're not so I'm blurred thing because I know me being the one being carried I would be bored because. I'm not doing any thank you and then I heard you be giving instructions. All of she yeah both Kerry and do. I'd be like don't you dare thank you get any credit for is because I did all the work while you look quite literally he sat there but that's what it is it's the competition. So that's not into okay that's fine if I'm rejected it. If I'm doing today you're gonna bring me things are there checks them and that's how our mornings gimmick that won't be. It's different than most of us. Can get in trouble for repeating inappropriate things Mike says in the morning he takes no responsibility. You're on your own. Mike Casey on 99 plus the mounties. If your dream has or one of your dreams has been has always been to work from home. Gay may wanna slowdown on the nuts on new British study has found the people who work from home actually worked more. And those of us who go into an office. Work from home employees clock in more hours. And did more work primarily according to the study because they had a hard time knowing when to turn off work mode. And call it quits for the day according to the director of the study Allen fell stead. Remote work blurs the lines between home and work and workers after re in state boundaries that's why it's often difficult. For employees to switch off. That I that makes sense to me I've I think I've always known that I would be terrible. At working for I I just something I would be disciplined enough to work from home like without any. Done any sort of person looking over my shoulder from time to time and probably I'd end up wasting the majority with the traditional work there was. And then spend most leaving trying to make up for that so I know this about myself but if your finger in your one of those work from home people back. The Sony may wanna. You may wanna put some more thought into it. If Mike can only make you feel confused on a daily basis. Then we apologize it's about to get a whole lot. Worst question almost impossible and 99 file. Show all this week we have the VIP tickets to the whiskey acts which is a whiskey tasting events at wings over the coming up this Friday drive by truckers who performed and you might be there behind the little velvet rope to VIP velvet rope they have don't think my hope I. I'm making them but I'm thinking you know there must be some sort of little designation yeah yeah there's got to be I would think that figure to be if you are feeling the news. Answer yet another question. They're good all right I'm ready cell with the actual announcement of this is a 126. Gallons. What is this. So this thing has an actual amount it's real. And it's a 126 gallons. It is it it's it's a term of some kind in the last it's like a freeze. Okay. We've managed to not tell them anything that's on the that's a guy on a clue what you did tell let me answer let me ask a question and right I'm totally with you. Six through the park did for me. 63 runs you 995 if you really answer that question let us know. We might now a minority. Hard question this morning the actual amount of this is 100 in 26 gallons what is it we're talking about. Well you have a boat load of found them to me. You know that didn't go out there. And you really easily and it. Well broke through with a boatload earlier barber order. It is yeah and it's exactly right out yeah measurement and alcohol unique measured. Occurred just curious girl like all good story well. I they fired probably looking at this morning I think it started this is this is a term from Britain from old Briton. And but it's. Was this certain new punitive measure that was the equivalent of two. Worse Ponce has hogs head barrels. Parade and so the terminology just sort of rolled over from it was a it was a unit of measurement for for alcohol. Annie tells unlike gimme a plot line of the air. You're giving them a very specific unit you're asking for a 126 gallons of beer which is roughly a thousand points roughly a Friday so. Around forever or be around forever when exactly. Congratulations mayor Richard N. Right guard Mike Green jobs you've got VIP tickets to the whiskey exit wings over the Rockies this Friday. Featuring the drive by truckers will do this again tomorrow 710 here on the mountain wolf we do lower butch as possible. Before you criticize him you should walk a mile and issues that we went to criticize them you're a mile away and have issues you're welcome. Mike TC on 99 plus the mountain. Yes I'm I would predict. The year you're gonna hate this I think everybody liked the story to be honest with you just about but it struck me show bizarre that I felt like we had to have given it a few minutes of attention. There are at this point in time. Factually speaking. There are more mail rocket scientists then there are female rocket scientists when it comes to the world physics. Men are still ahead professionally in that way professional capacity right according to a new and somewhat radical theory from some British researchers. Boys might be better at physics than girls are. Because they peace standing up. OK I can piece standing up with the double anyway I wait till the whale oh that the researchers suggest. This give boys a head start in the world of physics. Because it teaches them the important concept of project I'll mode to motion. Each and every day all my time break it. That in the exit little boys are learning important stuff that one day that they'd be essentially puts them ahead. Of girls in terms of physics. Really from the word go my question my first question would be. One who funds this kind of study. To. Have none of these people ever cleaned up after a little boy has attempted to use the like they may underscore a grown man. Well OK there's that too like and understand projects I emotionally clearly direction. Is something in Borneo directional aim is not something we're. This pressure like this so obsessed with his own penis that he's decided it. He's inherently better at science because he has won and it's so amazing their three people on the Wii research team. Two of them are women like guys and Wilson can participate in and not accept it. It is David Lowe and they say they have statistics to back it up I just the thing no in seriousness the other thing is like. At what is this really telling us even if that weren't true which I'd I don't believe it is but even if it were true. Nothing of you know it would I don't know just doesn't make sense but it does strike me as funny that somebody spent money. Funding a project. There how well you know what has very little boys peeing basically. If you're worried that your daughters not to beat David science because she he is sitting down to burst square trying to figure out the sexy yet projects that hosted yeah like he said this letter. He's the type of guy that would Wear a white shirt to a job interview it's caddie before my PC in the morning on 995. The mountain. I just saw this this morning briefly. And I'm having a hard time believing this is really your thing but it it popped up enough. That there must be something to it. That apparently people are using. Extensions like hair extensions blink nostril hair extensions. Nose hair extensions people are gluing. Yeah they're good eyelashes but they're doing it around there they're what. Why would anyone do this I seem to go pictures this morning. Maybe it's got a little bit of Halloween vibe to it but short of that it. It's really discussed in looking. And again just my opinion maybe somebody else's finds it fascinating. If you wanna jump on that trend will have that link on the mound official page in the blog you can check it out there and then. You can I don't know if you'd just do what you want with it nostrils are extensions was the world come to. His life philosophy honesty is the policy funny insanity is a much better defense might GC mornings I'll in 1995. The mound. The one of the big stories today will last 24 hours ESPN commentator Jim bell hill has been suspended for two weeks by the network. She is this is what I guess the second time in in the last couple weeks a month. That she's Soo upset a number of people in this case of yesterday on Twitter by encouraging people to boycott NFL advertisers and sponsors. Over cowboys owner Jerry Jones mandate that Dallas Cowboys players stay in for the National Anthem she tweeted if you strongly reject what Jerry Jones said. The key is he's advertisers don't place the burden. Squarely on the players the networks ESPN network issued a statement yesterday saying. To Mel previously acknowledged. Letting her colleagues in company down with an impulsive tweet this is one from a couple weeks back in the aftermath all employees were reminded of how individuals. Each may reflect negatively on ESPN. And that such actions would have consequences. Hence this decision that previous acknowledgment came after Janelle hail referred to president trump as he white supremacist. On Twitter so she's been suspended. For two weeks I guess where right where I'd generally find myself in these kinds of discussions. It is as follows. As an American. We all have the First Amendment right to say. Essentially anything like what Jim Al. He'll set right way in terms of Jerry Jones in the on the Dallas Cowboys and boycott the enemy you have a right to say that absolutely. I'm she hasn't a fairly large platform being an employee of ESPN and clearly. Mean I don't know I don't know her personally but clearly. If you look at least over the last couple weeks or months clearly she feels some degree. Of frustration. With the American government and in particular the president right now so as a citizen does she ever right to say those things absolutely she does. And again it's well within her and her power and right to do that however. The important thing another important thing to remember yours. ESPN's accompany it right it's a big company it is is a company with the bottom line it's a company with its own branding and image concerns. And just if you find yourself in a position where what your saying. You know in this case to milk bill. If you findings of an additional what you were saying. Contradicts the overall brand and message of the company in what strikes the company is important. Then you put yourself incredibly risky position where yes you can fired and suspended. You know any and all of those things if she feels that it's worth the risk. Then so be it right but Brittany you have to. Is I think it's important to keep that in mind. It's not she can say whatever she wants but her employer doesn't have to say well sure that's great your first serve right go out and say whatever you want at a certain point. The company has a responsibility to themselves and their shareholders and their audience to say boo okay that's that's. More than than what we've encouraged employees to say or talk about and then that's where the proverbial. Stuff hits the fan so to mill hill at the very least you know where reached all the argument she's now been suspended for two weeks by ESP. His conscience is clear which is probably due to his memory and too many. Tequila shots Mike TC morning. Find that you guys five. The mountain. They are one. What is it nineteen. Nineteen nominees for possible induction into the rock and roll hall of fame. I'm this year you know in the coming year and twenty teen currently Judas Priest is act. There are number six. In terms of vote tallies on the of the 48000 votes so far this is from the you know the public at large. From Jewish priests up to the top two of the top of the list to Friesen number six. He really makes number five the car's number four dire straits number three. Moody Blues number two. And topping the list with more than 120000. Votes for induction into the rock and roll hall of fame Bon Jovi. They're on top of the zombies are idealism that's the Finnish Sauna and listening for the zombies are its number nine they have 3799. Number 937000. Votes at this point in time. On that with this is the so. They're either zombies aren't out of it and this is strong again it's early but further Moody Blues who have been nominated but you never gotten in. I'm dire straits obviously performing very well all the way down to the meter assured that a number nineteen right now you have until. 11:59. PM eastern time December 5 to place your vote at rock hall dot com. The top five artists as selected by the public will comprise a fans ballads. That will be tallied along with the other balance to choose the 2018 inductees sir you're the zombies could still. Still get there they renewal to renewal push bombing at this point but they could. And you get all so you can cast a vote every single day. For whoever it is you want to Gulfport you've checked into the city can. I'm voting right now aria yeah I realize different about today has I think as any voting. The multi because I really want to see the zombies and that I'm if you I think Michigan a two I've not. You haven't done it I have to tell you haven't participated in Josh I hesitated but it thank you for the reminder we'll do that I'll do that while you do news okay sounds and then once I'm done such. It's the brain is a wonderful thing it wakes up when you do and falls asleep when you reach the office. To pressure bringing on my case. My PC on these. The mountain. Melanie coming up next from nine to knew we do that every weekday morning here on the mountain one to leave you with some before we get there if you're a fan of a nanny lite he who's this true naturally your your fan of that he likes. And you wanna share your passion for that she appear you're in luck because now he likes is now in the fashion business that's right for 78 dollars 78 bucks. You can rock a nanny like nylon jacket or for 64 blocks slipped into a formal that he lite suit jackets. They're also selling leggings for 28 dollars polo shirts for forty. And one z.'s first 78 dollars which means you can Wear the nanny laid here. From morning till night. The only thing is I think you could but for seventy dollars you could buy a lot of nanny late itself rather than the nylon jacket. You know I dispose of him enough money you can do both. I would deny that you like gear does not interest me all that much but you can find me a a global or Joseph bellows recent college socks or teacher from from back in the day that I would pay good money for because that these beer fashion that it's fast. Mike believes there are only three types of people those who can count and those who can't switch one case. Boys would Mike Casey.